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"eric jerry edgy" Discussed on Bob and Sheri

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"eric jerry edgy" Discussed on Bob and Sheri

"You really are the whole package and now broadcasting from the palatial Bob and Sheri Studios. It's often eleven sharing when I was a kid there was no HBO. And so. If I wanted to see something that was A little on the Raunchy side a little on the daring side. I have to sneak into a movie right because it just wasn't there like it is now on TV so this is kind of interesting. A website conducted a survey of of a thousand people varying ages. Young too old and said what is the most offensive television show of all time. Okay so now we are. We staying away from K.. Premium cable are we talking about the big three networks. We're talking about Four networks six so ABC NBC CBS Fox and Fox married with children. That is on there that is number. Let's see one two. Two three four five married with children is number five. I'll start with number one. Okay and then we'll we'll go down the list here The number one most offensive. TV show of all time is South Park. Yeah I I I think that was going to be a protest what it is not be on the big four networks. It was on Fox right now. What was it on comedy? Essential Comedy Central. Well I guess they They went beyond those four. Yeah but there's nothing here that's that was on. Hbo Or anything like that number for to family guy. Yeah I'd like family. I liked it actually better than South Park number three. We're going in another direction. Here of the most offensive shows of all time Jerry Springer. Yeah I can say guess. It's offensive for a different reason. First of all it's tasteless if Jerry's offensive. What is Maree? Yeah Yeah you know more. He's not even on Alexa. Right after Jerry Springer this. I didn't expect to see this one on here all in the family I think for its time like Hina remember. It's tie but but I mean it wasn't it wasn't offensive ah for gratuitous reasons I mean. They were very often archie. Bunker was racist than he was. You know with a poem of phobic. They were making making a point that using him as an example you can see how people in the day were offended. Yeah Yeah right after that married with children like you guessed I. I couldn't believe married with children. I came out I thought it was just absolutely the most tasteless thing I've ever seen looking back at comparing it to stuff that's out there now. It seems not I wanNA say Tame but not not that big of a deal if you would've told me when that show was a hit. Hey in the not so distant future. Al Bundy is GonNa play a beloved reasonable patriarch of a wealthy family in California. I've served value would have been like. Nah I know no way Eric. Cartman Batman was found to be the most defensive character followed by Archie Bunker Peter Griffin Peter Griffin. Does I mean he's such a lovable character in one way but then he is just he is so horrible in others like Remember we played the surfing bird. episode of Family Guy and he wants to have the surfing Birdsong in the Guy Who owns the surfing bird record. Says I WANNA give it up and Peter says which allegedly put my daughter and then he points to another woman. Who's not his daughter? I mean it stuff that you just would not see coming right after that offensive character. Roseanne Barr and then Al Bundy. Donald Trump as the on the apprentice or the apprentice. Ya Stu Griffin Charlie Harper from two and a half men and there and there you. Are you know what I'm surprised. That's not that's not on here. Will and grace my wife loves will and grace but there ourselves and you think a Theon saucy when I would not describe or risk as not the same thing as offensive necessary to it depends on how you look at you know. Maybe you're right but I mean the shock value of some of the things that they did on will and grace really jumped out at me funny as all get out out I mean no two ways about it a really funny. Both both the reincarnation that's on now and the original wants to. I mean if Mary has nothing to do in the afternoon and she's just hanging orange done with work whatever she'll fund will and grace shook she will hunt for it. I mean I guess The word offensive now means something that you just don't care for it. Used to mean something else right. It used to mean no I. I think I think this is something that actually offends you you but that's why I'm not surprised that will and grace is not as not on that list because I think because the shock value is not the same thing thing is being offended. Yeah although I know there are people that are very clearly and completely and fully offended. And they're probably listening to us so that we won't hear from them but no I'm not talking about because there's a gay too gay characters on the show. I'm not just talking about like when she was edgy. convair Eric Jerry Edgy. Yeah yeah funny but I was surprised the first season that they were out that they would get they could get away with regular network. Not with that. We've all gotten just so thin skin like in the seinfeld episode where Georgia's girlfriend died from licking the envelope and they'll make fun of her and she was dead. Technically that's offensive on your list. That's true technically that so it really depends on what you're you're thin-skinned bed self because that's how we are the interest we're the most thin-skinned people on Earth Right. Well I mean the Seinfeld show could offend you in a lot of different ways that that episode where his parents are mad at him because he took a date to see Schindler's List and they were talking during the movie or laughing movie. That that's gotta be offensive to some people commits Bodman shares stuff. You Wo- here on this show Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bob and Sheri ahead. How are you? I'm doing fine. What's up goodwill you're in the spotlight? What is it that people don't know about it? Well when Ed was sixteen years old. He uh-huh run away from home and joined the Carnival and I was a snake eater. SNAKE EATER ADS Ads In snakes. Live snakes you would eat live snakes part of like a side show yes I was was The Wild Man Maverick war wig vessel pair of pants and I'd at setting a cage full of all kinds of exotic reptiles. Of course the ones they got me to eat were Ordinary snakes thank you know like from round here but I sat in a cage bowl guavas and daigle lizards and pythons. And I gotta I tell you and I got to know how bad things were at home. Because that's what you wanted to go to did you. Did you really eat the snakes or was it..

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