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"eubanks mccune" Discussed on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA

"Drafted highly. But yeah, I'd I'd say hill Bredesen's, then you've got some guys who can go a lot of different directions people's Jones Hudson, Mattel, mccune Patterson. Away new. Maybe if they move Runyon inside. Maybe it was interesting listening as you were talking about it. There are a couple of prospects. That are really intriguing you're talking about Cesar aways and whether or not he decided to leave. I'd be curious how many offensive linemen that are not tackles leave before that many. You're not many, it's it's probably small number. And so he would have to be really wealth. He'd have to be all American really highly thought of well over for him to be on that list. I I would I would agree. Although I think we're increasingly, you know, the word has gotten out shelf lifes for NFL players can be really short. So sometimes it's worth you know, that that you that you'd make money. You know, I think Mason coal to be totally honest. I think I think he lost money staying for another year. You know? And so I think I I'm with you. I agree. But I do wonder because like you know, he could put together a season. Even if he's not an all American. He could put together a season where he's looking. Okay. How much better how much higher up possible? It'll just be curious because I've never heard. I mean, there's very few of them. So I talked to my NFL scout guy draft scouts that was. And the the players. The really intrigued by is they really they really want to see what happens with these wide receivers all three wide receivers this year because they have no idea. What three black is yet? One. When I remember asking the same person a year ago, this time who was like your number one underclassmen a look forward and said Tariq black, and he said this guy with if you can come back from his foot injury really gonna be really something special could be a first round talent. And then I asked him just the other day. I said you still have his treat black most intriguing one. He said, no. And he said just because the the back to back foot injuries. We'd never really seen him play his Donald people's Jones and Nico counts both elevated their game so significantly. He says it nickel Collins unless he goes out there and surprises them is probably a second or third round or because of high speed. Lead. And then he said dive appeals Jones has the speed to seize another one of them are projected the first one hundred probably neither one of our forty pick right now top fifty pick right now you mentioned brought us in overt hill. Those were his top to hit. He had both those guys hit hill like number like forty eight. And he had brought us in in the fifties. His top two guys at the moment. The one that he is really intrigued by click Hudson. Yeah. He doesn't know what position. He's point is look he's like a lot of these teams have moved to have the Cam chancellor type of strong safety that is essentially defacto linebacker that can cover a little bit. And I said well Djibril peppers goes. Here's the difference between cuts job hoppers as papper started off his career essentially defensive back that eventually kind of played this viper role, and you could easily more easily see him transitioning to safety click. Hudson is Ben at Michigan anyway. Viper. His entire time. And he's fifteen twenty pounds heavier than repeal. Yeah. He's a bigger guy. He's like, so he's honestly I look at them. I think he has to play in the box. And yet it where does he play in the box is he a interior linebacker, probably not as an outside linebacker. We don't we don't know yet. We don't know yet. What he is. And so if I would look to Don Brown, I looked to click Hudson like you need to show us something this year to see what we can start project where you're going to play. And it did you think if you're Khaliq do you think you're telling the defense? Hey. I don't wanna be some Twitter guy. Yeah. I would like to play the position I wanna play in the NFL. Yeah. Maybe I'm always curious how this conversation guy thought of Terrell purpose came back for another year that he he walks into that meeting and says, look I got play safety. Yeah. This is the point in the NFL. You guys got do me a favor. Plus he coulda helped him at that spot. I think cut sin he walks in. I mean, maybe for him just putting up like crazy video game. Like numbers is what helps them the most? Josh you brought up to and yet. He's another one at there that I said, you know, who is the disease is does he remind you of Allen from Kentucky at all. And he laughed and he said well sure everybody could remind us of Allen. He's a great pass rusher. But he his body of work is nothing close to that yet. Not yet. And he's he goes he has to be someone that you can't that you can't just bring in a third down specialist is just a third down specialist that he's probably going drafted if he can showcase himself as someone that can be on the field for running. Downs. In addition passageway shins, you could see him. I heard you say you go from Google from undrafted being one of the top fifty picks. And he said something similar go from he can fly up draft boards. All of a sudden and be a first rounder. So it's there's a lot of intriguing prospects for this Michigan football team. You did a real nice job going through them. All and I will say this. I mean, respond Gary. Yeah. Projected to be a first round pick when he came to Michigan Devon Bush. I don't think people were projecting that until his junior year. Yeah. So who's going to be, you know, taco Charlton Djibril peppers where the one draft Jake bite. I mean, Jay chess on I mean, who are the guys that were we're not really sure of yet. And if a big a big season, and they're just gonna flatbush draft board. So certainly there's a lot of players. You said what did you think they're going to get eight I could see eight I'm not going to predict a I mean, my lists the players that were mentioned in the segment is fifteen so and and I don't think I mean there were. Couple that were like, oh, they might not like I feel like this time last year. Our list was not fifteen. Yeah. And it was shorter than that. So I think it depends a large part on what the three wide receivers who comes out. And how do they project will either Eubanks mccune have type season that that puts them in a conversation? Banks is is not a name to forget either. Yeah. Ben brought us in Michael and wine will probably both be draft picks. You know, how good that offense? Does. I mean that that dictates mccune Patterson receivers the whole gang all Hudson, lavar hill, and Josh Mattel's will probably all be draft picks defensive tackles. There's a really interesting group certainly certainly next year could be a big hall for Michigan. But as our friend. Let's just say did they win a championship? Now. Did they go thirteen thirteen? They just need to beat Ohio State and go big ten title game. When we come back legiter overreaction this. Hold on sports talk. Ten fifty W.

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