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"erica chris kung" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Arc would be David. I feel like. Yeah. And I'm just rooting for Dave. So I think if Dave comes back he might have a chance at taken it who'd Rick Devon's get voted out and come back for a third time in the season. Ooh. Wait a second. Yes. Someone could get voted out currently in pop back in you're so right. That could absolutely happen. I can't remember if it came up on the podcast with Alli Lascher and Jordan or came up in the drink spoke Friday yesterday, but somebody planted that in my head about what Rick Devon's coming back twice twice in one season. Getting a third shot up. Anybody currently in the game. There are people that could pop in and out, and Rick would be a very exciting story. I also think it was interesting that we saw David being like, I'm giving this terrific for future favors. That minded makes me believe we see something I think there are also people that are currently on extinction. I think you know, our break Kelly who could pop in. I think an Eric if he did get back in it would be more of an obstacle for whoever one. Just because I don't think we got enough from them. How it's does really interesting Rick popping off and on extinction. King of extinction. Do you think anyone? I mean, I just don't Keith in Wendy. You're ponderosa. They can they're the only two under us. Do you think they took them on a trip or do they come under Rossetto of their discipline? Derosa? Drinkin- maybe Keith's nineteen. So he's not drilling. Try doing Ponderosa dry for a lot of days. Yeah. And not getting to be on the jury and like popping in and out. Yes. Yes. Krizner's? Yes. Maybe Wendy and Keith had a love story in Ponderosa. I think when he has a boyfriend. Oh, I'm so sorry, never mind. Otherwise, I was a full. Concept. Thing too. I mean, come on come on God, my my favorite part about kief was when he run he scurries off to try to find a clue, and then everyone's like, oh, man, he left, and then he goes God gives this to me and then Chris called him. And then Chris God did not want. But then he touched the box. There was a lot of drama. I just I know I Keith is the missing element from the edge of extinction because it hasn't been as good without him. No. He was sort of the like it was like a weird comic relief. It was sort of like, everyone he triggered everyone, especially ream just well, he was renamed friend. But then also that he that Chris the antagonized him, and it was like. I should drop kick. You leave keep alone being lame and create a lot of friction. Honestly, it was I sort of felt like sometimes they just production gives extinction. Islanders like the bottles and the map. It's just all feels like please stay alive and alert. And it just like I feel like Keith took it very seriously because some of these I mean, we have to remember to when we talk about to finish Angelenos question. Who's coming back Aubrey has the challenge advantage. That's just something to remember every other advantage that they find on extinction is for someone in the game. Except these challenges manages. You could you see Aubrey coming back? I don't see it. Could you see Erica Chris kung back? I don't care them together because they blend together. I don't see that. Could you see a Rura coming back? Oh interesting leaving incoming potentially. I mean, her whole story seems to be I'm going to give it out. And I saved myself, that's sort of MO. There are a lot of strong females too. But also everyone was like this. This season's built for Joe. But I don't know necessarily that these extinction island the first challenge wasn't necessarily. Like, oh, Joe will be the one to nail. Then. It'd be interesting to see when Joe was really, you know, dominating these challenges after the merge in terms of the Cambodia and the worlds apart. I.

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