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"evaline joe machiavelli" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

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"evaline joe machiavelli" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

"Fuck name is bitch freaky. Freckle name bobby. I'm listening to the Amtrak train i understand that you live with the ninja turtles. But if you could please yes so We're talking about just now what we're talking about. Oh let's do plus lot of in society still be in yes distort in a memorandum that can billion markelle valley and there's something to do with to pock no but it's something to do with why he called himself machiavelli though. It's something to do with coupons and jesus and across whatever that maybe it is machiavelli like a synonym for. Jesus get nailed. It machiavelli states boeing. You don't like it. I don't like what he believes. A stupid still in yesterday was. Do you use the soap. Ian right yesterday. He while out here. Where i'm driving driving up to rochester goes just open the fucking mad dystopia. Anyway i'm working out just lpn trading's been going pretty just opened five around. You have a chance to check out the latest fight journal. Totally totally stoked. Oh that's oh. This is pure natural. Stop and you guys get later. I started abbreviate. Yeah did i Machiavellian is that what it means cunning scheming unscrupulous. No bobby should've let us guess more. Don't give us the right answers in the chat unscrupulous. What does that mean. What does win at all costs. It's a thing comes from in the book. The idea of being machiavellian is like using like dishonest methods to get to achieve power. Yes and then like they're like so basically. The idea is like if you want to be a good leader you have to be the most piece of shit conniving evil person for the greater take yet power and then do what you wanna do then fucking do good with the paco. Hail mary nougat rumors. Luke she lewis can totally relate except for the doing good with that part. I do very good. I do very good. No moral principles maquiavelian. Much better than most give scruples. Dude joe mackey. Evaline joe machiavelli gotta be. Do whatever takes stephen murder to win stabber best friends in the back i will. I don't care. i just want ultimate power combination. There is no price too great meal before me or you will fall. Joe best buggy. He's gonna take over your wife to suck my dick or i'll take it will earn your women Shit outlets plugs real quick David thank you. Louis w the Well this is coming out tonight so tomorrow night. If you're listening now saturday night live stand up show and and alive part of the problem podcast here. Let's see let's see phone calls get through before you start making plans assuming i'm not cancelled by then. Come out to comedy on the carlson. Check me out there That's that's it for me skiing. I and that's it for the year. So come and check out the tim. Pool episode is up. Got a lot of good feedback from that to go. Check that out Nuts all sec. J com dot com. If you're listening live right now then you Come see me. Still two more shows at the company works in denver on saturday. And then sunday me and arch breath. They're both sold out to sold out shows in pittsburgh. I'm excited for that company. Soon san diego the weekend after that american comedy company love the skanks down. There they loved the whole staff loves us. Like they're fucking hardware park or the green rooms just stocked with weed the whole time. Yeah they know. What's up. American company company next week so yeah come check it out in the budget dates. I'm on the road a ton through the rest of the year so Big comedy dot com coming to a city near you soon. Bonfire of course on faction talk sirius. Xm one oh. Three monday through friday five seven pm eastern and the sdr show right here on the guests digital network and i guess album coming relatively soon talk. Yeah guys himself coming up guys. September thirty th october second. I'll be down at The creaking cave austin texas headlining. That whole weekend. I'm bringing zach emeco s. com troll to come down as well my check. Nellie cuomo's come as well gonna do some live podcast depraved. Show so get tickets for that. I think it should be up on. The website of the times comes out agents Louis gangs dot com is my website. And you have ticks all my life. There i'm going to the uk for the first time with michael biffing. That'd be warming up his one man show In england dublin Glasgow and a few other places. That's the beginning of october. Grab tickets for that. I think i'm going to be adding at least one or two nights in england for for me to headline as well so look out for more information on that Going back to canada toronto in december. It'll be out in kelly in december Skiing fest obviously happening number fifty seven that is officially sold out. Shout out to your credit for supporting us throughout all of that we will be giving away tickets on this show. Summation subscribed allegiance tanks. Makes you guys subscribe to gas digital doing various giveaways over the course of the next couple months scan. Fest is going to be wildly of crazy surprises planned. We have the most insane Lineup in comedy. That comedies. Ever fucking seen so come out to scan fast and we have lots of plans for the.

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