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"eric staller" Discussed on Scoops with Danny Mac

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"eric staller" Discussed on Scoops with Danny Mac

"I grew up playing with that kid. Really shout out to the connecticut. Ron ainsi ones thirteenth overall. Pick one hundred and thirty two games the show it's it's staggering to think of some of the guys who just do it quietly you know. And maybe that's why. I take the number for granted a little bit back off my initial take. There are some sneaky candidates who could get big numbers games. Played like Wayne simmons where he is right now. and let's see here. He was eighty. What's eighty eight birth year similarly be up there. What about what about phil kessel phil. Kessel is like a maybe not surprising. Like thirty three or thirty four. He looks it looks weathered but another guy like and and the way he plays like he could. He's just a truck right like you could see him just plain for ten more years right in the right situation just out there wheelin no you six hundred six hundred fifty games shy of patty marlow is you know. He's he's a guy that's made built on speed kessels nominal player but to doughty's only thirty one years old. He's play held by the. He's almost playing a thousand games if we're talking about his contract already like it's one of the worst albatross in the league a mess as an effective player but you know we really think he's claimed ten more years for you but contracts are point. That's not irrelevant right. But though harassed to only but that's why the unions are created the buyout for sure for sure. But i the question is overlapping cap issues. After winning like alarming ya very interesting parallels The lightning go through it a little bit too not to the same extent but i think you know when you think about was i liked just dumped every veteran jake allen. See a couple of years before that. David backes in troy brouwer. It's you know when you when you think about a guy like eric staller. I think the salary cap presents a very real question of what are these guys going to be willing to accept and will they will. They seek opportunities where they're going to be in the lineup. One hundred percent of the time and You know or do they wanna win. And i think what we've seen historically with the nhl is as guys get later and later in their career. They value being on teams where they can win or have the opportunity to win. You know doesn't necess- necessarily mean that they're going to be in the lineup. Hundred percent of the time. You look at the islanders was picked up. You know kyle. Mary and travis jack at the trade deadline and travis ajax ben you know atop six player in the nhl is entire career is no. We're not talking about whom the games played discussion necessarily. But you know he goes into an islanders team that has been pretty high functioning and Pretty dangerous of the east division. And you know if if it's not a major injury to anders lee. He's i dunno where travis project fits into that team without disrupting a lot of the chemistry that they've had to put them in the top division. So like it's a it's a different kind of example. I guess but it just kind of pointing out. I don't i don't think there's all like this There's there's very few roster spots here across thirty..

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