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"eric darkstorm" Discussed on The Double Dropkick Show

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"eric darkstorm" Discussed on The Double Dropkick Show

"Veteran who has been around this area for a long long time chance risers somebody who has been making more and more appearances. That's a big win by chance risers trying to move his way up the ladder and independent wrestling here in long lines in Georgia, and it's a big win for him over Rock Hill Joy. Next you had one of the how do I say even say it one of the most mysterious competitor Georgia and the Carolinas Jackson saying defeated the future Nathan cross snaked across as somebody again starting to Branch out a little bit starting to make more appearances and it was Jack insane who won the match in not not a very covid-19 Lee way as he spit that red, Miss. Who knows what's in that read messages? Is where it comes from but blinded night and crossing and got the victory. You had two guys who were very familiar with each other. I don't know if their paths had crossed in singles competition, but tie-dye Sunrise James Johnson defeated locally hated Chris valo. Chris values getting ready to make appearance up in Tennessee for school of Morton valo. Also heavily involved with the office Midland championship wrestling wrestle for said o s c w and here part of you know part of game over here in a PW and they made their presence felt this card you had the APW tag team titles on the lines that the Champions all warm. No soul. Hey, that's to tag team titles that they have collected in them very brief time together. They defended defeated high-profile the former Champions and I'd be I'd be interested to see how many times high-profile have had held those titles. That's a big win for all warm. No soul. I mean High profiles been around they've specially been around Chester for a long time their main stays there and for Joey Ford and Brady Collins to get that Victory, that's that's big for them and not only going to boost their confidence moving forward. And in the main event you had to APW Heavyweight Championship on the line Eric darkstorm who had ended the really really long reign of zuka King Kong King had a had a disa death grip on that championship for a long long time Eric darkstorm won this match by the disqualification when Chris valo interfered James Ramsey came out from.

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