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"eric rosen grannan" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Manage risk at Pershing dot com Nathan Karen let's begin with a big shake up at the Federal Reserve Dallas president Robert caplan is out at the Central Bank following Boston chief Eric Rosen grannan resigning after questionable investment activity Bloomberg's John Tucker joins us live with the very latest John Good morning Nathan Robert caplan says the focus on his financial disclosures have become a distraction For that reason he's retiring October 8th both Kaplan and Rosenberg came under criticism after disclosure showed they held and traded financial assets while the fed was actively supporting markets that regs it will take out two hawkish fed officials were forecasting a rate hike next year The departures should also ease pressure on fed chair J Powell who's facing renomination Live in New York I'm John Tucker Bloomberg daybreak Very John thank you Meantime other fed presidents are back on the speaking circuit banging the drum for tapering asset purchases New York chief John Williams says the Central Bank could pull back on bond buying soon We made substantial further progress in achieving our inflation goal It's also been very good progress through its maximum employment Now assuming the economy continues to improve as I anticipate a moderation in the pace of asset purchases may soon be warned John Williams spoke at the economic club of New York fed governor Lyle brainard is making a similar case saying the labor market is nearing the point where tapering makes sense Employment is still a bit short of the Merck on what I consider to be substantial further progress But if progress continues as I hope it may soon meet that mark Fed governor brain heard expects the Central Bank to start tapering soon but says investors should not take that as a sign that rate hikes are coming to We hear from fed president Jerome Powell later today in Washington Karen along with treasury secretary Janet Yellen they will field a range of questions in testimony to the Senate Let's get more from Bloomberg's Vinny del giudice Pandemic relief is the advertised topic of the Senate banking committee hearing But Bloomberg economics says the spotlight will be on recycled yelling at that ceiling and government to fall The treasury could hit the fiscal reds on the X state no cash to pay the bills sometime in October It's more than a little nerve rattling Pal meantime it's likely to break new ground on U.S. monetary policy Any doubt Judas Bloomberg daybreak All right Vinnie thank you Elsewhere on Capitol Hill It's all about the deaths ceiling and a looming government shutdown Senate Republicans have blocked a bill that would suspend the death sailing and keep the government open Majority leader Chuck Schumer is blasting the move There's no scenario in God's green earth where it should be worth risking millions of jobs trillions in household wealth People's social security checks veterans benefits and another recession just to score short term meaningless political points That's what Republicans seem fixated on doing And senator Schumer calls Republicans reckless they refuse to back the death ceiling suspension because they don't approve of President Biden's economic plan Now Democrats need a new strategy to prevent a shutdown Zeno is a Bloomberg news contributor and a political science professor at iona college Democrats are going to pass it but they want to make sure they are making the case that Republicans are responsible for the debt we are facing in this country and the government shutdown looming so close That is a political calculation they've made just as Republicans have made the calculation not to try to help to handle it And both sides are going to stick to this to the last minute and then they will avert it Bloomberg news contributor Jeannie Sheehan Zeno expects a last minute deal to avoid a shutdown without one The government could start closing as early as Friday and the U.S. could default on its obligations in October While the debt ceiling fight is front and center Karen there is still work being done on President Biden's three and a half $1 trillion spending package and we're hearing now a change to restrictions on state and local tax deductions could be part of it Here with more is Bloomberg said Baxter It is one of the final details of the package and the House ways and means committee is working on a way to make it happen Agreement failed earlier this month but the members say now they are making progress The deduction was limited to $10,000 in the Trump tax plan large high property tax states have been fighting for the repeal while smaller have said is a handout to the more well to do Several members have suggested now that a compromise would be a temporary lift for two years with more action possible later In San Francisco I'm a Baxter Bloomberg daybreak All right and thank you Let's turn to the pandemic now where fights over a vaccine mandates continue to dominate the headlines Now New York City is one of victory on that front in a surprise court ruling and Bloomberg should eat a young joins us live with the very latest Good morning ready to good morning Karen the New York City vaccine mandate ban has been lifted and as a result the city may begin to bar thousands of unvaccinated school personnel from their jobs The court issued the ruling last night but gave no firm reasons for the decision Now practically this means that the largest school district in the U.S. now may insist that all school employees and contractors be vaccinated Department of Education spokeswoman Danielle filson says the mandate will go into effect at the end of the day on Friday Live in New York I'm ranita young Bloomberg daybreak All right we need to thank you watching equities continue to fall lead by tech this morning S&P futures down 41 points down futures down a 184 NASDAQ futures lower by 243 points That is a drop of 1.6% The ten year down 9 30 seconds yield 1.52% yield on the two year .31 Straight ahead local headlines into check of sports This is Bloomberg.

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