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"erkki humana" Discussed on Never Seen It

"Heard of the movie okay. Wow that's a pip dude. Truly more professional than anyone would have expected. Look what it didn't need to be that good. It didn't need to be that good ahead. No no business being that good So I WANNA play here if you think you know what it is you can raise your hand when you think you know but we'll let it play all the way through to the end so me Eh. Okay he's asking the kids a very hard question about operas. There's this guy who used to be smart but now he's just stupid and there's a dying man shifting to the left laughed law showing us all of these different people. Dying man son. We're meeting everyone. Everyone for one line. His daughter Oh okay retake Erkki Humana. A police officer Swims Long Great Mustache on the police. In front of a frog in the voices saying it will all all makes a lot of quick shots. The COP said this is not an easy job we see all it's true. I know this guy and I'm not sure I've ever seen long. Maybe maybe no no I think I. I know he's saying if we're on the same page here. Okay Audrey you first person put your hand in the air out is is not knives out confidence. It's not This one is not current they can be from anytime anytime since. 'cause movies are thousand. Beat from Magnolia Tom Cruise with the hair say Magnolia. It's Magnolia Julia I'm not used to seeing this long Harrison. Tom Cruise dying man got a lot of screen. Time did in the preview. Historically my dad is not good identifying actors. We have the memento trailer where he kept. Talking about Brad Pitt in a hotel for the entire description it is close. It's some guy it's literally a Guy Guy We'll play another round with one of our other ones here at the end of the game. So are you sending your dad trailers from mm all eras and all. It's sort of a kind of whatever in this giveaway but none of you'll be recording the very next episode. But it's generally something related like it's almost in the sidebar of Youtube for whatever when he just recorded but to throw everyone off we don't release them in the order he you know it's kind of a bulk. My Dad really goes into the lab with a pen and the pad attorney get this label off and records a bunch of them at a time but He does not podcast is so it's kind of weird Is really the quality amped up when my mom got an iphone. Finally I think started using someone's iphone four years ago and Finally figured out voice memos so shout out also to my mom for according those and then you can always get this. My favorite part is the end of all of them. My Dad will say something like I'm done Diane Absolutely..

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