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"etta cain" Discussed on Serial Killers

"August Nineteenth nineteen seventy nine forty forty nine year old David. Joseph Carpenter claimed his first victim in the trails of Marin County forty four year old etta cain they were left without any leads on her killer in March of nineteen eighty twenty-three-year-old Schwartz decided to take a walk through the same hiking trail rail known as the sleeping lady. She brought her dog along for safety at some point in her hike Barbara was approached by a white man with a ball cap app and a warm smile. David Joseph Carpenter Carpenter. Cooley stopped Barbara to ask her a question. Seeming anything but dangerous Barbara Barbara obliged and the two chatted in the woods for a while then in the midst of the friendly conversation carpenter whipped out at ten inch boning knife from his jacket in broad daylight. He repeatedly stabbed Barbara in the chest. Spring the dirt with her blood a witness hiking nearby saw the vicious this attack and screened for carpenter to stop. She then fled the scene to find help leading park rangers to the site of the stabbing by the time they got not there. Barbara's corpse was limp on the ground. She was found naked and kneeling in a similar position to add a cane. Once again investigators comb the scene but their efforts were fruitless. Even with a witness she was so panicked by the encounter. She couldn't remember Burnett about carpenters appearance to describe accurately like at us. Barbara's case to ran cold. Investigators were left with only one clue clue a pair of blood. Spattered bifocals dropped at the scene. The glasses were determined to be prison. Issued but even after cross-checking various lists of recent CONVEX and parolees with a history of sexual offenses detective. Still came up with nothing carpenter inexplicably flew under the radar. The sheriff brought in a psychologist. Dr Are William Mathis to take a closer look at the case. Based the ritual Listrik aspects of the two killings mathis hypothesized that the murder most likely hoarded souvenirs from his kills almost like small prices. Unfortunately even with a psychological profile police had no strong suspects and they hit another dead end then and seven months later in October of nineteen eighty carpenter struck again on the very same hiking trail twenty six year old and Alderson disappeared appeared while jogging on the trail. One morning her body was found a few days later she had been viciously sexually assaulted and shot in the head execution style. Oh just like a cane. In the wake of Ann's death a panic set in over the sleepy community of Marin County it was official a serial unreal murderer dubbed the trailside killer by the press was on the loose and his reign of terror over the San Francisco area was only just beginning in November of nineteen eighty carpenter visited point Reyes national seashore park but he wasn't alone among the many other people on the hiking trails. That day was twenty five year old. Sean may who planned to meet up with friends and parking lot at the other end of the trail when when she never showed up her friends called police for two days. Police searched the trail. It ended with a grisly. Find Four. Your body's just a half mile apart off the trail. The I belong to Sean I may. She had been stripped naked and shot beside her. Lay The decomposing body of twenty two year old. Diane O'CONNELL been reported missing a full month. Before Diane's murder was was particularly gruesome. She had been sexually assaulted strangled and shot multiple times. The two bodies lay side by side in a shallow grave just down the path. The corpses of two more missing persons were found Richards Towers and Cynthia Moreland both of whom had been missing since the middle of October. Both had also been shot in the back of the head the to lay face down under a patch of brush. The Bay Area Korea began to panic now. They knew for sure. There was a serial killer on the loose hunting as victims on hiking trails. Everything about these murders particularly chick clearly the way the bodies had been left behind instill tremendous fear in the hearts of locals forensic psychologist. Dr Catherine Ramsland stated that anyone who's posing victims in a specific way is trying to extend the crime scene to the reaction of the first people who arrive on the scene. Gene they want something to radiate out from their crimes in a way that will make them feel powerful again just thinking about it carpenters. Murder scenes followed pattern. The bodies of victims were left either kneeling on the ground lying face down or otherwise posed into a submissive position. After after the most recent discoveries the trails of San Francisco were deserted residents and locals were afraid to leave their homes but for the first this time police finally had a piece of traceable evidence the bullets used in all four of the point. Reyes murders matched the bullets used to murder merger and Alderson carpenters third victim. Feeling close to a breakthrough police diligently monitored all the trails around the city helicopters kopchev conducted flyover searches for clues and everyone from hiking clubs to marines volunteered to guard the trails to help. Stop the attacks. Some police even Windhoek horseback to patrol but these efforts came up with nothing after six weeks though little progress had been made in the case some residents began to feel feel safe hiking the trails again on their spring break from UC Davis Twenty. One year. Old Ellen Hansen and her boyfriend Steven hartill decided minded to go camping together in Henry Cowl redwoods State Park on March twenty ninth nineteen eighty one after camping the night the couple took a hike up to an observation tower. It was here that a slender bespectacled man in a ball cap approached them from the trees hidden in his hand and was a small gun. The man approached the couple calmly. He spoke to them in a quick low tone using short sentences. He told Stephen he was going to sexually assault Ellen. The man warned that if Stephen refused there would be fatal consequences at first Steven and Alan didn't know how to react. It wasn't until Carpenter revealed his handgun that they knew as threats were serious. Desperate Stephen begged the stranger to let them go. But Ellen could see that the man was not going to Budge Ellen stepped forward confronting the man face to face. She said he's going to he kill US anyway. An instant it was over the man raised his pistol and shot Ellen point blank in the head.

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