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"eric thomas thomas" Discussed on KTRH

"Upset Chris as well. Right now, the Dow is up three hundred forty two the NASDAQ up one hundred fifty s and p five hundred of forty or at forty five await well now that the holidays are mostly over you probably have some gifts. You don't really like Houston etiquette expert? Diane Gottesman says clothing tops, the list of bad gifts followed closely, by cosmetics. I think that there are some tried and true can house where a scale one if you're going to potentially offend them. Unless they ask for it also on the list decorations in home decor. It's not a great gift to give. And I agree with this list because everybody has personal tastes a lot of people say they feel guilty when they give gift cards, but God's says people prefer those songs, you personalized them and get them car to a store. They'll actually use. And did you know the twelve days of Christmas? Not the song are the actual twelve days following December twenty fifth tradition of gift giving and the season of Christmas came about that on the piece Tiffany an imitation of the giving of the gifts the Christ child that people would share gifts with each other as well as father Luke Malek with the archdiocese of Galveston Houston. He says in many cultures gift-giving started on Christmas day with an additional present being given a received each day until the celebration of the Pitney on January fifth KT rates soussan coming up on eleven o four despite the hopes of incoming Democrats in congress the chances of impeaching the president are slim to none President Trump's critic site, the partial government shutdown recent cabinet changes and even the stock market turbulences potential reasons to enact the twenty fifth amendment and have him removed, but Houston political consultant Chris Carmona says in reality, President Trump has to be disabled befouled incapacitated. Remove himself or he could even be injured or killed one person. They're going to have to have on board with that. We'll be the vice President Mike Pence, and I don't see any circumstance Mike Pence turn his back on Trump or the Trump administration. Cremona says changes in the cabinet or assign. The President Trump is draining the swamp and keeping one of his campaign promises. Members of the so-called deep state claim, it doesn't exist. Former FBI director James Comey recently told congress there is no deep state of entrenched bureaucrats looking to undermine President Trump. But u h political science professor, Jackie Bali, isn't so sure definitely a bias against our current president. He may say it's not a deep state, but there's something and she says commes own agency is an example, former FBI director, Andrew McCabe, who's leaking information to the Wall Street Journal, and he recording FBI agents to the investigation of foundation Komi also told congress people should speak out against the president Coriolis NewsRadio seven. Forty KTAR h county deputies are looking for a suspect in the deadly shooting of a man in Conroe Saturday. Deputies say Wayne Gordon junior is wanted for the murder of thirty six year old Eric Thomas Thomas was found in a car with a gunshot wound to the chest. He died at a hospital. Witnesses say they saw a truck with the business name Wayne Gordon junior ceramic tile, leaving the scene of the shooting. Deputies say Gordon has ties to the Houston area. He is considered armed and dangerous. On Wall Street, again, the Dow now up three hundred sixty six points to twenty two thousand one hundred sixty NASDAQ is up one hundred fifty two the S and P five hundred is up forty three..

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