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Tratado de oracin y meditacin: reto dia Jueves

Meditaciones sobre las excelencias de San José

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Tratado de oracin y meditacin: reto dia Jueves

"Delta or you may as young son pay at kantara stay at us in. We should consider spirit and twenty ma i ca you. Those temperatures. He pilots cared dove in christiano minutes. There more use your siemian. Being espionage one theory iraq via inequality. Already what i had thought he said conclude. I'm not process within b. Es here i said look him. Pray i can be. Our us had inc. The eagles presenters charles de or kennedy. That moondog quintile those those dimples union grandma eastern kinetico here with gaetano those his that those who really did not they needed they eat. I sign you qantas carlos nature. He build a window cone. Sierras analysis those housekeepers for conway's ways borrowed luca's capital. You're betsy cooler than articles. When on this going steadier our senior listening sold in luna straight yes mandate indoors rather cielo said yes and then us on this kim where he says on you comments kite mindless homebodies and seko's allows or but meals is panthers who des granddad solas tremendous era borrowed. Dan the grand. This columbia is mysterious. Coming us moondog content. Yes and tony does his pantelis less charissa meritas. Here's would as i'm delaware mortals young the vcr sentence yellows million dollars per causes purpose. Moore's janaka caparros cow. Knock-on cannot accord isla hainault on cassia poverty or equal. Now the are idea for kineticoaz that up as he solo look zero consider kildee lunar worker in atlanta in your sonia. Sonia and beta kitto. Kerala help kombucha combo as mondo acoustic who you presentation with you. Is emma studies pantelic requirements. Twitchell's point your car owners but this copied copied raise no longer stevie carlos comparison bills is. He's a kid. Appointed the milk cargoes kellyanne. Only politics point solo. Boys cynthia dons. His car was my lowest point. Three years cornell mistakes. I mean the idea then through coincidence ya. The car on came eastern mean cosima is state passed album in georgia ami miami handsome your bloomberg laughing it the it nickel me propia hungry for the day coming in way our head issue they gotta hungry for visa-free participles. Your needs are sautes. Blast ramia says cardinal. Tara's sandra does equals there. St goes sonesta crews e clower khaki peres in steagall. Steiger steiger the pse. Minos king equivocate on their steagall shale deora the land kim pies he was casey stays. Honey matia hungry. Samir inquiries bisham players. They look your complete occurred amounting. All canada's you. Look for kiki stay. Muscle is do onto our who care. Our area djamil stunned basis in numerous the respirators per pass days naming. Mammoth alameda stays ministers yesterday. Me circles term. He's him in wave they see our soto's who's got authors voices and me immunex kim mazda. Your said okay. You said wiscon- responded. I'm akilah. Milos look. Laura the move forward as if dude. Implicit mosquito era unmasked winterkorn malaysia. When i lost catherine who's more system sort of those are twelve series at those interrail this yet. Those who taught this in officials in grotto's he does give us on. Iran knows don't commodity curriculum canarios alaska coning lay to quintas consolo of interests. Kra's stylish these are years in copy two years and has shown e. columbia bay bedridden socorro. Echoes approach allow dance. Here was not the case is look into consider as possess store like the ringlets endanger worse for me contra models yet metro sao paulo our care that keno yet it to allow your dishes hyenas in capitola towers these yet estano ending nacion is ruling wa s. Tara gave her son. Tacoma could just by us said when my okapi throwing tinkerers. You could accreditation apart. Thousand they mean. My lido's alvoid go per rowley. Step on a how. The nausea but who sang hilas in cairo nile list by loudest in indeedy in alabama though in a malaysian in combined or the total in.

charles de seko pantelis charissa meritas janaka caparros isla hainault beta kitto stevie carlos cynthia dons gaetano cosima ami miami cielo ramia qantas luca Steiger steiger Minos king conway betsy
Seis libros de mi librero: Rebelin en la granja, Soldados de Salamina, Cuentos de Juan Jos Mills, Frankenstein, Mein Kampf, El libro de Arena


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Seis libros de mi librero: Rebelin en la granja, Soldados de Salamina, Cuentos de Juan Jos Mills, Frankenstein, Mein Kampf, El libro de Arena

"Being those at inside gesta me numbers or cd's regime in spacier young employees at the last six zoom. They merely read all. I can recall re lingerie. They say lebron kayla ereli you in las casual characteristics. Dignifies them in north dakota. The synopses they khalil. Will she know they want us base the blah blah all these cool show extemporaneously so riley. Minto's lead radio's extra liter audio's correspondent this special us. Common hamels it'll primarily will kick remain is an gotten any he some that getting his levels soon. Inglis animal farm. The george or will it doesn't leave local ame early signs here. E simply fica the boondoggle forensic ex-eastern in the liberal law the legal analyst saying sierra pacific kate any on the lesson play cassini's the character sociology sociopolitical they'll textile a a knockout sutanto impact o. k. also considerably dura mutualist push s musavi only okay explorer laterally. Pull their own. Especially the story A sequel oheka has also experiences cal sacramento. Apolo young all individual and theo streak to ponying philosophically. That is e subsumed soups again. It's only we're okay. So what year are stunted dantonio to the library morelli. Sean kelly lamelo elderly in a spaniel e a yellow coming thaddeus mahan. He pulled him any fear sto textile and oral it up on coney stacks now they'll coiro psychosocial coping as they are. Here's this with the impo kippur. Supposed to know these stints. Satellites satellites yoenis. They'll ask shoulder said that that they will not getting older komo. Landis over us explorer i think seattle. They'll say i'll go at parral phenomenon. Skip way in that same booker. Perot's miserable stamos care. Order is still lebeau asylo in dallas. Pro you ealing piddled illinois is they told the one lectoure recco no security threat. Automates throughout the legal is so dallas. This amina literally taurus by new heavier circus. It's rookie at leave and york as your us. Things are working how cement already liberal maintain goal laptop our heena looking middle paraphrase local impre lowly ema fassino realm and pushes rashawn. Is it okay last car. They'll conflict or marijuana samos. Komo lagaras serious ula economy issue pointing the money fierce tocchet lalita tower licensees laterally value. Stylus casaus meaningless. Last minus must be our list. They still lebron s era in today. Only ciano republican university. They all of those. They'll facetious most by new orleans police colonel. Ekg arizona's mr. Your says lipid panel of either your as they wanna story are pulled from the maintain therapy center. The mutual impacter in laura mvula easter cane. Dagga instead they might you kidding. Contra lower that soviet luna simply conflict each store special now hayes cameras mentioned now l. textile communicate via decay. Loopy soleil's historical laria in. Its must complete carla career for legal caso from also. Let's go more or how yet circus are particularly common. Shaw said on tour and siegel in hispania you. Museum part e solo alameda relative text talk tango steamer pursue character fundamentally terrarium that the liberal gays myron tomb bestseller. Callous pero lamb lemonade. Guido loza philosophy. Boy tika in care wardha saw does he goes to scenarios sort of low scale outdoor opponent media is a look super fundamentally komansky dettori collector collector. Ill see anthony widow kay Threats ingle s own blooming the to allow quintas grandpa a luther lactose as creators who semi jazz and basically told us financial mijas a ronnie stilwell no kim s cli- laboratory that a little more alita tutor some texters burri cmos n- said he's fruita poor que at rotten up shula lettuce fudge it this ill character alot hickel deming bourdeaux. They'll associate kettle nara. Lor seen porter don't wmo s. Tom being newest associated in our philosophy sta in k. Muccio osama person tara's career universally radio apart their socially mentos apparent. One this bracketing. They're gonna st to lose the latter's l. Mobile is dang locos gaskell laco kacha a lumber the lavarra fanatics movie nato llanview. The incompetent into your shoulders esta would always seemed more care. Poon tally intellectual. Quadrille is frankenstein. The mary shelley assume mentor. They line poor towns here a relic tura yesterday guca. They won't fatty. Sarah is toledo if only rocket ambien liamine e mecum princeton yandle textile evolutional omaha harare. Stand on tour with no swimming. You know tommy. Imported less a equal cassia nature next story. Yeah just our komo flick taurus. Who xio correlation license from them into the liberal. But i thought the minimus clara las belleek wireless parochial l. moments throw s s the said or really corral. Puerto look tour frankenstein. Bing lee will go to osa who is llosa form that the lower knows demos squinted. I'm being they'll correct their moms. Sean response salary. They'll dr frankenstein. Is this heater. Nordell circle she almost being the king career oriented is to leave liberal over my Tura estano the seem bolos s every then demand orally or esol either normal spot superstore and travel in the tires. That means you are simply cassini's leading textile petering thing look at collateral is k. They infinite darnold's comelec. Tories akwa care textile as windows force but this putting their nose the security they require issue oh importation extra literary exterior. Get within this to lapresse. Yes young hostal over the animals frente at each Castle so correo real deal Luckily coolish career. Easter bison laura pero in clean mucci most authors element director extradited audio gap wedding fake data in with rarely shown determine it that takes the various versus. Calloway's appreciate mass elder latu. yes daughter lebron widow. Cinco is mine. Count or militia there. Though for hitler said and the lady xiang in glacier trouble seed up daily among poor ralph manheim eastern strata will case electoral bulk akira. A penny travel in lamented this the historical in a liberal opponent. Fear sto full tassio suspicious. Yoenis suspect who issues on mundo carry stores. In retrospect teela constitu yang zhou incompletion deal. Yes ignore ala. They look at the is text. Incas world tour elderski reveal associated keller via sort of local ping saw the asia in santa tambien. Communica does lay navy that i hear the effort order easter over. Also lectoure notify quarter. Their galaxy mariners apparel has story. 'cause justin at rallies won't articles no vast kandara spic saddam being competent. There was or less rarely said via intellect policies paseo smart aleck only does this who seek peace but then endorser magnitude local et cetera. Minta locals more. We get very thomas. K s ahead of see she'll Torso store numero says in bangalore. Xiang s a liberal the arena. Let's go rhino horn. Boras etta astronaut measly. That are lactose. Prefer us for k. Our famous k considering cialis rally. Torah i text us or allow. Does this lebron care. What tamas mcadoo coastal our were. His talos komo question. Mantos relative also lingua uses castle. The windows komo illustre holy mascara in savoia circa the concept. Jose lebowski la yes The loosely meet this. they'll applera. I've allied i was Mortaring communication article lingua you an approximation linguistic at a really that. They'll put a cynthia fatullah being connell. Quinto would appear on america's techincal o'mara matter persona guessing quinn turkoman seattle fatullah in graphic. And if you need up it okay. Another recruiter at texas oklahoma. Eat sean quintanilla. John by the llamas natural yes see said losses however in the nostril persona happening she pal intentarlo share on the ciano. He ain't sai-yau audio-video musk pattern. Logo lagerback andy garcia cornell. I l fennell poorer several letting ese length directional persona happening pal. Camilla seattle photo knows more turkey. Nsa especially imperil etcetera montel nosso room seattle has one guardia on being allowed signals. Right rutta basically carrying the lowest in k. japanese importer. But i lose three She told castle. The cuando persona lord jaffe assume contemplate a luger as kia gavel and ciano but opponents being appropriate. Either you see isn't crematoria. The alleyen are then throw a style like camera little these killing don't philanthropy who your number of correo it adolf hitler. Esl aaa scenario get russell orcas in the textile. Komo's dietsch is daily korea. Sobre las limiters lingua ovary last positions up. Surely thus galloped ceremonial percent by lavar. Say they wanna us to any tool ammos. Gigolo female program me gets sports channels gordon k inside yeast that simple leaker. Kara loonies. Eka stein does platform as the heat. Tallies including spotify apple podcast or itunes. Iheart radio interview just orders. Novitsky diabetes say e competitor. amateurism amigos. But i can only cycle. Notre poor correlate tony im- was put in bc portal inside. You stop on tecom. See sam thomas me now. We study alien. The tour de la. Torre or las eras in rally winning environmental mix.

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#106 (Oslo) USA brenner!

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#106 (Oslo) USA brenner!

"They going to learn the episode. One costs, then the Gong. Yeah, throw social seated high man Bent Tuhan yet. Martin Yeah I got. Be Thinking because not. I like. was. Let us shed. Some of the Skull Book An. There George Lloyd Samatha or Target. For avalon awful. And too slow totting. Among and oxen for knock T lot. Tinker off of those payrolls. Cool not installed on the web. Listen for cloud to Dublin. I me me today. Clear some fabulous. Showroom! Before call, it behooves you could August for Finns on the sales of resulted or so and a lousy get set. Men The. Unit to the sash. Cowboy. The stimulus Ma'am state. Polity then. Amongst off the show to lava cal. Pretty! What the? Study leakage bomb. Some I'd escalator now the retaliate youth. As a whole velde among people saw. McNair. Folk Magno the ball or the caves. Thank fellow for your. or At. Because just Marcus CA. To ask you some of. Sort of Hollywood Hall Glenn. All? Talk of all. Moved? Definitely nothing's think. They're. Not! Then polity. Why details? Most office. Or four at at the long. Out of order, so they're night meeting A. Familiar. Yes? He snuck them. The leaders and the national meal to amend some Scottish could tell us what. Stealing. Meant for my. Demons for streams. Ending other. Orbital, the majority, Floyd or the film store idiom. On some of. US Are. Also complex over shocker Taylor. York's top of styles threshold brutal, said already or genucel particularly in the robot sign or Batten, wonderful bosses daunton. Swat petit chef direct yea. Of. outfall calls in development solid as a non Leo. szilard share it would. Be Paying Diana there. Stare the. Attempts the. For. Your Bill Follow Warrior. Unread as in looting, Kim and Some big. Dale, demonstration? Financial Balsam. into. Toss what Obama's water on the SUNDSVALL allows defendant Amazon. Sold their. For looting our own. Talk. That's not the invitation disagree on. Tillerson T. law forcing eggnog and Downloads on that up. On. Amir of the of the lethal, no matter. Saga million or higher meow, initial system hotter in a Bush or a mayor or feed up. On the oil noon. On the voice. Of. Mom in Adecco evaluated by letter thrown short in Moosh, Stein. Mueller and their politically status on letting cost. Not a Muslim. dominated. The, You. Or the. You go to smells not see store alone, Ilana. Halloween. Comes just see or or Italy. Kupang De la seems to walk. The mood that we hadn't. Seen CITREON. You stay that father diversely. I probably tablets. So the Incentive of ood. Play us in. Football, and so of all this including wetlands. Tomato. Through Universal Mia Farrow. And they'll go pay. Intended it entertaining, also the. Men. Of Avondale in Kutu. Austin Dillon. Who'd? In Balkan The. Layoff them, holy Emmerdale we. Allow them. Stick. Based on. Knock Song on the B. Status. The missed October for. Residents, but. Would you follow this Larionov John. At least we also. Amir product formulator operative system. The dotted are surely. All the novel. The Org. So so. You know how you. Identify lists of defer the. Air Stool letting instantly supporting our longer, my father. Up onto the two lot and they WANNA. Italy. Tara the fiends alternative what he'll look, formidable qualities smell they are in. Two in and go nick through never thought the. Gossip about Nevada young folks up now do? Not do a bit. Pre Map. LIBERALIST HORNISH EHRMAN Follow. We're shaggy with I guess. Solitaire. So healing although we can call in color blind justice. Food Father He. Did me a massive shift around. and Kemp for him or good. and. At! What time years on the collective dating to get in for? They've wants to see revert. Loss on thought in OFFIC DOT COM, you talk, half, percent, accuracy and Fox News. One yet no and. They ended up without mealie familial. All viadana yet sending go, you'll need go massage you mortem social, not then Beco- can become color civilised here some. So Liberty made yeah. You're a club that in Tamil. of WHO NOT You Can Lamont. TILL MOSCOW COMMUNISTS Fox Must Dr. Folio yeah, Scott. Damage just Schmidt. Them in Mattel Monte. Building the Demos, the CAN, lead Sean. Muslim? On small small small thing. Up there. Of the ball some. Simple I'm going. is about the cadets? Italy also, so it was so vivid. I'm going. To among mortals bow, vow NBA. Mokaba met longer. HAPPENED ABOUT NAUSEA, if this oil for me, man negative in wondering. For facebook or in about the offer show Saint Gaudens cuff. On in one thing. ENROLLING ONLY Mock comte of racist issue, on The Congo out the go. Bearman faltered above our. Mandate Short Shrift for the among Mohel didn't go to this group. Hey. ASTO CUSTOMIZED MICHIGAN Always, always the bucket here so so the sexist have this on. into on white on less to the dealer. Or this? Let's fos off the. All volumes. moxie stomach, estano walking up nine hundred. Because he music the dog star. Deorbit spot to Aqaba Montgomery columnist. For the Hayek Alien Mocks Ness. How death! Yoga Boko knockabout so. So, so sally social seconds of. Lip. Mundane Mia mean lamb, communist November six. Yeah? Is it so how'd you one day now? There's some. Some the. They'll some hundred mystery often limit liberals on some the litter and political only enhance. Socks from the whole. Get hit those on the Internet any tarring. Soko obsolete until. The. Forbids minimum, one two timothy. And throughout the school malls. Talk as mobile and social media did not get into medical. Officer GonNa the. Social. Issue Iraq is literally aeroplane than the Sarkin lead. So so that that's took awesome Bristol in Oregon. E Katahdin socks may cover that held in. Later on this on liberal libertarian similar stopped. The Hobart politically ticket award was rotten. Interesting Dynamic Malone sequin wouldn't miss two hundred constant, so are the Libertarian Gawk. The Ford and how Madame. Someone. Data. Polity let on Pogo in some some cystic. Omay. Obama Vita represents so the body libertarianism studying their. Full Capacity Loyola or you saw the macarthur protocol on rates on twitter stem to. Be talked about the. Longest. Or a hot one. The circus soon be stopped. The Buddy von. Luger hasn't so. Presented I in about a year. WHAT DONALD ONE billion inconsiderable? Let me love over. Him Datta or men? It's only let out there. What into some system seeking some free statistic on? Trump Louis revolt. Through their gums. These solvents. All stiff up from CEO your thing MDC. While he was liberal on Free State Project. This will allow it at the end dot. Also love is involved stocked on the also. That's Info it stop. Them. They're putting them and score wants. No no no way. Man Free. State project is the. Then Have Hampshire also. From the states. Wanted Ganic Festival live free. Or Die States I need. Hospitals. Mugniyah Nationalism Co Block. Some higher For the most mobility openly evil and the rest. Mendel Hungary. Comfortable the hunter unpalatable. Downs on valley in his released is claiming Taylor the misspoke dot smarter than Mr. Cotton's mock mid. Or Poor Gone Ski systematise buses. Or, so it on Mondays what offering Lita some statistics me? Manziel Breeder Copsey data later. Stop without Bolivia. Routes men Swat I'd also Ian Knit? Mehemet get. Onto statistic in Sierra. Freedom than than in. And sealed off. Nights. What breeder taught beat off? If it'll falcons dollar. Also numbers the Iowans. What else American Manila? were. Gold, or saw extra. Mon- haunted and still or spokane stick. Credible this. Statistic. Or they're going to be Lamont. Compulsive or facebook feed. MEME How unbalanced of. or Will only talk got a lot of MS crematorium. Looks All Talk COSC- thing. Circus CR summer. Data. On fuck tires on tol, Mata. Walpin loitering mental. Holum would. Disoriented to help. Them To. Pay. So. Mood Saudi Arabia. Leaked Tall Kobe toddler is in. Danger Song on what they're doing in the upper recall money to pay off. Milan with them how you tuncer. AUDEMER Hotan System. To talk about. The value. Might fatal. So four continous. There's talk in the. Government's. GonNa. Sincere automobile smart for for an active is Latin for. This. Whole the state by Elton. All Dadang a tree, Lamont of. The among of domes below. Complex. So. Factor their politico that you can see the law of evening. Conrad Largely Got Moss sorta mayor for example one drugs Kamali sell soft blog and hidden. In in some so to haunt, dale system water sitting. Info NOCCO Boudoir. Long boycott is. Something the modern human the hineous invol- Amazon Maliki here. On our stomachs. So, that there are some of the most. Complex, sitting on your consequences than the poor do equal answer holiday in. The office some boo. Boo They more often law Elena's. Lita pioneer till the saw Crystal Meth. Some infrared available this off. Avoid participant. Not Avoid. The sticking over. Victor Crystal Meth free. The will be litt- newly. Off Norman Point now summer. Men's Vita and Molly. Also the quarters. Over hemp along the for. The Dad. Some to conceal the. Leak if. Sustained mosquito blueprints the National Public Illinois. Chicago it's. Some! Lico oil drops. What was the? Men. Bajada in this. What a! Photo Dervis to meet is. I, don't some IT S. E B.. Men Marie this the novel Organiz so Djembe. Tim Of OSCO movie novel. Musabayev also. Else commodities cooking. INSTALLER I. have been delivered spoke. Step PARLAMENTO STUCCO McCall line. On? The content of your. Character, not the color of your skin. or Not Go on. The Hispanics so this other on two or something. Wa-. Pairing Doi- so. Weekly Ten tongue. In the Western. China playing bought a get into brief. Galt. Normal daily in whatever tyrod's. In all. Depending it. The is eliminated sorta legitimacy. We seek them, but you fellas Malone. Fattier. Orbiter May. Love Echo. So for up there. In the culture. To me a matter. Sample dare. Segment and on set Bal Swat. There until sound the of the ordeal in for good for her for. star naturally. Until the. Paul Burke. Among netting a definite, awesome and Scott. said it will take it, not the back. War. On two. Feet if you ski Burkett among booking look. For my book. Became Lousy. Choose burkle season's. Ending some Lloyd for liberalism and Sida Dog volume and texts some. Ostro Physican legris Tyson scattered. More before literal or seeking in non-free out the in brick, e mindset, detailed automic honor. and. On Inland skains on Ostro physical confrontation. What is it the toll? Ostra physically disconnected. Stop Ulterior or the guitar today also on the someone that I'm soap. Among. The division system disk also. The playing. The music and Also as suffer cruel, not time what? Do believe stop at of debris. Too hard early different thing for Karen therefore i. Do More Lemon Miguel Ladoga in them with it. We'll do bit off. Lovato Mike Simple so some born, so so so for the would underscore up for nine hundred restock politia. exit Iki, Kenai I. Put up the the bill. For putting among street live music. Do Hardy sitting in the Buckton Abban. With the holiday that was on Malta in some to apply something. To it looked on some of the Anson Noriega. Polled one. Hostile does we stop to sell it macoute and the? African anecdotes Comment fading, Lost Someone Compass. Will suffer you foreseeing. Guidon Tomato. WAS I. Kept. Forgot that I got this point. Also bill nervous. Commit in also in. Abu. Of the Holtom next all. Coming in. So go. Forget. So the. Moon Hamadan whole frosty men and the school London. Thank you okay. But. What mom? Em Feed it. It is a for profit. We'll do heard opiates ethnic them announcement of. Every. EMC OF A. M Amazon! Of what the disks Manda. Of the. Getting some. Now that among undertake of the I know missile Manella to watch some so yeah, explanations leader for and we with months eka missed. Thank you. It was a motor or Bohol. musone system Mortis CA. fucked off AOL focus on. Valuing Dan honestly. We were so blown possesion Co.. Saying how Muslim had an? Awesome Awesome Awesome Matt so to ask me when Buckley. In House walked onto. Say Oh, you're! Again. Coffee Humping Long Huntsville Pentecost. Connor came up Chelsea Day also for some accommodation nausea, the law of the have. Got Us. On Com INAUGURA for the on the for one of. A Sunshine Louis. CK. From Process Goldman School on. In the time Apple Vietnamese. Multiple Takata Hashem. ACT BY. Vietnam some some division again coffee national. Suit them Belichick what asked all the diner and. Secret? Got Over Sixty story. He flipped sketch meal bid one. All Italy! In these other man in this. Wasn't good for. For more celebratory Romans Mama pop believe it. Or not we go in this. Year. From thing so they they offered tomorrow all legal wedding and The Whole Co Co.. tinkling ought to species, cockatoo. Faucet Cord Hail at the. NEW Does. Okay uplift now after her more. Sought supposed to be here in the episode Manoukian Law.

Italy Lamont Mia Farrow Obama Vita facebook George Lloyd Samatha Taylor Malone Amazon Scott Magno Bent Tuhan NAUSEA Fox News McNair Hollywood Hall Glenn Martin Dublin Marcus Austin Dillon
Bryce Laspisa- Missing

OWL Once Was Lost Podcast

16:26 min | 4 months ago

Bryce Laspisa- Missing

"Welcome to owl once was lost. Podcast here the podcast arm of the owl once was lost missing persons phone application. You can download for free and become a part of the ever growing legion of prepared people and families not willing to stand on the sidelines when a missing persons or a loved one is at stake. Please go to the link in the show notes to be a part of the solution. Also please take a moment to rate and review the show hopefully with a five star review. That will help people in finding this. Podcast it's so important and hopefully getting many more owl app users. You can find this episode at the stories of the unsolved dot com under missing persons unsolved on february eleventh two thousand and nineteen. This is the disappearance of bryce less visa. Priceless visa was born. On april thirtieth nineteen ninety-four appearance can careless visa growing up illinois. He attended naperville central high school from which he graduated in two thousand twelve after this he and his family relocated to laguna niguel. California with the ability to light up a room with his charisma bryce had many friends. He was described as being incredibly funny and according to his friends he was a happy guy who would often invite them over to hang out at his house. Bright with talented artists with the ability draw and build he pursued this interest at sierra college in rockland california where he was a sophomore through courses in industrial and graphic design. He was able to develop an extensive portfolio to showcases work while it college in his freshman year. He met his then girlfriend. Kim sly who he has said to have been very respectful towards around august. Twenty th two thousand and thirteen braces. Friends begin to notice a shift in his behavior. His roommate was especially concerned and called karen to fill her in what happening. He told her bryce was acting strange. unexpectedly broken up with kim overtaxed. He also shared that bryce had indicated. Something was troubling him but no one had been able to figure out what according to the roommate is behavior at shifted after he and a friend had spent tonight playing video games while taking an adhd drug to stay awake a couple of hours after receiving a call from her son's roommate. Karen got one from bryce himself. He had driven to kim's place and chico calif approximately ninety miles from his own apartment. When kim took the phone she told karen that she felt that bryce wasn't acting like himself which worried her and she felt he shouldn't be driving. This was despite bryce telling her he was okay concerned about her son's well being karen visit bryce the next day but he told her not to common reassured her that he was fine. He explained how he wanted to talk to her but didn't state. What about after this conversation. The phone was returned to. Kim and karen told her to give bryce his keys back but only if he promised to call her in the morning at eleven thirty pm. Bryce left kim's house netted around one. Am on august. Twenty ninth bryce called karen who assumed he was back at his apartment in rocklin however cell towers would show he had been heading further south passer college towards the mountains later in the morning. His parents received a message from their auto insurance provider. Who informed them that. Bryce is car needed roadside assistance worried. Karen called her son's roommate. Who informed her that. Bryce hadn't returned home the night before in their search for clues. Mike and karen notice charge on their credit card. Statement from button willow california an area known for being a truck. Stop off interstate five. The town was a few hours from june ago. So the perez seemed bryce was on his way home to the house and at nine. Am mike trace the charge to castro tire in truck repair shop near the freeway. When contacted the man who worked there said he had been called after bryce run out of gas to whom he delivered. Three gallons hearing the concern. And karen's voice. The man offered to go back and see if bryce was still on the area when he did he called karen back and put her son on the phone where he told her nothing was wrong. She then told him to grab some gas and make his way home. And at this point in time is parents expected him to arrive around three. Pm when three thirty pm rolled around bryce still hadn't arrived in laguna del. Karen began to reach out to him but received no response. She kept on trying to contact her son for the next several hours until she and mike decided to file a missing persons report with the orange. County sheriff's department at around six pm upon receiving the report. Those with the police department paying prices cellphone discovered. He was still in button willow. What's more he had only travelled eight miles from where he had been kissed for the gas when they located bryce near the interstate deputies performed a sobriety test in searched his car they found no evidence of alcohol or drugs in felt bryce was acting normal as he was nice talkative alert when asked what he was dealing. He claimed to be blowing off some steam so they took his delay in returning home. Is him trying to regain his focus before facing his parents. When told he needed to call. His mother breaks was reluctant at first resulting in the deputies having dial her number and put him on the phone with her when karyn ask them if they felt he was okay to drive. They were confident that he was able to and left him to make his own way home. A few hours later with bryce still not home here called the man at the repair shop. Who once again offered the check on her son when he arrived. Were bryce was last seen. He found him still there and offered to follow him until he made it. Onto the freeway. Approximately thirty minutes later brace was back on the road driving towards laguna niguel over the next couple of hours. Bryson his parents kept in contact over the phone with them asking for him to name any landmarks and street signs he saw in the aim of gauging. How long it would take for him to arrive however he was reluctant to do so saying he didn't see any at tool nine. Am on august. Thirtieth bryce called. Karen told her he was pulling over for the night as he was t- tired to keep driving at eight. Am the doorbell of the list. Is home rang when they opened the front door. California highway patrol officer met them in if owned a two thousand and three bays toyota highlander. When they told them their son was driving it. He informed them that at five thirty a. m. that morning the vehicle had been found abandoned in the casting lake often access road to the state recreation area just two hours north. It being crashed and was found on its side at the bottom of a twenty five foot embankment adjacent the lakes main boat access road. According to the patrol officer the back window had been broken from the inside and given bryce wasn't with the wreckage it appeared most likely that he'd been inside at the time of the crash and broken his way out. His laptop and phone were found in the car while his duffel bag in wallet were outside near the rear window braces blood was found on the passengers headrests in on the back seat but there was no evidence. He sustained serious injury. A preliminary examination of the scene suggested that before dawn for unknown reasons. Bryce drove off the service road into a rest area along a cell tower and towards the lake accelerating as he did so it also appeared as though bryce believed the lake to have been walk closer to the cell tower than it actually was as the area creates an optical illusion of sorts given the scene investigators believe brightest deliberate which led them theorized that he had been suicidal at the time of the accident. According to his friends braces behavior had become more reckless upon returning to school with him drinking a lot of hard liquor and taking the forementioned. Adhd drugs is your mate also stated he gun giving away his property including much use xbox and a pair of diamond earrings while his parents don't understand why their son would do this. Authorities feel it could indicate bryce was experiencing a crisis prompted by his heavy drinking and drug use as either could have had unpredictable side effects leading to him either wanting to die by suicide or run away however mike in kansas. Beat this saying that. While their son experimented he hadn't been struggling with substance abuse and that he'd appeared fine during the summer upon the car being discovered a large scale search was conducted consisting of hundreds of deputies in volunteers as well as search and rescue crews cadaver dogs and divers done by foot atv and via helicopter. The hills lake in shoreline researched however the weekend long brought up no evidence. No witnesses reported seeing bryce in the santa clarita valley around the time of the accident. During the initial days of his disappearance parents received numerous tips and possible sightings from across the western united states. But nothing panned out to help. Spread the wariness. Mike made up missing persons flyers while curing got ahold of the media however despite their efforts no viable leads surfaced when asked about braces mindset before his disappearance. The pair said he'd sounded lucid whenever they spoke with him and they shared that they felt. He wouldn't have walked away from the accident willingly. As he wasn't known to hitch hiker enjoy outdoor activities. He was also unfamiliar with the casting. Lake area september fourth two thousand thirteen a jogger called nine one one to report a brushfire just three miles from where the car was crashed. When first responders arrived they discovered a burning body while at first it was believed to be bryce forensic testing proved to be an l. a. Man he would become the victim of a homicide. A billboard was erected in the cast lake area featuring prices image information. Please say surveillance footage from august. Thirtieth showed stills of his car on separate occasions near word. He'd been found the camera taking pictures of his license plate at t fifteen. Am six minutes after he had called karen to let her know he was going off road to rest at four twenty nine. Am police don't know why he was in the area. They feel he had been contemplating something nine days. After bryce disappeared bloodhounds were used to try and track is sent to where he may have went after the car wreck they caught his sent in followed it to a dam on the lake. Trailed at across the dam down south towards the western side of the lake. It then went towards the truckstop area. Ncaas tastic road. This led investigators to believe he may have chosen to walk away from the accident and his life possibly hitchhiking with a truck driver and disappearing according to the evidence. Investigators have there are no indications. He met with foul play or died by suicide. They believe that if he had taken his own life they would have found him at the lake. They feel knowing what he had wanted to talk to his mother about could be the key figuring out the case however this is disputed by the. Let's visas who say whatever it was most likely doesn't hold any significance to their son's disappearance n- after three weeks. All search efforts were called off. Local coffee shops and stories were credited in aiding though searching as the allowed volunteers to meet in and use their facilities to coordinate search parties months. Pass with no new leads. So the family hired private investigator. Denise savage tano who specializes in missing persons cases savage tano offered her services pro bono emberley bryce had wanted to go home to laguna niguel based on the coordinates plugged into his. Gps this letter to speculate that he could have suffered a head injury. As a result of the crash leaving him disoriented she also theorized that he could have suffered a psychotic break as a result of his drug use resulting in his erotic behavior in august of two thousand and fifteen odd estano analysts visas family hired sonar specialists to serve the leg using sound waves to generate images of the lake bottom. They believe that if bryce had been suicidal he would have entered the deep water at government cove however to twelve hour days brought up no new evidence. The family is currently offering a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the return of their son. Bryce is license social security number. Fingerprints in passport have been uploaded to a nationwide missing person. System is dental records are also available. The initial theory held by those investigating prices disappearance and one. Some still hold to be true is that he died by suicide. This is substantiated by his erotic behavior in the days before he went missing such as him giving away possessions and refusing to leave the button willow area as well as the car wreck which shows evidence of having been done intentionally however this theory tends to be won both the family. Investigators have turned away from those investigating the case plea. Bryce willingly walked away from his life. Investigators are convinced he's still alive and doesn't wish to be found. This is supported by the lack of evidence in a body cast lake and areas location near the freeway. Rice's family doesn't give credence to this theory saying their son would have never run away. They also feel he would have been open with them if anything. And if anything had been on his mind or bothering him and number. Three mike and karen along with denise avezzano believed rice's alive and it's possibly suffering from a head injury according to them. The injury could have been caused our could've causing amnesia resulting in not knowing who he is. This would explain why he hasn't tried to reach out to them. Sharon is shared. Not the location of her son is worse than being dead. Numerous vigils have been held in order to keep prices case in the public eye on his twentieth birthday. His parents went to cast lake to mark the occasion in order to help. Bring in new leads. setup the fine bracelets visa facebook page priceless visa. Went missing from. Cast to california on august thirtieth two thousand and thirteen. He was nineteen years old and was last seen wearing white cargo pants blue and white checkered shirt and size. Twelve red and white nike shoes at the time of his disappearance. He was five foot eleven. Approximately one hundred and seventy pounds. He has red hair and green eyes and a tattoo of torres bullhead and his birthday numerals on his upper left arm. His ears are also pierced currently cases classified as endangered messing. If alive he would be twenty four years old. If you have any information regarding the case you can contact los angeles county sheriff's office at three two three eight nine zero five five zero zero or the official tip line at nine four nine two nine two four four zero zero tips than be submitted through email via the fine bryce less species At g mail dot com. That's gonna do it for this episode. We'll see you guys on the next one.

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Sounds that make you sound Spanish  Buah! Anda! Hala! Uy! Puf!

When in Spain

44:54 min | 3 weeks ago

Sounds that make you sound Spanish Buah! Anda! Hala! Uy! Puf!

"How can you make yourself sound more spanish. When you're speaking spanish whatever level you are well one way you can do. It is pepe your conversations with some very special and useful new. Is that spanish people make when talking things. Like why and isla you you you you buy i e by whereas neither i read i read where your implant or cell say winnow k. service. That's a little selection for you. Now i say noises are actually real words and they're very useful. It's a little language episode but it's not hard core grammar. I'm looking at idiomatic language colloquial language. Which if you're learning spanish. I think we're really make you sound even more spanish. And they're quite fun and interesting. So i'm looking at where we use to interject into conversations and i'm also looking at what the spanish call matijas which means little crutches basically fila words words that gives us a little bit of extra time to think about what we're going to say next. I think they must exist. In all languages they certainly exist in english. Like a mean. Do you know what i mean. I'm not a little crush Newletter means crutch are much more expressive in spanish. Isn't it Like the idea that these words actually helping you along helping you move forward with your conversation. I'll be looking at some of those in the second half of this episode in the first half of the episode. Me looking at these interjections that we chuck into our conversations to give an idea about how we're feeling about something for example one of my favorites. Why not angle knee ghanistan. I'll travel hoy. So if you'd like to pep your conversations in spanish with some really authentic sounds than stay tuned to this episode two. You're listening to what in spain. I'm your host paul badge. Thank you for joining me. Wherever you're listening from around the world now as many of you regular listeners will know that when in spain is a podcast or what about spain. Spanish life coach travel food and drink and occasionally language so just put it into context then when i first came to spain about six years ago in fact even before that when i was learning spanish back home in the uk and i was going to language exchanges. Meet up some. I built up a little circle of spanish friends. Whenever we were out having a beer or i was in a group of spanish friends. I gradually realized that hearing these well what were for me then just kind of sounded like strange noises which were kind of kept popping up in conversations in between every other sentence and now these are the kind of words that you're not really have taught in textbooks or in language classes as such is the kind of cabriolet. She only really pick up through hanging around with real authentic native spanish speakers and exposing yourself to real everyday conversations in spanish and i gradually realized that they're absolutely essential if you want to communicate very effectively in spanish so without getting too heavy on the linguistic side of things and grammar. This is not a heavy grandma class. Don't worry there are three categories of injections you have. What a cord on a matter. Pick so automatic. Payer is when something that you say. Sounds exactly like the thing that makes the noise if that makes sense so these express noises for example. The clock in english we say tick toxic toxic talk. Well sanita. They lock in spaniel. Tic tac tic tac tic tac classic examples are the sounds animals. Make now. I'm not going to go on about this in detail but his amusing especially for those of you who are thinking of bringing your children to come and live in spain. You might need to know these. My favorite i guess is the sound that cockrel rooster makes course in the english speaking world. We say cockatiel do in spanish. it's the wonderful kiki three Spanish cats do go meow but dogs do not go with worth they go out. Wow and birds do not go tweet tweet. They go pure pure. That's an example of automatic interjections. The other category is called appalachians. Now these are used to attract attention or start a conversation for example if you say some hey where you going. You're drawing attention and spanish. Hey would be a us. And then the third category. What a cord symptomatic express the state of mind of the person speaking and these are the ones i really love and these are the ones that we're going to be looking in a second so for example if i said oh he's really hot today. We know by me saying. Ooh i'm not enjoying the fact that it's really hot today whereas if i just said it's really hot today. We don't know how i'm feeling about that. I'm just simply stating that. It's hot and it's exactly the same in spanish. Oof geico laura fairway. So let's run through a few of these first one. I'm going to tell you is my absolute favorite. I just love the way it sounds. I love the way it kind of explodes out for mouth and that is why sometimes softer sometimes it might sound like woah. But quite often why why now if you want to look at these words Depending on the dictionary they're on slightly different spellings depending but it's about b. u. a. h. or sometimes just be a why not to be confused with war which actually means our anyway. When do we use it to express surprise to express astonishment so as impossibly why this is so difficult. Why rail high believe it also used to express frustration or annoyance or even sadness or boredom. What deal nothing organic associate algebra holy. What dude. I really don't feel like going to work today. Definitely used a lot when you don't feel like doing something off. Travel with luna's wa- monday again. I guess in english our kind of similar. What dear amber kahlo flip pass dude. I'm so you a few more examples tally to yester- why fat nobody know nutty terrible. Nobody came but it's not always negative with block. You could say eighty okay toutefois fiesta. Not jay how was the party last night. What they put as to by land or wow absolutely brilliant. We were dancing night. Long regulator compla- wasi who's career. Yeah just what i wanted. So i think you get the idea. It's kind of what it could be negative or positive. Obviously depending on the context wa disbelief amazement. Surprise disappointment. positive is where you're really really happy. Happily surprised phenom. Now a word that sounds similar to what is now. This is about with a p. Pla and ends with a j. I guess is a bit like yuck was kameda audio alaska to sell us. Yuck i hate brussel sprouts. Yuck another favorites is under. This is again to express surprise. It's a bit like a very polite and old fashioned way of saying well. I lever or blimey or i say although i guess in english we wouldn't say that these days we probably to sail. Wow but it's very common in spanish so it can be used to express surprise like under no sabio to tambien baniyas be. Hey i didn't know you were coming on the trip as well under come star search annuals que. No nos vamos ao how you doing. I haven't seen you for ages so again. The same element of surprise in a positive way could be used could also be used to express haste. When you're in a hurry under the had remember knows that come on come on come on and on and on the stop playing. Let's go. We're gonna miss the train. We also use it for requests like kind of what. We're trying to convince so persuade someone to do something. Go on go on and and yet let me continue. Go no go on. Take me with you. Can you and press tamil di nero for come on please lend money but can also used to express irritation and casino stopping charlotte rwasa dammit. I think we have a flat tire under this. Oh great now you tell me can also be used to express sympathy as well so again aspect in english. It's like come on. But of course with into nation we use makes it more obvious in the context. I'm the say. Good okayama montana. Para fellas panthers come on. I'm sure she'll phone you tomorrow to make up so under there you go an da which also can be commonly conveyed as nomad egos Which is like well i never. Oh awhile can't believe it. Another way to convey the same meaning as under bama's come on obama's bama's not dylan thomas op-ed oh come on. There's no need to take it to heart like that and you could also say and not a lotta miss donna. Pitch show another one. You hear along i like is the addition of yet to enter and Yeah and a. And i love. This is what want to express disbelief. And i suppose in english will be a bit like yeah okay come off it or pull the other one you know what are you. We can't be serious. And so another one. Which i love you hear so much. Is i la la and sometimes depending on the level of surprise it could go from allah to our law allah like. Oh my god why he say what you telling me. I can't believe why how. I la us. Reaction usually surprised reaction to something normally physical that you can actually see with your eyes rather than a surprise reaction to something that someone tells you in that case. You've probably used like i said before and clear. Okay leukemia teach. I can't believe what you've just told me. Whereas isla you would use allah quantum bonito noise paraly- tanto. Wow look how many people came. I wasn't expecting so many of course always used with football. Elementary elementary ala which is come on comedy. Comedy it so the whole crowd bernabeu stadium will be shouting la la madrid allah so in that context. Of course. because you're seeing it with your is just about to shoot for the goal ala to give that meaning of come on. Come on come on. You could use it as well to get people moving. Come on get moving allah. You could use it as a as a as a surprise maybe in a negative way Like oh dear. Oh yeah hala another one you hear a lot. Is we all. Sometimes you which i love we. This is used when you physically injured yourself in some way for example which i tend to do a lot really is when you stub your toe on the chair. Leg or table legos. Something like that. Because i often walk around the apartment in bare feet and stub my toe an an hour and i haven't haven't managed to automatically as an instinctive reactions eight only when i into myself. I still stick with the english version of how but that's what it means anyway. Only al or out. I guess it could also be used for squeamishness if there's something you don't like maybe you see a spider crawling across the carpet in front of eli you like. Oh yeah i guess our friends united states would say you you. We don't say that in the uk we didn't say you will say Squeamishness you can use it for astonishment amazement and you can also use it when you're expecting something to happen but it doesn't happen in the end for example football matches When it looks like the players going to score go but in the end only f- ideal Missed we. I could use it like that. I've also commonly heard it used and used it myself to mean a physical mistake. Whoops we senior kedo though. They our whoops. I dropped the water also. Often her people say if you're walking along the stream and you walk around a blind corner and you walk straight into someone you both bump into each other and people quite often. That situation was we put it on. We put it on whoops. Sorry whoops sorry but then oops does also exist as well so for mine accidents also for small mistakes that you might make a quite often noticed that maybe a spanish teacher might use it with their student. If they've noticed maybe they've spell a word wrong we last excrete armao whip steve. You spelt it wrong. Then next one which always reminds me of kind of cheesy soap operas or programs which had dubbed really badly into spanish baia via via a by By via by. Wow i was as a little bit commonly used. But i don't know whether it's a little bit more old fashioned or no by yokip miyagi hoover dam and i thought you and my friend it could be used as damn or wow or well wildland. Something like that. Say luth damage. The power has gone out. It can be used for pleasure or annoyance exasperation okay. Wow by katie in Wow that's great. I what great news by. Wow great great news. Another one which is used to make me laugh. Because i used to hear a lot worse poof poof. All boof seems to be return you. F or p u f or b u s booth roof spanning people say a law and. It's kind of an interjection to express something that's bugging your annoying you or something that you find. Maybe disgusting is usually something that is physical. Like the example. I gave at the very beginning of the episode geico. Laura fay so it's like his sohar. Oh off camera waylay. It smells disgusting. So something that kind of gives you ask. Oh somebody that gives. You disgusts you or makes you feel uncomfortable. You could use poof. Or where we would probably use something light or the next one i- i- physical pain our i mea culpa shark honest is being our just poked myself on that phone i mea culpa cornell mateo just hit myself with a hammer and if you have a continuous pay i'm thinking of someone Not mentioning names made his gun to the gym. Donna very intensive work. How the next day when he tried to lift your body up out of bed all of your muscles aching and he probably wouldn't just say i you'd probably say i kind of each movement like our the other way we use. I is an expression of sarah. Yeah i- yana support. The mass not interim is breath. Oh i can't stand not having you in my arms. It could be that as well and another thing. I've noticed now. i'm not quite sure. If this is true across all of spain some of my friends from madrid and castilla mansur and of native that seemed to be more females than males. That do is they use. I i but it's like a size. Like i like this and it's used when there's nothing more left to say like at the end of the conversation when you've run out of conversation i i've heard a lot blah blah blah. I'm in silence. Had kind of market. That topic of conversation is finished. I've be intrigued to know any listeners. You could shed any more light on that whether they've experienced it as well anyway. Let's move on or eva eva. Literally there it goes i e bad but it sounds like i didn't. I think this is more in sport where maybe even passes the ball in football. You've maybe noticed when someone is carrying a really heavy box and they kind of drop the oil oliva. I've noticed some when when we had all the snow here in madrid back in january and were people falling over and slipping over on the ice and the snow all the time and often hear people say we are when they see another person for labor like well. There goes there she goes. You can also use it when you're playing cards and you can't down to. You've got a really good cards. And you're kind of draw attention to it. And you're putting down the the ace of spades or i don't know and it's like format to i by so hiba however when you when you're in the car down to show la there. She goes there it goes. There's the card to your attention to accentuate were intensify. Any kind of physical movement i guess or yvonne. So those are the interjections. I'm sure i've missed a couple out if i have an listeners. Who know a couple more than do get in touch with me. Let me know. And i can see if i can follow up. But those are the most in my opinion the most commonly used interjections that you will hear all the time in spain in conversations this move on then to the second part of the episode. I wanted to talk about these militias. These filler words. These little crutches that how purse to give us a bit more time to think about what we're going to say next and again really really really commonly used so the first one. I've got here. Is wes quiz quiz. Basically means well. You can throw in at the beginning of sentence to show you know some kind of uncertainty or indecisiveness puerto not say realm sentece algal kit with urso well. I don't know really something. I really wanna do. Get his tomago estano change. Wanna go out for a drink tonight. No say thing which was when you well. I don't know i'm really tight. You could use it for responding in the negative after thinking to What times you're coming up. No say so. Pray last auto crew. Well i don't know so. Use it like Responding in positive typical matthew on cafe saito coffee. Where's see well. Now that you mention it. I do yes. Also very commonly used with nada is not nada. And i've noticed. And i think this is quite common across most of spain that plays another quite often mutates into sounding like pasu nada poss- instead of his paws paws nother posner and lucia swallow. The yeses off the ends of words in might sound light for now porna- por nada was 'nother nada beans. Well nothing is used a lot simply a response to what are you doing. What are you doing tonight at the end of are not shake faster j whereas other well nothing so used if you want to jump forward in a story that you're telling you wanna miss out bits without having to actually explain the passage of time. The olympic interviews stormy hogan has the janos e e poise now nominee. Amado as ck croquet questo so. We got there the little boys nada. Which kind of join together the gap in time so it was and the guy who was interviewing me says thanks for coming. We'll call you and well. They haven't called me so i think think they'll give me the position but i think it's really commonly used to end a conversation or when someone wants to finish your conversation. You might say la la la la life story. Plays nata tangle kid so well anyway so. It's a bit like an english. I guess we'd say so well anyway. Yeah i'm gonna go plays neither could also mean so then all like i said oh well so anyway. That's it you could also use it. I suppose if someone asks you to do some fading maybe like a favor. And then maybe and then they say oh actually. I don't need your help and you might say poisoner in which case it might mean. Look fine whatever fine. Whatever whereas not another one which i love one of one of the first ones i learned i. I thought this is really strange. Why do people keep saying. Let's see let's see or we are going to see what it does mean that literally albert are are there to see. It's a filler word. Which i suppose is a bit like let's see in english habit theorist let's see what are we. What are we going to do tonight. You could also use bama severe. Let's see i must have air k. I ferris donald j. Let's see what there is to do tonight. So these are the kind of literal translations in the same way that we'd use it in english. But i think also spanish people use it in conversations a bit like so so at the beginning of a story or a beginning of something like an italian. They might say you know we we in english might say so. I was talking to my friend last night. And she told me about A new spanish class that she's attending in spanish advert so a bit. Like you know what was going to say to you. let let's see. I think the way that. I really like that. It's used and it took me a kind of while to realize what the meaning was in this context. It's used to get people's attention in a conversation when lots of people talking at the same time and talking over one. Another which by the way is very common In spade ext groups of friends talking about subject they feel very strongly about and everyone's china net just talking over each other or maybe someone is dominating. The compass the conversation just between two people. And you're trying to in because you maybe don't really agree with what they're saying or you want to correct them on something that's when you could also use it bama savvy. Ed bama surveyed hospodarske. Yeah or i. Can you just shut up for a minute or a when someone is going to interject into a conversation and they are not going to agree with what's being said so it'd be a bit like hang on hang on hang on a minute. Hang on a minute or now now now now that now that now then hobby bama severe knowing story they hang on. I don't agree with you. It's a bit like how on a man ang on when you're trying to interrupts into a heated compensation or an argument trying to make yourself heard right got a new one. This is for the kind of hip youngsters. Well not really. But i have to say i haven't had many people over the age of about forty using it and plan anyone who knows spanish or anyone listening to this and already lips in spain will probably be smiling at this one in plan. A you hear it so much and planning plan. Plan the filler. Word choice for young people all over spain. I'm it translates as the horrible. Like like like like like so donald an plan discount sando. Cuando yego miguel. So we were there like relaxing when miguel arrived and not the father as louis. Am in plan brahma. Lowy n plan brahma. Thank you angry. Meant it like as a joke n. Plan brahma yeah you you hear a lot and you can also use it with your mayo in plan to mean an an. I'm like oh and i was like free medical medical tennis k. Desk new darcy. I went to the doctor yesterday. And he said to me you have to take your clothes off e. o. n. Plan can you think this new army. And i was like i gotta take off. Espn plan plow kc. And he was like yeah. Of course and i was like the plan now neither and i was like no way and he was you get the idea and he was like she. You get the idea so are very common. I have to admit. I above the age of forty to use it i think has been exposed to it. So much I super common now. I think there's quite a new phenomenon this implant in even get people saying implanted in plan like like like. I don't think it's been around for probably more than about seven eight years as a couple of other examples still yard to this though implant detonator. Kfi though the wealth. Roberto joe solo. I'm already fed up with this. Like i mean of always having to do all of the work on my own another one might be the plan soy to heffer. She said it to me as if she were my boss in plan soy to heffer. She said it to me as if she were my boss. one more me hook guerrier case elia simos implant brahma in plan brahma. He asked me out but like in a kind of jokey way in plan brahma. The next one is definitely one of my favorites. And i think it was the one that i just could not get my head around for ages. His basically annoys. I thought it was just annoys. That people made when they were deep in conversation. That seemed to punctuate every other sentence. I had no idea what it meant for ages. And when i realized what it was it was sort of eureka moment and it is sarah or say which quite often becomes sat. Who sat sat when people are speaking very passionately in very quickly is actually sarah from the subjunctive of the verb said to be and it literally would mean i suppose like a beer it in english which is one of the few bits of the subjunctive which is still left in the english language. What it really means is i mean all in other words when you want to clarify explain or nuance something that you've just said you would drop in a or say i mean The other way to say in spanish which is quite common as well as esda thid esther the're in other words that is to say which is much more formal obviously but you will hear al-saaa a lot and i i didn't even know it was oh say i thought it was just sat sat. What is this noise. So there you go i mean or for example bassolino travek cornell lapasset. Spn going to go again. I mean you had a good time. Low-capacity me another quinta. Halloween threat or share. Ck pedal solo in kenya's knowing day. largo record. either so it's a bit like just. I've never really traveled on the train. Before i mean yes. I travelled on a train but only on the small local trains on a long distance. One train example for you there or say or sat. keep your ears open for. If you're in spain or your around spanish speakers if you can pick it out daego literally means i say daego so using daego can be a way of correcting yourself after. You've said something kind of similar to a. I mean it's a bit more like what i meant was or what i mean is. It's a bit more emphatic. When you said you misspoke haven't said something quite right and you say what i mean is this so Medical fiesta npfl. Daego allies death. And she told me that the party starts at nine. I mean ten. So radio. Correct in yourself not necessarily like sarah when you're adding extra information or maybe you're modifying something slightly That you've just said this one is when you're correcting yourself as c. k. Which kind of means so all vefour and similar to encompass you can use it as a filler word At the beginning of a sentence. I c. k. L. final stelle restaurant. So you ended up going to the restaurant or you can also use a secret bueno or are seeking nada as philip phrases and they both translate roughly as so year or so. Anyway i c k boy essay still allies thirty. So yeah. that's the whole story so anyway. That's what happened. I seek a boy. No as local paso So anyway that's that's that's what happened when when a boy to winnow literally translates. His good has a number of different meanings. As a filler word. you can use it like wes. I'd be like well the beginning of a sentence while you're trying to think of how to respond when no and authenticate penza pocket or mass. Well have to think about it a little bit more. You can use it to express agreement or when someone proposes idea. That sounds good to you. So when you see i mean when they're so well well yeah not seems like a good idea to me but my favorite kind of when those are the long drawn out ones Which kind of express more exasperation annoyance so disbelief for extra emphasis toutefois. Feta concert chica economy stay. I was that day that you had with a girl that you met in the library. And the other person might say no noticed a mile. Perreault mma peres theon foggy throw radha. Well it was a cave but she leased seemed a bit strange. Maybe for annoyance you could use it as well thought of as splitters perreault ted a wear no with the extra addition of pedal but like birtwell. No like well wild while well then you still have a wash the dishes. Well well well pat of winnow. It's a bit like we'll come on man. You better do it. The next one was one of the first ones that i learn and is really really really useful. And it is s. k. k s que la casa s k. The thing is the thing is a great deal of phrase madrid with the madrid accent. It sounds a bit more like a k. The thing is really useful when you need to explain yourself or rationalizing decision. You've made all especially useful when you need to politely decline or deny or disagree with somebody so you know your fen calls. You are upset. Al-sina are not shea defense against the senators tonight. Escaped me back. A may say those. Es koa knowing me any s k still impo cam saddle. Our that is k. Potatoes ianto is the thing is yesterday. I had my second dose of the vaccination and the thing is very good and the thing is. I feel a bit tired. The thing is the thing is perfect for saying somebody up for disappointment. S k or k if you're at madrid from the full phrase lack kassir s a. The thing is that north stamina. Lataria says the teacher. You haven't finished the homework and the student says as cares more defeated is it's just it's really difficult. Or cain care as era fini. Why don't you want to get to the movies. is houston last. Tarot is just the. I don't really like horror movies. The next one you will hear attached to the end of sentences. Sabah's you know. Saturdays quite often ends up sounding a bit like size says sabah's translates is you know and you can use it in the same way as us You know colloquially in english is more important to me so it's really important to me you can also use an i suppose in english. Maybe it's a bit more light. Do you know what i mean. L. charlie's is my whole beethoven pueblo's sarah's he's a really nice guy but sometimes he just goes too far. Do you know what. I mean so you could use savvas. Do you know what i mean. You could also use say's sarah's gay. Do you know what as an introduction to a sentence where the her meet raho in without any Y you know what i'm gonna do. I'm going to quit my job a move to hawaii and why not us here very common in spanish as well related to saturday's is service kicked feed or service can take care of the feed or service catered ego and this is more like. Do you know what i'm saying. N phoen- enfin is a great way to wrap up a conversation or to fill the awkward silence when the compensation has run out and come to its natural conclusion So you can say know in phoen- plays here so well let's go could also use it if you're telling a story of a sequence of events and different things that happened in your saying what happened in the end so and phoen- lopez all in all. We had a great time all in all n thin related to enfin. Which i'm going to drop in. Because it's actually very useful and quite commonly used al feeney l. kabo alpha female cavill. Al feeney al kabo and that can be to mean in the end after all or at the end of the day anyhow knowing import acadia gourmet. I'm donald feeney. Kabul in west. Latvian not enough to care diego's left me in the end. Relationship didn't have a future to indian alvin yell kabul bali. Bali valley very commonly heard three times spending. It's light to use many words in groups of three malley is definitely one of them. Which is okay or right or yeah and it can just mean da. You answer someone. Say okay bali laura okay. I'll do it or it could also mean as i totally understand what you're saying for example premetro. Ck's poorest idea. bali. So i you follow the st. Okay right okay. Got that kind of thing in skinner richer mirror i on cartel katie know. No his intra. There's a sign that says that you you can't go in see cape whereas intra in bali you got there. You understand what i'm saying. Okay could also be expressed as menteng this another one. You hear a lot tacked onto. The end of sentences doesn't carry a lot of meaning. It'll and all that stuff and so on in english definitely uk when we say and that. So i don't know. I went to the get some bread milk. And that i think another example but blah blah blah blah e towel which legitimate and such related to that and. This is one of my favorite sunnat a friend and spanish friend of mine back in the uk. This is what i learned this from because she said it. All the time is in los que. No se cuanto inessa in assay quinto. And sometimes it's all so innocent in no sake. One toss in the plural. Very common in conversational spanish again. It's when someone is explained to. You're talking about something that happened in a running through the different chain of events and then they did this and then this happened then we went there and then he said this to me and then she said that and then he nossa que. No se quinto. It's a bit like and all that. And and what. Not you know when the speaker is implying with the information being referred to isn't really that important or doesn't make much sense or they don't want to detail because it would be annoying so they say and what not a bit like etcetera etcetera for example who get any problemas lou the sake cuanto. He had health problems. I know that you don't want to go. Into all of the list of health problems you just wanna say et cetera et cetera often when you're listing when you're explaining a list of things to people and you don't really need to list every single thing in the list but you kind of giving them an impression so you take for example hoy's tippy then mogo yande that does to any to say you know. Say say cuanto. Oh god they asked for loads of personal details your your life insurance and this that and the other. So that's another way you could translate. Say in oh say cuanto and this that and the other literally who knows what who knows how much or i don't know what an idea. How much nas aka no say cuanto other similar expressions to refer to unspecified similar things that don't really need to be One i already said is it'll eat amass and you could also say italic well and so on and so forth really a quandary remorse in roma be motel colle- sale laugh when they eat them ass. When we were in rome we saw and the tribute fountain and so don't need to list everything we saw on the trip. And when you're way more nonsense annual harrabin sal. The owner was really nice. He showed us the garden and all that one which is identical really. I wish i really love. But sadly is less commonly used. I think she quite old fashioned. You do here occasionally but not very much. Not as common as he know. Say cuanto is casey patton. Casey patton love the way it rolls off the tongue. Casey the thing at the time again is used to summarize things that the speaker thinks. Not important or not worth mentioning in detail often. Excuses or apologies kwan. Makassar borat show up at the end of the school pass. Kc no erazo cooper patine. Casey patton one came home. Drunk apologizing saying it wasn't is fall and this that and the other another one. Simply bien is ms exclusives. Casey not temple patine tatan. You always come home to me with the same excuses either. You don't have time for this or that and the other let's try and bring it back into much more common usage at a team. Casey patton. okay. Two to go The last one is the short and very useful word. Yeah y yeah now it does mean already or now as jato. Have you already arrived. Yes you okay. You want me to do it now. Yeah now so he can mean already on now. However this is an example of when one of these little mileti yes oh Filler words doesn't really serve dictionary definition at all. Can this is something. I noticed with my spanish friends cropping up a lot. It didn't make sense to me because i kept thinking. What are they saying now an already so i've said something and i said what do you mean. Yeah now what already what. Ya is also really really commonly used in spanish to mean yes quite simply instead of saying see see store the guido yes. I agree spanish people. Just say yeah ya just to sound of agreement ya lamis mukasa me. Yeah i agree. Yeah the same thing happened to me last one fun one gone. You're gone yo now. I'm sure most of you know what your means. The direct translation in english account. Really say out loud is the c word in english. The c word in english which is four letters starts with a c. n. n.'s. With not and his very offensive in english language. Go new on. The other hand in spanish is not really offensive in spanish. Not really anyway struck ten. It's got loads of expressions. Instructing in used in so many different ways even hear kids saying in front of their parents and they're not really batting islet to be honest. I could do a whole episode cagno. But the one i wanted to focus on with this expression of joy or when you're feeling pleased for someone or for yourself and you say on your show like oh great i suppose in english like fucking amazing all. That's bloody fantastic. I should say excuse me for using the f. word for example ramic coquito in throw. I've just found out they've offered me that new job. And then you might say to you on your. It abra low cagno. Wow that's amazing. This course risk help ration- very commonly used to express enthusiasm about some good news for example on euro in. Wow that's great anyway. I'll stop swearing. Leave it there. That's the last one on my list. Just speaking of swear words or curse words. I will probably per episode together some point in the future basically how to swear like a trooper in spanish. I think it's really useful to know. These words we most of us swear or curse array languages. And i think it's useful gonna live in spain to be out to it in spanish as well or at least understand them. It's real language. I'm an advocate of learning these words and using them where appropriate without trying to offend anyone. Of course on see if i can enlist some help with my spanish and english friends here will make some comparisons with the swearing in english as well but for now here ended the lesser. No hope it's been useful for you all of the interjections and the eighty s. The filler words. They've heard in this episode are in the show notes so that you can actually go and look at them. See how their spelt. And i'll put a few of the examples that i've used as well Hopefully so that you can learn some of them and use them in your spanish. If you're learning spanish or you're improving your spanish you want to take it to the next level. I would highly recommend learning as many of these as possible and sprinkling a few of them into your conversations with your spanish friends. Who will be super impressed if you use them. Speaking of spanish learning many long-term listeners will already know this. But i have put together a couple of episodes over the last couple of years looking at well not hard core grammar but looking at some of the colloquial idiomatic language so do check back one expressions using la leche milk. Curiously in spanish of which there are loads which are very interesting. I did uh an episode. All about my top tips. I think top ten or fifteen tips on how to learn spanish how to go about it. I mean i'm not teaching you grammar capital. But i'm kind of giving you might advice on how to approach Learning spanish From my point of view. Of how i did it as well. There's also an episode. Where i take you to. My spanish class was some with my spanish teacher. And we talk about our favorite interesting colorful spanish expressions there. Thank you for listening hype. It's been fun and entertaining. And i look forward to speaking to you again in a brand new episode half when his fame podcast very soon until then asked away go.

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85. Gomorrah La Serie

Full Cast And Crew

45:01 min | 1 year ago

85. Gomorrah La Serie

"Hello. Everybody. Welcome to the full cast and crew podcast I. Know It's been a couple of weeks since I last did my review recommendation on the brilliant TV series the bureau. Back. This week to try and talk about my other favorite television series of all time the Italian series Gomorrah. I say try and talk about it because as much as I have loved immersing myself in this incredible television series over the four available seasons that I've watched over about the last three months. I still find it really hard to figure out exactly why it's so good and I'll try and address why that might be in the course of this brief conversation. But by way of background if you're not familiar with Gomorrah. Covers some familiar ground. It's the story of mobsters in this case in the city of Naples in in Italy involved in the drug trade and. Warfare with various clans and factions. Starting with the salvage family, which in season one is headed by Pietro Salvino with his wife, a close number two and their playboy out of shape near well, son Genaro. Rounding out their immediate family. The Stove Asano's control, the drug territory within an area of Naples, and specifically around housing project, which in real life is known as love La or was known as love la or the sales, its own incredible architectural structure. Of Kind of unforgettable silhouette when you see it and the practicalities of the real physical location are used to jarring an incredible affect throughout the entirety of this series. The locations are just amazing real life filmed on the -cation. With some of the apartments in the internal sequences you know obviously must have been built. On sound stages, but a lot of the exterior shots and a lot of the action outside takes place in and around Naples specifically in and around this housing project, which is notorious and infamous. For the way in which it's designed sort of. Created an unfortunate prison like many housing projects do walling off its residents from the rest of the outside world creating illicit tunnels and walkways. And dangerous corners and unlit areas and corridors. It's just it's a stunning location which is used to stunning effect. So One of the reasons why I kinda struggled to talk about why I love this series so much we've seen this before right like. I personally have gone down the rabbit hole in the nonfiction world of reading tremendous amount about crack cocaine gangs and New York City for example during the eighties and nineties and of Red Ten or twelve books that cover a variety of. The inner workings of these. These gangs which are importing cocaine turning it into crack. Selling it hand to hand laundering the prophets and dealing with. External pressures from the police from the community and from other would-be rival drug gangs like we've seen the wire we've seen the corner we've seen the Sopranos we've seen breaking bad. This is done to the nth degree like. Stirs, drugs, we get it. Right. So what is it about this particular series? That elevates it beyond. I think easily all of those other series. The the short answer is I'm not sure. I think. The answer probably lies in a compliments of things which all which I'll get into so. On the one hand I think it is a unique take on this very common subject matter in the in that it's extremely insular like. There are very few outsiders that we ever meet or explore over the course of the four seasons of the series. There are there are no police that are trying to. You know simultaneously tracked down the characters that were following. There is only the world of the housing project. There is only the world of the drug gang and. Everything takes place within those almost claustrophobic confines and. The focus on that over time I think gives this a real weight and power because your experiences viewer ends up being. Kind of similar to the experience at a lot of people you follow in this series. Who who start out as neophytes in newbies and innocent and pure individuals who through contact with the drug gangs ended up getting involved, and then their lives change and these people find themselves doing things that they never would have expected themselves doing. I'm talking about horrible horrible things killings. And all of that feels extremely true to life in the way that it's played in the series and from at least my reading. In the in the in the area. You know it's pretty true to life. I mean the things that violent drug gangs due to preserve turfan territory as far beyond the stuff we see on television it really is. The reason that you don't really see that stuff on television is because the realities of it are too jarring and off pudding to put into a dramatic context of a series that's kind of trying to entertain us as much as it's trying to shock us or overwhelm us from time to time. So if you think about a show like the Sopranos. I mean, most of those major characters survived the entire ten seasons the show is on I. Understand people drop off here and there but I mean. I think David Chase made a decision like follow these guys. Most of these guys are going to stay alive. You know I, think it was such a big deal i. think when Adriana finally got killed in the Pine Barrens episode brilliant episode directed by Steve. BUSCEMI. I. Remember the shock of losing a main character and she wasn't even really a main character but thinking that season she kind of had become one. So. You don't get that in this series in this series. In the drug game. People are shot and killed regularly people that you follow people that in your constructive. What following a dramatic series means you expect anticipate to be around for quite a long time. So. On the one hand, I think focusing on the gangs themselves. PL- leading the conflicts be true to what would occur. Is Part of the power here. Now, this whole series is based on a very notorious legendary book by Roberto Salvia No. It's his book Gomorrah which was his debut work of nonfiction to read the wikipedia entry. He uses literature investigative reporting to tell of the economic reality of the territory and business of organized crime in Italy in Particular Camera Crime Syndicate, and of organized crime more generally very famously when this book came out. He was. Sentenced to death by the Mafia clans in Italy, and he's apparently had to live in some form of hiding ever since which I don't know if that's sort of. Drummed up to sell books or exactly true. But this book which I frankly am about two thirds of the way through this tried to read the Sony Times because I'm so interested in the subject matter but. I really find the book hard going and I'm not sure if that's the result of just an unfortunate translation. The youth you know of himself at the time that he wrote it looks like he's only forty one now and the book came out. Two, thousand six. So you know maybe it's the youth of the author at the time, but it's very disjointed fractured. It's it's not an easy read and you don't really get a lot of the types of juicy details and things that you're used to in inside story nonfiction books but. Having watched all four seasons of Gomorrah and knowing that this is the source material in reading the book now after the fact. I'm even more impressed that the filmmakers and the creative team picked out really subtly almost minuscule details and then magnified them within the life of the series to take on such power and significance. It's almost as if in the oft cited here. Analysis of Stanley Kubrick who said you know you don't sit down and write a screenplay. You write a novel and then you adapt that novel. For a movie because the power of the novel will be something that you imbue fractured scenes that you're writing out with even if you're unconscious of doing it in the act of doing that produces something akin to hire film art than if you just sit down and try and obey the rules of screenwriting one. Oh One. So in this sense to you know, this is not a retelling of the book these four seasons this is a essence, a capturing of an essence of the book and a lot of the names are used in a lot of the events and sequences are used, but it's not a faithful adaptation of a book. It uses the book stylistically And and veers wildly off into into various sorts of territory. So. That's a little bit of the background of where we are. You can watch I believe at least the first two seasons on Amazon prime and the second two seasons have been problematic to watch because to diverge for a second they were distributed by the Weinstein Company, and so when Harvey Weinstein found himself in the legal jeopardy that has caused his personal and professional demise. This seems to be one of the. Products that the Weinstein Company was distributing that foundered on the rocks and has taken some time to settle I've read that HBO Max, The new Hbo Digital Streaming Service would be competitor to Netflix and Amazon has secured the rights to to to air season three and four. I don't know when that's happening I haven't checked in a while I finally gave up and I just ordered the. Region B Blu. Ray Desks. I have a region Free Blu Ray display which everyone makes fun of me for actually buying BLU ray discs but I don't care. So I was able to watch them regardless of the fact that they're not available at least here in the states. So. That's how I watched them I believe maybe by the time this comes out I. Don't know maybe there'll be available on Hbo Max I also saw that season five was just announced. By Salvatore Procedo and Marco Damore who played the two main protagonists in the series and it was supposed to have begun filming in May of Twenty Twenty. But of course, the pandemic doing what it does sound like that was delayed and maybe it's just getting underway now. Curiously. It looks like Chiro who has Marco Damore character will be back based on the way that these two actors announced. season. Five, which would be kind of a surprise interesting to see how they do that. Try not to give away too many spoilers here. But at the same time I'm really Doing this episode to encourage you if you haven't watched this to just seek it out and let it sink in and see if you're something that you're interested in. But I'm also doing this for a few of the folks that I see on Instagram are Maura heads the way that I am and trust me. If you get into this series, you're going to become as obsessed as some of us are so Brooklyn film fanatic. I'm talking to you shouting out at big feet Pete seventy seven. At Gomorrah Underscore TV. At s que fifty, five, any are you guys all get this what I'm talking about. I know from your comments that you've posted on images that I put on instagram that you feel and felt this series. The way I did part of this is just trying to. Even though we don't know each other and I've never met talk to you about what it is that I love about this show and try to figure it out. Helped me figure it out, help me on instagram if you can because I'm still trying to untangle the mystery of how this thing works. Any help much appreciated you. You. You all know what I'm talking about when I talk about this show. So just a little bit of word on the cast I mentioned Pietro Estano in season one, but really the the core component. Is Genaro Salve Astono. Who? Undergoes probably the most remarkable transformation I. Think I've ever seen a character undergo over the course of a season in TV series because when we meet Jenny, he's a layabout rich pampered spoiled Italian baby like with his mommy bringing him breakfast. You know even though he's in his twenties, he's laying around in his underwear. He's got gold chains. He's out clubbing. He's falling in love with the wrong girl he's just. He's a dunderheads. He is not someone who's going to take over a criminal enterprise and run it successfully as his father has done. He is not a figure to fear. His mother knowing this sends him on a fool's errand. And when he returns is unrecognizable I mean literally to your eye, he's slimmed down he a Mohawk. He is a completely different person and. Salvatore Esposito who plays this character is such a phenomenal. Be Able to pull off this transformation you. It's one of many things I think in every series every season of this series. There have been moments where my jaw drops and I can't believe what I've just seen. And you know. If you're listening to this podcast, you're probably the same way I. Am you seem pretty much everything there is to see it's pretty hard to shock and surprise me even in a series I. Really Love You know what I'm saying I know what they're telegraphing regardless of how they do it even in a series as thorny and complex as the bureau like you can see where things are going. You've watched a lot of movies and TV and you know the tropes and the conventions and you know the arcs of characters. But I can tell you that in Gomorrah in every single season, there have been moments where I literally can't believe what I'm seeing. and. The power to surprise and shock me is part of the other reason. I'm continually impressed by this television series some of these moments you who know Maura will know exactly what they are without giving them. let's just say cheerios daughter. The concluding scene of season four at the airport. Between Patrizia and Genaro. On, and on these moments are indelible. And they are. Shocking and true-to-life they feel real. They feel like what would happen not what would happen in a TV series about what happened if that makes any sense? Okay. Salvatore esposito Marco Demoura plays Chiro who kind of is our protagonist through season one? He's an orphan he has nothing he is of this housing project and it is really through his eyes and his rise and his his Machiavelli Ian Lake ability to manipulate people in situations and survive at great odds that we come to learn. Much of what we learned over many of the subsequent seasons he is an incredible character and some of the season one season, two stuff between him and Jenny, and some of the other ones I mean. In a way that I talked about the bureau being. So French and the Frenchness of the bureau is one of the great things about it. The Italian -ness of many aspects of Gamarra's or one of the things that I think you'll find kind of amusing and sort of stylized. There's a way in which Jenny and Chiro stand nose to nose when they're sort of threatening each other and it's this kind of Alpha male every animalistic kind of like Lord of the jungle you know who's going to back down I. I, mean, they look like they're about to make out in the most. Obvious analogy that I think the filmmakers are are trying to make is this tension between males and violence and sex, and all of these kinds of things. But once they kind of beyond that the the the seasons really find an almost cinematic half as we go on and really in seasons three and four, the filmmaking gets so good and it's such an obvious jump from where we leave off at the. End of season four in good Maura, two, zero, zero zero, which is what I'm going to talk about in my next episode because that's also made by the same creative team. There's a lot of continuity there and a lot of the storytelling in the film making that I think we arrive at in season four of Gomorrah is really continued in honed and even more brilliantly more beautifully perfected and more powerfully. Done in zero, zero zero, which is kind of the third part of this. TRIFECTA of films and TV series that I really kind of fell in love with during this pandemic so. There are many many other amazing people in the cast I also WanNa just mention that. Unlike a lot of mob mafia drug gang things. Yes. We're in a world of men, but the female characters are incredible. I mean from Pietro Silvis Domino's wife to. Patrizia to Chanel there are these these incredibly complicated? Female characters? WHO Who Yes they do have to navigate the man's world and the man's environment they find themselves in, but they do so with such cunning and intelligence and not kind of stereotypical. Wiley female stuff. There's not a lot of using of. Here, there's no sexualization in order to beat. The dumb guy at his own game it's it's really until intelligence. It's it's intellect. It's street smarts. And it's pain. It's internalized pain as manifested on all of these characters faces. and. When I'm talking about pain on faces and incredible acting and Gomorrah. And the wonderful and multifaceted female characters. I have to just land from moment on Christiana Delana who plays Patrizia. delana is such a phenomenal actor and really takes center stage in the later seasons. I think she first appears in season two three but really season four is really all about her and. She's such a phenomenal actor and has so many moments with. This life that we don't even see before we meet her in Comoro we know the details of it. We know. That people close to her have been killed by the drug gangs. That responsible for her brother and her sisters We know that she ends up becoming the Messenger for salvage Tano after he. Re tries to regain power in later seasons. Infuses her character and suffuses every seen that she's in there are scenes in. The last season with her. That always remember phenomenal. There's a a love scene between her and her eventual husband that is so complex and so. Heartbreaking because the difficulty that she has experiencing and expressing feelings and love our writ large. Very. Expressive face as she's in the act and it's such an interesting way to play a scene like that and incredibly vulnerable. Always Service of character always in service of. Something incomplete in the character that. Is it a hole in these people's souls. An addiction to this lifestyle there are there are scenes in seasons three and four. There's there's a young drug gang who fly around Naples. On scooters with long flowing coats, one description of them. So they look more like hip Baristas than they do drug dealers, but the imagery, the freedom that you can feel the wind in your hair, you can feel the chill of the late. Summer, nights it's. It conveys this addicting nature of the life the lifestyle and Patrizia is such a incredible character who Will leave you. With one final moment that I don't think you'll ever forget if you get to the end of season four. And it's it's stunning. She is stunning. So particular shoutout to Christiana and her work in this series because it really really. Is is one of the you know it's it's one of the three great performances in in in. In the whole series I mean there's many great performances, but it's kind of the Sh- she's the third main character between Chiro and Jenny it turns out. And I can't say enough about her and I think you'll really. Give yourself a treat to stay with the series long enough to to meet her and to follow what happens and where it goes because you won't regret it. So, the. The cast of the series will will stay with you as you watch throughout. The. Music. Wow So the music is done by an Italian collective called MOCHA Delic and the music in. Gomorrah I think is gonNA. Haunt me forever I. Mean it's just to show. Stunningly beautiful. When? Salvatore Esposito. Marco Damore. Announced that the start if season five shooting had begun. Salvatore used a word that. I've been thinking waiting to record this because I kind of want finished it a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to wait to see if I arrived somewhere in being able to actually use words to try and describe this to you but. He used a word that for the first time I was like that's what it is. That's the distillation of the thing I'm responding to and the word that he wrote, which was about how he and Marco Damore Character Chiro were linked. Forever. Through experience the word he used was melancholy and I think that is the thing that we deal with here if there's an essential. kind of mood that goes through the series and and certainly through the music. Melancholy and the use of melancholy in the use of that. That vibe. Is Somehow one of the things that is so moving about the series and I don't mean just because the music is kind of. Engineered, to push those buttons in your brain and in your heart but there's a melancholy to the way. The characters follow. What even some of them realize is this ruthless progression to jump off the cliff that they know will end. In devastation for themselves and for their families, the choices that they make are born out of economic. In opportunity and the the stakes for them are worth the risks that they take. But because it's Italian, there's so much awareness of that going on underneath the faces of the actors and the way the film, the the scenes are filmed and and Mauka dialects, music Oh. My God it's one of the greatest soundtracks to to a TV series. I've ever heard it's music I listen to all the time now. Because these themes and these themes are consistent throughout the life of the series. The way the themes are used. Becomes such a piece of familiarity to you that. You know exactly where you are and it is that melancholy that word that Salvatore Esposito so used it is that melancholy that I think is the underpinning of all the brilliance of Gomorrah. Room. ooh. Only 'cause it's sad ultimately, it is sad. It's sad to watch people who feel that they have no other options. Economically fall into this. This by far most viable economic option, right? So You secure a kilo of cocaine for whatever it is. Right Thirty? Three thousand euros a kilo. You step on it two, three, four, six times so that you end up with two three, four, six kilos of cocaine. You bag those six kilos of cocaine into individual serving portions. Or crack and you now have. Sex toppled your money, right? Your overhead is fairly low. You have a piece of territory you have clientele base is pounding on the door twenty, four seven. You are in housing project where the police are fairly content to let you kill each other sell drugs to each other prey upon each other just don't venture out into the streets. In the wider community. And you have a pit of snakes of people who are willing to kill because the financial upside is so vast and show much greater than any opportunity available to them in the immediate confines of where they're living. This is the same story. If you go to Brooklyn the Bronx Queens Housing Projects Crack gangs rap crack connection music story any of the great kind of hip hop music of the of the nineties that that takes us inside this stuff. In a way, the series is about a hate to sound. So woke, but it's really about economic inequality and that's the driving engine here, and in later seasons, we get to see kind of again familiar territory where certain gangsters try to kind of go straight and try to. Leave this behind to their credit to the credit of what they're trying to do for their family. They tried to say, I've had enough of that. I, don't want to do that anymore I wanna be in these legitimate businesses but of course, they're not accepted in the legitimate business world and they're not accepted in polite society accept up to the point where someone. Has Need of the thuggish side of their personality, and then they're those people you know with the right clothes and the right pedigrees and resumes are more than willing to embrace someone like Genaro do something that they are incapable of doing themselves. So again, we've seen all this before, but the way that it's played out in the investment that you have in these characters. Anti Heroes. Everyone's really an anti hero i. mean everyone does unforgivable unspeakable things. It's. It's it's hard to contemplate how you can end up carrying so much about Chiro or caring so much about Jenny like when they do horrible horrible horrible horrible things and they put. Innocent people at grave risk including their own children. And they know that they're doing it. The magic somehow of the series is that it makes you care about them. It makes you understand them in a three dimensional way that I think is so moving and it's also so weird because then you yourself as if you are having a little bit of the experience that some of the characters go through, right you come in your rightfully kind of disgusted by things that some characters would do but then you come to understand why they're doing what they're doing and how they feel they have no choice. And in that understanding, you've been kind of changed. You've been a little bit warped and what's happening is the same thing that happens to these little kids who grow up in the sales grow up in second deleo and grow up in in in level. And our children and have joyous little children's lives even though they don't quite understand the squalor in which those lives are place in the dysfunction right. But as they get older, it becomes more apparent what's going on and they make choices and those choices have consequences and that's the thing that I think the series is always so incredibly astute about. So the themes that MOCHA delic uses throughout. Gomorrah are just their heart rending. They're beautiful. They're they're suffused with that melancholy and I think the music. Is such a big part of? What makes this series special? Finally, where it leads and by that I mean, this is a world, a cinematic world that you can go down a rabbit hole. So the primary creative team. Just mention them by name Leonardo. Facility Stefan Obese says Roberto Savia. No Ludovico Rumpled Giovanni Bianconi are the key people involved with creating the series. The directors and the cinematographers of individual seasons or episodes. Are Really also, what makes this quite incredible I particularly want to mention the cinematography A. Paulo Carnera Ivan Casagrande Vittorio Omeday Arini Malaria has Ali. And Michele Lee Donna. Michelle Michelle Donoso Gosh. Paulo Carnivora particularly is the cinematographer whose work I think I respond to the most. He also. Shot. Five episodes of zero, zero, zero, which is. Also based on a Roberto no book. And is also created by Leonardo solely. And and Stefanos Selima who's also behind a bunch of other offshoots about kind of crime in Rome and in Italy but zero zero zero someone will talk about it at the end of this but Paulo Carnera is kind of the cinematographer whose work I think really speaks loudest in terms of what's special about the series. So. One of the rabbit holes that I went down is Stefan Oh Salima. Because You when you when you when you get into these series and you're kind of waiting for. Your waiting for things to watch and your your way you're kind of trying to stretch out the seasons because you know that you've only got so many to go and it's something that you really love and that special. So you really kind of want to get into it so. Stefan also is responsible for a lot of pretty amazing. TV and I've tried a bunch of them. So first of all zero zero zero, he's involved that as a directory to of the episodes I think is involved in the creation of it. I'll speak two, zero, zero zero at the end of this, he directed about ten episodes of Gomorrah he directed the movie version of. SOUBRA A lot of what happens in he's Italian things is there's a movie and then there's a TV series which will run multiple seasons. So for Good Maura the same thing exists you can watch the movie of Kamara which is a bit more I think truthful to the way the book unfolds it's sort of more more of a clinical examination of the various business aspects maybe not quite so personalized as more the Siri low series as they talk about it. Saburo has the same thing. It's really about kind of the move to turn a piece of water fund in in Rome into. Kind of Las Vegas type area, and you know you similarly similarly have a cabal of crime and mob bosses who are supposed to pull together. But then of course, there's infighting there's all the stuff that goes on. And it's kind of also about more about how Roman society is infiltrated and influenced by the the Mafia the camera. So there's movie Sephora, and then there's A series, which is called blood on Rome which I watched. It's good. It's. Good Maura gives you some of that. But it's a little more soapy and that's not quite what I'm always interested in. There's a movie I'd very much like to see that Sulaiman director, which really isn't available yet in the states, it's called a cab. All cops are bastards, which is a phrase you might be familiar with from the recent. Uprisings and riots going on in the United, states and around the world that's a common phrase. That's being spray painted on buildings and is part of the kind of de-fund the police movement. You can hear that shouted out a lot. That's a film that was directed by Stefan Lima and one little side note into the realm of movies so Voice been a big fan of SICARIO. The first film directed by my man Villeneuve. It's a great film and I eagerly looked forward to watching you know sicario to. When it came out and I remember watching it sort of was kind of amorphous was sort of not reply driven and it just didn't really. Don't know it just wasn't the same as a movie directed by Bennie Villanova of course, because he didn't directed Stefanos directed it but I have to say after watching a lot of Salima stuff after watching camera after watching zero zero zero. All of a sudden takes it slips exactly into place. It's like a missing Lego piece that you finally found, and then you click it in and you go oh, now I see the whole if you look at it that way as a piece of work of the. Type of stuff that. Interested in the Inter workings of government and drug trafficking and hypocrisy and personal commitment and freedom all of a sudden that movie makes a lot more sense than it did when I saw it as a sequel to Sakaria. So he also directed that some other things that leads to which I haven't yet seen. Mark. Marco. Damore. Directed, a film about Chiro called the immortal lumped. Limo Tol. which is not available the United States. I've gotten a couple of leads. Thank you Maura TV instagram account for pointing me in certain directions. But I haven't really been able to. Able to watch it the way that I want to and need to watch it which is. GotTa have it in the best possible quality that's just a problem that I have. So that's a film that Marco Marco Damore a directed. My expectation is it's a film directed by actor about a character that the actor is most well known for it's probably some. self-indulgent and a little roomy. But let's wait and see I haven't seen it. And as I said, season five of Kamara is coming out soon. So. I still feel even after talking for. Thirty. Five minutes here. I don't know that I've actually been able to. Accurately describe to you what it is about this series that so magical and I know that there's probably no way to do that other than trying to convince you to watch it yourself just. FINISH THIS THOUGHT ABOUT COMORO The credit sequence the title of the film I think also speaks to what's special about it. So what we're looking at when we finally see the title Gomorrah Luxury. Last. Being Italian for the series to separate it from the movie. Gomorrah to which doesn't have much connection. It's this piece of iron and it's and the words Maura are. Etched into this iron and it's there's rust and less serious in blood red lettering and the rust is actually happening as we're watching it and so what we're watching are these molecules of the iron. Decay and float into the air. As the elements. Do their work on the source material. and. It's this very brief moment. But as I've watched the series, I come to find that that particular choice of images that hyper close photography where we literally see rust. In real time that's what's going on to these characters. That's what's going on to the environment that the characters live in. It's the environment, the oppressive environment that is molecule by molecule extracting the life out of these people in this area, and it's their fight for survival within that environment and against those environmental. Qualities that they're living in that's what that represents to me. And so that image the music the. Places that this series goes to continually surprise me. Are What make it So. Special. I. Mean I just got done doing that episode about the Bureau and I think in that episode I said You know this has got to be the best television series ever made and I still believe that but the emotional satisfaction of Gomorrah. Is Greater and I say that even as I'm bewildered because the emotional satisfaction is usually the melancholy and sadness that these things have happened to these people. It's not triumph. The. The only thing that triumphs. Is the unrelenting? Forward marching progress of the drug business itself everyone else loses to one degree or another. It's just a question of how much and for how long. So. To, say that within that, I've been as moved by Gamaa as by any series seems strange to me but it's absolutely true there are moments of profound beauty and connection within this degradation and destruction that I don't remember getting from any other television series I will always love these characters I will always love this music. I don't know if I will go back and watch it all over again. I don't know that I'm going to read a lot about the making of those are two things. I usually do with things that I, really really like. But. This is one of those things and you probably have to with movies or books or anything that you that you really love. You just don't want to ruin it by knowing much about what happened behind it. I don't want to know that about this. It would be really weird for me to see Marco tomorrow or Salvator. Esposito and something else I know Salvatore Zito is in Fargo right now I can't watch I don't WanNa see him in another role. Sorry Salvator. But, it's just. I'm still I'm still in the spell as you can tell so. That's camera. That's my attempt as best I can to try and describe why I felt the way I felt watching it. And it's going to end with pointing you towards zero zero zero and it's going to point me towards covering zero zero zero in a subsequent episode because in a lot of ways where damore leaves us. Zero Zero Zero, which is a limited run series. So it also is based on a Roberto Savia. No I, believe novel this time about the drug trade. is also a stunning piece of cinematic television accomplishment and it's an incredible accomplishment for the streaming service that produced it. Amazon prime because it's a global production, it features a global cast of actors that you would never otherwise see in American television and it is produced at the highest cinematic level, and it also features an astounding soundtrack that is amongst my favorite. So I'm going to talk about that in the next episode of full cast and crew, and until then I hope you're staying safe I. Hope you're finding good things to watch be kind to each other be kind to yourself get plenty of restaurants year next time.

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Como voc vai viver os prximos dias, meses e anos de sua vida?

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Como voc vai viver os prximos dias, meses e anos de sua vida?

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Saved my skin care. Thank you for your thought. By george socal mexico's subject. Stop presenting the necessarily died musudan. Let's say drag up sorry. Who did you lose as c. Let's say there's no there should do here. Who just returned to seekonk store. Sarcoma larry what they're going to start. Heels zach is that with or sandwich persona today In call to pasta. They're going to source says oneal. You put their says the lord depict cheerless your lap. The movie deal. He gets view the world through my view the world through positive. I used to carry interviews to sit. There's vitamin now g. Your physician li liaison. That thought was the guy. I'll who get kim jong valeo kickapoo the show up by the who is some consideration as you'll look at the. So he built the packet or santa classified. This cd-rom is i'm going to join us. We started the boom. So they keep phillies. Laureus fissile mitch. The pack my anti nazi pretty made more mentor. Deploys poodles era party. To kim is komo swap is in salvo. But he's john. You got to get my money. Push jay's is filled with other cuts point there are key to see is joshua's that's three weeding told us farmers jeep bongino case you eating shop all the audience to by said here me said i take my formula. Oj g about coons gysi danger. Main to conflate angels is miller komo have dodged all through upper chill basically made to millionaire. Chaumont do nea. Grandma would say if inga lewis. And also confidante fabrizio machado shoots. Then they ain't that he edge carly's thread you. All to our plush keeping oversight so blue project to our three gear cheating thought his brazilian spare. We'll see winger asset you made. The phillies general phillies jeter do. Cd's soupy made program was a ugo stores inc. Give give you bunk seville public. You will see a quarterback exposes. 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He didn't think supposed to sell dvd overseas as reporter. Tim presented painting pintails. Gotcha here that that resemble you bid on political he'll go to sit advocates. The poor mighty is a hormones. Here's donny l. And me is what is going to start you. Throw those lines there. Little in the in daily severe in vietnam cosby focus. Say excuse me who were like an officer here. Each balloon blocks with the of my my sale with every suffering the argentine kid Into a simple foods five a cut. We didn't know. I it'll I'm yeah possibly something now episode out her a little new. Sob fake was. Seen kids about seeing the ain't that was it has lappy snack. Doubt they scare the to see four. Yes we the dakota sequentially with an anti mississippi kimmel fast as infidels lewis data zale senior vice from to be fukuda out of evs. Jim anita mice. Probate thaws miceli died diet mice constant. 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Peletier you sit there and get capacity dodgy maginot coys as inventhelp fool. Some bad exclusive with the ceremonial adventure. Films evolving mentally moody for something. That'd be eight. I would avenues obama. Stop sched- passer. Might i thought they'd get into the press. Okay he gets inch. Alah is tiny serbian to achieve with a kamikaze. Some in this issue sara o'meara solemn you so give us initially so people have our more go then he always because more because more compassion rate per get lucky kulich yuliana. Follow judo four legal age. She compare things are so side as you don't care interview south opportunity that you see he gets depalma's bolles today is bulls because this is southie. Hilla some awful to now to fix some miso fatullah do was similar to the last you to sound off to the planet are meant that the as view the plastic i mentioned also mahyco hannity within e. l. l. Let me the media stone in those organizations. You see bill. We'll get some case whenever any else. Poor semi davis avoid waters boom fuzzy says with waters league ice. Bulgaria receiving davis has wars. I don't care. Give us in this genus as with virus pause it will take that leonardo guineas games. You was bananas. Assaulted w tasse is key. Contributor promotes second year. we'll sit the city of the protests. Don't your view that they that these other consulting again warns saint body. We don't take care of that into this communica. So no i so me that contract elaborate. I'll move you intra-party for a significant job is so full to san antonio it was at my leg texas though the loss of a they got. Vfw responsible those physical zora's Officer says agra exceed i'll feel yeast the making the moments there's was them being the organism they know sufficiency died in oregon. Is all songs considered. Our bodies with vein was security on being shared with my spirit's here who into more nicole ward being with my south avenue. Yup is what they do that cheaply karas as postively died is at the. He's an west of water. The beach for achieve adila medical with tom support phillies mccoy's suspicious into by short. Doyle must guys leak as intercourse. Roy was supposed to be the diets but fodder demo knitting mobile is easy for our wa- adequately don't hear a quiz. It was a simple soil. in proportion enters Biens dumping thought they were sick because me personal moment visit that via guiding view of a few cookie sigh of six. We'll put up. Your mother taught us check facebook. Seventy boys were youtube. Your celibacy and youtube mcconaughey. Natalia those cease kravis sock legality. So you gave chicago scandal over thumbs. Considering the modena's devere daiji compare so as you're nest here you're going to the board you to sit there me and on a larger sale ally by xiaomi applica- chievo positives cynthia program. Our something thakin muzyczka's seen through days saint saint peter bourne. Jesus schedule today on this movie up. Their thought pop was not of the conveyor simply swedish. i'm with phillies. It thought they keep the vision. It is not going to be that field. Any other kentucky gather to the pacific some volume donio damaged. Polio phillies yellow phillies shuttle beers backward. Janci valuable tool mafia don over me. Keep on our set. You may pop art artemis move. They moved that but as liles nadan quality of pulled. The blue archie simples news mostert algal diseases. No now the main was alabama afflicts. So that later really is just. Don't hear new there's no collective chamois do are really becky stones mechanisms than being the ziara to amartya. Cecile sober so he that was it that me sick. Peter's visit the quiz at zero via far though hassle. Maui finally say i've seen you follow the astronomy into that louis niagara. Masha the suits by fokker. Meisel hilton i up. Get them winter cheeky. three up. I wish pull now dainty that the world would they pay man to the wall. He cinco model procure water. No mood they know vimal dabke than what they're allowed to characterize each me as is cash on to the jeep dupuis. Some you got any economic buys complex new program interviews this get his over any agreement the physical so there's a squeeze developer to india gramma go fabric sally's level dot that the halo i mints about. Don't desert of super super famous super simona orgy in sarah. Maisy say's geck's phase out there. Was you necessarily fiso. Silva's three mile visual kicked policy. Maria get value up. Being kaplan is usually you can value new value backup refuge if is like you either. Thinks see valley up. View the developing. Cvs solvency miserable. If you knees wellness he's over phillies. Super needle put. Swim is fully of milk butter kinky. Who fully faster fast fast. Fast legisla simply preserve supported this conflict. Carb his co. Get system get fussily daddy. 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