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"ettelaat george" Discussed on Dumb, Gay Politics

Dumb, Gay Politics

05:13 min | 5 months ago

"ettelaat george" Discussed on Dumb, Gay Politics

"It's time for our new segment called the clap back where we celebrate a political figure engaged in an exciting clapback this week featured clapback involving two of our most prominent and annoying congressman Ted Lieu as a Democratic Democratic House representative from California. You've seen this guy. He's always on the news and on twitter being super bitchy trump and his cronies he represents Beverly Everley hills and the palisades and all the beach cities. And let me tell you it shows how he's Taiwanese like Andrea which we completely fucking love. And yes. We've been to Taiwan on but he is serving all the continents that one would expect from congressman. repping be hills okay now. We begged him to come on the podcast and he's is always ignored us. So that makes me dislike him thirsty desperate way. That would turn on a dime if you ever gave the day exactly. Well tell you clapback a Devon Nunez this week week and it is fucking incredible. Devon Nunez is a disgusting revolting Republican House Representative from the California which is halfway between. La And San Francisco. His district is the Fresno Slash Bakersfield area. He's a notorious trump schill and asshole. He's broken nine hundred loss to protect trump through tons kinds of salt in the game during the Russia investigation. Everyone hates Devon Nunez including the people in his district who probably don't even realize that he's their own fucking representative representative. I truly believe that I agree. He's such a pussy ass bitch that he's Sui twitter for literally for two hundred and fifty million dollars over over two accounts named Devon Nunez mom and Devon Nunez cow okay. He's a loser. That represents everything that's wrong with American politics checks and everything that's wrong with corporate America. He's probably hated Ted lieu for awhile since Ted Lewis on twitter. Twenty four seven put on blast but then last December December ted lieu accused Nunez of conspiring with love Parnis who is the shady Ukrainian at the center of all this impeachment drama. No definition has denied any involvement with love and then had his lawyer send Ted lieu a cease and desist letter in the letter. Devin Nunes lawyer demands that Ted lieu stop any further defamatory statements and then post the retraction to his accusations on twitter. That's how obsessed Evans's with twitter that he's got to have like some proof it'd be put out on twitter. He wants a public apology and he wants and on twitter because he can't stand. What a fucking joke? He is all over that everywhere. And now you guys. We didn't mention it in the shit storm but love Parnassus like I said. He's The shady Ukrainian at the center of all the impeachment drama. The thing was is that last week Rachel maddow interviewed him and this crazy Z.. Like huge interview and a huge gap and it was a big career. Move Rachel Maddow and it was a big deal in general but he also spilled all the and admitted all the fucking nasty Republicans that he was involved in so basically Ted lieu after getting the you know the cease and desist from devin nunes. His lawyer Ted lieu delivered the Beverly Hills Nine hundred zero style. clapback that no one saw coming so rather than poster retraction. He tweeted the first page of the five. I paid cease and desist letter along with his own response. Letter to Nunez's lawyer which read exactly this motherfucker tweeted this us. I received your letter in which you state that. Your client congressman. Nunez will sue me. If I don't among other actions issue a public apology to Demo Nunez. It is true that I stated that Congressman Congressman Nunez worked with left Parnassus and conspire to undermine our own government. As you know truth is defense so go read. The documents and text messages provided by life have partners to the House of Representatives and watches interview on the Rachel. Maddow show that directly implicates representative Nunez. I welcome any lawsuit from your client and look forward taking discovery of Congressman Nunez. Or you can take your letter and shove it and and that is how you do. A motherfucking clapback Ted lose master. CLAPBACK is the perfect segue into our new favorite segment called. Leaving People voicemails devoted ettelaat. George is at home depot where I picked up the phone where where are not. I'm not home George Pick Up. I know you're screening for Allison. Hey so coffee shop. Nah I can't she knows I go there. It's not secure. Got Another call coming in. I gotTa let the machine get it by not draw. Is it at home. Please leave a message. I must be out pick up the phone where this.

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"ettelaat george" Discussed on Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz

02:19 min | 6 months ago

"ettelaat george" Discussed on Twenty Thousand Hertz

"The era also plenty of opportunities to branch out from the main theme depending on what the script called for about a week before an episode begins. Shooting shooting each production department receives a script so they can prepare wardrobe. Props set dressing my music. Editor would read the descript in database a to do list of music pieces and or on stage music assistance. That this episode. Sometimes it's necessary to pre produce music before they shoot the scenes for example. When there's on Camera Morris singing or dancing I would need to create the music recordings far enough in advance? So the other departments the actors dancers choreographer director camera the crew had time to prepare for the shoop for example I had create the instrumental tracks for Jason Singing. Believe it or not. George isn't at home in advance for playback during the audience. Shoot Ettelaat George at home. Veep Kramer's head banging metal bersell Rochelle the musical Kramer's photo shoot of a semi naked. George David also in post is the time to create underscore music that heightens dramatic or emotional scene or serves serves as a comedic device in the hot tub episode. Elaine wanders the cold nights streets upset about her writer's block doc. The music is at first worried and then at the end triumphant as she solves her Himalayan walking shoes assignment. All right my heartaches put my feet. My feet are resilient God I took off my heels and put on my..

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