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"eric crassus" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Check swing swang. You know, just came a slight move to the ball. The ball went off the catcher's glove goes to the backstop. Now, we have second third. Second third. Nobody out a one run game play, right? There was the biggest play that could have changed the game because we should be able to at least score one run their the empire. Determine that the ball hit the bat when it clearly did not. But that is not reviewable. So you mentioned Joe, man. I know you're going to mention him and his pet peeve. I think. Yeah. I think the check swing which will get to. But I think this is another call where we could get this. Right. And if it's not conclusive see every play we have whether it's at the base or wherever it is if they deem it's not conclusive the call stands. So I don't know what the reasoning would be for them not to want to review whether the ball hits the bat or not on that play because that playwright their game. It's non reviewable and our people clearly clearly could see it didn't come close to the bat. So those things that should be reviewable. I guess they don't want to slow the game down anymore. But that's a big play a game. Yeah. No, I agree with you. And I think that's going to change because that is a play that you can clearly say. Not like, you know, a tag or whatever you can see the direction of the ball changes. It's an easy one the figure out and if you're unclear again. Call stance. We do we do it with everything else. So you're right on that one. Yeah. Joe madden. Very upset. Couch for got punched out the end the game. And Schwab went nuts on a check swing. Right. Joe? Joe's under a little little scrutiny there in Chicago Cubs off. They got snowed out today, by the way today snow down in Chicago today. But he says take away the checks wing from the pyre, and it should be an a sort of a robotic type thing picture should be taken or whatever. And that's what should be the call on a check swing. What do you think about that? Well, you know, Joe Joe's always coming up. I know the other big pet peeve. His is the the lane running the first base, right? That's another. That's another pet peeve. And and he makes a good point. Look, I think the most difficult call in the game for the empires is check swing. And now that I'm back out coaching third base. I tell you I don't feel like I have a better look at it. At third base on a lefty as I do from the dugout being on an aside. That's my own personal feeling. But it's flip a coin on a check swing. You really? Don't know. And you know, I don't know how the fires would feel look I don't want more and more. You know, I I don't like the human element taken out of the game. But if we have it we we have the ability to what's go ahead and get it. Right. So I I can't argue with them because that's the one call, and I bet the empire's would tell you. It's one of the most difficult calls to make in the game for them. Yeah. I I think they get it fairly, right? That the ball crosses the plate or in the risks break as we used to say when I grew up. I they get it. Right. Most of the time. I really do. Yeah. It's so subjective. Right. I mean, even even you know as the bad across the plate is the rest. I mean, it's it's worded. It's it's left up to your to your own judgment, which you know, again. It's like an empire calling Bahcall. You know, they all view it. It a little bit differently. And I agree. Listen empires. They do a good job. I mean, it's not an easy job for them out there. And now at the scrutiny with replay it makes your job even a little more difficult in that regard. But you know, I I'd be interesting to see what they have to say about it. You know, their honest opinion, whether that would be a call that they just assume have it taken out of there. I bet I bet they wouldn't object to it. Because it is a tough one tough out. Joe Madden is always on. You know, something goes wrong. He wants to change everything. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Sandoval sandoval. Yes. Well, I'll tell you six doubles whenever he's got. He's got pinch hits guys playing great. But he made a play yesterday when he struck out, and he ran to first and he got hit by the ball as the catch through the first from my vantage point Sandoval was great because he ran right at the first baseman who didn't get off the bag and he was right in the lane of the throw and it hit him and he got on. Yeah. Well, you know, the first baseman in that situation first of all Sandovol needs to stay in foul territory. Right. If he's in fair territory we've seen that. And he gets it. He's going to be out in a re runs return. So he's in the right spot. You know, first and foremost, he's going running where he's supposed to be whenever that ball's coming from that angle the catcher the pitcher along that first baseline. Yeah. To be cognizant. Of where you're at and the first basement should clear to one side of the other, especially if it's not going to be close. He can actually clear to the foul side several steps and not have as catch the ball. And then reach back to touch base to get that throwing lane, and it didn't happen and good for us. That's another thing that went well yesterday. Yeah. It was great. I thought it was great baseball that the professor said we're going to explain this one. I didn't think about the first baseman adding off the bag. I said he could anchor on and give the target into IB it off the bag and come right back and get the ball. Exactly. I mean, if you're the angle the throw sometimes the runner is at that determines whether you want to come off the back now if it's going to be a bang bang play. You wouldn't do that? But I've it happens quite often where you have time should get off the base and go ahead and come back point. And then Sandoval made the throat of third. Yeah. Nice planning through a rocket. He's got he's got a strong accurate arm. I love when he throws the ball over the top. I mean, you know, it came up as a catcher as we all know. And that's where he throws the ball. Best is straight overhand. He still has his arm and been very accurate in his career. And it was a big play play. I look he's been pleasant surprise come in the pinch hitting the doubles reach hitting right handed this he plays his role his right hand and heading is improving. You know at this late stage in his career. He's getting better, but he's played his role perfectly. You know, not only is he performing for us in that role. But he has presence when he steps to the plate the other team they're concerned. You know, he has a history has a track record. They know what he can do in part of the reason. He's such a good hitter is is uses the whole field. He's gonna hit me down never third bat and left-handed highs at several balls now down that third base line. He uses the whole field. And you know, he's always ready. He's he stays prepare. Heard for when he gets the start. He's reading if he doesn't get a start. He's ready to pinch it. And you know, what he does it with a smile on his face. And that's that's great great to have guys. Like that on the club. Glad to be here. Yeah. Glad that. We are. He loves the. Yeah. We're glad exactly Carman's. Not we are face today. She's got a little bit of the it's game of thrones days. So she got her game face on working hard. I'm I'm teasing common. Yeah. You better be nice to her. She'll let you know. I know she got her own show. You has her own show to get good. Come on triples alley show. Kill you. I know that and me yesterday. You know, I was she was all over me yesterday. Yeah. Game. You guys are like father daughter over here. Very good. Oh my goodness. All right. Eric Crassus go to school at the professor on this one. This is a good a good one for you to explain he got tagged out at the plate big guy. Coming in didn't slide. The next hitter didn't do much to help them. He was out of the Plato's. Big play. Yeah. I in third one out one out. And you know, he's going to go on any double play ball with one out. You're going to be a little risk in slow hit ball to third or two. I it was a close game. We weren't down by a lot of runs. He's gonna go. He's going to try to beat the play. Now, if we were down by four or five Ron, maybe we'd keep them right there for you know, to not take a chance, but a slow hit ball where it goes to third or first he's gonna try to score anything hit hard. He's going all the way they're going to try to turn a double play so much auto did what he's supposed to do. He came to get the ball. He threw home if he would've slit he would have been safe, but in his his mind. He thought he was going to be out. And what he tried to do is very similar to what we're talking about. What what just happened at first base with Sandoval. He felt he wanted to stay up as long as you could hope throw was gonna hit him in the back. And you know, that's good thinking when the ball is hit down the third base line. You know in in the third baseman has to backhanded. That's what you wanna do. You wanna get in the throwing lane stay up as long as you can slide at the last minute. Well, he had that thought in this that even on the ball was coming from a little bit of a different angle. And that was the reason he didn't slide. So he he was thinking, you know, he's thinking above and beyond a lot of guys aren't ready for that to get in the throwing lane. He was unfortunately, if he would've slit he he was further home than he had realized he would have been safe. Now, the next hitter couldn't help them really know. You know, it happened so quick. No. You you need to know that on your own. You know, things happen quick. I'll remind them of things at third base in. Situation. But quite frankly, but at times taught sometime a quick working pitcher gets on the mound. You try to cover these scenarios bone the balls put in play. And here you go. You know, I just got done mentioned in something to them. And boom we're off to the races. So players got an no he's got his got to go through all the scenarios. No the scoreboard the game situation and replay where these balls are going to be hit. What I'm gonna do a double play ball hit hard in the middle make up by the pitcher. I'm going on a medically the slow hit balls at third. I gotta get a good jump because I got to try to score with one out with no out. He would definitely he wouldn't risk it. He would stay there with no outs. Because we only have one out. Now, we'd have second third. But we've learned that will tell you. They you you've taught the class very well on the on the first and third of the guy on third what he's supposed to do. You really nailed that one down. Well, those are situations. You always want to go over talked to flan, great third base coach here, and all third base coaches the lot a lot of things can happen in the first and third. No outs..

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