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"european cups barcelona" Discussed on The Prememento Podcast

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"european cups barcelona" Discussed on The Prememento Podcast

"Degree with the PLIES Burr off the bench ammonia obviously is liming since off an inflammatory and raise bug camp and Vampire see left on the bench there you do envision burke I'm having left light years before this is what I'm saying our family does so just short gap and Vogel will only continue to be I believe that the idea of decades of dominance we'll get to a point where if you want to see the season fought me, you must be the best thing votes on. Various is before the game to now European Cups Barcelona one to what Vasna win that game they want to say about your bring coaches Barcelona does what happened next at Barcelona happen does what happened to ask? No happen I think arsenal if they win this European copy, even if they win it on a very poor performance to coin of Teflon for a few years, you can have the results the happen to them. You can have the weaken knocking them out in. The League. Cup I'm GonNa go even as far as to say, you cannot Birmingham city knocking them my in the League Cup. Final one of the reasons woj our Snow Hud the bright Dan that they had was because their best years they use where they could've took over Europe they didn't, and it is with a little dollop of hindsight, this guy and the one era in also star next boss later, and he came down to the proverbial ninety minutes on field. Referee and his two cards are great if. European cub can always turn around and say you've won the European Cup and you'd to be subject to the talk for vilified going champions a Europe. You'll never seen that. It in terms of Sun plies that we spoke by joining course this season one things really interested in a by Sol Campbell's run is the. Players that we spoke about the roadways unlucky with injury they always have the break at the wrong time, but I'll come having missed a fair amount. All thought season managed to come back in just the Roy. Song. And when you look back he's Not as defined, he plays so much less and less than you'd think of a plaza for so long with just immovable toes of Campbell's latter day arsenal career. What you got in your head immediate impacts that springs to mind is he had that one game where he whatever halftime career over and it's not quite like that. We've talked about it in over podcast previously in relation to different players different. An era where boy mental health was only really translated by. Your mental it that has caused. So I, want to come back and Playa chapstick for them. The fact that he was in a defense set a record tankers active clean sheets in the Champions League you're not in that we. No so wanted the quintessential great defenses and in terms of arsenal great defense is the one you kind of think of Joe Nineties of the George Graham which four Campbell's time. So say zone but the history took a couple of months to kind of you know really integrates way back into the team I..

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