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"erica lebron" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

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"erica lebron" Discussed on Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

"We're GONNA save the receivers for next week because there's a little bit more to chew on and discuss their but we're going to dive into the titans now and we'll start with Austin Hooper in Cleveland. Boy There's a bunch of good skill guys there the receivers the running back. There's even another pretty decent tight end in. Giokoo is this a downgrade for US hooper fantasy as opposed to Atlanta Atlanta where he caught a million balls. Yes yes and look. It was the tight end. Three last year. Seventy five seven eight seven six or ninety seven targets. Any missed three games in the middle of the season to an MC L. Sprain. He's kind of like Zakar. He's not a great after the catch guy. Now here's the thing I do expect. I expect Cleveland to run a bunch of two tight end sets. Who's the number three wide receiver? Well it's probably either hooper. David Joko here is the issue for Austin Hooper and you brought it up already. Yes did he play in Atlanta offense? That had Calvin Ridley Julio Jones of course to a good receiver pair but the problem now is hooper is going from an offense that had the most passing volume over the last two seasons in Atlanta to an offense that probably is going to be in the bottom half of pass attempts in the in the league. Simply because of the way that these teams have played the Falcons attempted by far the most passes per game last season. They are up near forty three passes per game and they attended the fifth most two years ago at about thirty nine pass attempts per game. The browns were twentieth last year. And and and Fancy Kevin Stansky. The new head coach the Vikings offense ranked thirtieth in pass attempts per game last season. They have great running backs in Cleveland. With with Nick Chub and Kareem Hunt Kareem Hunt. They gave a second round tender to and probably downgrade at quarterback. Even though I think once again this is GonNa make Baker Mayfield very appealing for fantasy. This is a really bad landing. Spot for Austin Hooper for fantasy. Do I expect him still to go? Within the top ten at the position I do. They paid him a lot of money. That suggest a value him in a big way. But this is a downgrade for Austin Hooper for fantasy. Because I am wondering where the volume's going to come from Do I again. I'm going to fall for Baker Mayfield this year only because he's going to be post type before Austin Hooper. It is a downgrade. I'm with you on that. What about? Hey hearst in Atlanta with the Falcons taken hooper spot. I don't think people were very happy in Atlanta that they traded a second round. Pick for Hayden hearse. Matter of fact it was a second and a fifth and they got a fourth back With Hayden hearst. But my hot take is that I would not be shocked if Hayden. Hearst outscored Austin Hooper this year and I know Hayden hers basically from the time he landed in in Baltimore was outshined by by more Andrews. That's not going to be the case in Atlanta. They gave the price they paid for Hayden. Hearst indicates they expect him to be their starter. He's going from an offense that attempted a believe it or not I would have guessed. The fewest pass attempts per game last year but it was fourth fewest in Baltimore. To a falcons offense that as we talked about average the most pass attempts per game. The Falcons obviously want their defense to be better but it stands to reason that they're going to attempt a lot more passes than Lamar Jackson attempted last year and Hayden hearst does not have the competition of someone like Mark Andrews now Hurst did Flash at times when Mark Andrews was injured last year Andrews obviously dealt with injuries throughout the season hirst had did flash and he's more explosive than Austin Hooper. So believe it or not. I actually think Hayden Hurst shot. Finish a top ten tight end this year and depending on where. He's going and drafts. I think I'm going to be drafting him quite a bit. Yeah I think he's going to go lower because of what he did in Baltimore but I think he's going to have a lot closer to hooper. Production. I'm kind of with you on that one joe. What about Eric E. Brian in Pittsburgh? I wasn't really expecting that that was interesting. Signing Yeah I actually love it for Pittsburgh and Vance McDonald was a Guy. I targeted quite a bit last year. It just did not work out for multiple reasons. Mcdonald's had injury problems and in addition to that Ben. Rothlisberger getting her. What the steelers are doing right now. Is they're loading up for a super bowl run. They made the MINK. It's Patrick Trade. Last year which I thought at the time was ill-advised given the fact that Ben Roethlisberger was hurt. Pittsburgh ended up getting Some decent play though From their defense it was able to carry them because their quarterback play was atrocious. And now I think they're thinking. Hey look if Ben. Rothlisberger is eighty percent of himself. We have good weapons on offense. We have a great defense. We're going to be a good football team Eric. Brown coming into Pittsburgh just helps matters. I legitimately think he's got a shot to be a top ten tight end now. We know what his what his drop issues are in. Pittsburgh fans notoriously got on Dante moncrieff last year because of his drop issues. But Eric Lebron's just been a more productive player in his career. Eric bruns going to get a lot of hype here because he is in an offense that has juju Smith Schuster deontay Johnson James Washington. This is going to be really interesting to see how Pittsburgh deploys him but I thought this was a savvy signing by the steelers Erica. Lebron's going to come in and instantly be their top receiving tight end. I like this move would not be shocked if he finishes at the top ten tight end. Wow very interesting. What does it mean in Indianapolis where he brought no longer is? I think it's good. News for Cameron not came Jack Doyle because Philip rivers is going to target in the short to intermediate area so I think good news for Jack Doyle who now has an increased volume. Maybe they draft tight end but remember they don't have a first round pick and it's not a great tight end class anyway. So it's great news for Jack Doyle and what I've about the offseason moves here at the tight end position is they've kind of they kind of deepen the poll. Because even though Austin Hooper thought took a fantasy hit it opened up an opportunity for Eric Brown in Pittsburgh who got away from Jack Doyle. It's opened up an opportunity for Hayden hearst in Atlanta Greg Olsen left Carolina that opens up an opportunity for the four Ian Thomas. Jimmy Graham Leaves Green Bay. That opens up an opportunity for Jay Stern Burger. So we've got all these. Jason witten leaves Dallas that opens up an opportunity for Blake Darwin who signed an Extension. So not just. Some of the guys who have moved to new spots doesn't affect their value but guys leaving there are established spots have pushed some other guys into an area where they might become valuable for fantasy. The one thing I really like about the tight end movement and that's been underrated here. So far in free agency is deepened. The pool of sleeper tight ends. Throw Jack Doyle on that pile as well. I think this is going to be a year unlike last year where there are a lot of tight end. Twos in your best ball drafts and India redraft leagues that are going to be appealing as opposed to last year when there was like a big drop off after the top guys. It's a really really good point Joe. The last one. We're going to dive into tyler. Effort got a lot more money than I thought he was going to get to go. Reunite with Jay gruden in Jacksonville effort in Jacksonville. Your thoughts Low end tight end to I mean he. He actually made it through a full sixteen game season but he averaged thirty snaps game last year. So the bengals did not play him at full Full snap radios actually number two tight end in stamps behind. Cj zome although overall his. It was the second best statistical season with forty three catches three touchdowns but it was just the tight end. Twenty eight and fantasy points per game. I view him as a low end. Tight end tight end to the Jaguars are obviously trying to see if he has. Anything left. Josh Oliver Their second year pro from San Jose State He. He was injured last year. Maybe this is to give them a little bit of a security blanket gates. Oliver can't develop but I for turns thirty in September. I'm not sure he can run anymore. But he could be a factor in the red zone. He has twenty four touchdowns in his fifty nine career games. What does it mean for the Bengals? Who Joe Borough at quarterback? I don't know if they're going to add somebody. They drafted drew sample in the second round last year. But he was more of a blocking guy out of Washington not really sure what is projection is Cj has just been Kinda guy throughout his career. I'm interested to see what what their plan is. Right now. I I don't really have a Bengal tight end on my radar. Incredible work as always. Joe Terrific job already looking forward to next week. We're going to dive into the receivers. There's a lot to get to their Emmanuel Sanders Robbie Anderson Brochure Paramount Devin funchess Randall. Cobb will clean up any other. Free Agency moves. That happened between now. And then and we'll also talk about the teams those guys left and how they've been impacted speaking of impacted sports have obviously been impacted by the corona virus no NBA NHL or MLB. So you might think. There's nothing debate on that would be incorrect. Pedal online has hundreds of events in Games..

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