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"ernie boch" Discussed on The Charles Moscowitz Podcast

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"ernie boch" Discussed on The Charles Moscowitz Podcast

"Hate him of course eight. That's why hate anybody. Speaking of. Which i mean i i understand that. I think i mentioned this before. But i want to mention it. Thom hartmann is is a left wing talk show host. I listened to occasionally plastic. You know nature you know. Goosestepping left wing. You know the everything is know. Go to that. Sit and when he was criticizing trump one of his criticisms was trump's. Father was a secret member of the john birch society and i was like wow death hell. Nina trump does not score knows. What's really going on and you know. I think that. I hope that once true. I mean you know that that tells us a lot to cover new york for the john birch society. The new york city know about once a month spent a week in the air not necessarily the city but the area and we would ask him and people. Some people knew Say well he's a patriot. He gives money to hillary. He gives but a wealthy wealthy businessman tend to give money to candidates all the candidates. Destruct destruct company this drugstore. Chain down in florida oh. They gave governor santo so many thousands of dollars but they also get money to bernie sanders and political and You know the auto dealer in no way ernie boch. He wasn't big trump supporter in lane. He donated money to bernie sanders this year. So they're not idiological givers they give ever. They think that's right and they going to be they'll give them they'll give them a you don. They won't pass laws against their interests. That that's just i don't like it because i'm an idol. Apologize for being an ideologue you know. No i know that. But that is not that words and say at a corporate giving know they'll they'll do they want to be on the winning side restaurant so yeah so anyway but i want to mention to that this notion that trump being a racist if you go on youtube which is where you are and you put it in black conservatives for trump you're gonna find dozens if not hundreds of very conservative patriots. There's a there's a fellow out in california known as Mega hulk he's the head. Oh six hundred. Eight and bill brick wall. He has a gentle this soul and the way he speaks he's leading. While the recall knew somebody a campaign. He was interviewed on newsmax recently. You know that's the kind of people you want. Congress got here in boston and get raila campbell. She lives she ran against. And so you got a lot of a lot of people so this idea of freedom is not something this white is is. Something that is universal. Well i actually think that gnarly did a fiscally do better amongst people of color in this last election that's why even in massachusetts. He did better in boston by two percent and he did very well in cities like lawrence and holyoke. We have large hispanic population. But i think that if you took away hush statements the improprieties. He did even better. Listen okay. That seems natural. Constituency people of color minorities and young people. Anyway so how talk about the constitution which up two of them. Well actually i get busy month. We were supposed to be in ohio this month. But things thanks. We weren't planning the events being planned forest. They told through this month. We have a lot of events. We're bringing into the greater boston area. Up here in new hampshire guy named coach. Dave daba meyer. He's gonna ministry cole past the salt industry. He is like you know remember reverend. Cb craft reverend craft was white skin..

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