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"epec" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"epec" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"ECB's balance sheet. Just before we let you go, Philip a similar question on the BOE really, they've been reducing their balance sheet as well. Guilt markets relatively well supported at this point, as we look to 2023, the guilt tenure at three 15, as we look ahead to next year with all the concerns about the property market and further issuance, is there a vulnerability within these guilt markets? Yes, well, we're seeing the record level of scheduled guild issuance in the coming year or the second highest on record. Considerable amount to stomach just from just from government insurance, then you've obviously got the bank selling bonds to selling it guilt as well as letting the other guilt mature and then just stepping out of the market and not reinvesting. So there is capacity in terms is there going to be the advertising among the best is at the moment. As you're saying at the moment, it looks it all looks very well supported. So but one thing about core to these things, which I've always found interesting in the bank, the bank says it works best when there is market volatility. And yet it says next year, despite there being market volatility quantitative tightening will have barely any impact at all. And this seems to me a sort of logical fallacy there. I don't understand these things can coexist, but which is why I would be a little bit worried that the quality of the tightening may have more effect than they stay at will because clearly they say in the reverse situation, it does have a greater effect. So we'll have to wait and see, but okay, so that logical fallacy will be tested will be tested next year. Bloomberg's top Bank of England watch a Philip Aldrich, thank you for the insights and analysis. And of course, our chief Europe economist Jamie rush as well, both thank you very much. Indeed, let's get to the rest of the top stories now with Louise moon Louise. Hi, Tom. The UK's freezing temperatures are pushing power prices to record levels. Monday's day ahead price settled at 725 pounds per megawatt hour on the epec spot exchange and the cold weather is also disrupting travel. Some flights add London Stan said airport have been suspended due to the weather with Heathrow and Gatwick also canceling and delaying flights. Microsoft has agreed to buy a stake in the London stock exchange group, giving it a 4% equity holding. The U.S. software giant would acquire shares held by a consortium made up of Blackstone and Thompson Reuters. The stake is part of a broader ten year partnership to help the LSE owner develop data analytics and cloud infrastructure. And

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