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"erin wendy" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"Integrated into the team as we head into the playoffs in in look forward to the contributions they can get those two to import players not only on the floor but of florida and they've done the best that they can do to get back as soon as they can help contribute to what the team is doing and we're excited to happen i know you found a couple of pieces here and brandon jennings shabazz muhammad he made the trade for tyler zeller but how much does that kind of hurt the depth of this roster as malcolm was just getting his feet wet after rookie of the year campaign before his injury no question grammy you're talking about a guy who was a rocket here in the nba pretty high honor averaging over thirteen points a game one of our best perimeter shooters with thirty eight percent from three a a calming force on the floor and just just a guy that really brings organization in and and presents to our team so that's been a big nets and then deli deli just is one of those alternate tough guys leader does all the small things a lot of things that don't show up in a box score steps break screens off the rebound organizes your team and so to not have to guys we've definitely miss them but i am very very proud of the guy that have stepped in and contributed infiltrate for those guys you know guys from the way tony tony has helped him and malcolm bra i'm sorry sterling brown i'm erin wendy where regional managers for waterston being if you're a military veteran earn active duty reserve or national guard servicemember we salute you our military valor program mvp opera special banking benefits for you because you deserve them learn more at wsb online dot com.

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