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736 - Real Time Patak's

Sleep With Me

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736 - Real Time Patak's

"PR ex. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and friends began the by nary it's time for the podcast who say could be a dreamy one pot dinner at, but you know, for bed to put you to sleep. It'd be like to be because it sounded like it was going to sound better than it did. But it doesn't matter because I'm here to help. What am I talking about what Sanford sleep with me podcasts? Put you to sleep. If you regular if you could pay attention for the next few minutes, or when your hand hits the fridge tomorrow, go to our website because used a couple of ways we keep the show at go. And hey, everybody just wanna thank everybody source to show directly and everybody that supports the podcast through the spencers. You're the ones that bring us this show. We try to have an amazing collection of sponsors, if you do support dispensers, please let me know. So it can thank you. If you're ever curious about the sponsors who shows who supports the show in. How can I support them? Go to sleep with me, podcasts dot com Sciascia sponsors in conceal the promo codes and everything like that in if you're a business, and you say, you know, what I I really want to support sleep with me wanna support podcasts in general, you could send Notre team at PR exit a sponsor at p r x dot. Org in find out more. Thank you for taking action and keeping the show going and to here, we go. Let's get on with the show. He stand. They wanna talk to you about tonight's sponsor. You know, the new year means new resolutions, and we've got one everyone's been working at in twice a day scooter that your oral health in was quip electric toothbrush sticking to good habits to simple scooter that's saying an for all the listeners. The guiding features on your quip are like a built in support system for better brushing in. No, I was proud to give my brother can equip because of the sensitive sonic vibrations. It gives you an effective clean that you gentle on your sensitive gums because some people brush too hard is staying have you observed that in humans scooter, I have a ticket easy into quip helps you do that in scooter some effort from some people, you know, some of those electric toothbrushes are just too abrasive Irit, San also it's like timing and paying attention. A lot of daydreaming early Siam when I'm brushing my teeth, and that's one of the reasons have been us. Being quip over and over again twice a day. It has built in two minute timer that bosses every thirty seconds to remind you win to switch sides in help you clean your whole mouth evenly scooter what ninety percent of people don't brush for a full two minutes or they don't clean evenly, est. N and that doesn't just go for adults. It goes for kids. It really takes gives me some peace of mind, knowing it's helping my daughter established really really good brushing routine is a couple of reasons why I love quip quip also of the portable. It comes with a multi use. Cover that you can pop on. When you pop it in your your bag to get go on the road end is at the brush heads are automatically delivered. That's actually that is the best. They never have to think about it. Should I replace my brush Ono? It's been two years since replacement toothbrush is a new brush scum on a dentist recommended schedule. Every three months, and that's why of quip in y a million other happy mouths to do two tons of listeners that have been hearing from thank you for sharing. Everybody. Scooter quip starts at just twenty five dollars. If you go to get quip dot com slash sweep, you could get your first refill pack for free. That's right, STAN. It's your first refill pack for free at get quip dot com slash asleep. That's get quip adak com slash asleep. Everybody get your quip in let me know, let me know how it's going. You know, share with me how mature joying it get quip dot com slash sleep. Thanks, everybody. A Mr. bar who helps out on the spot gas. You know, you help out who Mr. bar Tele house show, spas, -able all the hard work that goes into it post. Post. Darrell w. A sound? Scotty jet around. The website mystery bar. Album now. Get the. Also, a made a longer version of credits. You see the kind shine straight on the phone. Stacey Sarah, Laura, Julian, Jennifer. You're not or rain sportifs Goater drian. John support the sponsors confined. Thank you, sleep. Sleep with me Doug gun, and we're so proud. Dan's be part of nine fail presents with the. Thanks so much. Mr berg. I'm Ed dear shoot around Twitter and Facebook as a great places to get me. You can also listen to your smart speaker and say, hey, smart speaker place sleep with me casts and set asleep timer or don't. Whatever works for you. What do you say we get on with the show? Hey, are you a bowl nights offing turning mind racing? Trouble getting to sleep trouble. Staying sleep will welcome. This is sleep. With me, the podcast shoe, just sleep. We do at the bedtime story. You need to do is get in bed turn out. The light suppress women. Do the rest to attempt to do is create a safe place where you could set aside whatever scheme, you whether it said on its feelings of physical sensations changes, you know, changes in your schedule. Time temperature noise, whatever it is to take your mind off that had like to keep you company and create a safe place where he could get away from it a little bit get some distance. And women do MS send my voice across deep. Dirk item. News the lowing, soothing creaky dulcet tones. Royalist meanders russified tangents, but to go off to bec- you circular, and obviously logic a Butch other stuff, but mostly a minute try to used for friendly banter. It to keep you company. And if your new let me tell you things about the structure, the show what to expect structurally show, sir self with a couple of minutes of business as we keep it going in for then there's an intro, which would just started intros around twelve minutes in there bit longer than a concise intro. I guess it'd be the opposite concise, but they are a beloved like part of a regular sleep with me listener experiences. So your new kinda give it a chance and see what you think some listeners use it as they're getting ready for bed as part of their wind down. Because it can at the intro is also a show in his show. They fall asleep during listen for five or ten ten minutes as a drift off an actually fall asleep, some listeners, skipped intro to get straight to the story as there's no wrong way to listen to just just the despacito consumed in see how it goes. It's the intro. Content wise in the intro. It's me trying to explain what the body cast is trying to create a safe place is it's a little bit familiar, but different everytime and try to make you feel welcome. And know what to expect? But it just takes me say, well what which which part should I explain to them. And they said what was what was I talking about? And I said, well, let me think about this and say, oh, wait, I'm trying to explain the structure the show. And then twelve minutes have gone by in, you know, maybe thirty percent of the audiences asleep. So that says intro, then there's the the story which tonight you're in for a treat because it's a real time recipe where it's a bit like a cooking show. But if the end of it, you say net sure was earning food prepared. Did I learn a no you it's your either comforted or put to sleep by? But we'll take a trip to grocery store, and we'll prayer meal for some friends is so just more of a friendly dinner atmosphere. It the best candidate dinners in a be not one pot. A few pats Banat too, many L do the dishes will do the prep work. And I'll do the cooking. Don't worry. Between the intro in the story. We have a little bit more business in the end of the show. We have some thank yous. So it's a structure the show is far as what else to expect. Even though this is a podcast. You don't really need to listen. You can listen in do make show with the percentage listeners in mind that are really having trouble sleeping netter gonna be here till the end. So I do make it a whole show. I'll be here till the end. But because I'm here to end, I think in some paradoxical way that means you can fall asleep. Whenever you want in. You don't need to listen to me you can. But I don't make a whole lot of sense. And I take forever to get there. And it can be a bit jumbled in big confusing. But it's r-. It's friendly 'em here to help. So kind of listen loosely if you can't and maybe the first tower and tries I two for you listens. You might try to understand the show or make some sense of it. But after a while like most regular say way figured out that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And then I started false loop right away. So that's the goal. You can listen, but you don't need to. In some listeners, turn the volume almost all the way down. It did just have some friendly noise. Going on. Even as a sleep add Castro so in an impression to fall asleep. I'm going to be here for about an hour to keep you company as you fall asleep sues so like, I said some people fall asleep during the intro. Some people are here to the very end some people listened to a nine episodes every single night some people turn the show on. They don't listen to go to bed day. Listen when they get up in, you know, to go to the restroom or whatever it is in the middle of the night. There's no wrong way to listen. But there's no pressure to fall asleep. He that's why I make his show so long when I first started making a podcast episodes are only like fifteen twenty thirty minutes. And it kept thinking about it like wolf, I listen to the show and want plenty of time to fall asleep. I wouldn't want to have to be asleep in fifteen or twenty minutes, you know, at one a long runway that way, I do have this safe relaxing place to be in and plenty of room to drift off. And now, there's plenty of their episodes c-can line him back to back if you need. In will means is just falsely, you know as convenient distressed and and kinda listen to me. And the reason I make the show is because they still find asleep baffling edge Alanna trouble fallen asleep as a kid. And that's when my issues was sleepy began in. I mean, a lot of it is for me is due to overthinking though. I I from so many listeners in there. So many different reasons why can't sleep, but it comes down to my belief. You do deserve a good night's sleep. And even when I think about myself as a kid in in in fifth and sixth grade, happy nailed asleep. I don't know if an adult could've fixed things in that. There were adults. I wanted to like my parents. But the fact that a kind of a long I didn't realize time this is what I want for. But just someone to be like, hey, let me tell you story and be here while you can't sleep in. Maybe that comfort. We'll let you drift off. In you know, still now like this week. It's been a when I you know, sometimes I stuff on my mind can't sleep in himself. My mind I fall asleep within its like, Emily half asleep in half dreaming in running through stuff in. So I know how feels and I'd like to interrupt that. And it take your mind of keep you company. Beer, beer, beer. Boyfriend beer bore. Bud beer, bore bay be your best e it just like when I was kid. I listen to the radio to Dr demento show. If you're a regular listener prior me talk about it. But it before, but it was this radio shows on Sunday nights think from nine to eleven pm in when I was in fifth and sixth grade was doing watch thinking about schools, especially Sunday nights because hadn't been there in a couple days in so by listening to Dr demento, it was a radio show were Dr dementia was a host in. There was all these dude play parody songs. They would usually do a top five, you know, Berti and sewing scantily weird. Al weird was really popular and doctor demento in there just seems or bits, and it was just a funny. It made me laugh and made me feel like as a part of something. In drew, my attention away from from his other stuff. Into the that's what I hope I can do for you is it could be your friend here in in the night. And that's that's what I'm applying for and tonight like simple take a little trip to a grocery store. Look and shelves was think about the ingredients and become because that's the best time to visit visit grocery stores when somebody else's do shopping scoots in were more floating through the aisles in its Scana lick can just barely read the labels. And everything's a little bit out of focus, and I'm you know, trying to make whips and keep you in mind talk to you in you. See? Okay. What is that ingredient over? There said a is that some sort of gourd, and then what if I talked to a gourd in this doesn't have any of so belatedly getting like is there? Dude, gourds have nicknames in his gourd nicknamed Gordo or Gordie. That would if is well, I'm Gordon gored in. It's a police to meet you Gordian scoots macoutes here doing if I'd cast up sewed was doing pike as intro in trying to wrap it up. And then suddenly, I met you Gordie a go, Gordon to gore go by Gordo Gordy, you can in an I always get mixed up with gourds Gordy when people say how hollowed out gourd had his make you feel. Is the stage of circle life. You're right. Gord Gordie Gordie is anybody call a gourd. What about Gordon Gordon? Sure. Fatter. How does that work to hold Gorda thing? Because you know, you are some gourds do. Okay. Let's not go there. You're right Gord. You're right Gordie. What gore Gordy have you do you? Listen to everything is alive the podcasts. If you listen to that one. No, we they actually get on the mic. Maybe you could take about going on there. It's a great bide gas. Yeah. Do you should check it out you you don't have years. Then how's this working is it mind mind spirit to spirits? Oh, Tim magic nations. Thanks was great meeting you Gordie, Gordon Gordo. Enjoy your time at the supermarket and check in with you later. Hey, everybody in bags or here's a little side trip there. But like, I sing one. I really appreciate your checking the show out is a lot of regular say does take a few episodes to for to work. So give you tries. There's no pressure. I'm just here to help the people that can it to keep you company if I can to make things if you'll a little bit less serious if I can into ideally help you get to sleep you deserve really do believe that. And that is why I worked so hard in strive a really want to help you fall asleep. Thanks again for coming by. And here's a couple of ways we keep to show ago when hey before sore here, I just wanna ask you again. Or if you're a regular super listener sleep with me meeting, you listen to eight or more episodes month, maybe some of you listen to eight or more episodes of week. And maybe there's a few view, listen to eight or more episodes and nights, if you're not a patron, and you haven't considered it. Go to sleep. Bad Gastein campsites patron intake because you might be missing out an even more stuff to customize in ensue because when you become a patron, you get your own podcast feed, and you can find out more about that. It sleeping me podcast patriot FAQ in you, you you get if I've dollars a month to get to you get to add free episodes. No jingles like might be for some people that have found they prefer that end. You get to story on the episode's. If you say, the intros don't work for me, you have that option to or if you just need to there's four episodes every single week to to listen to or to create playlists surround and then ten or twenty our patrons get even more content every single week, including story only episodes way back from the vault. All intro episodes all night up Assode 's some months when we hit our goals. There's on location episodes. They come out to ten and twenty our patrons and sometimes five patriots too. So if you really listen to show a lot not only will you be giving value for value. But you you have more to sleep to listen to and you could do that at podcast at cups. I should patron PAT are win this leaving me podcast Cam slash patron. Thanks, a dec- again extra coming over. It's been awhile since we've cooked together not a while since I've cooked. But while since I said, this is something in a no you're gonna say meatballs again in state. It's another take and meatballs. What can I say? I guess I'm mad for me balls of any me to to you know, they have that new whatever it is called burger incredible burger, I think they call it. A haven't had one. By way. You look great have seat while we chat and believe it or not now we'll just have a seat here in he'll be like my car will transfer right over the shopping. We have to do they don't have shopping list too. So before warned we're going to be winging it. But yeah, there's this. It's called the incredible burger, I don't know if it's a brand or just a saying or slogan is there is one of my favorite places to eat here where I live. Scolari's in. It's a takeout place. Don't eat there that off in. But they had this was a few months ago. Maybe more Brian longer, maybe eight months ago. In a sought there. And they didn't know that. It was meatless burger news a little bit. I sit home that's incredibly like higher than I thought I would pay for burger Banat to expensive, you know, like, maybe an eight dollar range, and they said, well, that's what's so incredible. I think I did say which credible about Burg and the Knicks lane, I said, well, did you read all the stuff we wrote on the board about it? I said, no, no just saw incredible. And it made me credibly curious. And they said, well, I don't know what they said they can't sit a game night ready to try that also they had fried chicken on the menu say said, I think he'll do the fried chicken. Also wanted to move to the summer was incredible to we really delightful and fun movie. It yo forgot we went out that sorry about that. That was the fun. Oh that was a fun time. And we ate Scolari's before. Oh, okay. Well, you learn something new every day. So what are we cooking? Why have options? So we're going to be cooking. Another two in yet. Another take and meatballs intact goes. But with a second area Shen, so we're gonna have a Sam now shin. In you could also you know, you can obviously make your meat balls of any material you wish. And this is going to be kind of a combination lake. I guess like a combination of flavors Cee because they said, well when I first came up with this recipe, it was in the mood for some Indian food. And then I was looking through my cupboards. And that's when I made the same in version, and is Dennis it would. But some me balls in this style. So that's the Genesis of the recipe. Oh, maybe we could make L still forget if we make shopping we'll need Sam in fresh Sam in we'll need grant, you know, meats. Now, we wanting you should know is TJ's. I don't believe that. No that's recalling now TJ's it's the place. Just yet. Just like the big mort. It is the won't be named. Well, just the thing like they had their own podcast. I've been trying for four years to say why don't you sponsor podcasts? And they won't they say interns listeners emailed them. They said, well, we don't Mark it that way. And then, you know, they kinda feel like they weren't taking it seriously that I love the store and spend, you know. Most of my earnings air. In show. I said, well, I can't can't can't because we do charge people to talk talk about them on the show. And he said I can't in good conscious. No, you know, guessing how much they spent to make their own podcast, you know, just trying to keep show sustainable, so we'll just say TJ, we're still going air in a may when we get there may ask to speak to like may. You know what I mean? I might like see if to trader is in not a not, no, no not like Benedict Arnold. Okay. What we need to say him. Oh, what was I going to say about? I did go went off right off on a pointless meander. It would say appointed pointless to me ender. He'd just get an idea as corron hopefully cross my fingers and remember this one because it could be this could be healing journey. Maybe someone there. Here's what are we doing? Like wire, we sponsor. I mean, maybe they could they don't even need a sponsor my show. I mean, we greater for they did. They could sponsor some other shows too like, but so a was going to say, okay. So they don't have a seasoning or a curry paste. So here's his two options. The for you know, when you're making it home because we're covered here in no Jamie Oliver like kind of with that book. He's he was the naked. Chef I think so I didn't know of him when he was naked. Chef couple of my friends were big fans. But in the food revolution thing, I I was into the have that cookbook. Yes. So he he gives a lot of great tips. If it so. Okay. Here's the thing. There's two two actions. Maybe more with these are the two easy. Sanctions one is to get a tax which I think he recommends curry paste in an pretty sure I've never looked internet. But I'm sure you could buy it. And they're what I wouldn't know wear. Good. Another good way to get. It is just to go to a local local grocer grocer probably of mom and pop shop is that stocks tax think you say attacks curry paste, and you look in your look in your internet. You know, say, hey, any grocers, you know, they serve a, you know, populate poppulation lakes Indian food. It could be in one or you know, could be like a place that serves a nice to verse populace of people. So that would be the game. I don't have tax because I like it gives. They just started slacking. But the other thing is every t- lake. So a lot of times for holidays, or when you move or you, you know, you stab a new relationship or something inevitably someone gives you a collection of spices as a gift either as a housewarming gift. A shower gift moving give to. I don't know what to do to get you gift in normally those spice collections. A lotta times will come with something in NO Illich, honestly, don't know the differences between the different flavors, and that's important because this is an open recipe, you can make it as you wish at your place. But that that happened to me whereas like a couple of different times people give me Suisse's. And there was like maybe missile was that one of them. There's like different Curry's in at some point as trying to reduce, you know, tiny house at a little bit. If and so I put them all in one jar together because they said, okay, otherwise, they're going to dry out or like, and maybe that's a no no in some places or whatever. But I put them all in one jar shook it up got it airtight. In you, re recycled Jarbas AK me who were I've been using those spices just shake it up. It it. It's just a spices. That's no salt. So it's a little bit easier to measure out. In actually, it's all will do with the same in is. We're gonna put some salt on there. Maybe some the trader Joe's chili lime salt, and then some spice, otherwise, you could rub it with a curry paste if you wish so when we get to say him in when we get back, you're in charge. Whoa. We could just go through that right now. Okay. In basically, also do is you could leave that overnight. You could put in the freezer and use it another time or it could give an hour. Maybe squeeze some lemon Arsim lime on their elected you at efforts done. And then we're just gonna you know seared in Skillet. Cook it up to whatever done this. We like. You could throw it on the grill. I find that salmon if you're gonna do it on the grill. It ended up goes vices. I think it's nice to to to to sear Kazan has a little bit of a K key sway send the outside. No, she was not a Spice Girl cake. Each case was when I wrote the fan fiction, the Spice, Girls, girls displace girls girls novel about two girls of the Spice Girls had in cake. Spice was one of those rules, actor Abell, Ian. Like, I think it was sporty like she said, well, I'm gonna be cake mom, I've had trying to write, you know, shine right that as an experiment. What are the ones? Mommy, or whatever Houma. Mommy. Okay. I can't talk about it right now because it's inter-. You know, when they heard they said, you can't write a book displace girls girls. And I said, yeah. Because it has girls twice. It's different inch. Nats US Vice girls girls, just Spice, Girls, girls and Swiss girls girls to Spice, Girls, girls world, Spice, Girls, girls too. Okay. It's for salmon, and you can eat just like it is. But we're going to make some taco kind of you know, attack OS creation because you know, of course, it got Americanize everything. But it's also convenient that same own be great by itself or wish some carbs like Anna, better rice or some other whole grain car. You know, maybe couscous said, holy I'm a big fan of whole week couscous. But no my daughter's NATs. In fact, that's what I'd go. Because if you a couscous nicely really goes, well, which Sam and so that was in the Cavs some vegetables on the side have historically. Okay. So that's one dish boom with an option. Oh, look we're outside at TJ already perfect too. So here's what we need here. Acute comers. And they have the seedless small ones. Let's get those renewed some yogurt. I have dill at home lemons and limes. Hamas into Boola or to bully. Yeah. Yeah. In sometimes because it's like in the late summer and false season. They'll have kebabs the have pre to kebabs kebabs for two one two of vegetable kebabs. NFL NAT to be a great timesaver. It just says like mushroom which you know, present a has onion bell pepper is Keeney. A maybe something else in there. But it, you know, they can be nice away to add some vegetable plus you get the onion without having a by the onion. Okay. So those are some of the things we need in this section. Yes. So the cucumbers are right there in be careful when you get those cucumbers like defame like a bigger than a finger. They don't don't like to teach as worker she of this. But those don't last very long and fridge sh and I'm talking less than five days. So get a us them. They are seedless. So it's going to save time. Would we can use them for well tell you head of time we're going to do something a little catch Aversa? We're gonna make a Greek at to whatever it is accurate, whatever they call at a we're just gonna chop cucumbers. I use the European Gobert home European style. It's a little bit more liquid than your Greek yogurt, also two bucks alas. I think in it's still has a pretty high elite Leno look Southie. And it's easier. It's just it's just you could it's almost like a drink substance. So it just depends on how secure like yogurt, but I see what's the hype this Greek yogurts, two bucks more. At was into your right? I was into Greek yogurt for a time. And I'm not against it. Just say we'll just say the two bucks less European yogurt in import in lake if a making Simpson to drink a bit some yoga. Yeah. Well, some people drink yogurt some people don't I don't mix it in like a smoothie. But yeah, we're gonna those are the gradients that is the sole women acute Gummer's, and then some dill seasoning have at home dried dill EM back and dill believe it or not like only, which is that a cucumber saw us a said, that's the ingredient that they made at one time on was a hell of fresh recipe was and I said to tell you make it oh boy in a went out and bought some because he said, this is great. Yeah, we could use some red onion. So that'll be so, yeah, you could be in charge of the salmon K, you got to salmon. Great job anything going on at the store. No. I mean, the store, you know, against him a little like like, I said, I said well have this is now business only place ever since they won't do business with the podcast. They say, well, I'm just here to chef for my groceries. So maybe like a have little motion motion lab sincere. So you don't have a crush any way it works here or the chaps here that I know of. Or the chapter at the same time. I mean, still yeah. But like, you know, what? I mean. I mean, here's something I do think this doesn't have to like attraction. But sometimes I'll see people, and they say this person is where do I know that person from you know, because I'm in the know drink and co up to then I see then ninety percent time. It's not it's a traitor. Joe? I say oh that person. I guess they spent a lot of time here. So okay. So okay. So we're we're we okay. Oh, so other things we need. So, you know ground, you know, personally, I find meatballs come out best. It's a pound of pork ground Bork in a pound of ground beef, a new there's like I would say if you're gonna use a pork use in the not us eighty twenty but use the the ninety ten or whatever. Vidale. So have like grass-fed or buffalo or Turkey. Or I think I don't know if they have chicken there be. Yeah. Or you could you know, whatever wouldn't you're on your own you could design at issue ish, but we'll get to pounds. We're gonna get some eggs because we just gonna use one as a binder. You know, another thing they don't have here is red Meese. Oh, it's been I've been using and everything now on me so train emese village guy. Wake everything instead of salt for most of the time. I'm using me. So. I mean, sometimes it doesn't sprinkle so you get a mix it. So it's better with liquid. He stuff. We will put it in the meatballs. It only thing is it's because it's a paste go great if we had the tax because we can mix it all together and then put it in. But then curry paces are gonna have some salt. So we don't over salt. So we'll skip it for now. But they don't sell that here. Anyway, we're gonna get do they have little vegetables. They forget what they're called. And they come in a pack. Recant of liquor curry vegetable is a little potato piece. Yeah. That's the one. It can't read the label right now. Yeah. But that's the one. Italy. So that'll good then there's you're headed game. Yeah. This masala is simmer sauce. It's gonna be it's we're gonna get that. Yes. Great job in. Normally, you know, Jamie alva-, we'd take exception as it will just make it. Let's make it from scratch, and I say, of course, it nor like I would. But this is supposed to be easy. You know, this is. Go to the store, and we buy everything we need in. Guess you good even get away without the current paste with these two things vegetables in the simmer sauce is as pepper and assault and stuff. If you don't have any like Indian spices or some other similar thing or curry paste. Gave it mixed up over new bread crumbs. Good Jabbie coffee. Of course, I mean for dinner. But I yeah, I always get coffee. You know, what we need it from the we need a flat bread. Like, you could get the frozen, and you could make your own. But I like they have flapper to have like a whole wheat one. That's nice in it is like a tortilla Cy. So then it's like you're eating soft tacos. Yeah. So let me go over what we have. Did you? Okay. Get hamas. I like that HAMAs has like pine nuts in there. The. Mediterranean-style homeless call it. And then the tabu how do you say to bully to Boola to Boola? Yeah, he oh, they did have kebabs. Okay. So we have a vegetable of extra red onion. We have meat. We have a binder. We have ravech stuff scout breadcrumbs so we can construct meatballs. We have some similar meatballs in. We have at home. We have. Whatever that's called. Oh, you know that this is great that we have this extra red onions gonna come in handy. But yeah, we have. Olive oil at home, maybe some garlic, maybe some garlic white man in we have the extra kind of curry vegetables. So that's good. We have stuff to make the sauce in well as you have action sauce, and then you have you could say, well, do I feel like some HAMAs were do I feel more like the to dock your whatever? And then. Yeah, the tabu just gives you a little bit more ability salsa in this situation. A think it's everything let's get some sparkling waters. I mean in pry forgetting something, but this is a really easy prep a do want. It. Can we stop over here? Yeah. They they hide all these the stuffed animals. You know, this one's Joe a think this is Joe Joe, I want to talk to the bear. You could stand by AT. Are you Joe Joe two hundred if you knew the Joe the trader he'll one scoots Mageuzi? That's what I go by actually drew. But you know, I'm in the grocery store and paying and checking out, but yeah. Make that sleep add casts. Yeah. What's desert giraffe do? Have you guys sought about hurrying Jaffrey because they know that toy store went out. Like instead of sponsoring the podcast, don't hire Joffrey. But maybe in addition to sponsoring the podcast. You could hire Joffrey. You are. Okay. Well, Lee, no, no not looking to. Here's the thing. You you you run? Do are you the CEO CEO or the CFO lake? There's a CFO financial officer CEO executive C C creative officer. C O operate. Yeah. No, mice. I mean. I know my CEO things. I don't know. Why? They oh, yeah. You're right training. What gets capital capitalism training? You're right. You're hilarious. By the way. Never had a stuffed animal. Make me almost laugh. In a grocery store May Day. Remember, we're making some meatballs some salmon. Here's the thing. I was going to say if you wanna come over for dinner, if you wanna bring new trader or any of the other, I don't like your the only oh traitor Giotto. You could bring Giotto any of the other ones, you know. But here's the thing. No pressure. No deal. This just pleasure. Only in come over will eat you'll see what I can do with your ingredients. Which is you don't ever want to average consumer probably doing with them. Oh, no, maybe above average. This is my friend. This is Joe Joe, I ju- trader Joe Joe Joe Joe. It Joe Joe, how do you feel about cookies being named after you? When you're not a cookie. It muses. You it makes sense. Let's what you what can you bring don't bring cookies named after you. Because that would be, you know, then we say, you know, then re too many awkward jokes. How about you bring? How about a key lime pie? We'll have one of my freezer. So then we'd have to get one of yours. It's been in my freezer for a while. I don't know. I bought a one day. I said, you know, what I love key lime pie in my freezer for eternity. You can make stuffed animals laugh just by telling the truth. Will. That's great. We'll see you. We're gonna check out. Do you do know? I'm just kidding. I was gonna say could Asia's employee discount. But that would make it. Oh, do you. Do you like to drink do drink some sort of banana based beverage or an orange banana Brevard or mostly sparkling water drink at my place? Like, you get some lemon lime eighty right? I don't know if that's going to go with what we're serving let me think about it. But you know, gets a love that shirt on you, by the way. And also like are you hiding because you're shy or just for fun sometimes one semi time. See other terrific. No. Well, here's the thing. If you do talk to Joe, Drake. Oh, you're Joe Joe is like you're are you like undercover boss lake? Trader Joe Joe trader Joe you're Joe due to from beings. Leeann no, no. I just like I don't want sound passive aggressive. It's not like it's a one hundred percent. Nah, passive. It's just saying, hey, L of you. I think you'd like me wouldn't hack. You know, what I mean is no bad spirit or whatever else. You got to say, this is how much you know, other people would want would have to pay if they talked about him so much as you. Yeah. Just like if someone get like. Yeah. Cases in free to make right. So no one can walk out of here with groceries. Yeah. Bad kiss works differently. Be like gets in a grocery store. If worst grocery store, wouldn't you be asking you to sponsor show. It is Gaelic A. But anyways, big deal. I it helps a lot of people sleep. And I just figure you help me eat. But anyway, just come over eight we won't talk about it again Asia wanna make sure that it is like Leumna, I'm person with issues, but it you're not I don't have an issue with you. You're you're you per se. It just a desire base and common sense. But it anyway, great to see a see later. Yeah. So they traded Joe not trick. Joe Joe in aggressive the squad or coming over. I don't know if they use a lake as squad was like you couple years ago. So just started using the internet who else I thought it was Joffrey from trader from toys R is. And I'm not sure I mean, I had a Dharamshala. I don't know if they have a T Rex there's Joe Joe. And I don't know it gets some not a I'm not an expert in their straighter Giotto, which is how they brand some of their talion stuff. And I don't know. So, but you know, it's if they say we're having fun here. Okay. So check out probably forget some stuff. No big deal in the Neil twice at a store. Rabea? Oh, how're you? How are you? By the way. Have you been doing some walking or some meditating or somethin' allow? Yeah. And you've been kissing shoulders like taught you will. Yeah. Let's kiss her shoulders. We walk out the store show empowering, it's like saying shoulders, a love you. Skin largest thing in our body, or whatever let me give you kiss. Yet. I don't I mean, they did nibble before in the negate lake a shoulder Hickey shoulder nibble Heiki self-imposed. No, I don't wanna trader Joe Joe to know about that. Oh, six Joe, Joe Rada. Yeah. That'd been basing. Yeah. He could do a chin kiss. That's kinda like a stretch too. Yeah. I like that or h ING Illich that boned do like that bone at the top of the shoulder. Okay. So we're back at my place now. So we. Okay. So you prepped Osam Onuma do is a cookie kebabs and a grill. Well, maybe Ned I'm gonna get these kebabs Selim pepper in Hollowell in this bowl here. And then this big bowl. I'm gonna put the pork in ground beef. In the take this butter knife spread some just a little bit inbred me. So and each one that's the best we could do then. Now, I have my jar of various spices. And so I'm just gonna put about two tablespoons in. I mean, I just shake it like a polaroid picture, exactly. Then breadcrumbs don't know half recorder Cup. Yeah. Now, the chili lime salts net too much because we put the red Meese, oh in he can't really taste it. So we don't want to oversaw it under salting. It. We could fix kind of. Oh, yeah. We are. We're gonna use them insta- part. Of course, we are. Of course. Of course. Now, there's one issue at let's get these meatballs ready. And then we're was Odin the a, and then this is like, really cold. So like Elza Mahan Kaleen in. I just mush it all in for it takes awhile. Yeah. This is a squeeze squeeze it. It does go through my fists. I squeeze it all the way so weeks after my fingers in that reform. Yeah. It's it's NAT relaxing, just because the meets gold. I mean, I guess if you warm to the meat in the it would be it wouldn't believe it. It's actually like a scold. And if you could get some towel ready for me, but is keep squeezing it. And the great thing about the the curry the curry powder. Sissay can kind of see make sure everything gets evenly distributed. And then I'm gonna form manage, you know, I like, my meat balls like sizable, a think for me, just then they're not, you know, they're not dry, but anybody, you know, some people just like smaller crispier meatballs. Yeah. So we're going to do that. Now, I'm gonna wash my hands. We have definitely. Yeah. I mean like making big meatballs wick lake. I don't know. It just it just maybe because they never eat meat balls. Still like it literally four years ago. Yeah. We did get to the bottom of it last summer. I think was it. Yeah. It was last summer. There was this. I think I talked about it. And we'll say the name of there's this famous popular type of Meatball where I grew up like a seasoning in style. And I realized that lake some people in my family thought, it was a treat in when I tasted. I said, oh, this is I don't eat meat. Both say this is not a flavor. I enjoy. So yes there I just assumed that all meatballs would taste like that. Now is in like in now miss him in my full fledged. Adulthood grody quote quotes. I've been renewed passion for maple or a say it'll at I guess, here's a issue. We have them formed have to be perfect. I do have a problem with the Browning situation because at you lake you can drown them right in the instep by in a saw. But they always stick. So I remember outing him in this cast iron in. But don't worry. Like, we're not gonna leave any flavor behind because we so while you shop then on you're not chop up some garlic in I'm gonna brownies meatballs. Why do that? Why do? Yes, we're just gonna Brown them get them. Yeah. They'll be a little bit more like Cuba balls meat cubes than meatballs back them done or more more. Like it not quite an act again. Yeah. Not meet domes meets fears meets fierce. Yeah. Yeah. Cana- lake Advocaat thing. Spaceship me ball, though, that wasn't movie I think it wasn't me. That was like, oh that was like it should have been the title of nuns and space of soda, right? So we'll just Brown those in you have onion ago. Great now. Take that simmer sauce in put it into the institute's whole thing. It's a bit like a tomato based songs than those those tika vegetables, or whatever put those in there in there in another kind of tomato base a little bit different flavor. Emits us give you can turn the saute on in the air Kazan it'll start heating the Lakewood. And I just want to make sure my wanna put a little more wa- just like half jar water in there. And it looks better because you don't want, you know, any by his like, you gotta learn as you go. Okay. Some Brown in these meatballs. Now, we're going to do a little bit. Oh, you know what I messed up already? So yearly saute and I'll just was some love sent some if not meatballs Brown put him on newspaper towels. To drain a little, and then we'll puts onion here it. I think this is this is d glazing for me. It's just getting the flavors out of the pain. Yeah. So we're going to like to hop pan. Yeah. So onions cook and pretty fast. In then or we're gonna do really fast is put the garlic in for like, forty five seconds. Okay. Go Yelm in the mixing the garlic here. No, it will do is you pour all tomato. Yeah. Nose to reduce it barely and get all the flavor together in just been in that around 'em per known. Pretty good. I'm pretty good been. We're you're right. I've been working allowed on the podcast. Now me I'm trying to do stuff. Just jovially gauges still like to stay focused to know have gone on some art any dates or two states a happy to movies. Yeah, I've been meaning to get to a museum. Yeah. No. I know. I know I know you care. Thanks so much. None getting good my boundaries. I think by the end of twenty eighteen be more balance. I think. Yeah. If Joe Joe would get off Joe Joe's career and once a month to sponsor that would be good to go. Well almost. Yeah. No, they should share. What you there? Okay. So now, we got it in a nice. Well, now, we're put it back in instituted who put meatballs in there. Yeah. In this some onion garlic in an all those flavors, smells, good, right? And then we'll put a who. We put the top on seal it. And yeah pressure cook it for ten minutes. And then we'll leave it. Yeah. Okay. Let's wipe this out. We're gonna get this this frying paint this as seen on TV for an pay. And I think it's got copper. No, I didn't buy from the infomercial. But a an a life. I saw I saw them life actor I said, well, that's interesting. In any to pay into cook, salmon and eggs in. So this is perfect. Yeah. I it hasn't lost its in the past when I've bought these loss or nonstick ability pretty fast. But this one's go and strong for like three or four months. Okay. So we'll get you take their same. And you made him. We'll do that. We'll do a series this. I'd do sear the skin side. I I don't know. Why? It just will spray air we go. So it's only a couple minutes release pieces of Sam and. And think about the fact that Joe Joe's Abair so that Joe would pry like Sam and mino- want to speak for all bears, especially stuff to magic Corp payers, but is corporate have has ever been any cartoons about a corporate mayor? No, not that, you know. Well, maybe that's another thing. They could I could think about capitalizing and say Joe, Joe the corporate bear. I'm not okay. You're right. It just curious. Yes. So we're getting a nice on air. Oh, we gotta make his Aki sauces. So chop up. Good thing. I don't peel cucumbers in these don't really have seeds. So just take the tips off in cut him lake long way once in the long way again. So then you have four and then chop them in push him in this bowl. It would be good. It's a little onion. But we don't have we use onion for the sauce. Okay. And then we'll see women endless fill this with a yogurts. Just I I like to have a good balance of yogurt and cucumber like your good rate. Looks like a great ratio. I mean, I'm heavy on the cucumber, but you want enough over. It's so does the sauce and dressing with close to addressing. Inlet squeeze at women in their half. And then the other half, and we're gonna would some salt in chili lime salt. We could do. Well, we just went to limit in there. Let's just stick with some soc- salts. In pepper. Maybe a little on your pattern girl just a bit. Good idea too. And now some dill I don't know what measurement. I mean. I use less dill because they still have do that one time. I think it was like in the off maybe even the nineties it made a fresh dill same in in. I took the I said, well, this is a fresh seasoning LSU's ten times more. Yeah. And then I was never able to touch dill again other than pickles and never heard my consumption of pickles. I'm not a big pickle. Can you know? But it didn't turn me off pickles. I said, oh, yes sure of pickle the anything else back as long as you don't use too much. So maybe a half teaspoon in then no, more taste, exactly. And we're just gonna wish big four wisc all that together. And then go ahead and taste it with a spoon and see need new salt. Does pretty good. It has tartness just like the restaurant. I think. Yeah. Turns out it turns out pretty good. Then the same thing with the HAMAs just makes that up with a fork in. We can use to fork to serve it. Sammons ready going to are set. Rast? I'm going to cook these kebabs. And what else we got here going helmets into Boola or the Tabua will need swoon for that. Was see. So we'll have vegetables in the flap read if you turn on my left burner in turn on the grill gretel that sketched iron grill. Griddle you said does create a lot of stuff in the kitchen. So. Yeah. One I never figured out how to create smoke in the kitchen. I mean, if that's like in degreaser myself, it's something that I do. Okay. So. Yeah. So and then we'll you say to warm of some of these flat breads, and it looks like the time is proceeding very well on the meatballs. Oh, yeah. How are we going to serve you will create a buff AA end than we do you kind of cut the meat balls up until like quarters, and you put that on put those on. I guess you like some HAMAs on I like like, it was refried beans it input to meet it. Then. The HAMAs or the Tabua Lee the sauce or the to bully vegetables in the maybe the cucumber sauce. Lose to options. Like, I think everybody should start with one. Because what I learned is that what came nicest to take two tomato base to sauce, the meat balls or simmering in. And then you soak it, and you eat it more like open face sandwich with a knife and a fork in when the breads soaked in the sauce. It's a different experience. Both are good. He had no both are equally can of where he gets find yourself. But the soaked in a SaaS experience is really good to just like, oh, do you want more of a taco experience or more something that has a bread in? It would it's more of a soaked in juice bread. Yeah. I mean, you could eat this over rice or something. I think it's just a much different experience. There's something in this situation. A creamy. I don't think the creamy and yoga Seth goes as well. You goes better with the bread than a rice in my opinion. The tomato sauce would be tomato based sauce is fine and anything. But maybe something insane. With the HAMAs say, well, it's more of a bread Burr bread based tapping BBB t. Do have question about the stuffed animals that are coming. Work. Do do. We do I offer to listen up or do we put by the floor like Iskoe? We're going to sniff the stuffed animals will that be may issue. Put go way. Yeah. You're right. Okay. Because here they come. Hey trae, oh, you did bring Joffrey. But how you doing? Oh, what would you say? Now, you're coming into my permit your. Your human size SOGA dec-. You great to have you here. You know, you're totally untimely. I'm just so glad to have. So yeah, we're having we have two choices. It is. Salmon, you smell Joe Joe. Great. Oh, thank you brought some ice creams and some non perfect gives you like read my mind, Joe. Yes. So we have a lot of operations here. You're gonna have a SU. So we're gonna have salmon or we have ground beef ground beef and pork meatballs or both were altogether in. Yeah. The can of it's it's I'd say it's Indian influenced. And what she'll do you do need it? I think you've had curry pace in the past. But I'm not positive the eh. This is mostly true TJ's meal, almost you know, ninety eight percents. So yeah, we'll heat up this non oven, which is magically Ardy preheated in the non only takes two minutes. But we have some flat breads. Yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead. No wrong way to do it. Now. Some people might say HAMAs or to sack you whatever. And no, this is fresh Zach you homemade not I know you sell it there too. But this is made from I mean, it's fresh combined. I guess is no yogurt. Lemon cucumber dill Soham pepper. Yeah. They're still seeing everything Joffrey Jaffray by way. Good Seebeck and your feet and with some friends. Am sorry. All yeah. I mean, you know, personally, I was alive. I don't remember who Lionel kiddie city had, but that was my place, but they're been gone for like for, you know, thirty years twenty years. They are the ones that took the Turk to turn your frown side down Lionel kiddie city. Maybe it was with Lionel train. Maybe it was back in the day of you know, when they're strain stores. No wasn't. I mean, I wished I could shop at Toys R because you were always on WPRO hacks. He'll you don't want to about two past. Obviously, not you're moving forward. It's great to see to two if you together. In out in about. How did you get here do because you how do you don't worry about it? Cacique grew when you came through. I I I said how are we going to? It's very considerate of you to grow to human size. So they have to figure out, you know, place settings or I don't have small forks and stuff. Okay. Yeah. The nines ready in just so kit will yeah, you can eat it like taco the Sammons. Good. Thank you will. This is my friend. This is Jeffrey Joe Joe he had her here Rhys rents. I hope this is beginning of a gray friendship. You know, just just mean, you know, as simple as maybe eight months from now, we dinner together again in exchange some texts and maybe watch warriors game something. Great. Yeah. And then we'll see now that you brought the nine I wanna I'm gonna have the nine. And then women do is put to some tomato sauce over the non-social show. You an alternative way. It's the Emma put the meatballs on the nine. Yeah. Then some to bully to bully to bully. Then some of these onions in bell pepper. And yeah. And then the cucumber yogurt sauce, and yet it's very soaked wouldn't be a lift up the non without a falling apart wouldn't admit it hasn't stopped me from trying and past the we could just cut it up and eat it with a fork in the night. Very excellent. That way in very simple. Yeah. There you go. Just take it by it's wonderful wonderful. Have you here with me? Eating dinner, wonderful to him, my friends here, you know. Nice warm hip soul, filling meals. Thank you Jaffrey, really help boost all our spirits. Good to see you smile. Let don't think I've ever seen you frown. Even though he didn't work at Lionel kiddie city where the frowned gets turned upside down. Is good to have some friends over break some bread together. We're breaking bread seeing cutting breads and ripping breads. Yeah. It's a great meal, and thanks so much in the we'll have. Yes. Some of the desserts you broad, but my my friend always seek it nap. So you had thank you could night is agree meal. Thank you became a patron recently. Thanks. Thanks. A night to curse a little rain in Orissa. Thanks in night. Thanks to Lisbeth Ataman. Bridget. Thanks. Thanks a nineteen Karen day. All Robert, thanks. Good night to to Cami, Katie. And julia. Thanks. Thanks to Taylor j and Katherine. Thanks to Rachel keys in Amanda is accusing Singin night to Sheila Carson in Aurora. Thank you. Thanks to Emily Casarin in von. Thanks. Thanks to Ellison had Jennifer and Alice. Thanks, thanks to Justin Alana and Rene. Thanks. Thanks to Amy Pam law in Lenore war. Thanks. Thanks to Jessica Ehlin in leeann awar-. Thanks. Thanks to James Leeson. Matthew. Thanks. Thanks seeing eight to Samantha Scott in dot accidental rhyme there. Well, you can't write this. Thanks. Thanks to Alexander B A D S in Alexander f must have been some Alexander in the air. Thanks. Thanks to Diane. Liz taylor. Thanks to Jack pepper and Brian. Thanks. Thanks to Lee ornaments in Burri. Thank you. Thanks to to Stephanie Hans and Mark. Thanks. Thanks to John. Jessica and L thanks for to Frazier on a an Erica is thanks to Syra. Melanie and Anna. Thanks to Dan billion. Uber. Thank you. Thanks, eight to Vivian Julian Calera. Thank you. Thanks to Adriane L, Natalie and MARCY and today singing divinely to Jenny. Thanks. Thanks everybody for someone showing patron. If you want to check out our goals, or you know, have become a patron value. Valid Suva Pat gas dot com slash patron or over an patriots dot com slash sleep. With me. Thank you for support house wanted to make and they failed presents or proud member. That network in old amazing shows over there in Vail presents dot com. Were also member PR x-xi and check out only meeting things they do appear x dot org. And today so listeners in dick. You're listening tuck in there and remember scoot, scoot sister. Tuck you in it's a little Antici nece, maybe could talk your maybe do a little bit of squinting. Would've blanket pulling to your chin to be kind to yourself and good night. I can get a good night's sleep there. All right. Thanks.

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