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"erica leeson kyle" Discussed on Bravo TV's Daily Dish

"It brings out the wild side. Okay. So real house of Beverly Hills. Have you seen a lot of activity around puppy gate this season? Yes. So we have also CBC Bravo in addition to regular comments by celebs, and we always say what's interesting about having the account is that we really get to see this unbiased view objectively of what the fans are thinking based on the comments, whether that's on regular celebrities properties. But the, the good by Kyle thing. I was really I was very interested to see the feedback about that. Because people were I mean, as you guys, obviously, people were very quick to kind of judge Erica Leeson Kyle for making light of it, and then Kyle to come out and I for my perspective. I felt like she was totally justified in making light of it happened to her, like it's her. You know, being able to frame it the way that she wanted to. I felt like was whatever she wanted, right? Right. I loved Leeson Kyle back in the day. I'm not happy to see them break up. I know is really rough. Season watching them because I feel like they had all these great moments between Lisa and Kyle this season leading up to that sort of big explosion. I mean, I think the class act, I really do. I'm a big fan. I think she tells it like it is. And I thought when she went to Lisa's house that, that was she made the best of a really bad situation. I felt like she the respectable thing. So let's talk a little bit about Rony. So with the Burke shares Halloween, what do you think about the fish room? Yes, we had gifts. Don't tell me I'm in the fish. If I'm in the Fisher. Would you stay in the fish room? Dane, any any room in that house during the now on the head when she said, she's never seen this type of poor matters. Right. To me, it's like you're at this stunning home in the berkshires, God forbid, there's a taxidermy swordfish on your wall. Like I don't wanna hear about it, right? I mean right out of Ralph Lauren category. Catalog that room. That's true. Yeah. And it's sort of one thing for luanne to kind of be a bit of a diva about it. And you know, kind of fall back on. Well, last time I was in the room. It was like hard for me. I wasn't sober. You know, like it's triggering whatever. But then I think for Barbara to come in with kind of like the attitude that she had like immediately off the bat being like I guess I'm stuck in the fish room. Come on. Yeah. That's exactly what we said that. Yeah. Furlough and I almost see it. I was like, okay, fine. I can give Barbara walk. Did. I was like, no. Who from the Rony cast has been the most sort of active in comments? That's an is active definitely. He's pretty. I was gonna be my guess I feel like I've seen a lot of those definitely because she's thing about a lot of them is that they're active on their own pages. The Bethany is active across across the board. We'll come in on initial comment on Drake, like she doesn't care, right? Yeah. She into a lot of conversations. She has a lot of opinions about other franchises, like what's going on in the news. So I always appreciate seeing what she say. I also wanted to do a little game. You know we have like graduations coming up. So I wanted to do some senior superlatives for Bravo talent. So who would you guys pick as the most clever? Bethany? Did you go to Columbia the country? I just wanna make sure because there's no f in ways that broad went to college at all. She didn't go to Mickey Mouse university. Yeah. Good answer. Yeah. I totally agree. Here's the thing. That Bethany you can say what you want better. She smart. Yeah. She's quick, and she's smart. Yeah. She she likes screams clever and wit I feel I mean her interviews or some of my favorites just because I crack up at everything she says the one liners I di-. Yeah. So good who is the class, clown? Kind of sometimes think Vicki I wanna stay here at the hotel, and I want to put out the.

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