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"epstein meus" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

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"epstein meus" Discussed on TalkRadio 630 KHOW

"The house right here on Denver's talk station. 6 30 K. How It's four of six in the Rocky Mountain West to see around the House program. Nice to have you with us here on the on the show, and I was playing the wrong theme, but we'll let that go. Brooks and Dunn Team. I was going to use a little later anyway, My my bad Anyway. Good to have you with us around the around the house program. We will be here a couple hours talking about that special place. You and I call home and I'm glad you decided to stop by and give us some time here and calling. Hopefully, we'd like to hear from you. Today We have a live email up it around the house dot com but I'd prefer to get you on the phone and we have Ah, a new producer today, Ryan shooing you'll be glad to take your calls at three or 3713 80 to 50. 55. So I've got a list here Who sent this to me That one of my name's not on here. One of my loyal listeners these There's some interesting factoids. I kind of got a kick out of I hopefully you'll agree with me. These aren't really particularly funny, but I usually try to start with something on the light side as you Aziz, you know, um So here's I run a few of these by see if you see if you enjoy knowing these and I was, I say, kind of fascinated with some of these. Stewardesses is the longest word type with only the left hand. Huh? And lollypop is the longest word type with your right hand. But you're going through those in your head now and on the keyboard. No word in the English language rhymes with month orange, silver or purple. Dripped D r E A M D R E M T is the only English word that ends in the letters Mt and thought about that our ears. They're always the same size from birth. Our nose and ears never stopped growing. Yeah, No, I know that one. The words race car, kayak and level are the same. Whether they're read left to right or right to left. Yeah, that makes sense kind of palindromes. Right? There are only four words in the English language which end and ended dust. The owe us tremendous, horrendous. Stupendous and hazard us didn't know that one either. There are two words in the English language that have all five vowels in their correct order. Epstein Meus and facetious Bet You didn't know that one. And don't really care. Right? Typewriter is the longest word. That could be made using the letters on Lee on one roll of the keyboard. I think the only state that you can do on one rose, Alaska's I remember. Jiffy is an actual unit of time for 1/100 of a second did not know that. Ah, Shark is the only fish that could blink on Lee fish that can blinked with both eyes. Okay? Cat has 32 mussels and each year and a goldfish as a memory span of Three seconds. Sometimes I think that's me right there. Uh, last time I'm not gonna go through, you know, there's quite a few more so I'll stop here and ostriches eye is bigger than its brain. How about that, and there's a button will do some others. Of these. I'm one about halfway through the list. I thought you might find those factories kind of interesting I did and so hopefully You can I'll be glad to send that to you, By the way, anything I read to you on the on the air of this kind of nature, something a little lighter. Funny if you want me to send it to you just Just email me around the house dot com The list. I read crazy list last week how to tell if you're on a cheap airplane flight. And some folks like that one. So if you like the list, I just read you. In a major. Junior high and high school grandkids with it. Just let me know around the house dot com second button from the left, and you can email me and that by the ways waken use right now on the show. We can use that button to email me here, right in the studio. So around the house that comes second button from from the left. What's going on around your eyes kind of chilly. Hope you don't.

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