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"erin gardella" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"Be open seven days a week for the next six weeks. Farther north Snohomish County remains of the verge of rolling back to phase two covert restrictions next week. Our case rates and hospitalizations have been going in the wrong direction that was king of Snohomish County executive rather Dave Summers earlier today, both King and Kit SAP counties are also at risk of reverting to face too. You may notice more people wearing orange the next few days that spent to recognize national work Zone Awareness Week kind of radios. Chris Sullivan reports. Not Three reasons for these work zone crashes like you would expect following too closely speed and distracted driving. We've had times where the driver will be coming up, and they've just noticed it at the last minute. No swerve one way and go through the work zone in our folks are jumping over guard rails. The Washington Department of Transportation's Northwest Region safety manager Brandon Carter says the works. Bones are set up to give drivers plenty of warning. And yet there was a work zone crash every 5.4 minutes across the country. 4 33. Let's check in with Tracy Taylor. How are our driver's doing out there? Well, I'm hearing about a car fire that maybe a little bit of a problem. This is on the exit to Newbury Hill off of Highway south on Highway three drivers. They're still running into some slower traffic through Lakewood on South 25 is we get closer to grab Li like driving. Doesn't look too terribly bad heading in the North found direction, actually, just a little bit of heavier traffic as we get closer to Main Gate, 5 12 starting to fill in just a little bit outside of steel, straight, both directions of the south him all we had some earlier slowing on Highway 16 year will watch it. The Valley Freeway is definitely picking thickening up from just after Highway 18 most of the way to the 4 10 5 12 interchange. It looks like we're in a war. We're definitely slowing down on north on four or five. Not sure what's going on. But there might be something near that 5 to 2 merged that could be blocking or at least off to the side, because that's a pretty good and pretty fast backup, forming their traffic brought to you by audible audible. Plus is everything you want to hear. Listen, all you want to thousands of select originals, audiobooks, podcasts and more sun it for a free, audible plus trialing audible dot com. Cairo Radio. Real time traffic I'm Tracy Taylor Way. Stay dry for the next few days, with some cloud coverage as well. Showers Return on Friday morning right now, 60 degrees outside of the Carter Subaru studio. I'm Erin Gardella. Cairo Radio News. Tell your smart speaker to play Cairo radio here for what's next Cairo seven news made a promise to be there for you. Through every step of the vaccine rollout from shipping delays to the frustration with getting an appointment there, making sure that you know about every change and taking your problems right to the people in charge. I was seven news has new information to help you navigate the system.

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