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Focus on your STRENGTHS & Delegate your WEAKNESSES to those whose strength it is!

Plan B Success

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Focus on your STRENGTHS & Delegate your WEAKNESSES to those whose strength it is!

"Hey greeting seventy one. Welcome back to another episode of Plan. B's success every a person that you know including yourself has strengths and weaknesses. We all do strengths or things that really good at and without really exerting a whole lot of ourselves we can get spectacular. Results and weaknesses are things that are good at and no matter how hard we try and stretch. We probably get mediocre results but one of the ingrained aspects of self development strategies that I have noticed who have thrived over a vast Several years now several hundreds of years I should say is that there's a lot of emphasis laid on the fact that one needs to recognize. Is there weaknesses and spent an inmate amount of time and effort working on nimbly improve your always told Mitchell you work on your weaknesses. Make sure you spend time on them. Make sure that you work hard so that you get better at them. Well no matter how hard you try getting better is one thing but can a weakness beat turned into a strength. That's the question and if at all it can be how much effort Food Desert Jaguar. How much time does it required. And what kind of disciplined approach DESERTEC ladder for person to turn their weakness to strength and is it really worth the effort in. Although I do agree that a very important aspect of self improvement is the need to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. I for one. Do not believe that. A telescopic review of your weaknesses. An inordinate amount of time and effort spent focusing on them mm-hmm results in any market shifts. Who strengths so basically no matter. How hard you work on your weaknesses? The Nago Done Indu. Your strengths is Houghton natural ability in every person where they have certain strengths and sudden weakness. Yes you can focus on a weakness meekness and get it to a certain level. Maybe a little bit about being mediocre. But you won't get it to be at a point lead at stellar. It's key that that you need to truly recognize and understand and comfortable with your strengths as well as limitations. It's also important to have a plan. In place to stabilize your limitations or weaknesses you have to provide stability to your weaknesses. You GotTa get to a point where you can live with them. You don't have to spend inordinate. That amounts of payment effort could do strengths. Because you already have certain trends and if you spend the same amount of time on your strengths you will beater remarkable in those particular strengths even to reach remarkable effectiveness in those strengths. All you need is a little bit of exertion. Little bit rid of more focused work on them but to be at your practice. Best and to benefit from what you do. You need to focus on your strengths. Daniel the weaknesses. The foot spend on trying to come. Weakness is better spent on honing Trent's and realizing their potential because their potential is many fold. It has a multiple effect of benefits for you. You bound become better stronger. Anger and deservedly rewarded if you apply the strategy of focusing on your strengths. I'm not saying don't focus on your weaknesses. Do focus on them to get get them to be stable so that they do not hinder your focus on your strengths. Not everyone in. This world needs to be good at everything everything. That's perfectly all right members limitations while you exude your strengths. There's no need to feel guilty or feel feel belittled for things that you do not share an interest in our that. Do not reflect your best self but each each one of us has some aspect that we enjoy are good at and can create a distinguished place for ourselves. Concentrate on Exerting yourself in these areas areas that you enjoy working and that you can contribute your best. Enter your strength. Trent's will distinguish you walk on foot or excelling at them and exercising them. Your very best. Not only will you enjoy what you you did and be at your productive best but you will also cherish and pride yourself rewards. It will reap for you. This done motivates. It's your further to go beyond your best in what you're already excellent in in what you already excelling imagine the in fight night exponential you have available to unravel with the Australians. When you focus on them what your strengths. Discover your in finite potential. Y You recognize your limitations and stabilize them enough to not influence your pathway of progress now heels to your success. Gobert condo strength and make things happen for you for who you are for who you can be for who you aspire to be. It's all achievable will. By focusing on those core strengths. That are innate. You make you special. Hey I hope you like that. Episode Boo check out my website. Rajiv DOT COM and by the way. Do Checkout podcast mastery program. That's out there on the website. And and if you're interested in podcasting if you're interested in creating a brand image for who you are what you have to offer definitely check that course out. I'm sure it's going to provide you immense value and it'll cut short. Eugenie researching podcasts by the weeks into a couple of hours to get starter. We're moving on thank you very much.

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The Pregnant Princess

In The Limelight

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The Pregnant Princess

"This episode is brought to you by Amazon studios. Beautiful boy coming to theaters as fall based on the acclaim memoirs of father and son, David and Nick chef. Beautiful boy chronicles a heartbreaking and inspiring experience of survival relapse and recovery Rolling Stone calls it an emotional powerhouse, too powerful to resist impossible to forget starring Steve Carell in Timothy Shalam, beautiful boy hits flack theaters, October twelfth, and opens nationwide, November ninth radar. Hello and welcome to end the limelight, Banney pairs entertainment and pop culture. Podcast. I'm Josh Chubu Vanity, Fair senior writer, and I'm here with Julie Miller Vanity, Fair senior, Hollywood writer. No, I'm late. We analyze the ins and outs of pop culture, entertainment, and celebrity from the past week from the Kardashians to Kate Middleton and everything in between high barely even know what to say. I mean, Meghan, Markle's pregnant. I can't really believe it. Just the fact that we're in this state is card for me to adjust to. This feels like we're in this relationship and it has been such a roller coaster, a lightning fast. I just love it. I'm so excited, but very curious to discuss the timing of it with respect to Princess Eugenie, Josh, and era also growing to dive into the rest of the wedding festivities. And there were a lot of them from a lunch reception evening reception. And then this amazing kind of carnival themed bonus events. The following day, who would've thought that use any would have a more kind of over the top wedding in some ways and Megan? I know it was almost I hesitate while I don't hesitate to say it because of unbowed too, but it's almost a little Kim Kardashian like kid shell vibe. Remember when she north that Coachella themed for day party, you heard it here first. Usually the Kardashian of the Royal family will let's let's kick off with Meghan. Yeah, let's talk about Megan because I know everyone we woke up this morning. The first of all the news was announced. I think around five AM east coast time to AM l. a. time. So it hit in the middle of the night. So I like probably a lot of you guys woke up to a flurry of news alerts and tweets and all of that about Megan's pregnancy. So many guys wrote to us. It was as exciting as the news itself. So Julie, let's get into this to the first. Everyone was saying, she's twelve weeks. Pregnant us weekly just as of recording this podcast Monday afternoon us weekly saying, she's actually fifteen weeks pregnant. So even a little farther along than was thought this morning, she is due on or around may. Second, the insider says, which is Princess Charlotte's birthday. Megan is just a couple of days shy of her fifteen week Mark. So she's early stages, but you know, she's doing this spring apparently, which is like, I, I like a lot of you guys asked us about this, then we're going to have to try to dissect it. She told family members at Princess Eugenie is wedding on Friday. They didn't want to announce it in advance reportedly because they didn't want to upstage the wedding. So they waited until Monday, but in a weird way, this almost does sort of feel like is upstate. I mean if they announce it before that definitely would have been the focal point of the wedding. So I guess they waited in a way that was generous, but it was, you know, it is interesting timing coming on the Monday after the wedding rate just because the Royal family, they choreograph everything so carefully, it makes me wonder if someone else was going to break the story, break the news even though of course we've had all these tabloids speculative reports asking whether she's pregnant. Is there some other reason for them announcing this the Monday after Eugene's wedding celebration. Agree. I agree with you. I feel like the tightness of the timing makes me think either that someone was going to run with the story or that, like I mean, she's about the timing of Australia trip always seemed kind of crazy to me with coming right after the wedding too. Like they had the myth. I think the Thadani portion of views knees, blockbuster wedding. But I think she's going to make this many appearances over the next two weeks. Maybe it was also just a preventative like like she was going to be seeing in so many different outfits and like there would have been, I guess, speculation if she's in any way showing that they kind of wanted to get ahead of it because I think if she wasn't doing Australia trip, they might have waited longer right? Because Megan doesn't really have any reason to have to steal the spotlight from Eugenie right at all. So that's why either maybe their hand was being forced or somehow they knew it was going to be evident based on. I don't even know what she's wearing or something. In Australia. So yes, also magazines, wedding outfit now makes a little bit more sense. The bottom of the coat not being bud end with sort of what fueled we talked about this on Friday. When we did the bonus, a wedding episode, people were kind of wondering if her look implied anything, and apparently it did so Julie, this son or daughter will be seventh in line to the throne behind Charles William George Charlotte, Louis, and Harry, and to add further insult to injury for Prince, Andrew, whose daughter already has lost some of the limelight with this announcement, Andrew's going to be bummed when the son or daughter is born to eight. The mine he's currently seventh, and I kind of wonder if this is sort of has something to to the y. and Andrew made that comment on Friday that we thought was weird about how like will they have more people at their wedding? 'cause Eugenie and jacker. So popular more than Harry and Meghan. But you. Maybe like just found out or something. And it was like, why not use his opportunity to say this right? Someone tweeted us, like if I had just heard that my kind of line or my position in succession bumped, I would be a little bitter too. So I thought this was interesting. The child will not necessarily be given a prince or Princess title in last the Queen decides intervene, which I assume she will right. But if she didn't intervene, these titles are bizarre. The sun would be the Earl of Dumbarton. Can you imagine next rather go without title songs title. I'll pass on that blue babies just like an, I'm cool or if it's a daughter, this slightly better. Let's say the child's name is Madison. It would be lady Madison mountbatten-windsor which is a mouthful though, but I love that, Josh. I love Madison so much. Are you hoping to girl. I don't know what I'm hoping I kind of for some reason have a feeling. It's going to be a girl. It's really just instinctual thing, but I don't know. What do you think the same? I and I hope for her sake. I just the title I think she'd be better off. I feel like especially because Harry's such a favourite of the Queen, don't you sort of feel like they're going to just become a prince? I don't know what the precedent is, what the rules are, but I feel like if I was the Queen, why not? Why what's what? Why not? Just give them the prince or Princess title. What if they were to name it for a suits character? Oh, that's a great call. Also, odds makers are already coming out with sort of odd for the favorites. And right now, Diana are Thurn. Alice are put up as the front rudders at twelve to one odds. But I think I think Diana as possible, maybe, but I do think magazines influence, I think like the to the combination of Megan's vibe and the fact that there's like a little less pressure because this. Kid isn't like third, fourth or fifth, I think they're going to go a little funkier with the name. I agree, and I'm so happy about it. There's no way Megan's naming her kid like her -ther. I just do not think there's any chance. No, absolutely. Not. I mean, I'm so excited. I think this is definitely going to have more bohemian VO. He job. I hope it something kind of like throws the Royal family off a little bit this just like a little bit more modern and like normal name. Also. I was looking at a Princess Beatrice. I was some for some reason looking at her Wikipedia page today. As one does. And I guess at the time her name was seen as super surprising, really dress. Yeah. Interesting footnote. I love that. So and and that's the analogous thing, right? Because it's like the brother of the prince whose in direct line, I want a name a name that requires the palace to release like a phonetic explanation of how to pronounce the name. Wouldn't that be amazing on that stage. What was the one recently? Okay. Hudson who had like Ronnie, but in Jeddah like explain on her Instagram account, how you pronounce it? It's spelled like, are an I. I feel like left her own devices that is the kind of name and will come up with like Ronnie that Pathum meaning in a different language that you have to explain how to pronounce that. Right. Her nickname was flour. I could see that coming into the mix. Mm, no, that's that's even a little too far off, but I do hope they, I hope they commemorate Diana in some way. Yeah, name will be somehow reflected in the name even if it's like a middle name or something. Maybe also, I'm curious of Megan's gonna do the whole rigmarole of the, you know, Kate style coming out of the hospital and all of that. Interesting. Well, I wouldn't put it past Meghan to have some sort of like water birth or like do a home, a home birth, that the Dula and like some sort in some sort of desert somewhere like. I don't see her doing the whole Royal sort of setup personally, but maybe I'll like not really have a choice. Right? But she's definitely going to put her spin on it in some way. One hundred percent. I'm super excited because I do feel like she's going to make this her own. It's like her, you know, I don't think she's going to let them kind of dictate. Right. Do you think this could be the first Royal baby with a gender reveal party. I would love that a hundred percent also. That's like, what? If she wasn't in Royal family, she would have most Instagram friendly, gender, reveal party of all time. They would have like floats out at sea or something with different color coded reveals. Okay. So Doria released a statement which was kind of straightforward. But you know, she said it's the palisade, miss raglan is very happy about this lovely news and she looks forward to welcoming her first grandchild and then Tom. The palace declined to say whether or not Tom has been notified. I mean, obviously he knows now, but I took that to mean he was not notified in advance. I mean, the fact that they would respond in say no comments, but then I was thinking, Meghan so good at sort of the PR part of these things. And maybe obviously we've talked about how she kind of is avoiding the whole issue with her crazy family. But maybe in this case, she was like, I should give him a heads up so he doesn't say something insane. If I were her, I would have drafted the Email or text message, and I would wait to click cents for exactly, Josh and I are on the same page. Yeah, I think that's very possible because you know, Samantha, I can't believe some into hasn't waited by the time you guys are listening to this. I'm sure Samantha. We'll have weighed in right because, you know she's going to have comments. She's going to have a spin. She's gonna have a hot take on this. Yeah. Like let the grandchild see his grandfather. You know is going to be some like dramatic. She's going to like show up with like a crib on the streets of the front of the palace or something like a protest. So so the timing thinks the Meghan just got to Australia. She came out and bunch of you guys. I think we have a voice mail out this too. She arrived Australia kind of before the night before the announcement and was covering her stomach with two large binders that were kind of these purple binders. And it felt very on. Meghan. Like to me cause it felt almost like I figure she's so justify that you'd be carrying binders, seemed really odd like she's usually so put together and has her whole, like kind of scenario plan to out. And then Secondly, I was very last minute. I feel like she decided in the car that she was going to come out with these binders or something. It's like block her stomach. I guess I haven't seen someone carry an honest to God binder since middle school. So my. Bear question is like what kind of sites. Did she go to define these binders? Right. Why wasn't she just carrying like books? I, I, I feel very, like running late to geometry class. Right? But I also don't also, I kind of looked like it was like she reading film scripts because it looked like I mean, the definitely not, but reminded me of like when you see like Hollywood star with like their scripts coming out of a lunch or something. Oh, that's a good call. What do you think was inside those binders? Was just information about Australia, was it? Oh, yeah. As also sort of a fosback to Thomas Markel with reading the books about like different things in Britain before the wedding. Remember those were the days I will never forget that. I'll be on my deathbed and I'll have a flashback to him in that like internet cafe, reading something on on his computer. I was wondering if it was her different outfits, like maybe a different each page had like what she's wearing on each given day, like a sort of ten Harari. I just love Meghan. So much. I feel like she was prepared. She so prepared for every single event on that tenor airy, I would love it. If she brought binders back, I'm all for school supplies. What? What if she just makes us thing like she does binders wherever she goes with, like whatever information she might need. Maybe this will start a trend like maybe we should maybe our issue this whole time, and we should have been walking around with finder, maybe that'll be your Halloween costume. Yeah. Oh, that's actually really good idea, right? The binders and to do that kind of like book with the coat, you guys can all take that idea if you want it for yourselves. Messy bun. That's great. Awesome idea. Right? It's perfect. So Julie, the Deka scares also component that people were talking about because part of the trip is going to feed Jian, Tonga, where Zeka is, I guess there's like a moderate risk and apparently according to people and other sources, they. Sought medical advice, head of the trip, they decided to move ahead with their plans and Megan will be going to the Fiji Tonga stops. But she she may opt out of certain parts of the grueling schedule and apparently like Harry's going to two of the two of the stops in Fiji and Tonga, Harry's going to go to solo, I think ones like some sort of forest appearance. My personal feeling is like just skip that portion if I was her, but it's like a two days of a sixteen day tour. I don't think anyone would think poorly of her for doing that. I certainly wouldn't, but I guess they must be having access to the best doctors, but I dunno doesn't. It seems kind of strange to me fry, right. It seems a little risky. But I mean, clearly that's like they, they're only doing it if they know that it's fine for her to be doing it right. I'm just selfishly, so excited for all these, these press appearances, all the outfits. We're gonna see the messy bun moments, seventy six engagements over sixteen days. And speaking of outfits, Jessica Rony, her best friend. Her stylist is flying right now as we speak with her husband in an unofficial capacity. So that means like there the Maroney's are paying for the paying for it themselves, and apparently she's going to be helping pick. And I think a lot of the time we've seen outfits that we've really liked there like a string of really good outfits at one point. Like around the Hamilton show, I think, and they said Jessica with helping. Then I feel like the fact that Jessica's involved means we're going to get some really good. Some interesting lugs. Are you in any way surprised by the timing of the pregnancy? Are you is a sort of when you expect to be pregnant? I think there is so much discussion about Megan's age even though of course she's it's not like she's old, but just given the nature of these Royal couplings and how quickly everybody gets pregnant. I feel like there was a lot of pressure on her. So I, I'm a little relieved for her sake that she is. The timing of it being announced. So shortly after you sneeze, wedding weekend is still odd to me. I remember Kate announced hers pretty early along, but that's because she was having morning right morning sickness. So maybe it has something to do with that as well. I would just pay money to get some sort of transcript of the closed door conversation that like you Eugenie Beatrice and Sarah Ferguson had this weekend about this announcement. It's good that you brought up for gay because another little angle to all of this is that Furby posted a bunch of tweets, this morning moments after the announcement like maybe like a minute or two after, but was it because the one I saw said that the palace tweeted out the announcement at eight forty a m, I guess in London, and that same moment is when her like for first tweet is time stamped. We should note that forgives tweet through all in relation to. Her daughter's wedding and no mention of Harrier Magner the baby of some people are reading into that that she's come somehow not pleased with the timing, right. It was a bizarre string of, I don't want to say it was Donald Trump s can kind of the interesting reaction timing of it all. But her first one was about thanking the designer who made her amazing reception dressed, and then it was like three tweets about how proud she was of Jack in you today, which also Donald Trump tweeted about Princess Udinese wedding, and I was so I don't know why like threw me that he was even, you know, quoting any referencing it in any way. But he said Princess Eugenie of York with the total with a truly beautiful bride yesterday she has been through so much and has come out of total winner. I just was confused about where that was coming from, like no one has ever in the history of weddings, described a bride as like a total winner. But. There's so much here if they were obviously talking about this for weeks now to calm until the actual birth, which I mean, I can't believe it. I was the daily melted a great composite, which I feel like we'll have to share Instagram stories or something of what the baby could potentially look like. I do kind of hate when they do those creepy, like composites whenever like two celebrities are together about type of cat. The composites for Harry and Megan's baby are cuter than Kate volumes. For some reason, those composites were especially creepy. So it's cute that this kid will be about the same age as William and Kate's kids and Pippas about to have a kid you went into. I think she's actually at the hospital right now as we record. Though, like there's going to be just like funds squad all around the same age. I'm into it. Okay. Let's read some of these tweets. We got. We got a lot. I just like the twin, which isn't even really a question, but they say it's from jet set. John. She says, OMG can't wait for this baby. Seriously. Gotta love season three of Megan and Harry take the kingdom baby names Novak energy in the limelight content, things, prince, Josh, Princess Julie, which do we think is more likely Princess Tuli or friends, Josh. This is a perfect tweet. I think, prince, Josh, I think prince, for instance, Julie, God, we're both so giving. We always say the other. I could see Julie being a Royal name, has any Royal Julia, Julia or anything to my knowledge. I think Meghan. I feel very confident saying this if it was if we were separated from the Royal aspect of things, I feel like Meghan would like the name, Julia for girl. I could just see it. You are. To cry and she would love Josh to she would. I feel she'd want to hip our name for a boy, like Macy's thing. I love the name Madison though, especially with that title Madison? Yeah, I'm, I'm thinking with Madison. I think for the long haul here I could see Meghan being into it. Madison Markle knows not going in now, obviously. Okay. Let's see. I think Marnie I think she's farther along than we think, which is why she's showing much more and because of using e they couldn't say anything sooner. So this is an interesting theory. I wouldn't be surprised if the baby is doing March instead of April Marnie coming with conspiracy theory. I love it. I think Marty's, right? I feel good about Mearns instincts there. So that's kind of like the opposite of what we were saying though, even too, I think this is interesting because maybe they wanted to do this weeks ago even, but they couldn't because they didn't want to do it in front of the weddings. And they waited until the first possible day. They might have waited till Tuesday though. I feel like it wouldn't have been so bad to wait like one extra day to have used any got the Monday headlines still about her wedding. True, true will right if you were in that position, you would have given her that extra day, but it is interesting because a lot of women don't necessarily show in that first trimester. I think Martin Marnie could be onto something. Okay. Cherry had some amazing insights. I'm so excited to read for. She had a bunch of comments and questions. Hey, I hope this makes Doria moved to London. I think it will actually at grade b the title, if it's a boy is horrible. Hope they're made a prince Princess totally agree. We already discussed that just remind everyone if if the THAAD and the sun doesn't get the Print's title, he would be the Earl of Dumbarton. It's like cannot be said enough and take to the streets if that happens. See Prince, Andrew is stewing over the timing. Agreed. Cherry is so on on board with us d, this should bring her in Kate closer together, mothers. Bonding over babies. Powerful. That's an interesting we haven't talked about Kate in all of this, but I think that makes some sense. There was a report that Doria has already been taking some sort of like baby care class. I don't know if there's any truth to that thought that was very sweet. Maybe they would do like two middle names like Doria. Diana, it's interesting how those two kind of. Wow, I've never thought about they both start with the D. And with an a five letters, just throwing it out. There suggestion putting that into the naming suggestion box and this last comment from cherry a, these are all great comments. Cherry, oh, wait, I forgot hip is giving birth. Kate and Pippa will probably judge magazines, California, parenting style, and I could totally see that cherry is so on point a, you know, Meghan is going to have this lacks like letting the kid of Rome, three free through a farm or something, and Cates just gonna be like, where are they like? I don't see them on the monitor. That's so good. We talked about forgive, but someone asked us about that and then Rachel, Kuchar Donovan, I'm happy for them and so excited, but the timing bums me out having just gotten married. I really hope Eugenie isn't upset over them sharing this news on her day. I'm also not sure that the half button coat was necessary at this stage of her pregnancy. Ooh. Love it. Rachel really, really love it. I feel like there is an interesting we don't. We don't know how far along she is. So it's hard to comment the twelve weeks without this morning. Now us as saying, fifteen weeks me, we don't. I guess it's hard to know. We will probably get a sense over these Australia depending on what she wears over these Australia engagements sort of how much she shelling or how far along she is. It's always hard to tell though. Right. It's very telling an interesting subplot during this trip in Australia is going to be watching Sarah Ferguson, social media feeds seeing how she's reacting. I do feel a little a little bit bad. There were reports that Eugenie had to postpone her wedding. So Harry and Meghan could get married. I if you have this major milestone in, it's just kind of like book ended on either side by Harry, but maybe she doesn't care about the spotlight as much although three day wedding, everything about her wedding fee. Otherwise. Also we had a bunch of males or we're gonna play this one from Haley about Meghan arrival in Australia, hard passing Julie. This is Haley line from Michigan. I'm a huge fan of the podcast. I was just looking online and I saw that Meghan. Harry just landed in Sydney, and I noticed that Meghan was carrying some binders like it looks like what I take to school with me, and I thought it was really odd that she's carrying them like in front of her belly. I'm not sure if she's hiding something and it's not very cold there, but she's also doing a big jacket so I just thought it was odd. She's carrying these binders. You think she would have a bag or somebody to carry these anyways, I think it's a distraction and she's covering up from thing, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. All right. Take it easy guys by you need you on other cases because I feel like you were way ahead of the curve here definitely knew something was up with the binders. Like I feel like. Need you to assess other things than the celebrity world because I feel you were on it. Absolutely. She was asking all the questions we should have been asking. Like of course, she should have some sort of bag or someone carrying those like the weather weather angle is good too. I hadn't really thought about that. I know Hailey, please call back with more insight on anything. I also am interested do think now she's going to feel freed up to not cover it up and not have to worry about codes. And maybe I feel like we might see like a shift because I feel maybe the past few weeks. She's been kind of worried about not butting anyone's see a bump in any way. I hopefully get some sort of. She's all that maternity wardrobe reveal. She's going to width off that big overcoat takeoff that messy bun kind of wave or hair out. I kind of think we're in for that. 'cause they rone's doing that like flying in right in time like the avengers assemble, you know, and like. Like all the outfits are gonna come out that binder is filled with outfits. I hope so please. I hope the binder just continues to be at every appearance like she just shows up to the zoo with the binder inside. I would love that. Let's get into the wedding. So what else do we have to? There's a lot that happen after we recorded our emergency episode. Right. So if you haven't heard that episode yet, we went so deep that one of our fans said, they needed scuba gear to listen to that episode like the first the first time I've ever been discussed in the same sentence of scuba. It did make sense though. There's a lot to discuss about what happened after the wedding. So we saw photos of Eugene's reception look. She like Meghan before her. I'm gonna stop comparing hard to Megan because she does not need that anymore. It's a champion of Eugenie Julie Miller. So she she wore this blush colored gown from Zac Posen, Josh. What did you feel of the Scown. Well, I was discussing it with some colleagues during one of our meetings earlier today. And I think the general I didn't actually thought of it this way. Some people were saying that they felt like it was very Princess Cinderella fantasy kind of down. I was getting more though, like Matt gala like Bouwman like it was very structured and an almost like a medieval core city look kind writing the way it was so structured on the top. It wasn't necessarily my favorite gown though. I liked her wedding dress much more. I feel like the way it was just kind of structured and designed. It was sort of awkward to me, but she looked happy and that's what matters I say was so much conviction. Nice, happy out on a former vogue editor, Alexandra shoulder in criticized the gown publicly saying it didn't do you Janis bosom any favors the body. Of the gown bothered me a little bit. But like you said, she looked happy and that is all that matters. She just had such a gallon high note at the wedding. Sounded less convincing thing that that you wouldn't be. So since the wedding, there's been a little bit of shade in the tabloids about how much money was spent on the wedding. Considering the genie is not a working Royal meaning. She hasn't appear at public events. One of the biggest, I guess expenses was the carriage ride around London, which required a lot of security. All in tax payers were reportedly has to pay about two point, seven million dollars insecurity costs crazy right. Just an also, I would love to see the crowds, the kind of turned up to see her ride around London understood it for Harry and Meghan a little more because it was I, I think it's partly also like she's not on a global scale. The draw a Meghan, Harriet, the guy debt it, they're like helping kind of, I don't know, bring so much excitement and interest in tourism, and I just don't know if us any. Has that same X-factor right. Had you been in that cost benefit carriage, ride analysis, meeting things might have turned out a little differently. So after the wedding, there was a lunchtime reception for eight hundred guests hosted by Queen. Elizabeth, the immediate follow up reception took place in the Waterloo chamber. The grand reception room and Saint George's hall in Windsor Castle guests, including Prince, Charles Prince, William Kate, Middleton, Harry and Meghan nibble. On finger foods like mini bites of beef in Yorkshire pudding in little scotch eggs. They also reportedly sipped poll Rozier. Champagne Eugenie, Jack, took their place in front of their five tier red velvet and chocolate wedding cake and did the ceremonial. I cut before moving through the crowd in mingling with their guests. Okay. Before continuing onto the next chapter of the wedding festivities, Josh, what did you think of the fact that no one really abided by the social media ban. We almost immediately saw photos and Instagram's stories from this lunch reception. I got it sort of to me like we talked about this on Friday, the amazing itv's television commentators who were asking if it was a society wedding or Royal wedding, and they all answered society. Even though it had the late trappings of a Royal wedding, obviously, with the Queen being there. There and all the Royal family members and whatever. But to me, the fact that the social media band didn't really like work sort of just as like indicates even more that this was much more of a like society CNBC seen wedding, whereas like I feel like it Megan and Harry's, it was more. I don't know. I have to say more of a Royal wedding, but felt a little bit just more like Evan intense you will. You wouldn't try to wrong anyone. There just felt a little different, right? Like privilege just to be included. Whereas this was about all about kind of flaunting it on social media hundred percent. Eight hundred people were there. Also, I have a sense that this was people we talked about like Ricky Martin, getting invited after meeting her once that are Basel. Like I don't think that the like people who are like, you know, they're obviously her close close friends were some of the invitees, but you probably have people there who are just like, yeah, I'll Instagram, why not. You know, whereas I think Harry. Mega just more intimate, right? So anyway, after that lunch reception, there was a formal black tie reception at Royal lodge last night, which was where Prince, Andrew and Sarah Ferguson raised Eugenie and Beatrice. We got a lot of details from this reception which is it seems a little bit rare, but I guess people were just social media. Hang up. Robbie Williams whose six year old daughter fidora I hope has a contract with ITV after asking Sarah Ferguson, whether or not she's a Princess. I can't stop watching that video. It's so good. But Robbie Williams performed for guests singing the hit song, angels as well as some classic pop pop numbers from different artists. The crowd sang along to a gourmet pizza truck provided food and Cass amigos Margaritas. I guess Prince Andrew got up and gave a speech as some of you. May know Eugenie for whatever reason also has a dog named Jack. He's Norfolk. Terrier re the husband and the dog named Jack. Yes, not enough was made of that fact. Right. I know. So I guess in his speech, he shared an anecdote that took place early in Eugenie in Jack's relationship. He must have been Prince, Andrew was in the company of both Jack the person and Jack the dog, and he noticed Jack the dog on furniture. So he shouted jacket off the chair and the dog didn't move, but Jack did I could see that being acute anecdote for like a wedding toast situation also, though, don't you think I don't know if this is coming later, but like that they hugged, right? And that was seen as like, so remarkable that Andrew had never hugged Jack before because of like, I guess ROY. Royal protocol or something, and it was like they, they've been dating for so long and the dad and the son-in-law have never hugged. I dunno just seemed it seemed weird to me that that was such a point of like interest during Jack speech. People didn't really get into what he said. I guess he said, usually, look stunning, and he thanked everybody for coming. I love though that he invited his old headmaster, Anthony, Waller Steiner and Anthony Waller Steiner. As soon as he left, the reception must have tracked down express because he shared a few details. I love that he tried to get as fifteen minutes out of this, the headmaster. He said, Jack talked about how usually lights up his life and makes them feel complete. There is a real sense that he absolutely means it. It was so touching. I mean, the fact that he had to clarify that he felt like Jack, really meant it is a little troubling to me, but sure. I feel like this headmaster should've compass something a little more. Dynamic to share rights, but the couple kept the celebration going. This kind of blew my mind. There was a fair theme party on Saturday afternoon, so it also took place on the Royal lodges grounds in Windsor. But this one was child-friendly. There was a carousel with personalized horses in unicorns festival, games with prizes and inflatable slide in performance by Ellie Goulding. The bride had another wardrobe trains wearing a white, many dress with customize jacket embroidered with MRs Brooks Bank and silver beads. One source said there will be dodgems and funfair rides. Coconut shies lots of food stalls loads of cocktails, bloody Marys for the hangovers and the festival vibe. I love that at some point, the family's gardener was. Interviewed, and he said, the setup looks amazing. So I'm sure it will be one hell of a party, Josh take it away. No, it's just it's supercar dash inning or so, right? The customize jacket embroidered with MRs Brooks Bank, it feels very, the personalized horses. I think I saw one of the roundups of like I came to believe that every kid's name had been, I guess, pre painted on a horse and the fact that this was the second reception is just kind of wild to me like this wasn't even like the party. This was like the date, two event off. It doesn't really seem like the couple seems too low. I mean, obviously they're not clearly they have eight hundred people to invite. And as we know from Prince, Andrew, they're the most popular kids on the block, but they'll feel like seemed like a kind of low key pair in the ceremony, at least. Somehow doesn't track like there's certain if you told me like Cardi b. and offset had this kind of party, I'd be like, oh, yeah, obviously. But like it's kind of somehow hard for me to reconcile June. I mean, like they just don't. They don't seem like that kind of wild all night ranger style a couple. I love that comparison so much because I feel like I could go up through this entire script in sub out Cardi b.'s name for you Janis and it would make so much more sense and no one hundred percent. That's what's so odd about the whole thing already had another wardrobe change changing into a white mini dress with customized jacket embroidered with her husband's name and silver. Be back. There we go. I don't know. I did not realize this when I just said all of that that the Queen and the Duke of York paid for the three wedding parties from their own funds. So I guess it makes it slightly less. Right. I mean, do you think there's any chance that William Kate and the kids went to that car. Novel. I was wondering that because I feel like the fact that people were so freely posting on social media either made me think that they were avoiding posting the kind of like high profile royals or the rose weren't there, but I guess I could see them thinking that would be fun. Right? Like George get to go on that carousel and stuff. It's hard to imagine. Also Harry and Meghan weren't there. I, I assume because they were flying Australia. Is there anything else you're dying to know about this wedding. I'm intrigued about. We talked about Camilla snubbing the wedding, and in the official photographs, Furby and Prince, Philip are side by side next to each other. And I'm curious, just how in general for he was kind of interacting with everyone or treated. She clearly there's some like, you know, there's some sort of issue because I do not think it's a coincidence. Camilla, miss the event. 'cause like for he had been very outspoken about Camilla, joining the Royal family and with in the wake of Diana and everything. So I feel like there's definitely I want I want to know like what the condo's were like between Philip and for GI in between, like I don't know, Ferguson the Queen, I feel like that I'm interested in that also. I'm curious just now that we know retroactively that people were starting to be aware of Megan's pregnancy. I'm just interested. Did in that. I felt that must have just spread like wildfire at this wedding because they're all in the same place. I assume a lot of people are finding out about it for the first time like Cain, William must've been told before the wedding, I assume. Right. Definitely I would, but I'm sure there are a ton of people who found out at the wedding. Right? But yeah, I'm curious about how people reacting to the news once they found out. I wonder if it was the kind of thing where like bread to everyone. You know what I mean? Like was like Demi Moore talking about it like, you know, I feel like maybe it really got around because once like one gossip because then found out, I feel like it was just over because it was like all these society people in one big room, you know? Absolutely. I'm actually, maybe that's honestly part of why they had to announce it on Monday because like it just wants once the wedding had happened in everyone kind of started to know that's a good call. What about you? What do you have any lingering questions mysteries that are bothering you? I'm just curious. How long this wedding stays in the news or if it's just so quickly going to be overshadowed by Meghan, Harry in Australia. And I wonder if Sarah's going to try to keep this momentum going. Post's about Sarah Ferguson definitely has had her big moment this weekend. I am curious if she's gonna kind of run with it a little. All right. Well, we will have a lot to discuss next week, I'm sure because we will have a week's worth of Austrailia appearances. I came in, believe it, and we will have more to say, I'm sure more details about her pregnancy and all of that as well. Hopefully, Thomas and Samantha are not currently on route toss stralia to like crash. The, you know trip. That is a physics episode of in the limelight. Thank you. I suppose thing is remember to check us out on apple podcasts. We really appreciate it helps find new listeners. Now free to leave us voicemails on our hotline. You can call that number three or four, seven seven nine zero zero nine, six, six. You can also reach out to us on Twitter at in the limelight and follow us individually. I'm at Julie, w Miller j do buff. Instagram in the limelight pot just episodes edited and produced by Danielle, rob. Thanks so much for joining us next week and until then, no bad energy.

Meghan nibble Megan Princess Eugenie Josh Chubu Harry Princess Julie Australia Prince Andrew Instagram Sarah Ferguson Diana William Kate Kate Middleton Jack Charles Prince Eugenie Julie Miller London Charles William George Charlot
The new Apple Podcasts categories go live


02:47 min | 1 year ago

The new Apple Podcasts categories go live

"The latest from News Dot net after nearly ten days without any categories in apple podcasts that new categories on now live in the company's APPs. Our own podcast listing is correctly in the new Daily News category in the I._R._S. A new Mac O._S.. Versions of the Apple podcasts asked tab meanwhile apple podcasts on the web has upgraded their audio player it now offers skip forward and backward. She podcasts live is unveiled highlighted highlighted speakers and details for the event in Atlanta Georgia in the U._S. in early October concluding the It says in the U._K.. podcast listening is almost as popular as listening to digital music tracks says music ally digital music tracks in this context your own M._p.. Threes trees music services like spotify remain rather more popular though Lipson has a new website. This does not change how you create a podcast as one of the support support team. Hopefully Paul chaser has Added support for apple carplay an android auto the APP is a podcast radio service with curated playlists and independent podcast network relay F._M.. Is Five years old and they're celebrating with some nice t shirts and in royalty news the Queen's granddaughter Princess Eugenie is to launch a podcast highlighting modern slavery musical royalty. Dolly Parton is doing a podcast with Radio Labs Jad Apple Murad and Is The story of Desmond Francis Carr who disappeared forty years ago today those thoughts to be only one sizing him since until that is this podcast uncovered another the one and the newsworthy was one of the first podcasts to get investment from Pod Fund in an interview with the company Erica Mandy gives advice and detail about how she puts together a her podcast which today sounds like this what to know today about President Trump's surprise move in the trade war with China and why there's so much uncertainty today in Puerto Rico Anu Orlando theme park in the works. Welcome welcome to the newsworthy all the day's news in less than ten minutes and that's the latest from our newsletter at Prague News next.

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Tastemakers: Eugenie Brazier

Encyclopedia Womannica

05:21 min | 9 months ago

Tastemakers: Eugenie Brazier

"Hello from Wonder Media Network I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia will manteca today we're talking about a woman who was the first to achieve one of the most prestigious honors in the history of cooking the Michelin Star a Michelin Stars recreate the turn of the twentieth century to mark the world's the best food with three stars marking the highest level of excellence indicating exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey. Today's tastes maker wasn't just the first woman to earn three Michelin Stars she was the first person of any gender to receive six in total. Let's talk about Youzhny Johnnie Brasier also known as Lemaire Brasilia Janeiro was born on June twelfth eighteen ninety five five on a farm nearly all France she spent her childhood working tending to animals and financially struggling still she often later recalled call that the food her mother cooked some of the best she ever had genet didn't attend much school but she was intellectually sharp from an early age her mother passed away when she was just ten years old when she was just nineteen years old as World War One was beginning genet had a child out of wedlock named Gaston went on to work as a nanny for a bakery owning family in the city because she loved working in the kitchen she became the family cook doc but that wasn't enough to support her son so she picked up another job in the kitchen of a fine dining establishment there she looked to cook famous dining steeples seven years after I moved to Leong she opened a grocery store that would become lemaire Brazil her first restroom strong both the decor enter cooking style were simple and elegant her first dishes were crawfish with Manny's and pigeon peas us both issues centered on the power of fresh ingredients her signature dish became a chicken with black truffles slices placed beneath the skin and poached in Bouillon from the beginning was a friendly down to earth chef she often left the kitchen to Greek gasps who started started to come to the restaurant in greater numbers over the course of the next decade Lemaire braciole became one of the hottest restaurants in the city it attracted active French presidents prime ministers and celebrities twelve years after she opened the first restaurant it earned three Michelin Stars. Susana wasn't done in nineteen twenty eight. She opened a second restaurant in a hunting camp a cold allure though there was no electricity or running water water she established the same menu as her leone-based restaurant soon her second restaurant also earned three Michelin stars that solidified the five Eugene a as the first person in the world to hold six stars at once no one else would receive the same honor for sixty five years in nineteen gene seventy-two Lucina retired she then started working on a cookbook which was also filled with personal stories unfortunately before finishing it she passed away in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven at the age of eighty-one Bussiness story started to fade in the years following her death harshly due to her achievements being overshadowed by mail chefs in the industry this included her former apprentice Paul Book Hughes who'd become one of the most famous French chefs of all time in nineteen ninety eight as sixty five year honor of being the only person to have six Michelin Stars ended as a laundry costs coss earned the same distinction at the time the New York Times incorrectly reported the event as the first time anyone had earned six stars those visionaries book lay dormant for decades her family took the responsibility of finishing it and published it in two thousand nine hundred title let's Secrets de la Mare Brazil you it included a foreword written vibe accuse honoring his mentor he called her a tough and modest woman who knew instinctively how to select the asked us in the same way she picked the best produce join us tomorrow for the story of another incredible tastes pacemaker special thanks to Liz Caplan my favorite sister and co-creator Talk to you tomorrow before you go Oh i WanNa tell you about a new podcast that I think you'll like last day is a new podcast from lemonade media about the things that are killing us it tackles massive epidemics epidemics and societal challenges that are hard to comprehend and are getting worse every day season one of last day which just launched last week explores the OPIOID opioid crisis. That is now killing more people than car accidents the show zooms in on one person's last day of life explores how they got there and then zooms Out to help us understand the big picture what can be done. It's chilling an important and you won't want to miss it subscribe to

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What Helps You Remember that Your Body is Sacred?

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

58:13 min | 2 months ago

What Helps You Remember that Your Body is Sacred?

"Yeah I'm a Yogi. An Imam live near the ocean on windy island of Aruba and I have hair down to my waist so as you can imagine. My hair can be a bit hard to take care of sometimes sand. Bits of my daughter's food pain from arts and craft you name it. It has been in my hair. The worst part about is that showering when I have to wash. My hair is such a long process. I don't have time to wash my hair every other day. Actually we shouldn't wash our hair too often but it's still so great to have that fresh out of the shower feeling. That's where teast foam comes in. I've been looking for a great dry shampoo for ages and I finally have found one that works great and that fits my lifestyle. Instead of absorbing oil and adding body normal. Dry Shampoo does but teased foam gently moisturizes normal or dry hair leaving it smelling delicious and feeling soft. It actually feels like just wash your hair after using it with one dollars of buddies foam. You'll have a hair refresh in just sixty seconds. That definitely beats my usual shower routine that takes forever the best part of it. All is completely vegan and one hundred percent cruelty free. Try It for yourself today but east fall to be. You is refreshing. Hi and welcome to a brand new episode of the Yogurt podcast conversations from the heart. I am speaking to you today from the most vulnerable place. If I sound a little stuffy or sniffly it's because I spent the entire morning crying. Raise your hand if you're having an emotional days these days. Raise your hand. If you're having an emotional life good means a human being. Yeah I'm feeling very vulnerable. Very soft my heart is totally open. Yeah I have a. I have no no big plan for this podcast literally. I just spent the morning crying and decided that made me now is a good time to even knows a good time to speak. It took a deep breath turned on the Mike and realized right away that I have this. Deck of Oracle Cards of Angel. Cards Oracle cards do have ever worked with those brand new that I just received and sitting on the little table next to my podcast area and I thought you know what why why not pick a card right now. I've never done that on the podcast before I think no. I haven't so I'm going to take a couple of moments right now to shuffle. These cards if you hear this sound the back. It's me shuffling the deck for the first time for me working with Oracle Cards. I do that a law that they have I have. I have decks that I've had for like thirteen. Fourteen years. I used them for retreats and trainings used them in my regular practice. I like to use them for big new chapters of life. Sometimes I'll pull a card for your class that I'm gonNA teach you know and Just through law of attraction you know knowing that we get what we need so even though I'm pulling this card today it's Thursday. This podcast is tomorrow and Friday. When you listen to this. This card that we're about to collectively channel together. Missed the car that we all need. I really really believe in that. I've seen that so true. I've been pulling cards every time I do a live yoga class when you were real. Dot Com have twice a week. Live sessions on on the platform and every time. I pull a cart and every time it's like a smack to the heart you know it's just so so always always somehow exactly how we need. Do you ever feel when you listen to this? Podcast whether you've just found your here if you've been listening for years if you heard me blabber blabber on and rant and share and cry this show for so long sometimes people ask me. So what's your podcast about and I'm like yeah. Good good question. Let me get back to you. All about podcast. It's really is. It is what it sounds like. It's just it's just me sharing from the heart right but do you ever have and I know a lot of you feel this way those moments where I touch on something on this show and I'm sharing an experience that's personal to me and something inside of you goes be too. I feel that or have you ever had a moment of like almost shock. Like I can't believe she's sharing this thing. That's exactly what I've been pondering. That's where I am at. That's this feeling. I've had realization. I've had you know it's like we are all so absolutely connected. It has this great great spiritual teaching the wisdom of knowing that we are actually all one that separation is an illusion thinking that we're all separate from each other it's like we are all one big organism and when one of us is hurting we all feel it. Right was uplifted. We all feel it. We are all so connected in our journey on this. This life is making. Are we back to that place of remembering knowing that we are all one eight? We are living from that place of oneness. It's impossible to not practice loving kindness all the time because we'll know when I'm hurting the other person I'm hurting myself. When hurting mother earth but not taking care of this planet. I'm hurting myself. Not just indirectly directly like that's how it works. So let's take a couple of breaths this card. This duck that I have here is a Divine Feminine Deck. So it's Goddess Cards. All different kinds of goddesses bring their own energies and teachings and lessons so maybe you are now also feeling very vulnerable. How beautiful would that be? If you're sensing the softness to your heart you know. It's it's a good thing sometimes. It's a scary place to be to feel really vulnerable right. We're not kind of us to walking through life that way. Life oftentimes mixes hard makes firm Mixes Guard ourselves always threatened to protect our hearts. We get to have these prolonged moments of own ability. They can feel too sensitive sometimes right almost scary like feeling so much. My heart is only sleeve. Here's my heart like. That's how I feel today. It's like I pulled my heart out of my chest a little bit and I'm holding it up to the world like here's my heart. Don't hurt it. Pleased heard it so ever space. You're in right whether you're feeling vulnerable emotional or not. It's all okay. Just close your eyes tap to the breath. Listen to the sound of me. Shuffling this deck. Start to tap into your inhale. Your exhale just noticing if you really bring your attention and awareness to your heart center right now. How are you doing? How's your heart today than anybody asked you that today? This week smell this year is life. Hey how's your heart? How's your heart today? What do you have going on? What are you feeling what's moving today? Every day is a different day. Who just giving yourself a moment right here to allow what's present and whatever wants to come through. Sometimes we really close our eyes and we top it and we listen. It's like something has been longing to be brought to surface rights like your heart has been asking you to get present with something but sometimes it's scary to go there so we don't hear sometimes that requires us to feel really stable really safe slowdown. Maybe we'd feel like we don't have the time we don't feel supported enough to go there so we look the other way we shut down and said of open up maybe right now as you're really present with your heart giving yourself a chance to go there to feel. Can you place your hands to your heart right now. Just to increase that connection to your own heart spaeth just breed there for a moment. See what wants to come through St. What's been longing to the brought to surface? Just spend the moment here holding your own heart just now as I was shuffling the deck yearly. That happens I'll be shuffling them. My hands to stop moving. Sometimes I Kim here almost like a like a very loud stop from with it and I stopped shuffling now. I just my hands just kind of dropped so think the car that's at the top of the deck is our Carter. The day of the week. We are card for this new chapter in our lives right. So let's take A. Let's bring some energy into our bodies. Take a huge breath in. Open the mouth outs can blink. Your Eyes Open if you like. Here's our card. Wow K. I've pulled a goddess than I have never heard of that. I never seen okay. This is a brand new deck. Never worked with this deck before so obviously a lot of this is going to be new. How do I even find my going through this little book? How do I how do I find the People? Where are they? Oh there is a little content section. Here they're not enough a better order. Page one twenty. One K the goddess that we channeled just now. If I'm not pronouncing this right don't let me know later. Learn on my own. Yes she soggy gal so gal so soggily or soggy. Yes she saw gale. It's the Lady of the Lotus borne. Lady of the Lotus. Born embodiment is the deepest bliss. My body was made for enlightenment. Yes she represents a deep wisdom that has been much misunderstood is she is the ultimate spiritual wisdom that the human body is. All that is needed for enlightenment. Yes she was born a princess in Tibet. Seven hundred seventy seven hundred seventy seven seat. According to legends born in the same way as the Buddha a mantra was sounded and her mother gave birth to her painlessly. Her name means wisdom leg because at the moment of her birth a nearby lake doubled in size symbolizing her tremendous wisdom her waters of enlightenment from a young age yes she only wanted to practice the Dharma instead of getting married. Okay I love. I love her. Who resumes with that from a young age? Yes she only wanted to practice the Dharma instead of getting married. But the emperor of Tibet gave her to pod Massamba who had traveled to Tibet from India to spread the Buddhist teachings. He became her main consort and husband and together. They each they together. They each founded their own lineages of Buddhist teachings. Sorry that I'm like butchering this whole reading. I could be doing a better job. She spent years isolated in meditation and accomplished several cycles of tantric spiritual practices she received esoteric. Initiations became known as a fully enlightened Buddha in the form of an ordinary woman. There's no such thing as an ordinary woman on. She's also considered to be an incarnation of Vita. Eugenie and her husband predicted that she would reincarnate as the legendary Tibetan Buddhist tantric teacher and your Guinea Mush Shake Lebron when your soul selects her card okay. Here's where here's where this relates to where we are when your soul selects her card it can be so easy to forget that everything we touch everything we say and everything we do is not separate from the divine yes. She embodied one of the most potent spiritual truths the female body as an asset to enlightenment not a hindrance. I'm GonNa read that sense again. The female body is an asset to enlightenment not a hindrance. The body is a vehicle to free US. From the idea that there are any limitations to reality contra which weaves together the sacred and the mundane to reveal the spiritual nature of all. Things allowed. Yes she to realize that she was both an ordinary woman. And an incarnation of the Buddha. We are both human and divine. We are both immortal body and then attornal essence that continues on the body. Too often can be the scapegoat for so much hate and violence. The body holds infinite wisdom pleasure and possibilities. How beautiful is this? This is the moment to see your gorgeous body as the tremendous gift it is. It's the moment to realize that there is no greater intoxication than just being fully in your body from head to Seoul. Yes she is the call to remember the holiness of Your Flesh. The deep was them. Your body contains and the temple. You walk around in every day sole voice meditation. What helps me remember that. My Body is sacred off. Let's just ask ourselves that question right now. What helps me remember. That my body is sacred intention. Embodiment is the deepest bliss. My body was made for enlightenment. You are listening to the yoga girl. Podcast conversations from the heart. It really is the small things that make a big difference to how we feel in our day. I do my best to get on my Yoga Mat everyday to reconnect with my body and find a moment of peace. I tend to my garden every day. So that my vegetables grow strong to feed my family and I take my multivitamins ritual to make sure I'm getting all the vitamins and nutrients that I need in a day. Ritual essential for women is a vitamin that? I trust which is not something you can say lightly about multivitamins. Did you know that most on the market contain mystery additives synthetic fillers and shady extras not to mention a lot of the ingredients? They are supposed to have informs that. Are That absorbable to the body. Here is where ritual does it different. Every ingredient selected was carefully chosen and clinically tested. Science backed just a Buzzword for them. It's standard for example. Ritual Clinical Study of essential for women's showed an increase in vitamin D and three D. H. Dha levels in their users. But you don't have to take my word for it. You can see all of their nutrients where they came from and why they chose them for yourself on. The website ritual is completely transparent. One of the things I love most about them. Daily changes can lead to big results to start small to date. Ritual is offering my listeners. Ten percent off of your first three months. Try it outside. His faction guaranteed go to ritual dot com slash yoga girl. Start Your ritual today. That's ten percent off during your first three months at ritual dot com slash yoga girl. You're listening to you. The yoga girl podcast conversations from the heart. Wow you guys what helps me remember that. My Body is sacred. Let's take a moment right there just before we move on right now. What helps you remember that. Your body is sacred. I feel is so deeply. What are those practices that you have in your daily life those moments those big pieces of of your day? You know where you just remember that. Actually my body is the most sacred thing those moments that you have or. You're not looking at your body from the outside or you're not judging. Your body disapproving of your body or hating on your body for you. Actually get to be embodied right you get to live from this body and just experience life from the body you get to actually remember that. Your body is so so sacred. Oh immediately my my big moment of how I resonate for me. First of all what remember how remember that my body is sacred any kind of movement that allows me to be right here right so there's different kinds of movement and usually for meat. It's not so much what I'm doing or how I'm moving my body but it's the intention of how I got there right and I've actually. I've had a couple of weeks like the past two weeks really challenging two weeks around my body and my body awareness. I have been super judgmental toward my body. I really been in a in a different way. Actually the past couple of weeks looking at my body from the outside. Judging it I've gained some weight. Have SOME QUARANTINE POUNDS? I never normally step on a scale like never I did for some reason a couple of months ago maybe end of the year last year. I don't know Dennis as scales when he when he trains for Ironman like he gets really into like where he's out in terms of. I don't know I don't know why it's important but expert for him. It is and for me. I kind of make it a point of like. I don't need to know how much I weigh. That is not helpful for me right it. Actually it's not and I've had moments where I felt super good in my body and then stepped on a scale and then have the the number reflects something back at me and then immediately gone into like. Oh my God actually. My Body's horrible. Oh my God actually. I'm super overweight. Actually I'm fine actually. I'm not good enough right but I felt good before that. So it's kind of how we're so indoctrinated to believe that we have to be slim. We have to be thin. We have to be told. We have to be shape plea. We have to look a certain way right. And then it's so strong that conditioning that that I'll have moments where I feel so good and then something reflects back at me and I lose it completely like the number on a scale. That number does not coincide with what I have been taught. A Beautiful Body should way thus my body must be ugly dust. I'm not good enough. Thus you know it's like starts that whole loop of of self hate of of everything that's the opposite of of self love and loving our bodies the way they are or the way it is and the past couple of weeks. I've had those moments right so I stepped on a scale. Sometime lasts sometime lasts last year so I had kind of a framework of muscle knows where I was and then the two weeks ago like I for some reason like I found the scale or I don't know how I came across it or where the idea even came from interesting and I stepped on the scale to check and I've gained eight kilos says the last time I was on that scale. Now I don't know if that happened in the last like in quarantine or if it's sense December whenever that was if it's over half a year if it's been really short but eight kilos I don't know if you impounds. LemMe Lemme find out. Okay thank you Google also. Eight kilos is Seventeen pounds and so even sharing this with you right now and I've shared everything on this podcast. I have cried. I have shared grief. Sheridan securities anxieties. Everything even sharing this right now. I can sense myself going into a place of shame. And it's interesting to to do that. Consciously to allow myself to talk about this and to be open and to recognize that. I feel I feel ashamed sharing this and it's it's an a consensus really heavy actually like it's heavy inside my body that feeling of gaining weight as a woman is shameful and we've been told that our entire lives right everything that we've been through our entire life since we were little girls. We've been told that our bodies are meant to look a certain way and weight gain is one of the most shameful things that can ever happen to a woman right. We see especially you know and I. I grew up like when I was a teenager. I read a lot of celebrity magazines. That was like one of the things I loved when I was like thirteen. Fourteen fifteen I love getting those really gossipy. Like the worst of the worst. The worst magazines the ones that are plastered with photos on the front page of like celebrities who have been caught not looking great you know celebrities that have been caught with cellulite or the have been caught with stomach rolls or gaining weight and really being mocked right for for being human for having those bodies and I remember reading those magazines at a really young age. I don't know how that habits started or like where it's just. I don't know I think I would go grocery shopping with my dad and he would always get the newspaper and I would like grab some grabs. Whatever magazines were in the stands and it became like like this thing it was like watching a movie or something like very entertaining and remember that feeling of like. Oh my God I cannot believe that this woman like this actress. Whoever that was who is normally so beautiful has let herself go. And there's be a picture of her like looking looking looking like looking like a human being right not like an actress and just reading those messages you know that we were bombarded with our entire life like it's did something to us and it's really important to honor and acknowledge the that is present in me still today right and I can have months at a time long stretches of time. I feel really good in my body where I don't hate on my body where you know we're we're my body is is a place where. I reside wherever I live. Experience Life From and then. I'll drop into these places for all of a sudden I feel like my body is not okay. I and it's hard for me to share right and all that okay. I've gained seventeen pounds during this quarantine and not drop into a cycle of shame. Like oh I got I am horrible. Like how unlovable must I be? How ugly must I be right now? How terrible Musae body actually look like who let themselves go that way you know so? I want to allow myself to take a breath and practice what I preach right now. Which is obviously you know. This mega important space of it's okay to be a human being. You know what we've been through an insult so like I don't Wanna I don't WanNa even go down the road of having the conversation with myself let alone on a podcast talking about weight gain as if as if as if it needs to be justified right. And and I've seen a lot of that on social media quarantine off course you know it's been a it's been a disaster. It's been the apocalypse everyone has been grieving. It's been crisis mode. You know it's like if you end up at the end of this quarantine and you weigh a little more like you're the lucky one. Like of course like all the whole narrative like it's an important one but for me to even feel like. I need to justify the fact or even touch on or talk about that. My body has changed one changes. It's like I don't want to go down that road. I don't WanNa live a life where my body is so important. While my body looks like is so important. That it justifies a whole podcast. You know what I mean like I don't want to. I don't want to live life. That way. Where weight gain matters even the slightest and getting this card right now just really kind of brought to surface from me how. I have spent the past couple past couple of weeks. I've been super hard on myself. I have had moments where I like. I walked past myself and I walk past a mirror and I look at myself and I'm like Oh okay and I started thinking to myself okay. Well we're going to reintegrate back to society now. I need need to do something about this man I need to. I need to move a little more. Probably need to drink a little less less and of the quarantine wine less end of day. Quarantine bag of chips. I call those kind of pride been for the past months like absolutely been there and listening to this. What helps me remember them. My Body is sacred. I just WANNA take a deep breath without for a moment because it brings me right to a place where even as adults you know even as mature women you know listening to this podcast right now. How we go round and round in our heads with the idea of self love right and it's kind of this thing that that's that can stay in a in a mind level. Almost the can stay on the level of the mind of when I have those thoughts and I look at myself in the mirror like oh man. Okay I need to. I need to. I need to stop. I need to stop eating chips at the end of the day. Like that's a big thing to stop doing that or and that may be altering some more green juice and then maybe do more classes and then and then I'll feel better right back at any time. We approach it from that point. Which even in itself is much more positive than the traditional or. I got a diet right now or you know. It's like it's very similar that feeling and I can sense myself going there. It's like wrapped in a veil of self love body law they. I'll just do more yoga. I'll drink more green juice to do this whole idea. It's the same. It's very very very very closely related to. I need to diet and get on the TREADMILL and lose weight right. That idea versus. I'm going to do more your rendering marine juice because it's rooted in the idea that my body should change right and whether I take the softer more quote unquote loving approach of green juice and yoga or if take the approach of dieting and you know treadmill or or whatever from eat for me the idea of the treadmill I think because that's what I did when I was a teenager. I would like beyond the treadmill looking at the calorie button on the treadmill. Like how many calories burn looking at myself in the mirror with my jaw clenched like thou was like my thing when I went into this body hating kind of place. It's not for everyone. Some people you know and I have moments now. I really enjoy running on the treadmill and I and I have no idea how long or how many calories I burned or whatever but those two things. Right dieting versus. I'm going to do more yoga and drink more green juice rooted in the same place and that places. It's not okay for me to gain weight right that places when my body gets softer when I become a little larger when my reflection in the mirror is what I've been told or it's supposed to be over a dozen resonator reflect with my idea and societies idea of what a body should be right then it must immediately change like it do you see how. How closely linked that is one of them is just has this kind of quasi spiritual approach of but if. I do it through Yoga right if I do it through. Green Jews do it through meditating a little more if I do it through eating more organic foods if I do it through so and so you know. It's still rooted in the idea that the body should change. It still is and I can sense myself going down that road of like. Oh okay okay and I start like juicing a little bit more and and yes. Juicing is good obviously using good yoga obviously is good right. All of these things are good being on the treadmill can be super good to like all of these things in itself is not bad but it's how we approach it right. The moment I switch from. I've wanted to yoga because it makes me feel at home right. It makes me come back home to myself and makes me feel good. The moment I go from that approach to. I'm going to do some more yoga because I gained seventeen. Pounds key sums the difference in approach the difference in motivation and how the same crackers can go from being this very nurturing loving place to be to something actually quiet quiet harmful actually when I decide to to do more yoga to practice more awesome because I stepped on a scale and because that scale to me that I gained some weight like that in itself is a really dangerous road to go down and I don't WanNa do it but at the same time not acknowledging it which is kind of what I've been doing for the past two weeks it's like I've had these judgmental thoughts about my body. I even had a thought the other day like ooh it would be nice to put on some jeans but then I like chose to not chose to not put on jeans. Because they know they're not gonNA fit well and I was. I don't really want to have that experience emails. Let's just let's just let's just not do genes right now. Okay it's it's okay and even just going down that road of okay. I'm not going to think about this if it's there inside of me right if that kind of judgment toward me self hate thinking that there's something about me that's innately wrong right. If it's present inside of me it's going to be there no matter what it's GonNa come up no matter what so. Maybe that's why this moment where I was feeling vulnerable and raw and an and somehow you know channel discard that I get to share with you. Hey My name is Rachel. I just gained seventeen pounds. And that brings me shame tasting that for a moment like okay and obviously you know for each of us we have different things relating to our body that brings different levels of shame right but the fact that that shame and the body it so immediately connected it absolutely is and for me. You know when I look at these past months like yeah. How much more time at been spent on the couch? Obviously you know being isolation and quarantine not being able to leave the house. We have naturally moved less because we don't have that regular rhythm of moving. There's all of these reasons. Why and to me that matters less like it's actually less interesting. Why he's like you know to justify like it's okay. It's okay you gained some weight number to make sense. You've been worried you've been on the couch you haven't been able to be on about. It's okay you know it's like it's like the global pandemic validates your your weight gain so you don't have to be yourself up so much. Why do I have to beat myself up in the first place? Why am I even going down that road of validating my weight gain? Why why can it not be just okay to look however you look why does it automatically have to be related to something shameful and something bad you know like. That's that's that's the conversation that's more interesting for me and what what makes me remember that? My Body is sacred. You know not any of those practices that stemmed from the place yet. My Body isn't good enough and I think right now. I am experiencing more anxiety. Because you know it's one thing to like be unhealthy or quote unquote unhealthy or unhealthier or gain weight. You know when you're alone when you're in isolation no one can see you and now it's like we are reintegrating back into the world and now I can sense that self hate that judgment come back up because all of a sudden it's like other people are going to see that. I gained weight. My God is any. Is there anything more awful than that you know being seen in our shame and the practices the help me feel remind myself or remind me that my body is sacred? I have so many of them. So it's funny how these things can all coexist because at this time of this quarantine. It's also the time where I have felt better in myself. I felt better in my body than I think I have in my entire life. You know not counting these last two weeks of suddenly suddenly stepping on that scale and suddenly realizing does that much weight I gained then all of a sudden I stopped feeling good right so for me to get totally clear with my my personal situation. Now like these munns. I have moved at a slower pace than I have in my entire life in every way right not just in terms of exercise but in every way my relationships my working life with my child with my husband everything in my life has slowed down. And it's been the most beautiful experience of my life. It absolutely. Has You know. Put all the fear and anxiety of the pandemic and all the Lawson the global everything but that aside but the experience of being home moving slowly with my family has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and in my body. I have felt really good all this time. I've felt really good and it's not like I have been in. You know unbelievably unhealthy back absolutely not. I'm gardening harvesting enjoying my own organic vegetables. I've been cooking three meals a day from scratch plant based meals. You know has been baking a lot. It's been delicious and amazing. Also been on the couch drinking wine with my husband a lot. It's been delicious and the macy. It's like I've had a lot of enjoyment these past couple of months. And it's so funny to me. How like literally. I've had moments where you know. I kind of look at myself in the mirror and suddenly like my but is a little rounder. My boobs are bigger like I have like areas where I've kind of noticed but I've felt celebrate like I've been able to feel like I can celebrate that like Oh like I really enjoy my body right now and I have a husband who like if you know done as you know this about him but who showers me showers me with compliments every moment of the day. This is just who he is like a walk. I'll walk past him and hotels. Look at me and go like that is just who he is. Sometimes to the point of it like annoying me like he's very affectionate and I really felt really sexy like I felt really good in my body and then all of a sudden I step on that scale I realized. Oh my God it's not like I gained a kilo to like I gained eight. Oh right Oh radio. This is probably the heaviest I've ever been you know aside from from when I was pregnant. Oh my God Oh K. Q. Judgment Q. Hate Q. Shame Q. Suddenly not feeling good and also Q. Thinking about my body all day long which I haven't done right and I've had a lot of movement over these past couple of months I've been practicing so much yoga especially since I moved this big bed out of our out of our guest room which has become my calling it my goddess tower. I have this whole room filled with space all my Matt. Every single day. I've been doing some really cool like high intensity workouts practicing the Class A lot which. I Love Evan running. I've been doing a lot of fun stuff. Gardening like crazy like I haven't moving my body a lot in different ways and felt really good and when I read that sentence what reminds me that my body is sacred moments of movements reminds me that my body is sacred and I've had so many experiences of having dance parties with Luna in the kitchen or shaking like my shaking meditations that also do in this room or any of those kinds of movement opportunities that I've had where I am just so present in my body where I can just let go and be in my body and there's no judgment there's no looking at my body from the outside. There's not a single thought about my body not being perfect right now and every moment of the day and it's been fucking amazing those like this whole time. So what if in this? This is like an interesting approach. I think for all of us because I know trust me I know there is not and this is not just go for women like I know this applies for men to this is like body dismore FIA having the skewed messed up view of the body hating our bodies trying to cause deadly change alter and improve our bodies like it's an epidemic and it's everywhere and it goes for men to but of course speaking from the viewpoint of a woman and that this is particularly push toward women like it's it's it's it's worse and harder for women or accepted for men to gain weight and I think we have much higher this this idea of of of being thin and perfection. And all of this. It's it's really really hard for women but just for all of us of Acknowledging Number One. There's not a woman out there that doesn't think these thoughts and that's a big one for me. Actually because I I kind of sometimes I get lost in the idea that everyone else feels good in their bodies all the time. No one else worries about Weight Gain. No one else feels fat or feels ugly and actually everybody goes through those moments. Some people all the time. Some people have that Voice of. I'm not good enough all day every day. Right and you know that's a really important thing to remember and talking about this with our friends even though it's shameful and not in that sense of you know talking about our bodies all the time obsessing over our bodies all the time we did that growing up all my friends did that growing up of like so ugly or aw. I can't believe this doesn't fit me. Does my butt look big in this like that constant talk about the body is not helpful for anybody but the genuine real moments of being able to open up and like Hey. I feel shame like that's that's a different conversation right. Not Looking at the body from the outside talking about it constantly going into the heart space of it. Hey I feel shame I feel shame on my body actually I feel I feel lesser than I feel like I feel unworthy. I feel less lovable. I feel like something's wrong me. You know those kinds of really heartfelt conversations were to share from that place of feeling are two per helpful because it breaks down the barrier right. It's like we're trying to keep shame at bay all the time but then shame just grows. It's like everything we keep in the dark grows and becomes worse and feels worse. The moment we expose. Actually I feel really insecure here. Actually I feel shame. Actually thus this for me is so hard. It's like we bring some light to that part of ourselves that feels so heavy and so hard to carry and it's like the body can take a breath you know and also when we share with people that we trust feel safe with. It's also really validating. Knowing that we are not alone in this. I had two of my best friends here on the island over yesterday. We'd had a moment just like talk about that from that place not from that place of like. Oh my God I gotta I gotTa get back to start working out but just like yeah. You know. This has been hard for me. And here's how I feel right now. If felt so good it felt so good knowing that actually them in their isolation. They're having the same thoughts as me. They're having the same worries. The same concerns the same moments of judging themselves in that way you know and then that collective vibration of like. Hey look how fucking ceautiful an amazing we are right now and every day and that this whole idea that that are worth is defined by what the number on the scale says. It's so messed up. And that's where our work should be is changing the brain versus changing the body changing the conditioning. The mind stuff right. That's what I want to change. I WANNA change not okay hate lemme lose seventeen pounds right now like okay. I could go down. That route sure could kill myself and go into that super super super negative heavy self hating road of I gotTA lose seventeen pounds. I don't WanNa do that. I really don't WanNa do that. I I I I know if I if I went down that road it would overclouded my entire life. It would lessen my quality of life my sense of well being my ability to feel join gratitude and beauty like it would make all of my life so much worse and we all know diets the work and even if you know I would go ahead and loose those seventeen pounds. I'm still GONNA have that same voice in the back of my head because I didn't do anything to address the voice. I just addressed the body. Right which is kind of what we've been taught to is like. I feel like something's wrong. I gotta fix it from the outside so let me let me get on that treadmill with my jaw clenched staring at the Calorie number on the on. The screen doesn't work right doesn't heal me doesn't doesn't bring me on healing in any way in any way and I can look at my at my. I look back at my past and I think about myself and my vote thinnest has also been some of my most miserable moments in life if I look at my life as like a scientific study you know. Do My thinner points in my life. Correlate to my most fulfilled and happy moments no they do not like. I I have seen no proof so far in my life. That being thin makes me happy like that alone said. Said said tell me a lot. That alone could teach me a lot really that. Akseli whatever shape my body has or whatever number that scale says isn't the direct way to eternal happiness and enlightenment at all in any way. Maybe it doesn't even relate adult like that's an interesting question you know like does it. Does it really at all now? There's one thing of course feeling healthy feeling whole feeling like. I'm taking care of myself right. That's one thing which doesn't mean that we need to into that place of like you know. There's there's there's there's how do. I pronounce it. Orthodontia I think is the word where we get so obsessed with health to the point of it actually becoming an eating disorder where becomes something that That really doesn't help us in life where we becomes an actual actual issue. It's super super common so for me taking care of myself just means feeling good that like. I can drink the wine and I can eat the chips and I can also move my body a lot and drink green juice and feel really good doing things that make me feel good right nourishing body in different ways and if I look back at these months like have I have been unhealthy in terms of how taken care of my body. No this is like really important for me to do. I need to hammer this into my brain have I BEEN UNHEALTHY. I HAVE NOT. I HAVE NOT BEEN UNHEALTHY. I have not treated myself in a bad way. Actually I haven't what's bad. I think the one thing I did the probably didn't serve me was stepping on that scale. Like if I can go back over these these months of of quarantine would i? Would I choose to like not eat? The chips not bake the bread not eat the chocolate cake. Whatever no I would go back and choose to not step on that scale in the first place because then probably I would be sitting here today. Still feeling good about my body. Blissfully unaware that I had gained seventeen pounds just feeling fine and I think this is an interesting. It's an interesting question to pose to ourselves like really and not just once in a while but the time. What are the practices that I have in my life that reminds me of my body is sacred and when I get into that place of self judgment and self hate how can I take a breath? Come back to one of those practices immediately like it needs to be the immediate gut response for. Oh here I am again. Going on that cycle of my body is in good enough. I will be accepted. I'm fat. Everyone will know Omega shot is here. How can I move toward one of those practices right whether it's movement whether it's meditation whether it's being outside whether it's time spent with family may be journaling? Maybe therapy music like any of the resources that bring you back to your body and for me. It really is free forms of movement movement that allows me to express myself here now like that really really works the shaking meditations work so well for me we have live one every Friday on your girl dot com if you ever want to join but they answer parties like a five minute dance party like those kinds of things just moving. A little bit reminds me immediately. The moment I'm in the body I can no longer judge the body. The moment I'm living in my body and experiencing life from my body. I can no longer hate my body. It's impossible you cannot hate what you reside in you cannot hate. What is Your Life Right? It's impossible for the EGO and the mind to step in there and cloud your experience and skew your experience when you're totally present here now you know. So how can I get down that spiral when a godown that dangerous place because it is a dangerous place? We need to acknowledge that. It is a really dangerous place to be to go down that road of not approving of ourselves right of judging ourselves of going down the road of all my God. I'm going to diet now. It's not a harmless little thing that that that that that we do right. It's going on the road of of self hate a maybe even self-harm even self sabotage maybe it becomes the thing that keeps you from experiencing the beauty and the bliss that is his life right. How many hours a day do you spend thinking about your body or thinking about what you eat or thinking about how. You're not good enough. You know ideally there should be no time wasted in a day spent in that futile place but for many of us for me the past two weeks has been a lot of time like a lot of time and I can just sense. How it's it's a really hard once you climb down that pit. It's really hard to get out so instead of going down the road of gotta change the body. Let's let's do that Diet Right. Let's start going down the road of. Hey let let me do that. Practice again reminds. Me Of my body is sacred. Let me live in the body. Come back to the body here now and then from that place. Let's change those thoughts right. Let's go into that conditioned place and look for healing instead of. Let me change my body. Let me fix my body so it will be more accepted. So we'll be better okay. Let me address this like. This is what I WANNA address. Hey here's that trigger again. Okay stepped on the scale. Wow seventeen pounds man. That's a lot that's not okay. That's not okay. I'm little Katie. Moore Okay Okay Okay okay. Let's address those thoughts. Where where do they come from right? How closely related as my sense of worthiness in this life with what my body looks like from the outside. And how can I get back to a place where I can just live in my body? Where my body is? Does this beautiful home that I returned to again and again I actually reside where experience everything that life has to offer. That's it that's really it and it doesn't fucking matter if my jeans fit me today doesn't fucking matter what the scale says today doesn't even fucking matter if other people comment right and that's like we all live in different varying degrees of of challenge. Here I have a husband tells me every day. I honestly think if when I gained weight for Dennis. He's like all there's more and he genuinely believes that like he genuinely loves me regardless of what's there and he will always truthfully share that so of course that's helpful but imagine if you have someone at home who negatively comments on your body. A lot of people have that I had that growing up to you know I had that cautioning from from parents from people from teachers if my body changes like Oh you know. Be careful there. You don't want to become unlovable. Careful there shrink a little bit. Make yourself smaller been reading untamed by Glenn and oil and she talks about it so heartbreakingly. Beautiful in her book. How how as women? It's like we've been we've been told to shrink ourselves shrink ourselves and shrink ourselves until the point of almost disappearing and then what that then then my worthy when you can barely see me when. I'm almost not even year anymore. I shrug myself to the point of not being visible. It's like it's been so hard for us to actually claim space and take up space and that I feel like now if I look back at these couple of months in terms of growth you know if losing weight and dieting and trying to be smaller and thinner and you know have a narrower frame and were shrinking ourselves that means we're also shrinking ourselves in every way of life right making ourselves small all the time while I look at the past couple of months and how much I grew like. How much did I grow? How should I grow it in in in in this quarter of a year? It's unbelievable the amount of growth that I've seen in my life like the amount of healing that I found. I've grown so much. So isn't it kind of cool that my physical body reflects that kind of amazing that? I've been able to relax to the point of finding growth in every area of my life and feel really fine and good about that up until the point. I stepped on that scale. So for me I. I need to make a commitment to myself right now to to get to. I don't know if I can make them as get rid of the scale because he actually uses it but maybe it can live somewhere else like the scale have to be under our bed. You know we're just like where he normally keeps it maybe could be in his gym like where he bikes like. Because that's what this relates to. Maybe I don't have to have it there because I know once you step on the scale. It's like harder to not continue doing that. And for me my commitment NOCCO back to that and then to continue doing the practices. That remind me that. My Body is sacred. I want to go back to this card for a moment. This is the moment to see your gorgeous body asked the tremendous gift it is. This is the moment to see your gorgeous body asked the tremendous gift it is it is it is the moment to realize that there is no greater intoxication than just being fully in your body from head to Seoul. This is the call to remember the holiness of your flesh the deep wisdom you're body contains and the temple you walk around in every day man. Oh man how can I just take a moment right now? So how amazing is it that I started this podcast sharing that I was very vulnerable? And feeling very ron open and I I was gonNA share about that. Something specific came away today and then I decided to pull a card and I pulled the card that that brought forward everything I needed to talk about right now. Everything you needed to talk about. And I'm guessing that I'm not alone just like like tiny little guests. That guy's listening to this right now that you're also feeling some kind of shame may be around your body. Maybe your body changed right now. And you're sensing some shame some judgment some insecurity there. Perhaps you've also started thinking going down that road of like. Oh I need to change needs diet to lose weight. I need to get back to. What was haven't we all decided that we're not going back right. Didn't we? All make that kind of collective decision we are not going back to what was that has to also include not going back to how you treated your body before not going back to dieting. Not going back to thinking that there is something wrong with you that you aren't enough the way you are. This is like the ultimate piece of this. Puzzle is allowing ourselves to embody the lesson and to embody the growth that we have seen an ourselves over the past couple of months and if that growth is reflected in your physical body how fucking amazing dot. How beautiful that we can grow inside and out. What abundance is coming your way right now. Though were able to actually have visible growth in so many areas of our lives visible softness. I can really like if I look back to. My my fittest the harsh and sharp angles of my body when I was mega. Mega Mega Mega Mega Fit. And I spent so much time like fine. Tuning my body with is kind of rigid sons. I also saw those harsh sharp rigid ingles in my mind right in my life. I was very tight like knit. Like held everything together very controlling. And now it's like I can sense a softening in my heart. I can sense a softening of areas of my life. How I've put down control right. How taking deep breaths and it's pretty much a miracle that my body is reflecting that from me right now now of course and the little like details of like will. I sit on the couch eating chips every day for the rest of my life. Probably not no probably not. Will there be moments. You know right move more and eat less and maybe I'll lose some weight. Maybe I'll gain some whatever. Those things are details. That actually don't matter in the in the big scheme of things it's like we've taken those tiny details that are just byproducts of how we feel and we've made them the whole thing so we think in our brains if I stop eating chips a lose weight and everything will be perfect. But it's like hey. The chips aren't the problem. The wait aren't the problem. Your body is not a problem. Your body was never a problem. The problem is society. The problem is our conditioning. The problem is in our fucking brains right. So let's let's heal dot. Let's really get into that space where we can heal that and soften into that and come back to the love that we already have for who we are. It's not learning to love ourselves again. It's like we've always loved ourselves. We've always been able to be in the body. The same way. Children exists and reside in their bodies. Like we still have that. It's just we have layers layers and layers of conditioning telling us that were not good enough. We gotta get rid of that and return to that love. That was always there. It's been there all along. It's there now you can sense it in these moments in those practices that you have that remind you that. Your body is sacred. You can sunset and feel it when you create when you paint when you make love when you're on the Yoga Mat when you're dancing when you feel free when you're in nature when you're gardening when you're doing that thing that's your thing right. You're reminded that actually I love myself the way I And I have had that love all. I'm just getting rid of all the things that were in the way. Said it's my. It's my deepest wish right now that the next time you go down that spiral of thinking that you have to change something about your body that it's not good enough. The way it is that you immediately turned to one of your resources in that you take moments in your day to undo some of that conditioning I to really go down the path of healing instead of going down the path of destroying or of harming which is for me everything that the dieting this idea of changing who we are really is. Let's do things that service. Let's do things that nourishes that fill us up with keep growing right. Let's not go back. Go back let's collectively celebrate our bodies for what they are now for what they are tomorrow for what they were yesterday like. Let's just celebrate and be in this place I love my body and then I feel shame. Immediate immediate shaming it. We're not allowed to say that. We're not allowed to say that. We love our bodies. We're not allowed to say that. We think were sexy. Was like we're not allowed to say that especially when we just gained seventeen pounds. And I'm like looking down at my body right now. My boobs we belly thighs fucking amazing this body Holy Shit Holy Shit. I love my body I love you I love you I love you. I love you do it. Now you're listening to this. Just look at your body for a moment please. Your hands to whatever body parts feels like it needs a little bit of love and to give that love to yourself. I love you I love you I love you I love you. I will not try to change you. Thank you for growing with me for holding space for all of this growth and learning while these realizations and lessons all the grief all the gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. And that's the end of this. Podcast I love you guys. Maybe I'll start pulling a cart at the beginning of every show. This this was this was good. Take care of your solve. Take care of your hearts. Cherish yourself and remember your body is sacred wishing you a beautiful rest of the day and I'll be back next week. Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode. If you enjoy the show we show listen to subscribe to other great episodes of the Ogre. Podcast conversations from the heart. You can find them on your Google dot com on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you normally get your shows. Don't forget to leave review while you are there. Thanks to the folks. Cadence thirteen for their production work and thanks to my sponsors. Please support them the way they support this podcast. I'll see you next week.

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Who's on clean up duty after the West Coast rubbish washout?

RNZ: The Detail

21:22 min | 1 year ago

Who's on clean up duty after the West Coast rubbish washout?

"Cura. I'm Sharon brick Kelly on the detail whistles, massive, landfill, washout yesterday. The government steep done three months after tons of rubbish spilled out of an old dump into the river and the ocean Eugenie sage the associate environment minister says doc is now taking charge of the cleanup while it means that the department will have the operation responsibility for organizing their cleanup of the rubbish and the FOX and cook riverbeds and on the beach the wisened the strict council has signaled that lex capacity or the resources. So while it's, it's responsibility, the department will be taking over the operational management of the cleanup, critics say, it should have happened, much sooner some say it's a disaster on the scale of the Rena oil spill near toward honor and twenty eleven and they're a woundings could happen all over the country. What I saw was the word that keeps coming to my mind is health gave all. Who rubber? Hanging onto these trees and bushes, and things like that strewn all the way down the river every single one is laced with old plastic bags. I mean, sarin e that I felt that dig- the beach standing beneath out a he in the southern Alps in picking up plastic garbage and waste off our beautiful beach is just hot reaching really beneath our key, and the southern Alps is the folks river. It's part of the UNESCO world here. It area called tier why he point amou- special because of its landscapes of untouched beauty until March the twenty six hitters when a storm washed away, part of the landfill, the folks with a burst its banks during the west coast, stormed revealing a dirty dump sending decades worth of waste washing out to sea. Mike Volodya was the first to see the rubbish-strewn for kilometers. Kilometers along the FOX river beat and the beaches, he put out the allude and people came from all over the country to help clean up eight days. They picked up seven times if we keep going with just this amount of people were looking at a few years, the Wease district council, and the government pitched and several hundred thousand dollars to clean up Fullon tia's alongside government departments have been flying in and out by helicopter in a desperate bid to clean up, but it's three months since the washout in the folks river beat is still full of rubbish. The money ran out at the end of may in the council and the government have been in a standoff over food the funding. They, it's lift the volunteers to do the job, Phil hartman's. One of them he tuned up from three months ago necessarily expected, LA bake Picton, go came on the beach for a week and pick up on ROY before any organization. Books. Course you saw. I was underway in win for myself and down to the river, and I was absolutely dust. What us it was just rather? Every moso rubbish team. Just hanging onto the river. Teen foot high some of the polls for ninety percent of it, plus steak. Right. So lots of shredded plastic bags. Sometimes it's straws or hotel coffee. Cremers. With the. On your. They appoint the Bill was going to be bigger than what events volunteers getting together would be able to chase and they've proven true. Because we to be really achieved a whole lot, we can be proud of what we've done. But the rivers twenty reveal itself is about twenty four minutes. Slow and maybe covered. Three. And why did you stifle longer than a week because that's all this one thing. And the job needs to be done so they need people who are going to hang around and three two. And, but mainly the reason is because this is such a cool town of been welcomed with heaven wondered from that since opening and actually really you're from the nitrous with yourself a really, really enjoying. The nature of the work is picking up the rubbish. These number of picking up, what you're doing to go on your hands and knees. So hard work. But if you out the everyday everyday that, we're, we're gonna Twix I work when it rains because of the dangerous his vote with Rausing river and, and even any move a die off will just decided that we've had enough. What kind of things are you picking up set mostly place? Mostly soft place, there lot of place that and then any other sort of household rubbish that you would think that would be your local dump is now in the river, but it is a legacy landfill. T- years of rubbish that was then buried for another forty years now on earth twisted around trees and tangled in native Bush. A lot of stuff was old and whatever was in would've late, stay out of it like and what didn't we? Chat room must be picking up an old chemical container. But it's it's well past its dangerous point. What do you think of the response to this? The council response, the government response, and just response to the general population can sweep if you like. It. Would be the we overseas. Why do you say that because it was? Such a disaster that happened in seems to have been a downplayed a lot by will I out the council. And then when we plead the government for a system, they haven't been having and didn't really help out and put the on the council, and it's, it's just frustrating, very frustrating that no one is steeped up until now. I wanna stay about. Move move. See it for Phil Hartmann talking to me on a very scratchy phone line from ivory towers, backpackers. We he's been living for three months, RNC journalists and a chin to the west coast in late may for a holiday, and she ended up working with the cleanup crews. And what I saw was the word that keeps coming to my mind is health scape. I'm from the South Island. I'm used to for stains of landscapes with nobody in them and was like being a landfall at took this was not. I wasn't Ebola in phila- was down on the river beat area, and it was full of plastic bags that were hanging from all of the forest debris, I sort of naturally streamed on these rivers fits the makings of the driftwood coast is known for its just that say it gets pickled naturally out there and then washes backup is drift wood, and the these. Trees and bushes and things like that. Strewn all the way down the river every single one is laced with old plastic bags and the tool bits of plastic. Hang sort of like ghosts. And there might replace steaks, and the, like small bits that are, you know, time consuming to pick out by hand which is what's happening, as well as largest rubbish bags of the we slim district council. There's a lot of bright orange plastic and lodge weights of it area to discover, as far as the I would say, and they, I doesn't stretch as far as the, the full stretch of the river, the rivers, I get twenty five kilometers bap to say and would cut a relatively small areas of that a couple of hundred meters by a couple of hundred meters squid in a day, and it just as far as I could say, you know, if he goes, you local tip this often sort of bits of plastic bag. That have blown up into the trees and things around l'info that sort of like that. Like that. Like the each of, of a municipal dump, and I haven't seen anything like that apart from when I think about India and I've seen slums with a lot of plastic bags piled up in the mud look like that. It must be heartbreaking for you is coming from the whisk coast, and knowing what, how pristine, the environmental is. Yes, I have family being my grandmother grew up at France Joseph, which is makes Villanova and was shocking as a nightmare. Yeah. And we cleaned up initially is right up near the village. So if you were just a tourist driving through FOX place, here, you probably wouldn't know anything about this, because it's not visible from the fridge anymore bridge that goes over the FOX river. But as part of add beautiful nature's steaks and is ruined. It was two months after the actual LeVine. Yeah. Yeah. So it was still like a big rubbish dump. Yep. And it was that was, what was pretty shocking? I sort of hit a thought that maybe they would still need some help with what I thought would be the end of the, you know, sort of somewhere near the end of the cleanup job week seven, but actually they would just scratching the cicis at that time they reckon that they had done one kilometers of the twenty five kilometer river beat street, how much cleanup crew is to make things that they had covered by that time. So that's very little. What was your feeling to feel like it just wasn't getting the attention that at needed? Fluently. Is that is that is the seems that I had, and it's what differently the volunteers fout as well? And I were at that stage talking about this idea that only needed to be incinerated that they could somehow get a. Sort of a high TC low emissions incinerator, that would be very expensive device that you would bring in from overseas, somehow managed to Plunkett in the river, in Bodos all of the debris, and all of this plastic into it in burnish. And I don't you mentioned that idea has been script because they don't have any funding for that kind of thing. Lee learn for just human beings to go there and political app, so you differently, not enough attention and not enough resources. I think that this FILA question that needs to be honored by the defence force of how come they haven't not auto rain vehicle. That's been seemed to help them. Even get access road into the river bean 'cause a lot of the streets of that river's not acceptable by a normal country road. So they create logistical problem just to get volunteers, the quite had to drive a normal civilian issue down river, being very. Botari and so t and what not to get access to these lower reaches and there's no. Yeah. The government hasn't provided human territory -als or anybody like that. Who would imagine have logistical ability to get in there and help with this kind of thing. So why hasn't got the attention? Why hasn't it got the resources? Well, the wish land district, and specially southwest learned, which is where this as hit very slim population. I I get this, right. I obey. So the district council of nine thousand homes. Right paying, and so, I think they just start have the population to be able to drum up that kind of witness and possibly kind of care from, from government. They might be people in Wellington, what view that it's out of sight, and therefore out of minded literally is out of sight from the. The state highway and it certainly up from Wellington. Yeah, it is. I think there's a Sutin amount, of course, dick relations between the we swim district council in the government as well just from historical for historical reasons. There's no you know, we slim people have forgotten that the government having clock, I think, for food that he most fears they will still refers to that. And I think that maybe as sort of a mutual acrimony and misunderstanding, or what you call rural urban divide the and that's. Deeply unfortunate in my opinion, the government's now steeped up by putting doc in charge though, these no more money for now. But this league ac- landfill is not the only one might Bala dog calls it a national emergency. We have potentially toxic. Material washing out into the sea through unmodified wetlands and out into marine reserve and this can happen all over the country at any time and for us to not be learning from this, and trying to come up with a better response for the future. Yeah. This is national emergency this continue to happen everywhere. Sounds extreme, but a local government New Zealand report on infrastructure, exposed to sea-level rise shows about one hundred landfills vulnerable most are Oakland, but it's hard Nelson came three as well as the Wisconsin also have closed landfills at risk. And some say we slant is, as bad as the Rena disaster may cost governor. Agency's millions to clean up. The wheels are coming off the Rina's containers, going overboard, the big oil slick, hit the beach and worst of all the hull is showing the clear first signs of breaking up Eugenie sage, it's nothing like the Rena I do not think it is on the sky of the Raina by any means the major challenge is we rubbish has got trapped in logjams and tree stumps. And the amount of time that has taken to unpick the rubbish from those areas, the voice from the department is that it is an over near about sixteen hundred square kilometers, but that is not covered meters deep rubbish, VERA areas that type a lot of time to remove the rubbish but it is not on the scale of the Raina Nikki snowing from forest and booed has a different take in terms of the amount of plastic. It's not quite the same as the Rainer in terms of oil spillage in the water, that's a completely different thing. But in terms of. Plastic and debris. Strewn Atta cross the river beat and flowing out to sea into the ocean and being washed up on the beach. It's similar. I mean, the rubbish is fifty kilometers along the coastline this so in we'll continue to do so for years to come on shore, the nature of the environment down the these a lot of erosion coming out of the FOX valley. We're the FOX classier is in the glitzier his retreated somewhat due to climate change in warming temperatures, and we, they once most ice sort of suspending the gravel in the sides of the valley, the ISIS gone in these just this incredible amount of erosion. So quite a lot of this rubbish is now buried and the river bid. So every time these a flood more if they rubbish will we'll get exposed out from underneath the rocks that are this. So I guess he's a lot under the ground now that we can't see as well as above the ground. What do you think about the response to it? And tombs of government and council response. Well, the response raises some pretty interesting issues really about who is responsible for something like this, and clearly landfills are a district council responsibility. The there is a resource consent associated with it. That is should by the regional council to the district council to monitor this landfill in clearly. It's the responsibility is a local council, but the Wisconsin is a really unique situation and that we have these climate change of fix occurring, as I mentioned, before the Mesa thematic erosion happening, and we'll flavor really smoke council with, with not a lot of capability and capacity to clean up a disaster of this magnitude. So what it does raises as a great void response to, to an issue like this case to fiscal the, the lack of kind of monitoring enforcement guy on the west coast to look at these. League ac- dumps in understand the risks associated with with climate change. And then also on a much bigger scale at, at central government level, like what is the risk out there? Have we done that piece of work to, to actually understand what is the risk is a nation and understanding the risks and the costs? And also, what is the response plan to something like this, because a PS two hipping, not great in this particular instance NICKY, what exactly is a league ac- landfill? Well, legacy landfall was one that has been an operation for a long time and his his been closed. It's reached its full capacity in closed up. And so, you know, when Lee lentils have a life in full, they have to be closed up and have to go somewhere else. So I guess, you know landfills of being the chosen means of. Getting rid of our rubbish forever New Zealand. And we must have at least one hundred that we know of local government report around the country that are vulnerable to, to climate change and sea level rise, a linear vulnerable. What why is it? Because of we the locators. Yeah. I guess, historically, we did put landfills and places where we couldn't build. All we couldn't the lane wasn't useful for anything else. In often there's places like flood plains or down next to the sea. So, you know, we those are places that we with these landfills lie now in now vulnerable to sea-level rise in what would it take to make them safe to, to prevent them from breaking open, and spilling out into rivers and beaches? We'll, I guess constant monitoring is the first one and into. Risk assessment like how vulnerable are they in what is the likelihood of them ripping out in putting rubbish in toxic waste what he was in the all of the beach? This is deana map and shifting them. What's the cost of taking sort of action? Before the faked. This is waiting to after the fate, and you saying that it's this is more of a central government responsibility, because many councils, particularly those on the west coast just can't afford to tackle this on their own. Yeah. It's, it's the experience on the west coast. They do have a responsibility the district councils. I mean to monitor the legacy landfills into understand what the risks are, but the hundreds of these, you know, possibly hundreds around the countryside in these really small councils with the small number of right payers, and they simply don't have the capability and capacity to clean up the Meese. So what do you want to see happen? Well, first of all, we need to understand the risks in the costs of doing nothing the risks of watery out the inaugural a simple, government response, maybe the ministry for the environmental something like that to sort of. Fill that void in the planning and response system that we seem to have, and then develop a response plan to understood to understand those risks into assist the under results councils, and these kind of Vince include a budget, so we need to understand what the risk is in understand what it takes to clean it up and Eugenie sage sees the ministry for the environment is looking at the league ac- landfills as part of a climate change study, but she stresses the council's jobs to manage them. That's the detail today. I'm Sharon, but Kelly, the detail is brought to you by newsroom dot Kodaly made possible by the RNC incident innovation fund, the subscribe button to stay cross the detail every day. And if you're on April, please leave a rating as it helps other listeners find us. And of course, we're on Facebook and Twitter to this episode was engineered by Jeremy Beal, and produced by Alexia. Russell mile. Iwo.

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The Morning Briefing: Tuesday, March 24

The Briefing

02:26 min | 4 months ago

The Morning Briefing: Tuesday, March 24

"Palo I'm Danny Boyle with the briefing from the Telegraph. It's Cheese Day march twenty fourth and the whole of Britain's been put on lockdown so the world suddenly feels very different this morning as I'm sure you've heard the prime ministers ordered much of the British population to stay indoors the next Asian trying to prevent the spread of Corona virus its removal of basic freedoms the UK's before seen in peacetime in a nutshell. Boris Johnson has banned public gatherings of more than two people closed down non-essential shops and imposed or CONAN restrictions. On anyone. Leaving their own home. The rules will be reviewed in weeks. In the meantime they'll be enforced by the police with on the spot fines. If you bookmark one thing today make this. Al Simple Guide to the new rules for daily life the UK death toll now stands at three hundred thirty five. We've been told the viruses most dangerous for the old but now the young turning up in critical care to why what's changed. Recommend a piece of analysis by poor new key our global health security editor. He explains we know now. Britain's coming under pressure to increase the number of corona virus tests Jeremy Hump the former health secretary wounded. One million. People are likely to be infected by next week but the government will have no idea who because it stopped testing in the community L. Science Editor. Seren looked into how the UK's now seriously lagging behind other nations and with shops busier than ever milk deliveries of back in fashion thousands of households of return to having milk delivered to their doors milk and more. That's the UK's biggest milkin groceries delivery service has had an increase of twenty five thousand customers with that in mind. We've got a throwback for you a photo dispatch on the rise and fall and rise again of the British Milkman. Right staples if listening WHATSAPP pulse into those links. Now if you're listening on spotify Apple Lore of you get your podcast. You'll find them in the show notes as well as links to some non corona virus material including an interview with the comedian Clive Anderson and princess. Eugenie Thurdsay a gallery from over the years. That's it you're up-to-date Chris will have. You'll second briefing of the day this evening.

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SYMHC Classics: The House of Worth and the Birth of Haute Couture

Stuff You Missed in History Class

34:16 min | 1 year ago

SYMHC Classics: The House of Worth and the Birth of Haute Couture

"Support for stuff you missed in history class comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans who are excited to introduce their all new rate shield approval. If you're in the market to buy a home rate shield approval is a real game changer in Harris y. First Quicken Loans will lock your rate for up to ninety days while you shop. But here's the crucial part. If rates go up your rate stays the same, but if rates go down your rate also drops. So either way you win, it's the kind of thinking you would expect from America's largest mortgage lender to get started. Go to rocketmortgage dot com. Slash history ratios approval only valid on certain thirty year purchase transactions. Additional conditions or exclusions may apply based on Quicken Loans, data in comparison to public data records equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states NMLS consumeraccess dot org. Number thirty thirty. Happy Saturday. Everybody today is the birthday of Charles Frederick worth. He was the founder of the house of worth. So we're going back to our twenty fourteen episode on his life and the birth of haute couture. And if you like fashion history, just in case you missed it. There is also a whole fashioned history podcast. On our network. It is called dressed. It is hosted by April Callaghan and Cassidy Zachary who are fashion historians and it is a delight. So enjoy. Welcome to stuff you missed in history class from how stuff works dot com. And I'm Tracy Wilson. We get a lot of requests to do more fashion related podcasts and specifically the one that we're going to talk about today. So this person set in motion really the very concept of a design house established. The of the practices that are standard business for designers today. I won't go on a lot in the introduction because it all comes out in the story. This is a man who ran the Paris fashion scene in the late eighteen hundreds. He really was sort of the desire of fashion for France. At that point. He's featured all over our Pinter's board. He is in fact Charlesworth before we start, could I just say that I'm glad you're around to field all these requests about fashioned history because if it were me, I would be like once upon a time, there was a garment and it went on people's bodies. Which strikes me as hilarious because the first time I met you, you were in a costume. So in my head, you're like a fashion like me, but the costume things I can handle better than like the fashion things. Oh, you know, to me, they're all tied up together to get onto the subject sorrows. Frederick worth was Born October. Thirteenth eighteen twenty five to William and Mary Ann worth in Lincolnshire England. The worth family at that point was really well off. William was one of a long line of attorneys. But things didn't quite stay so rosy early on in Charles's life. The tide of affluence really shifted. His father was an alcoholic, am basically squandered the family fortune and when Charles's around eleven, he lost everything to the combination of drinking gambling. And as a consequence, both Marianne and young, Charles suddenly kind of were put in the position to have to support the family. While his mother took on cleaning jobs to make ends meet Charles, who was just twelve, became a printer's. Apprentice printing didn't really suit him though. And after a year in that trade, he went to work as a bookkeeper for swan and Edgar, which was a textile firm in London. He later shifted to the silk merchant trade working for Lewis and Allenby, and he stayed with them until eighteen forty five. When he was twenty years old and the entire time that worth was working on the business side of the fabric industry, doing bookkeeping and administrative tasks. He was taking in a lot more than the bookkeeping. He was watching dress makers and their fashionable. Clients, select fabrics and choose designs, and he was learning as much as he could about textiles and the various qualities the separated luxury fabrics for more utility weaves. He went to art galleries and really vociferiously studied the fashions of eras as represented through art. And he basically observed the entire world of contemporary fashion that was playing out in these fashion in these textile houses that he was working in by eighteen forty five. He felt like he was ready to move out of the records office and into the actual world of fashion. So he left his job at Lewis and Allenby and moved to Paris his first job in France as a sales clerk, gadget LAN and OJ was not only his first real step into the fashion world, but it also proved to be a really personal turning point as well. It was there at the fabric and excessive shop that he would meet Marie Vernay who sometimes muddled the shops goods, and Charles Marie fell in love. They got married in eighteen fifty one, and she was still modeling accessories for the luxury shop at that point after their marriage and Charles kind of decided to put all of those years of self directed study to work. So he started to design and stitch gowns for her to wear while she was modelling the accessory. Like the high end shawls and leases that the shop provided this got the attention of several of Gadgil Lonzo customers who would ask about marines, lovely garments worth off potential market and started to pitch an idea to his bosses. He would make gowns to sell alongside the accessories that the shop was already well known for in Wirth's plan. The shop would provide the raw materials and he would do all the work. Okay. So for context that may not sound particularly groundbreaking in the least to your listeners. But prior to this, there was really no such thing as walking into a store and purchasing a readymade garments. So the idea of having a address, look, this dresses done, would you like to buy it completely alien? Everything was made to order at that point. So the idea of marketing, a finished gown was frankly radical, it just no one had ever done it, and no one at that point even really thought it could be done. So this was before there was like uniformity of sizes. You couldn't walk in and say, hey, Emma size, eight or ten or twelve, what do you have? It was more like here. My measurements make my outfit well, and there's also little uniformity of sizes now. Well, but there's more than there used to work for sure than before. And prior to vanity sizing, it was much more uniform. But unfortunately, this grand idea of worth's was not met with enthusiasm by gushing an OBGYN, but bullied by the fact that his dresses were quickly becoming the talk of fashionable circles worth eventually partnered with a Swedish man. He met through his work. His name was Otto Bo bear was after a decade of working for the accessory shop that worth setup shop with his new partner and a few dozen staff members. So the business duo opened worth and bear in Ruutel pay in the eighteen fifties. And the start of worth shop wasn't really an instant success. You may have meant his painted like he so groundbreaking and people already you're talking about him. It didn't really take off gangbusters like they had hope he had customers, but it just was not the blockbuster that he and bogere hit envisioned. He. Neely was going to have to reach out to prominent and stylish people to get them interested in his clothes and build his reputation. So nowadays, for example, asking a celebrity who they're wearing is director on red carpets, but this was another concept that's pretty much entirely worth doing. No one really talked about designers like they would certainly share, oh, I have agreed dressmaker you could use, but it wasn't like with that level of, you know, cachet attached to it where they'd be like, oh, this is the one roseburg to a little bit, and we'll talk about her again a little bit later, but just not not the thing to talk about your designer while out for a walk with Marie. One evening, Charles noticed that Princess Pauline Metternich of Vienna, and that was the wife of the Austrian ambassador to Paris. She was travelling in her carriage on her way to be presented at court. He was impressed with her demeanor and how she carried herself. And he thought she could be the perfect ambassador for him among the Royal. And the wealthy in within a few weeks, a meeting had been arranged. So he sent Marie to present the Princess with a book of fashion sketches that her husband had done. And at that meeting, the Princess ordered to gowns she paid only three hundred francs for each which was certainly not cheap. But for someone of her rank, it really was not a terrible expense. And she also promised to wear one of them to an upcoming balls. She kind of was in on the the plan from the beginning of like, hey, it would be great if you would wear clothes and show them to your friends. The dress was white tool with silver threatening, and it was embellished with daisies and diamonds, which just sounds happy and sparkly to me, the ball was hosted by Napoleon. The third and impress Eugenie and you Judy was a striking woman in arrived at the ball also in white tool. And she had this garland of fresh flowers in her hair and a lavish spread of diamonds everywhere else. And while by all. Counts, the empress was certainly the bell of the ball. Anything you read about her and particularly about that evening, they talk about just how incredibly luminous and beautiful. She looked many people regarded her as one of the most beautiful women of the day, but she did indeed notice the down that Princess Metternich was wearing and she actually inquired about it. And when the Princess mentioned that it was made by an Englishman named worth and they discussed it briefly, the empress then requested that he come to visit her almost immediately the next day. And so with that Charlesworth's career sort of took off at a really dizzying speed. But before we get to that, do you don't take a word from a sponsor? Yes. This episode is brought to you by stamps dot com. I'm one of those outgoing people who knows all of my neighborhood, postal workers every like going to the post office, but sometimes my life is insane. And that is simply not always practical. Thankfully, these days you can get almost anything on demand in that includes your mailing needs. So you don't have to take trips to the post office to mail your letters or packages. You can get that postage on demand with stamps dot com with stamps dot com. You can access all of the amazing services of the post office. But right from your desk. Twenty four, seven when it is convenient for you and fits in your schedule. So by print official US posted for any letter or package using your own computer and printer, you hand that to your friendly neighborhood mail carrier, and then you're done just click print meal. Your job is finished right now you can use history class for this special offer. It includes up to fifty five dollars for the free postage digital scale and four week trial. So don't wait. Go to stamps dot com. And before you do anything else, make sure you. Click on that radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in the word history class, that stamps dot com. Enter history class. There's no space. Just the two were drum together. Forget back Charlesworth. He really tended to buck social conventions and to dress in a much more casual and eclectic way than you might expect for a gentleman of that time. And this was true when he went to lary to meet the empress, you would expect a man to be or anyone really informal dress on such an occasion. But he had on casual clothing in a beret. This, and we'll talk about it a little bit more later, but he really seems like he was maybe the the mold maker for the bohemian artistes designer that has really followed Ben followed by numerous people since. And I have to wonder if they're aping worse, whether they consciously or unconsciously are doing so, you know, anytime you sort of think of those people that sort of carry themselves with a little bit of pretense student pretends and their artistes I think worth may have been the Genesis point of a lot of the stereotypes that we have come up with around artists, but his timing more importantly, when he met prince Metternich had really been impeccable because he had managed to get his foot in the door with the Royal class at the same time that empress Eugenie with Napoleon, the thirds urging was really looking to up her game when it came to style and fashion. She wasn't. Unfashionable and she had style, but she really was tended to be a little bit more simple than than one would an -ticipant and what the people tended to desire in the woman who sat at the the highest position in France. So it was really in her best interest to cultivate a more stylish image. And so while she had a natural style and she was by all accounts, very elegant. She really needed someone to shape her wardrobe were the into one that would be worthy of her station. And that is at the point where Charlesworth entered her dressing, who. During that first meeting which was held in her dressing room. She ordered one evening dress from the designer, and that doesn't sound like a lot, but it would work out to be the first of many. Oh yes. He ended up basically providing all of her clothes as time went on. And in addition to the wonderful timing of meeting Eugenie just as she was plotting a wardrobe overhaul worth was also inventing the idea of a fashion designer at the same time that court functions really required multiple wardrobe changes each day and wearing the same dress twice was something of an image suicide. There are in fact, stories of Eugenie withdrawing invitations to people after they had appeared in court and had not been stylish enough says she then was like, hey, you know how I said, come back next week. I didn't mean that I'm going to withdraw that and she's usually quite direct and said, like, you know, do to clothing that was unbecoming. So basically at this point as he's getting their Eugenie wants an overhaul and for. Everyone else kind of in the the higher strata of social structure. If you wanted to hang out at French court, you really better have a closet full of incredibly sumptuous finery. And once people knew he was dressing, the empress worth was in demand constantly morning and night. His popularity grew so quickly that the street outside of his shop was said to be constantly clogged with carriages. The shop itself was crowded with wealthy patrons who were there to socialize and to be seen in the shop as well as to actually order gowns and for his part worth really basked in the spotlight. He would entertain high profile customers, you know, in a group, he would sit there and chat with all the ladies and he would. He had this habit that to me sounds so horrible, but I can see where it would appeal to the society. He would call one or another woman, like whoever he picked at any given moment in their little social circle. Forward, and then he would critique there on Somboon had the two. Like what not to wear the Giro's works TAC. Yeah. I mean, I presume if you were going to visit him, you probably already tried to be turned out and look as as good as you possibly could. But that sounds very scary to me. And sometimes he would be very positive and say, oh, you look beautiful, you know, this is all working, but he would also critique people until them like your outfit is horrible. And here's what needs fixing. And while you might think this kind of behavior could potentially drive customers away. It did not. It kind of up to his appeal. He ended up designing not only for empress Eugenie, but even the likes of Queen Victoria and priscilla's with he designed Elizabeth's coronation gown when she became Queen of Hungary. And so a high end gown from the house of worth could run as much as ten thousand dollars. Although there were customers and clients that did not spend that much some what's been that much in a year, but some would drop that much at a pop. And that's a lot when you consider mid eighteen hundreds. Also part of his sort of mystique or his cultivated personality, empress Eugenie would sometimes, but heads with him about how an a garment or gown should be executed or what cloths should be used. But she basically always caved in to what he wanted to do, which is saying a great deal about his power. You know, he basically is with the most powerful woman in the country and going, no, no, no, you're wrong. Just let me do my thing and she would go, okay. She ended up nicknaming him the tyrant of fashion by eighteen sixty four. So five years into his creative relationship with the empress worth had become the official courier of the French court. And it's estimated that his fashion house was producing between ten thousand and eleven thousand pieces a year in gowns and outerwear to keep the finest ladies and France outfitted in the latest styles. So with that level of output, obviously he was not doing all the stitching himself. He maintained the integrity of his brand though by just being a really conscientious manager, he held his garments to the highest quality standards. He hired only the best seamstresses in dress makers to execute his designs. One of the sort of signatures of his clothing was that the interiors of the garment garments had to be finished so well that they would rival the outside in beauty like there was no ugly interiors. Everything was beautiful inside and out. He also used only the finest fabrics. His textile choices could really make a year for a Weaver. Leone had been known as a hub of really ex- was exit silk and worth ticket vantage of having such incredible fabrics. So close by in his adopted home country textile mills would send worth samples in the hopes of getting a lucrative order out of it. Yeah, he really, you know, his word was gold in terms of the textile workers world. Like if he endorsed a particular Weaver, whether or not he did a huge order for that year, they basically were going to do great for that year and his his fame and prestige grew worth as you may have surmised from our anecdote a few moments ago about how he would critique. He's outfits in front of their peers could sometimes be a bit of a pill. His mannerisms would sometimes come off as affected. He kind of really did cultivate this personality of. Being a collective being a little bit in the, he would often wear really colorful robes, and he always wore his signature black beret or a black skullcap. And at one point he decided he was going to design his own coat of arms which he did and had it worked into the gates of his home. And in some ways he became almost as famous for his ego is for his designing talent. But you know, none of that ever seemed to distract people from thinking. His work was amazing. And so things were going swimmingly for him, and he was the darling of the French court until circumstances intervened. She'll talk about after another brief break. It's baritone date, Thurston host of spit iheartradio's newest podcast, which three in me where we explore how understanding your DNA changes, how we think about ourselves and the world around us. We've got the why. Cliff John, we have so much more in common than you could even imagine you put two kids together. They're going to want to play. They're going to want to have the time. They gonna wanna fall in love have opinions. This is every kid listen to the full episode of spit with twenty three and me in the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. So back to Charlesworth during the Franco Prussian war of eighteen seventy the house of worth like many high end businesses in France closed temporarily Charles's greatest benefactor. The empress Eugenie was forced into exile, and the rule of pay home of the house of worth actually became a hospital for injured French soldiers during the fighting. But once the conflict had ended in the dust had settled the house of worth reopen surprisingly to even greater success. Although auto bear was no longer part of the business, he had been uneasy about setting the shop up again after their first. Their first venture was so abruptly cut short due to the political climate. So worth bought out his share of the empire for one point, five million francs. And while most of his French clients were gone, he's still had plenty of wealthy fa- fans from the United States in Europe who were happy to order gowns. So business was really booming, even though the climate. It was so much different so much though the tiny shop that started with just fifty employees wound up swelling to a staff of more than a thousand. Yeah, he, I mean, we, we've heard it so many times before when we've talked about design houses or you know, people that make their living in sort of extravagant arenas that something will happen like a war and they never quite recovered. But in fact, he's sort of the exception that proves the rule. He didn't great after the war, however, is his career stretched into the eighteen eighties. His cachet started the eb when the groundbreaking gown maker died in eighteen eighty five. He had really already been clipped by the next generation of designers, including Pekka and do say, of course, there would have been no next generation of designers if worth had not paved the way when Charlesworth died. His sons guests don't into jumped leap inherited the family business, and that worked out really well for a lot of years Gustov. Handled the business side of things. While John relief did all the designing through the years. Other family members also worked at the fashion house. That was started by Charlesworth. However, eventually there was the anti course that movement and a trend towards simpler lines. And those were led by previous podcasts subject Paul portray as that all took hold the house of worth found its business slowly dwindling year by year, and it finally closed up shop for the last time in nineteen fifty six. But I think to really understand the importance of Charlesworth stature in fashion history. We have to look at some of the genuinely revolutionary ideas that he introduced, and we'll start with one that did not stick around, but it completely defined Victorian fashion for a lot of people. And that is the bustle. So overtime, he evolved the crinoline. So the the wide bottomed addresses into a partial crinoline which stuck out behind the lady. So gave her kind of large rump shape. And projected beyond that while the front of her silhouette remained narrow for the most part. When people today think of equestrian fashion, it is usually the bustle that springs to mind in the silhouettes like they'll go course it and then bustle is usually second. And that's all because of worth and just for the record, I love buffalo gowns. I love love, love, bustle gowns. I have several, you know, at the at the top of the episode where I was like it's a garment and it goes on your body. I also love bustles, and part of that is because of a costume class that I took that was all about draping bustles and different shapes that you could get with different bustle drapes I, I know to the modern I into people that are not into historical fashion. They look ridiculous. I just love that silhouette. I can't even describe why it looks beautiful. It's super fun to wear well, and to be fair, there were people who thought it was ridiculous that at the time I remember editorial cartoons that we're like, oh, late in the snail attack. The back of her body. So other dressmaker Zwirn often dubious of new technology, but worth really embraced the sewing machine as a way to expedite production without sacrificing quality. And he also used manufactured trims on his garments before people widely accepted that either. Yeah, he was just ahead of his time in all in his visions for fashion and in another completely new approach to fashion. Remember prior to this time, all pretty much all garments were made to order specifically for the wearer but worth would often sell his original garment that he had made to foreign buyers. And he would also sell rights to copy and distribute it as you know, the recreated style. So basically he was selling the rights to make copies. So did sign licensing was born with him. And on a related business model, he would actually make ready to wear gowns to sell to department stores abroad department stores are a completely new concept. So you know the idea that he was like, yeah, I'll get in on this and willing to take this risk and sell to them was really huge. So despite being the designer of really lavish gowns for the elite ladies of France, Charlesworth was also the first is I entered. To really turn a practical. I to link of ladies gowns during this time, the hymns of Victorian gowns were just notorious for dragging on the ground and getting completely filthy anytime that was dampness or mud and worth thought. This was really a pity. So he shortened the hymns of day gowns to create what came to be known as the walking skirt and these skirts really weren't all that short. But it was enough to stay lifted off the ground while still offering kind of a head to toe appearance and just in case we were not entirely clear. Those were like the day gallons for evening wear. It still was full length, but forgetting about town in running your errands and going calling. You could actually, you know, stroll about without getting too mucky. And the house of worth in Bogor is widely considered to have been the first true fashion house, and it straddled the line between being open to the public and also being very exclusive. So upon entry customers were greeted by gentlemen and find a tire. The shop was decorated release sumptuous and beautifully. And then these customers would be brought to one of the shops salons to see either a presentation of vailable gowns. They could also go to a different salon view fabric samples and design sketches, or they could go in this room to try on outfits that had specialty lighting design for it. It was slightly dimmed, and it was meant to mimic the lighting that they would most commonly find at like a ball or another former event before worth. No one had ever thought to create a whole series of garments to then present together as a fashion show. So the concept of a collection was another one of his innovations. Now there's this whole industry and culture around seasonal showings. Of different designers and that really started with Charlesworth. Yeah. When you if anybody watches project runway and they all talk about going to fashion week and fashion week would not have existed in the form it was today had Charlesworth not been lake. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna put together a bunch of beautiful outfits. I'm gonna put on a little show and then people can order them. That's how it still works today in. It's all because he did this. So because he was the first designer to offer a collection and market ready to wear gowns and produce a large volume of garments each year. It's also probably no surprise that he is the one that came up with the idea of standardized patterns. And this is still holds today to some degree worth in his dress makers. Drapers developed a series of patterns Looper. So to oversimplify what a slipper is a basic block pattern, the can then be modified and these pattern pieces would work interchangeably with one another. So any sleeve or collar in the collection could be used on any bodice in the collection and it really just streamline the whole process of. Of manufacturing, these garments, but still maintaining a really high level of quality. So the idea of adding a signature to a garment, the way a painter would sign, a piece of art was really unheard of until Charlesworth. You started doing exactly that with labels. And prior to him, the idea of telling someone who you were wearing would have been really odd but have been sort of like telling someone the name of your made, if they said that your home look very nice, but the label became sort of a spat, a symbol. And some of this of course is also tied to industrialization. So to make a comparison to our marie-antoinette episode and Roberta Burton ladies in reinterprets era would never have said, oh, I'm wearing roseburg in quite the same way that someone would say, oh, I'm wearing a worse. But part of that was due to the fact that you know if roseburg Tom made or embellished address or someone, everyone already knew it. She was sort of so able to be really choosy in her clients, either should really only serviced people of the French court worth certainly service the French court. But he also, like we said, was open to the public. So. And he was also working in a time when the garment industry was diversifying the. There were more choices for consumers. Industrialization was allowing a lot more garment houses to open up that weren't necessarily design houses, but just produced clothing and also because he licensed things. There were also copycats that were not licensed that we're starting to crop up so wearing an original worth did indeed have clout in eighteen sixty eight Charlesworth established the official classification of haute couture and to be able to claim status as an haute couture house. A designer had to be recognized as such by a division of the French ministry of industry, known as the Shamba Syndicale haute couture worth established both the Shamba and the requirements that a design house had to meet in order to earn this honor. So to qualify a designer of hand, finish custom, made clothing had to employ at least twenty art. Dozens in a laboratory environment and show a minimum number of new designs every year. Additionally, there were stringent technical and creative standards, and the list of designers allowed to use this label still exists. It's reviewed every year, and usually they're only about a dozen houses that are on the list at any given time. It's a phrase that's kind of lost a lot of its meaning in the modern vernacular, but it really represents the absolute highest level of excellence from both design and an execution standpoint for garments. Yeah, it's one of those things. You'll see people talking about a tour and mentioning haute couture. It's, but it's it's really much more specific than I think people realize because again, the you can't say most designers are oak tour like usual pogo ta is an officially recognized Kapoor designer, but most is liners are not. Again, this is a very short list and it really does represent an extremely high standard. There was a video and I'll try to find it so we can put it in the show notes that is not particularly historical, but it is a video of sort of what goes into a modern haute couture gown. And you see all of the hours of painstaking labor that really, really technically skilled stitchers and artisans go through to apply embellishment and make sure every seem is perfect in every seem, again, the inside is just as beautiful as the outside. So it really is quite a high honor and quite a level of excellence that's associated with that term. Whereas you will hear it mentioned on television and in film all the time, and it's not really exactly the. Correct usage of it. I mean, I use the sloppy usage as well. I'm not judging anybody, but just for clarity, that's the scoop detour. Thank you so much for joining us for this Saturday classic since this is out of the archive, if you heard an Email address or Facebook URL or something similar during the course of the show that may be obsolete now. So here's our current contact information. We are at history podcasts at how stuff works dot com. And then we're at missed in history all over social media about his name on Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, Pinterest, and Instagram. Thanks again for listening. For more on this and other topics visit how stuff works dot com. Lou. I'm Anne and I'm Laurin vocal bomb and our show foodstuff all about these signs. History and culture of food drink is relaunching as saver re along with our super producer, Dylan Fagin are hitting the road to find the stories behind all the things we like to eat and drink. We will be talking to the culinary creators and eaters of the world to get to the bottom of why we like what we like and how we can find more of those things. On our first trip, we went to Asheville North Carolina, a city that pulled itself out of a seventy year economic depression with beer and food. New episodes will be coming out Wednesday and Friday on apple podcasts.

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In the Dark and on Fire in California

The Journal.

16:54 min | 10 months ago

In the Dark and on Fire in California

"This episode of the Journal is brought to you by Merrill get personalized investment advice and guidance to help your plans into action what would you like that power to do learn more at Merrill Dot com major wildfires are whipping across California right now kincaid fire and the new normal in Northern California welcome to the Journal our show about money ramps up these blackouts during particular weather conditions like high winds and these outages are having lasting impacts because they don't just last for all time for P. Genie customers as the company shuts off power across Northern California today on the show the a mandatory evacuation still not contained the kincaid fire started underneath transmission line owned by the Power Company. PG The exact same way they would prepare for a natural disaster except the disaster is entirely man made. It's just that we're so reliant on having electricity and then the electricity is being taken away Ian went to Humboldt county to see what it was like on the ground during this blackout when I landed in Humble County I drove into your to prevent its lines from sparking more fires. PG has been shutting off power to millions of homes and businesses in northern California the PGE's aging power lines have caused fires in the past including a deadly fire in paradise last year that killed eighty five people in length every three seconds so far it's burned nearly seventy five thousand acres and there was fire on both sides of the road and enforced almost two hundred thousand we're losing power get very little notice he jeannie will send out alerts a couple of days in advance that there may be a blackout and it all depends on whether conditions so the you're this time about two and a half million people were in the dark and oftentimes like during PG's I blackout earlier this month the people that set off a total frenzy up there of people trying to prepare properly for the blackout because all of a sudden they went from thinking they were going to have all their normal services to me the fire hasn't been definitively attributed to the line but PG any said it's continuing to investigate and this fire comes at an especially difficult people to evacuate their homes we've seen people already driving away their jobs are in the back see boxes in the back seat as well trying to get out because this is an area that's under is for gas kind of things you see with hurricanes and snowstorms and other natural disasters exactly there's a kind of irony too because people prepare don't really guarantee until almost the moment of but it's not a perfect system so for example Humboldt County in the far northwest of California I thought that they were GONNA be off the list but then weather conditions changed and the company decided they did need to cut power to Humboldt as well and so humble county only got about twelve hours notice and so a couple of hours there days and days at a time in love is a reporter based on the West Coast and he's been covering the blackouts over the weekend PG shut off power L. and so people were driving a really erotic way because you're supposed to in this situation treat a traffic light like a four-way stop but it was dark and so it was hard business and power I'm Ryan Knutson and I'm Kate Limbaugh it's Tuesday October twenty ninth and the number of businesses I saw that were open around the entire city which is home to thirty thousand people are so the streetlights were all out and the traffic lights were out wait for food it was absolutely mobbed people hanging around outside hundreds of public schools were forced to close emergency rooms and police departments relied on backup it did feel a bit like a sci-fi movie and there were a few businesses that were open and Eureka running off generators and one of them was this restaurant and there was an hour and a half finding out that the entire county was going to be out of power and so there was a run on generators there was a run on batteries there was a run on sort of certain kinds of food and things at supermarkets that were lying supplies like generators to stay open and according to PGN e thirty thousand customers potentially serious medical issues lost power Z. and so people would just be sort of cruising up to the light they might go right through it they might see someone coming out erection and then slammed their brakes on it felt dangerous on its must've felt Scifi movie got which is the county seat and it was actually a really frightening experience the city was almost completely black I think I could count on one hand four and the other threat of frustration I heard was much more about what it meant for people's businesses so a lot of businesses up there particularly ones that deal in in food and to keep things refrigerated they are prepared for disasters prepared for fires or other events my family's prepared the grocery stores prepared we know how to do power outage we live in an earthquake-prone area we live in a wildfire area it knocked power out but they're not prepared for something that's GonNa knock power out to the entire northern part of the state that's something that a woman named Melanie Bettenhausen quickly discovered locate any in the area that would get there in time so instead the staff at the grocery stores started trying to save what they could by using ice narrators but they're not meant to keep food cold refrigeration is a massive power suck and so each of our stores consumed about PG needs plan to shut off power as a fire prevention method she thought the North Coast Coop would be ready I remember thinking we're prepared about fifteen thousand dollars worth of energy each each month and in order to have large enough generators to do the the humble county the place where the stores are twelve hours notice about the blackout melanie tried to find some refrigerated trucks but she couldn't instead melanie usually rent a refrigerated truck for the stores perishable items like milk eggs and frozen food but remember PG only about how it went. When Melanie opened the grocery store doors after the break she was working as the general manager of a grocery store in Humboldt County called the North Coast Co op when the first blackout happened when Melanie initially heard at the same time vendors were showing up trying to drop off more refrigerated products delivery coming from one of the delivery company into action with personalized investment advice and guidance what would you like the power to do learn more at Merrill Dot com investing in securities this episode of the Journal is brought to you by Merrill whether Your Life Goals include getting to that dream project or shaping your legacy Merrill can help turn your ambitions five hours after the power officially went out Melanie opened the door to customers what were the customers saying they came into and out of your store that day we'll go being prepared is just part of living on the far Northern Coast to California North Coast co-ops locations do have excellent ice in the open cases like you know those cheese tables specialty cheese it's open ice tags go in and then blankets I mean he was clearly in shock because we're gonNA devastate him that was just a small part of what would go to waste during the black else risks and there is always the potential of losing money Merrill makes available products and services offered by Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith Incorporated a registered broker dealer member S I P added to mark down all perishable items by fifty percent to get the products out of the store quickly and reduce its losses at six am one of the ice cream cooler and he was just started dishing out the ice cream to all of us so I have to ask you what happened to the ice cream employees bagging dry ice into paper bags and that's you know career for people their employees to our pudding packs go over there moving product from one into the store to the other though from the retail arch the back dock area there's product around and their employees the refrigeration it would take probably half a million dollars if not a million dollars to outfit both stores right that just wouldn't work for us if you are using caution tape to tape refrigerated cases also the customers opening and is all this work was happening in the early morning hours it's a brilliant idea of boiling water and hand pouring it through the drip coffeemaker so we were one of the only places to have coffee available we'll be sold a lot of it fifty percent off but people didn't have a place to store at home so mostly the ice cream perished talked to him I I have to drop it here I really need to talk to your boss and what did the boss say he should yes no problem I don't have a generator I can't hurt my product and I'm GonNa lose it all and I had to stay on there too I I cannot help you on sorry it's going to go back here too? Giving perishable food that the health department deems not edible to employees is a liability sure and it was a difficult conversation to have the line down every aisle but people were so calm and so nice to each other we had a line up the door for coffee one of our employees I don't know how to describe what it was like the stores were you can barely squeeze through there you know that's not our goal we're not trying to pay shareholders we're just making enough profit to keep the business going the indirect impact of the wildfire situation in the PG any shutoff could create just as devastating situation as an actual fire. Here's how does this make you feel when it comes to the grocery business I don't know how it can be sustained financially the honestly by some real quick thinking by the folks who run the show at the grocery store but in this case if insurance isn't gonNA cover it or and for Melanie this new added stress of no power is making her reconsider where she lives in a text message she told us that she's thinking about dollars with product and not was at wholesale not retail and that was with us making the decision to keep our doors open markets had a local vendor who still tofu he makes themselves tofu comes through even before it was light out even before our doors are open and he can you take my product because why are you just giving us to employees or just giving us out for free and the answer is because the health department showed up and said no you can't we lost more than eighty five thousand continue for a decade and the frustration about them and the company that's causing them is something that a lot of people are feeling according to our reporter leaving California and said I was willing to take my chances on the sporadic unpredictable nature of fires earthquakes and soon nominees we see an welcome back for the North Coast Co op ready to make sure there's not another deadly fire you know everyone in this region has lived through fires a lot of people know people who have lost their homes so the all the perishables to fifty percent in move out as much as we possibly could and and this blackout is just one of many that PG says will happen over the course of the next few years how long do you think people can live like this. I think there may be some number of people who leave California but I don't knowing I will have to deal with the blackouts every fire season is not appealing. PGN has said that these blackouts to prevent fires could business of our size and for the grocery industry in general not making a lot of money in the grocery industry especially in a cooperative the people were grateful when I was a teenager and working at a restaurant the power went out and the owner of the restaurant sat down Dan there is a lot of anger up Eugenie there is a lot of frustration that they didn't maintain the equipment as well as people feel like they should have and that now this is what's next rejecting the and the more notice that PG gives the less likely an insurance company is going to cover it we were able to pull it off the last time think this is going to drive masses away I think for the most part people are already adjusting to it and this is just going to be the largest is in northern

PG California Power Company Northern California Merrill Dot Melanie Merrill kincaid Humboldt county the Journal Humble County P. Genie Ian PGE general manager North Coast Co Dan Eugenie
Episode 15:  Micah Hollingworth, BroadwAI

Startups Magazine: The Cereal Entrepreneur

20:24 min | 2 months ago

Episode 15: Micah Hollingworth, BroadwAI

"Serial Entrepreneur, hello, and welcome again to Syria entrepeneurship podcast booty by starts up maxine I'm your host and the editor care and today I'm going to be speaking with Mica Hauling was founder NC Broadway, Isi about how roadways coping in the current climate, and we will be discussing the realities behind the current state Broadway with light sound, and how Meka has evolved the platform with the current situation and finally how am what audiences are reacting to this unprecented situation along with what recovery may look like Meka? Thank you for joining me today. How are you M-? Okay, thank you for having me no problem. Problem Mental. It's a pleasure. I fought to start with. Maybe you could tell the listeners just a little bit more about Broadway I'm what you guys do. where the idea came from short, so we met our sister company says by labs, a little over two years ago came in and showed us a tool for customer engagement customer service for us, and while it was compelling for us. Broadway houses are typically much smaller than a sports or music arena at fifteen hundred to two thousand seats. You can pretty much always see a staff member. Not See direct exit right in terms of line of sight. But as we were talking to them, and we learn more about how they structure the technology in how it worked, we had that light bulb. Moment of will what if we use the technology to also sell tickets to the event? In simplest description got replicating that experience purchasing tickets at the box office window, but now digitally anywhere. In the value in that, of course, you're expanding here sales at ormer sales potential, but even more importantly you're getting a record of each and every conversation, and that's just a a wealth of for our clients to go through and see how they cannot demise, not just sales, but also the experience for the user may thing. And how long ago was it that you kind of start i? And it was officially founded launched in June of eighteen, which in the current environment feels like a lifetime ago, but it's actually relatively pretty, it's it's still early. Definitely and how is the two year Eugenie from? Then to now kind of been fully I imagine like any startup. It's been very up and down sometimes in the same day, but overall the adoption and uses technology's been very positive, and for our client base were now starting to reap the rewards of that data in terms of being able to provide them better insights into what their fans are looking, or what type of experiences they can provide in how they could optimize sales so. So far so good Taffeta because you told me through how the platform works in kind of how the technology that you use wax right so often when we talk about with new clients or prospective clients, they focus on the questions that are going be asked, and we actually come at the other way where we're building an answer engine, so we're looking at all of their available information about the venue about their tickets about whatever it is, they want surface for their fan base. And we structure that data so then you can plug it into a chat or voice format, so that you can I ask queries and get that information back it all starts with structuring that data and making a ready I'll call and obviously being in the kind of a I space. How is the technology kind of progressed over the past few years because it has been say the last ten years or so. That is really kind of come on, hasn't it? Has I mean for us? It's really about learning the getting very very specific with customer intent. If someone is coming in asking questions for tickets. They're giving a lot of information as they're searching that if you. You can really drill down on the intense and sort through that data on a macro level. There's a lot of actionable opportunities there for that for the immediate client base, but also for when you go out in your marketing to new perspective client or new fans completely. So how have you kind of grown in the last two years? How many do you currently have on your team? So our teams actually pretty small. It's just myself and my co founder for the moment. We're operating it together. The technology partner art. Our sister company satisfy laps has grown from a dozen when we first start working with them to now they're approaching thirty or gently during through this. Crisis while there's been reductions and there's been a lot of cost savings. They've been able to keep everybody on staff. We're still working away. We're still trying to build in bake more improvements into the tech amazing. And what kind of challenges have you faced along your way of your two year? Johnny Sipho home. It's software right so. The problems are endless. I learned very early on that. You're never done. Even when you release a product or you release a a new iteration of the technology itself, you're immediately than looking to the next round or level improvements or your engagements, the fans coming in actually immediately point out holes in the knowledge base, or how the tech setup or the data's pointing you in a different direction, so the need for tinkering for improvements or future builds on top up is endless. And you've touched on Nice. Say a little bit, but I know that you guys at Broadway have been react into the current climate overseas must have disrupted the industry quite bit and I believe that you've kind of pull out a new feature to notify. Can you tell me more about that? Sure so for us for always shut down on Friday the march thirteen so in. In the two weeks building up to that we saw combined with as fine their music in sports clients that they have on that side of the business. We had over ten thousand inquiries from fans asking anything around Kovic, anything from cancellations or postponement or exchange policies to how are you keeping me safe for how you clean the venue immediately seeing those queries come in it. It was not hard for us to see what was going to happen, or we immediately started to work with our client base to provide them with a quick and seamless tool within the jet that allows them to the responses so that they can be very very nimble, and as information changes that can quickly surface that information within the chat because at this stage I mean. Mean for us for our chat and voice clients the majority of the information. They're looking for a likely find if they spent a little bit of time on the website, but in today's world I just would like an immediate answer to my query, and then potentially a follow up question or two as a result of what you're giving me so being able to have. Have that information readily available in serviceable to the fans was the utmost importance once we had that foundation than it became going back to the intense comment from before people are coming. They're engaging with this. Asking questions and they're demonstrating. Are they just looking for a straight up refund than we should be able to get them the information here? Are they asking about exchanged and? And, let's see if we can get them to register or buying us an email or cellphone number, four schedule updates or changes all those it will allow our partners when we get to the other side of this and we're attempting to restart to not just send out a blanket email marketing campaign to anybody who is registered on its list. Right in this case back. Back why these folks were looking to exchange tickets into future dates, I'm approach them differently than these people over here that we're asking me questions right so that you can start to personalise and better target or better respond to love your fans are looking for yeah, and in kind of times of general, Broadway situations right now have a lot of the shows in performance as As and gigs and stuff had to be canceled rather than conduct by naming or people looking to kind of whatever they can right now. Is it unsure right now for Broadway was pretty black and white I. Guess You could say fortunate in that way, although not really up. When the first cancellation notice came through in the thirteenth, we canceled for thirty days and those. Are just cancelled and did provide opportunities for fans to. If they didn't want refund to exchange into a future date, but if they didn't do anything right, they failed to respond. Just let the timer run out if you will. They automatically received it now. We're in this process as sure. You're experiencing there in the UK, where it's this rolling kind of cancelation or postponement calendar now where? It seems to be that. We're at least in the New York area looking at thirty day windows and making determinations at set periods about okay. Are we going to be able to do it in the next month will do in the next month. I think most are looking towards in some time early twenty, twenty, one as a potential restart, but for Rodway, right in particular will be one of the last ones that will be lit or be turned back on right. Right because we're very confined, public spaces has scattered seating plans or plots doesn't really work because even entrance, you know the egress into the theaters themselves. It's so tight on the flip side of that. Though I would say you know as a New Yorker. If I'm back to work in the fall and I'm taking the subway every day than I. Don't know if I'm going to be as concerned about sitting down in Broadway theater because I'm in the subway every. Every day right once I'm in mass transit than whatever protections I can take our the protections. I can take so there's so many unknowns is las speculation and what we tried to make sure that we're a communications to the fans are clear. We know you really WANNA. COME BACK! Here's what you can just sign up here. You don't even have to do anything again. We will keep you posted from here on House right that just make. The fans feel supported and. And make the process easy so that you have the greatest likelihood that they're gonNA. Come back I'm dizzy. Technology within you'll platform make this process easier for you guys does yes, and it's all about going back to earlier. Common in terms of how fans are just looking for media information while they're also looking for immediate purchase, potential or or ease of purchase rights thumb in Amazon. Alexa than I need to have an integration with. Amazon paid to make that scene. Scene will step up with Apple. An apple business chat than I need to have an integration with apple pay. Essentially we're just. We're moving towards that digitisation of payment where it's that one click that in an apple world you know the quick face Id. Scan on your phone. The payments done that's just going to be the activation from fans for everything, of course, so have you guys been light really busy the past month also dealing with all these repercussions and contact. Contact the customer have into so out the different change rather than refund and stuff it comes in waves as you would expect and the real focus or the real hard work that's being done right by my partner in the satisfied team is even though that entire teams remotes are keeping that team connected keeping that team working in focus on the goal love all these various improvements in ditches that were adding to tech so that when we come to the other. Other side of this new banked, all this technology banked all this good word that you can roll out immediately. Have Client base start fees because they're. They're certainly relying on the technology as it works right now, which is great, but we want to best position on the other side to maximize opportunity because it does appear, there's going to be a ton of just pent up. Demand based on the behavior activity. We're seeing I'll call so. How's the industry really been affected? affected. Do you think it's going to be a massive blow to Broadway? And then when it starts backup will people got mad for it once? It is safe for them like you said when you are officially able to completely open again will there be a massive influx cheating. People will ready miss in. The industry would explode again I think it's still very much up in the air, probably very very resilient, returned in flourished after the attacks of nine eleven it. Returned after the economic downturn of two thousand eight, so I have any doubt that that's going to happen, but given the significance of the circumstances always never been shuttered for this period of time ever and based on its archaic kind of commercial makeup meaning. You've over fifteen union contracts. You have these really complicated in feeder license agreements and everything is built on a two-week financial settlement model. It's you know you you play this week in that week now close to settle up I truly have another six months of stark time than. Than when we return, there will certainly be a significant number of shows that just won't reopen and what happens during that six months in terms of the overall business model, and whether or not, there's any accommodations or changes made to the business model is to be seen. Mostly High Fillet will pick up the obviously I. Liked your release fear. Yeah I mean to be honest it. It doesn't have to change in order for it to return, but failure to change will likely make it a longer path to recovery of course. You, guys kind of being busy in flourishes like you said it comes Sam. How would you describe the last well say few weeks. It's been nice cut. Nearly a couple of months now has an seems she kind of went into lockdown. How would you describe journey? Four Broadway I. It's been uncharted territory from relocating in completely working with remote teams to trying to anticipate circumstances, which now just proved to be almost impossible to. It's been challenge. Lead the feedback. We've gotten back from our clients. As they feel supported and taken care of and so that's that's what's important definitely and how you guys I know you said there's kind of only. Only two of you the quite fondness, but then see with your sister company House everyone poked with for might work in. Did you fit full was quite big change for you guys. We did have a company policy in place where there was one or maybe two days a month. Where would be remote working typically as you imagine like on on a Friday something like that to give people a little bit more space, and hopefully little bit more Bam with brain base to be able to think through more complex stuff rather than in office setting wear despite everybody's best effort to you often get interrupted just because that's the day to day. Work, it is a challenge. The longer goes in many regards. The harder it gets right because you. You just have this distance it. It's more than just work. You're looking for right real human connection finding ways to remain in touch. Finding ways to remain social to support each other is important. If you can combine those things with staying on the blueprint and executing the work, you'll you complete that project? You feel really good about it, but now you WANNA. Share in that reward or that moment with the team, and yet there hundreds thousands of miles scattered all over the place, so it's a challenge for sure definitely. and. Did you guys have any kind of plan to the future that will massively kind of interrupted by virus, and if not, what kind of all your plans for the future both short and long term that we didn't have nothing that was disrupted, but I would say was disrupted sewage. Put on, pause right so we. We launched a voice skill for Phantom of the air. Air, which because it's on Alexa has an Amazon pay integration, so we were in the midst of working out relationship with Amazon advertising along with Amazon Eighteen, where for client base if I'm accepting Amazon as a method of payment, if I'm spending much money doing search engine advertising. Maybe I should devote. Some of that might as ended with Amazon's product in with their team because. Because now, advertising the prime members who have an Amazon pay count saying here's a really super easy way to purchase your tickets, so that's not gone, but it's on hold until we have performances right so There's a half dozen different projects like that that we continue to work on and had prioritized in the goal being that working backwards from whenever we start to kind. Kind of circle around a presumed date, or or have a not a date certain, but we have a horizon of where it's coming than working backward. Saying Okay Great. We got these years. These new plug INS are here's these new tools that come with our services that you can start to us now to help you ramp up for performances that you can make sure. You're getting people in the door. Definite A, and what do you think is next for a I in the industry in general anesthesia? In for you guys AI technology thing. The next ten years will be just as exciting or do you think arenavirus affected that in any way by instinct? At the moment it's hard to say for sure right or with certainty, but the the moment would say that the efforts that. That were in place technology, wise tonight, moving from voice, moving contact lists operations in any way shape or form. All those will just be accelerated in the move faster so I think the pace of change that was coming before all this felt really hard to manage and I think that's GonNa. Especially on the other side, be further accelerated, and you'll likely see a bunch of consolidation within the text based certainly. Certainly within the ticketing space I think you'll see some consolidation amongst major players, and typically when that happens, you'll get some burst of quick innovation that then they sit there platform on for a while for us. We're moving towards a world where we'll be right now. The ticketing flow is we would describe his slotted meaning that which we're guiding you through the conversation to make sure that you get the outcome. Outcome that you want, but we're in the midst of and then when we when Broadway pins will have a completely free form, conversational flow set up so that the van can will truly be able to say lie want two tickets for this weekend in the Front Mezzanine, and we'll just be able to immediately serve him up and I didn't. That's the laziness may be one way to put, but that's the. That's going to be the expectation of consumer the harder I have to work to engage with your to purchase what you're offering to me. The less likely, I am going to purchase it right make it easy Meghan, intuitive knowing enough about me so that it can provide me what I'm looking for without me having to ask without it being creepy than Uncanny Valley. It's like how'd you know I was just looking at bird feeders yesterday. You know that cattle thing so there's a lot come. And if you could go back and deal Danny again, would you do anything different? Sure there are so many I could rattle off a half dozen mistakes that I wish could have avoided in some way shape or form, but frankly each those mistakes have informed and helped me arrived area now. So I don't thankfully I don't have that major mistake or miscalculation in. In my past or that was the absolute wrong choices like no, I've made mistakes, but we've all helped me arrived where I'm at now, and we'll see where it goes from here. Definitely, said finally kind of this concession up. Do you have any advice for any other startups or founders? Out There for myself? It was I. Always Find I'm more successful. Successful if I can keep by in the medium or long term world, the outcome of trying to achieve rather than the day today, because the ups and downs of the day to day will make you absolutely crazy, but if you can focus just a little bit on the horizon, or hopefully a little bit sooner than that right in terms of your time. Time Window I. Find Your more successful and you're just. You're more even keeled your voiding those highs those lows lows just at the face anything well. Thank you so much for your time today my cut was amazing tattoo inland about what kind of your side of the world and and stuff, and hopefully a wetlands too long, but yeah, it's been great genteel. Willing. Thank you very much and please be safe. Serial Entrepreneur.

Amazon partner Broadway Alexa Apple Meka Eugenie Syria UK New York Mica Hauling founder Isi editor Johnny Sipho co founder Kovic
100: The Ton  Celebration

Veterinary Podcast by the VetGurus

54:59 min | 11 months ago

100: The Ton Celebration

"Welcome to the podcast but the vet Gurus Brandon mark get ready for the lightest veterinary certainly news information and entertainment don't forget to visit us at the Vet Gurus website vet bureaus dot com now sit back relax. It's but to the Vet Gurus Brandon and Bach Brendan. Can Eugenie Brendan can chopped off again. My going to have to pose here at the gala can he now. That's Bantus idea. Try again you. You can't obviously scary Zamfara. Yes we are here. It is Brendan and a mark and the vicar is this is episode one hundred and expect the unexpected mark one hundred episodes take. I'm going to give myself oh rate jared. We've done fantastic to get here. Mike and the fact that you stayed awake for this one hundred episode Mike. Thank you very much hanging in there and sticking with me and coping with Maya Pans Mark. What do you think about one hundred. I have to say Brennan the time when you first made the suggestion that we have this discussion. I thought on the the first part was at there's no way in the world will ever make it happen and the second point. was that if we do it we gotta stick at it but I really didn't think we'd we'd get to one hundred episodes. It's an outstanding achievement and I'm so glad to be able to ride on your hotels to get e. I couldn't into it with that that you mock but also at listeners and amazing listeners and we did promise that we'd head we would have a one hundred episode competition competition which we've been carrying on a bat and the prize pack has increasing increased mock got an a better every every week and we decided by unanimous decision by the vests have decided that will actually have to draw next week in now one hundred and first episode being the dysfunctional poetry. Mac So there is time for our listeners who have not sent that name. Oh that's how you went to just send him out. Edgar is a DOT COM. That's it. That's all you need to do and you'll get an extra entry a double entry to entries. If you say something in take how hello goodbye as talk about might be mentioned where you are in the world and you do for a living if few of Narran and what you think of the podcast and that's all you have to do to enter the competition and the prize pack includes analyzing a print by mock of what I expect will be a bird. Have you slicked to the print yet MAC. I have an idea for it is well so we'll send off a poster. A I think one of the portrait's that I took in India those some amazing ffices in India that are Tom managed to takes pictures of and and Very California. I'm on nothing anyway you turn in India. You get a good fight Max. I don't think it was my father's skills who is mauled at those so much to fight is off so I'll have a print a approach prentice well together along with your bird poetry and we also have sponsors process as well so we have to to gifts from Doug at microchips Australia which is C. Sentinel Trekker that live trek I think it's cold and which well you you can check track just about anything with this little electronic device and apparently your doors and what is quite well and it's fairly in obtrusive truth and it's amazing what what places you can be pretty unobtrusive to fit into those handbags the goals take to the nightclub in consacrated. I'm not talking about from from somewhere. It shouldn't secreted into a into a bag and also to with a little bit of arm twisting thank you doug is is also kind to throw away as we mentioned a couple of episodes ago a lone star surgical and then he's fantastic intesting. Mac and I have to just sing out a big thank you to to Doug who heads L. extensive research team name and and and just point out that we've been using out every day this week we've been using the line star trek to so we exceptionally pleased to be able to pass an example of that wonderful surgical tool that helps us during our avian and exotic surgeries injuries onto the we get those entries in is my tip excellent excellent Dot Com and I'm going to go at an Unlim- Hema can in and suggests that are the two commercial sponsors or helpers long-term supporters Jane from specialized Animal Komo Nutrition and if ten Andrew Shamas from F- Ten will also probably give us something to put into the prize so I'm putting pressure on them. Live on air will live recorded on and we will send the name I'll after we recorded recorded this mostly what I can throw in the guilty because they are so generous that you probably have to apply any pressure at all in the the United States supportive of you and on the podcast but just more generally particularly here in Australia the Ivan and exotic veterinary community community benefit from the first of all the business skills thank our little bit all three of them go beyond what he's the the bay by Sakes for business to be positive in the community so and they like actively and proactively support talk veterinarians waking field so I can't sing the praises neely enough and even though they're paying us I would say all that stuff even if if they was no money coming they great people with great products yes so it is I mean it's perfect timing. Isn't it my the thirteenth Friday the thirteenth. This podcast is going out Friday. The thirteenth of September two thousand nineteen for our hundreds just just might be might happen. Mark and it's just full block and as you can probably already we hear from listeners that are listening in the car aware wherever they listen. It's going to be free form this one mark we haven't agenda agenda this we do have to news stories which we will jump into shortly and then mytalk world is not really a main topic guide to reminisce a little bit over the nine into nine and this one hundred episodes that we're having today and have a little look back on some of the previous besides and just have a bit of a chat and it may. I ended up paying a very long podcast my end up in a pretty short one but we care when I care. We're going to have fun anyway. You've gotta take liberties at a century if he's got take away. Can you brandon well. Maybe episode two hundred and allied to listeners in Kazakhstan. I'm we have fixed mice popular region. We have listeners and I still do not quite understand why we have so many listeners in that particular origin It's not a country visited and I wanted to now. I'm very beautiful. At in that region site. We want an email from listeners in Kazakhstan because I'm there's a fair number of the MAC and I think they've their fifth in the in the in the list of ragions where we have mice develop listeners and I I think the the foreign fronta the obvious ones that you would think it's a Stra. It's the US I it's the UK and it's Canada on the nets Kazakhstan which which is just pimping out New Zealand Mac game. That's right a theory about this and I mean no insult all to add good listeners in Kazakhstan but I think it's your fault Brendan. I think I think there was a a review in one of our podcast that you talked about the private networks and I think sufficient number of our listeners in other places a re routing through Kazak stop well. That's an interesting theory. mackinaw could be perhaps perhaps it's correct to identify how many how many how many servers are in Kazakhstan that can bypass them that he's Semitism Internet restrictions and perhaps it's we. They have a really big following in some of the regions like come China for instance way to have some restrictions we we need to hear from how Kazakhstani friends took confirmed that they have real we need some evidence and they need to enter a competition. I do and we look forward to hearing from and if we he okay from any Kazahkstan looseness are can throw an extra intrigue from every person get an extra entry for one who replies census surname Allen's has ally so as usual might cannot roles as we go here mackin the barrel the hat with all the all the entries in moby increase in in white market's going to be sent me a bit difficult trying to select this this winter next week so what I'll probably. Dewey's physically right. Dan The names or numbers on mytalk of of all the entries and then I'll ask you to to to call it a number or a later. I'll do some sort of system that random is it and we'll see what happens which reminds me. I just had Seifi youngest daughter said head head away into the competition not descended name. Oh to Vet Garissa Jim Commonsense and say what you do and way and then I'll sit a wine competition and shows a bit paved off with me my coin that when I said that when especially when I mentioned the prospect that she could win host she won't be able to win because just because she is a member of the staff doing a producing role reminding reminding you of of of announcing the email address to which people are going to say Brennan. Has Your Diet today the hundreds episode what have you you've been doing. What has excited you approaching our podcast today well. It was a good one. It was a good one. It was the one of those unusual days where my sings guy right and also it's bright level of business. Mac and you know when CBS sort of hit that hit that sodas in moment went win the consulted just about Rodman and you get some nice people when the surgeries are interested in cases that onto baffling but but not too boring and then the evening consults McCain's was sort of perfect storm today's that was in one of the goldilocks zone within the goldilocks. I I was and one of them included a the an amount of mentioned this this patient before an adult woman that lives in a wildlife sort of packer or a or I it's sort of a wildlife but it's a it's a tourist center on the white to a major tourist attraction here in in Melbourne which international tourists who food dye trips will go out with the bus and have the Australian or experience Malcolm so they got to this sort of pretend farm where they have the sheepdog trials and they have kangaroos air and walnuts and they have Koalas say and I've been trading this one met this at one bet that has pretty severe dental issues and which is quite unusual. I think he's the only one that of saying that has dental issues and I think at treks back to in appropriate died at some stage or for prolonged period of time so he comes in every they bundle him into a little a big job a big hydro or a small dog box and diapering him along to the clinic Max how Nice tossing and we I've found grinding Danny's tastes and and getting rid of the spurs and his last time I did. It was about seven months ago so Zepeda Overdue Windham. The Spurs haven't come back as bad this time so I'm quite happy with how his curtains. Julie is his name. Stewy the wombat and as you know one on bets one of my favorite Cypher animals so else really could find I really enjoyed that and I find it quite relaxing during the day too long by the many his January day but an Zola to Mak I'm just for interest as intramuscular Zola till two too heavily sedated he might and and then just put a mask on to Tyke in the rest of the way under surgical anesthesia and then use the mouth gag and male. I am trade dental unit twist with a really messy. F- An a really aggressive burr on it because I got huge tasted. I'm to the Crown Dan Marino sheep his faith so the spurs are on the cheek teeth. Yes so very very similar processes. You'd you'd expect with these days. An animal has continuously growing tastes the spurs that we tend to get on the medial aspect baked of of the tongue on Nice Loa loa tastes in that the towards electro aspect of the episode awesome with with him he did have a little bit of spurs on both sides in a cup cake tastes so when she was quite interested in eh but we're not did is first dental probably band. It months to ease ago it was severely omb as Ted a spurring piling the Take the tongue it was that bag bed and he'd lost a heap of white so I pretty stoic camel so on backs and a bit like some tale price basis guinea-pigs attend to put up with dental disease for pay period of time but yeah he's still doing well and is is is he's a he's a good he's a good a good fella and expect tall same back in another expensive size so that was one of the one of the cases are so today. AMAC and the other one interestingly Lina was a was a guinea pig which took an eye out so I- blighted one of the is it had had swelling referral swelling under one I that ended up the I became nonfunctional in also sided in very painful and I think today are knocked out to a blight that I and I tracked down a does have dental diseases well this one and it had a big ulceration an abscess that the back of this right on the same side display that I so I'm old. Our couldn't find a track that would lead to the obsess underneath. I stay low Riley. originally developed tossing was related to the Tinto disease so that Guinea pigs are discharged the last patient patient today and it was it was it was diepen. Specht pretty quickly some of these animals after I applied but my big worry with that one stint Toyota's Oh disease and as she identified as as Guinea Pigs can be oncoming absolutely not may aside didn't paint a great pitcher for the Client Tayfun I. We've we've provided God made it relief from the pine from that really horrible horrible angry. I was to interest in some cases. What about yourself. Both we were just doing a bit of a circuit of the local blood spots just trying to catch up while I've being away I I'll I'll read some old friends that I've missed Brendan and so there's an awesome prime minister I chat around the lake and the couple of as you kingfisher's is who very frequently coming pretty close to borrow the bank where I where pox I just touching base with a few who a few old I-i-in mites through today sands perfect sense relaxing now you you are going to jump into into the first news story and it's about who it is about phut end and it's about tom well. I'm always is interested in parasites must admit that when I first became a veterinary professional probably auto infectious disease internal medicine always you're not gonNA chew it every one of those complicated cases but I actually find that I do an awful lot of looking down the microscope at the faecal samples particularly of birds of many other species as well and August long considerable pleasure out of identifying all sorts of things in samples but most especially on wise came to to come across a You know parasites which you know help me solve the animals problem on a sort of most obvious and easy level. I'm about this particular case is he's a has been published in the Guardian. It's the old list parasite DNA yet record and it was found in some prehistoric human stools so fossilized on knee fossilized. I animal droppings are referred to his Co.. Pilots and these pilots found in the southern Andes which I belong to tamers aged at seventeen thousand years ago that they were deposited in the rocks of the southern Andes and that long long before humans are if it got to that part of the world then towards the end of the last ausage I believe and this compact nal and nobly specimen which the oath is lacking in appearance to the root of to a piece of root out of Jinja is a fossilized semi fossilized pace of Puma droppings and it contains is the oldest DNA the oldest parasite DNA. That's yet in discovered the some supposedly surprising rising as long as there's going to have been prejudicing history spectacle of parasites as long as they've been animals. I expect expect little have been parasites of one sort or another but the finding not only confirms that humor's family from the family we have feelings were prowling around the Andes. at the end of the lost are excited about it confirms that they were infested with roundworms so that so you know. I don't know whether they would have actually done fecal float on this. Britain and I think it's probably just been tawny sample. That's been stuck into one of those deny the the tests that Thome Tamed twenty bit of stuff in life on the markets. That's the White House looking for this series of letters gay so so yeah that's a the oldest a piece of Poo from seventy thousand years ago and DNA from I think they even suggest jazz. The time report that the size found eggs that they've rehydrated and save the completely destroying it now they've managed to pick out parasad eggs which were oversaw in shape suggested they were from talks. Curse Lena which stealing infests animals today in the authentification was backed up by the United Rentals. That's right this amazing now. Do you have a cupper light collection at high. Mac died at the moment but I can see that as well as some trying to find some of those. What was the meteorites and or twenty you know the the do need to start begin collection of fossil as animal droppings yes and it reminds me of one of a early episodes shortly? Jernaeus supposed- mine mine topic of discussion market and that that I think this particular article was sentenced by one of entries for our competition. I just off just forgotten that is i. Thank you very much whoever that was your name is in the head for the for the prize draw for next week so my story markets it's well as you can save from the headline for this one. Mark was was perfect for me utterly unreal unreal chaos to help train veg students and I enjoyed this because of the the silly pans in the article but aside because it is at the university the city of Queensland where I could find Bob Donnelly is mark so the university Queensland School of Veterinary Science now has a life sized assimilated cow and calf mark that they using for veterinary students learning experience that the Caton campus they care on the Caliph affect replication to help students essential practical stills have skills and I have a couple of pitchers air in it is indeed. I live saw his this famous bovine them. I am where the opposition I can do everything from pretend what looks on the students is milking the cow. Ab and and doing right tolls on it and I presume that can lend a bit of obstetrical maneuvers area and I've called the county. Did you know about this nine Noriko. Oh I'm I've called the cow Mrs O'Leary because the cow came from the US I expect because where this this particular cows in in in Queensland here in Australia but I've called a cab misses Mrs Leery in the CAF Chatelaine Mukhin or mu for short after two history-making cares from the US SI- missile leary according to the article is the famous care of Catherine. Our leary blamed for Kohl's in the Chicago fire in eighteen seventy one after kicking relented tune in her stable and while the five did start in the leary's by investigators never determine the tree calls fire and it was later revealed that the Kastoria was fake news Mike. You'd love this made up a journalist so the Dr John Reid who was given the honour of night naming the model Kale said I'm hoping this missile leary will be just as famous now but for the right reasons helping students thrive and len critical new skills and the calf which denied Charlene Mukin Omay Oh may for short has been named after fugitive care that game to fame in two thousand and two when she left Ivory Fence at an abattoir in Cincinnati in the US and spent delivered is on the Rod was ran it up and and killed nutshells random arrested is on a farm cy there we go so this is a Holstein cow calf simulate a model mark can doesn't mention how much it costs because it's just amazing acing now. Your son is in what is first year second year especially Second Human Med these they simulate a bottles of various medical facing medical procedures are incredibly expensive usually. I it's amazing how much nights mccreath heading my mind when I read this. The the simulation county had visions of you know a a Hologram type arrangement the chill reality glasses or something like that they say is I will state of the art Canadian Holstein Breed Muddle Kale all potassium. It's a very well. It's much more physical unreal than the the virtual reality ones or holographic ones that I was was imagining yes. It's impressive so I want to ah guy on just under a search issue chatting into looking up kopf distinct models and yeah interesting yeah yeah. I'm going to be careful here. That doesn't say same websites bad pretend human models and fees in various. I'm saying exist never said something that before okay right so we might move on from that audio guy. Yes I reckon they might have got some key model from does a company company called Veterinary Simulator Industries Mike they're supposed to me that's designed and manufactured in in Canada so maybe it is from he definitely article kid is way soy was the supply. I think they got it from. He is so it dislocated to strike your calf motto and it's fully articulated skeleton with Vertebra Pelvis and Spine Realistic Movement Immune for Braids Sheriff in Holstein Black and Red Angus and custom braids MAC available at additional cost side the guy so I appreciate it's part of this company produce. Patrice a daily guy and it's a one of the got horrific dystopia simulator and one of the other products to win this law as we record he is which is a bit sad the captive bolt gun training model side on. I've got to be disturbing this market. It has a realistic looking models of the heads of particular animals with a big hole in the middle of the forest which is shiny way to put the captive spoken as much as it's unpleasant. It's good that it's doing it properly and the good thing is that ignites you know when you know in the Dark Ages when you our university they was unfortunately I'm the situation way and you know back on now and wish I'd been more more ram will just it was what was done on and not didn't as as a young man. I didn't think about it nearly enough but they were dogs that we would to surgery on and I were animal's youth night so that would be euthanized at the end of the procedure. I'm sort of glad that there are these on his models that the main that animals don't have to go through those things and the University of Queensland's to be committed because as you said I've got no doubt that a lost lost size cow that's fully articulated and and and gives a realistic impression of all the things that reproductively can go wrong in the cow. That's GonNa be not an inexpensive investment and so I'm glad that the universities are doing that. That sort of thing is lightning. Animals not say it will only increase the as sort of fan modeled trainings writings and I look fairly stuff by having process for the full on the have have page for these captive Balkan trying models and for the penetrating models which is basically a head with two reusable silicon silicon canisters for by von minus two S and Canadian dollars. I speak for the full animal for the dystopia model with the calf would be probably tens of thousands or something but yes liberty guy. That was my one news story that sort of dragged on a little bit and ended up pump on a website so I think we should jump into our main topic. which is we don't have one but we were going to guys hurry some of the previous podcasts and just this chat a little bit about things on Jay? How Things Have Changed Malcolm. Something's change. Something's stay the Simon think looking back and listening to catch in fact some of the episodes. We've improved very much L. L. Studios have changed them. Emma come on a here. I am sitting in in my recording studio with acoustic panels which I didn't have previously and she nine not my Kustow mystic panels are basically cushions from the cipher catch behind me that I put behind the screen here and I do quite well as a bit of an acoustic panel. Oh I'm so of upgraded my my recording studio to to have the acoustic panels in the closet. Recording studio media was a closet. You still haven't come out of the closet. Mac Arm you yes you. He did post a picture of you in the closet in your recording studio. I think the one new Santo Kite lovely wife sent head do you. It's an airing plus it because I'm sure there was was was washing though is hanging up to dry Ola Rancho oh you will you use the washing for recu stick. Downer just using the hanging clothes as a diffuser for the united also yes and engineer. I told you where I got that idea from talking to apparently it's all the go with young people when they play the Computer Gang Zoll do they. They were they around various online community things that they do like to to get excellent quality sound and the hanging closed apparently didn't hidden the reverse It's an easy way of during an this one of my other interests matches. Tis sort of hiring theater and yet is you can mike you ryan sort of acoustic panels to stop the stop. The the wives revoke riding riding around the way raigmore you can just have very long drapes and curtains could help with it share it some digital penalty you can put on the wall most Noel Him by Commissioner as I on anything too fancy Diana special material they just fire him basically but I might looks like a piece of artwork so it's a little bit a little bit visually more appealing than just heavy cushions. I'm sitting Knoller Ranji like they are at the moment with many in Murray Coordin- corner of the last by one of the people that I listen to on Youtube is a youtube oh by the name of Ali Spag Noli from California and she build a full room in her lingerie in a unit to produce a wonderful sounds and music is exciting. That's where I'm aiming. I'm going to have a thorough Brennan thorough well. I'd like a fair but it would be the Vietnamese for which the suit suit love. It's very beautiful dish and it's one of my favorite food food types of food mecom yeah but social would be for a room that you would have official foot run. I was just going through this list. Brennan and there was two important things that stood out straightaway that I want to draw your attention to the first money's unease on the great variety of topics. We've covered and look it's interesting as we approach as we pass a century three of podcasts. I think that I was thinking. Oh my goodness way era. We're going to run out of topics to talk about that. As I look through this list and the great variety I can see holes where we could follow through with things that we've started so I do think listeners are going to be unfortunately troubled bias for or another hundred episodes also the second thing that really stood out when I looked at them was I have noticed at a well the taught of all of them characterized by the worst dead jokes all pans. I can realize this until of of skin through them and consistently there. They really edgy humor. The consistently good smack is what our own be saying and as you spend spin many seconds trying to devise puns at least take a couple of minutes to do it yet may have had a few listeners home-ice two years now that we've been podcasting lasting comment about the quality of these titles come some sign they sign than not so good but ah bad luck liked Cape Cape Cape during the map but you can certainly suggest some new titles but yeah we have good good selection there and we are always after new topics and don't be shy of allow hundreds of listeners awesome. We want people to send us a name. Allen suggested topic your questions Brennan Likely Damage to adjust individual questions about topics and the way we handle things. We don't always do things exactly the same as each other so it's always good to just have a few questions. We probably could do a whole yeah yeah Q. One side but it's amazing hair. I think people a little shot of sending us an email. I don't know why we die. We die to minority people. I think we always send a very pleasant replied to the people who was sent to name out. I think I wouldn't be surprised that it's my reputation Brennan. That's my reputation Bob. We were talking about earlier. pointed out to me that just don't answer emails really quickly enough for him and and so. I think maybe that reputation is made. People think that term that it's not with writing to us but tom but little did I know it's not up to me like you respond promptly and and articulately and eloquently Lee and and we need more people to ask US questions. Yes I play send us the name of it cures at James L. Dot Com yes looking through that list Malcolm in what stand up for me apart from the very good title say markets. Several of the episodes were looking at Eh statistics steaks and night and I must've read look at them those Deisel. I tend to look at them for as the fascination with the countries that listen from uh-huh whether it's written. I'm listening through through particularly country is sanitized episodes besides the pain extremely popular popular and couple of the B. Slate. It'd be one said I'd I'd find fascinating and I would have thought that be popular because we hit on a topic of interest in for instance is that aside five one mark which is the derivates fat and for those listeners listeners who eventually started listening subscribing to lately I highly recommend listen to represented par and we talk about all the different animals I'm and whether or not they fat or not and believe it or not. There is a a book out. De that I ended up purchasing kate promising to give it to him. I cannot kept it is an says to to decide Remember due to animal fat or something rather than it has a chapter on H. on on on Probably Twenty Different Front Spacey's and and talks about that I thought not but that was a very very popular one net derivates fat. Mike and the hands on clinical surgical Jakob ones always seem to be very popular and get modem lights and some of the other ones market. I think that make sense especially when we have a large number of listeners as you say the occasional unusual pet wildlife and they wanNA feel tips on how to to for instance days takes off of a rabbit or ROB head or pro tennis Asia practically for reptile Max I I'm not surprised at is ones are obvious as squall has been. Do you think that what what to the statistics. We've done a few episodes where there's been like you know the top ten tips or the you know those question ones. Those ones go well. I haven't sort of Joe on all of the I didn't so they just make it up. That will change now. As far as I know that was sort of mentally thrived yet. I suddenly went Lo Dem with it so I didn't stick at its spayed super popular or not popular little Mac Ham cy. I mean it's an podcast lengths to amaze podcast again. It'll be interesting to to get some emails from from a listener of Fade Becca Bada at podcast. Originally I think we went for about thirty to forty forty minutes aside and routinely now on my end up paying spot on no to one hour in in total length there it. It really doesn't matter every time we start. ECI A kite this one's going to be punchy and we're GONNA have it out. In under forty minutes in inevitably are dragged out for an hour. Do you have your on the clock here all the time and and that is a almost double the average podcast lengthened when you look podcast generally the mice podcast. Guy For twenty to thirty minutes and it saw the papal joy that sort of bite size is twenty to thirty minutes because it's that would listen to on the way to work or during a break oh when the guy in Iran or will doing a bit of exercise this is the GM or whatever and they're putting in going to sleep a lot of people to help put custard so maybe that's why the one works quite well because we have several people who have have a modest and say gee. I love your podcast putting me tonight but yes. I would be interested to get some feedback. I'm to tin tonight whether or not the one that we do is is way too long gourds just total and how many people sort of fast forward through things things and I know we do get a few people sort of skip at Chitchat at the staten and don't WanNA listen to that. We have others who love the bid at the start where we just chat about what wait by not to and some people just want to get the tomatoes that news stories and others skip the news story and go on to the main story so yeah yeah that sort of thing fascinates may be wider paper listen to sit. He's whether people listen to us on fast forward or no not that would be interesting because I have a couple of us are Molin a couple that I listened to Mike and they podcast play that I have a my I find does eliminate did spices in them. Scientists a little gap Molin seconded compresses at Dan and it also speeds things up a little bit if the presenters a token a little bit slow and it ends up speeding up to a bed one point one to one point three times normal speed so it still sounds relatively nomo spayed but in the long run well incised me a lot of time because updating through the metal. It'll be quicker connived. Some people listened to regulate listen to podcasts it twice almost fatal. Amoah the used to listening to chipmunks absurd sir going to make them listen to me at all spayed yes so I think there's lots of topics. We can do mack the other the other topics that well well. I was talking about popular podcast where they now ninety nine that we've done and the other ones that really pay at the interview ones and are now Yvonne to who was free of those and there's a couple of papal while this molten capitals that we that we've made up for an integrated air. I found them very interesting. This is an interview at my can. I think you did as well with the ones that we interviewed. People live in the same room together because because it's fascinating I'm Wade and Wade just it was just asking people about has got to whereas I I hours. Veterinary wonderful thing about that process brandon was is that lots of these people we've grown to know and we've learned about the they philosophies and that's one of the things was about for me the veterinary community particularly those that do with birds an unusual pet seem to have a a consistent view of the world and nights. Eh Want my trod but but when we do the interviews does open up parts of the life that I'm not familiar with that background I honestly sleet. was some of the most interesting podcast put together because we got to see it was a an avenue through which we would never have found out about that. Part of people's lives any other way so and they were all good storytellers. That's the other the good thing about Tom. Getting those interviews that united just as I ride on your coat tails we get a few interesting people on an I can ride on their coattails as well. Oh yes and I've told some amazing stories and some very funny stories of but your grades fascinating to listen to what else I do with it lives and has I've got I on just not veterinary and a bit about the human conditions and account advocaat they come and as we get older and more cranky we static nabet allied to anyway thinking about life and the the universe and science Mac not just fit resigned some so yeah and the other ones that were fairly a pilot were well then our the really really specific ones for instance you I interview I think for one for clemency Isis in birds and that one was was quite popular older Q. Favor one side so well. Let's say they're all pumpkin some more popular than announcers and I think we need to throw enough. You Moldovan kept ones as well come because we still see a raise number golden cats. I'm as well actually there was one out of the group had written it down. If if as topics that people seem to enjoy and that's the whole area of of the practice management discussion and I we sometimes talk about that now in general talk before the mine topics but we have had a couple of practice management episides and also related to the practice management the Mental House and and and my control that everybody's cope with things and ways to really wanted to that was one of the things to strike a more serious note it is all of us in veterinary science will have been touched at some point by someone who is who is suffered with mental health issues with depression depression or whatever and do one of the things I feel really good about through this podcast is that we can reach reach out to people and let them know that The you know the things that they thinking the things the problems that they face they not oscillated. They're not align that that we all have to work at white through those and an air. If there's one one thing I really enjoyed that podcast. It's the effect that that hopefully hopefully people can hear in your mind experience some of the things that might be wearing them and tonight that we still we have some methods of dealing with it not that we've sold anything but tonight that you can do with it. Hopefully that some something that people can take out of listening to US besides falling asleep at at the Middle Yes yes that's right and a and acetylene joy vicariously your episodes of wandering off into the bush and taking fighters and wandering off on holidays and taking fighters and relaxing Max I yes it makes me feel not only jealous but but the curiously relaxed as you doing nice things I am into hillside porn and yeah we've sort of been touched by paper with with with issues with with mental health and it's it's an ongoing problem and we need to try and manage it in typic- we need to try and get things a bit more at in the the IPAD as far as the what what is it just in astray we help with the Chi Mak or I think it is just that was what I thought and it was it. That's just been a recent thing so I have made a few phone calls to colleagues lightly so I think it is a good the thing just too old for all of us just to reach out and and make sure that all the people that way no and K for well home that that Tom this one reaching out to them. Yes well. We might end up finishing a little bit early. I'm not finished one hundred thirty nine go though is going to be a few weeks for people listening in not just because one hundred but because I wanted wanted to win the competition and Nail I realized I realized very early on step aside that we will be next wake and the other thing eh encourage your listeners to do if they have not already pleased Guida website vickers at J. Dot Com because we'd like you to have a bit of a poke around the and into a search for the previous episodes. Dan Lied and and subscribe they and it does have a link to Pie Trenton site where you can give us a couple apple dollars we we we'd like something like united spend a give us a cup of coffee equivalent which should be for five dollars a strenuous to help support the podcast and we do have three sponsors commercial sponsors but they're very gentle generous would their funds but it certainly doesn't go all the way to to pine for. Al Out hosting costs by at the program we use to record in and how website interesting so it would be good if you could help supporters because we time certainly don't get paid for it. Disguising gets plaid back into the PODCAST and you get frayed continuing education aren't you and if you're not putting this tanner's of continuing education you should be we think it ought to get qualifies and it should qualify with most places in the world. I'm vineyards and technicians ignitions on nurses and if it doesn't complying to Veterinary Board Mike about the bad the situation yeah I'm doin' to have any sort of final thoughts before we sort of finished off a little bit early. All I was is GonNa say was thank you brandon. Thank you to all L. Listeners for all their contribution and putting up with entirely unprofessional an an ad hoc approach and and please stick with us we'll we've done promise to get any better but we promised to cover a whole bunch of new topics vicks and workout white towards the two zero zero we will and we will to Mac and also a thank you to intro. Try managed on a lot of work that I the last couple of years for for very little money and just just quietly. I'll think could cost. It was a very very good famous What did it end up costing customer. When are paid for this? I think it was about thirty. Dollars is trying to get it. this professional recording artists to record the script that we ride that was that was good values. I perhaps we have a listener who want to help pay hi for the intro and try to we can make a new intro or trail and a NI- can be part of it which reminds me of that pipe patron supporters math there's different levels of patron support and if you end up nineteen nineteen. I began a man up to twenty or thirty or forty or even fifty dollars way will find you up and and we will interview and you will be subject to our podcast. Oh if you like we will find an interview your enemy and Alipay the could be the podcast mine topic for the for the for the week so I think with that mark we we will saw off. Thank you for listening for this. One hundred episode and even more thanks to is if you're still stuck with his from episode episode one night in new of managed to stay awake for one hundred episodes we really appreciate it and the way every well well all. I listen to so have contacted as we've way love you all and we've really enjoyed allowing directions and all the questions we've had and we think we've got a really food group of people listening to us and we just type provided a little bit of fun and here. Ma maybe into your weekly life office veterinarian or person in the veterinary industry and perhaps we've even given a little bit of information that you can use that will help you with your data dive. It Works I. I hope we will hear from you next week until the in have a great wake everybody good. Thanks for listening to the vet podcast by the Vet Bruce. Don't forget to visit us at the website that Gurus Dot com where you can subscribe view show nights listen the previous episodes and more you can contact despite email and Vic Gurus female dot com to ask the question or DECI- Hi. Thanks again and see you next time.

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Chris Baber


35:59 min | 4 months ago

Chris Baber

"Hi there and welcome to another episode of run poured in lockdown so-called because this episode is being courted during the time of the crew virus. And for that reason. The conversation is very much tailored to chatting about how we're all Qiuping now. The moment we are still permitted to quit for one run or walkaway and lonely that continue as for many people is proving to be a real savior at this time of self-isolation and social distancing I'm Jenny Falkiner and my guest. Today is someone who did come on run poor previously and it was such a popular episode. I have baked into come back. You see he is the man you need to know right knife. He's best known for being that Fella on the TV ads he's the chef and face of Ms. My mom in particular is very excited. He's a guest today. She's constantly picking up all his recipe cards when she pops into store to get a few bits and bulbs in this episode. He'll be giving us some amazing recipes. I don't know if he realizes that yet but he will. And if you need some Easter weekend ideas while you're in the right place so we'll be talking running and eating like a dream. Combo for many overs. Yep today I have the very lovely runner slash chef slash my mate Chris Bieber. Hey Johnny. How're you doing really? Well thank you everybody on very well. I'm just at home As we all are right now exactly and we should stress this actually because we are abiding by all government rules. We are not together. We're only connected by the magic of the Internet. So where whereabouts are you in the country. You said much the Internet. We've thought about an hour's worth of technical issues to try and get this going because what? Both the biggest technophobes going I'm up at my parent's House Northumberland. So a few weeks ago when all star though. I'm just going to get out of London and coming step. One of the big draws can get out for runs in the countryside. Because it's amazing isn't it? We still get to go out and I mean even if you're just going for a walk or for an half hour but of fresh air I'm finding more than ever people are turning to running just to get the heart rate going as well whilst they're out in a boat if you notice that. Oh totally knows that these people I mean. My hometown isn't huge but the people I'm seeing running now run before you now. I think it's great. People are using this opportunity in a positive way to get fit. Get the heart rate going whether it's a run or walk just actually thinking. I've got a short for exercise. I WANNA make the most of it. I think it's brilliant. Yeah I mean I love the fact so many people are doing it will. It's free isn't it? You just need a decent pair of trainers you can control right for far. You run what you do. You don't have to his well you know. Be a serious runner to enjoy running. Definitely not one thing. I've been thinking especially in London this all these fitness classes. There's a lot of fancy stuff going on like this equipment and technology and actually we can't do any of that anymore and just getting back to basics and running. You know like I used to run onto. I don't really do any of the cost benefit. But for instance that Jim look I used to lift quite low weight and do different sessions and now impressive. Some pull ups and to be honest up feeling more fatigued than average is doing something different and shows the basics. Can sometimes. She's the best and he doesn't get much more basic than a run. You know what it's so true. And yesterday I went on a little run yesterday. Just did a nice five K. Tried to do it faster rather than my usual. Plod along and then I came home and I wanted to do some at work because every berry obviously have any commute like I literally nicked my daughter's as skateboard and I use. That is the best best way to do apart so I just ruled my legs. I often dines kind of piked with it was really good and then held a an almost so I was doing a weighted setup. Honestly if you have a skateboard there are so many exercises you can do with it a soda. I look tastic. I think there is one in the couch in my youth. Saw Out do a bit escape? Hold up work. You'll probably do much much more serious than much. More intensive work day but it was good. It's good to save and it's great to have you here as well. Schley the moment because this time when we are looking to fill our days at home we can maybe go out and do that. Lovely run we can also do cooking and these are things that you enjoy doing. Oh Yeah I love it like now more than ever. It's so positive on get so many messages. Not Not so much of a ship out running but for food is people are now never really cooked before. I think it will in the world. We live in much beyond us. A lot of people don't have the time to really devote to cooking but now we have got the time so make the most of it and I think if he can learn something from this experience it could be to learn how to cook and normally people want a quick fix are actually don't necessarily need to make the quickest dinner anymore. We've got time to do to do some at takeoff now. Even our two hours like. Let's let's make the most of it took Chris. I have even been cooking unbelievable. I think things have changed symptoms. Go into you know as well because at this time we're not going to the supermarket as often so in our house we do a lot of like poppins mark and get food. Get SMART. We do smaller purchases on a regular basis a big show. And so that's really off the cards and Ranchera we are. There's a LO- invade shops that deliver to restaurants on the restaurants aren't working so what they're doing is they've offered up the fruit and vegetable every for local people so we got fruit and vegetables delivered. Every I have never bought some of these vegetables. We look at them. We're like Oh yeah. What do we do that? So we've made quite low soup. That's good because that you can pretty much anything in count you absolutely a- and this is where I'm hoping today. We got some tips for something else to kick to live our meals every evening. It is amazing. I think we are trying new things. Yeah we all. We've got the time to do it. You know look at the minute the two things that we can really control and I got excited about is doing our daily exercise run and also what we're going to eat fit in food and fitness go hand-in-hand so think let's look at those two aspects of a life right now and really put some effort into it and make the most of them and it's nice to hear yourself. You know starting to experiment with food and I think now's the time that we've got to build some confidence in the kitchen. You know it's brilliant and the thing is crystal was news right so if you are listening say for instance you're about to quit for a run now or you're running already and I do apologize but when you get home you're going to want to eat because we're GonNa talk about quite a bit fair to say isn't it. Chris. It is fun. And if you ever go onto Christie's instagram page much like me. You probably want to send him a message taking care of him because he is always eating. I literally only ever takes you going eating again. Do you hold you stay so thin and slim and immigration whilst you eat so much because also you put like full-fat ingredients quite? I guess it's keeping fit you know you've got to keep fit and it just this old fashioned balanced diet thing is like just a little bit of what you find the. I could cakes and biscuits by. Just don't eat them every very like old school approach to. It's everything in moderation. Yes I'll use full creme fresh but maybe just won't put a whole tub. I'll just put a little bit into enrich or I think when you cook at home you can control what goes into your food but for me. Fake things portion control so for instance. I'm home now cooking for myself on my dad on. It's just as common sense thing of like well. I've done a big run this morning so haven't passed a night. I'll have a little bit more pasta. You have a bit more solid and just economic joy. The food you want. But you've just got to the portion size so a correct thing. Yeah that's where I get it wrong. Portion so my forte is really good. Let's see more of it okay. I'll have to. I'll have to work on this a little bit better than okay so you are. You are at home and you're cooking for the family of the time as well at this time I find from me certainly because we're at home and because we're doing the same thing to avoid it being a bit groundhog day. Ish Do have structure in my day. I knew I'm doing at certain times like I knew every morning I'll be on the radio till ten and then and then I will try to my run straight after that so of and got some fresh air and then the afternoon well. That's where I kind of have a bit more flexibility. But I knew what time I'll do dinner. I think having the structure in the day avoids avoids falling into traps of sitting around doing nothing. Yeah so in the mornings now that we have a little bit more time as well because we're not doing the commute which I can take a lot of. We could spend a bit more time making a decent breakfast a hundred percent. I mean one thing I'm loving at. The minute is like frozen fruits or even freezing bananas and so much you can do like up just posted a recipe for like frozen fruit smoothie and it could be an easier like if you got some bananas a bit blocks. Peel them. Slice them them in the freezer. And I'm going to get a coffee. Run literally handful of frozen fruit. It could be very bananas. Whatever you've got the exit the ice than big glass of milk. Handful of votes squeeze honey. Nut is one of you. Want literally Whiz it up. You can't mess it up even Eugenie. You caught my sister just literally chuck all. And where's it all up and drink not on a yogurt yogurt frozen fruit milk honey to sweeten in anything else? She finds the was it all up. And that's a lovely smoothie in other breakfast ideas of just done a really easy like Frozen fruit stewed fruit so loaded frozen berries in a pan splash boiler more a little bit of sugar. Honey just boil. It rocketed me for a few minutes and almost tend to like a jam consistency. Just not over the top of bowl of porridge after a run for me He's living the dream is her. That's good I also sounds like it'll be something that will fill you up for the day ahead or at least for a few hours so that hopefully you will not do that thing. I'm doing which is not cupboard every five minutes to see if anything's changed are you doing that? Oh God yeah. It's a nightmare is an east is coming up. It'll be a few strikes and things knocking about the foods at your got to enjoy it so it's just Getting the ball and troy against his neck he absolutely and if and if you are running or say for instance you've just started running your profile find that your metabolism's up you're burning calories that shock to the system and but you have to make sure you're still eating the right foods and there's a lot of foods runners that we we should definitely be eating and lots of victims. We should be going on. I suppose by making sure you have enough fruit and veg. You are going to be getting a lawyer a law of the vitamins unique. Because I'm kind of going through the ones that are essential. I mean we need. We should have iron as runners which is helps beat fatigue. And you get that and things like Broccoli and Greens yeah and calcium. That strengthens the boons. Obviously and you can get that in a lot of Veg- as well as your milk no You beat to Carotene Vitamin E. That's sweet potatoes and the orange fruit orange reds Be Sakes got really important. Because that carries the oxygen the body not senior spinach in lane till the end as well and Vitmain B. Tomatoes helps release the energy vitamin C. Obviously we all have intimacy and so. There's only do need all these things so today we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA suggest some ideas that will work well for runners because if you can get it from the foods then that's a win think Roseanne Bogan Yourself dumb if you genuinely just a balanced diet and he loads of different colored fruits and vegetables. You can't go wrong and now's the time it tries. Takuji account you might go. Monkey might not be able to get Broccoli so you might end up with a cabbage or whatever. So yeah just e- eat the rainbow. He all colors so let. Let's let's have a little chat about what we could cooking than so we've done breakfast which I think that's delicious and also porridge will hopefully stop here as we said and going through the cupboards and rummaging and eating biscuits or random mini eggs that might be during the covers. And what about something? That's going to be good for you and if you're going for a run on you think Jerry will. I wouldn't mind leaving something cooking so when I come back. It's good to go. I can dive straight and is there anything you can suggest for that. Aw Low things I think. Now we've got time to cook and stuff up a recipe for a lovely Lampton gene. That can not just a mixture of root vegetables carrots parsnips. A few spices from the stock cupboard. And you can use you could use chicken thighs. You could use beef. I think the key now is to be really adoptable dot can go in the oven percent. Nineteen minutes he come back. Bring out all the one pot dishes at the lovely chicken. Provincal Stu the other day which is like a french-style I use chicken thighs this. Coal Jet Pappas Onions It's like tomorrow or knowledge source with hubs of red wine. Put it in the oven for two hours. You can go do your session do will you can do. Have you need to do comeback and the smell in the house dot with a across bread or brown rice spot on so there's all manner of things I think. Easiest thing people? Jump on our minds to Granville. They'll see all the ideas on that. Actually if you look at Christie's Instagram is amazing. Chris Bieber isn't it? It's just very simple. Get yourself the BIEBER flavor because if you go on there as well actually. What's what I love about? Your recipes is when you look at them. They look like they are achievable even people who can't cook light me. That's okay it's just keep it that easy now you want people to one year. Kuchen home you can really make the most amazing food with simple ingredients if you just do things in the right order kind of thing so yeah it just happened to confidence in making things really adoptable now simply might see a recipe and it says like sweet potato and I haven't got one will actually try it with a regular potato. You can't really go wrong. Just gotTa get experimental yet. You know. We're eating a lot more potatoes right now. I think usually find something with it. But we've got some boatloads of potatoes and so actually we're having. I'm having jacket potatoes again. All they're still really very melted but It's just simple but good food. Oppy making hasselback potatoes as well by fever. I knew if I'm necessarily making them right. I've just been putting some rose Marie on top of them lots of soul and olive oil. Oh my goodness with our Su Su delicious and okay. So let's have another little thing. Obviously the weather is getting a little bit back have you. That's a bit more summary or spring like I did a lovely pe- in Pashto so literally used frozen peas wisdom up in a food processor handful of mentioned Parmesan cheese harmful and not. She can use any nuts. You've got squeeze Lemon olive oil and then just literally toss it through fresh pasta and then to keep it a seasonal when you boil in the Pasta. Just drop in a few spears of asparagus Broccoli. At the last minute. That's a really healthy. Veggie meal that Quick Fifteen minutes A man in things like asparagus. Lovely asparagus result. Go with some someone you could use smokes and meet its nuclear. Someone resulted easier. Is that quite hard on are not so easy and literally putting the rice in keep. Keep staring it until you've got it all the stock and you're GONNA have a result of and again you've just gotTa try. Just give it a go but it's it's just cooked rice it's It's not complicated. I'm trying to think what else is seasonal Lovely Hudson puff pastry in the freezer. Literally it you talk about you. Vege- Fox delivery just Kojak peppers onions roasted them in oil with garlic. Put them on the top of the puff pastry chucked on some cheese. And he's much chatter. Whatever you've got chuck a Pesto out. John Walk in the oven. A lovely puff. Pastry taught a lunch. The options are endless rain. The are you just got to got some ideas and experimental? The thing is we're talking to you. Who's you've probably got a cover? That's just full of all the essentials. I mean for you. You probably live in ready steady cook style kitchen. You come right. You can't just open to make something with Tomato Ketchup. A Diet and maybe some bananas. That's a few. Could that would be amazing. And so I guess you have to have some store cupboard to send chills. Yeah I think that that's the key home. Cooking for me is all about stock in your kitchen success. So if you've got a few basic spices a good curry powder a few different dried herbs. chopped tomatoes Tomato Puree. Stock Cubes. That's a good start you know and then it's like you we were talking about your veg box deliveries just to mix up roasted veges. Call one of the most delicious thing. If you just olive oil trucks and cumin on that roasted often the of until it's nice and stuff you could cook some rice With a stop Cuba and then just literally follow through that human roasted veg. And you've just had like a Moroccan style vegetable Rice Pilaf Top it with some Greek yogurt. Probably that in the fridge and then as a protein and calcium and as a lovely little veggie dinner perfect pre post run. Whatever you want so you could take another way news like Oregon on garlic. And then you've got like an Italian style and chuck through Pasta so it's just have stuck up the central in spices key to home cooking saints got everything signed so again. I am actually hungry. You an amazing pasta dish out the other day oh I was cancelled thinking. I think I could possibly do that although I'm not a big P. Fan so you did this. You did a pass the dish with some ham and I think you're fresh in the Pan. You put peas in with the past. I was saying we could just avoid that step. Just make you if you don't like peas. Why Chuck in Brooklyn it could be fresh frozen. You cannot spinach asparagus. Whatever you've got. That's the thing right now we own ingredients. We WON'T BE CAUGHT SAYING. Oh have piece. It could leave them out. You can choke him ever other. Bet You've got you know just thinking about how long does a piece of property take the cook? Two MINUTES CHOP THEM UP. Chuck dot in with a pastime instead delicious. And do you ever reward yourself after you've done some exercise you say okay. I'm going to reward myself with like some with some food. Not with all the have a nice bath literally. Gerard yourself with food without a doubt yes Most recent example was in. I'm an ASS. I Work Work Marks and Spencer. I love it and I'm in go and that new gastro pub sticky coffee putting looks quite appealing One of them got back off a run literally. Smashed it down with a little bit of Costa too hard in the fridge and it was just perfect and I think you should never feel guilty about eating. They're screwed if you've done a run just realize it's a treat and you. WanNa reward yourself and I'll tell you what Elsa had not that nothing sweet but you know like I was in mock season. I'll go a lovely golic. Begets like like a garlic bread? Since I was a kid at school isn't it adds a pastor. I'M GONNA get one of them and I'm GONNA I'm GonNa get and really enjoy it and actually enjoy every single mouthful and tell you what did it was delicious. It's so funny when you said that when we were growing up we used to have like if we had friends over. We'd have A. It's like a bag of garlic bread as well as and share friends. Oh my sis. Malaria is back. Yeah but yeah. I think you've got to treat yourself. I mean I love to bake and stuff and just a slice of cake Anything just I genuinely probably have a tree after every single session done because I think if you eat it at the right time you can use it as you re fuel. You know like some chocolate. Something Sweet Yeah likes to show it not to enjoy food absolutely and tell me about your running at the moment because I'm for a while you can do because you had an injury. Are you recovered? Are you back out there? Running running for enjoyment again. Yeah So few years ago thome up to tell tendon went through the Rehab and then I really avoided running for so long because it was an uncomfortable feeling in my knee and then probably eight nine months ago go into slowly got back in running simply by running like woman on two minutes off and built up over a good few months and bow It really is quite recent. Probably seven eight weeks ago. I got to the point market run comfortably once a week for forty five minutes a game. Yeah the timing of all of this is actually worked out well because I used to cycle twice a week and run once a week but now running three times a week but my key messages. Don't do too much too soon because I've done a few weeks ago so I'll do three runs a got back and a days late while I ended up taking a week off. And we've got to remember the physios on oaken now So dunk kill yourself but yeah in terms of running. I'm probably doing one fully minute. Run a week. Just the sheer enjoyment taken in the fresh air. Even the birds and then I'm trying to Goalpara a couple of sessions in now so I did like ten hill reps next to my house and then I went down in the park day. Wanted to do ten times woman on woman off like one minute intervals Just really got the heart rate up. You see that is that is really impressive that you do not because you could just be going and running for fun right now which I've been. I've been doing that mainly and every known again I might say right. Let's try and run a little bit shorter but run a little bit faster and I see you feign the e swell on board that but my husband is also started running and I actually ordered him some trainers because paining me watching him. Gordon shoes were hurting. They were in the right size. He just he was doing everything against what I advise. So I I ordered him some trainers online. They came he's he's can't believe her comfortable his feet and runs nine but I'm trying to discourage him from going too much because the last thing to do as a new runner especially doing overdo it and hurt or get injured. Because you didn't something just take it easy. Took big walnut. Because it's so easy you it's like a buzz off so I'd run and you do too much too soon. Then you yourself. And you're off his six weeks and right now we can't go and see a specialist because it's not a priority for these guys to be open to just enjoy and take it. Take it easy if you feel you needed they off. Take the day off Dump it too much pressure on yourself. I'm actually also don't up at you. Chris. I knew that we are allowed. Where a low diet for that one walker run and Mike Goodness? I've got to say when we're cooked up in high because I don't go out at all other than for that period of Walker on but even then I still feel guilty at times going for that. Hafer runner work. Because I think oh I shouldn't be going toll and however I may be in going out every other day. Night makes such a difference. I cannot tell you and just just like a mental health because as much as it's lovely being a home and it's nice and in the house and hanging out with my husband and daughter McDonnell just getting a hoot and having time to think and get your heart rate up in the blood palm just makes you feel amazing live. Yeah and also it's it just gets you thinking clearer you come back and it's almost like you're a outlook as much healthier and you feel better as well. Do you agree with off totally I I mean I like to run in the morning as as but for me again not run done and then a comeback and I just think that's my exercise done for the die off mate the most about opportunity and now a feel-good maybe you can have a treat and I don't mind them sitting around all day and doing my work. Do you need to do because I know of got up? I've made the most of the opportunity and come back and some days it's just a walk but Yeah as long as we're sticking to the rules and do not one piece of exercise than I'm cool with that I think you've just gotTa make the most of it but I think now more than ever the mental health side of things so for a key just for that little bit of released anyone. Who's on the ruined whom self isolating. I mean if you get the chance to go out every other day and just even if it's just brisk walk pick up the phone and get your heart rate up and just even if you put your headphones on. Say you're listening to this. No while you're out walking or running just switch off from everything else. Just make sure you keep that distance from everyone else and. I actually run on the road. That roots are so quiet traffic. I'm running on the roads just to stay well away from anyone else but I just think it can really help a low and keep your mind stay focused because at this time we do need to keep our minds focused very unsettling time certainly. Isn't it I agree I think like you say even if you just stopped for walk if you can do it and stay away from people like great like you just need to us. I think people really realize the benefits of exercise that maybe haven't done much exercise before right now might be a lot of people knew to run in and really realize wow. This is not just fitness. It's like a mental thing as well which is great if people can realize that. Now here's the thing what happens if they decide that we're not allowed to go running anymore and we have to stay in fulltime. Would you think you're going to feel you know? I was thinking about this year the week and I think it's going to be out running although actually thought you know. I'm cool with it because of friends will can Jessica friends. I'm the face of marks and Spencer got so many friends working so hard to keep food on the shelves of friends in that just off the cuff to people. All webinars to do is stay up so just have respect for the rules and stay home and I think at the end of the day says one way I'm looking at is it's almost like a Kohl's When are we ever have the chance to actually just do nothing? And I. I like to try and take positive from every situation. And if I've been training hard since I was fourteen years old I've never taken a really a couple of weeks off nevermind a month so actually you know what this is a proper rest period. I'm going to make the most of it and try a new skill. I'll do fitness in the house. Push ups pull ups? But maybe what I'll do. I'll think well I used to do one hour excise day. I'M GONNA learn something new so of shocking coupons but other people might want to say right. I'm going to devote an hour to research and a recipe. Pick them on out and cooking for me. I might stop at the now. Might start reading some new books that I would never read a one a probably think of us one of exercise. I'll do something different with run time and try and come out the other end of it with a positive such a really good way to look at. I think that's the more positive the more positively you can look at this whole situation the more. You're gonNA smile your way through as well which is really important. I think if people can look back at the end of volition thing you know. I didn't know how to CUCO. I'd never really run before I'm fitter than I was and actually a taught myself how do a bit of food and got confidence in the kitchen and I think we've just got to stay positive and think about. How can we use this time? You don't normally? How what do you normally do on your commute? Do nothing the upset that will actually think about that. Our that you save in to and from work learn something new you know like read a new buco spent some time. We have family. That's thing I'm finding US spend so much time away from home a much i. It's nice to sit down and have a proper family meal every single night and just not be on our phones and just talk about life not that we of A. Obviously there's not much current affairs to talk about. Actually we can reminisce. We can look old photographs. Do some old fashioned things play ball games in just really enjoy those personal relationships If you're at home with family. That isn't if not got them. Facetime keep connecting. I hear here we. We've been doing a jigsaw render highs. I tell you what day four of the Jigsaw Zohar. Everyone else walks off. It's just me and my own and is but it is true. You just go to find something else. So here's the thing if lock fully does become a thing and we're not allowed until suddenly we're going to we are. We are going to have to be careful with what we eat unless we weren't if we ever want to be able to get back out the front door again when we you and have you got something that you could suggest like if you got like a nice meal that's lighter but will still feel filling. Look at me just throwing things out you and see what you're definitely. I think well for me. I am not one for any trends or fads or any up. I think I was saying before. It's all about portion control of being sensible. If I've just been out for a huge run and I will a bit more pasta. You can stop a pasta dish. Just have a little bit of it and hence not will find those things like lean. Proteins are really quite filling. So maybe if you haven't passed the you might normally low the plight up but you'd be active so it's it's okay but actually have a little bit less prostate. Maybe just a little bit more vegetables on the play. And it's just juice dot com behi- drake and takes lightly by no means anyone of my some giving medical advice his personal spin on it. But it's just been sensible about thinking no. I haven't actually done much activity today. I'm not going to have a biscuit or anomaly off to L. have one so it's just. I don't think change what you're eating. Eat what you enjoy but maybe just have a bit less of it. Yeah that's such a good point and also I mean this bank holiday weekend and I it's it's I mean is typical isn't it is going to be nice weather. It's only four days off for a lot of people know that that's going to be much different necessarily to every other day because we'll still be self isolating home but it's also you know it's time usually when we will be in about seeing friends and family and doing stuff so yeah you're right. Maybe maybe this weekend's a time when you try cooking a lovely meal celebrate Easter Vat way maybe get together with friends on zoom and eat meals together. Where are you going to be having over Easter? Weekend Well on Friday. Good Friday I'm going to have like I'm going to do like a fake away. Fish and chips so I'm GONNA go. I'M GONNA ask the softening I'M GONNA do my weakness shop Get everything I need and if I can get one I want. I'm going to either get salmon see also called and I'm GonNa just read crummy with a bit Apostoli. I'm GonNa Bake that in the oven. Keep it fresh on. I'm GONNA make some sweet potato chips and then I'm GonNa make mushy peas with creme fraiche mushed up frozen peas and a bit eventual out the jaw and then Saturday. I'm not so sure so what I've been doing. The weekend is proper fake away. Some might do like a lamb courier or sweet and sour chicken but then Easter Sunday. I'm going to do a roast leg of lamb on I'm GonNa do it with like roasted vegetables or be some new potatoes make a lovely gravy wilty Yorkshire presence and leg alarm on Sunday hundred percent Yorkshire Pigeons with everything as far as I'm concerned on the boss just throw sitting okay. So then here's the thing. There are Easter eggs lying right. Everyone has these strikes when I was younger. Did you do this when I was really on my brother and I would keep hurry strikes and we'd we'd keep them as long as possible yet to May. I need still have Easter eggs on display dragging the my as long as possible is. There's something you could do with like a bag of mini eggs or Easter eggs to kind of make an exciting desire or something Yeah definitely I think if you do Like not many ex of I'M GONNA post a recipe for ready easy flop Jack. You could just literally drop them in the Mix and light chocolate many flop jokes or even something really simple. If you've just got some ice cream in the freezer just get your regular ice cream. Just smash up a few maniacs. Got Them over the top What else could do you could make brownies and drop the many eggs into them. So you've got your many brownies What else could you do for desserts talking about people not eating job? I didn't chocolate to chocolate. You adopt thoughts the best approach I love. Yeah Yeah I leave. Just come up with recipes. Let that optum into things but I think like a maniac Brownie or many club giacobbe delicious other than that. It's just smash them up Vice Cream or if you've got to now or just the Abaga mini out about and if you are at running how you get in on. Are you salivating? Are you know just thinking of coming home and in your face with as much as possible? Or maybe you've actually taken Christie's advice on you've put some food on before you've gone and you're coming back on. You knew when you get in house is going to be filled with amazing. Aromas of something cooking That would be nice really nice and we'll look I'm Chris. Have you got anything to say to anyone? Running at the moment keep going and just enjoy it and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just take an this less traffic. There's less people around if you're out running trying to appreciate a little bit of nature right now. I don't know if you listen to it but sunny right now. Just think this is Mike nine percent. I'm outside it's so simple. Got Nothin' friendship. Running trend is on. And when you get back and joy every single mouthful of what you eat just thinking on deserve this. I've just been on for tastic run and I'm feeling great absolutely here here. Oh Chris Thank you so much for come in and run. Pot is being lovely chatting to you. I'm obviously going to finish this interview. And then I'm going to go straight to the kitchen and stuff my face often. You might meet one of your smoothies. Think of Michael and get remaining. Remind me what again Any frozen fruits you've got Or if you haven't got frozen use rushing jokes in mice cubes and some milk. Cow's milk almond milk wherever you want a handful of big creek yoga little bit of honey and then you put cinnamon Napa or whatever but basically milk fruit Honey Yoga it was it all up and you've got nice movie done on that new. It's going to go before I forget it. I'm Chris Thank you so much. Stay SAFE YOU TOO. Happy running to you wherever you yeah. I'll be running. Everyone happy as well.

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Jeanie Buss: Basketball Boss

Daddy Issues with Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson

1:43:14 hr | 2 months ago

Jeanie Buss: Basketball Boss

"I'm always so fascinated. See what you're wearing and how you're presenting yourself every time you pop up on my zoom screen, you look exactly the same every time. You look like master of disguise with the stocking cap. The beard is more full. Any look a little tremor. Have you kept the kept kinda working on yourself a little bit? Yeah? Yeah this week has been. Pretty Money I've been eating well drinking celery Jews in the morning, just shitting everywhere. It's good. Running, you know running. Yeah. I wear a diaper. No, but it's been good and I just got back from a camping trip. Actually which was awesome. I was GonNa ask you about that. So in the age of Corona virus and quarantine you can go camping and I'm assuming knowing you the way I know you. There was no tent involve. This isn't like. Let's sleep out under the sky first of all. That's like an insult. You don't put am I right. Yes. But I do I camp under the stars. What do you mean I'm like I'm like a mountain man? Oh really is that. You see me is like this bourgeois like you know. Yeah, you're kind of your your new. You poor tend to be low maintenance, but you can be high maintenance. Year way more eye maintenance than I am. But anyway, so no, it was a cabin. It was called El Capitan in sort of glancing. But not crazy, you know there's no like there's no room service or shit like that. There's canvas tents and and It's every other. Every third third place was rented out. So your body, medically socially distancing, you know. Golf. Did you meet some new friends and? You don't even really see anybody. That's what was so great about it, and it felt like sort of you know the real world a little bit we made. CAMPFIRES and we cooked over the fires and we brought all over food. We walk down to the beach near the near. Like a sort of a state beach. The State beach was a little scary because there were people on it, but I will say that everyone was. Doing a good job of staying away from each other, but it was beautiful man. It was just nice to get out good weather. Do you have nice weather? Amazing weather, just Super Fun. Kids had a blast I'm happy for you. Because the during this entire time you've been so. Frustrated with the fact that I can. Lawfully. Go Play Golf. Balls I can get outside. And, if we as long as we. Socially distance and I can stand on the driving range and just practice my golf swing. Something that you and I love doing and I've been able to do that, so I'm actually a selfless mode today, and I'm happy for you got a chance to go out and feel somewhat normal. It was nice. It was nice. It was It was very good, and then we had a zoom call with. We had a little zoom drink with Michelle and Aaron. Oh, yeah, that was man that was dangerous because those two hours, but we're in Saint Louis. Year in La, so we got on. You know typical Hudson Planning. We're supposed to get on. Eight thirty, our time six thirty your time that kind of. Pushed we had a nine seven. I don't care it's that's not the point of this. The point of the school thing is is Michelle. had been drinking wine until you guys showed up. Then we drink more wine waiting for you guys to show up. Then we drank wine wild. We were talking to you and at the end of like Jesus. We staggered back to avenue I love I. Love Michelle I love how no bullshit she is, and she can just she could just annihilate. You just rip you apart without fear. I love it. It's so great! I. She's. She's just unafraid to say things. Why would why would anybody married to be afraid to say because she reveals private things about your relationship and certain things that you did and certain words that you may or may not have called her. You know what I mean like. Oh? I. Know I'm just saying like she's so candid and open, and and she's great. She's she everything I'm not. She is candid open. She's patient. Not a fifty one year, old dad with two kids that are too and my patients is at a one. On a scale of one to one hundred, I'm GonNa one by the end of the day. I'm shot like I. Try to work out. I try to get up at six o'clock in the morning I can't. Why do you get Hulu six in the morning? The that's when they get up. To not get up at six I'd love to, but it's it's. We're on their schedule. As you know you've been there. Yeah I know Y-, Dude, I guess I'm just I'm flat. ASS tired at the end of the day, but it was nice, but you had a nice yeah wasn't and. You have a nice little romantic session after that right. Yes yeah, and Actually Michelle wanted me to ask you on this podcast. Now that you say that I'm glad you brought that up because she actually had a question like okay, ask Ali the ask Ali segment we should do. A great. Night! If a great session, if a great love making. more whatever. Tat. Can Cover for the fact that you know you're not going at it every day, can you? Can you live off? What was a crazy great night longer than you can live off just mundane? That's a great question. It is because I think probably I can only speak myself. It's there's a conundrum with dealt with this for me and I'm not saying this is every man or person, but for me. If. I have a great sex session. There is a satisfaction. Yes, but there's also more of a desire. I get more fired up like the next day on sure so good, and then I want it more and more, so it's sort of like. It's a double edged sword for Erin. Because if it's on if it is just like on, another level, fooled. Wake Up. I WANNA Moron and allies sort of lights the five then she has to put up with you. Yeah, yes, so it's her job to make. It's like pretty good. You Know Yeah Nice. That's an interesting balance she has she's gotta find that balance of like. You know. That was pretty good, but if she if she takes it to like a holy shit off the hanging off the she. She knows that she screwed like figuratively and literally for the next week. Because I get I get all I get all juiced up. You know, but I think that's I. think that's every couple has a different feeling about that, but quote but quality over quantity I would say. For sure just generally so. I've never been less site that both my daughters listen to this podcast. It's like when I went on stern for the second time and Michelle was there, and then she came in the studio. And that was that was surreal to be there at stern as the main guest and be having been ass back, which was a great compliment for for you know a guy who's admittedly not a huge sports fan, Howard, and then to have him bring her out and there we are talking about our sex. Life might now almost twenty four year old was like Oh my God. Oh, God, that's. Austin. I really. Do, they do they not act kindly to sort of you're hearing about your sex life, they do. They listen to the show to listen to our show. Yeah, my daughter's obsessed with the show. They and you know they were already. Fans of of just about everybody we've had but Nikki glaser was already and do they. Do they not like when you're talking about your sex life or your penis? You know we really haven't I. I usually deftly. Step away from that part of the conversation. I let you of go there and and I just watched from the bench and in this case. I'm the one bringing it up because it was a question posed by my wife. Star of ESPN's Monday night football meisner bucks so you don't you don't WanNa talk about your peanuts like that's off. Limit off limits topic for you. I don't really think anybody's that interested in. Penis you said it. Or Yours or Sims for that. I now, though now that I know that that that Trudy Natalie sorta listened to it a lot. I. It's going to be my goal is to make them as uncomfortable. That's fine as long as they know that. It's like a thing that you're trying to do then. That's good I think if it's just me over sharing for the sake of over sharing or to be a little bit more. Open than I typically might be then then it's a different thing. Do you think your girls like me or you more on the podcast to like? They like what you're doing or what I'm doing, or is it just a team? I think we're team I think we're good. We're good Yang and Yang here you're. Your Oscar I'm Felix. You're you're to Neil I'm captain. Share I'm sunny. I'll be share your gopher. I'm DOC. I'd be a better share than you know your doc. I'm gopher. You'd be better. Share I know. That's why I said your share and I'm sunny. That's the only reference that Ivan I knew captain, Daniel, and to know, but like the other ones when gopher and from the love boat. You're not that. I know, but you know I. I'm Mr Rourke your Tattoo. Got It. Whole CBS Sunday night. Like Gillian. Skipper yes. I'm Tim Conway Your Harvey Korman. Oh I thought it was going to be John Travolta. John Travolta I'm horseback. Hey! This week was an interesting week because I found out that by going on. Andy Cohen show and talking about. Sports, coming back and how it will theoretically look on television and sound I think even more importantly from where I sit on television. I said the same stuff on Andy Cohen. In his radio show on Sirius. That I've said for literally the last month whether it's been on this podcast, I said it on Hbo Real Sports, which should be the biggest stage that talk about this kind of stuff on. And me saying that Fox and I think all networks we'll put some kind of ambient crowd noise under a broadcast was like my mind, blowing people, and then I said Fox is working on having. It looked like there's a crowd there. And I meant it. and. They're working on a hundred things. Probably Ninety of which will not come to fruition. Look right feel rights outright. Whatever but it just blew up everywhere and then all the sudden. I'm the spokesperson for Fox and coming back to TV with sports, and that's the last thing that I wanted my point. It all. Is You just don't know when you say something and again I've said this for over a month publicly. When it's. GonNa have a reaction it just made. It just made no sense to me. I know you're you're you're in a precarious spot because? You essentially are the face of. Sports in that you're the one who has inside scoop, and you're the one who's going to be broadcasting, so you are the end all as far as o of Joe Buck, says it. It's probably true, and so you know I will, but whatever like who do you really get in trouble with with this kind of thing? I, the only people I care about honest to God or the two people that I really answer to at Fox. Sports being right Eric, Eric shanks and Brad's Egger, both were totally fine with me, saying that in fact I've been on ad sales calls talking about and being teed up by my boss to talk about this very topic and saying the same things that I said. But, PR KINDA got upset, like. Sharing, state, secrets are I've gone rogue, or whatever and it's just. It's just a bunch of nothing. because. That should be obvious. Every network right now with we saw this this golf event and It's it's it's. Unnerving bed to have no crowd reaction to big event that you're watching national TV, so there's there's going to be trial and error and there's GonNa. Be What feels right, and what does that should be obvious I mean that should be baked into putting something. That's entertaining and. Important to sports fans to watch whatever as long as long as people who fi who can fire you don't care then you're all good true. I just don't I. Don't like people getting. Unnecessary unnecessarily upset about me. Saying something me being the story. That wasn't my intent I was using blocking to Andy Cohen about really all things Saint Louis and. And that was kind of relieved in somehow wasn't my intention. Unlike that kind of. I know, but whatever you know what we live again in such a fast paced world. It's like even though we have slowed down considerably because of the corona virus. It's gone in three days known even known even remembers it anymore. You know and most people like you said took it as a peek behind the curtain as to how these networks are thinking about bringing sports back on TV, and as I said on twitter I was like look. There is no traditional take on how we should handle this because we've never been in this situation before. Tell me the last time and national broadcast of. You know big, Sunday, football, game or world, series whatever had zero people in the seats. If that's what comes to pass, and then the question is if that's the case, how do you make it? Look and sound good to pima. Let them all been and I. Don't think anybody has the answer to that yet. But you better sure trying stuff now, but it will happen I. Mean Look You have see you know was the first to sort of take it on in a sense without a crowd, and that crowd really means something when you're watching UFC. That's part of the excitement is not just the fight, but the crowd's reaction to the fight. You feel that energy. It's a whole different ballgame when you're watching. You have seen now. Yeah, it's weird. It is and as a broadcaster, a guy sitting there. Trying to find the right time to talk, maybe more importantly find the right time to not talk and let the crowd carry it. If element is gone, you know I think it's cool to let people at home. Listen to a roaring crowd without an announcer, trying to fight over the top of it, and that to me brings the experience of being at the stadium to somebody's. Home Television and couch. I think that's my job and so again if you dip into a game, that has no sound. To announcers talking and looks like nobody's there. It's like should I even bother watching. The? Watching C. so funny because buffer. It's. And then you hear like the corner a guy like. Fart or something I mean. It's like it's so crazy. It's so weird. It's so weird. Buffers gotTa have. No crowd voice to, doesn't he? Like not everybody knowing up, he goes full tilt all out full tilt. It's crazy. You know I mean that's that's. That's why they're paying them in his mind. It's the Michael Buffer experience of the whole. Still Fun though is the fun to watch something live like that. You know I didn't watch the golf thing. I watch SOM-, and I know that course pretty well, and that was cool to see how they play it but again. It's four guys playing golf. It's cool because it's live and it was for a great cause to great mazdas button. When you don't have the technology there and watching golf from wide shots. You saw some tracer, but Yeah, they're taking wide shots and all of a sudden. It's like the balls on the green. They get there. You can't even really track their golf ball, so it was. Different weird, but but hey, they gave it a shot and I'm glad they did for God's Sake I. Now what we have Jeanie Buss coming on soon. I don't know when, but this is exciting for me being sort of a lifelong Lakers fan. Yes woah I, mean I'm so glad that she's coming on and willing to talk about a lot of the stuff that you and I have flung the doors to our souls open. Talked about our own daddy issues there she is. Can you hear US Jean? Really are. Just realize you're talking to two guys. One guy in me I'm not looking for I'm not looking for any free stuff. Any free tickets nothing down to the stadium arena nothing. I can't do. I can't say I've been I've been a lifelong Lakers fan since I was a kid so. I. Remember you coming when you're just a kid. I was a little, a little little tiger. You in an office like an actual office right now. Yes, where we're actually. Were not open farm lease, but we're able to bring. Players in if they're if they're doing treatments, are we have and so? It until the protocol a had my temperature taken. We have a nurse on call were doing everything by the book to make sure that everybody stays safe and whether we can get back to basketball. That's a whole other issue, but right now we're just taking baby steps to make sure that we can you know have our players come here and feel safe inhabited that they're in a place where they don't have to worry about a virus. That's good. I know you must be going through it. I mean look everyone's going through it, but on a personal level, but also just from what you do I mean God. What a! Joe And I were just talking about it. How how will? How a will come back sports welcome back. We just don't know what it's GonNa look like you know I mean it's just crazy. Yeah, I mean you know it's in my forty plus years of doing this. I, I've never dealt with anything like this, but you know sports has always been kind of a place where we realize not only for entertainment, but also for the strength of the community in that house or its unites all and. And you know it's worth fighting for. It's worth bringing back as long as we can make sure that that it doesn't put anybody at unnecessary press. You said something there that I think is is really the main reason to have you on there a lot of them, but to be a sports executive for basically forty years. I mean started from society's changed over those forty years, and it started from. Oh! Always have the disclaimer as a female sports executive, and thank God you know things have progressed since then, but you have had the stamina in the staying power, and now you're in charge of one of the most important sports franchises in all of the world I mean. Hats off to you for for being able to do it as long as you have. I really want to ask you what you think your dad saw in you. As a young woman at USC to make you the GM of tennis team, and and what what you think he saw in Eugenie to to know that that you'd be a person that could run his franchise. Know it's. It's like I was one of those kids. Before, he bought the Lakers the kings and the forum he he started. He owned a tennis team in world. Team Tennis Albion strings. And I was like thirteen fourteen years old, so he would whenever they would have their league meetings or their owners meetings, or whatever he would send me go get him something to eat or sandwich, or bring donuts, or whatever, and I would go and bring him the sandwich, and instead of leaving go to the beach I would. Stay in the room and sit in the corner and just listen, and I was fascinated by how a league rates how team operates and it was just something that I gravitated to, and he knew that you know that I was fascinated with it and I would stick with that and he could put me. In challenging positions, and I would I would have back down the scent I. Didn't know everything that I needed to know, but he believed to be in. That gave me the confidence that I needed to. Just keep doing it. and what about growing up I know you had some sort of an you through your child divorce as the my and we all do all all of our emotional bullshit that comes along with that you know, but specifically from sort of a paternal from the father side of things you know my dad sort of was there for a minute. And then when I was eleven or twelve, he kinda disappeared I was lucky enough to have come into my life. When that happened. What did how did that affect your relationship with your father specifically at all, or was he? Was So busy that he wasn't around a lot he you know he was busy building an empire in it was for him. He came from nothing he he was born in a small town in Wyoming and he saw a a life that he didn't want to live, and he didn't you know he wanted to have a family, and he wanted to provide for his family, and he realized that education was going to be his ticket out, and so he. You know amazingly got his undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming, age nineteen, and then he got his PhD from USC, at Age, twenty, three, which was really a. But when you know when you when you worked that hard, you're you're you know he was working? Twelve fourteen sixteen hours a day. That's just who he was. And that was his goals and. You know he I think he he you know. That's what he wanted to do and he didn't. Have time to take care of kids, and so no totally I mean that's the sacrifice that that that you have to make. As parents. It's like okay. Where do you land on that scale you know. Where do you land and I have to deal with that as an actor in Joe, you know. He travels around doing what he's doing, but there are moments from I. I can't do this job because I don't want to go to Bulgaria for two years and be away from my family, you know. But. It was it was? It was. You know I think you know we're all put in these challenging situations when we're growing up, but what my issue was that I couldn't get answers. When when the kids at school would say to me, where's your dad and I would say to my mom. Where's where's dad and in her answer was always. He's Zach Office so then when I would go over to my friend Megan's House and her dad was home during the week I. Why is your down at the office? Don't Dad's. Database. So that to me was the that was the scary part for me being that young in not having the answer and so I even. Went to the extreme I think I was like third or fourth grade. I started telling people he was dead. Because then it was at least I had an answer at least then they'd stop asking me like you know so that that's where I think now. Parents have been told that it's okay to tell your kids tell them how much you love them. Tell them what's happening. Tell them that mom is going. Be there for you. Dad's GonNa be there for you, and this is how it's going to be but. There must have been some doctor at that time in the sixties. WHO said don't ever stress out. Your children like just tell them know. Everything will be fine and not to ask questions. As I think that's kind of what. You know made me gave me. Anxiety was just not able to answer the questions. Right How did you explain his resurrection? Your Dad is what that's your. He's here I mean then then they. Then as time went on, then their separation became clear to both of them, they each started dating other people, and that it. It wasn't as odd as it was, but my mom probably didn't really know what was happening at that time. And you know and my. There wasn't my dad around so I. Think just you know. I think now the professionals until you sit down, tell your kids the truth. You know you don't have to go into the rough details, but just let them all so that they need answered the questions to their to their peers. What about your siblings did you find comfort in a pack? You know in your crew or was it divided? You know because sometimes that sibling relationship can be very helpful in dealing with sort of parents, not being there or divorce. You know are not. I. Or could be fucking worse. Create that kind of anxiety. Then then there's probably everybody's. Protecting their territory there. You know like you're trying to find things that you can count on that. Are that are? Stable, and predictable, and so when everybody's in that kind of anxiety, I think it. It doesn't land itself to be supportive or at least Mike Yeah. But there is something because I followed my dad into his business. My Dad was a broadcaster for fifty years, and and I was really close with my dad, and I saw the joy that my dad got out of going to work, I saw him. Even at is six with Parkinson's in different things that he was dealing with. He couldn't wait to get up and go out the door and go down to the cardinals, baseball game and and And so then I saw that as a kid, and because he and I were so close, I wanted to do what he was doing. And so there's something between you and your dad that even with all of that that you just talked about you saw you had a closeness, or you had a reverence for him, or you saw something in him getting would. He was getting out of building this empire. The you wanted to do yourself. I mean that's. That's a beautiful thing to say about your dad that he inspired. You do what you're doing how? How cool that is in the end with my dad. It was about how he He wanted to he wanted us to. Participate in the family business and. Early on where he had made, his money was in real estate. And I mean I. he wanted to be a docked a professor PhD in NBA Teacher, and then he realized like teachers don't make the kind of money that he wanted to make so he started investing in real estate in southern, California apartment buildings in developments, and so I always thought I was going to go into the real estate business alike I still. Am Very attracted to that business as well, but then he does. The his passion, wise to own a sports team, and and for him to be able to buy. The Lakers was really a dream. Come true for him, because he he had thought if I someday would have enough money to have season tickets to the dodgers like that was a big goal for him was just to have season tickets, and that's how we spent at time together as a family, we went to the horse races. We went to baseball games. USC Football Games. That's so it. It became my family lifestyle so. You know it just was a natural thing for me to go into the sports business because that's how he liked to spend time us. I feel like the three of us. Though carry around some weird voice in our head like that that guilt voice that I have it to this day of my my dad worked his way up from nothing came from dirt. Poor went through World War Two, only went to college because of the Gi Bill and became who he became. Out of talent, hard work the right time at the right place your dad became. He became because he didn't want to. He wanted to make more money and he was smart enough to know where to invest in real estate, and now here we are Ali's the same way. It's why we call the PODCAST. What we call it because you do get a leg up, but you also have that voice that. I don't know if you would have done this yourself. If not for dad, you carry that around to I know Oliver and I. Absolutely and and that's why. You know And I'm sure. Most people are familiar with the the IN A. After my dad passed away in twenty thirteen He left us. He left the team in the family so that the family would inherit the team and he laughed my brother in charge of basketball in the in charge of business. And You Know He. He was very specific and how he ran the team. what his goals were with the team. And I assume that's how my brother would. You know he would run basketball the way my dad did. I would run the business the way we did under my dad. And so when my brother wasn't going with kind of the way, my dad did things, it was a little bit. Distressing for me and as over the years prior to him passing I, my dad would tell me. that. He was going to put me in charge that he was going to. Give me the authority that if anything how he left, it needed to be changed that I would be able to change it. So? When things weren't going well with the basketball side of things. It was it was important to me to do what my dad asked me to. Just, like you said that voice in your had that, you know. My Dad gave us something that he built that he treasured very much, and he spent ten years. transferring the stock and pay off the taxes so that this teen could stay in the family it's it's very difficult to pass. Assets of this is to a next generation, and it was really important to him that he had that opportunity with his kids, and because he saw many owners like Jack Kente Cook who owned The Washington football team and I say the Washington football team. I will not use their nickname i. find it offensive and You know that when he passed, his son thought he would run the team. While as it turns out. The the estate taxes that are come do are so. it's it's so. It's such a great amount of money that he ended up having to sell the team to pay the state taxes and he. My Dad didn't want us to be put -sition, so it was, he was very thoughtful and specific about what he wanted to have happened in that he put that. Pressure on knee, and he apologized, or he said this isn't. This really isn't fair to Eugenie but you're the only one that I feel will do what needs to be done. Position to be in because. We're dealing with family, both above and to the side of you and you have to step forward and make tough decisions, and we know how that's all played out, but Jeez so lot of responsibility. I have a question of what what? WH, when your dad died, what was lost in Jerry? Buss basketball. What what did you have to resurrect? His reputation of of being. Fair and straightforward, and and really putting the emphasis on winning. and. Anything else you know. He was a winner and he wanted this team to be a winner, but he also knew how hard it is to win championships in any leave that it's. It's a combination of talented coaching Lock because of injuries, Steinway from injuries and one call can chainsaw an entire season. So you know you can only control so much right, but my dad. Really you know his goal. Every year was to get at least to the second round play. Offs. And if you if you got further than you know, that was bonus, but if you didn't make the playoffs that was a disaster, so he he always twice right only twice. While he owned t two years, they only missed the playoffs twice. Really amazing given things like when you know. Magic Johnson has to retire suddenly because of HIV unlike the organization wasn't prepared or a you know the transition of one star team into another one right that that just caught everybody off guard, tragic situation and so You know. We went year after year after year of not making the playoffs in that Ben Bat starts to. It's harder and harder to get out of the situation, especially in a league that on a free agency, as a way of building a team, and not that that's the only way to build a team. You can build the team through draft but you know if if now you're. You're in the cellar perpetually. It's harder and harder to bring free agents to come the end because they don't think you're committed to winning. Even if you are the Lakers, no, it's just crazy, because again I'm a diehard fan, and and there was a A. Rough rough rough rough patch and. I felt like that felt like we were just we but you're digging in digging, and it's harder to get out of this whole, and it's and for me as a fan I'm like what is it GonNa take. This is the fucking Lakers. What is happening right now? Well it's like it's funny. 'cause oliver like were you're a hockey fan? So by Dad owned the Kings from nineteen, seventy, nine to nineteen, eighty, six and so. He couldn't figure out how to win with hockey. It drove him insane because he was having all his success with Lakers and he could figure out how to get that with the Kings, and so he had started the conversations with the. Peter Pocklington at the oilers to Trade Gretzky because he knew that He, he explained to the Edmonton you know owner like okay Wayne's won five championships. There's really nothing else. He can accomplish there and. My Dad knew that he had empty seats to sell and that Gretzky coming to the kings would. Kind of be the turnaround that they needed in the meantime. Bruce mcnall came in the picture, and really really wanted to own the kings and operate the Kings, and he signed a lease to stay at the Forum which is what my dad wanted he's. He signed an agreement to keep the kings on prime ticket, which was our regionals, or it's network, so my dad was you know know I think Bruce will do a better job running the kings, and I'll focus on the Lakers, so it's. It's really hard to win it. especially in your city, your city and New York. Those are the two that you can get lured into the star and the name, and sometimes a fading star or a fading name or somebody who became star elsewhere. And now you know you signing the guy to sell tickets upfront, or you're GONNA develop to win long-term and that's that's always the push and pull in these big cities. You can't rebuild. You can't ever say public. Oh, well, we're were tanking and we're. Just doesn't work it. You can't do it. It's not when you're when you're. You know you're used to winning now of your fan base. You know I mean. Certainly you know it's like I think it's. It's like a balance like I I. Hate to say you can't rebuild in a big market, but. you know for example when when that the shop? Kobe era started shack came as a free agent. Kobe came through a trade on draft. So you know technically coby was developed by Lakers because he only played for one team. His entire career, so you know that Kobe was somebody that it was like we we could build with a draft through the draft or free agency shop, and when you're down and losing, and then we were, my brother was changing coaches at eighteen months and okay. You know sometimes you have to make coaching changes. I get that, but when when you go from a a a coach Mike Brown, whose emphasis was defense to a coach Mike. Dan Tony who really doesn't worry so much about. That that was the craziest. Effort rosters that you need can. And so it's it's like then then the outside world things they don't know. What direction are you going your? You should be able to see of half way as to you hire a coach. You give him the players that play his style of basketball and then the RASK. Decisions that followed the decision before in. You can see a path. You can see what the person's thinking, but I couldn't see what. What was going on and where he was trying to go what our identity was going to be as a team and you know. Certainly when my dad talked to me about giving me the authority to make the changes, he didn't really let. My siblings know the extent of that power because I think. He felt that they would. I not be happy with that in and second. Try to talk out of it when he would spend the rest of his life trying to like. You know and how did how did that go over? I mean every. I first of all I'm sure you've seen succession right the TV show on HBO I mean. That's apparently for the the The the the was at the. Family the monotony. I? Mean this feels it feels like you've got sports succession. Production on your hand I I mean I you know that is definitely entertaining that show, but I wouldn't say that. We were succession because I truly believe the Lakers would have stayed under that same kind of rhythm where okay! Maybe once every ten years. We don't make the playoffs. Instead it was year after year after year and I I said to my brother. You know win. Are we going to get back in the playoffs? And that's when he gave himself three year. Timeframe and so there was no reason for me to think that he didn't know what he was that he that he would deliver what he promised in those three years. Well as it turned out, it didn't go that way. And then you know unbeknownst to him like I had to. I had to assert my authority. And then that's when it went to court because we had to make sure. That who was given the Authority had the authority to make that change and You, know he had he. You know he he wasn't happy. With that, too. I think anybody. In a family knows. The that's tough. I mean business family business business family helping to say it. I mean it's difficult. You Know I. Mean I'm not I'm in business with my sister. We do a podcast together. You know and it's very minor. Let's just let's one. Pot I know, but what I'm saying. Is You have to walk this line because what's most important? Like Katie had an amazing relationship. You know it's been tumultuous at times, and especially in the beginning you know when my parents divorced, but it's grown into something really beautiful, and then we get into business together and you just feel there's always a little tension. You WanNa. Make sure that everything is good. Because what's most important, you know what's most important is family. You know, but when your family and your siblings. So wrapped up this part of your identity, so you have no choice but to sort of figure all that shit out. That that would that takes us back to the voice in my head, which was I had to do what my dad asked do which was the hardest thing I ever did? And but I think anybody that's in. That position would have done the same thing that I did because you. I know what it took for my dad to to make sure that we could keep the team in the family, and I know that you know I know the joy that my dad got win. The Lakers would win a championship, and he would see the city of Los Angeles come together under a single flag. That really meant a lot to him because he. He chose lassie Angeles as home. This was this. He loved lasting Angeles, it was he wanted to give the city. Something they can be proud of because he felt that they the city had given him. You know everything. He dreamed up and and he wanted the Lakers to. beat the Celtics. That was really what he wanted to do. And and and I I feel that obligation of that passion that he had, and it's the pressure like. Do you feel a pressure sort of carry on this laker legacy this you know this winning I mean not not just for the city in for your own personal feelings about winning, but for your dad I. Mean is added. Pressure there and then. The second part is. Do you feel like you ever compare yourself being like Oh my God like I have to live up to it. Yes, there's pressure. But I. You know I as there should be your the Lakers is a brand that was is about winning and know that's what I have to continue, but I I appreciate the pressure I You know an you know my in in the conversations that I would have with my dad. You know all the time you know. He would say. You'RE GONNA. You'RE GONNA. Do Things your waging me like don't feel that you have to do it the way that I do it. You have to keep the team evolved, and you have to like you know. Keep them competitive, and so while you know. They're like a lot of the challenges like a pandemic and I never had any conversation about that, but I know what he would want. Get back to basketball. How important the team has to the community and we've seen that. We've seen that no without sports. It's it's you know. We. Don't have things to connect US as A. There's nothing to rally around I know people want to downplay sports and I'm in the sports world during the sports world, so we're biased, but my gosh, when it's not there. There's such a hole in American life and even the non. Sports Fan has to at least acknowledge that walking past people watching a game in whatever town they live in or something to that like you said, there's so many things out splitting everybody so far apart that these are the. I'm a huge Saint Louis Blues Fan when I go to the Games. I in my season tickets. I'm high after big goal, your high five and people you don't know and. Pre covid, but you're. You're in everybody's face and you're like oh my. God. We're all just gotTA scored a goal, and there's just something as silly as it may sound people. It's a huge part of who we are as Americans and now here you are after all this struggle of you know the power, struggle and everything else, and you guys are FA, fantastic team, and you're in first place, and now you get hit with the shut. Can't even talk. You know you're you're you're the second NBA owner that we've had on here? We had mark Cuban on. When we talked to him, I would say a month ago. He was pretty certain that the NBA would come back in some form. Obviously with safety measures first and foremost in everybody's mind a month later as we talked to Eugenie. Are you still pretty certain that? In some form there's basketball and twenty twenty our. Intel we, we have. It all figured out I. I can't definitively say yes or no, but that. Is that what we're working towards? Yes, working really hard and trying to get all the pieces to fit together so that everybody. You know, it feels safe and confident Whether. It's playing games without fans or With fans with face masks. I'm not an expert and I'm not gonNA. Try to speculate what it's GonNa look like, but we now like step by step an and really. What I, you know a lot of my philosophical parts about You know a basketball team. Any sports team is that it has to feel you have to feel like a family union unit and I learned that from Phil Jackson and watching the last dance that becomes top of mind and watching how he. Brought that team together and You know the idea that I'm the head of an organization and that our players I feel so we feel so disconnected because. Not all the players that play for the Lakers live in Los Angeles in so now we're kind of spread out, and and you know. The the practice facility office becomes the center hub. And when when we had to shut down and and lose that connection it's it's it's. It's like traumatic for a team because they didn't have that. To like say goodbye to each other finished their season and You know it's like it's healing. Their hearts for that to try to bring them all back together. yeah, it's interesting. The last dance which is just phenomenal, but it it does give you F- Mike of Course Michael Jordan, but it really lets you into to understand what it's like to be a team, and how important that is, and you know. Like when Scott Team with Rodman. High, but like when Scotty when Scotty decided to sit. And not not not go in for that last shot when Steve Kerr owes Steve Guru, hit it no nose, Cook, coach Hit, and then you watch how it all went down in the locker room. It's like Whoa. You know that's there's A. There's a real letdown when it came to that I. mean that's that's still stuck with in this day and during this crisis, you know we had a player in the NBA, Karl Anthony towns who lost his mother and and I think about how. He would love polly feel nothing more than to have his teammates wrap their arms around him and we couldn't do that like we can't do that as a community because we're. Isolated disconnected. Quarantine than sequester. EARN WHATEVER YOU WANNA. Call it. It's been really hard No I know well. It's funny, guys. We're talking about how sports and the outlet and. Know when passed I was obviously with everyone else devastated, but I was exceptionally devastated, and I didn't know why, because I only met him one time. I was really trying to think about why I was so devastated. You know, and then it came to me he. There's certain things certain times in life when you are. Fully clear of thought you are. You're in that present moment when you were experiencing any Latian. That is beyond anything like you felt. It's there's there's moments in life when you purely exists in that moment, and that is all like the birth of your child. There's certain times and Kobe for me. was that he was, he gave me moments of just forgetting about every problem in my life thinks sports does, and I appreciate that so much. You know that when that is taken and that goes. It's just a piece of you has has gone a you. Talk about and I think it is worth bringing up I thought you guys for for having that hit. The organization hit the country hit the seeing this larger than life figure and his poor daughter and everybody else. That was on that helicopter. Pass away. Hats off to you for how you guys honored everyone and honored his time in your organization. That was that brought in everybody that. People that some that never heard of Kobe Bryant. If that's possible, but I you guys really you don't know how you're GonNa react and and you don't know how it's going to come off I. Don't think it could have come off any better. When you look back on that area, you gotta be really proud, and well I mean I would give anything to go back and not. Have January twenty six six. Never take place like that. But. You know for me. It's like when. You Know My. Dad bought the team in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine, that first year, won a championship one five in the eighties, and then when magic had retire, it all stopped right and. We the next year. We didn't make the playoffs and you know it was just. It was depressing and I I prayed. To the the skies above, and I said if we ever get a player on our team, like Magic Johnson again, I will never ever ever take that player for granted and. Then we got Kobe. And I as as heartbroken as I am one comfort that I have is that Koby knew how much we love him, and we told them, and we retired his numbers and. You know he never. He never doubted that. We were behind one hundred percent in that. That gives me some comfort because we. We never held back the celebrating the greatness that was Kobe in you know. That's so well said because I think these these stars. Whatever the sport. They come and go, and and you don't really get it until they're gone whether you're you know in your position of of ownership or you're in just any fans position, and you see these certain players in every sport. Did they really even as a fan in Saint Louis. Did you really appreciate that player? While he was here and while he was doing you know all or he or she doing all that they could possibly do to bring a smile to your face and try and win at all costs and. Man. I think most of the time. The answer's probably no, and the fact that you had been through that with magic and this you know unexpected, almost impossible ending to that, and then you know having this guy like Kobe. Bryant come along so good for you. That and you can see you know it was. It was there that was that was genuine. That was heartfelt. That was. Was the Lakers is an organization that was just heartbroken, and you're not heartbroken unless you're all in with that person and you guys were all in with him so so good that you enjoyed it and honored him while he was playing instead of just after the fact, I was I was thinking is as you were talking about your dad, probably a weird question, but How often do you dream about your dad? That's. That's a really interesting question because it's like You know there has there have been moments in the last seven years. That I've had these buried. This role dreams where either I'm going through some stress or I feel. I'm not confident and a decision or whatever it might Belva and appearance, or they'll be some you know I sometimes I out of nowhere I'll run into a person or see somebody, and they'll come up and they'll share a story about my dad that I've never heard of, or they'll send me a pitcher or something in it. It's like a trigger that then it you know. Know the good feelings come back like you remember okay like this was what it was like when he was round. And and you know how important that is for me. Do you get the same thing you get dreams of your dad? I do I mean I'm I'm a month short of my dad? Being gone for eighteen years and I will tell you that I dream about him. I would say and I tell my wife is like I'd had another dream about. I dream about him maybe four times a week and it's like it's not like. There's my yes weird. It's not like Oh my God, there's Dad. It's like it's. or He's been. He's been like hiding for the last eighteen years. He's been somewhere else and now he's back, but then it's just normal and I had some moments with him that I wrote about a book that I wrote a you know him begging me to let him die, and then the moment on his deathbed and me, not going to see him before I went down to do a game and then breaking. Breaking down and going in to see him, and then him, passing away five minutes after I left these moments that you are so indelibly printed on my mind in my heart that you know he's he's just. He's around man like you get a story a day. It feels like around Saint. Louis where I live about something, my dad to them like God he did that I walk away from this person like. Okay. Yeah, he really. He set out a hell of an example that I try to live up to every day, but I just was wondering because I feel like our dads. Were so larger than life in our own world and in the cities. We live in that you. Probably you know, he doesn't ever really truly leave you even even on death and death. And I. It's like I have I've had a couple of dreams about Kobe to and It's like in those like make me feel like he's okay. It's it's going be okay by there's. You know because he was somebody going through what I had to go through in the last couple of years I'd lean not him a lot for advice and support in. He was always there for me and You know to lose my dad and to lose Kobe, and to have you know magic. Leave his job as president, even though magic and I still. See each other communicate working with magic. Every day was really such a pleasure for me. I? Really enjoyed it and I was. You know sad that he it wasn't something that was making him happy. having to work every day and job that. Is a tough job but. I think he must feel lonely around. Diverse many people as walking the hallways, your pillars of strength, or in some and David Stern like these were all people that had such influence on the end that I could always count on to be there when I needed help, and I've lost a lot and. It's. It's hard, but you know. I think know Magic to where we are today like he's he. He got us. He got Lebron James to say the Lakers back you know like. A belief in the organization that we were going in the right direction and and I I cannot thank magic more for you know coming and helping me at the most difficult time in my professional business side of an operation. well, the Lakers are fun now. I mean what a fun fun team. It's funny. It's almost like back to back to showtime and in a way you know it's. It's quick pace, and it's just fun. Fun Fun Fun. It's I can't even the fact that we were we were we were. Not Finishing. Are or whatever that might be. I mean there's a lot of worse things that are happening in the world of course, but as a Lakers fan I mean it's just like. Oh No! I mean everything these days. Genie comes with that disclaimer, and so we send it out there yet again that while people we're talking about sports and Lakers, and you know whatever our hardships our at our own minds about what we're going through with our families and losing DADS, and whatever you this. This is a daily struggle for so many people out there That obviously, there are bigger things and getting back to basketball, but I do feel like if it's possible when it comes back, it will be an emotional return for all these sports, but but for the fans for just the the citizens going men were Kinda back to somewhat life like we knew it and I think that sports gives us that opportunity to kind of. You know make a statement that that maybe were winning this battle at some point. Hopefully that comes to pass. I have a question, okay. So when you're building a championship team, right I mean you've got talent, and then you've got sort of the culture of the organization does one tip, one way or the other I mean what's more important you know? Do you think the talent? Of course you need town? There's no doubt about it, but. Right Halfback town, but what about just the culture of the sort of the organization? How important is that? You know Intel. I'd like using that. Word the culture. Didn't really didn't have. From the Intel Magic King and how? It. It's like everybody knew it was like okay now we're you know. The Hammer's coming down. We're serious about Winnie. We're going to get back to winning. And how like not only from the the basketball side, but like every aspect of the organization? Everybody's sat up a little bit straighter like magic. You know it's like we're here to do something now. This is what we're. Missiles wet committed to and and. He, said US off on that path, and now I really see how the culture has come around in terms of. You. Know bringing somebody like Lebron in than the players at WanNa. Come and play with somebody like Lebron. And the coaches that we have the coaching staff and what they're all about and what they're trying to accomplish, so yes, I think we managed to change our culture. It took time to implement, but now we're now. Were people know who we are? They know the kind of basketball team. We WanNA. Be the kind of players that we're going to bring you in, and now it all feeds on itself now we we've got the pieces now. The pieces could grow and he bigger I I think Jeanie and Ali. That's what. What the last dance has shown me yet again you can have everything in place that you want. But if you don't have the the one player in the locker room that holds everybody accountable that he's kind of the last. Say you know I. Just have not seen many winning teams or teams that go on long runs. Don't have that one guy that even when the coach walks out of the door, everybody's still accountable to that guy over in the corner. That's probably because he's such. A veteran has three lockers. Three locker mentality if if you know it was that way with the cardinals with Albert pujols holster it's that what you know. Whatever these guys in their prime or Gretzky in his day or whatever it might be that players can get away with whatever little stuff they can get away with, but there is a line, and that line is drawn by that guy in the corner, not by the head coach not by the GM, not by the not by the media. It's drawn by that guy who's setting the example everyday if you don't have that. You're dead and I I just I. Just don't think you're GonNa win especially with all of the distractions that exists today. This is not nineteen sixty. If you don't have somebody that the players are accountable. On their level you're not GONNA win. You. Is that your experience, Janney? I I do think that you need that. That guy in the locker room that is gonNA say what needs to be sad and that you know to get guys. To Lake follow suit, and Kobe was that Guy Lebron is I. Know Kobe was in the gym. He was the first one in the gym every day. And you know when the best player on your team. Works that hard that you know, everybody else has to fall in line. I also think that it's important that you give players the right role for that and meaning that when you ask a role player to be your player. That doesn't work it. It's it's frustrating for the athlete as well as for the team you, you have to put players in the right -sition for them to be successful, so you have to be familiar with your roster and have. The complimentary pieces so that you're you're not wasting your time having. A. Small forwards on one team, and then it it just it doesn't work there. Has Everybody has to know they're all, and they have to be in a role that they can exceed in and see what the expectation that is being asked. Them was Kobe is tough as Jordan. How tough Jordan is in the locker room and how brutal he might have been to some of his teammates was Kobe is tough, because obviously Kobe was emulating. Jordan liked to the T. I. mean you even watching some of these? These these misma- meshing things that Youtube people are putting together. It's it's UNCANNY. You know so was. He is fiery. I'm. Like that would be a better question for fell to answer, but I would say that Kobe, sat bar. Yes, he did and did. Did he not tolerate layers that didn't work hard or inner work committed? Yeah, like he that was hard for him to You know re- respect a player that didn't care about it as much as he did. And that's what he demanded and you know even like with. Dwight Howard. who was a Laker and played with Koby and then left to go join Houston. you know it's. It's like when Dwight came back the next time. People were kind of like how Jeannie. How could you guys bring you know somebody that Kobe didn't like or was frustrated with that left the Lakers and I said I completely understand why Dwight laugh as a free agent. Because Mike, Dantonio was not a coach that was going to put him in a position. To succeed. You know because he really didn't. He liked shooters instead of big man whatever, but that you know Kobe himself would have. He would he was always there to like. Make the team better meaning. If Dwight Howard, make your team better. You have to get Dwight Howard like he would never say. It was always about winning, so player could help him win. It didn't he didn't have to be best friends them. It was all about. Are you going to do the work? Are you going to be part of a team? Are you GonNa? Contribute instead of via distraction and you know as it's turned out. Dwight has been amazing us. God So grey amazing! It's almost like just had to accept his role and he's just done that. It's just like okay. He's in the twilight of his career. Little Bit. He Goes I. Here's what I'm GonNa do I'm just GonNa do I'm just going to accept the role that? I'm in and he is just fly, did you? Did you ask Koby About Dwight? I mean when when you're bringing them in. And, did he did he did he like the idea or not? Like the saying? I'm not in my head, ask. Of Kobe wanted us to to win, he wanted to see Lakers. Win And you know You know he Kobe came to a couple of games and you know he was happy to see Dwight greeted him, and it's it really. You don't ever give up on. Anybody Phil Jackson top you that he's like you know he he. He said you know because you know. Still before he coached the balls, he coached the CBA he coached mortar. We go, and he said you know. Every. SLAYER will develop at his own rate. You can't force somebody to develop faster than anybody else. Some players are ready to play the NBA at eighteen. You said you. Guys Aren't ready Teller Twenty six or twenty seven you. You can't just paint them as okay. This guy is this and so therefore. You know give up on him he it's like Phil could always see something and somebody that could help us win, and that's like a Shannon, Brown or a Trevor Rees at that team at kind of were trades that just made the numbers work, and and fell to those guys and said this is how they can play a role in this team, and and you know bring out their best I I really appreciate about about fell Did you learn things about your longtime partner and filled during watching the last dance that you didn't know about? You know I think that thing that really surprised me and I mean. He told me pretty much. Every story about Steve Kerr Michael at practice with pine should He told me about you know why like the whole thing about the start of the season when they said it doesn't matter, still goes eighty two in l.. He's never coming back as the coach like things like that. He told me about what he never told me was the story about how they? They wrote their feelings on the paper and then burned down in the coffee. Can He never told me that story? Which I think was a very. Private story for that group of people so that now that it's in shared I, think people are going to be more interested in what that ritual was about, and you know I know I am and I know that I want to know. Exactly what everybody wrote? That's. Funny though because pro sports in all sports, but they're going to analytics and I get it. Analytics has its place, but what is always seemed to be discounted at least to me, is these are people like Tony Larussa? The longtime manager of the cardinals? His Sis- thing when somebody didn't know come through. These are men, not machines and. That's there's some real truth to that and you see them as these super athletes, and and you know he's getting paid ten billion dollars a year, so he should just go run through a wall for you, but these are people with feelings and people who had a fight with their spouse and people who whatever it is, or they're having a bad week or their kid, this or that and having that or have frustration with the guy sitting across the locker room from them whatever it might be, these are big egos, trying to cram into a small team or small locker room. I think that's so brilliant and probably ahead of its time. That that. Phil did with that team because I think we're kind of more toward that, even during the more analytical times at least within the clubhouse of the locker room, but man, there's such value and just kind of getting it out in getting it out of your system, and having it out and then going on from there. Yeah! I just I was gonNA, say like. To I every Thanksgiving you know like and I would because he would make the team practice right and I was like God there on the road. It's like you know they never get any time off. Why just give them Thanksgiving off? Its and he said listen. He said I'm bringing them in just in the morning. He said I'm building a family. And this is a holiday and families are together on holidays, so they need to see their basketball family the morning and they'll have plenty of time to go home and have Thanksgiving dinner with their their family. and. How I never even thought about that, and those are the kind of subtleties, is the brilliance of fell and. You know I I, remember he even when I got my dog at like I, I got a little dog and I was so proud of her I was going to. Everything do everything by the book with this dog and I caught him beating her people food as. You can't do that. And he goes. I want her to now i. have for back to that. She can always come to me when she needs something. Some Phil was really good at. Figuring out, just keeping everybody happy in what each person needed. What not that? A dog is a person, but it's like those kind of things how he thinks about. From their perspective, and what they need and did you. Did you find spirituality through Phil? Did he bring you into sort of that space I mean I, think you know not to get too much into the relationship, but it's like I was at a place in my life in my late thirties when I matt him in in I really was like on a journey of truth. You know seeking things and you know when my dad hired I was like. Why are you going to bring in this guy? He's like a you know he's going to. We have to stars. We have Shack Koby. He's just going to upset the balance. and. Thankfully, my dad did listen to me. So then then you know I didn't really know. I'd never met fails then when I met him, I was so blown away by his presence, just his presence in his voice. I didn't know if he was married or what, but then I found out, he was going through a divorce and So anyway it, but I was I was seeking and he he is a seeker. Both of his parents, were ministers and he you know. He wanted to know about the spiritual side that he was brought up knowing, but he also wanted to experience other religions and he he went on A. You know years and years journeys. You know he's an intellectual very curious about everything, and he has to learn about everything, and it was really a wonderful relationship that we had for the time in my life at the time, his life and I'm just one of those people. This is one of those people that makes me feel lazy like I'd Love I did I. Don't know I'd love to know about all that stuff to. I just can't bring myself to read anything I. CAN'T I just good for him you? When they're searching when you're searching inward and. I like hell. No one's a Phil Jackson. I'm certainly not I. Love that that sort of discovery of self. You know it's important to me. been in therapy for twenty years. You know sometimes because I need it, but mostly just because I just love the education in a sense, you know I mean the human condition is extremely. Important to me, you know and understanding it and understanding who I am. So I just I I can relate to that discovery. That's of self jokes like there's a laziness, but when you're interested in who you are, and what makes you tick you buyer data about saying that. Don't try to Shane me you just don't you just don't respective year thinking. You're just happy your little midwestern home. You know doing your thing. Actually. Is the just just saying that like? You're not ready for the message yet? As at some point, you will say. I WanNa read this or I look at a I. WanNa know more, and that's exactly how still would want it to be again like another net cell would do as he'd give books every year. He picked like this road trip of the year. He would specifically pick out a book for each individual player and give them the book on this road trip, and you know you have guys that would read that bucks head then you'd have. Have guys that would roll their eyes. Never read it or make a joke. What are and I finally said Go. Why do you go this exercise when you have so many players that just kind of like yeah, whatever and throw it on their shelves and forget about it. He said because at some point they will pick up that book. It might be ten years from now, but the message is still the same. There's no time limit of what I'm trying to teach them. Yeah No! I'm falling in love with them for God's, he's. GotTa. He's pleased the long game. He plays the long game. Read tonight. Let's let genie go hold on I. I'd have a couple more questions because it's. This is like a dream of mine to talk to you. First of all role models. Do you have growing up? Did you have role models? That you sort of looked up to and who were they? Billie Jean king luckily like I was a person that got to meet her when I was a teenager and she men. And is. Still. Somebody that I call it and really So proud to call her a friend of mine because she really changed so many things she she broke glassy lanes, and end was never afraid never looked back spiritless. She's UCLA yourself as a role model for women. I can't say that about myself. And except I know what it meant for me as a young person to look people in positions like mine, so if that meet makes me a role model rate but I. I would say that my career path isn't like. If someone is looking at me as a role model, they should look at it as you know not taking the like career path that I did, and I always say that because I posed in playboy and. And doesn't mean like to get into my position. Should him playboy has me posing in playboy had nothing to do with business that was like a personal decision so I I don't I don't WanNa, say Oh, everybody needs to pose in playboy. That's not the case, but by the way. How did your dad deal with that? My Dad like his. You know again one of the most brilliant people he had. He gave a quote that was so her sex where he said. It will be the first issue of Playboy magazine. I've never read so meaning. He is endorsing the magazine. It's. Like, you might walk that fine line of not being judgmental or putting me down and when I pose thirty two years old, so it wasn't like I was. Making a mistake that I didn't know what is getting myself into like I was from Ni I was at the maturity level that I do it and I was like every other model I had to go through the test, shoot and actress, actually like my own personal go, not anything to do with business or anything something I wanted to do. What an amazing quote! That's so brilliant thing to say. But. I don't feel like I. Feel like you have to throw that out as a disclaimer I. I don't think you have to lug that around like that something that you. Try being woman. Throat in your. I like my my twitter. Avatar is a pitcher that I took for a story that ran or illustrated, and it's me holding two basketballs, and can I take a second. Explain this whole issue because. Boards illustrated was doing an article about my entire family and about like who. All the siblings and my Dad Kinda like what the future was looking like whatever, and so some people were afraid that it was gonna be like a negative art. All and you know we didn't know which way it was going to go so now they send a photographer to do the photos of. Each of us individually, and so the photographer came to my house and he. He explains he pitches to me what the photo was going to be and I go. Are you crazy? I said we don't even know what this article's going to be. And that's GonNa like you're you're? You're mocking me your like your your ends like like I. I'm really sorry. I don't know who you will. I'm not a sports. An he goes, I, do fashion photography, and for whatever reason they hired me to take your picture and the only requirement that they gave me was that I had basketball's in the pitcher, and said so he goes I looked at some pinups, and so he so then he's explains to me the artistic of it, and as like Oh, a Pinup pitcher for sure I would love to do that. That sounds fun and Mike, Creative and different, and it was like it was Kinda like I was like a mermaid underwater with a blue backdrop, and then it's like they used to show. mermaids will be pearls like like this. And and so, it's dead of the pearls I got basketballs and I'm not make good it, but it might look like a make the way I was laid whatever I? It's like I get people like how dare you put a naked picture of on twitter, and it's from playboy, and it's not from sports illustrated like and so everybody's judge and jury in their own mind. It gets that we all you know, just let it go. But that such ship. And, so that's why I'm saying like I. Yes, do I have to like talk about the playboy the decision. Yes, I'm still explaining it twenty years later. That people that they want to judge in. In a category, but can I like before we switch subjects can I just say like we brought up succession? There is a shower that that is being developed on HBO. Called show up, but it's not. We're not involved in it. Yes, it's fired by our story, but like I always thought that if they ever did show based, was a character like me that I would think that. Would play me. Well can we have this conversation for real? Because Kate would literally see like it's like that's it. She would be perfect because she could play eighteen and she can play over. Because it's literally, the story starts what eighteen and my dad buys the Lakers and Magic's rookie that year to buy. Me Higher Magic. You know thirty years later. Only. ME. I should. Make. That's. That project. No you, will you have to? It's gotta be it's. GotTa be choice. That's a good choice. Oliver of course without a doubt, Oh God now. You got my mind thinking about that whole thing. It'd be amazing. Oliver. Yeah yes, I will oliver starting to figure out what he gets out of it. No just? No I'll play by play a ballboy. Jackson or anything. Aired. On dating each other on, screen, yeah. Did you ever want to have kids, Jeanie or I saw you referenced your marriage time and he said I just didn't give at the time I needed. I was always leaning more toward the business side that yeah I mean I really wished. I would've had a child with l like I, wished that what happened, but it didn't happen for me and really you know. The team became like our children like that. Was You know? Taking care of. you know these these wonderful players that you know? That will be part of my life rest of my life. How and Sasha Madda? In Lamar those guys. Sasha works. About you perfect! Place Sasha. Play thoughts. Own Winery everybody should check it out. It's is wine is called Zander with an ass instead of an axe, but it's He has his own winery. In. Forget exactly. What a great role player! He was! Oh my God Jeez. well, we end by asking. A question is sort of a two parter. So. From your father, the things that you have gotten from him genetically, you know just a piece of him. What is that thing that you are so grateful that you have? And then what is something that you wish that you have personality wise DNA a genetic standpoint. It's funny as he. He tried to teach me how to play poker. And I am the worst poker. Like I can't Blah I'm not a good liar not like. In, so he would he. My Dad was a great I guess I wish I could play poker, but he always told me he said what I'm worried about. And the reason I wanNA. Teach you Hoeger is that? You, know his philosophy was like you have to be extremely patient. Poker enough to wait for the cards and he said most people can't do it. They get anxious to do it fast. Trying to light green winning out of not having the right cards right, so he said, but he goes so I. Know You have the patients that I. Don't know if you have is that if you get the cards right and you can make a move if you will switch your spouse now. Because when you. When you got the card, you gotta go all right. And I feel that as hard as it was to trade the young players that we have for Anthony Davis. We like that was the moment that my dad. Said I don't know if you're GONNA be able to pull. Pull it off like if you're going to have the guts to war, and that was really really hard for me, because we had this great young nucleus of talent that we all were you know loving and protecting nurturing, but to to get something of great value. You gotta give up something of really great value, and that was like the moment where it was like. Yes, let's do it. Put metal you know the head of. You Act. Did you hear your? Dad's saying that to you when that came to pass. Because it's like. How did that ever? How did he know that? At some point, they'll be day where it's like I'm going to have to. Push Myself. That's not my nature I'm not I'm not like a gambler wrist acre I'm very conservative approach. Get all the information. Be Thoughtful. have her best, and then make your decision, but something like that is like meaning. You know like you put in that position. It's hard. It's a hard you. was there a moment during? was there a moment? You remember where you're like okay? Screw it. I'm doing it. I know more indecision boom. was heard that moment, or is it a process more of a process it was we just knew like it. We were having that. So it was a process, it was, but after coli so quiet came in, and did you think that that was going to happen? Yeah I mean I. We were very sincere in our efforts to try to get ally and you know. We felt that that was something that he was. He was obviously interested because he wanted to meet with us, but as it turns out, he made the choice that was right for him, but it was. It was very. It was difficult to go through that process because we were waiting the waiting game and we were missing out on other players, we could have missed out on other players but I think once he made his decision. Rob Pelinka really like turned and got a work done and put together really terrific roster. And how do you feel about the clippers? You know it's the clippers are. One of the twenty nineteen. That's trying to beat us, so you know they're a competitor and I I. WanNa be all of the other team. Including Michael Jordan's team in Charlotte and. Austin and in the locker. Yeah. Yeah, but I feel like the clippers. Lakers could turn out to be a great rivalry I. mean is the way the teams are built right now. At least there's a there's I think there's some years where it could turn into something. Really special feels like it. Has that could be that. Yeah I mean I think you can build a rivalry until there is a rivalry in and I mean. Mean that from like we've never played them in the playoffs. WHEREAS WITH BOSTON, we can go back and go remember with this happened member at happening. You know in all of our playoff experience against Boston than than it all. That's a rivalry. Because you're you. You gotTA history. We just haven't had any history with the clippers in class. Would you say now I'm getting off? My Lakers tangent now stop. Okay, I'm just one one more thing. Would you say that Sacramento series that gained to game seven overtime Sacramento? Series was one of the Great Laker playoff series. Ever I mean it was that Robert Ory shot. I think it was a double overtime game seven, yeah! I mean. You were talking about like the the like similarities between Michael Kobe will. During that series, Kobe got food boy's name. From a hamburger that he ordered, that's rounded service, so I'm like Oh my God. The pizza was it was. It was a blow. Yeah. I remember I remember. That was his whole speculation that like. Oh, they! They poisoned him. They actually gave him food poisoning. I never thought I'd see. Oliver turned into Chris Farley, snl talking to Paul, McCartney like. About his time in the Beatles like remember that time when you guys saying let it. Stupid? No, but I was saying that's the greatest playoff series I think I've ever seen it was. It was just phenomenal. The whole thing was just another level for me. Just incredible. I know, listen here's. What go go, go go much DADS exist. Exact quote about poker was the poker's about perseverance and that I think describes you. You've gone from somebody who started at nineteen while at USC and I have a twenty year old at USC in air quotes because we're not really at school. But being GM of a team to now basically forty years later as an executive in sports you've gone from. A female executive sports to take the female part out of it stop anymore. You're just a long standing executive in professional sports now and that you know that would make your dad so proud and the decisions that you've made in restoring the Lakers and let's hope that we all get back to basketball and and the twenty twenty season, so you can finish what you started this year, but I just have feeling that your dad would be proud of the decisiveness with which you've run these last few years here building toward this time so i. hope you take some. Some peace and some solace from that knowing that you're doing his name and his work proud. Yes and then to finish it off though you've got to answer. The second half of that question is what is there. What does that thing about your dad that you wish you just did not have whether it. Be You know patients or whatever that? That bus trait you're like. Oh? I know sweet to like I. Oh, Gosh Handy. Bad. and that's like everybody talked about his sweet. You have the bowl was skills in. You know milk duds red vines. On stuff at a game. Too? Well good well, thank you, Jeanie! This has been like super special for me. Joe Thank you for listening to me, get all ACRI. No I just it's great. I. AM So excited and then I know I'm gonNA. Talk to my sister. We're going to get this whole thing going, you know. Thank you for your time and I feel I. Think earpiece. Thank Jeanie. That was fun, brother you. GotTa. Give you shed when you're doing the fan boy stuff. That was I think you broke her. Did you have the potential to broker? A deal like what would be if kate ends up getting some HBO? Not Produce it you know and. That would be amazing. Though the story of the bus family you know and the the the. The scent of the Lakers, but it would have to be done. You know on the up and up with their permission and with access, yeah. I forgot fucking. Ask something I knew it wasn't. It doesn't matter well, you know. They filmed Kobe's season this final season like. The last dance, you know the film. They had like crazy access to Kobi's final season. So. There's so many more questions I wanted to ask. Get a Laker Laker Fan. We're on for an hour and a half. I feel like she needed a break I think she was ready to go. She liked talking. It was fun. She sounds shoes. Grad love her sweet, but that's the thing you know I. Remember Tim McArthur on a baseball game. We did in the world series. I think it was two thousand thirteen. And in our opening on cameras said Michael Waka has gone from being a good young pitcher to being a good pitcher. And the point was there was always this disclaimer like for all young guys and I mean he's a good pitcher, but now it's just a good pitcher, and that was within the course of a season, and that's the same for her forever she's. Female executive female executive. They don't say to the man you know male executive. So she was kind of the anomaly in very pioneering and groundbreaking, and now she's. Like a set I mean forty years doing something and following in her father's footsteps, and you know way more about it than I do, but going from where they've been the last few years to where they seem to be now. Yup, is is really a feather in her Cap God I know and how she took over operations in and turn that shit around. Because her brother I, think is Jim was not. Was it just didn't feel like he had his heart in IT I. Don't know it didn't feel like it was you know just didn't have the same feeling? And then she takeoff position to be in right to to be the one kind of tabbed among six kids. Yeah that you're. You're the golden one and they'll. Take of course of course. But she's. She's so humble and sweet and a present, and I think she's awesome. She was great I could have asked a thousand fucking question. I could have two. That's these hot cast I mean there's no beginning end. It's not. I love it and yet. You feel like at some point when it okay. Let 'em up. We've kept them held them hostage for an hour I now, but we got to a lot of. We got to a lot of things. I think you I usually seems so regretful I hate I. Don't like I'm not regretful. I just wanted to ask about Colby last game and the sixty point when I have all that you and I the only NBA game I've probably watched beginning. Last five. Up, you and I watch Kobe's last game together in Kabul with their wives. Oh, remember how crazy I was getting. Oh my God I thought you were going to break stuff. lying and rolling around I was crying. We didn't even we didn't even talk about that. What we're talking about it now with her way to. Say Oh great. What she's supposed to say. Shield like realize like how much how much I care about. What are you feeling for? What do you want like? I want. A phone a season parking pass. That's all that's like gold. I want her to I. Just wanted to like me. I want her to get off. The she does zoom. It'd be like God that all what a great man he is, you know. Yeah! And you think that that you roll around on the floor Ed Kobe's last game would have sent it over the top. I wanted to let her know that I. Cry a lot, so she knows what I'm sensitive. Okay well. If we talked about a my supposed crush Nikki Glaser, you're venturing into the category. It's with genie. I swear crush on genie without a doubt could show I will. I will admit that admit that right here on air. Crush on genie bus for sure. That in you're willing to say that with a Thera gun in the background of your shot back there. There, it is yeah. Thera gun should sports sponsored the show. Well yet another great episode Joe Buck. Thank you for being you and good that from Cincinnati. Daddy issues is executive produced by Joe Bach, Oliver Hudson and Sim, Sarda for cloud, sound, engineering, and editing by Josh, Windisch and Matt.

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EP 074: Jill Coleman: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Scarcity Mindset

L2 Fitness & Business Podcast

44:23 min | 1 year ago

EP 074: Jill Coleman: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Scarcity Mindset

"Hey and welcome to another episode of the unfiltered on your host Laura and today. I'm interviewing Jill woman. She has I've had a pivotal impact in my life in my journey throughout becoming an entrepreneur shifting into the online world and everything that it takes to make that successful she is a massively successful mentor to hundreds of fit pros looking to make that leap into the online world and really create the impact that they know they were meant to create. She has a really similar story to my own which I think was really wet pulled me towards her so I can't wait for her to share that with you but also we dive really deep into what it means to show up engage with the process and take action towards that life we want all by simply changing and choosing a new perception that serves us. Let's get going so gel. Can you please just dive into what the big beautiful things that your working on right now a little bit more about you and just get our listeners really familiar with your story your journey and why you're here with us today that I was a personal trainer for about a decade working crazy hours in Jim <hes> loved health and fitness to the point where he ended up doing a lot of competition fitness modeling. You know just like kind of all different things in the fitness space. I was one of those really lucky people who just sell exercise at an early age and then over time mm-hmm become more and more extreme eating dieting <hes> exercise on that kind of stuff to the point where I was fairly obsessed with nutrition and fitness and was like really just running my life <hes> and at that point I really WanNa start. Jill citizen only business in a blog August. I realized that I would have to figure out a way to minimize the amount of time and mental energy. I was spending on food obsession in order to give my resources to building my business and at that time I came up with a concept called moderation three sixty five which is my nutrition philosophy and I held a lot of women now kind of get off that all or nothing eating train and figure out a way to eat the same on Saturday they joined Monday so a lot of my work is in the interests around still all delivered over the Internet the second part of my business and I started getting to this about eight years ago was online online business coaching for personal trainers. You want to get out of the gym and health coaches who are maybe seeing people across the desk and really WanNa kind of get an used the Internet space and Social Media To do distance coaching and so I do a lot of high touch kind of business coaching for health the professional so it's on my hand a lot of different things but it's been on journey as you know. The online space is always changing so to me. It's exciting and it's always this constant kind of puzzle to be solved so yeah. I've been really lucky I love so much I me and I'm I've been following you mostly for Your Business Tips and things as you've kind of been rolling out your mentorship and everything like that and I would love to dive into that aspect of your business today just because our followers are primarily the nutrition that that has <hes> the personal trainers the coaches online that are really looking to scale their businesses and grow and learn from us so when you first started you know I remember you sharing a story and you've probably shared this story multiple times. I remember reading a post you. I put up on instagram. I think it was on your story of working seventy hours a week at the gym and how this felt like you know this trap or this prison you had sort of created for yourself and it resonated a lot with yeah I I did the exact same thing you know and I think a lot of us do yeah. Have you just elaborate on that sure I mean I think you know as a personal trainer or health coach we get into the field because we really want to help people and we want to help them. In creative transformation or facilitated transmission maybe something that we had and so I've always really felt the power of physically changing your body or getting stronger in the gym and just what that feels like and and so I really wanted to help as many people as they possibly could without and they think is a personal trainer especially in the gym setting it kind of can set us up for <hes> to have kind of scarce severe lack mindset because you know we just are are so worried that our clients are gonNA leave us or you know Jim. Owners are notoriously like lack mind sad very controlling like just managing 'cause they're. They're worried they're trained. You'RE GONNA leave so I kinda grew up in this place where I was like Oh cool I can make more money if I just take more clients and so I was always such a hard worker I was like you know what I'm just going to say yes to everything and and I got to the point where I was literally at the gym at five in the morning and I would get home at night at nine pm and I was training up to twelve clients a day. I was teaching about twelve to fifteen group fitness classes a week <hes> and I loved it to a certain degree but at some point it feels really restrictive like oh my gosh. If I don't want to take a vacation I literally make no money this week and so I got to the point where had this Aha moment I was driving across town. It was a Friday evening and I I was going to personal train one client at eight o'clock at night on a Friday for fifteen dollars and I was like how and I had this moment this lightbulb moment my friends and family were doing weekends. They're all relaxing. May remember being like why am I driving driving across town right now for fifteen dollars. How did I get to this point and I got to that point by just in being in that scarcity mindset and saying yes to everything everything everything and so I would just take any amount of money that anyone wants to give me at any time I had zero boundaries stories? I do not own my worst at all and in retrospect it was a great problem because I was in such high demand but I didn't really own my worse and because of that I was literally my entire schedule is being run by my clients. I know saying dome so it couldn't really do anything well. <hes> I had at that same time read Tim Ferriss as the for Workweek when he came out and when I first read it it was thought if you if you are listening and you don't know what the book is about it's kind of about like automation and systems system and working smarter not longer and working smarter not harder and at the time it was so out of my round the possibility that I was like this is ridiculous like there's always work for me right our our industry personal trainer diamond does but then I have to keep my clients have you're also gonNA leave all kind of scarcity stuff and then at that moment when I had that moment on Friday night I was like okay I have to figure this out because this is not working and so it took me about two years to slowly make changes changes to my schedule. I started bashing my client back to back and said having these random fifteen and thirty minute time slots between clients where would get anything done moving group training instead of one on one training. I started cutting my sessions in house like thirty minutes charging more for less time and I also increased my praises. I like double my prices which was really scary. I ended up losing about ten percent of my clientele but I ended up making more money as a result in opening up my schedule for the opportunity store logging into do some stuff online so oh yeah it really took me a long time. I think sometimes when we're in that position we can't see a way out of it and my advice to anyone listening. Who's in maybe the position you were lar- or or I was is? You have to just do one small thing as we think we don't have control of our. Schedule we really do in our clients love us. They trust us. They're willing to work with us. It's just that we don't usually name the terms we usually let them name the terms and so I think if you bring it up some of your clients that you WanNa make some changes to your schedule you make the increasing prices as you make your move each group training like all of these things that can help you <hes> make more money in less time and have it not run your schedule. They are a lot of times willing to work with you and so I think starting slowly to make those changes is really what made huge for me and all of a sudden in my online desert growing show that's amazing. I love that and I actually didn't realize how similar are story was. I feel like I was listening to myself telling my exact same story back to me. That's crazy and it just goes to show you know this is so many people's story and living in it really does feel like there's no other option for a period of time going like man you know there's a lot of other trainers at the gym that would like that will take my clients in heartbe you know and you're feeling like like if your client could potentially leave you and you're going to end up homeless and you can't pay your bills and and so you know for me to make the jump to increase my prices that was probably one of the biggest pivot moments for me because from someone who is in such scarce mindset I thought they were GonNa leave me and but I knew something had to change so I actually ended up taking like a transient pay cut in order to create time and so that that changed the way that I started making decisions from there I started making decisions uh on time and not money and money came eventually but that was a conscious decision I think as a personal trainer you know in. I called the fitness hustle yes when you're in a place where you're training three or four different gyms. You're running around all the time <hes> it's easy to. I feel really busy 'cause you. Your whole schedule is booked out but you feel so unproductive and there's a huge difference between busy and productive and <hes> you can never get ahead. You just feel it. You have to keep this up or else. You know you're not real to pay your bills and so if anyone is in that place right now I want to validate that and it's awesome because you're very high demand but that also tells you that your clients will probably willing to work with you more than you believe. <hes> one hundred percent I love that message and I mean going back to what you said around just taking that one. I stop and it's almost like proving to yourself more than anyone else that you're worth it. You're not stack. You can move you. You can get out of this. There is choice for you. You know you just have to take that one. Step forward forward and enjoy yourself that you're worth at <hes> I think when I was stuck in that I was so stuck in making excuses for myself you know like you were just going through a bunch of them but also ceiling almost like an impostor you know like who are you you to stay like you're too good a work to not work with so many clients like you're. You're saying that you're too good to you know right. It's so common and it's these stories we just like circulate in our minds that just keep us stalled out road. I mean you help your mentorship works through some of these stories while other common ones that keep coming up for you or is everyone's experience very unique one of the things that's really interesting. I see a lot of my clients if there there's some understandably there's maybe some <hes> hesitation or resistance to start making those big changes to their schedule not only because they're scared that their mind you're gonNA leave but also remember like if we make some of these changes to our her schedule and we actually get time back that we want on the hook right now to do the big thing. It's easy to describe it out at the gym right like it's easy. That's your comfort zone. It's super easy you feel really confident there but but he started changing your schedule now almost as if you have no excuse you're like okay I keep saying I wanNA build my online coaching business and now I actually created the time to do it like Oh shit. I'm not good at this yet so I you know I'm not coughing in the X.. Amount good data yet and so we really I see a lot of people <hes> deferring to the lower hanging fruit because putting themselves on the hook to bigger things a lot scarier. That's so true like shaking my head over here. You can't see me like Yup up. That was me. That's everybody it's so either. You know make lists of all the things you would do. If you had the time and you know rewrite those listen ship prettier listening. That's my profession brain. You know what I mean and then to actually just do the take messy action into the thing you know. It's I mean that comes back show probably fear of success in some regards right it. Is You know if I actually sixty two this. which is that mean yeah? I mean there's a whole uh other level of accountability. That really is scary. You know online business is no joke especially if you are going to be a personal brandon you're trying to build your audience and you know like your ideas are out on flay. It feels risky. You know feels you're late. You're opening yourself up for much critique. You know especially if you bring on a team now all of a sudden you're <hes> responsible for people livelihood. It's very family you're paying salaries and and so it's a whole other level of responsibility versus just showing up to the JIM personal training clients teaching classes thing that you know you're already good at now all of a sudden you're putting your ideas and your solutions and you're vulnerable stories on the Internet to be critiqued and that is understandably really scary and so the way that I helped my clients hi it's kind of overcome some of those mental challenge especially those mindset challenge at the beginning I would say probably the first six months or always the toughest because we do have a lot of imposter syndrome. <hes> you're comparing yourself constantly. You're in like constant consumption mode vs creation most though you know you're looking around other people going wow like they're getting this and they're doing this and it makes you feel out of your power. Were up against a lot of those mindset barriers especially at the beginning because we don't have a show of evidence that were good yet we don't have you know ten twenty fifty fifty online clients that we've gotten results and so it's kind of a catch twenty two because in order to get more confident and able to take whatever that next step is you have to take action. You need experiences in order to gain experience. You need take action so which is the nearest thing to do so like what comes first the chicken or the egg and so it helped my client. Just take that first small. I think a lot of people are scared. Oh my God if I do the online business co-chair online distance coaching. I'M GONNA get this influx of clients. They're not gonNA know what to do and I'm like. I wish I wish it was that he is too late. One single client and like I'm telling you you'll have plenty of time to figure it out. That client doesn't know their Guinea pig first of all right we gotta take a little bit so you make it and I think having like the first one client and getting some reps and going wow. This isn't as hard as I thought it was or while my clients getting great results this is cool. Maybe I can take on a second client so it's not like you. Just put up your website and all of a sudden you know you got a million clients. Let's play one at a time and you you start to build those wrapped in a show of evidence that you're good so yeah. We need to build the bodywork basics. Yeah absolutely it does and I think I love that you you break it down for them like that and you really work through and legitimize their fears because. The these fears are real and they really need to be validated not just kind of swept under the rug and I think ultimately working through those fears and coming to realize that fear isn't necessarily bad or negative you know fear ear can be the catalyst for a lot of really really powerful positive change and growth in your life is huge right in it sounds at your guiding your clients through that journey which is amazing. I love hearing that <hes> do you feel like that. Fear of success is really one of the most underpinning but yet less talks about fears that people struggle West Yeah I mean I see fear of success in fear failure just being two sides of the same coin totally on the thing that we're the UH scared right. It's really that if we're scared of six death it's because we feel like at a certain level of success we will be held more highly accountable right and that's true and so it's just further to fall if you do feel and and so that's kind of how I see fear of success wow now there's that many more is on me if I do my own insecurity is that I'm not good enough. Maybe that's like my deep down. Dark insecurity is that I'm not good enough. I'm not a good coach. I'm linnea called out. Someone's GonNa find me out whatever that security is and now all of a sudden is that thing that were scared of happening ends up coming to fruition. It's that many more people and this that further to fall so I think it's easy to let's use the launer industry. It's really easy for people to default into trying to stay under the radar that you can't build your business by playing defense like you just can't like you can't expect to build your business. I play defense so in a way I get it. I totally validate the fear but I don't think that you have to be ready for like ten successes from now be ready for the next one and then once you get there. You're like okay cool. I handled this one of the tools that I use my clients to help with them. Overcome some of those big fears is actually visualizing what you would do if it happens. Is I call it a worst case scenario like you know instead of hoping that it's going to happen. It's in your head going okay. Let's just say best case. I you know I start my only coaching business. I got a whole bunch of client the thing that most scared of them maybe someone will call me out on the Internet. <hes> my clients won't get results. They'll talk shit about me. Like whatever it is that you're the most scared of what would you do in that moment like how would you handle and then I think sometimes getting a game game plan and and seeing that it might that you could handle it. I mean not GonNa be fun but that you could handle me and I don't know but you are but I've got plenty of tools and heaters to ruin my week like it used to just like ruined my weaken and I was Kinda. What's wrong and I'm doing something wrong and now it's the blip on the screen? It's not to say I don't take sometimes taking constructive criticism. It's just that it doesn't feel that huge to me anymore and so my advice is always get your first hater. Get your first school. Get your first like really uncomfortable optical. 'cause that's what gets you better as a coach. Do nothing get results right away. Guess what like that's on utilizing figure it out. You're the coach coaching the skill and so I liked when things don't go to plan because that allows me to become a better better educators better you know give you the example of just online space has changed so much and so I grew up in the blogging kind of like the Arab logging like we were just blogging every single day and it was great and like that's not a that is not a strategy I would ever teach great now rate effective and so I had a moment a few years ago with like okay. This isn't working anymore and I could be scared by that like Oh my God the industry's changing and like I'm not relevant or whatever or you could just really cool what's next and I try to see things more clinically and I think sometimes we get caught emotion of. I'm not good enough or I'm not good or some GonNa call me out and what that means about me. Verse looking at it like this is part of the process I love that so much I think too that comes into just showing up you know and not expecting respecting yourself to have it all figured out and I like the ideas while you mentioned <hes> stacking your wins. You know I think getting into the industry whichever industry that is for you fitness nutrition whatever <hes> we are always pacing ourselves ten insteps ahead Roy's comparing ourselves to that one person or those few people that we want to be living like you know and so anything less than that feels not good enough when really you need to take a step back and say okay what's my first little win and then what's the next ax stop and then what's the next step after that and that's really how you build momentum in Your Business and get where you WanNa go right totally. None of that's why it's hard right is because the way that you build that evidence that you're good is by doing just a little bit and so looking Taylor areas where you've been successful. Maybe a personal trainer for a long time. You just know that like client walks in the door. You know and you know you can get them results. You might have to borrow that confidence in that area and bring it over to online so I think a Lotta Times. We get scared but remember like you know how to do this. You've done it before. It's just the client in the gym with you anymore so good. How are you going to get better and take that one person on and no one's life has ever been ruined like you know what I mean? There's always plenty of time to adjust and switch and and pivot David if something's not working so that I know that that's one of my hind biggest fears is once they start working with people and there's a money exchange thing. That's scary thing right. They're like Oh do for free for free and I'm like you're not on the hook if you do it for free now all of a sudden someone gives gives you two hundred and fifty dollars this month like helped them lose weight like guess what you gotTa figure it out. You've gotta come with the good. You need to be the expert that you aren't facilitate that change in that feels a little bit. I noticed you know yeah absolutely I can. I see see that a lot of my finds those ball where that money exchanges. That's the first biggest hurdle I find for a lot of online coaches right. It's it almost legitimate legitimate sizes them and it tells them like Oh. I'm the real thing now in when maybe they aren't ready to emotionally accept that but it's a good little I push over the ledge like jump. You're good you're in. Let's go rather than just undervaluing like you talked about early on you. Know <unk> always undervaluing yourself not showing op as your most you know your highest vibe ing self right and really just undercutting your words in how you're treating yourself and your schedule with your clients and setting those boundaries and those expectations when you're totally agree just like owning your worst is like you have to know that you're good like truly believe in your sermon on so cliche but if you're having a hard time asking like I have clients who have a hard time asking for people to sign up for their newsletter and I'm like that's three like if you need extra money. I'm like if money were not says no. I <hes> you know if you're having feelings of. I'm scared to ask for something or I'm scared to tell them who my price or. I'm scared to even ask them Emma email newsletter like you to go back and do some internal work you feel like you. I feel like I'm valuable. If I show up in someone's inbox once a week was like tools tactics strategies things that I can help them like I'm obligated to ask them to be in it otherwise otherwise. What are we doing? You know it is there are some minds at work that needs to happen around that and really like you said owning your value or owning your worst but it is truly believing that you can facilitate and someone will be better off as a result of working with you. I'm not going. You have to go back and really go it. Cool like this person works to me like will they get what kind of results will they get and remind yourself of how talented you are and then from that point then you sell from that place. That's when you coughing come into a sales conversation association when you can constantly post on social media called action like that's really need to be coming from because you you know this like sales energetics if I show up and I don't really believe in what I'm asking you like they're going to pick up on that wasn't in my Mortenson my body language and what I'm saying it's going to come off. Hand and people are like customers are savvy. They're not going to go with someone who doesn't really believe in and so you you might have to do a little bit of kind of like a mental pep talk to get yourself ready to ask for stuff yeah do twenty Robbins Shit right whereas trump trampolines. I mean that also comes back to you. I think choosing the perception that serves you the most you know and instead of US using the Lens through I'm not ready. I'm scared I'm new at this. I'd I'm not worth says choosing the perception that does actually serve you and you know the internal work is so huge and I think it's something that it's not what I mean. I know you'd agree with meeks. Talk about all the time but it's not one and done you know it's ongoing as you grow your your as your business grows you grow or you should be and so your perceptions are going to change and you're GonNa you're gonNA come across new uh-huh stories that you're telling yourself in new things to be fearful of right but if you lay the groundwork early on you'll know your warning signs and you'll know how to adjust that perception just bring them all yeah I mean I say that building living your business is neatly person development work because there's going to be your challenges something that you'd never tried before or something that you're going to have to do whether it's making huge investment in your business that you're not used to doing. There's something about investing in your business that you know whether or not so you get anything out of the investment. It's just literally an energetic signal to your higher self that like you're ready to go to the next level and now if you're feeling that nervousness that that fear that that I'm not sure that excitement of like I'm not sure I'm GonNa make this money back but like you trust yourself enough to invest in the word whatever that looks like like that to me is a leveling operate and so we have these small opportunities when we do feel scared by the way that never goes away no matter how there's always another level level of vulnerability and you're like okay yeah and you know I heard <hes> Brennan Bouchart speak a couple of years ago and it was so interesting he was talking about how you know like when I told you the story of my personal training career when I was driving across town eight o'clock in the Friday like that was misery misery and I worked so hard for the next few years to get out of that place that by the time I got to the place of just not misery anymore I was a call them good and I thought I was done on with the hard stuff. Something else happened and I was like we what I already did the hard stuff like my like and so you think at some point just being out of misery is enough and so sometimes you reach a place of complacency and you have to almost really will yourself to go into the hard stuff again and if you're not really yeah moments moment miserable or like you know. I really like what I'm doing but I do want to the next level. You'RE GONNA have to actively seek out the comfort and that's just to do and so there's always another like layer to peel back. There's always another level to go to no matter how <hes> big or small businesses and neither exciting because I'm like who every time something hard happens. I learned something about myself. How I handled it how it could have handled it better and just try? I take the emotion out of it so it doesn't feel so oftentimes. We think if something goes wrong that we're wrong. Warriors like think doesn't go to plan it because we are innately some sure fuck up and that's just not the case. It's just like circumstantially. I tell my girls all the time we debrief on their launches oranges. What could have gone better? What could we have done more? Don't take it personally even on take personally can being able to detach confidently and look at it <hes> very clinically. I think an objectively help in hard because your baby everything personally and so moving through some of those big mindset challenges is exciting. If you choose to see it that way yeah I love that perspective I mean I'm you're saying all of this moving being out of misery and just like becoming complacent and I might yet that totally one hundred percent. was there girl like it's so true though you know when you're in such a low when you're so miserable all the time and you get to a place where you just feel like neutral neutral that feels really good to you for a period of time right but it's easy just to live at but a not push yourself you know and then all those other stories start coming in like well. I'm not going to take a rest because what if it doesn't work out and I'm going to go right back to that. Miserable miserable plays that perception shift is so powerful I love love love how you explained you know just learning from the cops and learning from the the winds and not marrying marrying any of your ideas because you never know what's going to work on what's not or what you're GONNA learn what you're not right so yeah but that takes a long time to get it. I mean that's why mentors are so great. You know is because they can help you get there faster sir but I figured I should on my own and it took me way too many. Hopefully you know and it happens in all different areas of our life to <hes>. I've been playing around this concept lately of diversifying the way you generate affirmation so for example you know for people who maybe a similar history to me growing up and like and really valuing your looks or leanness your fitness for me. It took me a long time to overcome some of my body image issues a lot of them like obsession with food and feeling like I need to be lean lean and you know all kinds of stuff and I remember kind of moving past a lot of my body securities and being like Oh my God i'm sure like amazing and they'll send business all of a sudden it was like but I'm not getting enough clients that I don't have enough followers or whatever it is right and so so if don't work on like that inner stuff that like feeling of not good enough of insecurity it's just GonNa show up like same shit different outfits and so would I've been trying to figure out multiple ways to feel meaning enjoy life not just business not not just my body not just my relationship. It needs to be multiple different ways so that if one of them goes changes or or is different now or need to pivot or goes down the tubes. I don't feel like that's my entire world and so I made that mistake multiple times like oh my got my body's my everything my marriage is everything and then I ended up getting divorced from like cool like what where am I going to go now. Like how am I gonNA drive affirmation now so I think diversifying the ways in which you feel good enough help because you're not putting all your exit back. I love that I think that's really valuable. I am new to the affirmation world as well and I I know you've been doing it for many many years and using this as a tool in your toolbox for many many years. Can you give an example of what you would mean outside. Outside of relationship outside of business outside of your body like those are all very prominent in many of us. By where else are you finding this for you yeah. It's such a great question you know I think that it's really easy to fall into a trap of generating affirmation from other people or things right money number patient our partner because his affirmation being in a relationship is an affirmation. <hes> you know a business doing well gives us affirmation clients getting results all these kind of things they all have their depend on somebody else and so my question comes down to what if there aren't anybody else like even with personal trainers I see them saying things like you know. <hes> I derive a sense of meaning from helping people and I'm like yes amazing. That's why we're here but at the same time what is the new people to help. Are you still going to feel good enough if you're not helping people constantly rightly so in a way it's like yes altruistic but at the same time it's kind of selfish and so figuring out a way to feel good enough just by yourself without depending on so for me. My practices been like cool if I had the entire day off and I'm not talking to clients not seeing anybody. I'm not spending it with my partner my boyfriend whatever like what would I do. How would I derive a sense of meaning meaning? Enjoy it so for me. It's very simple. It's like getting into workout. <hes> going for leisure walk with my dog like reading a book that educates me or or opens me up to different way of doing things <hes> you know so those are some big ones for me is how can I feel lake. My life has meaning or I'm engaged in my life without it depending on other people and so like that's my thing so if you have the data yourself no kids no family no work. No whatever how would you send it. How would what would fill you up in that moment everything for a lot of people? It's it's not stuff like television and swing social media and playing video games like it's not that kind of stuff but oftentimes those are escapes sometimes so asking yourself when you do something. How does that make you feel doesn't make sure more energized or less energized and is there something that you can do regularly? That doesn't require anybody else to make you feel enjoy and then meaning. That's kind of where I go. Wow Yeah I that's powerful and I that's a really easy way to make it real. You know like okay I can picture myself there right rather than just pulling something out of thin air. That's how you can make it really real in tangible for you even though Oh even if you aren't constantly practicing formations currently you know 'cause I push all of my clients to to establish a practice with it. It's powerful and you know as entrepreneurs I think there's just so much input we get hat constantly and opinions of others and then let alone our own voice in her own head <hes> it gives us an anchor you know amidst the chaos to come back to and that's kind of how I like to use it and I know you can use it in so many different ways in. It's very unique experience but I like that. It gives me something that I can actually okay. If I had a day to myself. What would I do and I can kind of map it out and actually visualize which is awesome yeah? No I mean I love that. Uh I love the idea of like what are you need to do to own your power so I don't really like ever look. I know a lot of people use affirmations like they write them on their mirror a little post it notes. I'd never done that before. I just have binders for myself so like <hes> one of mine is what would someone at the level that I wanna get you do in this situation. How would someone who is trusting and powerful reacting the situation so sometimes I have to act as if I'm already the person that I wanNA become if that makes any sense so <hes> you know if I tend to get really insecure around this one specific thing or if for example I wanNA invest my business but it's a pretty big investment and I'm really scared scared? I asked myself okay like what someone like. Oprah do like what would have someone who is at the level that I wanna get to what would they. What would they make in this in this scenario so whether it's someone that you kind of a mentor of yours or someone who's maybe a couple years? How do you want to be or <hes> or even just like theoretically what would a powerful trusting person? That's always my mantra linka powerfully trusting person of them like trusting of themselves do in this situation and so that helps me get out of my head and into action I think for me when I'm moving and I'm taking action. I feel engaged and that's the most important part I don't need to to get there yet. They need to be working towards it and I think so long as I feel like I'm on the journey. I'm doing like how many of us like we're sitting around watching someone else be super successful. We feel really insecure but as soon as we sit down and we're doing our shit and we're like creating stuff we're not looking around looking at other people. We're focused nowhere to into so excited about it and so I think if you can get out of your head and into action fast as possible and do the thing that someone who is at the level that you want to get to is doing all of a sudden it just kind of feed forward cycle and in order to get into the Cycle Eugenie to have to take take these small actions and three for me. I love educating myself. I'm dealing in Iran. I'm like cool podcast books. What can how can I learn a new skill even like I started skateboarding snowboarding in the last year like forces? Where's your brain and your body to move in different ways and it kind of gets you out of that Rut? So I'm a huge fan. I'm Lik lateral disciplines learning about things like I would love to just go back to school learn about like finance and investing in like in Crypto and stuff like that that's totally outside out of my my expertise now but I feel like that it makes for a more deeper experience if I can just figure out a way to educate myself in these kind of lateral discipline. That's so cool yeah. That's so so cool I think everyone's everyone's experience of that will be slightly different. You know like what really puts them into action. Yours is education you know and coming into the ad and someone else's will be something completely different. Probably you know I know my husband's is education as well in minus. I'm still figuring out actually to be very transparent. A changes a lot. You know what it once was is not what it is anymore and I think I need to come back into myself and really figure out what that is. You know as you grow volve. If you're not on top of that you Kinda grow out of what used to motivate you and put you into action then when it doesn't one day it's like well. What the hell you know amy I remember I remember you know talking about engagement so I don't know if it needs to be education? Necessarily it might be for you. You know calling another entrepreneur and being like hey you run this by you really quick. We chat about this. Can I process with you doesn't have to necessarily be like educating yourself and reading that kind of thing consuming but it might just be processing something with appear who has been there or is also dealing with those same you know kind of. Maybe some hiccups or some mindset stuff so you know I think that for everyone. It's a little bit different but pay. Attention to the emotions of illicit trade eggs from me <hes> if I feel enjoy if I feel excited if I feel when I'm doing has meaning if I feel like it's helping the world I it's helping myself become a better human like they attention to the emotions that you're generating when you're doing certain things if you feel gross every time you do that certain thing hanging out with a certain person or have to do this thing over here like that's probably going to be no so we're trying to pay attention to the emotions that certain activities illicit and if I dread it it's a no for me and if it can't be a no right now I I'm trying to figure out a way that that I can kind of leave it behind reversal training. If you're so thinking that I do all my clients they're so miserable personal training a ton of hours like this job and so when when they're coming into online business they're creating it from a place of urgency and desperation and that also doesn't work can't be like I hit my full time job. I need to make money online and like that can't be the reason you need to come into it because because you're excited and you WANNA make a difference when we can impact and you WanNa create something of your own. It can't be out of a place of desperation and urgency either and so you know look at the motivations behind the things that you're doing the feelings of illicit. I think that's kind of for me. It's always been a roadmap. That's that's so awesome Joe. I love that I took away from that. I think that's so it is so powerful because truly you know I'm just having flashbacks to when I left I we owned a gym for five years and when we shut it down I jumped immediately into all all mine as we naturally would and grew its tasks like really fast and one day I looked around and I was like wow I just created the virtual version of my gym. Hell you know it's like because I did it from a place of urgency Z. and scarcity and just needing to get out right and so then I had to like start making changes to that business but actually learned from that mistake that time right but you're so hit the nail on the head with that it's it's so true. How you enter you know your business or how you enter a pivot in your business or whatever emotionally can completely fuel the outcome of that pivot you know and just really being self aware enough to recognize where that pivot is coming from and it's hard because sometimes you and you are like I'm going okay? I know I shouldn't be like a scarcity mindset right now but like you are. You didn't really need money right this second. So that's all valid so a Lotta Times. My clients say will help them. Stay in an abundance mindset when like I really need to close the sale because I need this money because bills. I'm like get it. It's a tightrope. That's where the self trust comes in greatness okay. I'm going to sell conversation. I but I'm also going to detach now come. I'm going to do the best I possibly can and I'm GonNa let the chips fall because that's the thing is I think when we started to feel like we need to control the calm that just really generate a ton of misery and expectations and disappointment and things like that so really I look at it like do your best show up to whatever it is that you're trying to create your absolute best but detached from the outcomes gosh such a hard practice. Oh my gosh that is so hard especially to tell someone who is in that scarcity place like okay detached from the outcome when that's all they care about in that moment but that's I think where a lot about self works ties back in and it isn't just a switch right. It's a constant process and it's a constant evaluation of where you're at and what you need yeah just like this dance. We play with ourselves. Yeah I mean and that's and that's why like if you can do personal development work and like self-development introspection work I think if you can come place like awareness and just try to the objective with it like okay. I'm doing that thing now like I'm dying. I could feel myself getting insecure here. I can feel myself writing. I feel I can feel myself. Comparing myself like it takes. I know sounds like so <hes> evident but it's not you know if you're not practicing self awareness breath just at the mercy of some of these negative emotions like I remember for me especially my body like bodies team struggles I was feeling guilt and shame and embarrassment and like self loathing and all of these negative emotions all the time because I just assumed and that those were normal they were hunters oath to feel when you just ate an entire bag of chips like that's the only option when you start your personal development work you start to see like Oh. I have a choice here like you had mentioned earlier choosing your perception. I can't Dan choose to not feel super guilty about this. I can choose to feel in my power. I can choose to feel <hes> secure in this moment. I can choose to trust in this moment in when you start opening your eyes to what else on the menu. Nothing's really exciting so you do have to do a certain level of personal development or self awareness work in order to you know be able to kind of pick up on those negative patterns and eventually Yeah Yeah Okay Amazing. That's so true so if we could leave audience with one major takeaway I always hate getting put on the spot another podcasts. I'm like Oh one takeaway. I don't know but I'M GONNA DO IT T. O.. If we leave them with one what would it be. You know I mean there's so many but if someone is the same theft and maybe they are you know working full-time in the gym and doing you know kind of I think it believed the biggest thing is just take one small step today. So one of the things I always hear from my clients are people who wanNA start building their online platform urban WanNa Start Doing Distance Coaching is they always say start off like it's also overwhelming. I don't know where to start or <hes>. I just feel like if I can't dedicate this much time to it. Then I might even bother or you know it just there's so much to do or so saturated and all these kind of a no excuses but like valid points but at the end of the day it's all mental aerobics right so it would say my biggest advice is try to just do one small thing each day think about it. If you post on social media you know every a day for seven days like that's a big deal. Most people will not be at that consistent so I think you're all permission to do the lower hanging fruit stuff without it being perfect. I was girls especially like this is when you should mess up I'd like no one's looking at and it was watching you say the same thing. Now is the best time to get your rest and like post that video that isn't like top quality professional grade like down at the time to try your hand and instagram live and then you can delete that shit like so I just give people the advice to do one small thing and allow for them to not have to be perfect with it because you know people aren't expecting perfect. I always remind my girls like you're not supposed to be good at this yet. And so the more wraps you can get closer. You will end up to approaching perfect but you have to become too just like really if you can be consistent. You're already gave me the top one percent of people trying to do this so try to do your best do one small thing and you will give it it or retirement awesome growl. So where can everyone find you if they wanNA follow along or hitching up online yeah. Let's hear people <hes> yeah. It's just JOEL FIT DOT com website. If you guys want to <hes> jump on my newsletter and get like all the latest now if you can put your email in anywhere on that site <hes> and then I spend most of my time on instagram at you'll fit and then on facebook my <hes> visit sater's Joe Coleman so yeah I lived here people with years of questions or clarification on anything. It'd be up in the G._M.. On instead.

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Beautiful You With Special Guest Toni Swan

Beautiful You

39:13 min | 1 year ago

Beautiful You With Special Guest Toni Swan

"Welcome to the beautiful you podcast. I'm miriam snap founder of redemption mama's. It's my belief that inside. Every one of us is a beautiful you you waiting to be fully expressed to the world around us my podcast showcases everyday ordinary women like you breaking patterns of unhealthy healthy relationships with yourself and others so you can be valued treasured and loved for who you really are round kappa find a quiet space so you can be in spied ride on your beautiful new journey way <music> now. I'm miriam snap and and this is beautiful you on today show. I'm interviewing an incredible eighty. I've been following her journey for quite some years now and in this way she's celebrating a forty kilogram loss of weight. Enjoy today's episode because you're going to be blown away by the story tony. You've been having some healthy. She's tell us about eugenie show <hes> well. It's just about a as a as far bob. Has we bought all stott without the brief. Descriptions are you can sort of gather how my life has unfolded over the last twenty any audience young from <hes> in my early twenties i had i am accidents which involved stays and is severely hurt my back <hes> that impacted my hairdressing career and impacted marched through my adult life pine into yeah in terms of pain so from a very young age from twenty one i started experiencing extreme back pain because i have a ten minute tilt in my lower back doc with one of my vertebrae which causes two major disk compressions which then <hes> basically swell up and hit nerves and i ah get spasms in my back which travel either up the left side of my body or down the right side of my body in conjunction with that my pelvis this was unstable and tilted forwards on sorry and you'll hear dressing during his whole time <hes> well nar when my initial accident happened i had taken i mean months right from full-time hairdressing on was only working two days a week and started white interesting <hes> because believe it or not walking constantly as opposed to standing in the one position was better for my body so that was sort of i i did a lot of rahab at that point in my early twenties in to get myself back to the point that i could headdress fulltime again. Then i went back to hairdressing full-time it basically just dealt with the pain in my body on a daily basis. You know always having tight medication struggling with. I i always saying whether a car third occupational therapist of a on an odd had every form of therapy nine man i ah i would say hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on some sort of way cly pain management therapy happy pain managment clauses psychotherapy united met in the last twenty eight years of my life. I have done it and on time time again so then you know we move forward to having children and as we own the number on your body so i had two beautiful oh children and my son is twelve and a half and my daughter is eleven and a half. They were born very close together for eight months apart pots often my son was born. I was advised not to get pregnant again for two to three years in order for my spine to recover because at this point my my hips were completely lodged in a forward position pressing on my solace muscle and pulling being myself career elliott joint sorry my body was in the shape of a letter saying i was in an immense amount of pain that time all of which i was also taking care of my mother who was dying of cancer extremely emotional journey at times and then <hes> my blessed listed daughter decided to surprise us months later and i ended up with two children in a very short amount of time and at this point was is probably rock bottom for me. My mom dies. My daughter was straight solds. <hes> i had moved back to australia from my wonderful beautiful life in the u._s. And i was at my heaviest whites back then i was nearly one hundred sixty five dollars. Wow how are was in a date doc depression and on the verge of even probably wanting to commit suicides. <hes> <music> sought out the help of an incredible therapists who i started saying on a weekly isis to get myself out of that very jock fleiss ice and <hes> the next really five years was just getting my children to the point that are in school and just trying to deal with my daily life and my pain and trying to control my right at that point so i did manage to get down to about the one forties woody's the one thirties at point by the time they started school and then not pretty much have sat around that one thirty mock rock for the last five to six years as you had nine ni marian they was a time that i did try another sort of white control. I did try hi doing intimate. Fasting was successful for short-term lost about twenty kilos on that program which took about two and a half years <hes> math very quickly. I then reached the next crisis in my life which i know you are a very big coddle of support for me and i ended ended up with a condition called trigem norell job. She has remember remember that so trigem neuralgia issue look it up online line. The first line says try germano. Neuralgia is the most excruciatingly painful condition nine hundred humankind's only gauche the pain upon pain upon pain upon pain upon pine badging this pain during this time year well it was a tremendous amount amount of drugs when i had the trigem and on wral george just a base description about that traditional norell juries in your face <hes> and signed eight causes extreme <hes> shop spasms that triggered through the five main nerves that control your facial muscles and when you have a spasm it can last between thirty seconds and ninety seconds bicycling feels like someone slicing. You'll excited with an eye on some of my spasms would cause made a blackout eight was our only manageable all through the point of having started the hospital once awake and get put on a morphine drip to twenty four hours on because i i was on the maximum jars of appeared so i was taking oxycontin every day massive darcy's of trauma doll i was was on like lyric colleges knows time drag on the next m- amount of fat anyway. It's a long story short once way. <hes> got rid of trigem non-royal jenner of course i comfort ate the entire way hartley thing that guide me comfort was sorry in that five months my i twenty kilos from <unk> soon piled back on in there i was back in the one forties again so once tide came off of the drugs and basically had to guard through my intestinal drug rahab to get all of all of the tyne drugs the the next thing you know another two years goes by and i ended up having reconstructive surgery on my seis <hes> two years ago in my and and that took about twelve months to settle and that was post asking cancer from ten years ago. I had to reconstruct my vice. I saw it taken a while for me to not have the time to really think about where i was because i've just been so busy recovering from either one problem or another as you in my journey health professionals kept telling me you know. Twenties just got so much information in your body. You know you need to do something to get this out of under control. Oh you know we you know the medication. You're on control. Your pain in your back is about all that we can. Do you know of course if you lose white. Doctors always always tell you lose weight. You'll feel blah. Blah blah blah blah blah but i can tell you i'd been skinny was still in pain psi. It really was they getting to the final straw which was judged this year. That made me make a decision about changing my life josh while a final straw was there a defining moment that right like the twenty odd years you've made up your pain you to workers hairdresser which is staggering really. Aren't i have to say hats off to you from <hes> you know you beautiful. When you go into the cell on you don't share your agony with anyone and you just continue to be your beautiful silk. So you know what happened to trigger this defining joining moment this this this catalyst that changed you rot sorry a was january twenty seconds and and i had actually sorry it would have been before january twenty second the wait before say probably what seven days before that january fifth ma had just spent four beautiful dies at a crown with my husband and my kids as opposed sort of christmas little bryk and be the krant <unk> that yes we went to the crown towers for a full beautiful dies just as a family to reconnect and spend time beautiful and there were several times during that holiday where of course i felt like they are based y._o. On the side how hiding under my towels ashamed of my body and having trouble you know getting out of the chair and getting out of the pool lend feeling really uncomfortable and of course because you're eating out eating out every night join this beautiful food and like just living life white light too many tiles and i have a extremely handsome has spent that i know that you nari we yes exactly in the fitness industry himselves. My children are extreme athletes late. Style bars second degree and third degree black belt martial artists thiab west australia and brazilian jujitsu champions. We'll have live with this family of you know at least at elite athletes which i used to be an athlete myself right up until my early adult hood and having my accident sorry. I'm united the fat mum sitting on the bench supporting my children. I'm the fat mom watching my husband compat- through no time or fall two bays was anyone ever judgmental somme being overweight or unhealthy. They loved mom. I and my husband loves may regardless of my whites bought this one particular day when we got back from crown. My daughter and i went grocery shopping thanks. Has you know i needed to fill the fridge back. It's very and i'd gone and on the way clay shaw and why we were shopping in 'cause that day. I experienced a a number of twenty three bax peasants wool and it was the highest amount of spasms odd head in a short time so the shopping was probably about an hour as i'm pushing the shopping trolley get a spasm and sometimes if you hold the spasm points it will sort of stop it. When you put your fingers on it you can feel the spasm my beautiful daughter at eleven years old as holding back and trying to start my husband's as wish and i'm in extreme pain. Stop i take another to painkillers is and continue the shop we get out to the car park and i hope in the back of the car and i grabbed the bag of gore isolates to learn it in the back of the car and i now get probably the biggest spasm i think either felt among is and it caused me to yell out with very big scream. I then resulted in crying with no sound when you're in so much pain wow and my daughter is standing behind me and she's holding my back and she now asks a possible by to help face and i said i'm retired. It'll be alright and she's like mom. Just leave the groceries coal dad mom just leave it and she's holding back and she's crying crying eggs in that i was so embarrassed. I was insomuch paid and our thoughts. What am i teaching my children. So i came home and told my husband <music> today by life changes will holes and this was in the car park of the shopping center and the cop pocket burger mckay mckay a shopping center correct. Oh wow so this moment. Just i guess all the pain and and and the shining and everything just landed all at once and it just triggered you to make a choice that in the past ask you hadn't come to you hadn't had the strikes to how papp's yeah was it you you do. This reaction may be that that really go to will probably a combination yeah like her reaction and i'd also heads a calm conversation with my husband. When we were at the crown on on ass die and you know he just expressed to me in our tiny either. I've never cared about your whites he said are you a heavy heavy. When i met you you've been twenty kilos twenty kilos heavier. He said none of that matters to me. Hey said but what i struggle with leaves is that we talk about at plans for future as a couple and he said that children are growing all he said we want to travel europe. We want to go back to the sites writes. He said the condition that you'll bodies in at the moment. He said you're inside much physical pain. It was at the point that my daughter would put my socks on in the morning by i couldn't carry my handbag because it would trigger a spasm as i would put it over my shoulder down. Life was becoming a struggle goal. Sorry i could only get through my day of hairdressing and then it was you know what am i going to do business wise and what am i going to j. financially and uh-huh so it really was. What are you going to stay on like to make yourself get. He's like you know. Only you can find the strength. I can support you but you need to decide in so i had a couple of things i actually found out about the program that i'm on now as early as october of last year but you know when you find out these things you think all year there's no way i could do that all right. That's ridiculous and you know you recital these things and your head of trying something new because of the fear silesia again yes <hes> you know. I didn't want to go that to anything done in the poss because i thought well. How am i ha- heavy again. I i needed to try something different and so i i had advocating in the back pocket from october so i i wish i had saturday not star bob. Well i remember coming in. Maybe maybe in march of this year to see yep and i could not believe what i saw. I could not believe what i saw because you would have looked like half the look sorry transformationally different you know in your face and in your body and your energy and you'll lie in your spock which was just sensational so so what is it what did you do so i started an amazing program which is cold bat and exact exac clayton t h i way way spell let pay heights with an akron doubled tae and in-stat stands full as putting health at the top k. eight es essentially a got healing and weight loss program and <hes> basically i started the program on on january twenty seconds okay and <hes> by the end of my first round and i worked going sir all of that because it <hes> quite technical and any of you listeners out there will be more than happy to discuss the program program with you on a personal level but by the end of my first thirty days the <hes> on the fat program the i was down fourteen point five kilos in thirty days wow in thirty days and the clincher all the success of this program is that i can tell you by by the end of decides on the program i had completely safe to taking all painkillers and to this day. I am into my six months of my journey. I'm die ten of my months and i am still yet. Take a painkiller just to give you an idea of how many drugs i was on. I was taking to slide released trimming all hundred milligram pills so two hundred milligrams of traumatology die. I used to hike penetrating fort a month. Why use take up to eighty sorry ninety advil which is the large box of advil and by five i was offered all pain drugs whatsoever reasonably quick very quick side of the reason for daddy's is that by reducing <hes> certain food groups and eliminating them completely during a very short three day detox sights on the inflammation in my body reduced almost instantaneously the reduction of inflammation when i should which is caused by thirds that way and use on a daily basis sorry yeah reducing they certain food groups and <hes> <hes> bicycling clean. I was able to get almost instantaneous pine release. Wow that is absolutely amazing raising. Will i know when i saw you vibrancy and your energy you would just a totally different different person and yes now now. That's that comes from eighty extra benefits from being on the program which were immediately within the first week started sleeping through the nights. Whoa whoa which meant i would hit the pillared nine thirty ten o'clock at night and my eyes would not arp until six. I._m.'s are getting out of the box very know tossing and turning inning bed because my back was in pain nar having to turn our that because my heat will my back my shoulder by or something was heading just slowly lapping through the night so when you sleep through the night for the first time in twenty years you right cop with an added energy that you never knew had so so you're right in saying that miriam my energy levels went through the roof all mice instantaneous because i was sleeping through the nights. Gosh what other benefits jason apart from the <unk> won't eliminating any pain meds. Yet was my my ability. Instantaneous laid the ability to to be able to put my own socks the ability we live in a two story house. Sorry which you know a year ago. I almost regretted regretted it in the first two weeks living here because going up and down the stairs everyday was like in the morning. I'd make sure i had absolutely everything i needed so i didn't didn't have to back up the stairs anymore. But you know having to send the children up the stairs every five minutes. Can you go upstairs and get my fire and can you go upstairs and get me my shoes spot <hes> within that waco of being on the program the stays when are longer and he shares are because my knees were feeling so much better and you know just my ability you know instantaneously improved mental clarity. My foggy foggy nurse had lifted and instead of feeling tired for twenty four hours a day. I don't think i said i felt tired. Watts like like free onwards. Gosh that is just absolutely sensational. How much white have you loved cy. I'm currently proud to say that at this point. I am down fishy one point five kilos how in four very short months eh four months but on top of the key lars ease the inches they inches centimeters. Let's say my heaps have reduced over face. She seeks mehta's insides. Whoa my bus line has reduced east fifty four centimeters in my gosh. My wife has reduced twenty eight centimeters insides uh-huh and when you think about size i will tell you that i was as in carding. I was wearing a size twenty two which was getting very very tight and i am currently wearing a size twelve to fourteen gosh congratulations. You know that's that's a huge achievement can't thank you mary and how about you your husband and your children now. What's what's the vibe life seeing their mother transformed as you mm-hmm well. Basically i could only use one word and that is pride. Sorry mark children look at a baby in a different way. Oh my son. The other day said something to me which resonated so well. He said it to me. <hes> you know you don't like those people. I was watching six hundred pound life. I watched that motivates the other night if anyone's ever say shaw as a shot one knob foxtail code six hundred pound life and it's very very white people and when when i was heavy i used to watch that with the feeling that it was like well. I'm not that bad. I'm not that fat. I'm not going to allow myself to get to that level now. When i watched the show i watch it because it reminds me that if i stop looking off to myself that that is a very real possibility so i still watch the shark because i still you'll get motivated lead motivation. Hey exactly my son looked at me and said mom. I don't know why you watch this shaw. You're not fat anymore and i said to him well. I am still slightly over white and i'm still in my journey trying to get there but you know it's reminds me that i can't ever stop looking after myself because that is always a possibility liked back. It's reminding you where you've come from and where you need to want to go to again one hundred percent mariam one of the things that i remember talking about with you. Almost every time was yet this amazing italian family. You have an end the obsession with food and potties and i go way just stunned by by what you guys could pull together <hes> had had you. Had you manage that big italian celebration yeah that holy wagon well so yeah it is. It is a challenge at first. I was definitely a challenge. More from the perspective of you'll brian doesn't ever forget what food thai. I sli okay guy. <hes> it was more of a challenge in didn't want people to to be negative towards what i was doing so <hes> you know so the mice pot people as supporters but you know there's always going to be someone that is going to challenge your new lifestyle and pats not basically supportive. Sorry sorry you know you just have to stand your ground and remember why you're doing it and remember. Oh sorry that it's not forever that i won't be able to enjoy enjoy that pace of it's just at the moment so the way the program is designed. It is beautiful that you have thirty derives at the absolute ars you stick to your guns for thirty days and once you move on into maintenance you know once you move on to what we call a lifestyle which is an eighty twenty twenty lifestyle twenty percent of the time. You can't enjoy something you know you know you sort of celebrate those twenty percents and have you little piece of tight but a lot of occasions had fallen <hes> while i've been in thirty die rounds i just bring my foods and it is never ever more than two steps away for may. I have my little doctor's bag which has all my snacks. It has all my foods for the day and it's just about being prepaids and <hes> i will sit at the dinner table with everybody ready and i'll just eight nine age and i neither on foodies nourishing my body. I know that that food is allowing me to get where i wanna bay and i just just focus on the real reason that on me and the real reason that on day is to be around the people that i love and to celebrate whoever's birthday parties and it not being about foods and for me from the age of thirteen food has controlled my life it has controlled every day and every hour of my life wow for the first time in my life to not be controlled by food which is the most amazing and empowering feeling that i've ever had in my life and it is empowering and the raised on not controlled by food is because the way this program is designed. It changes you from the inside out on on a whole new level on metabolic global on a blood sugar level so because it changes you i no longer have cravings savings on craig's eating anything ever so for me whether i'm eating a piece of cake or a bowl of cucumbers or a bar our of sight assigning enjoyment like a eighties irrelevant wartime a._c._s. because i don't crave anything anymore and that's because the programming so beautifully balance that sounds like a huge mindset change to one hundred percent focusing on something other than foods to so bring you joy wow so your mindset change and the support of the program in terms of balancing out <unk> eliminating cravings and balancing of bringing you into that healthy pain-free spice after twenty eight years i think you i said that's right because it's all about healing your gut so i'm sure a lot of you. Let listeners out. There have heard lightly. A lot of people are talking about healing and you know having three brian's got a brian in your brian heads. You've got to brian in your hots and you've got a brian in in your guts. You and you know the the got brian. Believe it or not a stronger than the others say if you can heal your got and that brian tixx ivanka then you know you're flying all the way well look. Tiny food is people that lady lisa listening to die in thinking. I don't think i could do that. You're someone special. You had a defining moment you know. What would you say. Today's women who have that kind of a challenge in front of them and i have been putting off making a decision to do something in take action. What would you say to them today. So what i would say to them is that you have to remember remember. You're y yet. I everybody is in a position of being overweight obeying unhealthy unhealthy or bain depressed or being in whatever place they are in their lives because because of the why so there have been in circumstances in their loss it they have not been able to control that have led had them to where they are today and you may not have been able to control some of these circumstances that have happened in your life <hes> but what you can control oh and you cannot control the future circumstances that may come into your loss. You thought what you can control every day. Why when you get up is to make a choice now. You may full off of that bandwagon. You may fall off of it once twice twice or three times but you've got a choice and one choice is to stay where you are and continue to abe depressed bay. I've overwight say fill unhealthy debut in pain and not try in your life. You make a choice. Take a chance to change. I need you make one small choice everyday to change change something then you are making a small step to change your life and if you dog change then the definition of insanity is doing the sign sing not expecting a different result that's ri- year has is to make a change and you may not succeed the first time but your option is staying the same or trying something different and maybe you will fail the first time but you will try again and you will six sage because if we don't continue to improve ourselves as human beings then way i walked like like what are we have the intelligence agents to make the change sorry and with change comes freedom and three so the first time in my life right right while look you a thank you so much phil. You're beautiful honest sharing end you know it's just just <unk> beautiful to see how this choice you might full months. Ago has completely changed your life. You know emotionally. Physically you know your your relationships with your family and your friends. I'm just by making that one choice <unk> tony. Thank you so much for sharing your story miriam. I wanna thank you for allowing may the opportunity to express myself and i will say one thing in closing yes before i guy is all you lovely ladies and human baynes out. You're listening to me at this moment sitting on your couch in your car. Wherever you're listening today i am now a mental with if this beautiful program i joined the business six wait cigar and i mean business from a point of of i'm in the business of changing people's lives <hes> i am currently mentoring twenty people moun- all on the assigned journey is made all of them off successfully up to fifty kilos worth of white loss in the first months i would be honored honored to share this journey with each and every one of you out there so i can be reached at on tiny swollen on say spoke spoke. I can also be reached at tiny kaz max on instagram or you can go to the pudding health atop website <hes> <hes> and just into my nine charney swan chiro and i it's w. I n. yup and reach out to me on. Get your pins handy. Because here comes my number. Ooh k zero four one six five six seven six nine five. I'm going to say that one more time zero one six five six seven seven six nine five tiny swan fat mental route and healthy and ready to help you on your journey. Thank you so much tiny any and all of that those details i will also include on the facebook page so people can go to the <unk> redemption mama's facebook page night can in connect with you through there as well so i look thank you again really through <unk> excited for for you to be on this amazing journey any end that you are now just using this to to see so many other lives transformed as will just all the best with your journey end and made the next fifteen kilos full off real fun us talk show will new round right now people on looking looking forward to my next ten kilos god. Thank you tiny. Thank you thank you thank you my pleasure miriam and blessings to all of your out there today. Thank thank you if you know it's time to take action and you want to connect with your beautiful you then i want to connect with you. Find me on facebook dot com forward slash redemption moms or drop me a message. You will also find any links for my guest on the facebook pages well you can n._b._a. Empowered you can be equipped and inspire others and embrace truecar 'age by becoming your beautiful you. I'm miriam snap and he is to being the beautiful <music> for big if your phone now.

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Monday, October 15th, 2018

The Morning Toast

1:03:44 hr | 1 year ago

Monday, October 15th, 2018

"Yes. Good morning lineal oh my gosh. Welcome back. Feels like it's been six years, but it's only been four days. Isn't time crazy, four days. It has them so long. I'm so glad I took Friday off, but now like I feel even more inspired to be back in the also because so much it happened that we have to talk about. So so much happened like last night this morning way. Megan Markle well, I just thought the timing. We'll talk about Meghan Markle but like I love him. They don't care about Americans because they announce it at like four in the morning. I know I know book at so early and miss it. But no, it was like six. I was thinking the same thing, especially t- that was like, I can't care about this yet, but I guess in Britain, they ready care and it's ten thirty here do care about Meghan Markle yet it's ten thirty here. Do you know where Meghan Markle's children are. I do in her grow in her belly, but it's to say Meghan Marco and belly because she really like, oh, okay, man, belly girl. People magazine this morning. Six tricks, Meghan Markle used to hide her pregnancy. I'm like, there's just one bitch, it's called being skinny and also being naturally thin job really look pregnant as much. Thomas Markle is really like screw things up for her rights really helped her. And then genetics department, and this is really. First of all, you know, NTSB conspiracy not seriously. Like he says that there was a Royal surrogate that's Kate use for her third child, not I two and that Megan would use because she is very thin and an older that you might have a hard time getting pregnant. So I don't know if it's legit or not, but that could be that could be one of the tricks people magazine was alluding to surrogacy. Perhaps she got married seven months ago. I feel like they wouldn't turn to serve at seven months like that would be after a few years of of n- no success. But I have to think that if you marry a prince like they test your fertility before that for you can ask for Tilleke a lot of people, the Karnak and everything I know about women's health comes from the crash totally. They should partner up with Planned Parenthood. They partnered with, they didn't watch episode, but rather, no. There were so many partnerships, of course, like and the partners on the show where also the commercials airing. It was all very synergy is Donna gate would say that's vertical integration. If I've ever seen it really was I learned a lot about business from thirty rock and charting, of course, and the morning does. Learn a lot about this is about biz like showbiz three thirty. Okay. I've been watching thirty rock with Zach and we can agree. So it's loosely based on like NBC. SNL is Tina Fey supposed to be playing, Tina Fey or like the Lorne Michaels. Like neither more so the Lord Michaels what I said, it goes Jack Donna. These Lorne Michaels and Jack Donna. The are not no person. Jack Donaghy is supposed to be like a GE. We don't know yet bigwig who likes. Yeah, it's not. It's not really the show girl. Girly show was supposed to be like a failing SNL for women. Right? And then they only could succeed with a man, right? Yes, it's loosely based off that, but I don't think specific characters are mentioned reflejo be life. People don't even think Tina Fey supposed to be more, but me job the Lorne job. Yeah. Okay. Someone needs to tell key obviously won't see this show, but someone's you got to hear the weirdest thing that's last night that just was so pertinent. Of course we're watching Kardashians and they were playing Kardashian softball versus the Jackson. And so when he saw. Like Jackson, is that like shahs of sunset? I was like your first thought about Jackson is Shahzad sunset. It cast mates illegitimate, the husband, baby, daddy. It's not Michael. It's not Janet. It's all a Toya. It's not Paris total. Awesome. I interested in keeping up. He's intuited. No, I sure you're doing a good job. You know what that means. You're doing a good job at home. They, you're keeping a happy home. I wasn't here on Friday because me snitch headed down to an and I wasn't here on Friday either because of the great migraine of two thousand eighteen as it happens, twenty four hours. But so many things happened in Atlanta that like I don't even know where to start, and obviously me and Margaux were never even told Margaritas, but I was go. Oh, I was planning on blogging the whole experience and doing video for our patriot because we do five episodes a month. And sometimes we do videos instead of podcasts and somebody requested Jimmy the highest seen and health behind the scenes. Yes, someone requested a behind the scenes of life on tour and literally when we got to the hotel after like a treacherous travel, which would have been great material, I remembered I'm Margaret. You don't even know this. You sleep by one video of sleeping and very long. And then I was like remembering, okay, I'll do it. Okay, I'll do it when I start getting ready and obviously I forgot. So this is not the trip and I'm going to Cleveland this week. So maybe that'll be the trip that I remember Margot. It's your job now in when she do Boston host the video of Margot sleeping, like just for peak tram, people like free of charge because it's so funny. Yeah, you should do Boston for nine misdeeds and then we'll also do a behind the scenes music video. This weekend, you guys got home. Out of shape. It's this weekend. That's why the group chat was popping off this morning when Margolin texted Jackie O no week. But you know what it is. It's still much to do before I get to the high has so much weeks, lose those two by shows to play plans to take lit sweats and versions to clean up eyebrows to axe at like, I haven't watched my IRAs since August. Well, I. Let me just run through Atlanta really quickly because there's so many things I have to say. I mean, the Brielle of at all the Brielle. That's that's not even where I can't even start there because like so much happened before this. I played one theater before and when they say theater, I mean like theater because he was only five hundred seats and it was old as hell. And the name is kind of controversial that Orientale theater like how Barrasso getting. But then in Atlanta, I played like my real first center, and I was really happy because I'm playing Boston into weeks which is like the supposed to be like the tipping point in my car wide, but the Atlanta show was the same amount of people. So I was like, it was my first time practicing in front of one thousand and seventy five people, and it was so different like you don't understand like I can't go back to a comedy club ever again, spoiling there will for a million reasons. I can't see faces from away can't and sometimes I really liked to re people's faces in like engage with them. But sometimes it's nice to not have to see if people are having a good time and just think that they are. Yeah. And because there's monitors in speakers around me, I can't really hear the audience. So I'm like, I'm just assuming. And they're having a good time which is just a huge weight lifted off my you hear the laughter right children's left and me and Margot. Like we walked from the dressing room to the stage like the stage was huge. Margaret me the best call. It was literally like high school musical, like the side stage, the ropes. The lights like there was literally five million people working at the venue just like to make the stage work. It was just it was such a different experience and it was like talent? Yes. No, I felt like a real true comedian, like the only thing on stage was like the Mike, and obviously I'd like to make me and the mic. It was so crazy and just like so wonderful. And then I, I buy did how McMahon and Brielle and I didn't know if both of them said they were coming by the people say they're coming in, they lie all the time. So like I didn't know if they were really gonna come and sometimes it really gets in my head if I like no people are coming. So I gave them Margaret's phone number and I had her coordinate, and I didn't really want to know if they came or not. Something going on your phone. That's like more interesting than the minimum saying. Sorry, now, are you sure? Yeah, I'm just being shocked by the comments. Just looking at myself to another looked into Marin a few days and just like killing myself. I'm sharing my feelings and I really would appreciate if you were listening. So I don't really like to narrow flare counselors listening. I don't really like to know if the people that I know are in the audience and you'd like friends. It gets in my head. Like when Ben parents came to my everything through their lens, how are they judging what I'm saying? Bright and like I was joke about how you back to cut you off saying you. I just wanted to hand jobs and I'm like, David saban's parents are. Yeah, like things like that. So I've started to invite people and then like not find out if they're actually coming in just like, let's niche handle it. So counselors, Senate channels, every everything and I had played, don't be tardy. Like I just like it was real specific because there's a lot of Atlanta Chick-fil-A, you know with she was the Indians, but I guess the the jokes are pertinent because you're right. Right, right. So when the show was over, the show is great. The audience was just so electro toasty, and it was in this part of sandy springs, and it was so fucking rich like it was a twenty minute drive, and we just drove pass mansions like mentioned mentioned, mentioned mashed Mench after Peachtree. No, Margaret, what it was mount Vernon, mount Vernon, highway memory stitch, no dementia for you. I guess it doesn't matter family. It's just like a thing with, and so it was so great. Everything was wonderful in the show was over and the twenty minutes before mingle. And I was in the dressing room and Margo brought back everyone who came and so many things happened. First of all Brielle came and it was just like. The moment of my life. I and she came with slate and her friend who was so nice and bunting. She's back together with your mayo, I assume. Yeah, I and I was just asking so many questions about job cardio's being the holding shot swing for release date. You said probably December. And I was just time Kim. So then she pays times Kim, and Kim was like, want you bring me? And I was like, I gave real four tickets because I was like, I and surely route three people. I was like, can you could've come and Kim's getting a massage? And I was honestly being a thirst monster for game. I was like, you should get with how she worked so hard. So there's always said it was, I love you so much. I will support you no matter what you do like even when you're crazy like I love you and she was like, thank you so much. It's so nice and so funny and they have like a very funny report. That's so cute and she was very cool. She hung for twenty minutes had since knacks and then it went to meet and she left before she left. Heather McMahon came with her sister and here's the thing, Heather McNabb before I'd never met Heather McMahon before, and everyone is like, you have to demand, you're gonna love her. And when people tell me that, like people love to tell me about their friends who are like ruin people for you, and they also were like, oh, she's still funny. She's also a comedian, like you're going to love her. And I'm like, well, the odds of me liking someone who might be my competition or very slim, nine times out of ten. If you tell me to like someone, I will fucking hate them and it was ready to hate, Heather McManaman. Everyone loves her like I'm gonna prove them wrong, Jackie and love her so much. Like I just first of all, there's so many things I love about her. She's the funniest woman alive. She is so finally at a funnier person or like been. Around such funny. Oh, sorry. I mean yourself cheese, really different. She's not your competition. No, not at all. And she even if she was like she's better than me and like she deserves all of her success. She's so funny and she came with her sister. So it was like steamy, sister bibles, like nothing like sincere. I tell you, she's like such a nice supportive girl like she was like, literally, just like being so nice the whole time that even after the show is over, couldn't stop talking about my shows so nice and like, I don't know if she's just doing feel good like it was working and she was being so funny. So we went. Actually just like helping carry my shit like she was just being so helpful. And so we went to anybody those broad-shouldered. She'll tell you, she went to the place, Clermont lounge. I've told her, I'm like, I want to go like authentic experience. AT l. she was like, okay, we have to go to Clermont lounge. And honestly, it sounded like stuck up like. Country club, but I didn't want that. But I was like, all right, but other madman's wonderful for grandma, it'd be midnight in. I was going to the country club, Clermont lounge in the Claremont hotel. I was like, oh my God. This is going to be like fucking four seasons vibes. And that's what I wanted. And it was literally the opposite of what I expected. First of all, it was literally like a bar in the dungeon which is like my favorite, just like with neon signs and like Bud Light and it was a strip club, and I say strip club because like it wasn't really a strip club. It was just like there were strippers on the bar. And I guess part of this charm of the of the club's strippers are like senior citizens. There were a couple like a couple there. Couple of twenty five year old who weren't working hard because they thought they didn't have to do you know any? I wasn't impressed with them and like I wanna shipper with something to prove right. So I have taken out like literally two hundred dollars in singles because like me and Margaret were like ready to go. And Heather was being so funny because like the girls who were like young and tight like they just like they didn't have to really even take off their clothes or work. Whereas like these grandmothers, like I saw visine of grandmother, like at the younger, they didn't think they have to work for it. And Heather was like making the best point. She was like, this young girl is wearing wedges. Like that's how little mutt that's a little. She thinks she has to try just because she's young. I think if any money and she was coming up, we did you see that it's on your lip. What was that? I think it's breakfast what you have. I didn't. It looks like my to actually are they all matter? And, oh, there's little chip to stop. Wow, that's new and whatever there was just so great. Like everyone pushed her on me and they were bright, like I'm obsessed with their and they didn't get fucking picture with her or her phone number. And I'm so annoyed but like I'll have to get, you know, it's real. And then me and my grunted I go into crispy cream and she's moving to New York in the way the Italian stallion and she's getting married in Italy. We gotta go, we gotta go. I was just trying to make a to statement that would just like assuming that it would be invited. You don't even like like with destination weddings. It's like if you care enough to cross the pond for me like you can if you care enough to get a passport. Right? You're welcome to get a passport stamp. Yes, but it was just it was so wild. I mean, just like such, I've just been traveling so much literally in the same pair of leggings and now not dirty jeans. No, I travel in lugging crazy travels in gene. Not me to you. Margaret Cho then like laser around the house in jeans. It's the weirdest set so weird, but I literally the same pair of leggings and like number just going to the Bahamas and we're for Jack, is about trade. We're. Going to Miami, I lived. We're going to Cleveland and I'm going to Cleveland the shift. So many trips coming up and so many like moments where I'm sitting in the same pair of pants that are like study. Like I really feel like I'm gonna get UT UTI. Well, it feel like you're going to get a UT. I do. You know, there's a new thing called Nucor out where it's preventative UTI like medical Bill, no mix it with your watering. You drink at a psych pink lemonade. Apparently it's like so delicious. And there's nothing really out there that like prevents UTI's except for this people say, drink Camry juice, right? And it never never worked. And for George taught us anything, it's that you just helps makes you gain weight, right? Like that the sugar? Yes, I would lose three pounds. So you need to get yourself Cora. I don't know if this is like I live in constant fear of getting a UTI we'll because the thing about you is is they are so painful, but still is it catch once that's coming on, you just have to ride it out. You have to write out the pain. There's no way to stop it until now and like hot p that comes along with it. That's the worst part or no, the feeling like you're going to have hot at all that you have to p and then like you go when you run and you don't. That's extra happening to me. Like always now that I think about it. But then when you actually do, it's like seven million degrees. That's the worst part of TI. We'll get yourself some you core. If you really think that's going to happen, you should just drink it on the point. You get, you can get it online and you can get you court and say, goodbye to UT is right now you Cora is offering thirty percent off when you text toast to forty eight forty eight, forty, eight, but hurry. This is a limited time offer texts toast to forty eight forty forty to get thirty percent off of your order of Ukwa. That's t o a s t two four, eight, four, eight, four eight couldn't have been easier. Didn't have been easier. And you know you got the, you should say, I love crystal light. So if you look down for this, like you will be drinking your beverage of choice and people always Emma staving off infect chowder supplements, like for their muscles in there like water bottles, like, I should just do that. And people are gonna think I'm like juice in for Jim permitting. UT is I do that all the time, Seitz electrolytes, or you know what? Tell them what it is yet to be shamed of like women tell a woman will understand what you're doing and a man. It'll only ever experienced such pain. I wish then like get what's the, what's that thing like TIMMY stones where like women do have them out and men like have to get surgery, they can pass for men to know. They have to get them surgically job inside them in friends, outcasts, tightening, Joey, canasta. For some reason, I was like, wow, you know a lot about him knowing. But yes, I have this interview Chaz just because I'm traveling so much nominee innovating suit, like for a month on my God. I'm so never Sweden maintenance. We gotta get straight him. We, here's what will have what we have to do. Okay, let's do it. We're going to go talks on Tuesday. So we are getting on the phone. I don't have to confirm today. Okay. I know that we were going to say, 'cause I've been going back and forth and like we're just doing it also like all of a sudden, my vote expert Scott gone, like I was starting to feel like I was having to. Now, my far head is just back to what it was, which is a piece of Strache. I like my head was so premium. What I was trying to wait as long as possible before the wedding, but may not just get it now and then get it again before the wedding. I don't want people know what I'm feeling. Oh, my gosh, should I can imagine. Okay, so Blackhawks we're getting eyebrows one hundred percent in my lip. I know you are blonde. So God loves you more and doesn't have a fear that I have a my session. No one will tell me, I will tell you whether I would tell, you know, I've never noticed it, and mine is so bad these days that like my makeup is really starting to concentrate around the follicles on my lip that let my makeup, it's making it worse. Now they send when I was getting ready for my show in Atlanta, my make up a so bad and all I could look it with my fucking mustache. You do it yourself. You have started to only do it myself. 'cause forming like these huge theaters. I'm getting so ago, Kate Middleton view. How humble am. I know because it's like if I ever get the resources to like bring hair and make up with me on. I'm not going to spend it on her and make up because I'm good enough. I'm going to spend it on personal security in first class of corner. Ciphers. We'll fly delta, I'd so we've got upgraded upgraded and the travel comes out of like my bottom line. So like I always book. Coach, and then I get upgraded a couple days before if by Joan upgrade myself, but like it's an image thing, I cannot people like see me on tour sending and coach than they think my towards the failure. Right? You know, but and then the intern sits standby. Right. Okay. So when we Margot's flights like. So are you okay? Mine get booked advance because I don't book them and they get like upgraded and I got my medallion. TSA pre check priority. God fucking snitch is up to Richard with. She has no pre check, no priority and either flights. So like no one covers Margot sites. It's an expense to me. So like a homegirl is getting like main cabin without seat selection. It's not even main. Sorry. She got me sick, so I don't even get a seat assigned until I get to the gate on my gosh, but I didn't sign up for pre check in Atlanta. Yes. Oh, Margaret, to the interview for preach out. Good. But now that Margot's getting pre check, I did clear. I wanted to clear up. Let me tell you why? Because I see it everywhere. There's never line and I'm like, what the puck and you have to pay for it. But I'm like, you know what? The downside there seems to be no doubt that other than the government has all of your information. Chillier and if you're of a certain medallion status with Dell w now I am because I've been traveling so much. It only seventy nine dollars a year and you can add family members for only fifty dollars like you want to give you fifty dollars. I'll edge you fifty dollars two hundred dollars. Basically you do the machine, everything I signed up online too. Now that I go for the first time I have to give them my fingerprint in my face. But then once I finish up basically take you to the front of the pre check line and I have pretext. I still have to take on the computer or anything. I don't mind paying the money, but for a while I wasn't traveling that much. So like I wouldn't have done it. 'cause if I go travelling like once a year, like who cares or even like mobile entry mosaic, I leave the country once a year. I don't need global trait, but I'm gone every single weekend from now until the summer. The life of a traffic light need clear yet. No, I'll let you know I'm going to use it this week. Conan Cleveland. Unfortunately, Jackie can't come, but I'm very excited and I'll let you know how premium experiences Cleveland or clear both. But I was talking about clear and beside before becoming defense, I've had like seven million things that I wanted to talk about somebody to check my list, Atlanta, headed McMahon, Clermont lounge. That's all one category. And then I went to the theater last night. Yes, you did. I went to Lincoln center which I haven't been to since I got engaged with PTSD from like the night that I wore romper and ledges to get like, I can't even talk about it with what you wore Jackie, what those budgets, those yellow edge is that I literally bore for six years straight ally knows what hopper offers and the fucking mom to that has a platform with no. Like Slann is a caught. It does have a ten degree angle of just indefensible wedges, but whatever I just, I hate those pictures. We'll see. I see. Okay. They weren't really cute. Like for five years ago when I was seventeen right? And you could clot around, right? But as a twenty one year old woman getting engaged in Lincoln center, like how procedures and legit has that like elegant. I was the opposite of elegant that, but it's fine. It's so then and I went to LA at Lincoln center, and I have to say, I've seen him once before two years ago in a Joe's pub and for all, just like so impressive. How far we've come in America for the past two years. And a lot of Americans don't know him literally when me and Milwaukee. And we were the only people speaking English. Everyone speaking Moroccan Arabic French or Hebrew, and he is like they call him the Jerry Seinfeld of France, and he is like the biggest comedian in the world, like except for America. And so now he's been touring in America for two years, and he's really doing a great job and everyone wants him. But like the the people that come through show like Arlesienne her family, like I texted around like everyone in the service related. She of some way somehow. Why didn't she go? I thought for sure she was going because only because I know who he is because of her of her. She had an extra take inches. You want to come and I'm like, yeah, and it was so funny, but his at the same show, it was seven. Half leg. It was stuff stuff I had heard because he also has a Netflix special and the thing that we loved in the Netflix special w watched when we were in new tab at the restaurant. He didn't do which I was hoping that he would. 'cause it was so funny of sleeping that day, but I thought about something because so what happened was that gave me ticket and like it was so funny like they were dying because they they're Moroccan, and he was born in Casablanca and like Moroccan jokes about like we're talking dads and there's Lipper like I didn't really understand, but like they were dying of. And so at least he has brother. Arielle was going back stage and he like let us tag along. And we were just like teenyboppers in the back, just like loving and like Leonardo DiCaprio was like meet. At least you were just like dying and you. We always say, you could always stand to be like a little bit more thirsty. Yes. Here's what happened. I wasn't there. Obviously, I was just, like I said, it's to be there and I didn't say anything and it'll be brother Oriole like Osias two billion followers like he was doing it on even ask. That's always the best way to go out and right. And then God was like, so cool. And he followed me and we've kind of damned over the past two years. And then he invited me to the show last night till it was like if Ario hadn't done that and like I wasn't thirsty, like I never would have gotten to experience the premium experience. I was last night. So the lesson is be thirstier kind of 'cause like, but then God always got at least who exception for me for being a weenie. But like if he didn't like I never would've had this friendship with God, you know. And I just think everyone should learn to be with more thirsty like the girls at my show who literally came in there like we didn't even have tickets and meet and greet their, like we did what you told Jackie told us. You just pretend like you. Anna delve the shit. I mean, what? I couldn't even be mad at them and it was like, you guys have been one hundred dollars, but like they were like, we just pretended like need to be here and they let us into the meeting read. I'm like, scary. A little tighter will now like everyone's going to do that. Well, no. Because like I said, I'm cutting budget for her makeup and hiring personal security. Because it's ingrained. She was, I mean switches and cutting it. What about the people snuck into your room? This girl Margot, like when member go into grad, Heather, McMahon, and Brielle, and these two girls came like a sitting there with Heather or with Brielle. 'cause totally. And giving them like eight tickets. And so like it was, I appreciated whatever. I like took a picture, but then Margaret was trying to get them to leave and like, oh, and also Michelle Cheech came million comp tickets. So like it was hard to keep track of who was who, and Margaret was. Okay. And I tried to get like, okay, like you got your pictures time to go at day, just layered at me. They were also drunk and like they just didn't want to leave. And like I I had, I was a cutter. Can you had them out? 'cause like Heather was perfect for it. They wouldn't listen to anyone what it was so crazy, Margaret. Good, good call. Remember how people not listening to Heather, like disrespect, lack of respect, electric respect, but own saying the show was thin nominal. I learned so much. I was literally taking notes. Ben was dying. I was laughing so hard. He also I didn't opener who I can't stand opener at your own chauffeur's. Oh no, no hidden opener who was so funny, and it's really crazy because like we come from the internet to like we really like their thing. I feel like I really realize like, ironically, like how. I am in the sense that like there's so much I won't say, but this guy's whole fifteen minute intro was about how certain people in New York. There's like a million ways to kill yourself in New York, and it's so inconvenient for other people. I'm like, he's like, if you're going to jump in front of the subway tracks, like we shouldn't be able to pick you up until four in the morning because like you're just inconveniencing ten million people on the subway. And I was like, my mouth was the I was over. That's so fucked up like it was so funny and I was just like, I would never make jokes like that, but like it's a syrup. That's so funny and and true. Right. And he was like, if you're going to jump off a building, like that's just my luck would hit me and kill me. You would survive. Lenny markets only God. He was so funny. So I need put me in like a great mood. And then God was just so funny, it's the physicality. He's like, literally is ninety pounds and like his legs flail all over the place. And he's a kid with someone who's a Princess of Monaco. So his son who was like hot and French grace Kelly's grandmothers Grace, Kelly, how it's the whole thing was so interesting and he was talking about it. He's again, I had a kid that had sex with the Princess, like it was so funny, and if you have, he's all around the country now and like he's really, it's so crazy. He's like, if I go on a date to Morocco, like the girl, she knows route loves me. He's like, if I go on a date in America, literally nobody knows why. And he's like, it has to stop what that's actually soon. They stick somebody club. He's all they want is a bit of normalcy and the achieve it in some countries and another is like, that's kind of cool not his jokes were just still finding. He was like in France, like they die like screen, everyone in the room was French half. The show was French l. Jerry and who's making so many jokes that ALgeria was so funny. And I'm not even Jerry. He did like four shows. It was, you know, he did like four shows. It was so impressive. You did like English Arabic Moroccan French Hebrew a little bit and like everyone audience was like, I was laughing, the jokes in French, like it was so weird. It was so funny and now he's doing a whole American toward like, I only want things like comic swearing other comics. So if he's companies Boston's a big show in LA, like if she was so funny into premium and everyone there was so hot French people like Hadi's that seems like the most important detail eighties except. Get after it. I got the next heckler this old man. When when me and Denver walking in, he was like scalping for tickets. We saw him and then it got seated next us isn't that weird? That is weird. Like being such a heckler? He was annoying. The shit out of me. He was like nine years old. He looks like bells dab from beauty entities. MAURICE, I hate MAURICE. Okay. Without further ado, it's been now thirty minutes of talking about, but they started that was sponsored posts, forgotten. Molly show people think that it was. It wasn't. He's a friend of mine without further ado here are the past high stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast. Now, this was a big weekend in the world of news. Oh my God, Hugh, and I'm so excited. I okay. I is the most breaking pertinent news, Meghan Markle is pregnant expecting her first child with Prince. Harry, this is very exciting. I'm kind of already spoke about it after much speculation at the Royal wedding. This weekend, AK, Meghan was wearing a loose jacket for thin woman. Why would you do that? She's pregnant. She her twelve week Mark. Apparently they told the family at the wedding this weekend, and it was now they're really need to get married and like, take the Eugenia have her moment. Yeah. And then make it all about Hargin. No, for sure. Did you feel like the world revolves around Meghan? Markle will definitely revolves on the Royal family, and I think like Meghan Markle. She just combines like so many different things that people are obsessed with, like first of all, like royalty. Second of all Americans, third about celebrities, celebrity dealer, no deals. Beauty grace how how Cooper litter gonna get English out front second, that was weird how Cooper she's has smooch to lack hood. Let's be forget none. Two zero. She really, ironically, because she's now she's she's the American dream, but like, oh, of course of British nobody ever even Americans want to be royalty. Yeah, that's why like we're obsessed with their credit Adler and Ken. No, this is so great. I just the timing is like, so fairy tale that like it has to be fixed. You know what I mean? Like knows always to perfect like she's going to give birth probably on their one year anniversary and it's like, that's. So you had like three months of honeymoon bliss? Yeah, nine months of pregnancy. You're going to spit out a baby. Right? And she's totally the typical who likes sports out of av heal from the back like she's totally Amal Clooney and like the pregnant from the front and not from the back of one of the strippers of the Clermont lounge up Louis CNN, the final stripper that before it was getting sad me and Margaret, we're like, we have to go was pregnant, and she was one of the young really thin pretty ones. And like she turned to the side and we're like choosing a one piece laundry and I'm like, she's pregnant and the chart. You show her boobs of China and I'm like, I can literacy your baby, please get up. I was getting her money. So it was a two for one because like she obviously like this money's going for the child. So I literally have all my money and then we left. That's nice, but it was. It was really sad. She'll like strip clubs like fun for the first five minutes and then like the outlet. Here's this Jerry dad aspect, and you can take pictures like not. I didn't want to pictures of the girls. That's one to. Selby's and you can't. But each of the dancers got to choose their own music and one girl chose like lower the whole soundtrack from Berlin. Amanda barren integrity showman. No, no, it was just it was very. I just she was wearing like a, that's frock like shoes. She really, she got him and he didn't even show titties. But like she put in time effort and thought into her act. I love that began musical Mondays tonight. Wanna come. No. Okay. But thank you for taking one day when they got you to come in, you're going to have such a great time. Here's the thing, like I said it before and I'll say it again. Like I don't care what kind of shape them and I will never go to SOS. I go until they get new seats. What we're doing a class Yano. You're not doing it like a motivator. You're going to bring your BYA s? Yeah, bring my real, bring my Schmidt Schweppes. What is the Schweppes? No, by company Schwimmer sh- j. win. Schwinn. Schwimmer. Schwinn trip? Yeah, upper Michigan. Okay. Anyways, we're really happy for Meghan and Harry and I'm so excited and I feel like just the world is so ship by this. It was my whole Instagram thi this morning and it's like it's only gonna get crazy. Like I thought their wedding was crazy. Every time she steps out with the bump. It's going to be like a whole segment on sixty minutes. And I feel like is it really even what she wants? No, but it's the life sheets and you know what? I think that's actually is what she wants. Yeah. I mean dealer, no deal Royal family paparazzi. Yeah, no question. Speak in the Royal family. There was a Royal wedding this weekend, and I didn't even realize how much like I enjoyed it. And like how much everyone would care. Right because her mom's Berg. Right, right. Who's like a disgrace whose divorce from prince entry? Is that why she's a disgrace? Yes. And then there was like something with like the or something. I don't know. Very strange, but it's crazy because partic- to to disgrace Verghese right to discuss their countries. So donate your kids Furby. But Princess Eugenie is just as close to do caller Eugenie. That's even answer me. Not Eugene, not. She's not a Eugenia in a bottle. No, she's easy bottle. What's genie notes? Eugenie. Well, you know, Jimmy Jaggi just make pertinent is one of the jokes Godsell said things like it's really hard to do American shows because I'm always emphasizing the wrong part of the word like he's like. Vacation. And is they -cation? Yeah. So you Jeanie Eugenie just common misconception, but she's just as close to the Queen as Prince. Harry is like, she's the queen's granddaughter. So it really is a big deal. So why do people care more about? Because their first in line to the throne, but why? Because airtime oldest. Got it. I think Prince Andrew's like the third dispenser fall kitty spent on as Harry's cousin on the other side. So she's not Royal, but she's Royal by vice his get your best kind of world because it's like you got invited to the wedding hall at Pap, but then like she goes on to lead her like life of luxury. And I thought one hundred Instagram. She just gets all the perks and none of their responsibility. Right? Like she gets to fly private and go to detangle bonnet in Italy, but like she won't be hounded by paparazzi. Like if she's just going to grab a coffee. Right? And she can go grab your own public, like she's a credit card. Right? But I feel like Christmas Eugenia other hand gets like all the responsibilities and none of the park. I couldn't agree. 'cause like she doesn't get to be in line for thrown. And then I was when I was obsessed with the crowd, and I was like, watching all this documentaries on the family. And I guess like Prince, Charles, that's harrys dot rate, Prince, Charles, like, I don't like him. No one likes him. Right? Yep. Because he also made the decision to consolidate the family because for so long it was like the ants and the. Uncles, sneak says, and the cousins. Each says, like they were all part of the Royal family, but now it's very nuclear. It's Charles Camilla housing, median family. It's immediate family, only like the cousins and stuff only get brought in for the one photo at the Royal wedding. So you have to get like Pap is treated like Royal negative side, but it doesn't get her own critters. No, she definitely doesn't have a credit card. I don't know. There's no way I like she night. And if you look at every movie like they're always making jokes about Eugenia and her sister like another Cinderella story, like those two sisters sisters? Yeah. And also in what a girl wants? Yes. The two sisters who throw the ball where he hair like she is so lies. There's so many characters, but like you see her as this weenie. But like she showed off the second loss. The second first of all, the first dress like stat is queenie vibe that is Royal and it was Cussing. Peter Plotto, which is not a lot of people know the designer Peter Plotto, but like I have a few things about him in there too. So cute and tailored and perfection and like that was such an inspired choice, and it was a class say, but elegant, but also a little sexy, the sexy back, and she showed off her scoliosis, garlic. Jerry looked very impounding, beautiful. The second dress. You see her husband, he's glasses on for when she walked down the eye so he could see her, bring it out, put up a picture. Can you just buy one in Texas me on that? So can you? That is so cute. He's so hot, but that second dress where she doesn't have a waste like it's ever snatched Thuc like they're making a sequel to snatch Amy Schumer out Princess Eugenie interest, Trento waste. It was stunning, but also like so classy and elegant and kept the long-sleeve vibe. And he was like very fanatic like it looked similar to the first one inspired by an English rose. I heard in blush dead like they looked closer husband. What does he do? So he has his Jack, he's. Like a, I guess, technically commoner, but he he has a good job. I don't think there's any more insulting of a word than commoner offen-. He's a regular man about him. He's a business, but he is a businessman, but he's like similar like level of Pippa. Middleton's husband for sure. She's poppin like literally. Oh yeah, she's crazy that like Pippa is invited to everything when she just the sister of Kate, he thought the sage need to be invited to Cates husband's cousin's wedding. It was trying to think of the same. Okay. So that is like hang on that is like snitch being invited to Ben's cousin's wedding? Yes, weird. Weird. Yeah, that's that's like unnecessary. And especially considering this was a smaller wedding, technically, then Meghan, did you see the celebs that were invited premium yet? And it was like the younger sect from Meghan, but it's just so odd who's chosen to be invited like you one hundred percent. Sure that like niobe Campbell has never spoken to where TJ was she there? Yes, an l. golden mayday. No, elevating for sure. I'm ARA Kara for sure because they're all like Ramesseum AJ definitely. We're like hitting the clubs together, and Jimmy Moore has never spoken to Eugenia in her life. No, but I'm sure that we have to figure out the connection, but it was cute to see like the younger British Royal says post like the Victoria Beckham James morning, it's like the younger generation and the shoes, and they really came came through you. Everyone was fake. Did you see? It was such a windy day that everyone's hats were blowing off with the pop no way. Oh, see. There's videos of like literally people's things going flick flying a wow, that is funny away saw Eugenie was like in the wind by she, the pictures for so good. I was so impressed by her in me to show you know what as it's like, she really it has royalty in her in her new mud like it just and that's the difference between like even cater Meghan where it's like every time they do something right where like, wow, that was amazing for Eugenie like she was just like brought up this way so trench, she just like as royalty Oma got speaking of because you just remind me of something like nature versus nurture. I finished the movie three identical strangers because I'd only watched half of it on the plane, but they have it on delta, but just like the tone spoil it because it will be a toast movie. Let me see, you know, and I'm going to, but I just I'm still on room pit. No, it is such a fucking upsetting with it. I know it is. It's like fucking social experimentation, Dr. Mangla as hell, not joining, and that's what they were talking about. Like literally, they're like, these are Nazis. It's like the juice survived. The holocaust just to be social, experimented Dutch Neubauer fucking. Blotting in hell, like worse than doctors Potemkin omega. Nobody's verse in doctors, I hate doctors. Picture of his is my least favorite characters glasses on. Daddy's cute say kid. He looks like he's so keep that such a cute move like yes, and that doesn't feel like preplanned or stage like, that's another thing that's like done. It's cliche like he put his glasses on so he could see her what she looked fine as hell. And I wanna see her and someone got a clip of Fergie like rolling her eyes in like a sigh of relief. When the wedding was over, like a classic mother, like my daughter's finally married, and it's so funny, so relatable, that's so fun such a Jewish bombs into, do you know? I'm sure like I was glad to be included like here. She is with the Royal family in the initial hasn't been there so long. No. So who is the Hoosier genie, sister, Beatrice, Beatrice? And what is she up to? She's I'm right. She is Eugenia older. I feel like be older, but I just that's a feeling I don't know for sure. Well, I'm happy for everyone. There's so many simplest happening in the Royal family, but I feel like we. Only hear about this close like we never hear about the bad news actually, I guess I Princess Diana, Thomas Markle there is bad news yet. No, and there's definitely lots of news we don't hear about for share, but we will hear about it like when the crown along is Meghan. I'm not sure. I don't think she's that far along. I think she just past twelve weeks which is three months. She's definitely just in second trimester and happy twin outside weeks, twelve weeks agreement yet you can't answer for three months. No, I won't even and until like five months. So superstitious, except, you know. But. Nobody twisters. We'll figure it out because like if I'm not drinking. Yeah, like honestly, I'm surprised the toasters didn't have inside Intel into the next story because it didn't prepare me. Now I realize how grew paired I am in like how conditioned I am to know news before breaks because Arianna Guerande and Davidson broke up and called off their engagement, and I was shook to the motherfucking core being, well, here's the thing I wish to the cork is like this is news. I predicted wasn't shocked by, but like I was just only shocked at like they admitted it. This relationship was a drug fueled sham, but I can't believe you're admitting like yet it was new. It's like they stepped out less than a week ago together. So like in that time, it's so I like it takes people like human regular people, common people so long before they break up like things have to get bad before they get worse. Right. So either things have been bad the whole time or they've just like berry impulsive people. It's like, oh, we onto a vitamin bridge. Obviously they are because they got engaged so quickly. But if you are in tune with the news and you listen to NT like you could see how problematic this is for so many reason. On the other hand, it made me feel like they were writer died even more. So it's like them against the world. Everyone's vote, rooting against them, things they're going to break up. So it's like even when they're gonna break out, maybe they would just push through try even harder to make it work totally because they have something to prove will anti to hold it di- forty minute podcast on it. And obviously I didn't have the time to listen to it, but I did read the the recap of this girl, Hannah who did it in the morning till six group, like saving everyone so much time. And here's what she said. First of all, like they're both were like into drugs like partying like alcohol. Pills before, but like them together is so much worse. And because Pete is so insecure about like Arianna being just like more famous, more rich, more popular, more beautiful than him like he has gotten her even more hooked on drugs. So she becomes more dependent on him. And it seems like people around her like, got through to her being like intervention by Sealy, and we're like, you need to get out of this. I think like him him being insecure in their relationship, but then also the MAC, Miller of it all like she's so devastated by because like they were together since she was eighteen inch was probably still in love with him like he couldn't handle that, like even more insecurity. So he was watching on even more and she was like, okay, got away from me. Oh my God. And they say, this is what anti said that she is having an affair with a late night host of a show. Pete was just on. So toasters put together that can only be Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers or now. Now Noah late night. Talk show host. What about Colin Jost late night. Talk show, eat the stuff she's sleeping with Jimmy Fallon. Moshi. Totally. She totally do we have you watched interview them together like so weird her? Yeah, might some hundred. I think it should be. You know, there's just so much secrecy going on and then you know that Pete was in upstate New York, like a couple of months ago and with his friend, they were driving and they got pulled over and they had drugs on them and he paid the friend like forty granted, say it was his drugs, and he took that money from Arianna like he doesn't have that much money that that makes the money depended on her force like he was really like robbing her up, like an all this stuff just to keep her and she finally got hip to it. You know, that's what anti says. I'm so shy. And you know what this, like. It's so crazy that these two were probably the most passionate like most in love. Most gung ho free each other out of all of the like quick engagements we've seen recently, and this makes me real. Like feel like like, Nick and prank are actually going to go the distance because there's no actual emotion there they can take forever. Right. So like when it's so volatile Lillian Pete burns hot and quit alien Justin, right Haley injustice. They are on a jumper spiral and by him, but they're married tower, right? Yep. So when they would get divorced, which is like a big undertaking yet, but she can do actually. I think at this point you can get what's one with an a moment annulment of, yeah, I think he's like not well. This, no, the hair, the key bump in the street exit twenty said that it's not even it's not. Okay. Well, it's blind, but the person who was doing drugs on the street, it's actually not cocaine and something more addictive, which trickle eiser tranquil or like meth do snorting meth and I watch breaking down. No, you smell it? Yeah, right. Margaret now, no, there's just like there's so much going on with them that picture, the paparazzi caught of him, like doing drugs and the Daily Mail rent it and didn't even address the drugs. They were just like he's wearing the t shirt shirt. Click here. Like that's the definition of fake news. I know. And like this is where like anti reality meets the fake news that us weekly publishes like, is this just like two lovers? Star-crossed and end up? Or is it drug-fuelled money laundering prison, like which is it? Is it NT or visit us week with? Here's the thing. There's also a third character category because there's empty. There's us weekly like they stepped out together looking so cute. And then there's also like the in touch headlines, like Haley Baldwin's pregnant. And so Justin Bieber like the wild Heli Baldwin is pregnant with Stephen Baldwin gotten. They make like these wild claims. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are getting back together and she's pregnant with his baby. So as Angelina Jolie on Marianne Tilyenji like they make these wild. Claim. So why not make those wild claims about the truth? You know, like if you really don't care what kind of claims you're making, at least make them truthful because the truth is actually crazier than the lies, right? Like we live in a world where like if only everyone knew the truth, because the truth is actually the best story, do you ever see the movie, the invention of lying? I did not. We get your base. It's such a good movie. Oh, when he goes. Like when he goes to the big, but now with Jennifer garner, yeah, the goes everyone. The world tells the truth and he goes to the bench thicker computers down to remember how much was in your account and you just like thinks of the idea to not say the truth, and he was a guest five million dollars. And that's how we learned to lie like you get so far. This is the world we live in like the tabloids they need to learn how to lie. You know what I mean? Totally. And then like people would. He just help everyone like people take them seriously like we would know the the information, you know, I know. This is an amazing idea I've to raise and when and take him on our podcast do the patriot episode which put behind a paywall because we're just too afraid of what Dan Schneider. We'll find when he gets there. But that's another thing anti said. He said that Arianna is talking tonight Schneider a lot and that he's producing a show for her. It was just the around and go back to TV though, like she could literally be in movies if she wanted to. She can do anything she wants. Right. So why would she choose the Dan Schneider of it all? I don't know what was my point Moses, I don't know, but I really need to see a star is born because I've been doing like a lot of research. I watched the Judy Garland one last night, and I started to watch Barbra Streisand wine, and I have to say something really controversial. I you don't like him. I really don't like Barbara Streisand like she's so annoying an extra and like we get that even amazing voice. But like I don't want to offend like so many people. Well, here's the then we would be offending ourselves. We said, it's like wish I love her like she's Jewish unreal, Malysz New Yorker right on. Unreal voice like she's in somebody who never knows done. I'm the. She wanted to be like physically Jewish, no, and because she didn't know if we change your voice, that's the real reason. And now thinking back to everything, I've seen her in and funny girls and amazing movie period, but like memory gentle Janta. What's that one? I dunno annoying with her. I've only seen girl really bothers me and I couldn't get past the first five minutes of her version of a star is born because I couldn't this like and we'll talk about the stars woman. I just like. I couldn't believe it. I just didn't believe like she was just like, no. I mean, I don't love her per se. I really, I'm an option never really liked her extension to to like her. We likely shell made me like her because Leah, Michelle loves her so much and like I love Michelle so much. Like if I, luckily Michelle Lee, Michelle likes Barbra Streisand ache was being big, we'll see than eight will see. And I like Barbara Streisand. So I see it a little bit, but I definitely understand the dislike of Barbara. She just bothers me. I can't explain it. Look literate. Someone who's left a comment, wait Arianna into drugs like this is what I'm saying that there are people who live live their lives, like believing what us weekly tells them and like thinking that's legal MRs really seeking help for her anxiety. You know what I mean? Yeah. And then there are people like me who are just like two in Delhi literature. Schneider is gonna like I'm gonna wake up one morning and he's going to be on top of me. He's your toes. He's going to be done there. That'll be exciting. You'll think it's the, oh, that's why I love living in an apartment building totally wasn't us you. When we driving to the mansions in Atlanta, we really literally saying to him another like I couldn't ever live in a house. It's so easy for someone to just walk right in. I mean, that's what's so great about Cleveland is like they have houses and they have high rises. So I want like a mansion. Penthouse high-rise. Yeah, where he had a doorman for your house. Eight give it like silk turnover. That's true. Even we've all seen the blaming. Yeah, even the most protected houses like a ladder. But I mean bugaboo nap. Yeah, just a thought next story. Really sad, an update from us weak story, tree set and Joji details daughters vow to fight his deportation. Okay. So the sisters Giudice have taken to Instagram. But first we had brothers Osborne, and now they're sisters Giudice to campaign for their dad hashtag. Bring Joe home. Malania posted a selfie of her and her dad. My dad who was the best ad in the world needs to come home. We aren't on fighting dad. I can't believe this happening. I can't imagine another day without you. We're going to do everything. We can't fight this study. I love you with all my heart buddy hashtag heartbroken. And then also Jia posted a photo like an old school photo of her Joe where like he looks juicy as hell. Sam with the men boobs totally in the cigar. Like, hey, she said, this is one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad, my father is no threat to society. He's one of the most warm hearted people. I know he would never harm a soul. He puts everyone else before himself. I know of my father is and I think many of you do to my father did his time and learn from his mistakes isn't being in. They're supposed to make you realize your mistakes. You can become a better person. And that's exactly what my father did. He hasn't felt or looked this good since he was in his thirties. We have so many plans to do as a family when he gets out. I need my father to be here. My father belongs with us and his entire family. My father came into this country when he was one years old, United States is the only country knows spread the word hashtag, bring Joe. Home. Wait, that's crazy. I didn't know that he's been there since he was one. I thought he was like, twelve, you know, that is so crazy. Like, honestly, this is so fucked up and it seems like the judge, like whoever made the decree like just like hates Bravo, two hundred million. No. Are there like teen Caroline, right? This has Caroline mental written all over it? No, or they're just trying to make an example out of a celebrity. You don't get special treatment because you're celebrity, and then it's like you actually are getting special treatment just on the on the opposite side. Like he was just a regular Joe schmo. He might not have been deported and that's true. I feel like nobody realizes like, okay, you can like do something bad and then like be sorry for it and like spending time in prison. Like really, I'm one hundred percents, Joe, Jude. I still never sell from the government again, like there's nothing more nothing makes you learn a lesson more than like, gangs, you know? Yeah, I just like being in prison. So like first of all, you're allowed to make a mistake and learn from it and spend time in prison, and then like be a better person. It's like chasing, isn't the point of prison like to go to prison rehabilitate yourself, and they only let you out once they feel like you are no longer like a deemed a threat or whatever. Yeah. The funniest comment Kim Kardashian needs to come to his rescue and granted clemency. This is the prison reform that before the episode with allied Johnson coming to keep teasing them and it's like, that's the only episode was a total wash except there was more art. Oh my God, it's the funniest thing up there. I tied with hot grades. It's tied with because Todd grains is the funniest, but like because Todd grades Israel person and I love him and to Chris, it's me Todd crate, and that's when Scott was like really, both. I'm so shit welcomed and Tina family. Now he's like a co worker, you know, Todd crane. No, Scott. Oh, my God. Yeah. Like he gets he gets paid and he does his time. He's on the show works harder than a lot than the courting Courtney, but something much. Sorry. I gotta take this phone call with my attorney, negotiating sixty miles. Did you see that shirt jam. I was so lame like, okay, you know that no mess analogy. You know what? That's a privilege to. I mean, can always talk about this all the time when the barons were promoting. Excess mile Atlanta. They used to post screech their text messages with the owner, obviously fake, but they'd be like, her name was gene. They were like what? Jean, please extend the twenty percent off coupon like it was literally like an act like they were acting and that is what we're talking to you. Sixteen, he's wanting like mocking bunker like, yeah, this my attorney negotiating sixty. That's the same level of like fake acting. I truly can't Michio Kent shan't want. Okay. Did the final story a little bit of tech biz news, Legal News course please are told to avoid looking at recent iphones to avoid lockouts. Law enforcement may have a challenge on its hands. Police have yet to completely wrap their heads around modern iphones, like the x. and excess. And that's clear than ever. Thanks to a leak. Motherboard has obtained a presentation side from friends, company elm ElcomSoft telling law enforcement to avoid looking at iphones with face. If they gaze at it too many times five, the company said they risk being locked out, much like apples. Craig feeder riggi was during the iphone x. launch van. Then they'd have to enter a pass code which they likely can't obtain under the US constitution's fifth amendment, which protest protect suspects from having to provide self incriminating testimony. So that's really crazy for me personally because I just got new iphone understand. So like. It locks and unlocks based on my face, but know if you try your passcode too many times you get locked out. So if if it sees a face that's not the person's too many times like you'll get locked out of up to do with the police. The police won't be able to open people's phones. It's just like, interesting. Can't they hold the phone up to a picture of the criminal? Okay. So like literally when I went to dinner with John Jay bond, let's totally sidetracked like he only follows like the people on Instagram, and it was annoying me like we're friends. We go generally economic development interim. So it's trying to open his phone too. Unlock it and get him to involve myself on Instagram. So literally like following them around the strout with his phone in his face, like trying to mock, it doesn't work well. That's like now girlfriends like they'll put their man's phone in their face while they're sleeping over the end unlock. It should do that where you just also starting a bit better than s phone and you could also get their thumb print law, but it's like, I dare you going all those things got bigger problem. You give them a glass of water before bed. They drink, did they put it down and then you take it to the kitchen and you extract the fingerprint off the glass like he did in national treasure. That's so much harder than just putting the taking his thumb while he's sleeping and putting it on your phone been is like the most sensitive sleeper. Like on Saturday night, I had the longest day ever traveling home from Atlanta, like I'd napped. So I was up till literally five in the morning and I was watching desperate housewives, and it was such a good client active is when they had the hostage situation. Okay. But don't spoil it because I think people have started him. They show. So Ben is like, literally, I'm watching so low. Can't fucking hear anything he rolls over can eat so loud. If learn volume sit in the bedroom, one of the star we were watching and he goes, oh. Not your fault and then legal please. I had a long travel day like so like I could never grab his thumb without him waking up his such a drama Queen interesting, then house of sleeps. Yes, and doesn't sleep that night to serve like making out with me and I'm like, stop. And the next morning he was like, so many would want to kiss you. I know that you were like trying to try in your sleep and you were up and he was like, no, no. He said, I remember who's into nine it with that story straight at least Zeo as a witness, if only it's THEO could talk by the way I ordered you a gift, and I was trying to tell you on the phone, my side. And then you were like telling you hung up on me, it was frozen and kept talking and I'm like, you talking only one. I can't hear share, but I'm just trying to tell you that I got you an amazing gift from website. It's for you. It's not about the, but it's four you from an Instagram ad that I saw. I just was like, my sister has to have this and technically I need to get you a housewarming. It's a housewarming gift, and I ordered it. I shifted directly to your apartment so like no muss, no fuss with Jonathan Adler showroom. Sure. I didn't know that they opened one and I didn't know that you could like go to showrooms and buy stuff. I thought it was like for, like, I mean, I would hope so sailors wasn't a store. You know what I mean for wholesale and it walked in and it's literally just like the most gorgeous play everything. Everything is so word isn't. Everything is so expensive and like sewing. The three pieces that were floor models see needs to come out with a diffusion line. So the John Adler target, Jonathan Adler for Willie Saint Clair. There was like this chess, there was this. Chest said there was like neon and it was so cute and like it was literally ten million dollars like everything was so expensive is making me so mad because like there were like three pieces that I liked and some of them were floor models like you get the exact one. You don't get a new one. It's like a little scratched, but like it was like a three thousand dollar. Table for nine hundred dollars, and it was still too much and it had scratches on it and like I just couldn't spend hundred dollars on something that was scratched. Yeah, but they need to. They need to figure it out. I actually would buy something scratch like if it was a really good discount yet, but I also don't don't. Hopefully I personally, I'm going to scratch it, but I bought a new piece of art, Art, Van delay delay. I'm really excited about should start on no art collection that read first of all, I would buy just because like just because with history, it would make me smile and then when are supposed to do, it's supposed to make you happy. And it would make me happy every time I pass it and like it's cute shit. No, when she was painting in that and they frame those random block things that was like, Tim o. with that my couch just coming on Wednesday. So excited. I leave Thursday for Cleveland every about treading, like I wanted to get to sit on it, not then we'll break it in for you said, we'll just break it actually, no eight to Sean house until I got. Have you seen those vintage Barbie? And Ken. Photographs? Yes, Kylie has them in her shoes this. It's called vintage bar being, no. She has like by this guy, David Paris Parise OSI, perhaps it's first of all. I was just like doing research on him. He has like a studio where he takes old Barbie dolls glory, mix mini beaches, and it looks like the beach. It's so cool, so cool. And so being Ben got, we got one. And if we like it, I'm going to get into the if we'll so you get the prince, you can buy the prints directly from him. And then the print was like four hundred dollars, which wasn't terrible, but then I have to frame it and the and like that's gonna cost me and I'm gonna get one. Yeah. No, it's so cool. I'm so excited allow, but like art is, are you know? No, and Frayne it's the framing won't looked up a wanted to get a Charleston z. now we got, I thought you already have one. I do, but like I wanted more of and I don't know where the hell we got it and like who pay for it because I was on art brokerage dot com and their selves. So expensive is is on any one for twenty five hundred dollars. I saw one at that gallery that took you to that. Aimar. Oh, I think I'm a picture of my phone. It was it was like Times Square Broadway Broadway, and it was the most beautiful thing. It was twenty five thousand dollars. Oh, I mean, those are galleries buys idel 's oh my God. There was this enormous one of this cute anime like this cartoon girl in a bath, and it was all covered in rhinestones. It must have been twenty feet tall. It was fifty grand and like I just wanted it. But like I don't know where I could get fifty grand right now. No, we have. We need an artist in the family. Did you rub a bit because there are some things that like you could do? Yeah, actually, that's funny. They said that my friend Ana, but when she moved into her apartment in Boston, how this really cute like love thing above her bed amid. Where'd you get that? That's like I made it the, yeah, there's some things that I've seen or like I was in Mexico at a gallery where I got your at THEO and they saw a French fries. McDonald's franchise and it was like done in a crystals. So like I, if I, I could print out a large franchise like paint red and yellow, and then like by like stick on crystals from Amazon and like make it and and once you put into frame like every. Thanks, nice as including Art Van. Everything looks nice in a frame. So I feel like we should do a crafts arts and crafts, and then also is where they held them do on vacation that we're like premium is hell. And like sort of look like. Slim Aarons you got a frame bridge, what would it be weird if I like frame to Glamour's picture me that took. So it's like I mean, once framing photos, if yourself, it's like a level new, she Bruins framing photos herself. She put them on canvas. That is a big difference. Canvas is cheapest. Fuck and like Hooker really go. Have you heard frame bridge? Yes. Okay. So you can upload pictures from your thing and they send you like framed and you get out, okay. Was people's nested bring reach for me when I was like trying to refrain something. I'm not going to ship this thing that's you don't ship. You uploaded that works for me. Okay. I'm gonna do it. Maybe got amazing pictures from my show in Atlanta, like with the audience, like maybe I would frame like a big ass photo myself input about my bathtub. Also like engagement photos should be framed. I got one already that I post on Instagram. That's so premium and the rest are coming this week, and I'm so excited. I just like, what did you? What did you say voted? I mean, like I can lead how much effort you put it in like the fact that you weren't sweating, miraculous that I was there a few pictures where you can tell, but it's better when you turn the signing because your man that's like. All this has gone, especially when you just got your neck done for share. Yeah, I have like I'm proud of my neck. I'm proud of its to now. It's just like an a good next show over here. Yeah, no, this is the morning neck was less story. That was last story. We just really breeze through them because I feel like when the stories are good, it's like they're just so quick because there's not much to say like in our honor done, I can't. I still can't believe it like I have to wake up every morning and remind myself. And I know it's like me in Boca. I'm happy. I'm just like, because I feel justified. Then the farce is is, is being called out. I'm just like worrying about her and I'm worried about him. I'm worried about him. I'm worried about. I don't know who I'm one reset on our podcast that if Arianna ever broke up with Pete, he might try. He would like people need to wouldn't need to watch out for him. He's in that too. Like he should be unto aside watch, but like, oh my God, I'm just so worried about with them. But I just feel like she at least has like scooter and her like Mon a ton of money and Frankie and her grandma. Yes. She is like a really good support you support system. Where's he going to live like that fifteen million. Apartment that they live in, Chelsea is hers. I don't know. He's going to like they like moving together. It's like a new apartment like he's gonna have to move his furniture out. Did they buy it or they're like, they bought it and she putty signed furniture sex. She won't be a problem. They had a few. That's true. But like so tumultuous, no, we should get rid of that apartment of course. Like just bad memories and like she can never go to whole foods again. No, she would sell it like for so much more because now it's literally cultural landmark yet, but it's also like an like fraught with paparazzi and fans, so maybe maybe less? Yeah, I don't know. I don't know. Celebrities have been townhouses like McDonald's in town house Taylor, swift no-shows in an apartment. But she's building a townhouse where I don't know where, but it's she's moving. She's connecting together. No, she bought the town house next door so she can use the garage and they connected her apartment up top to the top o- real. She doesn't even have like sushi. Drive in like she can leave her house without being seen one of the construction zone like she can get into her car in her house and the drive to the street. It's the, we realize, yes, but it's an apartment building where like a bunch of celebrities live in. It's like there's only like four or five floors. And I just can't imagine being a celebrity in New York and living in a type of home where there's a front door. Yeah, that's what Madonna. But then I feel like I never see somebody living townhouses, like paparazzi photos of them. You know, I've never seen the only celebrity. I who lives in a town house is Medina. Oh, answer Jessica Parker, and Matthew Broderick, live and people don't take pictures of them at their house. Really? Yeah. Well, they're not also like Taylor swift like paparazzi waiting. That's very parts. You could live without the photo method Roderick you think's a good feeling. I was watching something that he was in this week. What was it? Thirty rock? I don't know. Oh, yes. What was he? Oh, he win. Jack Donna goes to work on Washington and he's like, he's living. He runs the department where no one works and there's no pens and they actually couldn't see, oh my God. It's so funny. Oh my God, I gotta get back to thirty doc. It's such a great show. It is so this week, but just little housekeeping. We'll be here Monday to Thursday. Are you here? I've Cleveland. Okay. I'm going to get a co host and they'll be doing the show this week pending that there's no Wednesday night. Migraine. I'll get then then Friday me for my bachelorette party. So excited as at a two. I mean, it's going to be actually getting nervous of how like crazy late. It's going to be only because your friends are crazy. My friends are crazy and they like bring out the crazy and like all of this. It's so true. And then we're just like operating on a level of wild, right? You like when you're relaxed, you bring out the granny and everyone, but like between Dinnie Margaret Lyne writ everyone together like just like loving one another, and we never get to be together that much like it's just going to be crazy. It's just going to be crazy and like we haven't taken a trip in awhile, beach recreation. We actually not since Turks the scenes at least know that was like pretty recently though, like it was this year that was Marxist wedding. It was just an ex, Meghan Markle got pregnant, married and pregnant and the time that well, it must be nice. Yeah. So what's going on in Mexico? So which going on the Mobis as if only there was a premium morning show that kept everyone to it all sound for you? Well, here's the thing thinks into the morning toast the millennial morning show. We go live Monday through Friday, ten thirty AM eastern time on. YouTube and Facebook, but soon only YouTube to make sure subscribed on YouTube, starting on November twenty eighth only YouTube but voter. Yeah, you're also following us on Instagram because we have just like peak content at all times, breaking news literally breaks on the morning program. So it's very important that you follow us there and everywhere else at the morning toast. It has been absolutely lovely spending time with you. If you're a podcast, can tune in every day, make sure to subscribe to us on Spotify Stitcher or anywhere else. You can listen to podcasts really, no public radio, some shit like that. Thank you so much for being here and being wonderful participants in this beautiful Monday morning show. I'm cloudy Ostra girl with their job. Thank you so much for being here. I'm Jackie Jackie O problems. Thank you for being here. We will see tomorrow.

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GSMC Social Media News Podcast Episode 181: Mattel and Arch Meets Archie

GSMC Social Media News Podcast

37:27 min | 11 months ago

GSMC Social Media News Podcast Episode 181: Mattel and Arch Meets Archie

"It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you in the life. If you want to live CD medic target your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active. OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get get back to your life with CBD medic available online and that CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease golden state media concepts social media podcast time to Hashtag. Everything we talk about all the fun crazy stories on social media instagram facebook twitter to tumble or probably even friendster joins each as we explore the quirky working of social media. It's the golden state media concept social media podcast. It's the one that the one that we rely to do hello and welcome to the G. S. and see Social Media News podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I am your host Sarah and and I am very happy to be with you on this Thursday to talk about what's trending what's going on in the world of social media all of that fun stuff. We're going to start with a story. That makes me makes me Kinda happy. It makes me feel pretty good so I always like those those types of stories that gave me encouragement that maybe the world is not so crazy as it seems and this story is from the toy company. Mattel they have launched a line of Gender non-conforming dolls that are free of labels Kim Komen Senior Vice President of Mattel fashion doll designed said through research. We heard that kids don't want their toys dictated by gender norms now. If you have spent any time in a store that has toys Lee you will notice that they are definitely segregated by so-called gender norms if you go to where the quote Unquote Girl Toys R. It's just a massive massive wall of pink a few more colors on the boys. I'll but you know it's a lot of blue. There's so much paint on the girl and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with pink. Lots of people boy pink. I know many boys who pink girls like pink. People who whose gender pronouns are they in them like pink but it's it's very hard to find toys that are not marketed or created specifically toward one gender or the other so this feels sounds like a step in the right direction. Mattel of course is the same company who brought US Barbie a gender conformist. If ever there were one sadly J- Barbie has definitely got some some some bad press over the years but Mattel now has launched this new line of gender non conforming dolls they are called the creative world dolls and they come with short short hair and a kit with a longer wig and a variety of clothing options those those options than can be used by children to customize. Is there toys gender expression. Mattel promises that children can create more than one hundred distinct looks with each set Kim common again is quoted as saying toys or flex a reflection of culture and as the world continues to celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity we we felt it was time to create a doll line free of labels so I'm wondering if you've seen the pictures of this line. There are several different front options in several different skin tones. Mattel worked with parents physicians and other experts to develop the product and tested these dolls with two hundred fifty families families from seven states including fifteen children who identify as Trans Gender Non Binary gender fluid as of Wednesday the six different doll kits are available for purchase online for around thirty dollars and Mattel will be rolling out the dolls availability in stores at a later our time in recent years companies have been eliminating quote unquote boys and girls sections where I I haven't noticed but in favor of more gender neutral marketing in two thousand fifteen target removed gender-based labeling in several departments around the store and Disney stop categorizing. It's Halloween costumes according to the gender binary last year Mattel to opted out of classifying its toy divisions by gender. I think think these are all really good steps forward and it might not seem like that big of a deal to some of you who are listening but as I. I don't know if I've lifeset often on this podcast believes that a bunch on the book review podcast and other podcasts representation matters children adults people humans want to see themselves represented represented in the world around them. They want to see themselves represented in the TV shows they watch in the books they read in the toys they play with and so the more diversity we can get in these areas. The more people are going to feel connected. They're going to feel seen. They're going to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves so I always applaud these steps and I know they they might make some people feel kind of uncomfortable but the world is changing and growing and becoming more inclusive and we are understanding that there's not always always just these binary systems that rule the world there's so many different beautiful shades of of gender gender of ethnicity and race and there's just so many beautiful different varieties out there so the credible world dolls mark a notable notable noticeable difference from tells other toys which have been marketed in a gendered manner polly pocket American Girl Barbie most often sold as toys for girls well hot wheels and matchbox toys have been sold as toys for boys as a result the creative world dolls present a unique opportunity to represent non binary youth who have traditionally not been the target audience of mainstream toys though there are no large surveys of such US under ten years old current research suggests is that the number of gender non conforming children is growing a recent study by the Williams institute at Ucla School of Law found found twenty seven percent of California teens identify gender non conforming well a twenty eighteen pew study found that thirty five percent of those born between nineteen ninety five in twenty fifteen say they know someone who uses gender neutral pronouns like they and them compared with sixteen percent of those porn between nineteen sixty five five and nine thousand nine hundred eighty which on a side note. I just read that the artists Sam Smith has announced that they preferred their their pronouns to be in them that they have struggled for a long time with gender binary and they don't feel like they they are one or the other so Sam Smith goes would prefer to be referred to by they or them the gender neutral pronouns so yeah lots of stuff going on and as they think about this story I think about when I was a kid and how baby dolls els used to be pretty much only white just wipe baby dolls and when I and then that's changing and that makes me happy because I have very beautiful and very colorful family I have one niece who is mixed have one niece who is Chinese and it makes me happy to know that there are toys out there that they can have that look like themselves in college i Read Toni Morrison's book the Bluest Eye and Oh it's heartbreaking but it talks about a young African American girl in this baby doll that she has that's white with Blue Eyes and how you know that was that in her mind is the standard of beauty because they don't make babies that look like her so obviously that's not something that is desirable and it just it's it's heartbreaking breaking but accurate depiction of the time period in which it was written and yeah but back to the back to this creative world series Komo said through research. We heard that kids don't want their toys dictated by gender norms this line allows all kids is to express themselves freely which is why it resonates so strongly with them while the dolls have heightened positive implications for gender non conforming youth they may also so played a role in fostering doll play among boys for whom play has not been routinely advertised according to Komen who said she hopes they encourage people to think more broadly about how all kids can benefit from doll play research shows that playing with dolls can benefit children of all genders by increasing their fine motor language and social social skills advancing their their imagination and helping them work through strong emotions and a name that often pops up on my social media news feeds. Is You know something along the lines of why would you let your your boy play with a doll well. He might grow up to be appea- attrition or a father or an Jonquil or any number of infinite things that this child might be grown. Grow grow up to be her. Maybe the child will grow up to be a nurturing caring person who doesn't see babies as the sole province of women novel thought all right I could go on and on and on about social construction and gender norms and all of that stuff but I will not I am excited about this new line. I hope that it is the first of many changes and growth the move new growth in the toy industry. It'll be interesting to see how they are received. Lebed and what else we get in terms of gender non conforming or toys that are free of labels so we're going to go ahead and take a quick quick break when we come back. We'll be talking about some royal news. You know I love to royal. Ogle stay tuned you're listening to the GMC social media. The News podcast and I'll be right back. 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Cossacks has got something great for the health and wellness podcast dedicated to workout trend healthy eating habits die and everything about healthy living join join us in our banters as we help you not just live life to the fullest but live it to the healthiest welcome back to the NC Social Media News podcast before the break we were talking about Mattel's new line of gender non conforming dolls awesome. We're going to move on now to some news of the British Royal Family those often the stories often pop up on my news feeds leads because you know the algorithms know about my my my ogling obsessions social media or or the Internet you know they're always they're rose. Watching Prince Harry and Meghan are in South Africa on their on a royal visit it they have taken archie with them and there are some adorable pictures and video clips of the three Sussex Sussex says meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu who is clearly a baby lover. He is so adorable as he meets baby archie she and he gives them. There's a little baby high five and he gives them the sweetest little kiss on the forehead. It's just really sweet. I mean if you haven't the pictures they're very adorable and it's the first time we've actually got to see full face pictures of archie who looks a lot like Harry at that age there it was a side by side picture of Harry and Princess Diana when Harry was about the same age as there are some definite similarities although you can see you can see Megan in there as well well but I just can't get over how sweet Desmond Tutu is in these pictures and these videos and they the the the Sussex's communicate a lot via their official instagram account and they posted some video clips and some pictures of their encounter and they they titled Title Arch Meets Archie. So you know arch Bishop Desmond Tutu meets archie who is very sweet looking there's another a couple of pictures where the the four of them are sitting and chatting baby archie on Megan's lap sitting in front of a display display of very very pretty cupcakes and the look on. RT's face seems to me like I could eat those. I it doesn't matter that I'm not eating solid foods. I think somebody should give me one of those. I would like to face plant in those cupcakes. He just looks very intrigued. Who knows what's what goes on in the mind of babies but the looks on his face were were very cute and he seemed very well behaved in the presence of the Archbishop. I guess he did drool and his Mama had to say you know mom things as she wiped his face. She probably didn't well. I don't know what what are you are. Their official Royal Girka Brags you have to wait baby spaces with or does she just have an old cloth diaper at her disposal like the rest of us. I don't know these are questions that that I will never know the answer to but it's very fun to have seen pictures of this newest baby in the royal family. He is adorable bowl of course and he's off on his first official visit visiting arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Archbishop's daughter was there as well and I know a lot of official business happened and Harry and Meghan are there in official capacity. I know Harry is gone off to Botswana and a few other replaces Megan and the baby are staying in South Africa but it's nice to see them out about and you know doing their royal official duties but then to get to see baby adorable nece also makes me happy so I'm happy cut see the baby in other Royal News. We finally got to see baby argies face but also Princess Beatrice recently announced her engagement and so the official engagement pictures we were posted on social media. several of them were taken by her her sister. Eugenie in Italy from where her fiancee co is from and so she is engaged. Princess Beatrice is engaged gauged to Eduardo mccully Mazi. I'm probably butchering that name but Prince Eugene was married less than a year ago ago and now thirty one year old Beatrice is engaged to thirty four year old property developer Eduardo Pelley Mazi zt the pictures are very sweet ones that Eugenie took they of course show off her ring but the couple looks very very happy and the official announcement on Instagram from the Royal. Family says the Duke and Duchess of York delighted to announce the engagement of Princess Beatrice to Mr Ed Ward Oma Pelley Mazi Her Royal Highness and Mr mccully. Mazi became engaged in Italy earlier this month. The wedding will take place in two thousand twenty the photograph this photograph photograph was taken by Princess Eugenie in Italy Princess Beatrice and Mr Ward on the Pelly Mazi said we are extremely happy to be able to share the news of our recent engagement gauge mint. We are both so excited to be embarking on. This life adventured together and can't wait to be married. I just love the refer to him. As Mr Stir Edward Oma Pelley Mazi that is quite a mouthful there are other pictures the and Buckingham Palace announced this news this morning and the the pictures again are very sweet. as is usual. You know there's there's a couple but then they also have a few official black and white photographs that were taken by. I am not sure I know I saw the name but now it is alluding me at any rate royal weddings. I pink are fun. I just again like to watch all the pomp and circumstances. I like to see the dresses in in weddings in Britain. The bridesmaids little often they are oh you know. Prince George Princess Charlotte doing their utmost best to be very silly and engaging and just fun but congratulations again to Princess Beatrice and her new fiancee. I know that excuse me foggy. Sarah Ferguson Beatrice's mother posted as she's want to do on social media and there excitedly announced the engagement of her daughter of course she should and her other daughter Eugenie had taken the pictures. It was a very sweet post. princes Princess Beatrice father who has Prince Andrew has unfortunately for the royal family recently been under fire due to his links to Jeffrey Epstein so that's a bit of a not so great mark on the Royal Family's reputation reputation and it's Cetera so we're gonNA concentrate instead on the happier news of the engagement because Social Social Media News podcast happy engagement news royal babies and royal engagements. Let's just stick there and not to leave Prince William and I also Megan Prince William and kate out of things. They are busy doing their on official duties as well. They what is it commissioned a research vessel today yesterday sometime this week am the the is named see. I cannot see I cannot remember anything to save my life tonight at anyway. They were off commissioning Christening Christmas. You know where you smack you. Break the champagne bottle over it. They didn't actually get to break the champagne. from what I read. Kate got to push a button that then mechanical arm the smacked. The champagne bottle smashed champagne bottle or the bow of this new research research vessel. I am going to take a break because I clearly cannot speak the vessels named after one of the explorers who explored the Arctic. It'll come to me eventually probably two in the morning. Don't worry I won't get up to do another other podcast just to tell you that name. We're GONNA take our second break in the podcast and when we come back we'll be wrapping up this episode so stay tuned you're listening to the GMC social media. The News podcast and I'll be right back. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind wind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want to live CD medic targets your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active. OTC ingredients radiance plus the added benefits of THC FREE HEMP oil get back to your life with CBD Matic available online at CVS. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease right now at T. mobile getting a possum iphone ten are on us when you bring your family over and trade in your old device because whether you have mom dad or a friend on your mind. It's a gift so pulled brilliant you. WanNa keep it for yourself. 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The Golden State media concept's AP's podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast coverage from news sports music music fashion looking fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network. Our work is guaranteed to fill that podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. WWW DOT JESUS MC podcast dot dot com follow us on facebook twitter and download us on itunes soundcloud and Google play welcome back to the GS and see social media news podcast. We have talked about Mattel. We've talked about royal engagements and royal babies. I have forgotten ninety percent of the words that used to be in my vocabulary and now we are going to move onto the final stories of this episode and I'm going to try to make it through using actual words and not just ones that I made up out of the depths of my brain yeah so what else do we we have to talk about. it has announced that this was this was trending on my twitter. Today announced that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are going to be headlining headlining the Super Bowl in twenty twenty the super bowl halftime show not the super bowl. You know what I meant that they weren't actually going to play football against one another their watch that could be interesting. They will be co headlining at twenty twenty super. Bowl halftime show in Miami on Thursday. Jennifer Lopez tweeted this is happening with the date of next year's Super Bowl and she posted a picture of Shakira so so you know if you didn't quite know what was going on and there was just a picture of this is happening with Shakira. I mean it does say zero two zero two zero which is a very cool date by the way but you know if you're not familiar as to what what the date of the Super Bowl is which why wouldn't know off the top of my head. You'd be wondering what is is happening between Jennifer Lopez Engine Akira secure also tweeted the news writing get ready. Pepsi the main sponsor of the halftime show confirmed the pairing an on its twitter page tweeting to Crown Emoji first time to you know crown emojis so to Queens first time or royalty guilty or however you want to take that if you don't want to be we're going with gender non conforming labels first time together on stage on the world's biggest stage welcome at J. Lo and secure at two Hashtag Pepsi Halftime Hashtag as B L. I V Super Bowl. What is that fifty four Abo. I could be wrong ever since I saw Diana Ross fly off into the sky at the halftime show I dreamed of performing at the Super Bowl Lopez said in a statement and now it's made even more special not only because it's the NFL's one hundred anniversary but also because I am performing with fellow Tina. I can't wait to show what US girls can can do on the world's biggest stage. I'm so honored to be taking on one of the world's biggest stages in the company of Female Fellow Female Artists Represent Latinos Thousand Latinos from the US all over the world and top it off on my birthday added Shakira. This is a true American dream and we are going to bring the show of a lifetime time so that is exciting news. I'm always interested to see who is going to be doing the halftime show of Super Bowl pretty much tune in for the commercials and the halftime show the football secondary the news follows speculation that Lopez might take stage of the game when asked by today's Hoda Kota Uber the rumors earlier this month. Lopez played coy saying. I don't know I don't know yet. We'll see it's something obviously that I would love to do. She continued it would be an honor to do and it would be a lot of fun. I feel like more than anything. We would have a ball doing it. so the Super Bowl is scheduled to be played February Second Twenty Twenty at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens Florida and while we can announce at the halftime show we can't really announce who will be playing although there's much much much speculation of course we for of the NFL season and we're already trying to figure out who is going to the Super Bowl. I have no idea I could probably say the Patriots. That's a pretty pretty safe. Bet Right. I mean you. You've got a pretty good chance that they'll be one of the one of the team's going to rule because they just are let let us have our last story as something kind of fun kind of Quirky. definitely a lot of work. My goodness there. There is a house in West Virginia that displays three thousand carved pumpkins every year. Wow Is tone for an insane beloved tradition of this playing thousands of pumpkins every Halloween. The picture of the house is very impressive. I mean it's a cool house to begin and with with lots of character and gables and looks like towery kind of it's not a turret towards always round I duNNo. It's but it's kind of a towery part that sticks up. I don't know architectural terms see I told you I didn't know it half my vocabulary night but let's talk about the Pumpkins carve a pumpkin. I was thinking about this the other day. I did not Karma Pumpkin until I was twenty six something ridiculous we didn't occur Pumpkin in my family we drew on them with a permanent marker and then my mom cuts them up after Halloween and cook them so I didn't actually carve a Pumpkin can until much later in life. These folks do three thousand every year. Rick Griffin Griffith of Kennel Canova West Virginia is known for this crazy but apparently beloved tradition of displaying thousands of pumpkins in his yard every Halloween. He says it's one of those things that was there was no intent or plan he's talking about how it all started it just evolved out a variety of factors and the response that people had to. I mean I I can understand you. Get excited. You carve ten. Maybe twenty. I don't even know maybe a hundred I can't even imagine carving a hundred well. I can't even imagine Covington. I wonder and how many people do it. I mean maybe they have a pumpkin carving party. griffith is a local pharmacist and the former mayor of the small town and he said that it was started started as just a wacky idea and his now grown into a beautiful community tradition he says. I have three daughters and when they were young they in their friends and would help me carve pumpkins for the house. The number of Pumpkins kept increasing through the years hundreds and then thousands and finally said let's do three thousand. I can't imagine you know when you go to find your Pumpkin for the year and you have to pick up that one that you think is just right. Maybe it's not perfect but it's the best one of the batch and you it speaks to you and that's the one three thousand I hopefully grow their own will. The significance of the number of three thousand is that's how many will fit on his his property. He said it's also a happy coincidence that the population of Canova is around three thousand as well so you know when you see those really amazing amazing crazy late shows of for Christmas this is kind of along those lines because they're all lit and I don't think they they they have music and light shows but starting on October nineteenth which is in a little less than a month volunteers head to WHO the backyard and get to work carving four hundred to five hundred Pumpkins a day for a week for sixteen to eighteen hours first day griff said he usually has a core group of twenty volunteers who are there every day but other people drop by to help when they can. It's organized chaos he said but every year it works. It's a great tradition. My goodness though coordinating all of that Griffith said he draws about ninety five percent of the carving designs on the Pumpkins before the volunteers arrive. That's amazing well. Then the kids will scoop adults will car while his wife. Sandy make sure everyone working. Working is well fed a few local high school. Classes will donate some decorated. Pumpkins to oh well. This picture of this Pumpkin has a carving of Teddy Teddy Roosevelt. Oh No I'm sorry grover Cleveland. I knew that as for the carvings you'll find different themes throughout they have a Patriot patriotic attic section every year with all of the President's representative. There's also the cat choir which features a bunch of pumpkins carved like carved into catch shapes with a recording adding of cats meowing in the background. There's video if you really want to find out what's going on one that just says Canova West Virginia a new which seems very very appropriate. There's no admission to check out the display and nearly thirty thousand people that's ten times the population of the town by the way come by to see it in all of its glory each year according to Griffith it can get pretty crowded so people have to park and walk to see it up close. The pumpkin house is one of the festivities that's part of the CK Autumn Festival which has events like parade Scavenger Hunt and haunted trail. Griffith said he's been blessed to meet so many people because of this tradition. He said we get visitors from all over the world last year. A lady from Ireland told me this is the greatest thing I've seen in America so far far that is awesome so hey if you are someone who likes to travel to see the specific things. Maybe this is something that you want to put on your list because if you can't make it this year it sounds like it will still be there next year and that's wow I'm impressed with people who are that creative innovative that energetic to do things like this so we will end this episode of the GMC Social Media News podcast on three thousand carved pumpkins seems appropriate for the time of year. Hope you have a great Friday a great weekend and join join me again on Tuesday or Monday. Excuse me when we will have more social media news. We'll find out what was trending over the weekend. Talk You then you've been listening to the golden state media concepts social media podcast part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network you you can find this show and others like it at. WWW DOT G M C podcast DOT COM download our podcast on itunes stitcher sure soundcloud Google play just type in GS MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from rudeness obvious to music from Sports entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you you have enjoyed today's program. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live. CD medic targets your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active. OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free boil get back to your life with CB medic available online and at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing when you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want to live. CD medic targets your pain added source. It's fast acting relief with active. OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC FREE HEMP oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online and C._B._S. These statements have not been evaluated by the F._D._A. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

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Plastic poison - where do we start in cleaning it up?

RNZ: The Detail

22:06 min | 8 months ago

Plastic poison - where do we start in cleaning it up?

"He oughta this is the detail. I'm Sharon Brick Kelly today. Why sequence Abed and it's nothing to do with profession? Plotting Nets bossed shiny. Who has sequence on sheets little micro particles of plastic every time you wash it wastewater treatment? Implants don't filter it out very well and it ends up potentially in the ocean. Plastic is clothes food. Our homes arms Alcoa's our water is everywhere since the nineteen fifties eight point. Three billion tons of plastic has been produced globally and nearly eighty percent of it has is going into landfill or was lifted into the environment today. Thirty six percent plastic produced as single use packaging expect a waste management. Mint is struggling to cope the problem compounded by China's decision to stop taking out plastic waste. But these a lot that we don't know about plastic. No idea how much plastic comes in the form of ready made products. So all of the sequence of Christmas Sanchez. All of the lunchboxes cleanline- Klingner the plan to tackle. It started with the ban on single use plastic bags. Now this the government has made tries a takeaway food containers present fruit stickers in its size and a bit to further reduce our plastic waste. Imagine this teenagers giving you funny locks. If you don't carry your own reusable usable food container. Few sufficient wrote washed up and every single piece of plastic. We use can be recycled biodegrade or go to leak-proof landfills that's the vision of the Prime Minister's chief science advisor Juliette Gerard is how She sees Altiero and twenty thirty and and how she starts who report. That's out this week. Called rethinking plastics. Alloys Gibson is newsroom. Dot Co Dot ines enes environment and science writer. She's read all two hundred sixty four pages of the report so Juliet. Jared has just replaced as Peter. Gluckman is the Prime Minister's chief science advisor at end Wayne Shea took over the job. She went around the country and held a series of meetings and see two people. What what do you need scientific advice own? And presumably she also talked to just doing was technically who she reports and plastic because one of the top concerns so shays responding to that cry for beater information waters plastic. And why is it so bad plastic as the name that we give to the suit inclined of polymer so there are natural. Paulhamus cottons silk lever and the nearest synthetic polymers. The ones that people make using traditionally petroleum to make plastic Now increasingly we're seeing natural. Polymers as well so plastics made from potato or cornstarch or even a z sprays making from kiwifruit. Waste that what is interesting interesting. Is that we there at breaks down in the environmental either at sticks around for Eva is not determined by what it's made of. Its determined by how how it's made so you can get in plant based plastic that much not break down very well if you were to put it in you compose tape and equally you can Karolyi and based plastic. That is made to be biodegradable but one of the biggest consumers of course has been a lot of plastic. Basically neither breaks down goes has to Elaine. Volk it's wasted in just stays the fever in some of which is laced with these toxic additives so the problem near is not the plastic itself. The problem is some chemicals that added to it to give it soon properties and that they can sometimes h into the environment would ooh cool was causing the problems and the as we've tried to solve problem with increased use of plant by plastics or biodegradable plastics. We've encountered a whole new raft of problems. which is that? People throw biodegradable plastic into the plastic recycling bin for example contaminates the whole loge engineering. Gene can't recycle the plastic. That would have been able to. So there's a number of environmental issues. He end that quite visible you know. Unlike greenhouse gas emissions for example he saved plastic. You see it. Out there in the Environment Papacy Pitches of Wales with stomachs full of it so it's become quite a visible problem and invisible problem which will talk about later in tiny tiny bits of place is the ultimate aim to get rid of plastic salty. Nao Oh the reports quite clear that we do need some plastics in that plastic has a place in society so airplanes a much lighter now that parts of them are made of plastic rather than metal that reduces the greenhouse gas emissions that they produce because they don't need as much fuel to fly in other cases for example sample. Heading plastic wrapping can reduce food. Waste which is ultimately perhaps on balance beater for greenhouse gas emissions in waste. So so the reporter isn't saying that we don't need any plastics. What at saying we are using an enormous amount of plastic when we don't really need to and that many of the types way using and needlessly damaging what are the worst offenders? These probably Kate agrees the're when is some of the additives that are added so the plastic itself might be okay but some time of type of chemical added. That's not great The the issue with trying to tackle that as that for example there's been a lot of concern about BPA and plastic and as a result it's often being phased out of drinking bottles in in babies products and things and the replacements for their. It's often not clear that the least toxic so that's one issue. That's one of the obvious things is that we need to tackle the other while. No as the fans that the government's already signaled going to tackle including those pesky Polisario meat trays takeaway coffee cups. The fruits roots tickets in good. Good good let's get rid of them. You know on winning reporting every talking about how fun to your milk bottles of got a white coating applied to stop the light getting into the milk. We've got milk bottles which have got a long enough to block out the light. That's just about impossible to recycle. Have you talked to Frontera about this. The frontiers pain and discussions with any fees. Why that's outrageous? Then you say well what was signaling is we want to move away from those sorts of things which are difficult to reprocess so they are certainly some types that are really hard to get rid of once they're out. The young highlight sequence. I was distressed about this. I mean I I don't know the ripe who's my have any sequent clouds but I was I would like to and I was quite upset to learn that sequence of doing damage so we think about all this throwaway stuff right. We think about things is that we just use once and chicken to land fo- but a core problem are these plastic products that we keep but have little tiny particles wash off them all the at the time so clothing that S- embossed or shiny. Who has sequins on it? She needs little microparticles aplastic. Every time you wash it wastewater water treatment plants. Don't filter it out very well and it ends up. Potentially in the ocean in cash tires or another big fien debt. Side of the chasm has a driving on the road and little tiny bits are coming off them that it's very hard to catch coming off the roads before it goes into the storm would cause of course sets. Let's you know I joke about sequins but see polyester dressing gown. It's Fluffy Micro Fleece Hood. That's also shitting plastics. So because they were already in production. We're not going to get rid of them anytime son. So the report saying we need to find a way to have them felt it out physically at washing machines painstakingly of the wastewater treatment plant. So they're not calling out into the ocean and ultimately water sizes that clothing manufacturers. We need to change how they make so the sheeting Lis Lis particles. This is one of many areas that were identified in the report where there are some some solutions out there so one of the things I found quite hopeful is that we do have for example biodegradable stickers. That can go on fruit we have reusable Kofi Cups. We have the possibility of manufacturing washing machines differently. So all of these things are out there and watch. They concluded it really was that if we were to make the standard practice for everyone would be a long way to solve a problem. L. Producer Alexia Russell. When she was reading the she saved Willett main that were wearing beige or brown sex officially because the anything that are environmentally sound? We'll all be looking like The women can the handmaid's tale so look the the report quite clearly size. We're not going to get everybody in cautioned Marino. That's just not gonNA happen so we need to find another way around this and that means manufacturing some of these colorful spat lay items. That people want cheap. Don't forget not everyone can afford Marino so manufactured they said that they're not so damaging probably one thing that I think advocates reducing. The plastic problem would say is that we need to buy lease of everything and that probably includes includes Better does that consumer some out desire just to keep buying and buying and buying. I think that's part of it but I also think part of it is that we don't have the systems to recover the stuff women finished using it to produce more sustainably at kind of made easy for us to be least least just Westville at the moment the host system seat up to make being wastefully plastics very cheap none of the costs of disposing visual trying to get it out of the ocean. Were investigating any potential. Health Effects of it are included in the cost of buying plastic stuff. So you know the report TSE's if f plastic was made of gold. We wouldn't have this problem. It's the fact that atom shape that entire justice alter to act the the way that we don't let's talk about Nanno plastics micro and macro place Turks. What exactly are they said what we do know? Is that Vich ritually. Worry the scientists go looking for them they find them so they found them in soil in New Zealand that found them and fish species around New Zealand have been found in shellfish they have been found in waste water that being found in what ways and around the beaches so there aren't many places that scientists don't find them when they a taste for them the issue that we have is that the tasting hasn't been very extensive so we don't really have a great picture of you know just because they're being found on a particular beach does this mean that all around the coast the Knicks problem of courses a case that we now know we they are. What are they doing to us? You know does it actually measure a way a bit of plastic and shellfish which we miss it. Does it really matter a way you have got it now vegetable garden soil and we don't really know I mean the report Kinda advocates for precautionary principle sees. We aren't really now but because there are potential compex we should be careful. We study this Im- we should try and limit the spread of plastic into our environment. And so that is a big area are we. There is the need for more information wither as evidence of health impact on people at teens to be the additives so they're like hormone disrupting chemicals that might be added to the plastic. The plastic some sort still an open question whether actually the plastic itself means anything thousand scientists and campaigns. Amen to you have to say. Of course. It's a problem but you know we don't know that much and mean near these. Even smaller nanoparticles of plastic. Hell small small. That's so small that even scientists find them had to detect so one of the reasons. We haven't studied the match as that. We're only just getting the technology to detect and look with them and the other thing that this this report highlights a zero huge gaps in knowledge about plastics. One of the big gaps is an how much plastic we actually use so we have the DASH or unroll plastic puts imported to New Zealand. And what types of the plastic Betas and that would be the stuff that gets tuned into product. Here have no idea how much plastic comes in the form of ready made products so all of the sequence of Christmas scientists all of the lunchboxes all of the Clinton and the layer of plastic. That goes on behind this at the pallet wrap the building rep the boating ramp Starring that gets used by the building industry. All of the stuff that gets bought and reading may absolutely no idea how much of that is coming in. Nobody checks it and we don't know what happens to it after that either so we don't have a good understanding of what what proportion of that's recycled. What proportion guys to land fell can ever be traced can ever be measured? Yes Oh yeah I mean and the person who did a lot of the league will calmness report and Juliette. Dad's office as a woman named Richaud Kirundi clack into Shays research writer analogy analyst and the Prime Minister's chief science advisers office. And what she says that F. We just had the really big retailers on board so we had both the supermarket chains. The we house on the Kenmare just the really big retailers who probably some of them do some internal tracking day if they had a system where they wore collectively posed. How much plastic that bringing it in and it was anonymous so it didn't the commercial sensitivity that would actually give us a pretty good pet? Chen wouldn't solve everything. But you don't need every gift shop or a very fruit-seller fruit-seller to be involved to need a decent pitcher and obviously you know at the waist level if we had the councils involved for example in the privately run landfills and recyclers. It doesn't seem insurmountable. A totally skipped Beata Dash. What are we aiming for here? If you read this US report can be a bloody depressing really other any good things going on there. Lots of good things going on. and and Ed and one of the really clear findings was that if everybody in each industry did what the beast people doing way would go a long way. We actually need a systems change. which is what your doctor? Jarrett's report is all about. This is the associate environment. Minister Eugenie Sage. Lots of AW councils. Businesses government consumers retailers all changing. And what. We've signaled is we now have seven different sorts of plastic that are often used for the packaging we want to terminate down every industry has companies. That are doing. Maybe I saw you know. Echoes stores made sugar-based plastic for its bottles. But it's it's also starting to operate refill stations. The supermarkets now allow you to bring your own reusable containers to the Deli Counter Z.. Spray has got those biodegradable vine clips. That just fall off and biodegrade in the grass out in the fields without causing any problems so farmers have got this scheme now with a collect the plastic wrap around the Hay and silage bales and recycle up. So if everybody did the things that the people are doing that would help a lot in a lot of the innovation as the it just needs to be scaled similarly with fishing making sure that bits of lost fishing line breakdown and giving seemed to the industry to bring it back to port. Recycle up the Pitcher for twenty she thirty. That's that's painted here. As quite hopeful entombs solve It envisages a future. Where all of aplastic that is recycled as recycled on shore? We not shipping the problem to China. We've got sustainable market. He aware way using high quality. Plastic that people want to recycle them and use the recycled material. And when things are likely to end up in COMPA store in the garden or on the ground it's biodegradable and ham loosely biodegradable. How we're not lying on petroleum based plastic so much because obviously that's got implications implications for the climate on fossil fuel extraction and that we possible? It's easy for people to just not use it. We've we've already saying that. We moved away from throwaway plastic bags without New Zealand collapsing. The question is because we don't have a lot of data. Yeah we're the place because we don't really know even with the plastic bag. Yeah you having any impact at all one place we will get some data live from that probably is the sustainable coastlines people. 'cause they letter orbits around the costs. But you're absolutely right. You're asking people to make these changes and then you're not able to tell them what the results as we can. Yeah what do you think of the report. I was surprised the gaps in what we know so not the gaps the report but the gaps. That couldn't answer a lot of questions simply because we don't click that data and for something that's so close to the hats New Zealanders. I was really surprised prized. The question will be what happens now right so the premise is chief. Science advisor is a very bogus office. It's an influential office. I am in. It does have the year of politicians I think batch it has no binding power czar. What happens now really depends pins on political will for this is only? The government's initial response have asked Ministry for the environment to come back with much more comprehensive response Early next exchange and hope to have some recommendations going to cabinet within six months. What kind of regulation could we be saying? One of the big ones. That's already in train. Trying is wisely vague so increasing what it costs to dump rubbish to the point where it is an incentive not just chuck. Why some plastic stick? The other is the container deposit scheme so if you traveled to Scandinavia all the countries. You usually find that you buy a bottle you pass wall amount and you get money back when you put it in this machine and is the Nicholson incentive for people to go around and collect bottles of the streets in the government wants to do that and I think because working pretty hard on it now probably the other big regulatory lever that is likely to come in welby repacked stewardship so putting the onus on the companies that are making and selling the stuff to make sure there is a sustainable in the life life destination for what they're making and to make sure that the cost of making it happen is built into the product itself because at the moment minute falls on Ratepayers Zealand's plastics industry has welcomed the move but says it could take years and millions of dollars to implement some of the alternate materials answers easy to just drop onto the manufacturing facilities liberal gift to make changes in those quite a bit of our day and also the report did talk about landfills in the problem Yes so the other pat of this vision for sustainable future is the wind. Things don't need to be thrown away that either being recycled too many times or just for whatever reason can't be reused can't break down the environment. They'll have to land fell in at the moment. These huge variation in how kind of water tied in Cypher. Landfills are so sore on the west coast rubbish. Just washing shing out to say after a big stone and least dramatically era is obvious. Problems with just micro-plastics seeping out into the environment. Arment so trying to make sure that we've got state of the art disposal facilities for plastic at the end of its life as a big part of the solution as well now from this report. What would be what would be the one thing that you feel that you could change your life clouds? It's got to be closed Seni- Eilat to buy cheap clothes in. I don't factor in what they're doing to the environment. When I do that so I probably I need to spend a little bit of time thinking about that? That's the detail for today. I'm Sharon Brett Kelly. The detail is brought to you by newsroom. Dot Co dot did and made it possible by the RNC inside on Innovation Fund. Hit the subscribe button to stay across the detail every day. And if you're on apple please leave a racing as it helps helps other listeners. Find US this episode was engineered by Adrian Hallway and produced by Alexia Russell and thanks to newsrooms. elway's Gibson Conrete Kidney.

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Gateway to Gay Romance with Louisa Masters

Write with Love

18:15 min | 9 months ago

Gateway to Gay Romance with Louisa Masters

"Welcome to ride with love. I'm you heist. Sarah Williams Selling Author Speaker and Creative Entrepreneur. Each week I checked too passionate conspiring Olefins Janey in creative writing some are traditionally published some himselves. Everyone's Janney is different and everyone has something interesting to say. We all love love and love will be. Today's show is brought to you by Arab mazing fans and supporters unpatriotic. If you'd I'd like to help support the show and get some awesome. Bonus episodes very patriotic dot com forward slash Sarah Williams author to learn more. Now now he is today's show and welcome to write with love today. The show on Cheddington Louise Monsters. Thanks for joining me today. I am so glad to be here. I'm so thrown that year on the show today okay and Way Will Stop I. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Eugenie the publication the exciting things fast. I well I am melander born in bridge I complain a lot about living. In fact is I could've moved years ago and I haven't I started. I've always been a rada massive massive radon even before I officially started reading romance. I was always drawn to the books ahead. Romance in them And then I started writing. I'm GonNa say it was when I was that ten or eleven and I wrote these absolutely dreadful plays I that I made my cousins and my brother perform with me and I would I think to them. There was an ace Christmas on net man that the family was old to get. That had to Komo chest on the site that I've written and looking back on. That was awful but it was exciting to write them into sort of develop that story and get something bingoing in so I i sort of started from that. He riding hear writing their place so it would be a hobby. Mostly I was a Rada became a responsible professional adults in forgot about that whole riding thing until about ten years ago when they came to carry out the WHO is an an amazing story no doubt and she said well. What if you on right you just do it? Let's give it a guy and things have just gone from that fantastic and carry after coast has been on the shine on the The Elliott Anyone who's a fan of his definitely. Go Watch that one so you definitely should should. She's amazing so what happened. was there a story idea or you. Hit to kind of sit down and think something so I've been having story idea for wall had kind of been floating around in the back of my head fish as with meetings. I think many many older a came from real life I had had a very negative experience with a huge. I mean I am not a plumbing expand Hanjin assume that all but I can tell when there is a problem with TAT and when I've isolated to a specific area it's the Danpilla and I called a primary now sort of explaining exactly what had happened in one hundred wasn't he basically patted me on the head right in the other room now. Very unimpressed impressed. which got me thinking? About how if it had been a woman who'd come. I probably wouldn't have had that and wouldn't it be great to have and I know that they're awfully Malcolm at their end. They justice skilled. Eligible is a male Atapattu. Unfortunately I've never never encountered one and I was thinking what a wonderful idea. It would have female handyman handywoman plummer whatever sort of the story Jim naked from there and And then we carry said well come on got an idea you need to write it. Let's give it a car. Esat Dan I have to admit straight off the BAT. I'm not a conflict to say it was just a matter of sitting down and saying what China and look it went pretty well. I yeah fantastic. Sorry did you go down the submission route. So did you get in day. Tell step so I did stand. I submitted to some of the wishes and what officials have very thin skin I mean I knew rejection was part of the game What I did find the most frustrating striding was the length of time between submitting an actually getting any response even if that response was Nike I have patience and if it clearly was not the talk so I started submitting to smaller presses? And I've found that that was a conscious originally UH-HUH I was published will still published through. Some small oppresses Slowly rights have begun relating to me and I decided to guard full at Indy India. Now because I just enjoyed control I'm a lot more control great. Everybody happy to get back. But I I like being able to sort of know exactly exactly wearing the process. I am what I'm doing where it's unsaddled win on sale on seats yet. Saturday at loaded SORTA traditional went hybrid. I think in the future. It's going to be holy. Indeed were Silence kichler the cool stuff challenge the sorts of things that you right because you take a couple of different things but assigned. We've got to be honest us with the hate labeled and make sure your brand is exactly how hot yields rights so I've got Several several Oscars more traditional time Romance Mile Female on the Long novels may speak set. An hesitating install a very medium hate level. I mean nothing that you wouldn't find on any so shelf. Got some short. NOVELLAS are the darned if he Sexy Times Fair mice race in books tend not to be very sexy sudden. I've found myself leaning towards to Blacken closed-door at the moment that I'm going because my reading is haven't changed on Stu rating right across acres but when I'm writing at the moment it's kind of like build up build up and then we'll close the door and it's like the best so actually for my m my guy stop that has a. I think it was just a few. Ac I somebody said to. I made that it makes me a very good gateway or Sergei Remax if you've never read gay romance and you looking to determine the water something that's got a lot of fade to the black rather than an explicit taxation seems to be a lot more attractive than been your fool on. Orgy taught not that. They're orgy talk. I mean I should know better than to say that. It's a little bit of a lot chop into action than any incentive Yeah Yeah I tell me so. Tell us about how you came to start riding male male rabbits. Well I have been reading it for about what. Here's a bet. Twenty it was. Obviously it's become much more prevalent lightly so back then it wasn't as much available it wasn't as easy a hands on and my first experience was actually a fantasy of serious By Dark Knight said if I ever say but I'm gonNA say leaned slowly. DOC cannot run a series actually has a gay romance subplot in it and I think I was in mind my light chains when I I I was gonna say `I opinion because that gives it more. Impacting that really had but it was kind of like all right. That's right you can't have these kinds of romances inbox as well. It's not just you in real life like there's a will to fiction that I haven't explored I'm so I started looking more for the. NFL started rating quite a lot Tom I fully guy. Romance was the syndicate by Jews. Joins it Alex Lucrative and. I'm actually not sure if it's still available but if it is you need to get by it is funny. It is sucked tastic. It he's absolutely awesome. Can Take enough of this book still ray rate at all the time but it got me straight down the rabbit hole looking for any gay romance. Oscar signed on M. F. A.. M If m uh-huh Spectrum Trans Solar are of course in the last ten years. That's part of the industry has really exploited. Those more wolf made a rage and I was back when I was still published with Wilder Express. I was talking to my editor. About how much. I love this book that I decided it wasn't doesn't eminem that by had published and she has a we've got a Submissions coal. I've been at the moment. Flynn Nevada's just to go on be the criteria so that one is actually not available. So I've just had the rights comebacks on redoing it. It's a short novella it's M. on an MCAT gains really amazing on. I think so. That'll hopefully get back out onto the map in it's nuts. Yeah if it from the people who've never ridged Gabriel. Before that's how I started. I was just reading it so I'm out should I really really loved we'll I'm already getting into mantle mindset riding my mouth Might mold traditional references so why not in just myself that up didn't mean a lot of research and converse out so eighteen a letter race age and indeed making context and actually talking to people about clock quite sensitive stops on. But I think it's worked out really well sir. I enjoy it a lot of events. Fantastic well let's talk about one of your books you'll light book. Actually come out Ilia this yet. WE'LL SKIP team. So I knew like a month ago was code. This and that is a male marry mates so is that was about the story. The premise of this fun okay. So I've got this is actually. It was a lot of fun to write it. Sit at a fictional same complex. Or if you've ever been to Disneyworld think Disney world build but changed because I didn't want to get into the whole Disney world trump. I'm even been to the thing pot complex of joy Smack Bang in the middle of no way and protagonist is Derek and. He starts work on Monday morning. Any these very bad morning he kind of he gets to ECHINACEA amid or one of the her Chelsea looks after Derek is an assistant director a complex a he looks after whole bunch of pride tells and other things and you got to deal with these horrible grisly Monday morning that up and he's just got that under control and finds out that about a hundred and twenty of his staff of apathy replacing. Yes sorry. It's always startling off. He's actually really lucky. Track exciting Broadway DANAIDS trebling onto a t shirt is in a position to help him out in some of the staffing issues. So that Tab I meet the first time unfortunately rub each other the wrong way at face to face made us not great in the second meeting is great but they they do eventually connect From that it's just a really fun book it sounds as I said which I think makes everybody want to smile? They get to know each other. These are major major. Angst must've it is about self discovery in discovering Java but art head sunny paypal the comeback in inside what a WHO had raided. Sorry I'm real. I really enjoyed riding and I'm really glad that people Richard Dainty stick. MD writing in series. Would you like reading. Saint Lights so I started writing standard lines but lightly. Same Street heading towards series. This one I'm I've got. This is the first in a series said. Joel Universe series will have three books. The second one has just been finished so anybody who reads the first book. Who are you has read the festival? They're saying What I what I'm talking about when I say the second movies Jimmy's book eight should be out early next year? Aiming for February and in the third book is up next to be written a net should be partly by mid July. My other series is that I have on the go at the moment is also m m. Well it's mostly ms it's It's what I've been calling my billionaire seriously. I am renaming it Running the billionaire. The second book is the Athlete in the third book. which I am just about finished riding is still untitled? A new signings. Ms Are the series. On centers on will spurs essentials around three friends that grew up together wealthy on families in. You're in the first book is Immense Second Amendment is one of them is not an S. fantastic and you were talking before about the plum a- I'm getting kind of floated. Because you've had another book. That came out recently. Good misfit accent. Sorry I did that story. That story that was that was my first book that came out a while ago in revised in rejected a year and a half two years ago. Now so that was. That was very very upset at that day as a had this is idea jamming adding in my head and Gary set up. You should do something about that. I try deeds and this is a of my m. f. titles I think this is the one that pay potential. It is really fun really funny money out. The main character is She is determined independent. She used to be in Communist Wanted to prove to everybody that she could do. More than just dropping sopping Pretty hair answer and she's always liked doing handy stops. I should have. Reinvented herself as a hand woman and she is very successful at it uh-huh she is being harassed by client. who think sat pretty blonde girl shouldn't be yet shouldn't be handy one And it is just unfortunate that at the moment that she's swinging hammering his direction hideous but just to sort of make him back off the charts. Search yes sir. She ends up dead at the police station and a Netflix. She made coal detectives Detective Sergeant and I think it is. I'm not very good with that so I did all my race at a time. But my memory's not really your mates and things guard from that and she throughout the course of Luke she is stoked in a in a kind of Oh my God. I can't believe this is happening way. But you for the mice Kat. It's just really funny book. Just really lie hotted. She is a Pretty Niles that I can still swing a hammer. That's the kind of person that she is. A lot of women relate to that because they is I mean we do like to to get dressed up into not so much as possible but we're also extremely capable and competent trumpeted Meyer on pitcher rioting knees than I can usually unclogged drying. Handle that stuff. It's just when it needs a little bit more more experience or knowledge that I need to go so many and so it's not really not really grateful to be condescended to Golota women relate to that and that's why they like these. He's not yeah. That's what I love that. Roy made sadness feminist movement. That we're all getting behind the end of the day. Primates is it's feminist. It is it's about showing women can be strong and stand up and take the place rather than having to be pushed back into. I love it for that reason as well week. We can we find you online and keep up with everything that you yet so if you check out that site. WWW DOT Loyola's dot com all of links there on twitter instagram etc etc.. Sign up for my knees led off got to Rain Bellas up for grabs Thank you for signing up any November. Remember I will have another one going out also now And usually website really up to date. So everything's there's as well fantastic will. Thanks so much for joining me today. Louise that was great. Thank you for having me. I'm so excited you kind of these. Thank you thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed the sharp jump onto my website Sarah Williams wolf end up com. Enjoy my mailing unless to receive free preview of my folks and lots of other inspiration if you'd like the shy and wanted to continue. You can become a sponsor he just a couple of dollars. Among going to Patriarch Dot Com forward slash Sarah Williams and remembers have follow me on facebook twitter and instagram and time to

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What Does Success Mean In Audio Fiction  with Sean Howard


42:35 min | Last month

What Does Success Mean In Audio Fiction with Sean Howard

"What happens is the floodgates open. An insane amount of water comes in money, and most of the fleet is capsized or washed away, and these big giant cruise ships now can sail into this port that's now deep and a few ships or a few fishermen, or might survive. They band together. They get their stuff big enough, but it's not guaranteed so and we're already seeing. Seeing signs of it, so my hope was by sharing everything a it will hold me accountable to actually doing the work right because I don't want our patriotic fail now 'cause I'm publishing the data, so it did motivated me, but then be allow others to learn laver jets that they could also build or improve over what I've been doing away to give other people just. Writing on the wall that's as we were here. We tried this monsters aid us. To them, we've shown Howard. He is a pillar in the fiction podcast community. He's the founder, a fable and folly production and the fabled network, which was just created three months ago, and it's a collective of more than fifteen amazing fiction podcast creators, but most importantly he's the creator of three shows, and is an expert in marketing and audience, growth and by. By sharing his experience and everything, he's learned. He's helped a ton of other creators. Jim Start. PODCAST SEAN is also just an amazing human being, and this is going to be a very heartfelt conversation. We're going to talk about what means success in your fiction, and what are the true rewards sometimes underrated of being a creator so I hope you enjoy it. Now I. Oh, you date crazy. Episodes are coming great and they're going to be as epic if not more as what you've heard already. As you know hours, Eugenie has just launched and we're still experimenting. We've really strategies that works for us and our supporters. We find appropriate that those who take the steps to contact us to be in touch with us and chooses to support when we most need it. Be giving the possibility to access the episodes I. Don't wear crypt as he will still be released for free, and you won't need to be a member to listen to them in peril, working other amazing projects at the same time, so keep an ear out for our next announcements, because we have amazing stuff coming to you back to our conversation with John Howard social. Let me ask you impossible question. What does success means in other fiction? And how should creators go about answering that question for themselves? Yeah, I think it's A. Good conversation to be having. I think it's a very important conversation for producers and creators to have with themselves when they're starting and with their teams, and also to come back to every once in a while. there's a lot of pressure I. Think on on the audio fiction space or community. And there's a lot of pressure sometimes on producers right to do things a certain way to hit a certain size to to to have their patriot. Be Successful as someone else they see or to have their numbers match someone else right because everyone like everyone loves to do. The Post Ooh. We hit this. Many hundreds of thousands of downloads, and I think sometimes that can create pressure on the creators who may be aren't seeing those results yet. Right, and this is why also I'm like. I'm conflicted about doing the same thing I haven't really done it. Never did it again. It's because those dental numbers taken out of context. are really not that meaningful unless you taking consideration business model that supports it and know was true for Hollywood. In big movies is also true for broadcasts. An independent small budget film can be a million times more profitable than a giant superhero movie. So how would someone who's just starting out? And this? I show would go answering the question, and is that something that you've wrestled with launching your own shows? Yeah, we did not do this when we started. Don't we were I? Think a lot of? People we just created a show in our living room with a lot of friends. It was crazy and back then in of the earlier days you know there wasn't as big of a community We didn't see that many downloads. It was just a thing we did. so when it started to gain traction and went other shows started to showcase. What was possible because we didn't stay focused on it, right? We started and walked away. Dan. There was this pressure, right? It's like Oh. What can we do with this? Thing we built when you say you started and walked away. You release a certain number of episode for am of time. Yes. We released I've to pull up the actual dates, but ally and I released album sale season. One I think it would be like twenty fourteen, if not earlier and we released season one and we walked away. We just we went on with our lives. All the things we are trying to do and and. At that time, there was no like I said it wasn't the community. There wasn't any sense that you could do more with that so then when we start to see numbers, it was a mad scramble I launched the Patriarch we. We did all the things we saw people talking about doing online and It was just you know. We made twenty bucks a month for a year. Thanks, MOM, and a few fans and friends. And that was it. There was no you know. Our numbers were growing, but we didn't know what to do with it, and it didn't feel like our numbers are growing fast. Is everyone else? We are in that same position. We everybody talking about growth, and there could be TV deals, and all this stuff and this was a few years ago. And at a certain point, we decided to try to make a go with Alba trion figure out. Okay, we're working on season two, so we you know. What could we do in the interim? That was gonNA take us a long time. And then we slowly committed more and more to the album universe to other shows to expanding. You know we now have four shows and. I'd say that. Yes, now we do. Sit Down and talk about what a success! What our goals, what who's our audience? How're we calgary be of service and what's realistic and that's hard. The what's realistic. Question is hard. And a lot of the creators and producers I talked to I'd say a year ago. I'd say a lot of them were. I don't know how to put this any nicer. B- Freight of success. They and that's fine they they set very clear. You know. They just wanted to create the show. Not Make money. not promoted it. And there's nothing wrong with that. but I've seen a shift happening in the industry where more and more craters producers I talked to. Are Interested in creating something from it growing it on building an audience on building a community. and those are all beautiful things and challenge comes down to. How do we do that like? I don't think there. Are you know I think the creators right now. That can make a living off their work from the Indian community is a very small percentage and that. That pisses me off that to be honest. I'm not happy about that I. Don't think that's right, but but that's a reality in our space so most of us out there are trying to figure out. How do we create this thing where it can be self sustaining? You know what does that mean for us like what's what's required? How much how much money a month does it have to generate just to sustain itself? and you know that's with a job with other things so. But I've I've seen that conversation changing where more and more craters I talked to are interested in building their audience in their community and and creating something. Beyond, just releasing those audio episodes car remember the entrepreneur, said. don't try to go two zero two hundred. Focus instead of going from zero to ten ten to twenty, twenty to thirty thirty to forty, and so on, because if you focus, your focus is going to hundred, and your focuses on the big rewards. While! You'RE GONNA. Miss out on all the steps and not only the whole thing might collapse Bert. You'RE GONNA. Make yourself miserable in the process because you're going to continuously feel like you're underachieving underperforming and so if the goal is to be able to make show sustainably in based on, you know. Maybe it means for everyone who make participate to show gets taken care of are maybe means to even or maybe means to have enough time during the week, so that today job and podcast trump doesn't lead you to burn out. whatever that is for you Do you think that maybe defining those steps zero to ten to twenty to thirty? Is. What's missing right now in in our community, because very concretely I've seen you know just pains me when I see other creators feeling discourage. Are you know because this? This thing that created didn't have been powerful motivator for them. You know turning into a monster that's. Constantly asking for more than just find himself completely overwhelmed. Yeah! Oh Boy I. I love it when people say High Bar, but. That should not necessarily be the way when you create something of a certain caliber, there should be a path to hit sustainability in a in a typical runway, like with a TV show or whatever I mean, the odds are stacked in. There's risk, but you have a shot. To be honest in audio fiction right now. There aren't a lot of opportunities or pass for that so. It's it comes from an Indie community, which is beautiful like it's from the same kind of space that. The the scenes right and you know you go to You know you go to a local. Community gathering and someone will be set up a little table and be selling Zine that they've created that are beautiful, and I mean that's the same kind of energy where audio fiction sort of comes from. and. It's hard to even make your money back for a table at a con right now. Let alone credit a show that sustainable so. I do think at the bar if you wanted. If, you want to try and hit stain ability. You do have to set that bar. That doesn't mean everyone needs to set that bar, but it is possible, but it's a lot of work so for example when we started. You know and I launched the Patriot Fan and we have these listeners and I thought Oh. We can just start building. A year later I was still making twenty two dollars a month off our patriotic. That doesn't even cover my coffee bill, so this is the patron actually cost you more than he gave back. Yeah, probably. But, but it was also because the way I was thinking about the Patriot I. Thought you know I I thought I'll put more effort into the Patriots when it pays me more than twenty two dollars a month, but that's not how patriotic works. If you want to. I had to set a bar in the bar set was a thousand dollars a month, and so I had to start acting like a thousand dollars a month. Patriotic Creator in order to even get to. Start to build towards that bar I had to become that today, even though I was making twenty two dollars a month, and it's taken two years I'll have to look at the exact data about to we're. We're approaching that thousand dollar mark and I need to now go back and look at when did I start this experiment? Because we open source data like we share all our data on our Patriot with everyone you know in the and we've created a dashboard, all kinds of things for people, but it was two years at just want to. You're going to get this. You've gotta show your, Crater. For two years we've been releasing a piece of content to every patron every Friday. We've missed a couple, but every Friday. We're putting something for them, and that's a lot of work to create that thing plus we have five dollar exclusive bonus plus we have ten dollar mystery packages I'm working on sending them out right now, plus there's other work that goes into it. That's the level of work we've been committed to for two years while we literally are just running up credit cards and not paying you know like trying to live. And so it's possible. But setting that bar. There's a lot of work still to do to hit that point where you can even start to sustain the show. Let alone off it. Right and so I think this is really important in a way that first of all we can take some of that pain. We. Don't start all at the same position. Some people can maybe. Invest a lot of money ahead of time because they have this job are because you know whatever social factor comes in their personal lives. But I think what would be helpful for creators is to to just said the bar high enough that don't feel so discouraged disappointed when the first release their five episodes and nobody's showing up yet just goes. The truth is, and then we can talk about that, too. Is the just nobody knows about it? Yes, I! Agree with you and I think it's important to not constantly compare ourselves to people that have been. At different levels with different well with also different means, and also like call it out like I. Have Privileged that allowed us to invest this amount of time right? Not Everybody has that, so it's a hard. It's a hard slog and it can be even harder. For for for some people in so. Here's a cool thing though we put out. One and walked away and I know other people have done that. Who now years later have this following? This fan base right because someone somewhere found that show and shared it. Our first big hit in number was because of imager. I'm a fifty year old guy. I still don't understand imager. But that was our biggest hit with somebody created a big graphic that had ten podcast. You probably didn't hadn't heard of audio fiction and they put album there and it went crazy and that was years ago. So, you really can't predict win. That's going to happen. There are things you can do. Though to increase your growth, increase your breach of your audience, but the coolest thing about audio fiction and podcasts is numbers. Don't go down. Right they just don't. It's cumulative. The whole idea of podcasting and podcasting is going through growth, so everyone is going to continue to grow. And I think as audio fiction as a concept. Starts to latch into the the key, the basically the mainstream. We're GONNA. See more opportunity and we're going to see more competition with very deep pockets, so there's a plus, and there's also a negative coming up separately, and then we can also talk about how this financial movement than consolidation happening above us are gonNA effect or not the community So where do we start to help? Creators focus on the positive. The good things while they're show is slowly taking off, and the first thing that I can think of is actually showing off your skills improving your skills becoming a better story teller. And inches becoming a better person by the because when you've created some different person and when you actually started. So other other perks that you can think of that comes with making drama so. First of all you join a community that is amazing, and the community is always changing, and there's these waves of creators that start to get to know each other. To you're creating story that needs to be heard. It's hard, sometimes we. Are Our biggest story is about a a fairy tale healer, it's like Shrek Meets House, and it seems like that would have no benefit in the world, considering all the crazy bullshit. That's going on right now in the in the oppression and racism and in the stuff that we stand against. And yet. Getting those emails in those little messages from people who say things like your show. Even though it's fictional. Right actually kept them alive or was a lifeline. You, can't match that like. It's so powerful when you get those. But as a creator, it's really easy to dismiss them later. and. Be Like Oh. Yeah, but I'm just a fantasy world. I don't do anything real and I'm not look. We don't have numbers. We don't money like this is ridiculous. What do we think we're doing? And and we WANNA be out there. Shouting about what's happening in the world and instead were were writing comedies. But, I think you have to go back and we'll get those messages, and then you have to recognize that stories are the only things that have created change in this world right? If you look at the psychology of stories, arguments don't work like if arguments worked than tear gods so many Christmas dinners I've had would have gone so differently, so our stories do have impact, and I think thinking about that power and thinking about what we want to do with our stories is really important. Like I remember. When we were at podcast. I I was I met up with the. Pandora team 'cause they were showing the Beta of their new stat system like spotify does for podcasts and I sat down with William and he pulled up our show because I'm in Kansas. I can't see the data because you can only access. This new pulled up our show and he had a map of where people listen to Alba. And it was cool. It was like all across the US because they're us. Only it was like almost evenly shaded across every state, and he I remember him sort of like pulling back a little, his head, and looking at me and going. He says this is very different from what we see in any other podcast. He said every other podcast talking podcast host. SAYS BREAKS DOWN ON THE BLUE and red lines says we can just see it right away whether which way your podcast leans with your audience. And he said audio fiction. You're the third audio fiction. I've shown the stats to where it's not like that your your listeners all across so. I think sitting an audio fiction. That's just one example of how we have this opportunity, and it's true like even looking at our patriots and our supporters in our discord. You know it gets a little. Sometimes sensitive issues come up in a beautiful way, but we see these amazing people that are in every state. who our listeners and love the show, so there's potential there. Do I know what to do with it. No, but it is a cool thing to think about from a success point of view. Right, I think this is an excellent point. I do think that creators artists and storyteller especially have a responsibility to you know maybe open. The conversation in a completely different way and reestablished. Human relationship because. It's getting to a point where. We're entering a complete deadlock. Hinton something really important which is sort of imposter syndrome where? It goes like this like. A, my worthy to tell my story. Is My story worthy to be told and discovering that people respond that empathize with your story in in maybe react to. It is such a transformative experience. so that is a huge thing order. You know that would be a huge reason to. To do it. Yeah, have you encountered? Many creators were struggling with this problem. Yes, I definitely see this issue I. Run into it. you know amount of Kahn or you know even in our discord. You know one of the big Breakthroughs for me was when I realized that our fans. Our listeners are most the fans who are the most. support it, but you know the there in the. On their follow us on twitter. They engage with us all the time. Almost all of them are craters in their own right writers audio fiction craters. Everything from cross-stitching to writing to baking, but not just like like a little bit like as a passion in in that was a real insight for me in what we do, and how we engage with our core fence so. And yes, I see it a lot in our in our conversations in our discord, this fear I think it's a fear that we all wrestle with US craters that we're not good enough, and and and then we have I. Want to speak about the we. We have a community that is so. Sensitive. That it's really easy to step into this community and say something that maybe one members community doesn't like in suddenly. There's this dog pile, and that can be devastating to a new crater. It's hard for us like it for craters who've been around for a while to deal with emotionally. and. You know everything from sub tweeting to like. It's just out there. There's this like any social movement, so I think when we take this voice that we all have as craters. It says we're not worthy in our shit socks. And who do we think we are? We don't have a PhD in this, or maybe we have a PhD, but we've never done it in the real world. To who are we? It's crazy. This voice, no matter what proof point you give, it will find a way to say we're not worthy, but then you add in this idea that you can do something that the this amorphous community sees as wrong. In that's a that's challenge. That's really hard to have A. Do! You have an example of of that. Oh, I've seen some of the most beautiful and biggest names in our community. Be attacked because they made some money like they took a deal that got them some money like there's good parts. This community is amazing, but there's also this idea that we are all sometimes coveting what other people have. It's a human trait. And it's hard, but I don't want to call it a serious one, but I just want to say as a new creator. Stepping in that can be even more daunting like you know. They're struggling to just be confident in their voice and create this thing, and then they see how tumultuous these reactions can get so as as a creator when you're writing. Those thoughts appear like. Oh, how will this be interpreted? So you know we're working with an off Broadway writer right now, but. They have a play that's 'cause out. Basically racism in America and. And, it's a comedy for the most part, but it's dealing with this issue and. Wow, that's hard like you know thinking about that. So as a playwright traditionally would push these areas right, and they would push into these spaces, but as an audio fiction creator. I had to spend a Lotta time going. You know battling this. What what if this is perceived inappropriately or what if someone's? Not Happier. What if someone gets hurt? This community came from a place of no money, I came from that crafts kind of Zine world, and now we have big money coming in. In so. The community has been in this like battle of I. wanted to be at the table and wants it's like we. We both want to be recognized as having been here I and be at the table. But? We also don't want any part of that system from the money to the the racism to Hollywood to buy. Again. These are all valid things, but they don't fit together well right and so I think a lot of us now are like well. What happens if we try and pitch a deal you know? Are we choosing between this opportunity and community on the contrary? I think outside opportunities and you know having creators who breakthrough is a great news for everyone because we will inspire new creators to come, any will inspire new audiences to come discover. Discover audio fiction, because don't you think that the debates you're describing? in the community are symptomatic of of kind of a pain, a financial strain in yeah, I think a very wise person who I won't call out. said to me we may be the only community that expects everyone to get along with everyone. It's like this weird vibe. We all WanNa be in with all the cliques or the Clicks Harry say it and. And they're right. This person is right it's not possible sometimes with good reason, and sometimes with not, and sometimes for reasons we can comprehend and understand and sometimes reasons we can't So Yeah, we have attempted to share an open source as much of our journey and our data as we can. because. I want to see. Okay I. Don't believe that a rising tide will raise all ships. It's not true. To look at history and look at business history. It's never never happened ever anywhere. No, no, what what happens is the floodgates open an insane amount of. Money and most of the fleet is capsized or washed away, and these big giant cruise ships now can sail into this port that's now deep, enough and a few ships or a few fishermen, or might survive. They band together. They get their star big enough I but it's not guaranteed, and it's not. that. It's a myth. Right so and we're already seeing signs of it, so my hope was by sharing everything a. Hold me accountable to actually doing the work right because I don't want patriotic sale now because I'm publishing data, so it did motivated me, but then be allow others to learn and leverage it so that they could also build or improve over what I've been doing a couple. People surpass me faster than I was able to build, and and some of them like reached back went. Here's what I did on I've been able to use that and share it and so. That's what I was hoping like a way to give other people the. Just. Writing on the wall that says we were here. We tried this. Monsters aid US in. Maybe monsters won't eat you. You'll have a better idea of how to cross that chasm, but we went this other long way instead. And I think my hope. Is that a more and more of US do that? We can get enough of us. to a point where we can survive, because the floodgates are opening, it's already happening in the big companies are coming in with crazy budgets like they can afford to promote a show in spend tens of thousands of dollars promoting show, whereas most of us don't even gross anywhere near that amount in years of a show, not ever so That was my hope, and the beauty of it. Is that not only you're helping others in people like me, but you also. Creating opportunities for yourself because this is how you get known, and this is how you build trust, and it's very hard to know when aware the Knicks opportunity is gonNA come. However, it's for sure, not gonNA come if you're not known or if you're hard to find no hundred percent I saw I don't Wanna come across it i. did all of these things entirely selflessly. As a marketer, I knew from past right having a top blog from doing other things I knew that the way to build credibility and visibility is to share everything in there is a recipe and a mindset. To be have to attract opportunities. In, so let's talk about the floodgates opening. How do you see the investments consolidations? Happening in that? And do you see that trickling down to creators so okay so traditionally as audio fiction creators? We think ooh. We created this Ip. We're GONNA be at a cell that Ip there is no path for that. There is zero like it's happened, but it's so infinitesimally small. It's like a it's like a a crack in the wall. That's almost a mistake or the industries like. Oh, how do we get that in, but it's cool. It's amazing when it happens, but it's like it's like a percent of a percent of a percent of shows are getting those deals, so the is happening, but it's again. If you look at the number, fiction shows like. Let's say there's five. It's crazy. It's like percent of our centers set so. That, still exists in a lot of us. Hope for. We're like Oh. Maybe someday an agent will reach out and they do every once in a while like we've gotten a couple like you know like an agent and then nothing happens. So. So. There's the Ip Angle. Really hard make that happen right now, and even if it happened, like doesn't mean they're Israel money behind, either like it's not correct on percent, so the beginning the interest, and then get all the way through and I know well. Morgan Gibbons announced jazz about Morgan Morgan. Givens did announce I. Think he's got a TV cartoon lined up around flyers fables, so that's an that's an extension deal so. The shift to TV is is something that we've often all looked at like. Oh, wow, you know. We can make a cartoon and so we're seeing some, but very small number of deals considering the years we've been watching this and the number of amazing craters though I'm so excited for Morgan Gibbons and flies fables. If you haven't listened to that within that show, it is one of my all time. Favorites writing done right now. The next step we look at is. All this acquisition activity that's happening and there's a lack of distribution right so meaning who's the person that buys these shows that are being developed for making the money back on advertising or subscription, or whatever so spotify is actively green-lighting shows, so they are an active distribution channel right now, looking to fund new opportunities We also have announced. They're going to launch this we. We. Don't know what that's going to look like we we see Pandora making moves towards this, but they're door has a lot of the just. They're stuck us. Only so crates issues luminary. Yeah, not sure how much longer they'll be around stitcher. Having some problems but I've heard that Amazon originals is re resurfacing, so they are also destroyed green-lighting audible. Sorry audible. Audible originals Amazon originals. Whatever it's called, so yeah, so they're also now looking to green light, so, but here's what we look for in a market. We don't wait to see the distribution partners that succeed. We look for traditionally. Producers and companies coming in funding new show development meaning. Someone somewhere is connected enough that they've seen the dollar opportunity and they're coming in and saying. I want to create twelve shows right to to figure out how to sell those through the distribution channel Because now we're seeing deal signed with net flicks and HBO and some other weird stuff. Warner brothers. There's some stuff happening I. Think is now proving that there is an opportunity emerging so and we're seeing that we are seeing big name producers from TV like massive names and big agencies like the biggest talent agency in the world, almost starting to come in and launch outfits that are here to greenlight production and create highlights and create sellable things that they sell through. Through distribution, so they're taking that risk and that's right. That's how a market shows us. Oh, there is a potential for distribution in that's changing because traditionally. There really wasn't like we had stitcher and Amazon and then luminary entered to really wasn't spotify as a late entrance. What you WANNA. Look for are the producers like in the TV world, the people who you approach and go, I wrote this script. Can I pitch you? That's what we've been looking for their here the here now from Hollywood I. Don't want to call them out, but they are here and they are actively actively. Looking for pitches and but they're approaching key producers well. Let's not call them out, but let's let's call how you heard about them. In the first place. Maybe they're reaching out, so they're reaching out to production houses from the audio fiction space to introduce themselves and to basically sagnol. You know we're here for pitches. So. They're also have done some open. 'cause. You can find Info I wasn't involved in open. Call so I. Don't want anyone out. So, but my point is. We're seeing that's never happened. In the history of audio fiction, we did not have production companies like exists in TV because in the TV and the film world, there are so many production houses that we almost know by name now 'cause they right, and those are houses that fund a pilot like they fund that first pilot and they try and sell a season to a TV right to over the top or to broadcast that still exist. so. Because we're we want to look for his signals below. We Wanna see people that are investing their money or their investors money in creating a host of shows that they're trying to sell right, so they're. They're not necessarily. Cherry picking Ip they're looking to create something that's in the clear right 'cause the return for them. Right they only they got the IP right. They can reconcile across book cross whatever. That that I. Get that I get colds for that for sure right and that's and we're starting to see bigger outfits in better backed people starting to do that in audio fiction. So that says to me okay? They're risking a lot of money across all these offers, so they're the ones who are sensing this change in distribution opportunities. That's coming in certain happening right so it's hard for an independent producer to walk in pitch, spotify or pitch audible So Yeah, so that's what I see happening and that's a new. That's a change that means these shows, though if they're green-lit, are going to have. They're gonNA be crazy while produced with some of the best writers from our indie world and outside They're going to have a crazy marketing. They're gonNA. have crazy production budgets like what what the number I've heard to create a pilot or what I could create an entire season for. Right there seems to be like three tiers of. Production budget for season right now. dementia already of the shows are made for very little undertand two zero, and then there is a quick bump during sixty to ninety thousand dollar. Yeah, and then there's another quick bump. Up to three hundred thousand dollar quarter of a million. Which is in you, tear in. Just a handful of shows are matching the production quality, but I don't know if that's a handful because we've only caught whiff of the shows, the two hundred thousand, but when we look at the podcasting space, there's been some. There's been some science from some big houses. That's what they're paying. Even if it's not an audio fiction, but it's very produced. Right I mean this. There's another question is whether those production will be profitable. If the market is going to grow fast enough for, but it's interesting because change inevitable, and we're having completely different tactics to prepare for that will inspire others but crip disease differently like. Aiming Sky we've dislike oversized production kind of a little bit ahead of its time, and you're building these. Giant independent network We've a tunnel creator, which is I think one of them was brilliant ideas that I've seen. Happening in the independent in the audio fiction space so I'm just curious. What's your? What's your mindset? overall I'm very. I guess I'd Say I'm curious about what's happening in our industry, but I'm also. I guess I'm a pessimist I am madly building up the sides of my boat like I'm like and I'm GonNa share what I'm doing like I'm not trying to hide it. I'm like. Join me right. Let's build these. Let's tire boats together. Let's try something because otherwise. Yeah otherwise. I think we're all we risk being capsize. We just being. Pushed out of the harbor so. Fable Volley we are actively moving towards advertising. We are actively moving towards sponsorship. I was surprised. How many other shows were? Open to this concept of commercialization. Lack of a better word right, can you? Can you tell us a little bit about fable employee network? Yeah, so faithfully network I started three months ago. fifteen shows we have a number of some of the fastest growing award-winning audio fiction shows I'm very excited about the network. I! Wanted. To out of ten of the people I reached out to you to even agree to talk to me because I was talking about a simple idea of. One day making a living being audio fiction producer. And I have to call it a vision 'cause. Parties like. Hard to even see that as possible in our current world. Right I think. So but I was like what if what if this is possible? What would it entail? What would it require us to test to try? And one of those is to start commercial I start to look at sponsorship, and what ways that we could change the way sponsorship is both created the ads the unit, so they're more fun, but also the way they're delivered in the way. They're sold, so I was a little surprised that everyone. Everyone agreed to talk to me and so many people said yes. I sort of had to put the brakes on and be like Whoa. They didn't really plan this well but now we're trying to prove can work, so that's mostly what I'm doing right now. That's my day job, so people in folding network is about fifteen shows now fifteen creators Can you tell us a little bit about the revenue streams you're envisioning for? We are network that does around three million downloads a year. Probably what I'm more as we go into releases, and as far as revenue were basically doing sponsorship, so it's that world works on C. PM cost per thousand We're trying to change the way. Those are built and created to make them more interesting for our fans. We're getting some great feedback about that. That what I wanted to do was change where we weren't just reading the same bullets for the same mattress. We don't own pretending. Do right? That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to fun immersive like us. These creatives, these writers and creators that are so awesome that create these worlds to create something more impactful both for the brand, but for our listeners. So as far as revenue targets I can't really share those, but what I can say as we're trying to say. Can we make this sustainable? And if we can, then we would have enough knowledge to go okay. What scale is now required to actually make this where we could make revenue like significant support to these producers What does that look like what does that entail? so right now is just an experiment. I can't wait to chicken in six months in here how it goes! In the meantime, how do people find all your articles? Medium in all your journey, unpatriotic in and learn. How to market the PODCAST, you can access to most of the articles if you go to fable and folly, dot com, and go to the resources tab sometimes. I, forget to update it, but for the most part you can access most of the major things that we put out right from the. If you want to know what episode trajectories are and how to make them to building your marketing plan to our whole paycheck journey what we've learned what works how much effort has been and how? How do people find your podcasts? How do they subscribe to the absolutely have to subscribe to them, so thank you are. You can find all of our podcasts and all the networks podcasts at fabled dot com. There's there's fifteen amazing shows and I WANNA. Call out a show this not on the network mentioned them, but I'd love for everyone to check out again. It's not our show. It's not our network, but it's by Morgan. Gibbons and it's flyest fables, and it is my. My show of the month that I am pushing because I just adore. I've always adored it. Thank you so much Shawn, We're GONNA. Come back and talk about advertising in different episode This has been really great. Thank you, and if you're a broadcast creator and you'd like to share your story and your version of success. Please text us. We want to hear from you. We might invite you in a future episode or started conversation onto social media and thank you everyone. Everyone for your patients as we are navigating through covid, nineteen weather and we'll be back with Gupta as soon as possible if you'd like to be among our supporters who are going to access the episodes I feel text, six, four, six, two, two, nine, three, four, two, three I can't wait to see you there. Thank you so much for listening and see you next time.

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