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"evan barrett" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Strange feeling at Soldier Field last night after the Bears lost the Packers, but they're in the playoffs after getting some help from the Ram's head coach, Matt Maggie this morning and put this this Packers game behind us, because now it is a new season and I think already just from talking to it. Some of our coaches in here and some of the guys in the weight room today that they're they're really excited, and it's just a little different feeling than what we had last night, which I think was natural. So guys, we're locked in, and we're excited to play the scenes on Sunday and we gotta have a really good Really good week of practice. 3 40 kickoff Sunday afternoon in New Orleans. Jonathan Taylor is not on the ice and likely won't be with the Blackhawks his Blackhawks teammates for a while, as he deals with a medical issues. Patrick Kane on the start of training camp. It doesn't really feel like like a team without giants as your captain, so we definitely miss him, but He's got take care of his first Brent Seabrook P a suitor and Evan Barrett. We're all listed as unfit to participate. Blackhawks season begins a week from Wednesday, the NC double announcing that this year's March Madness will be held entirely in Indiana. Multiple venues will host games including Lucas Oil Stadium and Jonah Bookshop. Be The new TV play by play announcer for the Cubs, replacing Len KASPER. I'm Kevin Powell, WG and Sports. And now the W G m forecast a week The servants comes our way Tonight It's gonna bring a light wintry mix, which should change toe all snow before midnight. The low temperature down about 26 degrees. We're expecting little or no accumulation. Tomorrow, sun and clouds come our way while behind the mid thirties. Her Wednesday will be mostly cloudy 36 there That's a few degrees warmer than normal Thursday. We warm up even more well. Highs climbing into the mid to upper thirties under mostly cloudy skies. Cloud cover sticks around, but no significant precipitation through the upcoming weekend. I'm WGN meteorologist Dimitrius Ivory. Your money on WGN. Sponsored.

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