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"ernie johnson" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Now. TV shows. Maltese. Both of those are a couple things that I'm trying to you're just looking for ways, especially as a comedian to carve out pieces of content that no one else is messing around with. And so I started doing this thing in the mall where I would basically anytime I'm in a city and I was Madison Wisconsin or puree Illinois. I go to a mall in the area. There's stores that don't exist in other malls. There's a place called I think like hot lunch or box lunch and I'm like, what is that? So I do these fake teasers where it's like, you know, and I pull them up with some of them are pretty blue. And I'll be like, what happens when two Rancho Cucamonga milfs decide to open a drug layer at the bottom in the bottom of their kids Xbox dungeon. Mario Lopez and Maria menounos star in hot lunch, and then I reveal the name of the store. Yeah. That sounds Adam ray comedy. But then there's celebrity plane sliding. That's the one that really gets a nice pop. Basically, I aboard the plane. In an earlier fashion, when the other person won a one. What's that? You're in one name. One ah man, you don't got enough. They don't like it when you put your feet up in the very front like that. You got to have a seat in front of you. People board the plane. I sneak some pictures of them. Some would say, hey, that's illegal. Creepy. Others would. And have I gotten caught for sure. Do some people sometimes stare right into the barrel of the camera. Yeah, and do I just go, I'm sorry. And so I take his pictures, and then I put up a whole run of basically who they are. Whether it's Jeffrey Dahmer's dad or Carole Baskin's mom or rich eisen, I don't know if we had a rich eisen spotting, but I look forward

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"Which is something I don't condone. Because you please give me some of that phrase. Some music. I'm not sure I was talking about my brother in law, dirty, the white rapper last time. I'm not sure if there's any curse free tunes on YouTube. I don't know. But here we go. Anything instrumental? I don't know. This is some guitar ribs. Some Tracy Chapman's fast car, Mike, a little lower. Don't blow him out. Even though he's working. Great, this is great. This is classic. Yeah. Go for it. So Russ, let's ride, worked. I did it. I don't know. It's what you started with. Here's some alts as the season moves forward. Instead of let's ride. Let's hide. Let's hide. Broncos nation, Broncos country, let's hide. There's a daisy. Classic, you know, let's everybody know. That one's on me. Now do you have to front load it with Broncos? Country. Broncos country oopsie daisy. I like that. So they're married together because he will never give up on Broncos country. You won't. Okay. So you think let's ride is what's probably as an inspiration to that. I'm swapping that out. Broncos country daisy. Loops of daisy. A Broncos country, all aboard the rust bus. That's him trying to get them back, okay? They've probably cashed their ticket in for a train or a plane somewhere. He's like, no, no, no. The rust bus. Yes. Horse for a bus. Yes. Okay. Broncos country. Sorry about that. I'm drunk. And everybody knows this guy's human. And that he's because right now I would venture to assume everyone's like, this guy maybe had a zima in 1998. Maybe half good mention of zima. By the way, before you continue, I like it a little cumbersome for a hashtag. You got it. Okay. This is your show. It's okay. I'm commenting. I should just let you go. Go ahead. Nope. Sierra told me to say that. Again, letting people know, I'm in a relationship. Right. Not everything I'm doing is my call. Okay. Broncos country, danger witch on one. Little product placement. I don't know how well the sandwich is doing. I think they pulled it. Oh no. Well, the thing is, they pulled it before it's like, and that's karma. They pulled it before the season, and

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"Right? You can have chicken. Salad. A salad with meat. Together. Separate lanes. Yeah. Understood candy at the end of the day. These are all lanes. But in terms of turning one into another, let's not turn meat and or roughage into a candy. This is just not appropriate. Now let me ask you this. Is Russell Wilson becoming the Caesar salad candy cane. Football players. Yes. That's dangerous. It's dangerous. That's the danger which if there's a Caesar salad candy candy in that danger witch sandwich. That's why she's chewing so damn hard. Exactly. Caesar salad candy cane nation let's not waste. There's a bunch of people, by the way, who are not to call in. That's fine. I'm ready to take their phone calls. Tell us some guys. What's the matter with you? Have it in your salad? Have it in a bowl, don't hang it on a tree, for Jill of Jewish kid to come over and grab that guy right now. Come on. By the way, I do have sorry. If you don't mind, it's just speaking of Russ. You know, obviously he's on he's on a course right now that, like we said, none of us saw coming. I didn't see. Last time I was here, it was like, I was legit sad. 'cause it was also Bobby Wagner on the same day. Oh man, that was a tough day. Yes. But I think that the whole let's ride kind of slogan is probably it's time to mix it up. Yes. So I've come up with a few replacements. Do you need, I feel like Letterman, do you need music for this? I would love music, rich. The problem is too busy on France taking a two one lead on Australia, which is great for Brock Lesnar. I now need to mop out score. Which is something I don't condone. Because you please give me some of that phrase. Some music. I'm not sure I was talking about my brother in law, dirty, the white rapper last time.

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"It was I went and I grabbed every candy cane I could. Wow. If they were made of Caesar salad, I'd be like, what? The hell is happening? That is use until neighborhood watch petition for the fredericton to move. What the hell is that? That Caesar because have we gotten tired of the regular candy cane taste? No, it's unbreakable. I'm not. I'm a job is on the line. That's like, I mean, 'cause you need something minty to get the Caesar salad taste out of your mouth. Yeah. Also, and no knock on Caesar salad. Like, you've been a nice go to for me at a late night Postmates from a BJ's if I'm in Sacramento. But you know, you know, Caesar salad is not in my top. Correct. 50 flavors of things I'd rather do. Taco candy canes. I'm in. No. What is wrong with you? Candy canes? Flavored candy cane. I'd eat that first. There are lanes. There's a meat lane. There's a roughage lane. Yeah. And there's a candy lane. These should never intersect. No. There are lanes. They should run parallel. Do you ever think about running? This is the platform. Yes. You were one thumb to the camel away from getting a vote. Meat and salad. I get it. Yes. Right? You can have chicken. Salad. A salad with meat. Together. Separate lanes. Yeah. Understood candy at the end of the day. These are all lanes. But in terms of turning one into another, let's not turn meat and or roughage into a candy. This is just not appropriate. Now

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"Would be in on that completely if I said, let's do it. And that guy right over there. That suddenly you did just like take all the pictures of food you want. That guy not Sam Elliott over there. I'm just going to say, who have you been compared to with the stash? There's a little monopoly Pasco collect 200. But it's thick. He needs a top hat and a monocle. Is that what you're saying? I wouldn't be mad about it. He looks like a narc. Upon first glance, which all dudes do the initial stash to face assessment, big fan. Thumbs up. You're getting two. Oh, ebert and roper. The one for Cisco in there too. I grew a stash out from November. Let's say maybe 5, 6 years ago. Gotta work out for you. I found out that if you have a stash and you look like this, you can't talk to kids. But I was in an elevator and this family was in there and this kid a little chubby kid. We're in a Dodgers hat and he was just in there just making all these fat noises, right? And I looked down on him and he was chowing down on a Kit Kat and he's staring at me and I go, that's a cool hat man. You like the Dodgers? His dad turns around and sees me with the stash and just pulls his getaway and I was like, dude, nothing malicious is happening. What's happening right now? First of all, he was flirting with me. I didn't even start this. But the stash, it's an interesting piece of real estate to maneuver through society. It is. It is a choice. God bless you. Definitely a choice. It's like trying to sign up from school. You get a lot of looks. I don't know the name of it. I don't know the name of the member. I don't know the name of the actor. I'm sorry. But because it just hit me, it just hit me, who you look like right now. The name of whoever played Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. Oh, really? You don't have a second. That actor in heat. Had a mustache just like you. And you look like that guy in heat. Wow, thank you for not comparing me to the silence of the west. Well, I mean, you got a guy that sells Caesar salad candy canes out of his Hyundai Tucson. By the way, I saw that. They post disgusting. Holiday season. Take it easy. You do follow me on Instagram. Thank you. I posted that last night. I don't know how it wound up. Caesar

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"I am now reduced to a 12 year old girl screaming to The Beatles. Henry Winkler. Earlier on the show. NFL network insider, Ian rappaport, TCU head coach, Sonny dykes, still to come. TNT's inside the NBA host Ernie Johnson. Plus, actor and comedian Adam ray. And now. It's rich I said. I went number three the rich Johnson show is on the air. We just said, goodbye to Sonny dykes. It was a great chat with the TCU head coach Ian rappaport an hour number one if you missed any of that. Don't worry if you're watching us on the Roku channel and why aren't you? It's free. We re air right away as soon as this is a show is over at the end of the hour. Boom, right away. And we're so excited to have Adam ray in studio, the actor and comedian is back in studio an hour number three in about 20 minutes time. And we are also excited to kick off our number three of this program with one of my favorite humans. And also is helpful and great that he's stupendous at his job. Tonight's TNT double header of NBA action is going to showcase the nets in sixers Lakers and sons Lakers with the pregame coverage beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern Time and the man who hosts must see TV every single time he takes that chair on the NBA on TNT, the great Ernie Johnson here on the rich eisen show. How are you, sir? Rich, I am outstanding. I hope you are too. I am too, man. I just always love connecting with you and talking with you. And I want to go, I want to hit way back machine first, Ernie. Your first sports. Let's do it. Your first sports memory thanks to care of your dad. What do you got for me on that one? Ernie Johnson. First sports memory. What do you got? Well, you know, I was only a young shaver when he was playing baseball for the Milwaukee braves. So I'm not going to say, oh, yeah, I remember him pitching to so and so. But I remember, you know, just going to the ballpark with him when he became an announcer. And those were those were rich times for me because he's on the field, doing his pregame interviews. I'm leaning against the batting cage and watching Hank Aaron take BP. You know, it's like those were those were really those were great memories and then just being able to sit in the booth and watch him do his job. And so I just learned an immense amount about his preparation and his respect he showed for folks and how fortunate he always felt to be doing something he loved. And those are the things that stick with you for a lifetime. What was it like getting to know Henry Aaron? Ernie? Well, it was awesome. I mean, I mean, if you picture it rich, you know, here's a guy taking swings in the cage and then coming back outside the cage and saying, so, I was literally teamed up. And it was that way with him. That we would still Negro with a lot of those braves legends who were on those teams when I was growing up. And so it was and what was what was nice is to be able to stay connected to those guys. I know when my dad retired and I was putting a video together that was going to run on sports south, the regional cable, the night that he retired and one of the first guys I reached out to for his memories of my dad was Hank Aaron who met me down in Atlanta Fulton county stadium. We sat there and talked about he was saying, you know, I like to hear a lot of announcers call home runs that there's nobody I like here and more than your dad calling calling one of my home runs and thankfully my dad he was able to call 506 107 hundred. As he worked graves radio back in the days and he only had two innings of play by play in those days. He got to call the third and the 7th inning and by golly wouldn't Henry hit 5, 6 and 700 all in one of those innings. Unbelievable. And then, you know, before he passed, I interviewed Craig sager and asked him about being at home plate when Aaron crossed it. After passing the babe and just seeing him there and his trench coat and his microphone and how he kind of talked his way on the field I think he said something along those lines the story about that. The talk is way into anywhere. Rich, he really could. And that's the way he did his job. He always loved being where the big story was going to be. Even if it wasn't part of his job. You know, what are you going to have that game that night? And he always just wanted to be where the story was. And you know, he was Craig was a classic. If you just get all tied up in what he was wearing in that kind of thing, you missed the whole you missed the point because he was a great reporter, asked wonderful questions, ask the questions that nobody else in the room wanted to ask. He didn't, you didn't care. And so, no, he was, he was a classic and that piece of video with that same Craig seger hairstyle, which he had his entire life and he's got his little RadioShack tape recorder out there to capture anything he can. You just can't see that happening. It wouldn't happen anymore. You know, you can't, you know, it'd be like him standing at home plate when Aaron judge hit his 62nd. You know, it's like, you know, it's like him standing in the end zone when somebody scores a touchdown.

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"I'm in the sports world every weekend. And I watch all the colors football. And I am sick and tired of listening to you and all you SEC clowns telling me how great the SEC is. What did Georgia prove to me and everybody else in the country last Saturday? They have to SCC is garbage. What did Georgia do all year long? The defense was spectacular. Number one, the best. But guess what? When they face somebody as good as them, they're garbage. And what does Georgia do all year long? They face garbage, Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, auburn, Mississippi state. I can go on. It's garbage. So quick going on the airport and telling me the FCC is the best coffers with the best coaches. Because you're not. That's why the culture's got farther from the SEC this year because they're not that good. And that's what Georgia proved. Georgia, the SEC's garbage, garbage, okay? I'm not saying that the worst offers that just as good as every other conference. Just don't come on the air and tell me feel the best of all time. Because they're not. They're not. And let me tell you something. Michigan is going to go in. I'm neutral because I'm a packed 12 guy. You're talking check George's ass and Alabama's ask. But let me tell you about Michigan. They're going to run the ball right down Georgia's throat. Write down their throat. So click coming on the airport and telling me and telling everybody else, the SEC has the best players. The best coaches, the best teams, no, they don't Paul. No, they don't, and George approved it. Georgia approved it. Do you agree with just a girl with my comments, Paul? Brian, quick question. There are 5 power 5 conferences. You will agree with me on that, won't you? Absolutely. And two of the two of the power 5 conferences that won the conference, you talk and Michigan could be both Alabama and Georgia and misses going to prove that. But go ahead, sir. No, well, how can you have a conversation? But how could you exactly? How can you make that statement about Utah? Utah, what were you talking about the office of line with dominate, dominate anybody from the SEC? Did you just see the offensive line, the power running game? Utah? Come on, come on, Paul. You've got to watch the pack tour because you're sleeping at 9 30. Now you don't watch the PAC 12. The path told you it's very good. It's one of the best conferences before. But I'm just saying, Paul, who's saying SEC is great because it's not. Florida sucks. Whether I go to bed earlier or not, it's irrelevant. Utah lost to BYU. They lost to San Diego state. And Alabama last year, a form of Texas a and M team that just lost to LSU who sucks. So what's your point? Well, my point is, what's your point? They also lost to Oregon. They also lost a lot of state. Those are I understand that Paul, my point is this. The SEC is not happy. Alabama, Georgia, okay, SEC has Alabama and Georgia and everybody else's garbage. That's just like every other conference. That's just like over the conference call. Brian, I don't need to argue with you, because it really doesn't matter. Because you're wrong. Okay. Do you not convince me that SEC is this great conference? It's not. I don't have to convince you. Could you count? And I'm telling you that they're not. I'm giving you I'm giving you facts, Paul. I'm more concerned about your language and could you have my language? Yeah, could you send me a mail? Because I've got a thesaurus. I want to send you because they're really better words. They're better words for the word. The bottom line is just a long time. I'm worried about how many points of Florida, Florida, give up the sample, not Stanford. Brian, I don't really care about 52 points. That's your SEC defense? Great defense SEC. You have the real good. Brian, you're not good at that, aren't you? I'm sorry, sir? Brian, you're aware of Florida fired its coach. That just tells you how bad the SEC is. They fire the coach at the horrible. Give me a play. Come on, buddy. Look at the fact. The LCC is horrible. Look at auburn. Brian, who's a person. More sapient question for you is this. You say you're in the casinos every week. Yeah, I'm sportsbook. I've been to college football. We can watch everything. I'll watch more cases than you do, Paul. Go ahead. How long how are your earnings this year? Very good. Very good. Very good. Okay, so. I want you to handicap the Alabama Cincinnati game. It's 13 and a half and Georgia. Okay, well, let me get to the Alabama game real quick. Alabama's going to win that game by 35, because since that is a belonging there, that's a shame. It's an outright fraud that sits there. There's 20 teams I can name right now that will go undefeated Cincinnati schedule. When it comes to Michigan Georgia, Michigan is absolutely going to run the ball right down Georgia's throat. Why? Because a defensive line is fat and slow. That's what Alabama get to Georgia. That's what we saw Saturday. The fat and the slope. What does Michigan? Michigan's quick. They're fast. They're going to run the ball right down the throw Paul. So you don't know. You're saying take the 8 outright win, right? I don't need the points. I don't need the points, Paul. I've taken the money line, plus two 55. Michigan wins outright in a landslide. And guess what, Paul, Michigan's going to beat Alabama too in the championship. Michigan's going to be now Obama. Absolutely. The SEC is slow. The fat and the slope. Brian, we need to talk again. Thanks. And by the way, Jim rohm just called he wants and he wants you back on his show. He's sorry, he ran you off a couple years ago. We are going to take a break. We're going to change gears here and talk about something serious like the.

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"Call. Let's check in with Mike, who is up next. Hey, Mike. Hey, good afternoon Paul. Good afternoon to you. Yeah. Something that Kirby smart consistently does that I haven't heard too many people discussing is he makes at least one colossal error every time he gets under the bright lights. When it was fourth and a school bus and they had like, what was it? A 12, 13 play drive, had a little bit of momentum, and he decides to go for it. He just totally deflated the energy out of the stands in a message to his team. We can't beat these guys. And he did it in the SEC championship and with the fake punt. I mean, he just Nick Saban is the goat. Curvy smart is the fainting goat. You know what a framing goat is not your ball. I have a vague idea, yes. Yeah, when they get really stressed, they just pass out and fall down from the ground. But enough of that. You know, Kirby beats himself up pretty good. I have one little thing of note I want to bring out. I learned something about Georgia fans over the SEC championship game Paul. Do not make a bet with them. I better got a thousand bucks. He does a YouTube podcast. He goes by the name of uncle Wu, I doubt you've ever heard of him, but I know that Georgia fans have heard of this dude very much thousand bucks. And now he won't answer my calls. Imagine that. That's a shocking that somebody would not pay up on a bet. Is that ever happened before? We will take a break. We still have an hour and 15 minutes ago here. We hope you'll stick around. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Hey,.

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"The pride passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul Fein bomb show hour three podcast. We'll be back. We'll be joined by Ernie Johnson a couple of minutes, 7 time Emmy Award winning broadcaster. And that's really just part of his story. We'll introduce him in a minute. We had Bryce young on earlier, the likely Heisman winner and a more humble young man you have never met. Let's get back to the calls at 855-242-7285 and Shannon is up next. Hey Shannon. St. Paul was stroke by how soft spoken by young was that was really, really a striking characteristic. I did not expect to hear from him. Yeah, it was I knew it a little bit about him. I was more surprised that he was even a soft spoken as he was as expansive as he ended up being about his family and what's important to him. It's always refreshing to hear well spoken college athletes. I was an English major in college and I really enjoy that. Paula, tell me if I'm wrong, but a couple of weeks ago, did not hear Jim come down pretty hard on somebody for quote in the scripture on the air called him a heathen and all that kind of stuff. Listen, give me key. Can I get back to you on trying to differentiate the times Jim is called somebody that? So. Hard at work at the moment. I think it was I'm in something I'm in and brought up to him about hebrews or something. I don't know. They called him a psychopath. Yeah, well then on Tuesday, Jim hung up his tall by saying F them to your production staff, which I thought was kind of contradictory based on his support of the gospel. Hey Paul, big question for you. I noticed that Mike Griffith and 5th in recent both wrote articles today, one on dog nation and then went on the athletic about is JC Daniels really an option and does Kirby know something about the quarterback situation we don't. Right. You mentioned last week or early in the week that you've heard some things and there's some stuff out there. How possible is it that JC Dan isn't an option right now? It's possible. And let me scrape away. This is what I miss about being a writer. You can go back and take out what you just said. It's possible that he's an option. He just may not be a very good option. Yeah. And I know that as a journalist, you probably hear a lot of things that you're not comfortable divulging or until it's substantiated, but I just can't for the life when we believe that Kirby smart can evaluate 21 other positions on the starting off in the defense as well as we can. And fall short evaluating the quarterback position. And I think what happens, Shannon is rightly or wrongly, whatever you've done becomes part of the narrative. And I will forever defend him on Jake from, and I think we've had this conversation. There was never a moment. You could have given fields, maybe a little more room in one of those. I think it was the Florida game. But other than that, he was not a better player at that time than Jake fromm. If I've got a second I'll tell you a quick anecdote. When I was coaching off his line, we had three big upper classmen big kids. They didn't block somebody's view. They couldn't play dead in the cowboy show. They were terrible. But they were upper class when they were big. And our head coach said to me, you've got to run those kids off. And I said, why? He said because of their stand on the sideline and everybody's going to look at me and say, no wonder we're losing our biggest kids around the sideline. He soon and if I play them and we lose, they're going to look at me and say, you're an idiot. Look how big our kids are and we're losing. You know, sometimes we as fans make a 100% evaluation on 10% information if that makes sense. We don't really know. And I just don't buy into the narrative that Kirby can evaluate quarterbacks. I fully believe that playing Jake trauma over field at the time was the right decision. There's plenty of information out there why Jacoby's and transferred out and didn't make it back on the field. And I just got to believe that there's something else here that we don't know about. Well, I think if you want to answer that, you have to study the entire amount of information that's connected to JT. And go back to his leaving LA, the injury, why it took so long, why there was so much confusion? Was there interference were there things going on that caused Kirby smart to wait as long as he did? And if you come up with some conclusions there, you may want to move them over to the current situation. And there you and at that point you might be able to have a couple of clues to why this is such a conundrum. Yes, thank you a couple of the smoky things that are out there in the stratosphere. I really do. Thank you very much, and it's always a pleasure Wayne is up next. Hey, Paul, happy holidays and thank you for taking my call again. I had talked to, I want to give you some stats on what brass young and Roman Harper had said about will Anderson and Aidan hutchison and but I want to first say I talked to you about three weeks ago and when I was doing a top 25 countdown of course, Georgia, which was the best team in the nation and still may be an Obama fan, they could be. But my question is, they said it was Georgia and everybody else, not given by chance. So I'm getting that on this top four on the housing. Which is very likely to win it. But I want to say hats off to ayden Hutch is in Michigan for making a playoff in aid and had a great career this year. But the stats that I want to give you right here that I want to read and I think Roman Harper said something about the sax he come on strong with 13 or 14 sacks. But here's the stats on that. And Aidan Hutchinson had permission had 20 58 tackles, 387th in a nation and will Anderson had 91 tackles, 71st in a nation. Yeah, wait, and if I could add this, I appreciate the support for will Anderson and I'm with you. And I made it very clear how I voted in the Heisman Trophy, but it's not going to change anything. And I think most people realize that this was an error..

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"We had a lot. We're talking about here. We go and real quick real. Mvp once again beach wrong with you for for being brave and doing what you're doing to recount your story from people second one that i got here. I'm not going to happen it too much. But ernie johnson is His son passed away but teased. His son was special. Needs and everything like that. I died young to things like thirty three And so but earn an espn sixty thing about him of how he takes care of his son everything and of course you know tribute and stuff with The guys on On tnt and would they talk about it. You know in during the show out blessed outcry churkin shack and and kenny. So they were. They're talking about that. And ernie jones has been because of this massive and great advocate for special needs children. And everything like that. So that's We love her own. Yeah the on twitter to people were like. I would not accept any snowfalls there. I don't think any single. Nba fan dislikes already johnson. So there you go all right. So that's real mvp and a c. Andrews i here so not really much on the college football but looking yeah. We'll we'll we'll just pop into the. Nfl would sco there. let's let's do. let's do it all right. Charles we're not gonna get. I'm no no we gotta we gotta leave our find. We'll start with you. Know what marinade marinade all right. Funnier there okay. So nfl week. Eight charges of fraud charges fraud claims. He was was fraudulent real. They could win it and it still be Damn the chiefs game exactly. Yeah exactly The saints gave up everything just to be the box. That is a pure tony stark moment for. Yeah yeah you know. Good on them for them. But but at what cost at. Trevor simian is the cost at what cost. And i told my buddy. He's and he hates cam. Newton of like you're gonna get cam at trevor. Siemian train cannot last forever. I was just perplexed. The cameras nap job or tastes hill. Who still come back that concussion. Type thing like. That's what i always can have a backup to your backup. But now man as roughing. You had michael thomas either because now he's out because debates ankle injury so he's like we're just gonna trade on a lake trail you'll get some value with. It's it's a shame because that defense strong errors good. so there's that already mentioned the affirmation dolphins i. I hate them. The new york jets beat the bengals. Mike why beat the bengals. Yeah with tyler. Johnson beatles angles to know. How does that feel knowing that you a second round pick is a game changer because there was a second round pick that got traded away from the broncos to the rams in bonn miller and he has a legacy in corson. Zach wilson who on paper look bad every single day and you can only go rookie so long to me gentlemen and ladies and then you just get Thoughts come back to me. And then you just get mike white from western kentucky Just put up for yards. Make an offensive maybe bengals ventures had a bat. I'll give bengals defense has a bad day If they were given three. And here's the thing about mike white. Afc north teams are definitely inconsistent enough to have games like that. So yeah yeah loss..

ernie johnson churkin ernie jones Trevor simian Nfl espn kenny Andrews Nba bengals johnson Johnson beatles chiefs michael thomas twitter Charles football saints trevor Newton
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That’s Wild Podcast

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"ernie johnson" Discussed on That’s Wild Podcast

"Like that. You know what i'm saying. Actually had mahomes anton play which you greedy yehuda alcohol. Do assign like four quarterbacks for no reason why does he have four. Qb's like 'cause you don't back over. Had i had my home than i got a from. Jacksonville a darnell not unless carolina. Oh trouble lawrence. Intro laurence tribe lost man. He didn't impress me. Much coming into the league. I thought he was going to do things. And it's like. I think it was a little too fast room. He has to get used to it a little bit. Yeah yeah well you know it is fascinating too and he got strache the tape rolling out. There's a reason why they got him like the pig but they got they got some pretty good offers us. Receivers they got. They got like three of them. They're really good was seated thing bucknell. He gets out of the park. You can still run. Look that's what the nfl is coming to you. Know they they make up the plane. Go you know hell. Yeah i'm saying is the broncos bro. Holy shit god. Damn three s they for instance off i need was a little bit better quarterback. Teddy bridgewater is pretty good. Dan consistent says old he consistent. I don't wanna. I don't wanna shipowner consistent the fucking. What's his name Baker do. That's surprise seem. I thought you know they right now. They're doing better than the fucking chiefs. They look better than the chiefs right now to their game wasn't week oh man that will actually wasn't even medical day was given its own Kansas city came back in the second. Half i knew hours. I a comeback second-half also too. It's kinda deeply probably kind of say. They like cursed. It'll matter not what they do as raw. And even you know they had to come down from a three one maybe a little drain suspension. A little bit of some will say and you know other legally can't win this. They care with it drafted with they head. Probably what the best bag ball. Time that jim brown folly they get enough to the next year they actually was ernie johnson who was actually the first african-american heisman trophy winner. He got leukemia. Yeah you know like you know like You know they can get right sucks. Yeah it's up to be a browns fan for the longest that light it was terrible to be lebron's man like all hail you like you crazy. I live there. Yeah movie man. Hey man it's always don't kicking it and chopping it up with john appreciate y'all coming off real real hail year man like i said man Twenty twenty six was straight here baby. Westside san antonio. There is hashtag that while paris tax day. Cloudy ten percent off. That's check out so user. Y'all ready noman. I saw enough. Y'all have you over a..

mahomes anton Intro laurence Teddy bridgewater darnell Jacksonville lawrence carolina broncos ernie johnson nfl chiefs Baker Dan Kansas city jim brown leukemia browns lebron Westside john
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GG Over EZ

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"My name is joey and welcome to the digi. Over easy podcast. I'm here today. Filling in for mr fruit. And i think we get some banger topics today. Honestly like who is this guy. Who's this guy. We'll find this exactly you'll find out about joey's lower. Mr fruit is currently on vacation For his honeymoon college my episode. So exactly as i get the hell out of here today. We talk about Joey's lor what he's kinda gone through to get him to this point. We talk about pokemon unite. Is it dare. I say the greatest Mobile to ever grace the earth And we also talk about uh some other things that you can find out. Qa questions so guys you guys offer hanging out and listening to the podcast. Let's get right into it. I started just like this. That's how we start these podcasts. Joining mister fruits. Here's kind of you know you kinda just with just gonna win that and like mr. He keeps us in line. You know. I think that as kind of inside the nba. Almost like he's ernie johnson and i'm shack blue's charles barkley stood. I only understand that. I can't be charles barkley. He has he has major beef. San antonio's we okay. Okay i'll be. I'll be charles. You could be shack. Gaia go anyways. Welcome to episode ninety. Three of the gee-gee over easy podcasts. Also known as the episode dad is away getting spaghetti's this route. Mr fruit is away right now on his honeymoon. You wouldn't know that. Because he's still uploaded like a freak like grinders. He is He will be back next week for episode ninety four. It's crazy that we're almost a hundred episodes that is or willie on tickets place. Yeah a and Introducing the guest filling in for mr for today about time joey. Welcome joey not not maybe as great as your podcastone as the cosmic couch brand new on spotify and youtube what we saw we saw we saw your tape over at the cosmic couch. And we thought we'd sign you overhear gio visa. Guess appearance glad to be. I'm glad to change sides so so early on in the game. I'm your voice. It's about time but he got it. I listen. I gotta get to it before everybody in their moms. Start saying it. It's a whole thing. It's always out every time for for the people who aren't familiar with joey or his law or anything like that My experience with joey is joey was mr. This is my. This is my Joey was mr fruit commenter. Who left cool comments and mr fruits pokemon videos or just videos. In general i think almost started with pokemon. And then kinda went to other things as well and then I don't know if officially games with him at some point or you just or he just thought you're really funny and cool because you are. You know joe. You're i gotta i gotta be honest. I think he thought i was cringe as hell. But you know what thanks rob for thinking now now now you have to look those comments. Those he never heard that comment do actually. I was going to say that. One of my favorite. Yeah what what i used to do. Is write a paragraph long nose law comments under mr fruits like second channel knows locks starting with the heart gold one that he did episode eight or seven. You can find me. Go ahead and check now and under that comment someone said oh my god. You should do this for every episode and i was like. Oh maybe i should so yo. If you're out there that guy who said that. I'm here because he aided you're saying the the og Oji office episode. Seven or eight. Did start doing them. That i made like like like to sentence long. Like recap of the last episode or something. Okay so so he's episode seven over I'm looking at it right now. And here's about time joey. One hundred ninety eight votes Praying nobody dies this episode. Pray hit emoji. Okay okay so that was the first one. Okay now. i think episode aid is were started doing things. Yeah okay so episode. Eight is when you start like. Hey i'm pick this up said pie. Notice my i. This is my job now. You know what. I actually think i have a screen shot of when that was e mailed to me mr fruit harder. Harder thing on really. Yeah i i was like. Oh let's go because i used to. I was super into the game. I started watching fruit and like twenty sixteen which to put in perspective. I was fifteen years old. So i was five years ago while i'm twenty now so i've grown up a little bit even drink can't even drink yet but you know what this this number baby mom click out of it now you know but like yeah so i think it started episode eight and it just kept going and then he started pinning them. He started like an an pen in them. I was like can you..

joey Mr fruit charles barkley ernie johnson Joey spotify San antonio nba willie charles mr youtube rob joe
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Blank Check with Griffin & David

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"Mingling of their technology of his technology when he takes to the court and he's like super powered. It's just like well. He's a little kid and he's got these fucking like tron beans around his arm and he can jump really high and he can do fucking whatever like it just means nothing the game is rigged. He throws this fucking jump point. Lebron wins the things over. Everyone's celebrating then like five minutes later. Bugs like cough cough. It's been nice see needs to die because christ okay. I don't know i. I have no idea when that was happening. I was ready to leave. Break go home to my three minutes later on walking into three camp and then bug strong literally ends on the taco tuesday. Yes that's aloft just in some ways bidding and so but like how did you get here. We're tunes it's like you're not gonna say like we fucking broke the servers we all exist in your world once again in the original space jam. Michael jordan has to reckon with the discovery. Your real all of you are real like there's a reaction to that you exist in this. It's just like oh you found a way to come through the tv cool. I don't have any spare bedrooms. We have the answer. Is you probably have a lot. It'd probably probably fairmount aspera. Also do tune sleep. Do they know what's the big red guy again. Gossamer love gossip. I get screen time in the transformation he does. I will say we should. Let's play the box office game. I'm done talking about this movie but there's one of them. Sorry we have at least another hour. There's they get turned into as you mentioned three d. c. Yes which we knew because there was in the promotion. And there's like. Oh god now. The movie actually percents. This is like a hellish abomination. It's like yes. Algae rhythms final insult. Is this yeah. So it's kind of funny. That's in there where they're like. Look we did it. And they're like we know it's bad like we know that's not cool. I also just want to remind you do it. A also wanted to mention i noticed. I was in the crowd in the movie. You're in there. I had no idea i remember. Being they acquire blank check productions. What part of what happens to. Lg rhythm at the end of this film. Do we have leave right right. And warner brothers. Just takes his next pitch. There's not even a sequence of warner brothers. being shut. That down shocked in a canon. Like michael jordan is like nerd locks. Why did you let him talk like this. And they realize that they have an abusive boss and they fucking shove them in a canon and then the nerd looks are on the basketball court for two shots at the end of the show. I'm seeing here that i forgot. He remember he post arises algae rhythm yes fatality. Ernie johnson johnson to does the you know the the commentary who is a great a great a great man television personality guy. Every but just really. It's a tough. that's not when when them is deleted. In that moment i forgot remember. He goes like this isn't how i want to that part of the game. I think yes. Rules apply to himself. I guess loser is deleted. it means nothing and when what's his name Chris davis who plays malinche came on screen. I was just like why. Didn't they hire little relative. Do this usually right. Yeah and then very little real and and what's his name the other commentator in. It's just like well. That's not putting him in a bill. Murray position he has nothing to play off of. Yes you're just putting him with a guy who's not a comedian on a green screen reacting to nothing pre-written jokes whereas like murray night. The whole point is like give the basketball players someone to play off who is funny as opposed to an okay child actor and a dramatic actor who is trying to like cut loose by the way if they if the sun had just designed sort of the the the new. Nba jam right. That would have changed the whole. That's all it needs. This extra layer kevin but just the whole idea of random like the power ups. I wish i could remember any of their names. As the problem any of the trick plays of course there's the notorious five flips the court with a spinning. He does do that. I'm trying to remember. What are the things that happened. They move the hoop right is algae rhythm moves hoop and just that one time done that more often. If you wanted to win my pregnant she does it. She does does the like slow motion on kronos and the only one i kind of like has it felt a little more like actual looney tunes. I think the only looney tunes they get right in this movie while coyote and road runner and it helps that they're silent and they can't have them say dumb shit but that that bit is almost a a decent. This is how a looney toon. We'll play basketball thing where he has the crazy mean contraption and he puts birdseed seed on it and he knows that roadrunner will hit it really fast and make a bunch of balls that works for me. That was yeah. Give that a five. Yeah i forgot about that to read the the the the many wylie's also go into the who the clones right right and so that i mean gets them a lot of points. You need to acknowledge that was just good play they do. I just want to say We talked about the aboard. Space jam sequels. They didn't make right in action was supposed to just be a pin of like. It's been six years. We need to get something back out there. And then we're gonna make skate jam. Their plan was to make skate jam right after back and actress back option which is whose charismatic as tony hawk. Such a good actor. Good actor. I really enjoyed to sir. He doesn't speak in his crap back and actions a huge fucking a huge flop even though it's a very artistically successful movie yes i it has been a joy for me because i've defended that movie for eighteen years now last month of probation articles as people being like this is the one we should respect not space jam and that movie look. Is joe dante trying to deal with a lot of stupid studio notes. And there's weird shit in that movie but it it has a pure heart and there's really exxon chevron and he gets the looney tunes But since then like every three years warner brothers tries to do something. With the looney tunes there was famously. The sing lunatics unleashed which was their post back in action. Thing where they were like okay. We failed the lunatic. The looney tunes are no longer funny. There batasuna comes. Superhero dislike dark gritty. They all have like neon tron colors and like gritted teeth and they're like a space force that's fights people and that lasted for two seasons and was like despise. They did a show called the looney tunes show. That was all the characters but in like a sitcom sort of setting bugs and daffy were neighb- roommates trying to fucking remain. The way knew that was just like bugs. There was another one that was on recently. I will say this lebron on. This movie is rumored as early as twenty thirteen riley. People make the joke as as soon as lebron the court twenty thirteen. It's rumored. I remember because i was on the set of a draft and it's reitman joe metrics appears to produce that fucking movie and i was like what's the deal with this genetic. No one told us like a good luck god speed. That was a fucking nightmare. Make that movie have fun trying right and then a year later i believe train comes out is a big hit. And then lebron signs overall deal with warner brothers and people are like they're ego. Finally it's happening. It takes five years to get to filming after that point. Justin lin's attached at one point because nowhere. The dick ebersol sons. Were writing it. At one point they fall off. Then when kugler nancy comes on when it finally gains traction and than nato salsa when lebron musto which by the way all part of everyone says oh he's doing it because he wants to be fucking doing this argument stuff..

warner brothers Michael jordan Ernie johnson johnson cough cough basketball Lebron Chris davis Lg exxon chevron Murray murray Nba wylie kevin tony hawk joe dante lebron reitman joe metrics riley dick ebersol
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"ernie johnson" Discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

"But i got it now. It's a great show go off. I'm curious It just went off basically like this just staring at the tv and then you said actually pretty good. I felt like i. I think it was like last year. The devil there he was. He always that aggressive though. He's been more aggressive politically in the last couple of years. When charles barkley said i'm not a role model for governor like fifteen years ago okay okay anyway. Sharpest knife so So so simmons was talking about how i don't even really care. I don't wanna get too in the weeds. Well pre game shows but these pain is at halftime of these games. Two and a half minutes if like five people and they just kind of one talks talks talks talks talks now. We find out. That's because like rachel nichols was never live on this thing. Oh really during the show them retailer hoshi. She would never interact with her. So they'll hate each other so barkley in like you know they just bullshit for like ten minutes. And it's good. I remember i was on forty. I'd uc berkeley. A couple of weeks ago was not allowed to make fun of san town anymore. Which is a hilarious. If he's washed the compilations of that he's he's being hilarious. Like genuinely funny. I was watching highlights like a year or so ago randomly flipping around in in there was a wacky play like a blooper thing or something earn. Johnson we call the say. I love lucy lucille ball charles. Barkley like why because it's ugly. My favorite part of the and. It's funny that's even it's like not funny and he says it. My favorite part of those clips are sometimes. Barkley will make a kind of a vague reference about san antonio. Yeah ernie johnson blew past and bring it back and go. Why do you say that chuck right. Did they do a good job. I mean again. I watch a lot but anyway long way of saying it's insane i if rachel nichols if i was rachel nichols obi holding a press conference right now. Saying i'm fucking suing. Espn for three. Zillion dollars for violation of privacy. But three zillion dollars. And i love maria taylor. She's the greatest ever. But fuck you add. That's would be my the thing. I wanted to say about this apology to before the rest of it is what it feel to. You say. I genuinely offended you. And if i started the apology out well kirk. I was always raised to live by the golden rule. I didn't would you feel like that. Was a genuine apology. Said this in my life. These people are not human beings so radio intel. I was listening to radio yesterday. A serious it was like classic vinyl or something. This woman rachel. Steel hosted sure. She's a lovely woman. She's like a. I think neil shown. The guitarist for journey is auctioned off much of his guitars. And you can tell all the series people do from their house or whatever so you could tell. She has twenty six seconds. She has to do before she goes into lights by journey. Whatever i just like you know what. I like about auctions are no. It's exciting like is the prices get higher and higher. It means more and more and then eventually somebody wins. It was basically like about sunglasses. Meister at the sun. I put them on. It's actually not as powerful reflection in my eyes. Yeah well that's why these basketball broadcasts so important to me. Because i always think two teams are really going at it and scoring points over as the most i mean. What's they'll say nothing so it doesn't it doesn't it doesn't even really matter but yeah by just like there's nothing. I wish it was just the station and you know sense you know what i knew. I the poster that anybody that business but like were they were if there was a station where they just talked about nothing and even play the songs like and then just did it again. I would listen to that all day. Dj how's it quick. I become the program director. I will host one of those shows. I love it. I love because you could tell you could see her. Rachel silman woman counting down in her head because she was like. Yeah and then. There's somebody who points in. She's describing auction like what person listening to. This is never heard of this concept like action. Heroes speak so fast in the the higher you bid the more likely to get the get the item. It is fascinating when you think about. It wasn't even that they played. What journey separate ways. Which i fucking hayden separate ways by journey. I'm sure i do. But i don't know by the someday love. We break those chains that bind. You know one night will remind.

rachel nichols uc berkeley san town Barkley lucy lucille ernie johnson rachel nichols obi charles barkley maria taylor barkley simmons san antonio chuck Espn Johnson charles kirk intel Meister rachel
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KNBR The Sports Leader

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"If they go down to nothing, But I mean, 111 would be an absolute, you know, huge wind scenario for Milwaukee coming back to Pfizer form. They've played very well at home in these playoffs. They did lose one game against Atlanta. But other than that, they've been. They've been very, very good in there, you know, and they're from McAllen finds and and again every day is a day closer, to be honest, Janice's meaning feeling better being closer to full strength health so that the longer they can you know the longer they can stay alive. The better situation for them, of course. Alright. Last thing for you, J. R. These two teams have a lot in common. They came into the NBA in the same year and expansion 1968 69. They both been to only sorry. That's the fact Jack. Two NBA finals in their franchise existence. The Bucks did win one a lifetime ago, 1971. But they did win one. The sons are looking for their first championship. Um they both of that really good, impressive runs to get to this NBA finals. So there's a lot of parallels you can draw one more. The party outside the arena when the team is on the road in both Milwaukee and Phoenix. They have tremendous crowds watching big screen TVs going crazy is spitting in the eye of Covid 19 and just celebrating when their team is on the road. Have you been part of that at all in Milwaukee? Are you on the road covering every single game in this playoff run? Do you know what it's like? Outside the box arena when they are playing on the road and expected to be on mas for these first two games in Phoenix. Yeah, I haven't had a chance to be there this year, but But I was there a couple years ago in the first year Pfizer forum when I went to the To the Eastern Conference finals against Toronto. And, Yeah, they call that area The Dear District, it was built up Explicitly with those visuals in mind. You know where fans are just flocking to the outside of that arena. It's obviously a very new arena in downtown Milwaukee, right next door to to the old one to the Bradley Center and talk about a completely completely different vibe in Milwaukee. There was nothing like this for the Bradley Center. Mind you, the teams at the Bradley Center. He never went to an NBA finals. So you know they've had a couple close calls. But the The Bucks obviously have a lot of down years in the history of chunks of years where they weren't a playoff team or re title contending team. Yeah, this is this is something else and it stretches for for a long way, And there's some businesses around there and big screen TVs. They really built that up thinking this isn't this has some potential and They were very smart to do so. It is an electric atmosphere. It's incredible down there. Um, it's kind of scary with the crowds. I mean, like, that's the point where you know you can't even breathe. There's people everywhere. But but but good for good for the books. I'm figuring out how to how to build that up and make that into something. We saw it in Toronto to during that during that playoff run, you know they have their own. They have their own thing going. It seems to become it's kind of become the norm in the in the NBA and If your season is going to end in the middle of summer like it is this year. I mean, that's that's only going to add to the vibe and head to the end of the excitement around it. It's too bad. The TNT crew wasn't able to come this year like they like they did the year I was there with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley Shack and Setting up their stage in that spot that that was a good time, But obviously this is this is a huge time from Milwaukee. Milwaukee just doesn't get this. You know, like 1982 the last time the Brewers the bucks were in A championship series and the Brewers made their one World Series appearance. You know? Like you said, 1971. They want to title 1974 the last time they went to the finals. I mean, we're talking. We're talking 50 years. I mean, nobody around Milwaukee. Nobody in Milwaukee has This experience has had this experience. So this is this is a big big deal for this town, and the party starts in the Dear District tomorrow night Game. One sons versus the Bucks, Jr. Great stuff. Appreciate you coming on board. Have a fun run with the series in your box squad. Yeah, yeah, it's gonna be great. Thanks a lot. We'll talk, maybe talk again. Soon. He done deal Jr. Radcliffe from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Here with US on CBS Sports Radio Judy Mackin for D A. I'll come back and re stoked the bones. Sorry, Jr. I'm taking the sons. Uh, despite he made a good case for his team and the strengths that they have leaning into this I think it's close. I think it's a six or seven game series, but I'm leaning Phoenix as well. If you ask me, I'm on record already saying I'm taking Phoenix and I don't think I'm going to change my mind over the next hour and 37 minutes into the show. You want to try and change my mind Buck pants. Get on the phone lines 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. Bernie Mac Padilla on CBS portrayed EO Have you wanted to speak a new language, but thought it would be too difficult or take too much time. Then try babble whether you want to learn Spanish for future travel plans friend to connect with extended family or maybe German to land. A new job babble works because it's built around real life. It teaches you everyday practical conversations that you'll actually use. All you need is 15 minutes a day, and you'll be on your way to confidently speaking a new language.

Ernie Johnson Charles Barkley Shack Bernie Mac Jack Janice J. R. Atlanta 50 years 855 1982 CBS Padilla TNT six Judy Mackin McAllen Phoenix tomorrow night Bucks 1974
Why 'The Inside Story' Is so Great

AJ Benza: Fame is a Bitch

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Why 'The Inside Story' Is so Great

"There's a series I've been watching. It's played before. It's called the inside story. It's about inside the NBA that great series with Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny the jet Smith and Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson. Great show, it's the best sports panel show of all time. And it's now it's in the broadcasting and television Hall of Fame because it's just so perfect. They were perfect without Shaq and they added Shaq they're in better now. It's a dynasty and it makes me laugh every fucking week. It's on. It's like that largely because executives didn't fuck with the talent. They just let them be who they are because they knew they were good at it.

Ernie Johnson Shaquille O'neal Charles Barkley Shaq NBA Kenny Smith
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"Armstrong and Getty show. When Truckster goes off on these now familiar rants about The city of San Antonio and its inhabitants. He ruffles some feathers over like Mike, my Twitter blows up. Doesn't yours about what Trump says about man. Gotta have assisted him. I know people, you know? People got to have a sense of humor. What are we talking about? So, Charles Michel, I love the TNT show. If you like NBA basketball you like the TNT show that they do with Charles Barkley and shacks on there. And this other guy, Kenny Smith, you might not know it. Host. What's his name? Ernie Johnson E. Johnson. Who probably doesn't get enough credit for making that whole thing run. But the reason may be the last man in America named Ernie as well. And really the reason that thing took off in the beginning. It is such a popular sports shows. Because Charles Barkley is his personality is just it's what it is. And he's the most honest guy that's ever been in sports. He'll He'll say this game is boring. Just, you know, nobody else ever says that sort of stuff. Yeah, it's great. He doesn't care. He has no dams to give Neil Well, you're going to hear more about that in just a second. But, um I was watching last night. It was really good, he said. I think the Milwaukee Bucks are going to win. But they are the stupidest team I've ever seen. And they got a bunch of stars that make the stupidest decisions of everything Anybody make. Um Had another comment on that. Remember, it'll float back into my head anyway. Um, he, uh well, I'll just read what what he said yesterday because he got in trouble. Apparently TNT, the network that he works for the TNT higher ups. Wanted to put an end to a long running bit where Charles Barkley makes fun of the women of San Antonio. He's been doing that for years. The women Oh, my and Charles Barkley said. If you crack a joke, the wrong way now they're like. Oh, no, no, no. You cross the line. I mean, they won't even let me talk about San Antonio anymore. I'm always talking about their big old women down in San Antonio there like Charles, we got one lady wrote an article. Unlike first of all, I didn't call anybody personally Fat in San Antonio. Just joking around. We've been having fun with this for probably 10 15 years. We go to San Antonio. The people are having a blast with that. The people in San Antonio had T shirts made up about this. Which I've seen that before. Yeah, because that's kind of their own running and you get a giant crowd and they all show up in the give him crap. And he gives them crap and everything like that. He can't even have fun nowadays, without these characters trying to get you canceled and things like that. I'm trying to hang on for another couple of years until I'm 60. And then then you can kiss my ass. I'm only working until I'm 60. I've already told them that I'm not working until the day I die. That's just stupid. And if I don't have enough money by now, I'm an idiot. Anyway, they should Fire me anyway. Wow. I love Chuck. Oh, that is really funny. Alright. Told Mom only work until 60 If I don't have my mom enough money by banal. I'm an idiot. They should fire me for that. So is that the network telling him to stop making those jokes?.

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"Happy Tuesday to you, boys and girls. One question one question Only. How do you feel? I feel good and I'm doing well, well, that's all that are really matters. And we come July for the rocket mortgage studios when you want the ability to adjust your loan options in real time. Guess what. Rocket can Coming up this hour here on the D, a show we will talk NBA playoffs with NBA analyst Coming up here on the show. He has not joined us in the past, but he has joined the CBS Sports Radio Network recently. He was on the Jim Roam show not too long ago, so Josiah Johnson is going to join us. He is the host of out of pocket. He played also college hoops at U C L. A. He's going to join us coming up on the show in a half hour from now. Speaking of Getting humiliated. By the Brooklyn Nets in a game where James Harden didn't play the Nets led by 17 of the first quarter. By 25 of the first half and at 1.49 points to cruise to a blowout victory. This has to be one of the most humiliating losses. In recent NBA playoff history for any franchise. Because you had already lost game number one. You have been trying to convince everybody that you belong in the conversation for winning an NBA championship that you are a better version of yourselves than previous years. And that you can hang with anybody. You lose. Game one. The Nets lose James Harden harder to scratch for game number two. And you know you've got an opportunity a window here to take Game two and B 11 going back to Milwaukee. And not only do you lose game too, and the Nets don't have James Harden, but you don't show up. You miss every possible shot to open up the the game. You are lackadaisical offensively and defensively are taking poor shots and missing them. You're likely the Nets do whatever they want. Offensively, You found yourself down by a growing deficit and you don't even try to stop the bleeding. You don't get any stops. Don't play better, And you don't try to fight back and close the deficit. No, you just let it keep getting wider and wider and wider. And after the game. To hear the disgust. And Charles Barkley's voice. To hear the disappointment in Kenny Smith's voice to hear the somber tone of Ernie Johnson. It was like, how dare you guys. That's at least how Barkley felt. How dare you lose by 50 points. It's like you've got an opportunity. It's in front of you. They don't have hearted. You've got ya honest. And you lost. By 40 points and found yourself down by 50. It was like, how dare you guys and it was sad. It was sad for early and said for shock and said for Kenny, because It takes the wind out of the sails of this series. How can you possibly expect the bucks to put up a fight? If without James Harding on the floor, there's still 40 points worse, or 50 points worse. Game three. Ends up being.

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