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"erbil luce" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"WBZ indeed three oh, eight o'clock. Mike Lavalle is your producer. I'm the host Bradley Jay as we ease into another weekend. So everybody's on the edge of this eat now, including Mark and me. Trying to find out about scallops because it's so hard to find good scallops, and I don't wanna get burned on scallops anymore because that's always -fensive, and I have them for my birthday. It's my big birthday dinner. And I don't want to be like those were bads call up some my birthday dinner. So I'm really excited to find out from Chuck and Belmont. Who's a chef? How to find more about the difference between the goods call ups in the bed scallops, and how to find the good dry pack scallops, so take it away. Yeah. It's kind of like trying to get the best wines the best starting places to make friends with somebody who has a wine shop, and then Tom what you're looking for. So if you make friends with good fish purveyors, and like the one at the Boston public market, they're great and just tell them what you want. And when you want them, they'll they'll source out the best scouts ratio. They'll get the dry pack, which is what you want because they haven't been washed in any preservative. They haven't been frozen the drive pack ones have been frozen freezing. Really destroys the texture of the meat. And then when you cook scallops all the water runs out of them, and it leaves him, very mealy. So you want super fresh scallops? But if you tell them, you get a good fish purveyor, and you tell them when you want them another good fish purveyor over in Brooklyn is wall state been in business for like one hundred years. So this seems crazy expensive to me. Are they are they not? I mean, they are kind of expensive. But I mean the best way to eat scallops. And I'm a chef the best way for my perspective to eat them raw. So I like them super super fresh, obviously, he just little lemon and olive oil marinate burbs. But if you're going to broil them, you you want scallops that you really could eat raw because you're going to cook them rare, right, right? So even if you. Do you want the highest quality? If you get to know, a decent fish purveyor who's in your neighborhood, or you know, if you need to travel, they just tell them this is what I'm looking for. Okay. Paxi scalp. Still get you some sea scouts that were in the water that day, that's cool. And then the other thing is you want divers scallops if you can get them. The difference in the divers cows that divers actually go into water, and they grab the scallop. So they're going by you know, the kind of scored their way jet their way to the water table. The other scallops are dredged they drop a net, and they'd tragic them up with a whole bunch of mud, and they may drag them for a while before they bring them up, and they can case kind of muddy so divers scouts are more expensive. But they're worth it because the flavors amazing and sculpture, so rich, you don't need a lot of really really rich. I'm really excited. Now, you eat them raw Ecorse. Yes. I used to be super big super bag into that was my thing. I'm yeah. But now, I got I got sick not always is. But I just got a little taste of what real sick from food. And you hear about. Been bad. With scallops. I fishermen who never eat anything raw. But go eat scallops raw scallops is they're real sweet. And they have a beautiful flavor destroyed when you cook them all the way through when you see like bay scallops, which are like little bon-bons from the cedar so delicious. But like in a clam shack somewhere a lot of times though by the bay scallops win. They're cheaper some season any freeze them. So they may have been in a freezer for a year or more. You really don't want those Ross right and people used to the fried scallops. He get clam shacks. But when you get scouts rather, see you can eat those raw, and it really isn't an issue. So why why is it not an issue where it is with other stuff? Okay. So with what we call scallops, actually, just the doctor muscle. It's the muscle that moves the show up and down, and it's very powerful. And that's why scallops. So the only by valve mollusc Quebec, swims if you well it moves through the water table because clamps down so hard. So whenever you have whole muscles. Let's say like steaks, you can eat rare or almost raw because the whole muscle. It's not ground in a lot of Oregon's around. Yeah. Would you eat an oyster you're eating all the organs to so they can be muddy and affected by the water around him almost always when you get sick from an oyster. It's because they're in water that they shouldn't be in. There was this one restaurant years ago and won't mention it. But it was considered the best restaurant in the entire world. But they sent like nine hundred diners to hospital because they were getting. Oysters from a place that was near some sewage. You know, I think I know the place I think how the playoffs. So it always you want the cleanest most pristine east coast. Oysters are great because they tend to be from very cold, very pristine waters. But you're eating the whole animal, whereas with scallops you're just eating that muscle now. The other foot side of that is for me. If you're gonna cook stops at that's way, is to get whole live scallops take the top shell off and take the belly off and fishmongers will do this for you. But to have what we call the scallop, which is the muscle in the row in the spring the orange row scalp down. Yeah. What if you boil them together? It's amazing. It's almost like having a scallop Pat on the side. Where can you get the whole scallop in the show again? If you ask go fish purveyor use it can get him for because they'll do is. They'll look for ones that have a lot of ro. They'll source it for you. How do they not? In in Chinatown. You can get hold scallops. Most of the restaurants Chinatown do whole scholar. Would you buy them there? Yeah. Because they get them all year round. And they don't always have row, but they do coal scout spoiled with like ginger and scouting. And so you would trust the. Hygiene of the scallops scallops. When you go to Chinatown, if you eat the kinds of things that the Chinese eat. They're pretty good about it because they're eating so things like periwinkles like little snails. Those are usually pretty good Royal whole Scarlets pretty good because most Americans don't go for it. And. The thing is stuffed American eat Chinese don't go for. So we're limited by limited quantities. And there's a fast turnover of it. So where can I get whole scallops in Chinatown? Why would I are they cheaper there? Well, no, you want somebody to cook them for you. You know, that's. Still gonna be a little bit pricey. But the thing can you need all scallops. It has a different flavor almost tastes like waster. And you're you're only going to get a couple of them as an appetizer. Maybe two three of them something like that. So you get sound like you've got a big play the scallops you have a recommendation for a place. Yeah. Always peach farm, so he's. Oh. Farmers the place where pretty much every chef goes in Chinatown Chinatown. Pizza. Yeah. Means called Peachtree Peachtree fire. So is that a is that a restaurant? Yeah. That's the name of that. And it's one of those places where you go in a first thing. Chefs does is he looks through the swinging doors into the kitchen and their kitchens, always real clean and the food. There is always good. And it's been a chef haunt for decades. So that's the place that everybody on the chefs go. Wow, I learned so much. There's a lot to know. So there's before you go we had a caller say where can I get the dry pack scallops, and you said wolf's, and you said, yeah. Wolfson Brookline and then also read Steph in the. The public market over obey. We're Haymarket is. But it's in the building. Yeah. Pasta. In south Boston. There's a lot of fish Lambert's. If you just ask them. If you just ask them, you know, that they have like a counter where they serve, you know, people either cutting him back for the because a lot of them do just industrial sales to March restaurants, and that kind of thing, but a lot of them have a little counter, they'll sell the customers, just commend. So what's a good one Boston? I don't really go there that much because I buy right from fishermen. Lamberts? Yeah. That sounds familiar. All right. Boy. Anything with an Irish name and south is going to be good for. All right. Well, thank you. Can I throw in one power ballad suggestion? Yeah. Absolutely. From jets. That's good. Absolutely. Thank god. I would buy me out if I had to tell you know. Wasn't restaurant in wherever it is. Yeah. It's urban J E R B A L. See we're right in the centre of Boston right across the street from park plaza. We just got the best of Boston award for best Italian from Boston magazine, and the improper so you can look up there aren't there. I walked by there all the time. If I pop in when do you work? I'm there every night school. Boy. That's great, man. Thank you very much. All right. Take care has a good one Erbil Luce. Over at five. I think I have a thing to do tonight. Boy, I I can't I'm so thankful for his information. Never again. Never again, supermarkets scallops. I'm tired of being ripped off. Guy was good, right, Mark. And Mark Mark's very much. Food dude. I remember everything he said, I don't need notes. Peach farm. Tyler Mark already looked it up. So as urban impeach him. I had to cancel my trip. Go to these places. Let's take a break and. Talk to him. Let's see Bob in Florida. Cates. WBZ?.

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