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Parker  Inside the (Rob) Parker - Stanton returns; Yordan Alvarez's arrival; Trout never stops; Guests: Cubs OF Jason Heyward; Analyst Chris Singleton

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Parker Inside the (Rob) Parker - Stanton returns; Yordan Alvarez's arrival; Trout never stops; Guests: Cubs OF Jason Heyward; Analyst Chris Singleton

"Podcast fans. I'm Maddie stout. And I love podcast so much that I started my own podcast called access podcast. It's the podcast about podcast each week. I have conversations with some of the world's greatest podcasters, and I try to help you find new stuff to listen to their over seven hundred thousand podcasts in the world. And my goal is to help you find your next podcast to binge season. Three of access podcast is up now. Listen to subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. From the berkshires to the sound from wherever you live in MLB, America. This is inside the Parker you give us twenty two minutes in. We'll give you the scoop on major league baseball. Now, here's baseball hall of fame, voter number, what three rob Parker welcome to the latest edition of the inside the Parker podcast, I am your host rob Parker and coming up on the program cubs outfielder Jason Heyward will join us also from ESPN their baseball radio, color, man, Chris singleton. He'll also stop by plus so much more. Let's go to lead off. It's getting robbed and keep them up. Rob's hot take on the three biggest stories in major league baseball number one. We start the podcast on a personal note next week Wednesday June. Twenty six I make my debut on f s once MLB whiparound. I'm so excited and thankful to be a part of the show and be given such an opportunity. You know, I love sports, but anybody who really knows me knows that baseball is my number one. So to be able to be a part of this show is just thrilling for me as a baseball hall of fame voter and a baseball fan. So check out the show. Rob Parker on, f s wants MLB whip around next Wednesday and Thursday. We're talking about June twenty six and June twenty seven number to start spreading the news. That's right. Jean Carlos Stanton the Yankee star outfielder and slugger return to the lineup batting fit and playing right field on Tuesday night. It is about time to see him back. He. He was reinstated from the ten day injure list on Tuesday. The twenty nine year old slugger has been out since April, I was the left biceps strain and you know what then in his we have he suffered a left shoulder strain that has kept him out of the lineup. So it'll be great to get this guy back. What's unbelievable? Is that the Yankees of going thirty four and seventeen without Stanton and Josh? He's out with it all bleak. He should be back coming back soon. So the Yankees power is returning. And the starts are back starting with Stanton Tuesday night, number three, the only way you haven't heard about the Astros, leftfielder Jordan, Alvarez's. You'd have to be under a rock this guy debut with the Astros on June night and hit four home runs in his first five career games. No wonder he's wearing number forty four. That's. Sluggers number. He's a six foot five lefty, twenty one year old Cuban slugger, and he is bashing. He was bashing down in the minor leagues. They finally bring 'em up and man oh man. What a start to his career. And as of Tuesday in his first twenty six major league at bats. He had nine hits Adar beyond the four home runs and batting a sweltering three forty six and he has been one of player right out the box. The Astros already have opposed lineup and it just seemed like they just keep adding to it. It is unbelievable where the Astros are. And if this guy can continue to play obviously not exactly the same level, but be this home. Run hitting machine. They will be tough to stop come the postseason number four another season. And yes. Mike trout continuing to destroy the record books and he continues to cement his status as the best player of his judgment generation since the beginning of twenty twelve. Trout leaves the AL with a one point nine six Opie s and appoint four six one OB P and is on track for forty four home or thirty eight double one hundred forty to walk season in seven seasons. He has been the AL MVP twice and finished second four times. And don't forget trout is now as of Tuesday just four steals away from being the fastest player to the two hundred and fifty and two hundred steel club, and remember, he's the one trying to chase Barry Bonds who is the only player to be in the five hundred five hundred club, which is five hundred home runs and five hundred stolen bases. So if you haven't tuned in the whites watch Mike trout, you need to. He's one of those players a generational player and he continues to play at a very high. Level. And I know he might not have the personality that most people would love him the have and stand out in a crowd, but his play on the field right now in major league baseball is second to none. Here comes the big interview. Listen handler, so good. All right. Let's welcome into the podcast. Jason Heyward from the Chicago Cubs. How did you get into baseball? They know a lot of kids basketball football. How did you get into baseball? I was born in Ridgewood New Jersey in nineteen eighty nine my mom from queens, and my parents were living up in New York, at the time, working Dow's working out of New Jersey and nine thousand eighty six mess. Though they won the World Series that year. They had a fun team to watch that has some inside and players. But, you know Dwight Gooden and they'll start to be standing out players. You know African American baseball players that as well my pops so bad. I want my son to be. Out of this. No. He played baseball growing up. He played all sports football basketball. Whatever play basketball at Dartmouth College, but he wanted me to have a shot at baseball. And it was kind of a no brainer. When got to see a team like that one, of course and overcome their adversity they overcame. And of course, it's attacking the comeback against arrest socks were not. But also just have an opportunity to be individuals. And the only thing nowadays think here's my issue with Nikes not playing baseball, but with the other sports, I think the AAU coaches and whatnot have limited the kids like athletes, if you're good you should play more than one sport. And everything specialized now they want you to play basketball, all year round and want you to practice football year round. Do you know what I mean? So you, you get kind of some of the better athletes on playing baseball. I mean I played only baseball I play basketball, maybe like ten through twelve with my boys to play baseball. But when I got the high school my pops gave me option. He said, you can do what you want you can play basketball. But do you wanna go showcases and get exposure here? Let's let's do that for baseball. So I stuck with that, but, I mean just being honest, it helped it helped on one sport. But you see Kyle Murray. This year was the first guy ever, you know, here's that new era and he got the first God every drafts a first run NFL, and I want a major league baseball, which is incredible thing. No is incredible. But I mean these guys he asked up has out. I mean, you don't know how to win if you pay baseball don't football. He made a good choice from self obviously, whatever. No. He says, in his heart, and he's got to go with that whatever he has most passionate for you win the Heisman Trophy. It's tough for me to say you're not gonna go play go play football NFL and get that shot. That's something that not everybody does for different company. But just picking one sport, probably just helped they helped ally. I'm telling you, what do we think I say, and I get your point on. Like practicing or whatever. But there's a lot, you know, the NBA is only four hundred jobs and only thirty guys get do you know what I mean? Like so so I'm not saying that, that, yes, you should put all, but if you put all your eggs in the basket, and you're good athlete. You might be able to get another opportunity somewhere else. That's the only thing I'm saying to play football are gonna play basketball, and that's not taken away from, you know how hard it is to go play those sports. But about being one of the better athletes are definitely gonna done that. But I just feel like baseball's a different breed of sport. And. Don't get me wrong. Some people play other sports and then come out in excel really well in baseball. But I just know for me growing up in Georgia the competition, you're gonna face just exposure, you need to have just the things you need to learn. They helped me a whole lot just to focus on baseball playing the fall planning the summer plant high school, of course, in this disconnect exposure from different areas. Different situations to help me director for this baseball is gone through a lot of stuff lot of changes to you like the game. The ways played now what I mean by see a lot of home runs and strikeouts. Lot of shifting which taken a lot of hits away from people, not as many guys on the base pass. You know not as many stolen bases that that type of game I is it fun to play this game the way it is now or not. I mean it's different. It's different. This is your ten for me. So it's definitely different from what I watched growing up different from what I came up in a mile lease and different work for what it was. I mean probably five or six us and the game. But you just gotta understand the game's going to change going to change. It has from like I say, like I just said, ten years ago to even thirty forty years ago to the game change him. We just gotta kinda dab to it and be ready for what it brings about the homerun element people thought, okay steroids. There was over and of the whole runs. But in actuality, the more homeless being hit today is it because guys aren't fearful of striking out, and it can get up and take a big cut and striking out ain't the end of the world is is it that some people say to balls funny? You know, there's all kinds of reasons why, why do you think home runs are as big as ever been on? Oh pig. Pig pig pig. Any reason could be a number of things could be one to strike out factor about strikeouts anymore. Like when you first came up ten years ago, maybe you, maybe it was frowned upon strikeout far strikeouts. Go. I mean, you got people that velocity now is, is a is, is harder than probably holidays. Every been nice me. Guys got good stuff. Relievers. Now I feel like they try to match them up even better out of the bullpen. And I mean, a rightfully so you wanna grain guy in? It used to be, you know, who's gonna go. Four inning. Sometime. Maybe two, and that's what happens. But I like also like then play the match ups quickly. They bring in faces a couple than other and they try and do the lineup. So I feel like there's a lot of computer stuff going on in general, I would say, that's probably response. For most of anything to change it. Or you analytics guy. Big analytics. I I understand it. I understand where fits in, but I think sometimes it's gone too far there was a situation last year in the playoffs. I'm just giving you a scenario where the dodgers went to play Boston in the World Series in their top four homerun hitters worn in the lineup. You know what I mean in game one? That, that's a perfect example of where maybe take an analytics too far. Take some of the best players out the game. Yeah. I mean, I'm all for analytics, but then when you take the field out of the game. Then in this day of all games you take the fill out of it. Then you kind of setting yourself up for for a different route to try to win the game you're trying to match everything up perfectly. And when you don't win to by Macerata perfectly you go out there. And now that one team based other one team out. Hustles another team. One team play better defense, one team just lucky. Now all those things. But just look at it this way now regardless of what kind of season, these guys had they are in the right to be there and thing you know, they're not on the ninth starting lineup. But at the same time, I mean I feel like you said, top for homers like two hundred fifty homers on the pants right there. So. End of the day, what does the other team fell like in the all that's news? Let's go. You know, so there's all kinds of advantages and all kind of know momentum shifts in play offs. And, you know, I feel like there's going to be less pressure when you have certain players on the bench as the guys were talking about. I mean, bellinger's want just the name one, but they're I mean, that could be the part of taking it too far. But now this year they're trying to play play concern guys more. But that's just that's just what baseball is doing. They're trying to predict the future. Are you following your passion? I'm Carla Marie, the host of side, Hustler's I talked to people following their passion outside of their regular job. Everyone either has a side hustle, or wants to create a side hustle. Get inspired to start your own business, or just hear the story and hustle of every side hustler. Get motivated with side Hustler's. Listen and subscribe on the iheartradio app at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. It's time for the pocket protector centrum the analytic numbers, you need to know. Well, maybe f s one's Anthony Masterson is his name BS analytics is his game. What do you got force? Anthony. We all know about batting average, but that's a little bit outdated. How about expected batting average that can tell you more about a player expected batting average measures a likelihood that abandoned ball becomes a hit using advanced metrics. We have at our disposal on this podcast. We've talked about exit velocity and launch angle and expected batting average puts them all together each batted ball is assigned an expected batting average based on how comparable balls in terms of exit vehicle and launch angle become base. It's like a batted ball expected. Batting average of eight hundred means a similar batted ball false. Reveals it eight out of ten times. Now how can you use expected? Batting average a player with a higher XP as stronger quality of contact at unsurprisingly, Cody Bellinger leaves all basal XP, the with three seventy two Mark, which remarkably is even higher than his league-leading three fifty five. Batting average, you could argue he's been unlucky based on the quality of the contact us been having this season. L A higher XP batting average can also tell you. If it's something player is about to break out or on the other end. If a red hot player is about to fall off the cliff expected batting average. Come on board, Anthony I'll stick with batting average until further notice. It was a big week in the big leagues. For is it fair? And now here's shadow league dot com. MLB insider JR gamble. With some of the early returns in on the baseball all star game voted by fans some people on happy with what the fans have voted and is now a buzz about maybe taking the vote away from fans and letting players vote for their favourite. All-stars JR. Is that foul or fair? That is fast. That is a foul. Come on. Rob always the problem with these baseball plays the game is more for the fans, then the players even though also appearances way heavily when a player comes up for all all the fame consideration. It really shouldn't the all star game the chance of fans vote for their favorite player. He's on usually the fate with players are the best players. But sometimes fans want be tiring player popular player or players with the cultural connection for some it'd be featured in the game, and they'll be enough rules and enough. By changing the rules in a racing authenticity from the game. Let's keep the all-star voting in the hands of the van that people pay for the tickets, funding salaries and keep the game alive, the starters should remain in the hands of the fan rarely does all star get totally snuff. He can only be a reserve. The fans will tell you openly, and honestly who's who's not. And why JR? I'm with you. It's file leave it to the fans. Fasten your seatbelt. Give it Bill. Here comes Parker's top-three MLB teams this week. Number three, the Houston Astros coming into Tuesday, forty eight and twenty four is still rolling despite all the injuries, which is unbelievable, but Al to and Springer coming back soon, and then Korea will be back around the all star game. But still they're able to hold their own and continue. We talked about Alvarez. He's a guy that has been a masher and has helped him stick in the top three number two the New York, Yankees, forty three and twenty seven as of Tuesday. And now they're starting to get their big stars back. Stanton came back on Tuesday Gioja becoming back soon. They've been able to hold it together. And then they went out and added the AL leading home run hitter and Edwin Encarnacion to the lineup. Man that line of going to be unbelievable. When you think about it with void. The Yankees are the second best team in baseball number three, the Los Angeles Dodgers. They continue to win and role as of Tuesday. They were forty eight and twenty four the cubs were red hot when they came into L A to play the dodgers for a set and the dodgers were able to beat up on the cubs win some big games, they're pitching continues to be unbelievable as of Tuesday to dodgers rotation in its past forty games had an ER Ray of two point two seven two hundred fifty three strikeouts. Only thirty six walks and opposing teams Rony batting to ten I mean, are you kidding me? The dodgers oughta freak invest team in baseball favor. Thank you. It's time for trash talk Twitter with your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league baseball. This week's winner come from at Willie Wayne. And he is trashing McGill Cabrera from the Tigers Miguel Cabrera. He's made nearly two hundred eighty million. He's in an empty ballpark on a bad knee. He's only a D H and has a bad relationship with our fan all his comments about quote the fans. Don't appreciate me and quote or ridiculous as a tiger fan. Mcgill Cabrera is Persada, non grata. And if you want a chance to win a new era snapback send a shoot trash to Adwa Parker f s one on Twitter. This week on ephemeral. They actually found a tape box that said head cheese in all capital, letters on it. And there's no way I'm not picking that up. Also, it's on a tape box of a company that I know did not make page after the nineteen fifties fill this is this is an ancient tape is since head cheese on it. And I'm intrigued, what is this going to be? Full. Listen to a federal now on apple podcasts, the iheartradio app, or wherever you listen to podcasts, and learn more at a federal dot show. What rob was the newspaper columnist. He lived by this motto. If I'm writing, I'm Rippin let's bring in a writer of broadcaster, older new, let's welcome in Chris singleton, of course, from ESPN radio, the color analyst to the podcast. How you doing, Chris? Hey, good to see you, man. You know, we're just joking off air that, you know, your, your baseball fan, people don't realize that you see on television talking about all things football basketball. But I know you man, I know your true, the Yankees stay in a float despite all the injuries to their big boppers. And now they go out in that Edwin Encarnacion. Yeah. I was surprised by that. With those guys both playing rehab games and expected to John Carlos expected to rejoin the team next week Stanton, you know, obviously a little bit longer when you're dealing with an intercostal muscle and just how big a man he is. You know, to make sure everything's right? And there's no guarantee that, once they do return that they will get into midseason form very quickly or that there won't be a recurrence of the injury. So I think the Yankees have done extremely well exceeded expectations by mixing, and matching plane guys stepping up and playing whether it's Chia Vanni or shila, Luke voided first-base labor toward as you knew that he's a star type of player, but he's been great and this, it's a team that's performed very well in the absence of their, you know, sort of budding iconic stars in Aaron judge and Carlos Stanton. But I think that along with the return of those guys that the team has played so well, they are. Other teams in managers that are looking forward to Stanton in John Carlos Stanton and Aaron judge returning because it changes the dynamic of that team and they're, they're able to pitch to that team better, believe it or not. I understand what you're saying. Right. Because you have all the big Bopper swinging. Big these other guys haven't done totally with the long ball. They've manufactured Ryan, right? So there are there are teams that are looking forward to those two guys getting healthy. And you wouldn't think so because there's such intimidating forces authencity but I think the Anki Aaron Boone, and they're coaching staff and their, their analysts team all those folks of a really nice job. And they've also been able to benefit from Boston. Red Sox team that has just not been able to really like make it click and utilize the talent. They have on the field on a consistent basis. How about National League is a lot of really good player who's the best player in a nationally, Cody bellinger's Hewlett. I mean I who is it? Do you know? You know both those guys are great. And they're, they're good kids, I guess, since we're here in. L A just go ahead and lean towards Cody Bellinger. I love Cody Bellinger, because he is one of the most athletic guys in the major leagues. So a lot of times, you look at a big players, the first baseman, he's got power. All right. He's, you know, you kind of gets typecast, right? He's the first baseman left-hander with power, Cody Bellinger last year. Even with, you know, we and some of the other guys jock Peterson was their best center fielder. He was perhaps their best outfielder he throws. Well he can track it down. He runs the bases. Well, he's got power. It was surreal when Cody, I got to the big leagues. And when I go down to the clubhouse and see 'em because it's like hadn't seen him in years, and it's, it's your thinking yourself. I remember this kid two years, old come in the clubhouse, this little plastic bad cryan for his dad after his dad. Maybe went over four with three strikeouts to take him. In the cage down on the field to flip them. I mean play would take his son down on the field. I'd have kids at the time. So I didn't understand it, but the love of a father and his Father's Day. Right. So it's easy to kind of think about that. But would take his kid down there. And who knew at the time who he was flipping to, you know that this, this kid would be a superstar and perhaps the National League in VP. So I'm a big fan. But hey you can't go wrong with either one of those guys in the National League. How about the surprise team of the season? Gotta be the Minnesota Twins. I mean they are tremendous they've been doing they look like they could run away with the central. Oh, lista. Billy take it away from the Indian. Yeah. Well Cleveland Cleveland, things aren't aren't clicking for Cleveland obviously and you're looking at, at times, I don't know exactly what the standings are today, but double digits back of the twins in that division. You know, if you were four or five games back you're not really. You're gonna be right. But when you're looking at nine ten games back in. You're seeing the struggles to score runs off incident at times arguably the best rotation in terms of guys, whether it's, you know, when, when healthy kluber Bauer caress co Bieber that was Chris singleton, of course, from ESPN radio. Thanks for joining us on the podcast pre sheet, you, thanks bring in the closer. Here's why MLB is better than the NFL or NBA. And it isn't even close. It was games. Like Monday night that bang home. The idea that baseball is better than football better than basketball. There's no question about it. Masahiro Tanaka put on a performance for the ages. Imagine a beautiful June night sitting out at Yankee Stadium in a game played against Tampa Bay. He has a to hit complete game shutout a gem a masterpiece to be able to watch a guy do that. He had ten strikeouts. They were playing for first place, the Yankees, and raise and best of all, he did it in two hours. Thirty four minutes are you kidding me? I would've felt cheated that the game was over that quickly Yenkey win. Three nothing it again. Another moment. To tell you why baseball is the king of the world. World before I say goodbye. I want to salute Shohei Otani who became the first Japanese player in the history of major league baseball to hit for the cycle. What shocking is that each euro never did it with all the hits that he got into major leagues? And what a hall of fame career he had, but instead it's autonomy, who's the one who becomes the first Japanese player to ever reach that plateau. In the words of New York TV legend the lay Bill Jorgensen thanking you for your time this time until next time. Rob Parker out, he can't get this could be. Same bat time, same station. Hi, I'm Chelsea handler. And I'm launching a brand new podcast with heart radio called life will be the death of me. And I'm gonna talk to all these different people, my BFF Mary McCormack. That's what we should call. My book tour the apology tour great idea. Sorry. Everyone on this whole podcast should be called. It should be called with the orange because of the orange theme of the book Archie. Glad I went to therapy. Life will be the death of me with Chelsea handler. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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SMNTY Classics: Fighting Shirley Chisholm

Stuff Mom Never Told You

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SMNTY Classics: Fighting Shirley Chisholm

"Serial killers. Don't make any effort to involve media or best Gators. They're very secretive. They don't want attention. They almost want their crimes to go unnoticed, but the idea of committing a crime, and then calling the police and bragging about it. That's a whole 'nother level of terror. A man who wore a mediaeval style executioner's hood who has baffled the police and baffled the media. He seems to crave publicity. He sent letters and Ramsden newspapers. And the belief subject stated, I want to report a murder. No, a double murder. I did it. Here. We are fifty years to the first sodium killing in today's world of friends old cases are being solved who doesn't wanna know. How turns out? From the creators of Atlanta monster come season two. This is monster the zodiac killer. Listen as subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app. This is Anne, and you're listening to stuff mom never told you. One of my favorite things about working on this show has been learning the histories of bad ass women, I often, unfortunately, never heard of and it is a shame because their stories and contributions are so inspiring back when I was a video producer for this show. I my favorite series where you had as I mentioned before with something called her story. I it's just I have a big history fan. And I love learning more about these bad as women and one of my favorite historical figures. I've learned about through working on the show is surely his own so an honor of president's day weekend here in the United States. Here's a classic episode delving into the life and legacy of Shirley Chisholm. Welcome to stuff. Mom, never told you from how stuff works not com. Hello. And welcome to the podcast. I'm kristen. And I'm Caroline and Caroline. You know, those times when we're researching for stuff mom never told you, and we learn about a woman that excite says and inspires us so much a gave me goosebumps right now. And we can't wait to talk about in the podcast doodo. But also we just want to tell everyone about her like polymer. Yeah. Shirley chisolm. I mean in such a political time as this reading about Shirley Chisholm was such a breath of fresh air. Yeah. But also. A little bit of a disappointment that she's not still around for me to of hug. Yeah. Call up on the telephone. Yeah. Say thanks surely. Yeah. Right. A number of thank you letters to just for just for everything. Because y'all Shirley was bad ass. And you need to know who she is. And you need to tell everybody, you know, about who she was. Yeah. Unfortunately for all of us. She was a woman ahead of her time. Yeah. I mean, fortunately because we have such a great story to tell about her. But unfortunately, because well being so head of her time, she was sort of kept out of the positions that she would have done so much great work in. And so, of course, Shirley, Chisholm was the first African American woman in congress and the first black woman to run for a major party's nomination for president among. Many many other firsts but something it's really kind of beautiful in poetic about her. Is that in an interview in her later years, she would say when I die. I wanna be remembered as a woman who lived in the twentieth century and who dared to be a catalyst for change. I don't wanna be remembered as the first black woman who went to congress, and I don't even want to be remembered as the first woman who happened to be black who ran for the presidency. I want to be remembered as a woman who fought for change in the twentieth century. And so this episode is sort of a love letter to Shirley to not only educate, you our listeners into educate ourselves, and to provide this sort of inspirational figure for women in politics, and in this country in general, but really to honor her memory and to tell you her story and part of honoring her is. Really diving into her complexity her passion and her brilliance that history just has not given her enough credit for we need to know more about surely than the things the individuals things that she accomplish me how and why she did that. And also. Shirley is just fabulous for her gift of gab. Yeah. Some of her quotes like, I don't know. I mean, we literally could deliver this entire podcast in just Shirley Chisholm quotes because she was such an amazing figure for women in general. She was a staunch feminist in addition to being proud of her blackness. She was also proud of her woman nece, and she said at one point the emotional sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins. When the doctor says, it's a girl how I had of her time is that you know, who quotes Shirley, Chisholm quite a lot when he's talking about his own. Feminism is President Barack Obama? That's right who also posthumously awarded her with the presidential medal of freedom. Twenty fifteen. Which says so much about the respect and admirations that he has for her which just makes me makes me already miss him being an office. But let's go back to Brooklyn in nineteen twenty four Shirley, Anita. Saint hill was born on November twentieth of that year in Brooklyn to Charles Saint hill who was a factory worker from Jonah and ruby seal Saint hill who was a seamstress from Barbados. And surely it was the oldest of four daughters. Yes. So she was around a lot of amazing women's no surprise that. She grew up like all pro lady power, but from age of three to ten she actually lived on her grandparents farm in Barbados in order to get a British education, her parents remained back in Brooklyn. They were working to make a living in the bed Stein abor hood during the depression. And they basically figured like here. You can go live a happy wonderful life with your grandparents getting an education while we work here. And so once she came back to Brooklyn, she ace's public school and ends up getting accepted to Oberlin and Vassar she ops to go to Brooklyn college on scholarship. And here we see one of the first instances, and I love to talk about mentors and teachers and things like that on the podcast to show. How kids get inspired to do things? Obviously, she was not a kid at the point that she was at college, but her political science, professor Lewis, Warsaw f- encouraged her to consider a career in politics because of her quote, quick mind and debating skills, but even at the time Shirley's talking to professor Lewis, and she says, you know, I'm not so sure because I've got this double handicap that was her, quote, I've got this double handicap of being both black. And a woman. But of course, that double handicap doesn't stop her from being active in college. She joins the debate team and win a social club on campus. Denies black students entry she starts room. It's called apotheosis and apotheosis actually stood for in pursuit of the highest in all can we start an apotheosis club. Can we can we get a chapter? Yeah. I don't know how you do that. But I think we'll just start with a framed portrait of Shirley Chisholm. Yeah. And the bottle of wine. So from there in nineteen forty six Shirley graduates, whom laude with a sociology degree, and she begins working as a nursery school teacher a few years later in nineteen forty nine. She marries Conrad Q Chisholm who's a private investigator and in nineteen fifty two she gets her masters in early childhood education from Columbia while working as a teacher and ends up becoming the director of to daycare centers and early childhood education, ends up becoming her entry point into politics. Yeah. Basically because couple years later in nineteen sixty she becomes a consultant to the New York City division of daycare. So there you see her straddling that line of public life and also still being in the education world, and so around this same time surely has joined a local democratic club that had been working, really. Hard to root out the white leaders of the bed Steiner neighborhood, who they said were ignoring black residents who were the majority in that neighborhood and. They made a wonderful decision that ended up being terrible for them. But in order to shut her up like God this woman with her confidence in smarts and brilliance to shut her up. They put her on the board of directors. And she's like, yeah. Okay. That's gonna shut me up. She surely, of course, she doesn't they end up removing her from the post because she was so vocal and so active in the community. They were like, oh, we did the exact wrong couldn't handle the Chisholm. They you can't handle the Chisholm and in nineteen sixty two the group actually got a black man elected to the state assembly Thomas Jones, but in nineteen sixty four Jones actually decides, hey, I'm going to run for a judgeship. So the community was like, hey, you know, that surely woman we like her so she ends up replacing Jones making her the. Ever African American woman elected to the New York state legislature. Now, keep in mind if you've listened to our previous podcast episode on arch conservative anti-feminists Phyllis schlafly nineteen sixty four is the year. Her star starts to rise because she helped get racist anti civil rights unactivated, Barry Goldwater as the Republican nominee for president. Yeah. Running against Lyndon B Johnson who beat Goldwater in the election. So she's elected to the New York state legislature. And she has two bills. She is especially proud of one of which established a program to help disadvantaged high schoolers go to college and one that changed the practice of revoking tenure for teachers who got pregnant so you can already. From the get-go at the state level Shirley's out to work for the people. Yeah. I the fact that so early in her career she's managing to accomplish. Things like this that this is what she's pushing for. And this will remain the type of thing that she pushes for throughout her political career. I mean, it just warms my cold, dead heart, basically. Yeah. And the thing is she's good at it. She's very good at what she's doing. So in nineteen sixty eight Shirley who is not one to just let history pass her by. She says, you know, what I want to run for congress. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And it's sort of a perfect storm of things that convince her to run because there had been this court ordered redistricting that had carved out a brand new Brooklyn district from her bed, Stein, abor hood, and the Democrats very specifically wanted to send an African American from this new district the twelfth district to the house of representatives. And so she launches her primary campaign, which she said was strenuous, and she used the slogan unbought and. Unbought and she set herself apart from her three competitors with a super personal up close and personal campaigning style. She even said, you have to let them feel you. She really got out there among the people and in addition to getting out there among the people. She also wrote around in an open truck with a loudspeaker. I love this. Yeah. She would ride around this truck announcing, ladies and gentlemen. This is fighting Shirley Chisholm coming through and people loved it. Yeah. And I would also like to note that unbought an unbiased would remain her campaign slogan. Yeah. What I really want after watching her documentary on Amazon, which is called, Shirley. No, which is called Chisholm seventy to unbutton on boss. I really want to get my hands on one of her campaign posters because it's got a picture of her with unbought on Boston. It's really cool. You know, that classic style. Well. Well, so when we get to the general election, she's a democrat and she's up against Republican opponent James farmer, who's a solid opponent. I mean, he was a big figure in the civil rights movement. He was the co founder of the congress for racial equality. He was an organizer as part of the freedom writers, and they even had similar views on education housing employment the Vietnam war. So like, how do you pick? How does she set herself apart? Well, I mean, she did it handily because surely ended up winning sixty seven percent of the vote and with that the distinction of being the first black woman elected to congress, and in this case gender was on her side. This would really be the only case gender would be on her side. But what happened was James farmer? This well respected African American man. Was arguing during the campaign that quote women have been in the driver's seat in black communities for too long, and that he was the right candidate because the district needed, quote, a man's voice in Washington and called her not only a little schoolteacher. But also Bossie. Oh, yeah. Oh and bossy female, so that's like total Emory language, right and Shirley's like, oh, that's how you wanna play. Okay. So she counters all of his sexism by highlighting discrimination against women. She also highlights the power of women's organizations in this country and also her own unique qualifications as being this really highly educated educator, and she also points out like, hey, yeah. Okay. Black men. Have been able to go to Washington. But what have what have you -ccomplish that? I can't I can accomplish more and it helped to that. She was from the neighborhood. I mean, she knew the people she was out in her truck. She lived there. She grew up there. Whereas she portrayed farmer as an outsider since he lived in Manhattan. And it also helped that surely was fluent in Spanish, so she would make a direct appeals to the growing Hispanic population in bed stuy, and it also helped of course that more than eighty percent of a neighborhood. We're registered Democrats. So she did have the side. But nonetheless, she one yes, she won. And it's incredible. And like I wish I weren't as shocked and surprised at that as I was but through so much smitty research, I'm like, wait a woman in a woman of color beat a man. Highlighting sexism. When also beating a black man broke, my brain. I was like wait normally women are slammed for victimizing themselves, if they talk about gender discrimination in but that that's how great she was. She even and this would be a couple years later. She would even go out door to door as a census worker because so many people in her bed stuy neighborhood were suspicious of census workers. But there she was as that neighborhood gal going out and being able to really talk to them one on one. Well, let's the thing. She literally walked talk. Yeah. And she knew what she was talking about. But when she ends up in Washington, she still super active still very outspoken and sticks out like a sore thumb. She says it felt like I was somebody coming out of the moon because being not only. African American but also a woman and the first at that to be elected to congress and all these guys knew that unbutton on boss. Shirley was coming their way. So they were immediately wary of what this loud mouth, bossy female might do. She might challenge the establishment. I mean, she already beat a do the general election. That's right. Yeah. And I mean, they were right to worry. She said, I have no intention of just sitting quietly, and observing which by the way is the expectation of any junior congress, man or woman who comes in like, basically, oh, it's your first term. You're just going to sit quietly and observed she's like, okay like L. I will I intend to focus attention on the nation's problems. And so in her first floor speech in March of nineteen sixty nine she slams the Vietnam war. She vows to vote against any defense appropriation. Bill until the time comes she said. When our values and priorities have been turned right side up again. And here she is actively championing all of those same causes that had always been so important to her. She sponsored increases in federal funding to extend the hours of daycare facilities, and she sponsored a guaranteed minimum annual income for families. She was looking out for people like her and people like the neighbors that she grew up around in Brooklyn. Yes, she also launched a special supplemental nutrition program for women infants and children, which probably sounds a lot more familiar by its acronym wick, which provides support for low income pregnant women, and she also fought for programs, like headstart and food stamps. She championed a Bill to ensure domestic workers received benefits, she fought for immigrant's rights, and she held a savage the national commission on consumer protection and product safety surely is out there. They're working for us. Yeah. And she was at the forefront of overriding president Ford's veto now. This is so impressive. She. Served as the primary backer of a national school lunch Bill. So that hearkens back to our episode on lunch ladies. Yeah. So she was at the forefront of realizing like, yes. Nutrition in schools is important. We have to feed our kid. A teacher would probably know that teacher would probably know that in. She was the one who led her colleagues in overriding Ford's veto on that measure. Taking on the president. No kidding. Yeah. That little schoolteacher turns out to be a powerful force and another one of her causes that was very close to her heart, and that she argued very strongly for was the equal rights amendment. And we are going to talk about her efforts to get that ratified when we come right back from a quick break. Hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go where hiring a simple, fast and smart a place where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. That place is ZipRecruiter dot com slash women. 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So the rights amendment was written by Alice Paul and I proposed back at the Seneca falls convention in nineteen twenty three and it's of very basic proposed amendment stating quote, equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or a bridge by the United States or by any state on account of sex. So, of course, Shirley was all about it. Yeah. I mean, she knew she had to take this on. She wanted to support the are a, but she also knew that when she got up and spoke about it. She would be addressing largely a room of white guys. And one thing that she says stellar out way back from her experience as an educator, but also coming up through the political machine was being able to address her audience to meet them where they were at. And so she talked to these guys and said, listen, we've already overcome so. So much in terms of religious and political prejudice in this country. We you guys have already done so much to address like racial discrimination with a civil rights Bill and sixty four it's time to tackle, quote, the most subtle most pervasive and most institutionalized form of prejudice that exists sex-based discrimination. And so what she does in her speech. And we read a paper that basically dissect it her rhetorical style that she uses like a classic in classical Greek style of delivering persuasive speech, and how effective she was. Of course spoiler. The era would not be ratified, but she herself was ineffective tool to try to get it ratified. She spells out the ways that this subtle pervasive sex-based discrimination harms women. And limits their opportunities. She talked about how sex discrimination relegates women to low wage jobs, it excludes them from not only selective service, but from receiving the benefits both personal and professional of serving their country. Her argument was not only and this was very important. Her argument was not only that like, hey, those military jobs pay really, well and women should have access to will paying jobs, but hey, women love their country to and women deserve the opportunity to serve that country in the best way they can. And that is being a member of the military. She talked about how women were still barred from some college campuses kept out of some night jobs in a lot of what she was talking about revolved around that idea of benevolent sexism, the stuff as you will recall from our last episode that Phil. Schlafly so badly wanted to maintain Shirley Chisholm so badly wanted to deconstruct it women. She basically argued don't need these special protections and privileges. What they need is the ER a to just guarantee a level playing field because she basically argued exploitation is 'exploitation sex has nothing to do with it. If we spell out legally like what you can't do and for that reason the amendment in her words was necessary to clarify, the countless ambiguities and inconsistencies in the legal system. And so she explained that laws regarding women's employment jury service and access to education widely varied from state to state. And so the ER Ray if it were ratified would have leveled the playing field across all fifty states and get this Mishna. Mash of gendered laws off the books lunch is basically saying like guys guys guys guys men menfolk friends colleagues countryman Romans like look if all of this stuff is so different state to state doesn't that just speak to how irrational some of these sexist quote unquote protections. Are you know, she was saying that no one would condone exploitation, but what is sex have to do with it working conditions hours. That are harmful to women are harmful to men wages that are unfair to women are unfair for men, and that's like such a modern feminist refrain that, you know, so many people make the very real important argument of feminism doesn't only benefit women or one type of woman the things that feminists fight for can benefit all of us. And that includes like families people that Phyllis schlafly with. Saying needed to be protected. Meanwhile, Phyllis schlafly as you'll learn about in our previous episode of you haven't listened was fanning the flames of panic that women might for instance, be drafted to military service. This also, you know being in a very touchy time in terms of the draft. But back to fighting, Shirley, Chisholm, her speech was clearly affective because the day of it. The house approved the ERA by a vote of three hundred thirty four to twenty six. Yeah. But ultimately, it was not ratified by the number of states that needed to ratify it to make it the law of land, right because Phyllis schlafly, led the anti feminist crusade that overturned state ratification of the amendment in two states, and then blocked it from being ratified and three other states leaving it short of the necessary number of states needed to make a constitutional amendment. But again, let's get back to fighting surely Chisolm. Yeah. So remember the top of the bud gassed when we talked about how she was really vocal and her bed Stein. Abor hood about the white politicians who were doing nothing to help the people of color in the neighborhood and to shut her up. They were like luscious put you on the board of directors and how it was like, oh, we'll know you just launched her into power like thank you for giving her a voice. Platform, but you guys are going against your best interest is trying to shut her up. Well, when she gets to congress her male white colleagues try to do the same thing, and they try to shut her up by signing her to the committee on agriculture. And she's like what seriously the committee on agriculture. I'm from Brooklyn. Okay. So she appeals the decision to house speaker John McCormack who just basically pats on the head and tells her to be a good soldier well because it traditionally is on the junior congress people to basically take the assignment they're given. It is the kind of wait your turn thing. But surely Chisholm is not one to wait her turn because you knows that. No one is ever going to give it to her. Yeah. So she takes her complaint directly to the house floor, and as a result of her being incredibly vocal. She is reassigned to the veterans affairs. Committee which again, not her first choice. But according to a fabulous quote. She says, yeah. But there are a lot more veterans in my district than trees. So she would work with what she had. She wouldn't just take what she was given. But if she saw an opportunity, even if it is something more, adjacent, like veteran's affairs. She would use that to work for the people and from nineteen seventy one to nineteen seventy seven she served on the committee on education and labor and also in nineteen seventy one she became a founding member of the Congressional Black caucus, and then from seventy seven to eighty one she served as secretary of the democratic caucus and also in seventy seven she became the first black woman and the second woman ever to serve on the ultra-powerful congressional rules committee and was a founding member of the congressional women's congress. So like we said the top. Of the podcast, Shirley Chisholm. Just has so many firsts racked up so many I and I think they're still important note. Not just by virtue of the fact that they are firsts. But to really illustrate how in it. She was that she was at the forefront of all the stuff because I feel like the early days of the Congressional Black caucus are frequently framed as like look at these men doing all of this stuff in the interest of the black voter, but she was right there. She's right there at the front and to me again that just hearkens back to our episode on Pauli Murray were like, hey, she was one of the founding members of now. Okay. Like now is frequently frames like a middle class. White woman thing it's you frequently hear about Betty Freeman. You don't hear about Pauli Murray and the other women of color who were there from the get-go. And so surely Chisholm has a similar kind of parallel story in that regard will also when we see her hustle kind of outlined like this. It makes sense. But oh, yeah. She ran for president. Yes. So that timeline that we just gave you what's missing in. There is that she ran for the democratic nomination for the presidential election of nineteen seventy-two. And don't think I second that she didn't face constant hurdles, but has that ever stopped her before? No, no. And she she knew that there would be hurdles ahead of her. She wants said Iran because most people thought the country was not ready for a black candidate. And not ready for a woman candidate someday. It was time in nineteen seventy two to make that someday. Come. Yes, I love that. Surely doesn't wait for tomorrow. She makes tomorrow today. Yes. Oh, I would campaign for her today. And the thing is like we said at the time of the podcast. Yes. She was proudly a woman she was proudly African American, but she believed that she could ensure. Should represent everyone. And then everyone should have a voice in politics. And that she was that candidate. She said, I'm not the candidate of black America. Although I'm black and proud I am not the candidate of the women's movement of this country. Although I, oh, I'm a woman and I'm equally proud of that. And the thing is she's like here. I am ready to be the candidate of the everyman and the every woman, but she still had people yelling at her on both sides because she was really discouraged to find that women didn't want her to discuss black issues and black people didn't want her to discuss women's issues. But of course, you know, even though she was stuck between a rock and a hard place in that regard that certainly didn't stop her from flexing her feminist muscles one badge of hers or button that I'm certainly going to have to find on EBay and pay a million dollars for shows her face in the middle of the Venus symbol with the text to represent all Americans. Fans. I mean, surely like Pauli Murray was so committed to intersection -ality as well, she she knew that the that was part of her identity, and she couldn't and didn't want to divorce herself from that. And the thing is though the deeper involved, she got into politics and the further her presidential campaign went the clearer it became to her that of the double jeopardy status that she possessive being both black and female gender was what held her back more because even feminists were split over her candidacy, and this was the most heartbreaking part of that Shirley Chisholm nineteen seventy-two documentary where you see. Women like Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem start to moonwalk slowly away from her. Yes. So despite the fact that surely Chisholm had a ton of women and a ton of white second wave feminist women working in her campaign. Ultimately, those heavy hitters like apps, I couldn't support her. And I mean that that sums up so much about politics in general, basically, you had a lot of people arguing that they needed someone who could actually win. And so despite the fact that Chisholm had founded the national women's political caucus with Betty for Dan with Bella Abzug and with glorious Steinem both apps again Steinem threw their support behind George McGovern. He basically had very similar. Policies and platforms as Shirley Chisholm did. And so you had people like apps like Stein. Who were like, oh, I don't know. I mean, like, it's great that you're a woman in a woman of color, and you're really educated and outspoken, but like look we think McGovern stands away better chance of winning. And as women who are trying to get what we want for ourselves, politically, we need to try to bet on the winning horse. And as Robert got leave who worked on her campaign talks about in the documentary. It's not an apples to apples comparison to to consider. Well, if she were running in two thousand sixteen everything would be different like how this is inconceivable that it would happen. Because as Gottlieb says having a woman run for president was like having somebody from Mars run for president. I mean, it was beyond inconceivable at the time. Yeah. And she Shirley Chisholm as you. Might expect was so fed up with this constant refrain. It wasn't just Steinemann apps. Like, it was just about everybody who was reading the news or watching her campaign. She was so fed up with attitude of like your great. We're so glad you're doing this. But we need somebody who can actually win because she was like. Look my history. Well, yet because no one was arguing with her politics against her politics, right or against her compliments. They were just like you are chew woman and two black for this to happen. Yeah. It's it's not realistic because think of the rest of America, but also like think of how much she'd already overcome against so many odds, but it seems like oftentimes in our society, we love trailblazer up to a point. Yeah. And we'll take one trailblazer. But we don't want the floodgates to open. You know, and it feels like there's a lot of that going on where it's like, listen you've already made history. You've you the first black woman to win a seat in congress. You know? Yeah. Aren't you? Aren't you the wax? So relax, but surely Chisolm did the opposite. And I loved watching footage of her so angry. So and just so just over it where she would say if you can't support me or you can't endorse me get out of my way. Yeah. Because she had voter she had reporter she had all of these people asking her about like, why are you staying in? You're just taking votes away from govern. Because the whole thing. There was a huge just the same way as in this election cycle. There were a huge number of Republicans. Vying for the nomination there were huge number of Democrats in the primary race at the time. And so basically, you've got people saying, hey, your politics, not that much different from an Edward Muskie. Not that much different from George McGovern. You should probably just drop out. Like you've done a great job your politics on point. You know, you're very outspoken and educated. But I mean, white America. I don't know if they can take you. So let let George McGovern win and get those delegates so that he can go to the convention and clinch the nomination, right, which absolutely echoes a lot of things that Bernie Sanders. Supporters heard in this past democrat primary and also this is this is rather reminiscent of well as well she had to sue in order to participate in debates because people were that quick to dismiss her. She you know, that they didn't even invite her to debates, and she became there's footage in this documentary. You guys have to watch it from an television interview that has several of the democratic contenders, including Chisholm on in. She becomes visibly fed up when the interviewer asked her which opponent. She would support. And it's not that that language is like anti Shirley Chisholm specifically because you hear that in every race. Like, hey, you know, we'll everyone is still as every Republican politician, which will you really support Donald Trump. Yeah. We'll yes. And so, but I think at that point by the time this interviewer asks the question, she's like seriously. I am still a contender. Like, I'm still in this to win this. And the thing is though I mean, this was this was a dangerous time in dangerous race George Wallace. The segregationist politician was shot five times and paralyzed from the waist down. And that's when he ultimately dropped out of the race. Shirley, Chisholm herself had several attempts on her life and in the documentary where she's interviewed years and years later, she still can't talk about it. It's still so painful to her that people hated her enough. To wanna take her life. There was one man who was following her around with a knife. But luckily, her security team kept him from getting too close to her. But even within the Congressional Black caucus, which you would assume would be fully supporting her surely found herself an outsider because some caucus members had wanted to rally behind black male candidates from each state who wouldn't be expected to win. But at the convention, those delegates would be so scattered that they could then leverage those collective delegates for those black candidates across as many states on behalf of platforms that would help black the black population like black voters. So, but they couldn't decide like which ones essentially that they wanted to to put up for the nomination. So surely was like, hey, listen. Let's not wait for some day. Let's make it today. I'm gonna run. I'll do it. Yeah. Least. She was consistent. Right. Stop waiting around. And you know, she said, I am looking to know man, walking this earth for approval of what I'm doing. Because basically this journalists had Astor like. You know, some of your Congressional Black caucus colleagues. Some of those dudes are a little sore that you're throwing your hat in the ring. And that's what she was like, I don't don't care, and you know, a lot of those Blackhawk as members were resentful. They thought she'd sell out black interests for women's interest. A lot of considered her coalition building as betrayal. You know? She worked with women black and white she worked with Hispanic. She worked with white liberals and welfare recipients and a lot of her black colleagues were like, what are you doing? You're leaving. You're leaving your people behind and in her viewpoint. It's like, no, I'm I'm five steps ahead of you catch up. Yeah. Like, I'm bringing people together. Because like I have already said gentlemen, I am everyone's president and at one point her Congressional Black caucus colleague Representative Bill clay questioned her sanity during a press com. France. It was getting to that level of sexism. And surely later said blackmail politicians are no different from white male politicians. This woman thing is so deep I've found it in this campaign if I ever knew it before. Yeah. And a lot of her male Congressional Black caucus colleagues ended up throwing their support just like Steinemann apps behind people like George McGovern, and that was for lotteries ins it went back to the whole belief of like we need someone who can actually win. But is a lot of those men said on camera in interviews in the documentary like we need to hitch our wagon to a star. And if we are going to rise in the ranks of either our party or on the national political stage, we need to share the spotlight with the guy who's going to win that operative word, of course, being like that guy. Right. Who's going to win, Shirley? Did not give up all the way to the democratic national convention. She knew she was not going to win the nomination, but she also knew the potential leveraging power of delegates. So she showed up with one hundred fifty two delegates which was more than either Ed Muskie or Hubert Humphrey, and she was really hoping for a deadlocked convention in which she could use her delegates say like, listen, I will break the tie. I'll throw my delegates to you. If you will provide a black running mate, she also wants to negotiate for a woman to serve in the cabinet and native American to serve as secretary of the interior talk about an intersectional politician, she because there's footage of her again, saying we need a native American person as the secretary of the interior because these. These were their lands. Yeah. This was their land. Should they not have a Representative in government who can have a say? But unfortunately, George McGovern had put together enough delegates to where he he didn't need Shirley's. So she didn't really have the chance to break that deadlock and the Goshi eight and much later in life. She would lament the lack of true democracy saying that it's more deals in bargains. And what people assume democracy is. Yeah. So here's this powerful driven woman who as her record clearly shows wants to act on behalf of families wants to help the average American worker wants to do right by her people in in her country, and she is getting to this Nash. National stage realizing oh, the track that I've been on where I'm trying to help people of all colors genders and backgrounds. That's not really what this is about. It's about it's about that leverage and about making those deals in back rooms, and in it really seemed like that was distasteful to her. Yeah. Because it it seems at least that Shirley Chisholm was never out for power personal gain. She was out for the people. Yeah. Legitimately out for the people, hence, her campaign tagline of being unbought and on bossed, and the thing that I was really hurting to learn after her failed campaign was that she was still highly respected. She had made an impression on the American public. She returned to congress a popular figure in a nineteen seventy four Gallup poll. She was listed as one of the top ten. Admired women in America. A head of jackie-o and Kereta Scott King. Yes, she was tied in sixth place with Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. There's a popular woman, you know, she she her love for the people and her desire to do right by them. I think really attracted her a lot of fans, but the thing is at the same time that Phyllis schlafly is pushing the right wing evangelical Christian bent to the Republican party surely is becoming disillusioned by that hard. Right. Turn. And in nineteen eighty two she announces she will not seek reelection. And one of the reasons was because of the country's conservative turn with the nineteen eighty election of Ronald Reagan, and she was also at this point super fed up with being misunderstood. She said she felt that her fellow African American politicians did not understood. Dand all of this coalition building efforts that she had started and maintained over the years because she was like, listen guys. We can't do this by ourselves, nor can white people. Do it by themselves like if we share politics and political ideology, we have to work together. And I just think that every step of the way she continued to face these hurdles in her career. And by the time the country got so conservative. She was like all right. I'm out. I got a I got a tap out. Yeah. I mean, but she we can't forget that she remained in congress and was reelected up until she was finally like I don't wanna be reelected again. You know, she was a very successful state politician, and she remained active even after she stepped down. She helped co found the national political congress of black women she taught at mount holyoke college in nineteen eighty three. She also campaigned for Jesse Jackson's presidential bids. Eighty four eighty eight and. And when Bill Clinton nominated her as ambassador to Jamaica. She was like, thanks. No, thanks because sh for health reasons, she she didn't want to take it on. And she ended up in classic move. She settled in Florida like you do and from there. She wrote and lectured, and until she died on January first two thousand five. Yeah. I mean. I am so grateful for what she did for voters. What she did for Americans what she did for women and women of color. The fact that she was able to so successfully be on the national stage and be so vocal. But it does break my heart. But she felt so unwelcome finally in politics that she was like I'm done because surely chosen was obviously not the type of person to back down. So the fact that politics at that time were becoming so hostile that. She was like, I'll just go lecture and get outta here. Like, that's that's very telling. Yeah. I mean because if she were sitting here in the podcast studio today, I would flip out. And then I have a hunch. She would be a little mystified at how celebratory we are. Because she said in her autobiography, quote that I am national figure because I was the first person in one hundred ninety two years to be at once a congressman black and woman proves I would think that our society is not yet either just or free. And that is the exact reason why she says repeatedly that she doesn't want to be remembered solely as being the first African American woman elected to US congress. I think she would be so much more excited to hear us talk about her record of advocating for domestic workers for immigrants for women of all colors for education and children in this country. You know, I that's where she found her power and inspiration. Well, one final quote of hers that this makes me think of is sort of another way that she has phrased the whole thing of I want to be remembered as someone who fought for change in the twentieth century at one point. She also said I want to be remembered as a woman who was herself. You know? I mean, she she never compromised at all who she was. And. Oh, man, if you could just get if only like bottle up, Shirley Chisholm character, you know. Yeah. And sell it. I'd take it like a vitamin every day. As what I and so I have really high hopes for this bio pic that Anita. Noni rose is supposedly working on she set to produce and star in it. And I will definitely eat that up if in when it comes to Theato's, absolutely. So listeners we want to know from you had you known about Shirley Chisholm. Are you listening to this episode in Brooklyn possibly in bed? Stuy and feeling a whole new significance for where you are. I hope you are. So let us know your thoughts. Mom stuff at how stuff works dot com. Is our Email address. You can also tweet us at mom's of podcast or messages on Facebook. And we've got a couple of messages to share with you right now. Support for Steph. I'm never told you comes from C L are mold and mildew stain remover while you're going about your daily life getting the kids to school and making dinner. There's something sinister festering in the dark recesses of your home, mold and mildew, these Icke organisms grow stronger every day making your home smell like an old wet sock, but you can fight back hit mold and mildew prime hideout spots like sinks toilets and tubs with C L, mold and mildew stain remover. It makes getting rid of mold and mildew stains, a cinch old mold stains in your tub crevices vanquished that ring around the toilet base benched. Mold and mildew stain remover uses natural ingredients, not harsh chemicals and even carries the EPA's safer choice. Seal if mold and mildew are creeping into your home, tell them to take a hike with C L or mold and mildew. Visit seal are brands dot com today to learn more our pick up a bottle from a major retailer near you. See? L are making the world a little cleaner. I have a letter here from grace in response to our flight attendant episode. She said I was a flight attendant for just under two years from early two thousand four through late two thousand five I was happy to hear you speak about the profession because it has all tra- glamorized. But is not at all what people think it is here. Just a few things I have to say about my experience number one sexual harassment. I'm average looking at best and I got inappropriate comments from passengers as well as pilots. I even had one pilot send me a penis pick on an overnight. I told him if he ever contacted me again, I would get him fired and blacklisted, sadly, no idea if I could actually do that our airline didn't have weight limits technically, but they absolutely did not hire larger people, and we were expected to wear heels win working, even an airports. Heels are so super practical for people who are. Are trained in CPR to save your life, doing heavy, lifting etc. Number two schedule. You have to bid for your desired schedule. This means you work a different schedule every single month. And when you don't have much seniority, you work long trips, you're gone for forty five days and nights at a time and never get a regular schedule. It does improve a time on the job. But most people don't last more than a year number three pay. I made under eighteen thousand my first year, barely more my second. And I didn't sleep at my home for over two hundred fifty days a year pay is based on hours in the plane. Neither pilots or flight attendants are making an hourly wage until the plane doors closed, and they stopped getting paid when the door opens. Yeah. While you are boarding, Andy planning, we aren't getting paid. This also means the time we take to to get to the airport early, which is required to check all of our safety, equipment, etc. Is time we aren't getting paid when on overnights, we get a super small stipend to help with food costs. Number four free flight. Depending on your airline. You don't really fly for free. I got discounted flights and the rates were different depending on what airline you flew. You were always stand by and they oversell all flights, and I had to dress up on top of which I didn't make nearly enough money that I could afford to travel even at a discount number five turnover because the schedule sucks, the pay sucks. You are gone all the time excetera most people don't last longer than a year seems like a lot of companies do it on purpose because flight attendants make so little their first five years on the job that it keeps labor costs lower for them. And this is just scratching the surface for me. I know people who stayed with it and once on the job about five years, you have more seniority which improves the job quite a bit. I couldn't do it. I was in a relationship and the travel made it hard we've been together eleven years. Now he rules and couldn't deal with what felt like a really abusive job if you haven't already pleased. Check out the passenger shaming on Instagram. It's a riot. Love your show. Thanks for your time. And thanks for your insights grace. I have a letter here from Breese subject line trans pantsuits. She writes, your recent show about pantsuits struck particular with me finding a suit as a transgender woman is hard. I we have to fight the societal norm that all trans women where skirts addresses twenty four seven type transgender pantsuits into Google. The my first three results from a site about dealing with transgender victims of salt suits for trans men and a lawsuit about a transferral in a locker room. That's not helpful at all Google. Then we have to fight other transpeople saying that we aren't trans enough because we want to wear a suit. And finally, we have to find someone who actually decent fitting a suit onto our larger frames shout out to my tall, and plus size, lady friends, and that probably involves custom tailoring, which is just another expense. There's a lot of info for trans women on how to be hyper feminine, but very little for those of. Us who want to express a different side of femininity? Our society is starting to understand. It sister women can be whatever they wanna be. So hopefully, we can start to admit that a trans woman's favorite color doesn't have to be pink. Embry also offered a helpful PS in response to our episode on period tracker apps. She said using natural family planning was the best decision. My wife, and I ever made enabling us to discover some medical problems that would have gone unnoticed, otherwise, but showed up when we tracked her cycle. I would definitely give a shout out to Creighton method natural family planning as the super cheap method. Nothing more than a piece of paper and pen required. Well, thank you brief for all that insight and love back to you and listeners if you've got anything to share with us mom stuff at how stuff works dot com is our Email address and Furling all of our social media as well. As all of our blogs videos 'em podcast with our sources. So you can learn more about fighting Shirley Chisholm head on over to stuff. Mom, never told you dot com. More on this and thousands of other topics. Visit how stuff works dot com. It's been twenty years since the groundbreaking series sex in the city premiered on HBO now award winning author James Andrew Miller is ready to take back in time and reveal the show's humble yet, bold beginnings in chapter five of his popular podcast origins with James Andrew Miller back in June nineteen ninety eight people were mostly watching movies and boxing on HBO. The network took a risk when they gave the creators of sex in the city freedom to create a show about relationships about friendship between four women in New York City. Jim Miller who's written award winning books on Saturday Night Live and ESPN weaves a story with one on one interviews that includes sex in the city, creators, Candace Bushnell, Michael Patrick king and Darren star as well as the actors who brought these iconic characters to life, Sarah. Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon Kristin Davis, Chris north it came Mr. big and many more origins chapter five sex in the city is available now wherever you listen to podcast.

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Done Deal

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

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Done Deal

"Big guy, you tired of the run around, you know, going from store to store never finding your size. Here's a tip had to d- XL. They are the one stop shop for men's big and tall clothing, period, and at DSL, you don't have to be all pointy toity have a personal stylist, there fit experts will help you find great styles in your size. It couldn't be easier. So head to DSL dot com and check out a store near you d XL big and tall filled for you. If DSL dot com. Baseball tonight, the podcast. This is the baseball tonight podcast for Thursday, June six two thousand nineteen. I'm BUSTER, only producer every day is just macrey seventy five years ago, today, all games in major league baseball were postponed as a nation waited for news from France on d day this was report, the first report from NBC, ladies and gentlemen. We may be approaching a fateful hour all night, long bulletins of Perry in from Berlin claiming that d day is here claiming that the invasion of western Europe has begun. Let me read you several of the latest bulletins one says that a report unconfirmed by allied sources, of course, says that heavy fighting is taking place between the Germans and invasion forces on the Normandy, peninsula, about thirty one miles south west of LA brea, another bulletin also from Berlin radio. And unconfirmed says the pretty American landing operations. Against the western coast of Europe, from the C N from the air are stretching over the entire area between sheriff Berg and LA brea a distance of about sixty miles, I repeat there is no confirmation. Of course, we've learned so much more about that in the days and the years to follow up more about that historic day later in the podcast news, in the notes from major league baseball on Wednesday at Wrigley field in the midst of a game between the cubs and the Rockies news broke that the cubs have a three year, forty three million dollar greement with all store, closer, Craig kimbrel pending a physical ease expected to join the major league roster and pitching the big leagues sometime this month now as this game played out David Bodey had himself a day. Here's the pitch by marquess. This one is. Folding. Got something that hit pending acted out of the yard lead three. Jane. Voting. He's not doing six the last two innings that sound from the cubs rating at work, and then lend casper on WGN the cubs win this game ninety eight. But of course, the conversation after the game was all about Craig kimberlin, Anthony Rizzo talked about his edition. Stephanie boosts to stop assume you sign. Kimmel. What he's done. When road Sears last year and he's done throughout his career is amazing. It's definitely a boost for us just lengthens everything out once he once he gets here and get settled in. Pump. In pittsburgh. The pirates in the Braves and the pirates broke out in the second inning. Two left and deep Riley back and clear the deck. Cannonball coming Liaz Dez home run number one on the year and the pirates lead it to. Hard hit into center field. Hit the fastball score. Run Brian Reynolds, hitting streak is now at thirteen once grove scores and it's three one. And that's ahead. Four one. Two for two. This is twenty six hundred BI Newman stores. Toward left that is going to get down. And that's going to score at least one more take it'll be waived Thome. Here's the total of the plane skips up there. And the outcome Bill gets the RBI to give the pirates of five one lead was caused me. TNT sports at the pirates scored five in that second inning on their way to a seven two four victory. The Mariners blew out the Astros, fourteen to one with help from Edwin, Encarnacion, Alex its second Diller more at third. The Watteau swing. The left center field towards God. Second deck. Sitter where few have gone before three Ron pork. Seven ten ESPN Seattle, the Rangers in the Orioles are tied one all bottom of the twelfth in this happened again. Three and two from front. The Nicole is hit back up the middle Martin. Piece. Hitting the one who feels getting mobbed by his teammates between first and second base as he delivers his poor hitter. Tonight. At from one zero five point three, the fan, the Indians and the twins. And before this game, the Indian outs that Carlos Carrasco the right handed starter is stepping away from baseball activities to explore the optimal treatment and recovery options for a blood disorder. The team does expected to return at some point this season. Caracas is a four year forty seven million dollars extension last December. I watched this game, the eatings play with a lot of emotion throughout this night. And with the score tied seven all bottom of the seventh inning, this is what happened though set and the pitch and it swung hits. Hits shed a chance. Parker's giving up a payroll free to me the answer back on. Seventy seven Tom Hamilton WTN eleven hundred names go on from there to beat the twins. The Marlins blew out the brewers on Tuesday night with an eleven run inning. And you know what they just kept the run parade going on Wednesday issues loaded. Nobody out for Anderson. I pitched to him is a log drive deep left center field. It is an absolute no doubt or a grand slam. For Brian Anderson and the Marlins grab a five one lead, Glenn Geffner nine forty WINZ. So a tough night for brewers fans. They see their team lose the Marlins again. And they also hear the news that the cubs got Craig kimbrel, which will be talking about coming up with Bob Nightingale of USA today, Bluejays, and the keys back and forth. Game in the top of the sixth inning, the Yankees took the lead. Coffers that field. Three run shot from. DJ lumbago. The Yankees take a seven four lead. Ryan Ruko on the yes at work, but the Blue Jays would come back from someone who probably is going to have a lot to do with a lot of comebacks in the years ahead. One is Jack cliff center field Perry. Junior announces his presence to the plumbers with a three run Homer, the, the head the Blue Jays lead at nine two seven that from sports that five ninety the Blue Jays are gonna win this game eleven to seven, but just the, the most important moment. I think of this day was the fact that Ladimir garage junior told her friend Morley Rivera before the game. He wants to do the homerun derby. Yeah. Big news BUSTER. I love it. Absolutely. Get him in there. Mc cited see what he can do? Yeah. That's right. Major league baseball make that happen. Diamondbacks in the dodgers. The dodgers had dominated the Diamondbacks on Tuesday, and they had a two one lead in the bottom of the eighth on Wednesday. But then this happened. Hopped over months. Comes castro. Second tied to. St. birthday on Fox Sports zone of the two teams have playing extra innings bottom of the eleventh inning. David Peralta at the plate and a line drive. Bastet Escobar store. David rule the wants the backstop with an RBI single the Diamondbacks, Teela game for the dodgers after noon, winning eleven innings three two great show. The sports ninety eight point seven FM apparently was a day for walk-offs nationals white socks in Washington trae turn at the plate bottom of the ninth does not have a big league now ages away going to pitch wrong. Field. Charlie slows on the nationals radio network. Centerfield. The day. The game today in Anaheim a crazy game between the athletics and the angels, the angels were trailing seven to five in the bottom of the fourth inning. But Shohei Ohtani change that. To Lori auto back. From the ages television network. The F down eight seven still in the top of the eighth inning tie. The score dot best toward left center field. Trout on the kit kit. Sitting's get a hustle, and he's throw to second base in all sittings out. As at tied it with a big second out by the injury. Got his hand up and maybe with an on power running who had to make the fall. If that's also going to make the pitching. It was eight old that point that was Glenn Kuyper NBC sports, California. Oakland would go on to take a ninety eight lead Ohtani came to the plate bottom of the eighth inning. Bases loaded runners go three two. And he walked. Lead a wild pitch. The angels, tied up on a walk with the pace is loaded, and then the angels rally again in the bottom of the knights. Trevino is set delivers high fly ball lifted in left field. Grossman is going back at balls, carrying Grossman going back. Feet on the warning track. And that's gonna be a walk. RV. I double and the angels win the game Jerry Smith's angels radio AM eight thirty. So today, we'll talk with Keith law review. What happened in the draft? And nice retrospective on the year that might try was drafted. We'll talk to Sarah Lang's I what about the cub signing Craig kimbrel. Let's get to it. Nightingale covers baseball for USA today. We're speaking to them for Phoenix on Thursday morning. And Bob finally Craig kimbrel signs. I think a big relief. Everybody in baseball. At least one of the two big free agents comes off the board. Yeah. It's amazing is taking this mom. I think just a case of price themselves to begin market, and nobody wanted to touch it. I don't think the labor and the draft conversation with that big thing. I really don't. I think it was just people don't think he was worth the money. He was asking. Yeah. Let's face it, if the bedroom versus in how the leave Apso it's the cubs aren't in the thing, either in Graham. Yeah, let's dig into that part of it. It was interesting because I was texting back and forth with some executives with various teams once said to me boy, that is a big risk. Another text me said, you know, nice deal for the cubs, and you would assume that they're logic is like this, a, obviously, they got a big hole at the back of their bullpen. Brandon Moro is playing catch. But nobody knows if he's going to pitch again they've struggled with their bullpen. They have cash available. You made reference the fact that Benz over a leave of absence. I don't think there's any. Any expectation necessarily is gonna come back and play, we'll have to wait and see. But because he's away from the team they don't have to pay him. And so they've got this cash available. They have a number of expiring contracts at the end of the year. And they're feeling might be. Hey, you know what you've got this guy has been an all star. He's been on a hall of fame subject. Three hundred thirty three career saves. We can bring them in simply by using cash on other words, they don't have to trade us, assets from a depleted form system to go out and get a closer. So they basically throwing cash at the problem. But there this signing does not come without risks. When you look at his performance you made reference to, and I got this from Paulin bikinis yesterday, after the podcast, easy array, after the all star break five point. Oh, one is whip one point three three strikeouts per nine innings. One point nine strike percentage of sixty percent which was one hundred sixty I out of all relievers that have one hundred eighty two relievers. And in the post-season eight walks and ten and two thirds innings and you heard like I did the speculation among valuator. Wow. This guy might have the where they were concerned about how badly he was missing the strike zone and here's the other factor, and you and I were sending messages back and forth yesterday. We've seen so many guys in the last decade who signed the late into regular season, and it doesn't seem like, EMMY any of them ever perform well. No, Greg Holland, who's, now you're close been done bags BUSTER. He's hoping day last year. And he said, the same thing I was working out this and that, you know, I thought it was ready. Call him up one week later. It was a complete disaster O into the seven nine to ER Ray and they released them for months later, he said, you're not ready. He said, you know, he was opening day. These guys are sounding two months in the season. So I'm just trying to get p Graham and Inter's did seasons borne. So if the cubs are smart, they, they take their time bringing him up, maybe not told a lie 'cause it's just it's a whole different thing you can pay all the geo college and college hitters all you want. You're not facing the know major batters. So I, I do you know as you reference that were red flag last year. I mean, here's the Red Sox really starters. The close out games and postseason Red Sox. As much money that anybody in baseball. They never made any contract offer except for the proposal and they the tender offer. And then you gotta take the Red Sox. No. Those guys on the does you know, why weren't they pursue them. Yeah. There were reports last night that the cubs intend to have them in the big leagues by June twentieth. I don't know if that comes from kimbrough's camp or it comes from the cubs, we'll wait and hear from te'o. Epstein, I'm assuming after kimbro passes physical. Bob, I'm with you. If I were in the Cup situation, I would basically treat this like a guy who is at the outset of spring training. In other words, just having your mind, we're going to give him seven weeks to ramp up. And if he celebrates timetable by what he's doing in his throwing sessions. That's fine. But go into it planning a long slog a regular preparation because the idea that this guy is going to be in the big leagues in two weeks history. Recent history tells you, it's terrible idea. Yeah. Mass amounts blunder. I think that's kind of just can't. They can read out fast. You know, okay, ten million dollars this year. So I know they want, you know what do you get the most money? But I'd be said, you know, it was brought up to he's not only what you ready to face each of the Gators, they're going to clubhouse full of strangers. All is you the fans expect everything 'cause you're trying to pressure. And so every time you step in the Mon, you're gonna feel a whole lot different than you've ever felt, you know, so he wouldn't be about spring training. You get to know guys everything else. Now, just being thrown in this thing that stuff. Yeah. Just just treat it like a regular spring training thing happened throw live batting practice, two guys are on the team for a couple of weeks. Then maybe you know you sent him to extend it sprang or Marley game or something, where you get him some work and you slowly ramp up, but I, I don't know. I, it'll be interesting to see how the cubs handle it based on what we've seen. With guys like Greg Holland. Okay. What are you here on Dallas Kyko in his situation? Thing with the teams like the, you know the Yankees, but twins brewers on the brewers way in the last two nights, you know, I, I would do everything possible to bring him in. You know, I think also, if you're, if you're Dallas when the world you wanna go L east, you want to go to the National League of all Asia goods brewers in a big blunder on keeping waiting Miley. He's been pitching lights out, you know from the Astros. You know, when you can assign between half a million dollars with the Buddha's. So but you wonder about the same thing. I mean this guy's not ready until the all star break either. So we'll see how much he's got left and he's a guy that, you know, gave up more hit anybody in baseball. Great competitors. Great guy in the clubhouse, and also, you know, if these views that good that I abo- wanted to Houston since we signed their own guy. Yeah. And do you think that this ramps up the pressure on the brewers? The fact that the cubs got Kimbrell. Yeah, I, I think it does a little bit. I think with the Marlins Benton, tonight's and got a wrap up the pressure. You know you can't have starters getting around like that. You know, and also with the bull runs that had, you know, you can't Pichai Josh eight or every single day. So, yeah, I, I think they need never in their I wrote a piece yesterday about the forthcoming trade market. And I think it's going to be absolutely fascinating different type of year because as you and I sit here today, three the six divisions are settled business effectively, you know, the, the dodgers and the Astros in the twins all with double digit leads in their respective divisions, which means teams in those divisions were not contending are going to be more willing to be sellers sooner. For example, the Indians and on the flip side. If you're the dodgers, are you're the twins or you the Astros, you probably not gonna overpay for anything and I feel like all of that means this is going to be in. Incredible buyer's market. Maybe reflecting the polarized nature of baseball these days, we have a lot of really bad teams. Yeah, there's so many bad teams are going to be any shows throats when their guys as quickly as a kid. I mean if you're the San Francisco Giants is you're thinking, oh, man. I use lost trade ship with the cubs kimbrel. Now, you can't trade Will Smith there or Tony Watson. But if you're a team was a now. So it's like the giants, you start calling around and how you want these guys are not. You know, I and much before taking a some bumbling for just a half a year. Then they Dallas Tyco now just because this guy is you don't midseason form. And you know facing great or pitching good. You're not seem Bumgarner his old but so they can help out a lot of teams. Yeah. And just for example, when we talk about it being buyer's market, you know right now in the starting pitching market. You mentioned Bumgarner. He's out there, Marcus. Stroman is out there. Aaron Sanchez is out there. You Kyko is a free agents. You perhaps Matthew Boyd the. The Tigers you know teams are going to be interested in him. I think the Indians, it'd be very willing to talk about Trevor Bauer, you know, they're two or three other guys. And yet when you try to come up with a list of contenders, who are aggressively looking to upgrade their rotation. They're not nearly as many like it feels like that this as you say it could be a rush for teams with guys with money just to dump the contract. I think we'll Smith is a great example of that. You know where if you don't make a point of dumping a contract like that in June. You might get stuck like a game of musical chairs at the end of July. Absolutely. Yeah. You can just sit back to contender and pitcher guy. I mean like you said, there's so many starters out there. Utah does that grandkid rive Ray Diamondbacks, so, yeah, the. The I think the, the seller is one of the ones gonna move early this day because you're not saying there on July thirty first and getting, you know pennies on the dollar. What's your really read on Bumgarner? And I, I don't think there's any question that giants will trade him. And, you know, the more that I talked to people, the more that the Atlanta Braves get linked to them, what about you? Yeah. I think he will love go to learn. I really do. Yeah. And talking trade him, these pitch should find you know, I mean he's a great competitor. I mean, it's not the massing bomber was a World Series zero you know, but he's not, you know that puts ACT more but still solid guy in, you know, the thing about him. It's just a great post. He's a resume play outs. You can get the best outta him. I agree. I think the Braves are perfect. I think you'd absolutely love kitchen. They're certainly saying, long-term one of them. All right, Bob. Well, I appreciate your time. And thanks for doing this. Sponsor. They just we'll be back in a moment with Sarah Lancs, but I, I wanna tell you about de XL listen up guys if you're bigger toll, you know what a pain it is to find clothes that fit. So a trip to the XL needs to be on your to do list at the XL big and tall is all they do. They spent years developing their own sizing patterns to make sure big guys get a comfortable fit every time pair that with over one hundred brands and you've got the one stop shop for men's big and tall with you're looking for jeans. Hoodies suits, your shoes dick cells. Got you covered for every occasion in stores or online at DSL dot com. DSL big and tall. Bill for you at the excel dot com. Numbers. Sir. Lang's is a reporter and producer for MLB dot com. She also the statistics from time to time on Sunday. Baseball, sarah. How you doing today? I'm doing great. How are you doing great? We're all sort of processing, this information about Craig kimbrel signing with Chicago Cubs. A three year forty three million dollar agreement if he passes, the physical, what'd you think of the signing. Yeah, I mean, I think it makes a lot of sense for the cubs obviously, the whole narrative with the way free agency went for him and Dallas who were still waiting on as you know, personally, I just wish these guys have been able to sign. These teams have been willing to sign them earlier, actually during the offseason, but I think it makes a lot of sense for the cubs, especially how their Balkan has walked this season. They've already blown I believe it's eleven saves this year. They blew nineteen saves all of last year. So it was clearly an east, you know there were a bunch of teams that needed it, and another one, actually blue there. The game yesterday the twins. And I think that that was a lot of the narrative surrounding there. But I think the cubs makes a lot of sense and they got a pretty good deal for him. Honestly, based on what's reported. It's very interesting about the fact that the twins were involved. You do wonder if the fact that the twins have a stranglehold on the American League central affected their aggressiveness in the Kimbrell talks because they know is we sit here today that they're going to be in the postseason. All right. Let's play the numbers game. Number three number three zero. That's how many runs Jason Vargas allowed last night. In a complete nine inning outing. He threw a hundred seventeen pitches last night after not going more than ninety eight in any other start this season. It was his first shutout since June second seventeen with the royals against the Indians, which really feels like a long time ago. And if you remember Noah Syndergaard through shutout for the Mets on may second my birthday, which means that the Mets have two individuals shutouts this year, the last time that they had to. Two was twenty thirteen from John niece, and Matt Harvey time has very much past the last time that they had more than two shutouts from individual pitchers season was twenty twelve when they had five two from Johan Santana and three from RA Dicky's. So I mean, this is, you know, I think we expected this out of the Mets pitching staff in past years, and obviously with degrom and all of that. But they've two shutouts and they came from Syndergaard and Jason Vargas. I don't think anyone would have even picked that entering the year. Number two. Number two, is twenty six. That's how many RBI Austin Riley has so far in his career. That's twenty six RBI in just nineteen career games. If that sounds like a lot, it is his twenty six RBI in nineteen. Kirk games is tied with Mandy Brooks for the most RBI by a player in his first nineteen Kerr games since RBI became an official stat in nineteen. Twenty and just so you know, in case you don't recognize the name Mandy Brooks, which I didn't initially Brooks debuted in nineteen twenty five. So we're talking about something that we hadn't seen in more than ninety years, Riley, sitting three twenty two year with a one. Oh, six nine PS is a fifty four percent hard hit rate, which is top ten in a major since he debuted on may fifteenth. He's absolutely crushing for the Braves. Number one. Number one is eleven. That's how many home runs. Gary Sanchez has this season with an exit philosophy hundred ten miles an hour or more, which is the most in the majors, nobody else has more than eight such home runs. Sanchez had his nineteenth home run of the season last year giving him one more Homer in forty two games. Then he had all of last year in eighty nine games his career high since that's now what we're looking at is thirty three and twenty seventeen and he's absolutely just crushing the ball. He is a seven thirteen expected, slugging percentage, which is based on exit. Philosophy and launch angle. Basically quality of contact the only player with a higher expected slugging percentage. This year is Cody Bellinger, at seven thirty two. Which I mean sounds right based on what we've seen. There's a phrase in baseball used about a young players who do well, and then sort of disappear. It's flash in the pan. Manny brooks. Might be the absolute poster child for that. He got off that incredible start for the nineteen twenty five cubs. And as you know, Sarah, he would only play nineteen twenty five and nineteen twenty six total of one hundred sixteen games. So despite that incredible start his career. Very short. Thanks for doing this things about, we'll be back in a moment with Keith law. But I wanna tell you about shel. They say great offense starts with a great defense. 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It's more than just a conversation. The weekly dish with Keith. Baseball tonight. Then he thought scouts, free SPN. He's on television free SPN, and he rights and rights and rights and rights, Keith this week the draft taking place in you're working on recaps. They saw what you're American League recap on up and before we get to talking about some of the draft. I saw a piece this morning when it dropped into my inbox. I'm like, jeeze. I wonder who wrote that is cool piece about the oral history. How Mike trout fail to the angels that was yours as well. Now I love stories like this, because everyone has a memory of these moments that change history. What was one of the cooler things you heard about Mike trout falling the angels with what the twenty fifth pick in the draft that year correct? Correct. And I got it kinda start the idea started a little bit because I know we are Greg more heart the area scout at the time for the angels, drafted him and knew a couple of the other key players. Eighty Bain was scouting director at the time to an Eddie story and it was interesting 'cause they. All remain everyone. I talked to the angels, all remembered the story almost exactly the same way. Which, you know, you interview, people, people just don't remember stuff exactly the same like this. But they also the same thing that Eddie had gone to see trout more heart had been pounding the table for this guy since the previous summer. So Eddie finally goes to millville New Jersey to see trout for apparently the first time and leaves, this is still at the point where to spread information. You just leave a voicemail and then send it to everybody else in your on your distribution list. And he said, I saw on he when old for four with two pop-ups. I love him. We're taking him at twenty five and it was all just exactly the same thing that he, he likes still saw enough on the field and then met trout and went out with the parents. Jeff and Debbie. Mike's parents and afterwards was so sold. Not just on the player is on the tools, but on his makeup is character, the family that this was. Somebody he was more than willing to not just invest one of their two first round picks him. But also to go with the word of of his scouts. That's one of the things everyone who worked for any while he was scouted dangerous. They'll talk about how much they loved working for him because even though ultimately would be his decision and his name attached to the pick, if his guy's really believed in a player and heated necessarily see the same stuff he was willing to trust his people than to trust their judgment, and the and they did that year. They took Randall Grischuk and Mike. Trout in the first round in the same draft ended up with Patrick Corbin Tyler Skaggs and Garrett Richards, which is a heck of a hall for one draft class. And it wasn't long after that, that he got let go right? Yeah. Both the and more heart and everybody involved Mike Silvestri was the one of the cross checkers. Jif Mouna Naf was cross checker really specialized in hitting, I think within three years, they were all gone from the angels organization, which is kind of appalling. It really is. So stretched or unbelievable. And and for teams decision like that, that's kind of crazy. All right. Let's talk about the draft broad strokes team that did especially well in your eyes. I mean, the easy answer would be the Diamondbacks. Just they had a lot of extra picks. And I think they executed really well, but because it's a little too easy. I'll just quickly mention to others the nets I three picks. They went for some really high ceiling high school guys, their first pick on day two. They took Matt Allen who I'd ranked as the best high school pitcher in the class. He's got now plus curve ball. And then they manipulated the rest of their drafts going, mostly with college seniors, some good ones, but still couch, your son cheaply so that they could take those top three guys. It's a different strategy than most other teams employed in a really like it saying, we think we've identified three premium talents here, and we're gonna pay them and really focus our draft just on those three guys Atlanta went a completely different direction where they kind of they ended up under slot for their first ten picks. They played it kind of safe with some early pick. Specially the first the couple of picks on day one but they got today three. And I think I from talking to people that land. I know they saw. This coming. This was a plan that got today, three and said, there are a lot of high school players out there. We still like, who we think we can sign with the access in our pool in between rounds? I think eleven eighteen they took seven high school or junior college players. He'll sign over slot for those picks, who have real upside their legitimate prospects. They were probably top five, six round talents and by playing their pool differently than anybody else did it. They managed to add a pretty significant quantity of talent, they'd getting on his famous as maybe the guys that the Mets took, but they're diversifying the portfolio injecting, a lot of teenage athleticism, high upside into the lower level of their system. Give me a team that didn't do well in your eyes or any Houston. Just scouts. Right in shows in the drafts, it's there. They are the most analytically focused team when it comes to the amateur draft they really barely scout players. They do video scouting. And I look, I look, I watch video on players to of course, I'm not spending draft picks in millions of dollars on selecting players. I just write about them on the internet. I just don't understand the Houston approach here. I they took only I think one player, I had on my top one hundred think the same is true. If you look at him he'll be pipelines, top one hundred they're obviously looking for totally different things than everybody else's sometimes. That's good. It can be very, there's a there is value in controlling about thirty teams all chasing the same stuff. If you're looking for different things players you could probably find some gems. That said, I think there's an opportunity cost to some of these high picks in the Astor's, did not do. Well with particularly with top. Picks here where there were just simply debtor players available on the board and they took players cow catcher. Corey leaves their first round pick would have been there for them in the second round and passed on an opportunity to take better players. So one way or the other, it sounds like their draft this year is going to be instructive for the industry. Yes. Yes. I absolutely think so I mean, I had somebody with another club state of me. Their draft is really successful Corey, Lee and one or two of the other players, they took who kind of off the board. So to speak off of my board. And it'll be calms board. Those guys turn out to be successful won't. Other owners team presidents say will be doing fine with, with almost no scouts zero Scott's very few, why can't we do that? And that's probably not a good sign for the industry as whole certainly not for the people who work in the industry told the, the Mike trout piece that's a scouting story. It's not an analytic story, obviously analytics love my trout, but he was a dentist in valuated through traditional scouting methods. Those are the people. Who are at risk, if other teams look at Houston and say, well, they're doing it essentially on shoestring. Why can't we do the same thing? Yeah. Jacob degrom. Same thing picked out by some scouts who absolutely fell in love with him. Chris sale. Same thing you know where someone someone took a chance on him, so. Absolutely. It'll be interesting to see how that class turns out a couple more topics I want wanna get to you about speak into the Mets last night. Robinson canot in hitting ground ball hits into double play. And soon as he gets out of the box, you could see. He's not running right? He was limping he came out of the game and ending later told reporters afterward that he felt some tightness in that same quad that he injured. He told reporters he doesn't think it's series. I would be shocked if he's not doesn't go right back on the injured list. And meanwhile in one of those weird. 'cause everyone in Mets world is is looking at Robinson Canoas early performance in their concern. And meanwhile, Jerry Kalinic, who was the primary prospect that the Mariners got in the Robinson oak trade, keep this year. He's killing it was promoted to high a recently. What are you seeing him? And I remember the time this trade went down a lot of folks in our industry, we're talking about. What a great trade. This was for the Mets. You and I were like I didn't understand the value. They squandered here is certainly looks really bad right now. Yes, it does. I thought at the time you and I talked about the time I thought they gave up their talk to prospects Kalinic and right hander Justin done. He's also doing very well for Seattle in w but Kalinic was a huge the six pick in the draft last year. He was somebody asked me reader me, if you redid that draft right now would he go second behind Casey Mayes poor up? That's probably right clinics high up site center. Fielder five tool potentially can run. He's got power can really hit. Obviously what we're seeing now is he can really hit. I've seen plus arm strength from him. He checks all of the boxes. And now he's also satisfied. He passed that I have straight. He gets out to full season. Balling shows he can hit got an idea. The strike zone can pick up a breaking ball, the stuff you worry about getting time back to my trout. You see a cold weather high school kid. You haven't seen him a lot with the wood bat. Guess seen a lot of advanced pitching, you always hold your breath. When that guy I gets out into pro ball. Specially the full season ball and all he's done so far, this year is raked, Seattle, people are over the moon. If I had to redo my pro prospect rankings, he'd be somewhere in the top twenty at this point, and the Mets trade. I mean, the whole point for the Mets was to get value right away. Right. You understand your squandering, the future to get better in the very near-term Kono's been a disaster, the as simply regressed, he hasn't been a disaster. But he hasn't been as good as he was. Last year. And that's unsurprising, and I think that it's just part of a pattern where Brody been wagons did pretty well with some of his free agent signings, but his trades all look bad here, and I think it's a an example of just giving away too much of the future to try to get better in the short term yet to eighty four base percentage for Canosa for in that he suffered from leg injuries. Look, I'm not a doctor. You're not a doctor. I'm not in athletic training. You're not. But if you would like listed, okay, who are ten players in baseball who might be risk for leg injuries. He would have been right at the top of the list, because he's now thirty six years old, and he's got that sort of heavyset and thick legs. I, we'll see how it turns out, but so far early returns ugly for the Mets in last. Give me sixty seconds which thought about the Cup signing Craig kimbrel. Yeah. It's. It'll help help. Right. That it's easy to look at him and say he's not the savior, and I agree with that. I don't think Craig kimbrel is the same player. He was a couple of years ago, but their bullpen needed some kind of help and I think they probably over-paid a little bit relative to what he's gonna do for them over the course of what is it three years in forty five million, or so, that's pretty rich for a guy who's a one inning reliever for the amount of he's going to deliver? But I mean ties into what we're talking about the Mets if you're the cubs your thinking almost entirely about the term, we need help this year were contenders were possible World Series contenders this year. Our biggest tilles he'll as a club is the bullpen particularly game relief options, and he will make them better in that department. There's a chance by year. Three this deal just looks awful. I think they don't care. I think this was one where we just need to get better. We need another bolt on option now. Not wait till the trade deadline, not just cross. Our fingers in hope that the curve. Bullpen works itself out. So I think it's fine for them, you know, acknowledge the money's probably rich for relative to the value. He's actually going to provide over the next two and a half years. Yeah, it could turn out to as you say, if it if they have success in the postseason, it's it pays off. Otherwise could be absolutely flushing money down the drain, depending on whether or not he bounces back from how he was with the Red Sox at the end of last year in the postseason Kate, thanks for doing this. And again, really nice story on Mike trout and he's drafting and encourage everybody to see that at ESPN dot com, talkie later. My pleasure. Are you big guy fed up with clothes that don't fit? Here's a tip head to DSL, anyone can make a bigger shirt, but DSL makes clothes that actually fit. It's all they do one another secret. Okay. They've spent years to their own sizing patterns to make sure it's a comfortable fit every time and every size. Good luck finding that anywhere else. So head to excel dot com, and check out. A store near you, d excel big and tall field for you DSL dot com. Bleacher tweets voted show today BUSTER, so only a couple of weeks or tweets force today, the first one comes from Eric E at Terek, Eric zero says, do you think we're living in the golden age of third baseman, considering the fact that there are only seventeen third baseman in the hall? It seems pretty cool to have the likes of Renato Ren don't Bryant bregman and Chapman, all playing at once not to mention Riley in Vlad junior. Yeah. You could extend the list if you wanted to, you know Justin Turner, for example, last year Miguel and do hor, was terrific. The position on and on and on look third base. Now is planning second base. I think in terms of how teams view it is an important position don't sleep on Rafael Devers, either. I know he's not great Larry go. But he can hit. Next one last one baba Silas, and Silas at twins fans in TS e great question. Guys who is your favorite pitcher when you're my age, which is twelve. Okay. So when I was fourteen Bob Welch of the dodgers. My favorite team is the dodgers. He had an unbelievable World Series moment against Reggie Jackson, just by throwing high heat. Adam, you can go back and find the video from the nineteen seventy World Series. He comes in and Reggie Jackson tortured. The dodgers comes to the plate. And Bob Welch's. Goes fast ball after fastball after fastball winds up striking him out and after that, Josh, and I stenciled the number thirty five on the back of his shirt, because I wanted to throw heat like Bob Welsh about you very cool. I, although I think that that exchange how that question answer started is kind of a microcosm of this show, who was your favorite pitcher when you were twelve well, when I was fourteen come on. Come on, dude. I mean twelve or fourteen here's the thing when you get to my age, twelve thirteen fourteen it's all kind of the same that in your age it, but we're as well. The difference between twelve and. Fourteen a huge difference. Whatever the question any way you want when I was twelve which is what the question asked for. We're looking at ninety nine the golden age of one, Pedro Martinez, didn't get better than Pedro. When I was twelve years old like the question asked BUSTER. What do you think of that? All right. That's fine. Yeah. Good. We tweets short segment today, but because we were so loaded. We'll get to more of them tomorrow. So make sure you keep them coming using the hashtag Bleacher tweets. That's it for today. Today are thanks goes. To those who participated in the d day, landings and change the trajectory of civilization away from tyranny. Now it's our responsibility to follow the course they made possible. This is a speech that president Franklin Delano Roosevelt made on d day, ladies and gentlemen. The president of the United States. My fellow Americans. Last night when I spoke with you about the fall of Rome. I knew a thought moment. The crew of the United States allies with crushing channel in another and greater operation. It has come to pass with success thus far. And so in this poignant, our. I asked yield join with me in Praia. Mighty God, I'll sons. Cried on the. This day of set upon mighty Deva. To Brazil, our public. Religion and I simply. And to set free a suffering humanity. Lead them straight improve. Give strength to their arms stop list to that hot steadfastness in left. Pate. They will need blessing. Their role will be long and con. For the enemy is wrong. He made her back off off his success may not come with rushing speed. But we should return a gain and game. And we know that by grace and by the right dismiss about 'cause I'll some will try them. They will be sought tried by night and by day without rest. Until the victory is one. Doc miss will be rent by noise and flame. Men sold will be faking with violences of Wath. But these men. Lately drawn from the ways of peace. They fight not for the left of conquest. They fight to end conquest. They fight to liberate. They fight to let Justice arise and tolerance and goodwill among all people. They but probably end the battle. Retain to the haven of home. Some will never. Embrace Lee's father and receive them. Lie heroic servants into that kingdom. And for us at home. File of mothers. Children wives sisters, and brothers of brave men overseas. Thoughts from press ever with them. Help us mighty God to rededicate ourselves in renewed faith in the. In this are of great sacrifice. Many people have edged that I call the nation into a single day up special breath. But because the road is long and the desire is great. I asked our people devote themselves in a continuance of Praia. As we rise to each new day. And again, when each day is spent. Let words of Praia be on looked. Invoking health a. Gave us strength to strength tonight. Daily tasks redouble the contributions, we make in the physical and the material support about on faucets. And let our hop speed. Stout. The wait out the long travel. Bass IRAs that made come. Doing pot? Our curry unto our sons LASSO ever, they may be. And allowed give us faith. He less faced in the faith in us sons. Any trouble? They do now you'll knighted crusade. Let not the came this spirit. Be dull. Let not the impacts of temporary. Avent's. Temporal Mata's of but fleeting moment. Let not lease deter us in our unconquerable purpose. With blessing we shall prevail. Overly unholy boss enemy. Konta the apostles of greed and racial arrogancy. Lead us to the saving of our country. And with us system Asians into a world unity that will spell a Shaw piece a piece in von Rable to the schemings unworthy, man. And piece that will let all men live in freedom. Reaping the just rewards. I've honest. Lie will be done. On mighty God. Hey, man.

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