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"erin niece" Discussed on WLAC

"Now, we head back toward side with the voice of the Commodores. Joe fisher. Banville comes up just short tonight at favorite, Arkansas. The Razorbacks get out of here with a sixty nine sixty six victory at bud Walton arena as Vanderbilt falls to nine at thirteen over nine and the SEC Arkansas now fourteen and eight and five and four in conference. Play Arkansas got off to a good start six. Nothing. Commodores went on an eight. Oh, Rhonda take the lead the lead to as much as ten in the first half with about four minutes left to go in the half. And then the freshman. Isaiah Joe hit three three pointers in the last. Couple of minutes to close the gap to only one at halftime. Vanderbilt lead thirty five thirty four Commodores had serious foul. Trouble saving Lee picked up his fourth foul in the first minute of the second half. So I had to sit down quite a bit. Erin niece, but picked up his four semi Shittu picked up his fourth. But the Commodores got those guys back into the game. And we're really able to play all the way through until save and found out in the final minute of play Arkansas led by ten midway through the second-half. Within the cobbler's put on a rally led by the senior show toy a couple of three pointers. Joe had four three pointers on the evening as Vanderbilt came back. Took the lead briefly. It went back and forth. The final couple of minutes. Arkansas gets a big three pointer by the freshman for them Embry Simpson to take the lead and that Sabin Lee prior to that was called for a foul or at right after that three was called for a foul and offensive foul that was his fifth that sent Mason Jones a later on to the line is he was fouled. He made two free throws to make it a three point game. Cobblers got a pretty decent. Look with about three seconds left. Matt Ryan three from the right wing bounced off the right side of the iron. No good and the Razorbacks escape with a three point victory by a score.

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