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"european gobert" Discussed on Sleep With Me

"Kebabs. NFL NAT to be a great timesaver. It just says like mushroom which you know, present a has onion bell pepper is Keeney. A maybe something else in there. But it, you know, they can be nice away to add some vegetable plus you get the onion without having a by the onion. Okay. So those are some of the things we need in this section. Yes. So the cucumbers are right there in be careful when you get those cucumbers like defame like a bigger than a finger. They don't don't like to teach as worker she of this. But those don't last very long and fridge sh and I'm talking less than five days. So get a us them. They are seedless. So it's going to save time. Would we can use them for well tell you head of time we're going to do something a little catch Aversa? We're gonna make a Greek at to whatever it is accurate, whatever they call at a we're just gonna chop cucumbers. I use the European Gobert home European style. It's a little bit more liquid than your Greek yogurt, also two bucks alas. I think in it's still has a pretty high elite Leno look Southie. And it's easier. It's just it's just you could it's almost like a drink substance. So it just depends on how secure like yogurt, but I see what's the hype this Greek yogurts, two bucks more. At was into your right? I was into Greek yogurt for a time. And I'm not against it. Just say we'll just say the two bucks less European yogurt in import in lake if a making Simpson to drink a bit some yoga. Yeah. Well, some people drink yogurt some people don't I don't mix it in like a smoothie. But yeah, we're gonna those are the gradients that is the sole women acute Gummer's, and then some dill seasoning have at home dried dill EM back and dill believe it or not like only, which is that a cucumber saw us a said, that's the ingredient that they made at one time on was a hell of fresh recipe was and I said to tell you make it oh boy in a went out and bought some because he said, this is great. Yeah, we could use some red onion. So that'll be so, yeah, you could be in charge of the salmon K, you got to salmon. Great job anything going on at the store. No. I mean, the store, you know, against him a little like like, I said, I said well have this is now business only place ever since they won't do business with the podcast. They say, well, I'm just here to chef for my groceries. So maybe like a have little motion motion lab sincere. So you don't have a crush any way it works here or the chaps here that I know of. Or the chapter at the same time. I mean, still yeah. But like, you know, what? I mean. I mean, here's something I do think this doesn't have to like attraction. But sometimes I'll see people, and they say this person is where do I know that person from you know, because I'm in the know drink and co up to then I see then ninety percent time. It's not it's a traitor. Joe? I say oh that person. I guess they spent a lot of time here. So okay. So okay. So we're we're we okay. Oh, so other things we need. So, you know ground, you know, personally, I find meatballs come out best. It's a pound of pork ground Bork in a pound of ground beef, a new there's like I would say if you're gonna use a pork use in the not us eighty twenty but use the the ninety ten or whatever. Vidale..

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