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"ernie johnson johnson" Discussed on Blank Check with Griffin & David

"Mingling of their technology of his technology when he takes to the court and he's like super powered. It's just like well. He's a little kid and he's got these fucking like tron beans around his arm and he can jump really high and he can do fucking whatever like it just means nothing the game is rigged. He throws this fucking jump point. Lebron wins the things over. Everyone's celebrating then like five minutes later. Bugs like cough cough. It's been nice see needs to die because christ okay. I don't know i. I have no idea when that was happening. I was ready to leave. Break go home to my three minutes later on walking into three camp and then bug strong literally ends on the taco tuesday. Yes that's aloft just in some ways bidding and so but like how did you get here. We're tunes it's like you're not gonna say like we fucking broke the servers we all exist in your world once again in the original space jam. Michael jordan has to reckon with the discovery. Your real all of you are real like there's a reaction to that you exist in this. It's just like oh you found a way to come through the tv cool. I don't have any spare bedrooms. We have the answer. Is you probably have a lot. It'd probably probably fairmount aspera. Also do tune sleep. Do they know what's the big red guy again. Gossamer love gossip. I get screen time in the transformation he does. I will say we should. Let's play the box office game. I'm done talking about this movie but there's one of them. Sorry we have at least another hour. There's they get turned into as you mentioned three d. c. Yes which we knew because there was in the promotion. And there's like. Oh god now. The movie actually percents. This is like a hellish abomination. It's like yes. Algae rhythms final insult. Is this yeah. So it's kind of funny. That's in there where they're like. Look we did it. And they're like we know it's bad like we know that's not cool. I also just want to remind you do it. A also wanted to mention i noticed. I was in the crowd in the movie. You're in there. I had no idea i remember. Being they acquire blank check productions. What part of what happens to. Lg rhythm at the end of this film. Do we have leave right right. And warner brothers. Just takes his next pitch. There's not even a sequence of warner brothers. being shut. That down shocked in a canon. Like michael jordan is like nerd locks. Why did you let him talk like this. And they realize that they have an abusive boss and they fucking shove them in a canon and then the nerd looks are on the basketball court for two shots at the end of the show. I'm seeing here that i forgot. He remember he post arises algae rhythm yes fatality. Ernie johnson johnson to does the you know the the commentary who is a great a great a great man television personality guy. Every but just really. It's a tough. that's not when when them is deleted. In that moment i forgot remember. He goes like this isn't how i want to that part of the game. I think yes. Rules apply to himself. I guess loser is deleted. it means nothing and when what's his name Chris davis who plays malinche came on screen. I was just like why. Didn't they hire little relative. Do this usually right. Yeah and then very little real and and what's his name the other commentator in. It's just like well. That's not putting him in a bill. Murray position he has nothing to play off of. Yes you're just putting him with a guy who's not a comedian on a green screen reacting to nothing pre-written jokes whereas like murray night. The whole point is like give the basketball players someone to play off who is funny as opposed to an okay child actor and a dramatic actor who is trying to like cut loose by the way if they if the sun had just designed sort of the the the new. Nba jam right. That would have changed the whole. That's all it needs. This extra layer kevin but just the whole idea of random like the power ups. I wish i could remember any of their names. As the problem any of the trick plays of course there's the notorious five flips the court with a spinning. He does do that. I'm trying to remember. What are the things that happened. They move the hoop right is algae rhythm moves hoop and just that one time done that more often. If you wanted to win my pregnant she does it. She does does the like slow motion on kronos and the only one i kind of like has it felt a little more like actual looney tunes. I think the only looney tunes they get right in this movie while coyote and road runner and it helps that they're silent and they can't have them say dumb shit but that that bit is almost a a decent. This is how a looney toon. We'll play basketball thing where he has the crazy mean contraption and he puts birdseed seed on it and he knows that roadrunner will hit it really fast and make a bunch of balls that works for me. That was yeah. Give that a five. Yeah i forgot about that to read the the the the many wylie's also go into the who the clones right right and so that i mean gets them a lot of points. You need to acknowledge that was just good play they do. I just want to say We talked about the aboard. Space jam sequels. They didn't make right in action was supposed to just be a pin of like. It's been six years. We need to get something back out there. And then we're gonna make skate jam. Their plan was to make skate jam right after back and actress back option which is whose charismatic as tony hawk. Such a good actor. Good actor. I really enjoyed to sir. He doesn't speak in his crap back and actions a huge fucking a huge flop even though it's a very artistically successful movie yes i it has been a joy for me because i've defended that movie for eighteen years now last month of probation articles as people being like this is the one we should respect not space jam and that movie look. Is joe dante trying to deal with a lot of stupid studio notes. And there's weird shit in that movie but it it has a pure heart and there's really exxon chevron and he gets the looney tunes But since then like every three years warner brothers tries to do something. With the looney tunes there was famously. The sing lunatics unleashed which was their post back in action. Thing where they were like okay. We failed the lunatic. The looney tunes are no longer funny. There batasuna comes. Superhero dislike dark gritty. They all have like neon tron colors and like gritted teeth and they're like a space force that's fights people and that lasted for two seasons and was like despise. They did a show called the looney tunes show. That was all the characters but in like a sitcom sort of setting bugs and daffy were neighb- roommates trying to fucking remain. The way knew that was just like bugs. There was another one that was on recently. I will say this lebron on. This movie is rumored as early as twenty thirteen riley. People make the joke as as soon as lebron the court twenty thirteen. It's rumored. I remember because i was on the set of a draft and it's reitman joe metrics appears to produce that fucking movie and i was like what's the deal with this genetic. No one told us like a good luck god speed. That was a fucking nightmare. Make that movie have fun trying right and then a year later i believe train comes out is a big hit. And then lebron signs overall deal with warner brothers and people are like they're ego. Finally it's happening. It takes five years to get to filming after that point. Justin lin's attached at one point because nowhere. The dick ebersol sons. Were writing it. At one point they fall off. Then when kugler nancy comes on when it finally gains traction and than nato salsa when lebron musto which by the way all part of everyone says oh he's doing it because he wants to be fucking doing this argument stuff..

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