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"KFI AM six forty I heart radio station. AMC forty. More stimulating target is a John Ken Chubb Ryan said fully in for the first day of two dozen nineteen and if you want to suggest a topic where crowds the first day of the year. We we don't know what lays before the hashtag JK topics, and you can you can get lined behind those pesky kids as well as baked ziti. Does it reheat? Well, okay. So those are some of the good ones. Well, you're going to hear about this here in two thousand nineteen not only looming teachers strike, but LAPD is poised to be rocked by the revenge porn scandal of two thousand nineteen. It is illegal to to receive and pass. On revenge porn that is porn the California decides or has defined as intended to abuse the person depicted in the intimate photos, and of you know, who the people are in the photos, and you know, it's not just some random naughty picture, then you like it is alleged many LAPD officers might be as well. And there's a high profile case it's going to explode here this month, Eric Leonard, KFI NBC four, and he's done a lot of great work on this. We have them on and we need to go back a year. So Eric, explain the revenge porn law that started in January twenty eighteen Eric Leonard. So last January this law took effect that says that anyone who distributes explicit photos of somebody that were taking perhaps with that person's initial consent. Distributed without their consent is guilty of a misdemeanor. Andy bundled. Under California penal code section six forty seven which includes other distasteful behavior like being drunk in public or messing with prostitutes. Not a not a felon, or at least I times not a felony. I guess right. I don't think any time. It's a felony the way the law was described though is it could be a felony. If it involves children, but then you're dealing with child pornography, which is a felony anyway. So it sort of doesn't apply it is untested for the most part. Meaning this law exists technically someone can be prosecuted for it. But there are all kinds of potential constitutional and other legal construction issues that have yet to be worked out in a back and forth with an appeals court. So theoretically, someone can go to jail for it. But nobody really knows how. Law can be applied and how it can be proven in court, especially if one of the elements of this is that the photos were at least initially obtained consensually case, we're talking about involves some people at the LAPD and the allegation that was made is that the photos were not taken consensually to begin with. So that seems to satisfy one element of the crime. And then second allegedly they were distributed without the consent of one of the parties shown in the photos. So I don't know if that helps put a put a frame around this. But essentially it is theoretically legal, but it is untested in the court system. So nobody's gonna jail for it. You have to we know of certainly not in southern California. This case could wind up being very test. Yes. So we have we have two players. We have detective ridi having an affair with detective at officer an officer reading, and and I should mention does the other party in the other party in the case. We left her name out of our reporting because she has alleged that she was the victim of a rape in the course of the incidents that led to the photos being distributed, so per NBC's standards. We're not using her name. Although it seems like every other media outlet blog has bland a name out there. So they're having they're having an affair. He's taking pictures during the affair, and then as it splitting up he sending her threatening texts threatening to release those pictures, and so this potentially how many friends did he have what's potentially worst case scenario? How many colleagues have seen these apparently from Glendale to LAPD? The worst case scenario is is far worse than you envision. And I can explain why however the the allegations that were talking about were made in a court filing sworn under penalty of perjury that was made by the female detective who allege that she was the victim of. This revenge porn scheme for lack of a better term as well as the victim of several other felony crimes, including felony domestic violence, the sexual assault, extortion, and so on and screen shots that purports to show an extortion attempt alleged were included in the court filing such that number one. Yes, she says that she was threatened by this officer with the distribution of these photos, if she didn't do certain things one of those things allegedly was to continue to have sexual contact with the officer one of the other things was that the officer allegedly according to the screen shots made made demands for additional new explicit photos that were to be provided to him immediately or he was going to release the photos to this detective, son. I think is nineteen years old. Husband. So if you don't send me if you don't send me fresh nude photos, I'm going to release right now. In fact, one of the text messages says you have one minute oh minute to show me X gave a specific instruction? And if you don't send me the photo in a minute, I'm sending the other one to your son. And by the way, the photos that had already been captured were far more explicit than a selfie nudie. What a. F- wording. Db word. So it goes further than that occur. Again. These are according to her allegations. She also says that how do I put this? In addition to the you send me photos or else. There was also an allegation that you meet me in this golf course parking lot at this time ready to perform whatever act I demand or else the photos are going out. And she says this kind of interaction went on for more than a year. And and during that time she kept trying to figure out again. This is according to her court filing a statement that she's made that hasn't really been challenged by anybody. She says that during the course of the year or so that this was going on. She thought that she could placate this officer by going along with his demands to meet up by staying friendly. And then at some point she thought she would be able to convince the officer to delete the photos. She would be out from under the threat of having this stuff exposed, and they could go on leading their lives without any further without her having any further concerned that the pictures were going to get sent out. She says that that didn't really happen as she envisioned instead the threats continued and eventually back in August twenty eighteen the photos began to be distributed to people other than herself in this one officer our story said that numerous LAPD officers were under investigation. It is far beyond one officer who's accused him the court paperwork. Taking and then distributing the photos against the will without the consent of this well-known Nicolay TV female detective, in fact in some of the text message exchanges. There is a particular LAPD officer who is named by I named it says, I if you don't do X, I'm going to send the phone surveys person. Now that particular offer happens to be one of the directors of the L LA police union somebody who's extraordinarily well known in the police department and who last year won a massive REBA judgment against the husband of the female detective at the center of the revenge porn case. If you follow all of that. So this one particular officer who says serves on with the LA police protective league who's named him. Some of the text messages is suspected of and is being looked at by LAPD internal affairs for not just distributing the explicit. Photos of this particular female detective, but we understand from our sources, I the explicit photos of a number of other LAPD female officers to include the daughter of former police chief, Charlie Beck. Another female command staff member who's in the midst of a. Lawsuit of her own. Again, these are just allegations that have been made that nothing's been proven yet. There's there's a deep well here that LAPD internal affairs is looking into far beyond the photos, and then as far as the the pictures that are at issue in this particular case, lots of officers saw the they went far and wide in the department. Did you have did you have to be guilt to be found guilty that misdemeanor? Did you have to know the providence of those pictures, and what was being depicted? Well, so here's what's interesting here. Again, the revenge porn law in California is largely untested in court that seems to be one of the main questions can you be guilty. If you are a passive recipient of the photos and didn't know anything about the circumstances under which they appeared well that he's so what not applicable here because remember the female detective who's claiming. She was the victim is extreme. Family. Well known in the Los Angeles Police Department. Not only because she's been protective for a long time. There aren't that many female detective, but also because her husband occupied on very very senior position in the department for many years and was himself extremely well known. So it is very difficult. I think it would be difficult for an officer to saying I didn't know that these photos surreptitiously obtained visit individual I didn't know who she was because she is such a well known figure in the department. So the law hasn't really been tested that much in court. Issue. You raise is the key issue in the case of all cases to test that this is probably a lousy example because everybody in the LAPD knows who she is. Therefore, anyone who received those photos would probably know that they were without the consent of the person depicted. Okay. So if I make a joke, and I tell someone to go to lemon party dot org, and that turns out to be revenge. Probably not breaking the law. So that's good. All right Doria. Don't you don't have to react to that. And I would really prefer you. Don't right. Well. Eric Leonard four. Yeah. This story on Friday this grabbed our interests and we've been talking about weeks ago, we finally hooked up with you. And we will we will stay in touch in and watch your your next to Salman. All right. Sounds good. Brian good to talk to you. Happy new year sandy of a more of it there. He goes Eric Leonard from NBC four formerly from the the bullpen, Eric KFI, call it we really don't Brian sits here on the John Ken show. KFI AM six forty more stimulating talk. Rosie rivera. Socal gas has extended its diluent down.

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