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"erica gimpel" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Your A. M. dial in New York City welcome welcome welcome everyone if you are an author speaker coach entrepreneur of business owners CEO and entrepreneur of any kind of your person who has skin in the game if that's describing you when you're responsible for making your life better improving your situation on the planets on the planet you know my great mentor Dan Kennedy who is still alive as of this recording today he told me that he was scheduled to be exiting the planet most likely in advance of my event where he was scheduled to speak and somehow he did not meet his anticipated schedule is not interesting he was scheduled to exit the planet if you are trying to. improve your lot in life according to your own schedule then this show is one hundred percent for you because this is all about how do you be more do more and have more how do you have more than one please Sir. I have some more. I was Mister bumble in all the mall that's what I said exactly next. all. he wants me wall. I was I was Mister bumble I'm the one who said more you know that's funny I never put that together I'm the one who said more he once more please. more yeah if you want more that's what the show is really all about it's about more that's really what it's all about and in this episode of the show I'm gonna talk about something that I believe I am uniquely qualified to talk about. which might nonetheless be of tremendous interest to anyone who produces their own events you see folks my event the living legends of entrepreneurial marketing at Carnegie Hall scheduled for September twenty six twenty seven twenty eight. it sank hell hole at Carnegie Hall featuring Martha Stewart ice tea and cocoa Jerry from Ben and Jerry's Michael easy Garber the number one New York times bestselling author of the email revisited and none the less Dan Kennedy the one and only person who is scheduled to exit the planet prior to the event and yet he did not meet his schedule you know he should really talk to Mussolini because Mussolini made the trains run on time maybe Mussolini could help him with his schedule to exit the planet I don't know I don't know and then I have scorpion and how L. rod in the editor in chief of the national Enquirer. yeah yeah the national Enquirer's editor in chief he's coming out with a new book about how princess di was murdered hello you all thought it was a car accident. well not according to do an hour and he's giving a copy of every everyone in the audience at the living legends event is getting a copy of the book. full free. Hey you know there may not be such a thing as a free lunch but in this case. there is a free book. about the murder of princess di from the national Enquirer is editor in chief who would know better than him I mean seriously they don't get the facts wrong they generally get their fax a hundred percent correct and he's coming to talk about it's really fascinating I did a pre meeting with him today about what is going to talk about here to talk about the techniques that the celebrities used to get covered in the tabloids is that fascinating it's fascinating I'm excited to hear all about that princess Marion Parker her Royal Highness yesterday I was at Carnegie Hall doing the walk through with the whole team at on the stage at Carnegie Hall and I said and princess Merion Parker we'll be doing this this and this and the stage manager at Carnegie Hall corrected me he says excuse me I believe it's her Royal Highness princess Merion Parker I'm like oh yes I get it Hey guys. he's a hundred percent right a hundred percent right is her Royal Highness princess Merion Parker will be there and as Dan Kennedy was not able to attend. I personally will be performing Dan Kennedy's last lecture yes that's right that's a hundred percent right and who could do it better than me you know his we have is a system coming in his assistant of seventeen years is going to be receiving his lifetime achievement award. and. she told me I I was asking her a question about a mailing I was going to do and she said why are you asking me client you know Dan Kennedy stuff better than anybody you start to that guy like velcro. and it's truly amazing for me that a kid from New York City I grew up on twenty third street and second Avenue I went I would walk down second Avenue for the whole of my life I was just walking up and down second Avenue I went to PS forty I went to junior high school one oh four today they call it Simon Brooke some kid in my building today I asked him where do you go to school because I go to Brooke I go to Simon Brooke they call it Simon group during the college junior high school one of four anymore we call that one oh four that's where I met Robert Downey junior by the way whose everywhere the biggest guy in the world I also met Jon Cryer there he's also the biggest guy in the world I also met Eric Erica Gimpel there she played cocoa in the CBS TV series fame. I met a lot of people there. and. then after junior high school one of four went to Stuyvesant high school where I had the great honor privilege and unexpected joy of being able to study creative writing with with the one and only Frank McCourt yeah I wish I could get him and if that guy was alive I'd have Frank McCourt here because he's a living legend entrepreneurial marketing under percent and. my whole point is this here I am today. I I'm I'm like the product of all these experiences after I graduated from Stuyvesant high school I went to the Wharton business school I majored in entrepreneurial management and it's funny to me it strikes me as really funny that. they have a thing on entrepreneurial management but they didn't have a thing on entrepreneurial marketing. and what I really want to do is I want to teach a class on entrepreneurial marketing I want to teach what really works see I know what really works how do I know what really works well I just produced this whole event at Carnegie Hall giant thing with all these names I've been telling you about these names a cheap you think these names is cheap these cheap. now it is cheap everything costs more than you think it's going to cost these days. and it's already a successful financial venture and by the end of it it'll be even more successful and. all the sales pretty much we're done by me I mean I spent I spent money on some marketing teams they produced practically zero sales practically zero sells all the selling was done by me you know maybe my my my my class and entrepreneurial in the option ship department Wharton should be on entrepreneurial selling because I'll tell you what I know exactly what he's. required to sell cheese I'm I'm a seller I'm a selling machine I'm gonna be talking about selling this weekend. at the living legends of any Carnegie Hall I'll be talking about that. and. in this episode what I really want to talk about is how after I graduated from the Wharton business school and I found out who I go home to get the out of voice and what do I find I find that my parents are in the biggest argument of all time my dad storms out of the living room out the front door the apartment slams the door and I turn to my mom and I say you know on the way he was that you all these years have you been cheating on that. and she's not saying anything and I'm sitting on the couch and I'm thinking to myself we question come from I never thought that question for my whole life will make me think that question what book look. didn't what kind of rude kid **** on mom a question like that and then look look look why she answering the question he's not father your real father was a doctor at the fertility clinic we went to for six years and you just like that guy. did you know you feel and everything you thought you knew about who you are. poof gone and I lost my mind at that point and I moved out to Hollywood a place that I despise at this moment in time. and for many many years I love Hollywood and I pursued the Hollywood dream with a vengeance see I thought that I could be like my friend's father when I was an undergraduate at the Wharton business school my roommate in the fraternity was a kid named Evan couples in. and Evan copal sins dad was a producer of. some very esteem that movie is including platoon and falling down and. eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the fugitive he won the academy award and I thought you know. it seems so attainable it really did it just seemed like I could do that and the funny thing is that today I'm basically the age that ebbs dad was when he won the academy award and I'm still a million miles from ever winning an academy award however I did watch him receive the academy award on television I never watch the academy awards for and boom there's there's my friend's father winning the academy award I thought I could do all of that and I pursued that dream for thirteen years. and six of those the last six years were spent behind the wheel of yellow cab number six oh eight seven C. I wanted to go to California and become somebody special and I became somebody special all right I became the Wharton taxi driver. in a new year's eve the money I'm. I don't know where you were I I I would assume you were probably getting your Y. two K. cash out of an ATM or partying with family and friends I was behind the wheel of that cabin in the backseat with these two kids who were MBA interns at Goldman Sachs. Hey did you hear about Mr Carrera they made him last partner right before the IPO any cash down decillion dollars Hey you guys you guys talking about Chris career how do you know Mr career Chris grows a pledging my fraternity when I was at the Wharton business school Chris Carrera was in the fraternity. and now he was cashing out of this is only in and that night my pillow on my I lived on a little boat in marina del Rey that was the cheapest way to survive in Los Angeles it was two hundred and eighty. two dollars per month. J. including parking but there was no electricity water toilet facilities on the boat survival mode right that was the cheapest way to survive and I went back to that little boat after the drive in the cab on new year's eve I counted up my money five hundred and thirteen dollars. I wonder where Chris Carrera is tonight. partying at the rainbow room. I was supposed to be somebody special. in that night. hello transformed into a.

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