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"Blake Stubbs. We covered Chicago movies before we move on just real quickly. What's your favorite movie that was filmed and set in Chicago? Building said in Chicago. Oh, absolutely a thief. I love thief. I could watch Thief any day of the week. I'm a big Michael Mann. That too. I have to. I have to confess. But I also love his L a work one of my favorites of this past year. Was the trial of the Chicago seven. That was such a good movie Now. Was that ever in theaters? No, that was a Netflix produced. Well, okay. The short answer is no because it was widely released on Netflix. But it did. I believe do what a lot of films Netflix does do, and I think they were able to get a screen somewhere, so that if it was any pick up with the Oscars They can say it did have a theatrical release. It is the type of film that could maybe one day get a short theatrical relief. Um, because Netflix, you know will do that if it has to overcome any hurdles with criteria for awards submission, But honestly, this was produced to be released on Netflix. On guy thought it was an excellent pairing of Aaron Sorkin with the cast have to work with. I mean fashion. Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, Mark Rylance. Why I could not be a bigger fan of I thought that this movie was maybe and again. This is Erin circuit of a bigger in circumstance. So over the many years I've tried to see his material age. You know? How does it aged with today's, uh, you know, current political climate. This was a movie that I think hit at a good time. I think this was a very well made production. I think that the cast was outstanding. And I think that if you like watching and listening there in Cirque and dialogue, it's filled with little Easter eggs that the fans are gonna love. Um, I know that at some point, it's like he needs to get some new Eastern, like, well, he puts him in there because they're Sure for the things you know, like it. Z like his language is his thing. But I found Sasha Baron Cohen on Mark Rylance, particularly to be outstanding in the incredible Sasha Baron Cohen. Wow nailed it. I'm absolutely huge favorite in that film for me was Michael Keaton. How cool was he? Yes, it is proof that an actor can take what I would what I would call a small amount of screen time because he wasn't like a main star of the film and make a massive impact and and proof that there are no small parts is small actors and Michael Keaton is more on the titan level, in my opinion when he when he gets the right We get the right material. He really brings the juice. I also wanna give a shout out to particular after that has been breaking out the last couple of years. Yeah, Yeah. Abdul Mateen, the second who was on watchman playing Dr Manhattan on HBO this last year. He's in this film. He will also be in the candy man film that will be released in 2021. This guy is outstanding. I have not seen him be bad in anything. Not that I would expect you to be bad, but I mean, he just every time I see him. I'm like, Wow, this guy's got it and and in this particular Film he was. He was quite a presence for the limited time he was given, because of course, these are all historical characters. So like if you're watching, and you know the story of the trial, the Chicago seven. He's only there for a particular short period of time. But what an impression in my opinion, one of the things you mentioned it was historical. The character of Lee whiner was totally different than what he really looked like. He looked like Abbie Hoffman's brother. He had the beard the Afro the whole nine yards. In the movie, he was clean cut. Which was, you know a bit of a stretch, and I think that was because he wasn't that big of a player. In the film on day and they didn't want to take away from Sasha Baron Cohen. I'm sure you know, I think I think they do. They kind of allow it toe visually. It's a downplay so that you know who do it just your focus to at all times, and that's one of those. Dramatic licensing issues that you'll run into. I think whether it's theatrical or cinematic. It happens all the time. Lee whiner on Ah, show Ah, great interview with him and he is such a cool guy. He is an incredible dude like a real deal, hippie and he was just so down to Earth and Oh, it was great. It was great. All right, before a couple more things about well, the year 2020 in in in film, the number one grossing star off 2020. I found was Samuel L. Jackson, who is in like four movies. He was number one, Dwayne Johnson was in number two stars making money out of movies. Right when you do for movies in the year, you're gonna make some money, right? Yeah. I don't know. You would hope you would hope? Yeah. Do you know I don't know if you saw there was a commercial with Samuel L. Jackson was for capital One who? He, You know he does commercial for him. With Santa and Santa was John Travolta. And they're talking. You know, Samuel Jackson makes a great offer from Capital one. And John Travolta says, Well, you know, that's a great offer, You know, have you are you have you been good? Have you done with the bad words? Those air? That's his question to Samuel L. Jackson. He goes, Yeah. Hit John Travolta as Santa wraps and says Ho ho. I don't think so. That was so hysterical. So I had to get I had to get that in. Um I know a big You're a big fan of this movie, which was incredible. It wasn't 2020. It came on 2019, right. Once upon a time in Hollywood. Yeah. So I am a big fan of once upon a time in Hollywood and in 2020, You know, everybody talks about how they were locked, You know, Shut in. You know, you had to find ways to escape. And what What is your form of escapism? I think became a question. Everybody in some form or another had the answer. For me. One of the pinnacles of it was two years ago have at this point. Now we're almost two years removed from it once from the time in Hollywood came out because it's you know, night 2019 was just a 2019. I was so excited for that film. I saw that film with the music box in Chicago. I saw it in 70 millimeter with a packed house full of people. It was probably my last Big cinematic experience, because I I come up to Chicago because I'm down in Peoria, but I went to Chicago for cinematic experiences all the time. Specifically at the music box. I love that fear. On For me. I feel like cinema is a great way to escape. Once upon a time in Hollywood is a big one. For me. I love the characters. I think the movie is goes on a bit of a wild ride, but I also just think it's about people at a certain point. And what Los Angeles in 1969 looks like a lot of the buildings and things that you see are still there, and they all look almost identical like the Cinerama Dome..

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