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"erica erica thomas" Discussed on The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

04:15 min | 1 year ago

"erica erica thomas" Discussed on The Dan Bongino Show

"So of course the media Joe did not obey day the Dan Bongino rule did not wait twenty four hours and ran with racists everywhere trump racist America is the most racist racist place in the history of racist places so racist. We can't even describe the racism. This is a media stories everywhere racism racism racism everywhere. We'll get that media lost their minds over the people that I stand with Erica. I stand with Erica Yeah. I obeyed the rule. Oh I hope to rule twenty four hours minimum made him. I actually recommend seventy two hours but twenty four eight. So of course I was right so what happens here is Erica Erica Thomas who let's just be clear what she said some white guy approaches are on a grocery store line and tells her to go back to where she came from right yeah all the sudden Eric. Thomas has the details of this come out. I'll get to the details. Let's say I want to play video. This is a short one. Here's Eric Thomas Sushi's all of a sudden not so sure that the guy said go back to where you came from but he may have said something like something like go back to where you came from play that say he said go back. You know those words I I don't want to say he's he said go back to your country or actually where he came from but he was making those types of references what I remember John. ARMACOST is Scottish right <music>. I'm crazy German British French stuff chairman British Tari quite tell you joe go back to the U._k.. Right it's pretty clear what I mean right if I if I'm yelling at you kind of want to be a jerk stereotypical stereotypical jerk wad and say something down that means something very specific notice. How she hedge is on that yeah well he wasn't? I don't WanNa she goes. I don't want to say he was saying exactly that he was making those type circuses well. What type of assertions was he making if he didn't say that if I'm going to tell Joe go back to the U._k.? What do I say what what kind of assertions would I make other than saying? Go back to the U._K.'s very clear. There's only really one way to say that you don't say hey. Let's go get a travel agent and take a vacation Joe. He went out of the United Kingdom. That doesn't mean the same thing as go back to the U._k.. Okay okay. That's not what that's not. What the guys so all of a sudden? She's she's hedging on that. Okay we get. That's why by the way I said you gotta stay away from those because it means a very specific thing that people and that's why last week I was pretty clear on that. It means a very specific thing to somebody. She's hugging on that now. All of the sudden the dude surfaces the alleged white dude told her to go back to our country. Whatever all of a sudden a guy surfaces show and the interaction starts to become a little different than she describes? Here's video video of she's given a little presser and MCI comes into the Presser himself and gives an entirely different story play that cut. I'm Hispanic care what she thinks. He's doing it for political purposes period like I said earlier I'm a Democrat I will vote Democrat the rest of my life okay so the call me what she wants to believe for her political purposes to make it Black White Brown or whatever is so untrue well now. He's not even wife he's Cuban and he's a lifelong Democrat folks. I'm not gonNA give the guy's name out. There is first just initial starts with E.. L. Leave the rest off there because this guy is clearly been roped into this and did and maybe he listened. He may have said some offensive. He did not say that okay. Tell her to go back to whatever right the guy's a Democrat people looked up your social media media post he hates trump. He is a Cuban American Democrat who hates Donald Trump. WHO said nothing nothing close to go back to your country? Here's the real story what happened..

Erica Erica Thomas Joe Erica Yeah Eric Thomas Sushi John Donald Trump Dan Bongino America ARMACOST chairman MCI Cuban United Kingdom British Tari twenty four hours seventy two hours
"erica erica thomas" Discussed on KTRH


02:54 min | 1 year ago

"erica erica thomas" Discussed on KTRH

"I always hit traffic on fifty nine next on the ten your faster commute on seven forty K. T. R. A. it is nineteen minutes after five now good morning to you about France sitting in for Jimmy Barrett so yeah we're we're here again where well we're in we're in hate hopes hell is where we are again this time it was the Georgia lawmaker a Georgia lawmaker who decided she was going to do her level best to paint trump supporters as being racists even though no trump supporters were present in her situation you remember just a small at right the empire I don't know when the phone call was Starbird empire bit player actor whatever who created the Hey to magna hat wearing white guys put a noose around my neck at two o'clock in the morning and sub thirty degree temperatures and poured bleach on me and attacked me for being black and gay course turned out to be a giant hoax well here we are again a democratic lawmaker in Georgia decided to run her own hoax story and she claims that she was at the grocery store when somebody told her gov insulted her cursed her and told her to go back where she came from just like president trump supporters chanted at the rally that he had a North Carolina sent her back center back clearly this proves it's racism because Erika Thomas the Democrat lawmaker in Georgia is a black woman she told the story on Twitter on Friday of a white man calling her a lazy son of a B. and telling her to go back where she came from problem is the story has just as much credibility to it is just used it because the man who was accused in this story saw what you put and immediately called her out first of all he's not white he's a Latino second of all he's not a trump supporter he hates trump and his prove into it this is been proven high social media posts and third of all he never said go back anywhere he simply yelled at her in colder lazy be because she had too many items in the express checkout lane and people behind her were waiting so the individual involved Erica Erica Thomas had to backtrack from all of this is saying that's not how she remembered it but there is no of course this is a grocery store their cameras everywhere certainly some sort of confrontation like this would have been bought caught on camera right absolutely zero proof and she is now backtracking from her story in the face of widespread criticism of yet another hate hoax designed to embarrass and implicate trump and trump supporters ladies and gentleman politics in twenty ninety five twenty two let's get you.

K. T. R. A. France Jimmy Barrett Georgia North Carolina Erika Thomas Twitter trump Erica Erica Thomas Starbird president nineteen minutes seven forty K thirty degree