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'New Legacy,' New Lola: Why 'Space Jam' wanted to do better by one Tune

SportsCenter All Night

02:43 min | 7 months ago

'New Legacy,' New Lola: Why 'Space Jam' wanted to do better by one Tune

"On on the new space Jam Way Got lots more information on the new space camp film called Space Jam. A new Legacy film stars LeBron James playing himself who has a young son Dong, who wants to become a game developer. They get trapped in a digital world by a rogue A I. And it's upto LeBron Bugs Bunny and the rest of the tune squad to get them out of there against the evil goon squad. It has also been reported that Space Jam, too, will have a slew of N B A and W NBA stars including Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis, Clay Thompson and Shinobu McKay. He also got a first look at the re imagines, Lola Bunny, filmmaker Malcolm Lee told Entertainment Weekly about the re fresh quote. It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong capable female characters also said that this film is a better movie than space jam. All right, let's go. Better than the original space jam. That is a lofty goal. I believe it when I see it. LeBron James, though, is not even on the best team in the NBA right now. As of right now, that title goes to the Utah Jazz. The Jazz are 27 9 on the season. The next best teams in the league have 24 wins, so it was probably odd for them, at least when the two jazz players who are reserved for the NBA All Star game, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were picked dead last in the All Star draft by team captains LeBron James and Kevin Durant. James said it was because he never played as the Utah jazz and video games when he was younger. No shade. Though the Jazz is most recent game was a lost, however, to the Philadelphia 70. Sixers and things got heated on the court. Mitchell was injected with 30.5 seconds left in overtime. He smashed a cooler as he left the court. Both he and go bear had words for what they thought was bad officiating in that loss. They were then each fined for being critical of the rest. Mitchell $25,000 and go bare $20,000. All the drama. Remember when artist said today? Oh god. McKay was in Space Jam. She's also in this Ah, conversation with Rudy Gobert, as he reflects on the season and his legacy. First of all, we have a great group of guys. You know, Like, Like I just said, when you have a group of a guy that's willing to sacrifice for one another and do all the little things to make each other better. You know, your team just go from here to here and, you know, obviously we have a lot of talent We have. Ah, Very good coach. We were pushing staff and I think we were very dumping a team up with both hands. You know, we still got ourselves. We still think that we are defensive team. You know, I'll just friends is gonna be what separates us from being good for being great. And we just don't embrace it. You know, we have. Ah, Wei have another talent and a lot of guys that can step up for a minute. When it comes to your

Lebron James Rudy Gobert Damian Lillard Clay Thompson Shinobu Mckay NBA Lola Bunny Malcolm Lee Donovan Mitchell Anthony Davis Dong Entertainment Weekly Utah Jazz Mitchell Kevin Durant Sixers Jazz Utah
Los Angeles Laker, LeBron James Shares First-Look Of Upcoming ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Movie

San Diego's Morning News with Ted and LaDona

00:24 sec | 7 months ago

Los Angeles Laker, LeBron James Shares First-Look Of Upcoming ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ Movie

"First look at Lakers superstar LeBron James and the upcoming movie Space Jam. A new legacy has been revealed. Entertainment Weekly features exclusive on the upcoming movie starring the Lakers All Star forward James teams up with the famous characters from Looney Tunes akin to the original film starring Michael Jordan and 1997. The film is set to be released. In

Lakers Lebron James Entertainment Weekly James Michael Jordan
Skilled Creative: Helping Brands Build Best-in-Class Voice Programs With Brandon Kaplan

Voice in Canada

02:41 min | 8 months ago

Skilled Creative: Helping Brands Build Best-in-Class Voice Programs With Brandon Kaplan

"Brandon. So tell us. I'd love to hear about some of the things that you've done with your company. Some of the really creative stuff that you have have built and maybe even talk about some of these cases if he can some of the some of the really cool things were going on sure. I mean so When the company started doing a bunch of different technologies so we were doing voice. computer vision. Augmented reality you know. We were doing a computer vision in vending machines for pepsico where we could see. Like what different demographics were vending different flavors on these machines. We have seen that. Like men over fifty were vending vanilla beverages and everyone over a yet under twenty was was bending lemon with their pepsi. Really interesting and rejection mapping in hotels in new york city and you're doing chat bots voice and in about two and a half years ago. I completely shifted the agency. One hundred percent voice because i felt that Voice was really the only tech. That wasn't that wasn't an activation is really shifting consumer behavior. Since then we've been purely doing vote and we've been working with really cool clients. We've actually done quite a few quite a few projects with pepsico We've done some voice activated kiosks on college campuses. That engaged with college students During during finals month that was really fun. Motivational talks through vending machines. We we've done like really cool lifestyle experiences for pepsico We worked with meredith corporation's. Been one of our best partners and we've helped to launch a series of experiences for them so we launched all recipes into market. we launched entertainment weekly We just launched a really exciting project with health magazine. that's called my daily mindset and it's a fourteen day a affirmation so i think right now needs positivie so it's fourteen day Day and we put so much creative care love into that. It's a great experience and we we've also launched with a real simple real simple relax. Which was another meditation experience. We've done things with fan wall like interactive betting with fan duel. We've done simon and schuster rarity. Now we're working with The nba one Group in a couple of other media companies. So we've we've always been largely focused on media and entertainment and then cpg. Those are two areas of the industry. That are going to gain a lot of traction in the next six twelve eighteen months and where we have more of creative of flexibility to play

Pepsico Brandon Pepsi Meredith Corporation New York City Health Magazine Schuster Simon NBA
"entertainment  weekly" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

MyTalk 107.1

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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"One month delivered to your house because we get it. So you wait, I I do, too. And you pay the same amount. But anyway, But, yeah, So anyway, he pulled out of this movie called Shotgun Wedding because he knew of the impending doom. Probably It was really early in this whole story, and I bet he knew about those daily mail. Um, leaks very early, and we didn't see them yet Knew how bad they were. Oh, on. I was thinking maybe Maybe the Lions Gate actually asked him to pull out of the movie, And he's saying he pulled out of the movie because of something Why wouldn't Yeah, I mean, he hasn't entered rehab yet or anything like that. So I don't know. It just seems that he says he can't leave his Children right now. It's like it Well, looks like you've been doing a lot of things without your kids. So, um, so he's not in the movie Shotgun Wedding with with Jennifer Lopez. And, uh, Entertainment Weekly is confirmed that Josh to Mel. Um, is probably going to be replacing him. He's in see serious talks. This is just a great promotion for this movie because a release date has yet to be announced for this movie. I mean, we love we love J Lo. But you know her movies sometimes aren't that great? Let's be honest. Look at chili. I was forced to watch that turd. Sure. Sorry about that. Not really her fault. No, it was the last time we talked about Josh Doom. Hell, exactly. He's like, Thank God for you Divorced. Yeah, right when he was on all my kids when he was on all my kids playing Leo just title alone. Kind of makes you think it's gonna be a stinker room? Yeah. Shotgun wedding. Okay. I mean, in this report, they say Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Josh do Mel star of Michael Bay's Transformers franchise. It's like that's how your that is. How you The judge to Belle establish credibility. I mean, that's the left the last thing that he did. That's notable or because they usually say it's so annoying. When you read an article. They're constantly mentioning projects of the person like You know, the selling Sunset star, and you're like who? What did you say their name, please? You know, But if that's the thing that helps flexing that guy, Yeah, it does. But sometimes they use it too much, Especially people. Oh, gosh, That's terrible about it, But they've sold all of that content anyway, so Past, Jack. Thanks cleaning Bradley. But Josh do mail finally getting a gig. Yeah, He's like, Yeah. Let those diem's come out credit, sir. Supportively. Send it up. People come into the hotel room. He called Instagram. Yeah, He's like, you know what else Army ever get this out on this? One e just want to know who the 12 people are that follow him. On that private instagram account. Like Who are they? Because they're the one of those people are the culprit. Yeah. Is again my talkers. Armie Hammer and I went off on this yesterday is dumb. Um, he's dumb. He had a private instagram account called like Joe the Conqueror something and then held destruct O l destruct O l 86 Kenny, I'm gonna start calling you destruct O is What should have been exactly is very Self destruct. Oh, yeah, well, and then he had 11 people is Dawn said following you, you're eventually in your life. The roll of the dice. You are going to piss off. 12. Maybe three of those people in your lifetime and when you piss them off, what's gonna happen? They're going to call the daily mail and, uh, and release your your happy hmm. Or maybe they think they kind of I mean, you could be close friends with someone and think they're an idiot. Could it be hacked? Maybe it might even put my point being. It's still incredibly dangerous. Yes, it's still dangerous. If you are a if you are a giant movie star to have a secret account like again. I've said this before. I know a couple local media folks who have a Entirely separate secret Twitter account instagram account that were, you know, they can go off on topics that they're not allowed to. Because they work for CBS, NBC. You know, Fox? Whatever. Oh, yeah. And one of them is the person I can't stand. But anyway, But you're talking to one. Actually, Jason, really, I have a secret account and I'm following 67 people. I have zero followers and I've never tweeted retweeted or liked. Oh, and and, uh and now you're thinking Oh, he's following dirty people know I'm following Tom Hauser, Chris Haggard, Minnesota safety Monitoring Staples. Please shake cab, You know, Uh, yeah. Following Yeah, thanks. Yeah, There's no naughty people in here at all. It's just people I didn't want clogging up my twitter. Yeah, Notice we're not on that list guy. Exactly What, Uh, I don't think you're being honest. Don't go. Don't be a film that I've actually blocked rivers, So don't be offended. Everybody blocks rivers. That's something that's a national movement was declared me from time to time. I don't care doesn't hurt my feelings. He's like to Buddy Tweets. About dub stuff I'm done with you, McClane. It's not really personal stuff. I just put up things for the show. Like here's, You know, Army hammers instagram video, You know, just tell you what if you guys put that toilet story on Twitter, I'm out. Just cancel my all my counts that you don't want to go on this toilet. Yeah. So he brought it up. Jason, take control reach. Hey, Hey, it's worthwhile. It is Alexis. Right? It is a worthwhile And if you don't know what we're talking about my talkers, please listen to our podcast later today, available on my talking the 71 dot com But.

Josh Doom instagram twitter Entertainment Weekly Army Jason Jennifer Lopez Lions Gate Armie Hammer McClane Leo Michael Bay Belle Bradley Alexis Jack CBS Dawn Fox
Taylor Swift Reveals Why She Finally Dropped an F-Bomb in a Song on 'Folklore'

Daily Pop

01:44 min | 10 months ago

Taylor Swift Reveals Why She Finally Dropped an F-Bomb in a Song on 'Folklore'

"Taylor swift says it was ebbing fantastic to finally drop an f. On a record. Taylor told entertainment weekly. She's always created rules for herself. Like not having an explicit sticker for the folklore album. She decided if the story line and the language match up. And you end up saying the f. Word just go for. I wasn't hearing do any of the guidelines that i had placed myself I like that. She's letting herself lucy now she's old enough to say the f-bomb if she wants to say that that off by the way she's like the girl in college. I'm going to do something while i'm going to tout everybody. I'm cutting moral. Yes the banks. She's probably going to bleep it out in the song to look i come. I come from a little bit of a different perspective. I totally get. She is a songwriter. She is an artist. I know she'd probably really thought this. Through spot to storyline through like wasn't appropriate because of the story to actually drop the f bomb for me. I feel like a lot of these situations. It's not really necessary to do it. And i have a daughter who like loves music for me. I hear music like like the tune this kid. Here's the work known so for me as a mom like to me that f-bomb wasn't necessary and when i was listening to the song the way she was singing and it was kinda slow and then it came out. It pulled me out of the story of the song. And i was like wait and then i went into my head like we had the f-bomb like i had the whole story going on in my head and it pulled me out of that experience of the song so i think it was unnecessary.

Entertainment Weekly Taylor Swift Taylor Lucy
CBS Pledges to Dramatically Increase Reality Show Diversity

Business Wars Daily

01:33 min | 11 months ago

CBS Pledges to Dramatically Increase Reality Show Diversity

"Wednesday november eighteenth reality. Tv is a staple of network television but in many ways the reality on screen is far from a mirror of real life especially when it comes to race. Cbs acknowledged as much last week. When it announced that going forward the network will require. It's reality shows to include casts. That are at least fifty percent black indigenous or people of color. Cbs produces a long running hit show survivor and big brother. As well as the american spin off of britain's popular reality series love island the requirement will take effect in the twenty twenty one to twenty twenty two season. The network said the move by. Cbs follows the black lives. Matter protests earlier this year but more specifically it can be seen as a reaction by the network to protests about the shows themselves. Over the summer several black contestants of survivor organize the black survivor alliance. The group's mission was to shed light on quote our collective experience with implicit bias and racism on and off the show according to entertainment weekly members like contestant.

CBS Love Island Britain Entertainment Weekly
‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’ Canceled by Showtime Due to COVID-19

Colleen and Bradley

01:59 min | 1 year ago

‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’ Canceled by Showtime Due to COVID-19

"Has cancelled the Kirsten Dunst's dark comedy Siri's on becoming a God in central Florida. Entertainment Weekly is confirming the serious has been cancelled after initially renewing the show for a second season. That reversal comes amid the covert 19 pandemic. In a statement, a Dateline the network cited challenges that prevented it from moving forward with production on season two of unbecoming a God in central Florida with Kirsten Dunst's You know, I didn't even I had never even actually heard of this. So I didn't What I'm saying is I haven't watched season one. However, I adore Kirsten Dunst's This was the show that was executive produced by George Clooney and Kirsten Dunst's played a woman who got herself into a market a little multilevel marketing scheme. And it was the story of how she was working her way up. And I wanna watch this and now I'm mad. There's not gonna be sounds. There is no more Culley. Maybe you should have watched it when if I didn't know about it, it's their fault. It happens now. You know, this is interesting. This is a can of mace things. This is the second show in as many days. That has been canceled because of Cove in 19, and they're using that as an official reason why they're canceling this. The first show was glow gorgeous ladies of wrestling on Netflix. And Ah, lot of the cast members really vocally upset about the cancellation of an understandably so Yeah, that was a really wonderful show. And then this show now it will be interesting to see if anybody comes out and says something or they're just going to give a standard boilerplate. Well, I really liked working on this show, and I'm thankful for the opportunity and and all of that kind of stuff so I always wonder in these cases are we getting Is it genuine? Koven 19 concerns that we can't get the production off the ground. Or is this studio executives being like? I just don't want to do this? But we're just going to say Covert 19 because the Indians excuse Yeah. Yeah, I hear you. Adam

Kirsten Dunst Florida Entertainment Weekly George Clooney Netflix Siri Adam Executive Official
Revenge, Best Served Loud

Your Brain on Facts

05:28 min | 1 year ago

Revenge, Best Served Loud

"With, arguably one of the greatest opening riffs and Classic Rock Barracuda was written by Anna Nancy Wilson together with Guitarist Roger Fisher and Drummer Michael Derosier. It was written at a time when there was friction between the band and their label to put things mildly. The song appears on the album little queen their first album with CBS. Portrait. Records. They'd left their old label mushroom records after a contract dispute and mushroom was none too happy. Because according to mushroom heart owed them a second album. They not only sued the band for breach of contract and try to block the release of the CBS album but released magazine an album made up of songs that Hart had recorded but didn't think we're good enough to release as well as some live recordings needed to get it up to album length. The dispute dragged on and eventually the court decided that heart was free to sign with a new label but mushroom was indeed a second album. So. Heart went back to the studio to rerecord remix edit and re sequence the magazine recordings in a marathon session over four days. A court ordered guard actually stood nearby to make sure the master tapes weren't being erased. Heart eventually came out on top. As not only did the album little queen outsell magazine by a wide margin. The debacle gave the band the distinction of having all three of their albums on the charts at the same time. The court case wasn't the only reason. The Wilson Sisters in company were mad at mushroom records. After the first album became a million seller mushroom took out a full page ad in rolling stone touting the band's success using the headline million to one shot sells a million. No problem so far. The AD looks like the front page of a tabloid newspaper and included a photo from the Dream Boat Anne album cover shoot. The caption read. Hearts Wilson Sisters confess it was only our first time. Implying the sisters had an incestuous lesbian affair. Shortly. After this ad appeared a Detroit radio promoter asked an Wilson where her was. She assumed he meant her then boyfriend band manager Michael Fisher. But when the reporter clarified, he was referring to her sister Nancy and was understandably outraged and retreated to her hotel room to write. When she related the incident to Nancy to was outraged and join an in the writing session, contributing a melody and bridge. Nancy puts suitably angry music to the word to complete the song comparing the sleazy side of the Music Biz to a dangerous ill like fish. The song became an enduring classic and Barracuda remains one of the band's signature songs. Vera Khuda was test to another incident of severe irritation for the Wilson Sisters at. Against in two thousand eight. During that year's presidential campaign the song was used as the unofficial theme song for Republican Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin. The ALASKAN governor had apparently earned the nickname, Sarah? Barracuda as a high school basketball player for her competitive nature. The day after the song was played at the National Convention Anna. Nancy Wilson issued a statement reading. The. Republican campaign did not ask for permission to use the song nor would they have been granted that permission? We have asked the Republican campaign publicly not to use our music. We hope our wishes will be honored. Their wishes were not honored. As the Republican campaign pointed out, they had obtained the proper performance rights to the song from the record label and were under no obligation to get any further permission to use it. The Bar for performance rights being somewhat lower than the bar for commercial or video rights. With no legal recourse. The Wilson Sisters retaliated in the media telling entertainment weekly. Sarah Palin views and values in no way represent us as American women. We. Ask that our Song Barracuda no longer be used to promote her image. The Song Barracuda was written in the late seventy s as a scathing rant against the soloist corporate nature of the music business particularly for women. While, heart did not and would not authorize the use of their song the RNC. There's irony Republican strategists choice to make use of it. They're. The. Songs Co writer Roger Fisher was also anti Palin but he saw things differently telling Reuters. He was thrilled that the song was being used as it was a win win situation. He explained that while heart gets publicity and royalties the Republicans benefit from the ingenious placement of a kick ass. Song. He added that he would use some of the proceeds in a donation to the Obama campaign and thus the Republicans are now supporting Obama. See Kids. There's always a silver lining if we look for it.

Anna Nancy Wilson Sarah Palin Roger Fisher Heart Wilson Nancy Wilson CBS Barack Obama Michael Fisher Detroit National Convention Anna Basketball Vera Khuda Michael Derosier RNC Reuters Band Manager Hart Reporter
"entertainment  weekly" Discussed on Reality Steve Podcast

Reality Steve Podcast

05:26 min | 1 year ago

"entertainment weekly" Discussed on Reality Steve Podcast

"And there's more and more sort of control. That's put over you and. while. Allison Mack does end up. You know she became. Somebody who ended up having to plead guilty to several charges you know you can see how somebody might get initially hold in. And why they might find it appealing. And the last one. That I wanted to talk about even though I haven't seen it yet but my friends have seen instead it's hilarious. Ted Lasso, got accepted for a second season. Have did yes. He did you like the first season. Yes I loved it. I loved it. I watched all ten episodes You know this is one that they're doing weekly but I loved it. It's really funny. It's essentially it's based on a character Jason Sudak has created for NBC sports. this kind of Buffoon Buffoni American coach who moves to England to to coach a British football team. Any knows nothing about you know soccer as we would call it but UK football. But for the show, they've actually made a a you know he's still very upbeat very funny intoap see but he's he's of a thoughtful person and it's about like how he decides he's GonNa turn this team AFC Richmond, which is a UK premier league teams threatened with relegation, which I didn't even know what? you know how he's going to turn the team around by making them. You know better men both on and off the field and It's really really funny. It's very sweet Juno. Temple who's a British actress shoes in in the first season of Dirtyjohn she's as one of the wives and girlfriends you know one of the wags and. She's Hilarious It's just really really smart and funny and and optimistic like he's a really upbeat guy without being pollyanna and that's you know in these times Steve we can all use a character who who looks on the bright side of life. So I'm assuming Ted Lhasa was all filmed Preko vid right or yeah I think. So I mean it's all shot. Appears to be shot in the UK and it's you know it's definitely i. think it's something that's been in the works for quite a while and you know apple has a lot of money in a lot of you know content that they probably you know sort of hoarded before they launched, and so they could have stuff to roll out throughout the year and you know obviously, we saw a lot of. We saw a lot of promotion and hype around. Like the morning show but they've got a lot of stuff in their in their on the you know in there. What do you call it like just in the vault ready to and this was one of them. and. Then actually one final one and this is one that I've talked about it. Enough Times. When is Cobra Kai season three coming out? Because this is what is This one is definitely in the they they filmed they wrapped before covert ended. So how is this not been released during? Cove it I understand that they gotta do post production stuff but I mean we're in August now like how was is not? It's not released because Netflix's now is looking at their vault of original unreleased material and trying to figure out how they're going to ride out the next. You know however many months and they're like look we've got the now that they own it they. You know you can soon I believe. Later this month seasons one in two will be available on. Netflix but they're going to hang on they're not gonNA just burn off. You know this this you know jam that they've got it. Everybody's waiting for an IT'S GONNA be a huge hit once people see it especially on Netflix because you know going from a platform that nobody knew existed youtube premium to a platform that pretty much everyone has. So I think you know it's going to be seasons went into are GonNa Premiere August Twenty Eight. On netflix. So if you've never seen it, you can watch all that and people go nuts for it and pretend like they're discovering it for the first time just like they did with you which moved from night lifetime to Netflix and then I think they will dump or drop sorry they will drop season three. I don't know by the end of the year sometime by the end of the year but they're gonNA make us wait you know like because they know they can't just they have to start rationing. You know they're eventually going to rally content to they've got plenty but they're not gonna just start burning things off left and right there be very strategic and I think they're gonNa look at what the landscape is and wipe you know other networks have another streamers have and they're gonNA. You know use their big guns strategically. Well I can't wait I. Know You can't wait for that one as well. So excited. Yeah I'm so glad they got it in before. Kobe hit and we Abbasi's in three Elizabeth Shue better be in it I don't I don't see how she isn't considering she's not I will be so sad. Yeah. Considering the way season to enter there's no way she can't be in it but We'll see. But Kristen thanks again for coming on a for your yearly visit. To your next time, we'll maybe we'll get you around the beginning of Matt James Season we'll have. Clare Slash. Teaches season how will have aired? It finished will many. Yeah, we'll have plenty to talk about. So again, thank you so much for coming on and appreciate it, and we'll be in touch..

Netflix UK Allison Mack wags Ted Lasso Ted Lhasa football NBC soccer Jason Sudak Clare Slash Richmond apple Kristen Steve youtube England Elizabeth Shue Kobe
North American Box Office Sales Come In About 4% Lower Than Last Year

All Things Considered

01:31 min | 1 year ago

North American Box Office Sales Come In About 4% Lower Than Last Year

"But north American ticket sales about four percent lower than last year Rosie Cordero covers the box office for Entertainment Weekly and she joins us now to explain what happened well come thank you just a reality check your is a four percent drop in ticket sales really that big of a deal it doesn't sound like a big deal to me wait a minute I'm gonna put a little bit of perspective here for you at the end of April box office was down eleven percent SO four percent down is a huge improvement and why do we think that happened why do you think there was a slump this year in box office sales with the addition of all the streaming services with like Disney plus and Netflix seriously you know bringing up their game I feel like people are being really picky and saying Hey you guys have to do something spectacular to get me to leave my house like off my couch to drop all that money to go and see your film okay so because streaming has been on and on and on the rise is four percent actually kind of a good number I mean it's not that bad news considering how much worse it could have been absolutely so what are theaters doing now to keep people coming to the movies what theaters are doing is that they're incentivizing people who want to go to the theaters for example we used to have this program called movie pass where you would pay one flat fee and you can go see however many movies you wanted within a thirty day period so now that that's the funds hash tag are a P. my past we now have movie teens who are offering their own types because really at the end of the day the movie theaters are making money off of

Rosie Cordero Entertainment Weekly Disney Netflix
"entertainment  weekly" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

90.3 KAZU

03:34 min | 1 year ago

"entertainment weekly" Discussed on 90.3 KAZU

"Lower than last year Rosie Cordero covers the box office for Entertainment Weekly and she joins us now to explain what happened well come thank you just a reality check your is a four percent drop in ticket sales really that big of a deal it doesn't sound like a big deal to me wait a minute I'm gonna put a little bit of perspective here for you at the end of April box office was down eleven percent SO four percent down is a huge improvement and why do we think that happened why do you think there was a slump this year in box office sales with the addition of all the streaming services with like Disney plus and Netflix seriously you know bringing up their game I feel like people are are being really picky and saying Hey you guys have to do something spectacular to get me to leave my house like off my couch to drop all that money to go and see your film okay so because streaming has been on and on and on the rise is four percent actually kind of a good number I mean it's not that bad news considering how much worse it could have been absolutely so what are theaters doing now to keep people coming to the movies what theaters are doing is that they're incentivizing people who want to go to the theaters for example we used to have this program called movie pass where you would pay one flat fee and you can go see however many movies you wanted within a thirty day period so now that that's the fonts hash tag are a P. my past we now have movie teens who are offering their own types because really at the end of the day the movie theaters are making money off of concessions so let's talk about the films that did do well because they were wondering if there's a lesson there about what people are still willing to buy movie tickets for and want to see on the big screen the big lesson here is that Disney is king okay the number one film of the year was Avengers and game Disney and then number two we had the lying king also Disney number three Toy Story four for captain Marvel and five other your top five ending twenty nineteen okay what is the lesson there I mean sorry to Martin Scorsese but people want to see the super hero movies Avengers and game is doing even better than Star Wars which is a fandom that has existed for so many years and yet it didn't do as well as Avengers and game so there's definitely the love of the comic book stories and while no styles was kind of very hit or miss this year you know with the live action version of The Lion King being at number two weeks there still market there still a market for these films that so many people grew up watching and loving and maybe wanna share now with their children yeah so are there any movies coming up in twenty twenty that are on your radar all my god there's so many movies for twenty twenty there on my radar which is funny because there are some that are no styles of factors like coming to America to then there's a live action movie line which I'm sure is also going to break box office there's bond twenty five no time to die where we wrap up the bond story line and we find out whether we are really getting a female bond but I'm sure what we will see at the top of the box office as far as twenty twenty is going to be Scarlett Johannson Black Widow Rosie Cordero of Entertainment Weekly thanks very much thank you for your time it's All Things Considered from NPR news and you're listening to All Things Considered here on ninety point three K. AZ.

Rosie Cordero Entertainment Weekly
An Interview With Academy Award Winning Editor: Paul Hirsch

Monday Morning Critic Podcast

09:44 min | 2 years ago

An Interview With Academy Award Winning Editor: Paul Hirsch

"Next guest is an Academy Award winning editor his book a long long time ago and cutting room far far away. My fifty years of editing in Hollywood hits Star Wars Kerry Buehler's Day off mission impossible so many more I can go on ray planes trains and we'll deals. Please welcome Paul Hurst. I Paul thanks for coming on the podcast today. Hope Your Day as well my pleasure so I mean there's the history you have. It's amazing. I mean I'm going through some of the people. Oh you've worked for John Hughes. Brian Depalma George Lucas. Is it fair to say that Brian Depalma is your mentor. I mean I've heard you say on occasion is is that a fair as a statement to make absolutely yes. Yeah and and there's so much here Chris I don't want to jump too far ahead of myself but you know just going through your filmography and you know there's tons that I've mentioned but there's also work that you've had I haven't heard it interviews but you've I think you've contributor on like World War Z.. The Great Gatsby life of Pi. How does that work? Paul you just have a little bit of an influence. You do some work in that film and you're not like the leading editor. Hugs that work. Why why aren't you credited for the same way you weren't some of your other works right? Well h film is an individual case so but usually it's. It's a picture that the studio for whatever reason has some concerns about and They they say would you mind either looking at it and giving US notes and would you mind coming in for a few weeks or it's phrased you know differently but there comes a point where frequently that's On a picture even working for many months at the director and the editor and maybe even the studio executives the producers sort of what I call snow. Snow blind no not sure what they're looking at anymore because it's been working on it so long. They don't have objected to take on. What's there and any light to bring it? Excuse me like bring in what they called fresh eyes and sometimes just watching picture giving notes and sometimes sometimes it's actually sitting down and doing a version So that's how you know And then I find that Not taking credit is a way to make my suggestions more tolerable eligible that. I'm not trying to hog credit from someone yet. It makes sense to me. Yeah you know so that. The suggestions go down uneasily could easily because they're often as genuine efforts to help. I have a question down the road that steps on this topic. But I'll ask you now because it's just it's it's appropriate at this point. Do you find that studio executives as time goes by our. I don't WanNa say the word meddling because that's has a negative connotation to it but you find that their involvement is more were. The work should probably be left to those in the creative process. Director writer editor is is it. Is it more intrusive as time goes by Paul Well I'll say this that the most successful films that I've worked on. I've been the product of my collaboration with the director. Essentially just the two of us Making decisions incisions about the cat. Now that's well said and and you know I wanNA talk a little bit about your early life so you grew up in Paris. How many years were you in Paris for Paul? I was in Paris as a child for about four years. Now are you do you still can you. Are you fluent in French. Can you still speak it as something. You influence fluence. My accent is very good. I'm fluid to the degree washing. Sam Fluent I. I always impress french-speakers but equality. My accent hurry I hasten to tell them that might calculator is very small and and I don't have a real facility. Use it sound them. But I'm sure if I went over there and spent two or three Munson Johnson total immersion. I'd I'd get back to where I had been. You know when I was eight years old so I have the vocabulary of an eight year old child but you know I think I think if I stayed there pick it up you know. Yeah that's certainly flew in my book and then you were at your dad's a painter and I have to believe you get some of his his eye for things in art history major. You're the second art history major I've had and I think what two weeks which ages which is telling because I feel history major. Paul she was. She's a costume designer urine editor. I feel like history majoring in history. GIVES YOU LA. This supreme I for details. Is that kind of going overboard or do you think there's something to that. I really don't know One way or the other. I'm an art. I was an art history. Major not major distinction there right as she the average she she was also an art history major so it was like yeah she go ahead. I'm sorry but in my case as an art history major you spend a lot of times looking and yet projected images in dark rooms and critiquing them so I was sort of being prepared for a lifetime of work. Doing just that although I wound up doing moving images instead of still ones but I think my background is was useful in terms of developing an aesthetic about the elements of life of a style in visual arts. And there are many qualities that you you know you you try to achieve whether it's you know Symmetry your balance or a brace or certain a set of qualities that he strived for that are not necessarily only in visual arts. To 'cause I majored in music in high school I went to High School of Music and art and so my work in film. I find that very closely tied to my feelings about music for for me. Music is an essential elements of my work in terms of making presentations whether it's to the director to the public or whatever music than essential ingredient in what I'm doing yes well said you know. People that are listening to this. podcast cast many see editors and they think they know what it editor's job is but many times it's a teen involvement many times. You're working claburn as you mentioned with a director. How would you? What's your cliff notes? Version of what editor is for those listening in probably aren't sure exactly what it is. How would you define an editor's job? Well I can read to you from the introduction to my book which is essentially a chapter devoted to answering exactly that question but No I I have to say I have ordered on Amazon and I did read an excerpt I think it was on entertainment magazine. Entertainment Weekly Weekly. It was a really beautiful excerpt they printed and people said some really nice things anymore. Campbell talkie movies are made in the editing room and so much of your book I want to get into. It's really an amazing. It's an amazing story. Your life is there's been so much to it you are our consensually. What the editor is doing is putting together? The experience that the audience is GonNa have and everything that's done on a film the writers the actors cinematographers the production designers. The costume designers the makeup people. Here people everything the all their work is Toward one end an s to provide the editor with raw materials. Everything they do do is in service of the cut and the editor takes everything that they have done and uses it to bill. It'll be experienced the audiences. Yeah and do you find as you because you've been so effective for so long. I mean that's a testament to your abilities. Do you find that much of your. Your work is is is with the directors. You find that a lot of it is I know George had faith in you clearly Brian has yes. I had faith you clearly. Do you find that typical or is it. Not Typical of of the job varies as much as human beings very Taylor. Is there ever a time. Where director says you know what I completely trust? You have at it and and do what you have to do or as a director always kind of in some way have to monitor the process like I said everyone's different Are Comfortable having having any drive in some of the likely take the real themselves you know so it varies from person to

Editor Paul Hurst Director Brian Depalma George Lucas Brian Depalma Academy Award John Hughes Paris Kerry Buehler Hollywood United States High School Of Music Chris Entertainment Weekly Weekly Munson Johnson SAM Taylor French Amazon
Discussing the Show Masks (Spoiler Alert!)

The Official Watchmen Podcast

11:03 min | 2 years ago

Discussing the Show Masks (Spoiler Alert!)

"It struck me as somebody that is is pretty well versed in the in the graphic novel. The absolutely have done something like I say that extends stems from that work so you had this almost impossible task. You had to adapt in a sense. Something that you love and respect and probably idolize is getting a lot of people to yes but also then had to depart from it completely and make it something different. It had to be of it and apart from it. How did you negotiate that very carefully? Also completely totally haphazardly. I mean I think that it was a combination of the energy of a of a bowl in China shop and and then trying to catalog everything that you knocked over and broke so that you could replace it and both things had to happen simultaneously because I think that we went in With a high degree of fear and concern and delicate nece and then very quickly we were just like fuck all of that. Let's just go nuts. And then you had vacillate between those polls and the show sort of happened in the space where we were moving in between the polls because our job storytellers is to make something feel authentic to make could feel real and I wanted this television experience. Because it's not a comic book where you're turning the pages where illustrated cartoon characters I wanted to feel real real and authentic at the same time there's some true ridiculousness happening around the the fringes of this so the first thing that we did and And when I say we at the very beginning of this thing it was this guy. Jeff Jensen I and Jeff and I jeff was a reporter for entertainment weekly remember would write these crazy theories about lost cost under the pseudonym doc Jensen not not quite as soon because his last name is Johnson. Doc in front yes. He doesn't fraud easily easily from my understanding is he did not hold a doctorate in anything. Maybe lost in any way he and I collaborated on tomorrow and and did a lot of world building for that Disney thing but when the third time they came to me and said. Do you WanNa do watchmen and I started kind of feel the beginnings of a glimmer of what it would be about. I texted Jeff and I said I have two questions. The first question is like should there. Be a watchman TV show and then the second is should I do it and I think he responded depends ends and depends and then I was like yeah would you. Would you WanNa do it together. And then he came over and He was the first person that I really bounced a lot of these ideas off of and he and I put together. This list of adjectives A like almost like a recipe list of these are adjectives that we use to describe. The original watchmen. C'mon and if our version if we can check these same adjectives against it almost like a mad libs then than we maybe we earned the name and the first word on the list was original And so now there's this paradox were presented with which is. It's an adaptation of this thing. That already exists. How do you you make it original and I think the gaming of that paradox was still thinking about? Did we game but like that was really the challenge in front of us which was like how does this thing feel like. It's it's it's watchmen. But at the same time it could only feel like it's watchmen if it's taking huge risks when and it feels is like you. You're feeling nervous while you're watching it like A. I don't know what's happening and I don't like it and I don't know where this is going to go next and I'm a little bit scared and not it just scared where it's GonNa go narrative Lee but scared that it could jump the shark. When I read watchmen I could tell you? Twenty instances in over the course of those twelve issues shoes just took my breath away in terms of like. You aren't allowed to do that. I can't believe that just happened like my heart would be racing as I was reading. Thank those issues and to to to try to replicate that emotional sensation for the TV show. That's what we were chasing. Sometimes a we succeeded needed other times. Not but that was the brass ring we were all reaching for. So what we're talking about in many ways is the tone of watchmen and its ambition and and it's fearlessness. And when we begin your series right out of the gates it does seem like you hit those well. At least you hit the ambition and you hit the fearlessness. If watchmen the graphic novel was a meditation perhaps on the morality of heroism. It seems pretty clear from the beginning of your show so that your show is about race period the end it is about race. I want to ask you how much this emphasis on race from. The start was away for you to say not only. This show is the show about race. But I need you to know right now. It is about race Yeah I'M A I. I apologize in advance because I'm not really able to to answer that question articulately yet. And in many ways this my inability to articulate answer that question was replicated in the writer's room on a repeated basis and led to an incredible incredible of conversations. Both difficult in insertive revelatory of certainly from from my standpoint. But what I'll say. Is that the most difficult question and I think that a lot of writers have to answer. Where do you get your ideas from or what? What is a moment of inspiration like what's the flash point and and a lot of the man's to the the question the same way that I will which is like something just happens internally with that just like sort of clicks and slides into place and then at least I feel compelled to get it out out and most of the time for me? Those ideas don't like happen in the shower whereas like Oh this would be a cool idea for television show. It happens because I've read something or I'm listening running to something or I'm emotionally affected by something and essentially what was happening in my life was as the leftovers was ending and I was starting to kind of feel the panic of if I am not entirely sure that I'm ever GonNa WanNa do this again. I'm I'm not having any ideas. In watchmen is just coming at me for the third time. But it's watchmen and it's the you know for me. That's the you know. It's the Rosetta Stone. It's where all began for me. Maybe not the Rosetta Stone. Do More like the black monolith in two thousand one you know where stars yeah. It's it's full of stars quite literally perfect and and an intimidating and right at the time that they asked me the third time because that because they they'd they'd asked me two times is prior. You know once probably two thousand eleven just a couple years after Zack Snyder's movie and then again maybe in two thousand thirteen or twenty fourteen and now I'm thinking it's like twenty seventeen and and I'm placing this time around the time that Charlottesville is happening and I read between the world and many Tallahassee coaches book and I'll I'm just going to be honest with you I read the book because every single white progressive liberal in the in show business was like they say like this. If you read between the world have you read it like like the shame just like you so it's just like you have to read it. You really have to read it and so I was like this. Sounds like an astonishing piece of writing and it and it was when and when I read that. I also read case for reparations which was an essay that he wrote in the Atlantic a couple years? Probably before and in case for reparations which completely. It's both wildly intuitive. It's nothing that you don't already know but the way that it is written in the story that Mr Coates tells is like just changes ages changed the way that I saw the world. In in that essay he mentioned Black Wall Street Tulsa Twenty one and the way that he wrote about it it was just I I wanna say just three or four sentences or just a paragraph as you say it felt like the destruction of a world to me and at that time also Black Panther hadn't come out yet but it had been announced that Ryan Kugler was going to do it in Tallahassee. Coach was writing Black Panther and I was thinking about what Kanda and I was thinking that. If we're Kanda actually existed in the the real world if there was this place of African American exceptionalism I guess in the case of Kanda African exceptionalism but a place that we're only black people lived and they were the best scientists and it was utopia. If white people found out about this place they would destroy it. They burned to the ground. So all of those ideas were kind of like swirling around in my head and then I bought. This book called the burning about Tulsa twenty-one because because of having read and I was just astonished by this story on every single level most of all because I had never heard about it and I felt shame and embarrassment and I would talk to other people like I talked to people of Color and they go. Oh yeah and I talked two white people and they go. What and then I'd start explaining of? This is what happened and I would see them. Start to get feel embarrassed. And then and then disconnect which is what we do when we feel like? We're supposed to know something we don't know it and so all of that stuff was kind of swirling around in my head and the fundamental question that we were asking about doing watchmen is should we do it. And if so why now. And so I- reflected back on. The original watchmen set in one thousand. Nine hundred five of the came out in eighty six and although it takes place in an alternate version of of America it was dealing with a a nuclear standoff handoff between the USSR. America and and it's counting down towards inevitable nuclear destruction on both sides. That's what the that's what the heroes are solving for. It feels else that gets a murder mystery but unbeknownst to us what's really going on the answer to the murder mystery. He has done it is someone is actually trying to save the world world And and I was like so what. What's the big cultural anxiety? Now when you close the comic book and it stays with you and the answer was says. There's a reckoning happening in America as it relates to race. It's not to say that that reckoning wasn't happening during the civil rights movement where it wasn't happening in the the eighties or the nineties but right now as especially after Charlottesville and I remember very specifically Craig like when Charlottesville happened that there was this rhetoric that was happening around where people kept saying. I can't believe they're not wearing masks. They're not wearing masks anymore. The white supremacists are just out there and we can see their faces in shocking shocking. And so that was happening at the same time that. Hbo was saying do you. WanNa do watchmen show masks and I was like what are masks. You know like what happens when and you mix a mask with the administration of the law. That's the central idea of watchmen and then the KKK. Wears masks. And I'm starting to see protesters like Antigua's wary mass. This was long before Hong Kong. But it's like this idea of like covering your face is covering your face a justification for protecting in yourself or are you doing something that you probably shouldn't be or both and then all of that kind of went into the mix at the heart of it in the center of it. Is this remarkable the character that is not a carryover from watchmen but your invention Angela. Apr Sister

Jeff Jensen Charlottesville Tulsa America Rosetta Stone Kanda China Disney Wanna Doc Jensen HBO Hong Kong Tallahassee Murder Fraud Zack Snyder Reporter Johnson LEE Insertive
'Game of Thrones': Second Prequel in the Works at HBO

Ron St. Pierre

01:06 min | 2 years ago

'Game of Thrones': Second Prequel in the Works at HBO

"Like game of thrones you fans out there you can expect not one prequel series but to Christina your big fan of the show yeah you must be excited yeah Entertainment Weekly HBO was close to ordering a pilot for second game of thrones prequel after already wrapping filming on a previously ordered pilot that stars Naomi watts interesting star power that'll be good yeah yeah you know I'm ill I'm always a hand if he on when they do prequels you know I I kinda I would rather continue on but you know step back if they only watch so it's some serious star power that the bring and really anyone to finishing did you want you know I still and then in that but I I've honestly avoided spoilers believe it or not really I know you probably don't believe it I know I just put myself under a rock you know what I still haven't seen was that I I mean I really know that the Avengers haven't yeah and I'm with you there but we both the. that brilliant running back for the Buffalo Bills spoiled it for me yeah when when when he told me that awakens you know the people out there haven't seen that but that was spoiled for just yeah everybody I'm shocked though that you haven't has it been subjected to a a spoiler for game of thrones

Christina Avengers Buffalo Bills Naomi Watts
Being Multiplatform Is the Only Way to Stay Alive With Fader's Andy Cohn

Digiday Podcast

14:08 min | 2 years ago

Being Multiplatform Is the Only Way to Stay Alive With Fader's Andy Cohn

"Welcome to the digital podcasts and brian morrissey this week. I'm joined by andy kern andy as president and publisher of the feeder which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary serie any welcome. Thank you for having me brian. It's great to be here okay so twenty years. You're not a failure at the time though you were at spend competitor right. Yes i was at spin and then i was at the source magazine yeah right around the time. Is this a different era for magazines right. It sure was so lots changed since then but the fighter has continued right and still magazine bimonthly but now i would guess it is a multi-platform brand. Yes it is multi platform because that is the only way for us to you. Know stay alive okay. I think i got there. I've been there sixteen years now. <hes> and came up through the more traditional you know the time period of print magazines were revenue was essentially if not a hundred percent ninety percent an advertising supported through print advertising and then maybe some events here and there some newsstand sales for some of the stronger newsstand publications ends and that was really the beginning of the end of it <hes> from a revenue stream standpoint and it was a boom period <hes> especially in music because as you head spin and vibe and the source and brands really starting to embrace hip hop as marketing platform and vehicle so <hes> <unk> brands as big as you know general motors ford coke and pepsi it wasn't just the street where brands anymore that were starting to really embrace that culture and <hes> to leverage you know the those that genre of music for marketing advertising so <hes> i think for those publications and what ended up happening is they became so heavily driven by circulation and celebrity and who was on the cover and had to just be as big possible artists as you can imagine the other you know jay z on the cover of the source or your radiohead and coldplay on the covers of rolling stone and the fader and <hes> the bigger the circulation got the more you can charge for advertising pages so zaveri simple business model you know at the time which <hes> changed as we all saw <hes> you know especially <hes> brown two thousand eight so it was two thousand eight the big inflection point yeah i. I think it's interesting because coming over to fater <hes> i came over in two thousand three at the time it was a quarterly publication which is what we're actually back to now <hes> and they the guys that started it were from the music industry so they started fater more out of access to music because they were doing a lot of non traditional early early day street team digital marketing for record labels for specific releases so they would have the first outkast album before it would be serviced to survive vibe or a rolling stone or is it then they didn't have print or journalism or magazine experience but they had this access and felt like they needed the document cemented so that's how feeder started <hes> was based on this early access so started as an emerging music magazine where it was artists that you weren't really that familiar with yet which called plan cover no coal plan the cover at the time it could have been at some point at some point so what what was interesting to me because i was a journalism major in college i grew up with my father was a newspaper editor at newsday and a writer you know for forty six years and i was obsessed with <hes> you know just music journalism and when i came out of college i got a job at spin on the business side of the magazine and you know it was. Was it like you said before. It was a very different time is very circulation driven. The whole business model was based on selling ads growing your circulation and your rape base so for me what happened was is because of that. I was at points in time at both of those publications where they were either sold <hes> quincy jones and and the people <hes> bob miller bought spin and brought it into the family with vibe and the source hit such a big mass kind of mainstream removed that you know to go up from there is hard and you have to really do things that weren't in your dna and your original mission statement so what happened was isley. Spin spin is an example is where it was the quote unquote alternative to rolling stone. They were putting artists like p._j. Harvey and tori amos and you know rage against the machine on the covers when rolling stone was now starting to put david letterman and buffy the vampire slayer as they were trying to become so big and more of like and entertainment weekly than an actual music and cutting edge lifestyle magazine which was in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight and for its earlier years so i think the example is when spin got sold. They started putting a lot of pressure to grow the circulation because it wasn't an independent privately held company any longer by bob optus tony junior who is a big music fan and believe in you know promoting these kind of upcoming artists they started putting kid rock and creed and natalie attlee imbruglia and really experimenting with very mainstream things that never fit or seem to fit with the original mission statement was for spin <hes> so you know you can call it selling out but i think what it did was alienated. The core audience of those music publications that came there for something in the first place and then those magazines evolved because of the business pressures so you know put became much less of a challenge much more predictable like you knew jay z. He had an album coming out he'd be on the cover of the source you know so that's like and then in ninety nine ninety eight you started hearing things like lime wire napster during the internet and all of a sudden those long lead publications couldn't really compete with the discovery nature of music anymore so they by the time these the longley publications came out everyone already listened to anne knew about a new of everything that was going on through the internet so you know when i was growing up as an older person had to go into record stores to find you know different genres of music and it was very intimidating. If you hurt someone talk about dancehall you're like dance all for for that now. Dancehall type it in two seconds and you're listening to dancehall like through napster and lime the accessibility to music and all of these genres were so far reaching now that it usurped. I think the purpose of the longer lead you know print titles so when fader first came out was really interesting and caught my eye was that the first issue i saw was the third issue had had most f- on one side and back with the angelo together on the other side and and i didn't really know of who those people were and i thought it was really interesting so i think that around ninety nine when fader started hit this inflection point where the kids were now growing up with accessibility to every genre of music there was not like spin the alternative music magazine ad source and x._l. The hip hop magazines you you know it was here's something that's really reflecting of. What's kind of going forward you know and in multiple genres of music like someone even myself i was i call myself from the walk this way generation which is seeing you know the convergence of rap crossing over into the the mainstream and i think you know starting to really get into music in nineteen eighty six in one thousand nine hundred seven all that just became like second nature to when i was listening to led zeppelin classic rock or public enemy and rock him and you know the fat boys and the beastie boys and run dmc. It was all l. cool to me. It didn't matter it wasn't segmented so i think when failure came out it kind of like captured this moment in time that was really well well timed <hes> because it was speaking to people that had that accessible so it had some kind of advantage over some of its bigger competitors that had gone very broad. Yeah i think what fader was at that. Moment was what was kind of a combination of the best of all of those other publications from when they first started and with what their original missions were when you look at spin starting in nineteen eighty five and rolling stone starting in nineteen sixty eight they were counterculture. They were edgy. Spin was writing and hiv aids column which it was crazy at the time you know very alternative rolling stone. Had you know a crazy investigative journalism pieces and p._j. O'rourke and all those hunter thompson awesome you know the things that they were doing so i think it just you know fader came out with this like fresh voice that was speaking like a and not to sound cliche but he was speaking to this new new generation of really hardcore music fans but the same kind of secular pressures i guess as they call them in the business world you know were exempted right. I mean in two thousand and two thousand nine <hes> if particularly if it's print advertising driven <hes> music industry's gone through a lot of changes <hes> explain that inflection point and sort of how the business needed to pivot because a lot of a lot of competitors didn't really make it as they were or made it in in shrunk informs ripe right. I think being that failures mission was to cover kind of what's next in music and knowing that we weren't going to be able to rely on celebrity for any kind of real scale or mass reach. I think early on <hes> we were very <hes> very interested in doing events and like not only just putting an artist that you've never heard ever seen before on the cover of national magazine but also like doing events bringing those artists out to perform live and finding ending ways obviously early days internet to continue the conversation online so it wasn't just like you were an emerging print magazine and then had to move onto the next issue you talk about a whole new host of people you're able to like start building the brand in other ways and be a little bit more diverse so i think because we did events early on and it gave us a like a real strategic advantage in that everyone then started to do events and i think we had an expertise and ability ability to do events that became a huge ultimately a huge revenue stream for was his fader fort back fater four was just eighteen years gold <hes> and i think that's become you know it's become a one plot digital platform for us like almost like a second brand go to to the fader <hes> but in two thousand eight when print advertising was decimated we were able to kind of lean lean more on these events and really lean on the fact that the events gave us a little bit more of like a multidimensional approach because we couldn't we wouldn't wooden of survived if it was just the print advertising or just going online or going online because there was display advertising even at that point in time was <music> very you know <hes> is very <hes>. It was unknown territory. The dollars were like pennies on the dollar versus what that the meaningful meaningful print advertising before collapsed was you know so like from a c._p._m. Standpoint from a total gross revenue standpoint it didn't it's not like one. Just filled filled the gap on the other side so for us. I i do point to the fact that we did tons of events and were able to really like you know you get brands involved on a multiplatform level <hes> so i guess like ten years ago or so probably ninety percent print right y- yeah yeah so what is it today. <hes> percentage wise print is probably i would say in like the twenty to thirty percent of the total revenue pie. <hes> experiential is probably the biggest experiential in video because through video. It's that means not only only us creating our own proprietary fater video but we also do a ton of white label video content for big brands so that come to us for ours boris that iq our ability to understand how to work with artists so companies land access to the art and i think that's the the real like magical thing about failure of over the years i think when you strip everything away is the artist access that we have because we have double down on these artists so early on in their career when no one else is giving them that type of platform yet that we've been able to establish these you know great long running relationships with both those artists and their management and not not have to go through agents or middle middleman like give an example of that an artist the the stuck with for i mean they were smaller. I guess when you started working <hes> i mean artists like i think drake is a great example <hes> just because of how he is and how big it's gotten he did make it. I think it started at the bottom apparently <hes> no but drake used to come up to our office and plus music and he was a great guy and very humble <hes> and you know he almost kind of sold us on you know <hes> on his his skills and we started we did a blog post you know of one of his early songs and it did really well and then <hes> and we put him on the cover in two thousand nine. It was his first. I ever magazine cover. We went up to toronto. You went to the nursing home with him to see his grandmother mother. We spend time at his house. <hes> and we just did like a lot that i think no one had done with him at that point because he wasn't really anyone yet and i think that's what our dna really is is like kind of curated and identifying people that we believe in their music and their longevity of

Still Magazine Source Magazine Jay Z Spin Brian Morrissey Napster Music Magazine Andy Kern Drake Toronto Quincy Jones Rape David Letterman President Trump HIV Bob Optus General Motors National Magazine Longley Publications Publisher
"entertainment  weekly" Discussed on Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

"Entertainment Weekly says it's so pristine and Chris. Feels like it was shot yesterday. We have come alone for one wild ride. Apollo eleven from June twenty third at nine on CNN care Swisher has written about Silicon Valley and this idea of chief ethics officers. What do you think do you think that big tech, Google should have chief ethics officers to grapple with all of these things that we're talking about? You know, have you? It's the gel dec- oh to be the chief ethics officer, you know, given the scale at which technology that society viewed as a fundamental part of my role. But I think have takes needs to come at all layers of the organizations. And you know, you know, people are doping. Oh, work engineers, and the marketers working on it. And so, you know, I'd rather right. Or ethical principles? Hold ourselves accountable to it. And and consult with intern. Nally externally to get feedback on how we make progress. So one ethical decision that you have to grapple with every day. Every big tech exec does is privacy. Tim cook recently said privacy in itself has become a crisis. Do you agree? I think it's very, very in a given the scale at which information is flowing. I don't think uses have a good sense for how the data's being used. And so I think the put the burden on uses to a large extent. And, and I think we need better. Frameworks uses get that comfort that they that they are in control of the data how it's used and they feel like they have agency over it. And so I think it's an important moment for all of us to do better here. That's really interesting. Because you say you know, we, we as Batak put the burden on users, and we need to change that. And I'm interested in sort of how you balance that, right? Is you grapple with that? How do you also balance that with the fact that so much of Google's business in what drives the profit relies on having more and more data about the user advertisements? A what do you think most of the data, we, we need is actually just deployed better service to our users. You know, the debut need Radford icing is actually really small. You know, any type of digital cameras into Google, you know, when we show advertisements, you know, you're looking for digital cameras, and that is, you know, most of the that we need for advertising. There is little value in holding data for long periods of time. Because he buying interest, you know, just constantly evolve. And so, the most of the data the, you know, us on behalf of our uses to give them information, but we wanted to be their choice, different people want different ways. And so we're working hard to make it easier for users, and, and you don't think that will fundamentally harm Google's business. I've never felt you know our business is not dependent on, you know, having lots of data on people that, you know, it's I think it's a misconception you do. Yes, you recently wrote.

Google officer Batak Entertainment Weekly CNN Tim cook Silicon Valley Swisher Chris intern Radford
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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on High and Mighty

"You and Entertainment Weekly. Well, we can edit this out, but this won't come out for a couple of weeks if you want. Listen to it because it'll be out by that. We're going to be starting to patriarch podcast called we love trash. Ooh. Is a celebration of all things crash. Food movies, websites. Reality TV, models, models, trashy models. Cut chassis haircut. We're going to everything trash because we love trash stuff. More than like Oscar winning movie. I hate good entertainment. Trash more than raccoons. There's. Raccoons. They Q gauge. For sure. Because I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of taco. Asking to be on. Like that. Everything enough. I've been accidentally doing a version of that idea for a while now because it's just my taste is says. Well, yeah. Treasurer everything around me, tragic the money. Dull Adela Bill. Get slapped with a book. And in one less enclosing. I just like to say Taco Bell step up fucking pussies are us. We're taking our fuck in dogs, and our Yanni's. Yeah. Down the fats out hell yeah. They will fuck and sponsor. They will we have we love. We're gonna open our legs. And they will they will consume our Yanni than laurels. Happily. Love us. And, you know, you might miss out on the chance of lifetime. Yeah. Follow me on a gap into. At birdies at buddies Doty on Twitter. And then at that on Instagram at Gabrielsen all social media's check out my podcast action, boys and raised by TV. Shit has.

Yanni Entertainment Weekly Taco Bell Adela Bill Treasurer Twitter Oscar Doty
Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ cast reunite

Colleen and Bradley

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Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ cast reunite

"Entertainment Weekly is doing a series of romantic comedy reunions for their upcoming special romantic double issue, and one of the cast is from my best friend's wedding, the nineteen Ninety-seven movie starring Julia Roberts Cameron Diaz Rupert Evert and Dermott Mulroney's. So they're all on the cover together providing oral history of the movie, and including Cameron Diaz breaking down her famous karaoke scene from. Yeah. You know, I just I remember like loving that movie until the very end. Yeah. Because I think I was sad that he stayed with Cameron Diaz. And then also in that movie. I wish everyone was ten years older. They were. Character was still in college. Yeah. Which always kind of baffled me. I mean, you know, what it happens? But it was kind of like.

Cameron Diaz Julia Roberts Cameron Diaz Rup Dermott Mulroney Entertainment Weekly Ten Years
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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on Talk Nerdy to Me

"Speculation rumor, and he did say, okay. So when Jason Reitman did have the Entertainment Weekly interview. He he said this is going to be called Ghostbusters three pass matured. That's kind of what they're pulling the title out there within bringing teenagers. Yeah. I see that you know, because I think it's going to be it's like stranger things meets up with because stranger things is huge. Especially with in though. I mean, like first Ghostbusters was kind of an oddity was wasn't really a comedy. It wasn't really a horror movie. It wasn't you ever seen the script for the derision script was no comedy. It was dark in horror, which is which is supernatural and horror like that. I mean, especially when you're talking about Vigo the card carbon Vigo the Carpathian. Yeah, they rewrite dude rewrote it in some comedic moments in the kind of ease the horror too because I mean, they they are technically actors that play comedic roles, but they were not comedic actors at the time. And I think that's where the twenty sixteen win role. They wait. They win win. He way too heavy on the comedy comedy. Yeah. I mean, and the thing is back in nineteen eighty to lean you're talking about that you had. Wasn't a excuse me if I'm wrong, calm down below. Maybe work Baker did the special effects on his law special. Thanks a good game. It might be. It might be might be completely wrong. You know, that would be my fault. But I mean back then you had new you know, how the way the the goes which is really new hundred years old. It's just practical the practical effects and look cool back in the eighties. But I mean now that you in two thousand nineteen you have so many. I mean, you can do practical the same practical or digital facts on your phones. Yeah. Like crazy. And that's why another issue is with the two thousand sixteen one is or so much CGI is so much and people, you know, just like when the new Star Wars came out he wanted which was still a lot of CJ, but he didn't wanna do everything CGI. And I think that was a lot of the practical stuff kind of lost people. And I think it's a new wave of people actually wanted to see real things. Yeah. So that's gonna be crazy. But what do you guys think? What are you? I'm looking forward to. I can't wait. It's going to be suicide, especially if all the rumor mills are true, I'm thinking, this is just my personal. And this is my personal opinion. I think it's the grandchild of their original people. Bill Murray might be coming in Sydney. We were might be coming in early Hudson's definitely going to be in Dan, ackroyd CV puts. You see if he puts his crystal skull bucket, and there's somewhere just you product placement. All those guys have been rumored to be attached to it. Besides going. We have heard anything by her. I would imagine she she might especially if the rumor mills already going nuts. Forget about any pods to. She's the secretary. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. With the big Lassus whole original cast. That would be crazy, right? I, you know, I the only thing is like it's such a big gap from eighty six or seven was last one to twenty thirty years later that. Franchise sponsors international. Yeah. I mean, there are some lot of animated Ghostbusters out there the extreme Ghostbusters which had females had female characters him. But yeah, it's it's gonna be I think I. Do it. Right. The only thing is I'm worried about is like the whole backlash on. Oh, it's the whole they're going to raise what we did in the two thousand sixteen which what she was trying to say. But I think to be honest, I think she kind of she put the nail in her coffin on getting any more acting city for Sony getting more acting for Sony because you can't you can't just bash. You know, a movie like look her Curtis is misplaced, very misplacing. Yeah. But you know, she's entitled to opinion, and if she wants a ruined career, but he just, you know, lashing out lashing out on look, she's still cheap. So made the movie a lot of people they have their own following. I think it was a financial Ghostbusters answer the call had just killed. It would have made ten more to more. Yes, actually..

secretary Jason Reitman Baker Dan Entertainment Weekly Vigo Sony Bill Murray Curtis Hudson Sydney twenty thirty years hundred years
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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on Minority Korner

"We're here. I I just have my eyes on the prize. I know I'm just making, sir. We're getting the the audio levels. And you've got your notes all up we are like professional rain like it's a whole. It's a whole new world new and has place for you feel about the live action. Remake of that. I know that we've talked about Jeannie looking crazy or as you say The Lion King. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But now they came out with Aladdin. We're will Smith's going to be the genie. Yeah. And he looks Cray. Yes. Well, here's some things. Here's some I have some backstage passes information. How the industry? Okay. Yeah. All those billboards guy. Now, I got a foot in the door. I'm the billboard. You get the newsletter. I am damn near on the Hollywood fifty yard line. I'm having lunch with Tom Cruise Tom Cruise. I was going to say a Finland. What are we talking about? Jasmine, jasmine Aladdin. So here's what happened. This Pacers pictures that you have spotted. Yes, Entertainment Weekly. Oh, yeah. That's where I got this from. Did you read the article some people are upset because they're like that GD supposed to be blue? Why isn't that genie boonies mostly going to be blue? Yeah. He's just that ten minutes human form as he's disguising because his hair looks weird. Well, that's show. Ken, I'm gonna take it gonna look like as a blue Jeanie. Do you think it's going to be cartoon? Do you think is going to be him? He's going to be him CGI, but blue I think he will have taken a page out of Indy circuses book and with that high pony that he got that. He was rocking. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It'll be blue with that. Is it a Dale when there's no hair except for the ponytail area. James? I I had a pony. Okay. Did you see my pony picture with me when I was four years old? This is different in a ponytail. Oh, yeah. But see. Okay. Just want to bring up your picture, but the ponies through will link it into the show now. Eight took win too. Yeah. I didn't wanna bring it up or still your moment. But I'm gonna still your moment podcast. At your microphones. I want them to hear me you need to hear that. I had a pony picture to you took a little hat off. I kept my little hat on if seen that picture. I think so it's at my mom's. I don't know. I think so I think I've seen it. I have imagined. I had a dream about every those pony shots had been this pony. Like, so sad sadness this photos. I didn't even different time eighties different time. You just dog and pony shows. Bring to the kids we raise beat it with their they weren't there. Like, you're saying this is like going to a kids show and making them dress up and slavery guard. I know right tone deaf. Okay. Jeannie. How do you feel about the live action Aladdin? So I am. Here's why I'm upset. Okay. Tell me I'm of set because Aladdin's wearing shirt. The best L hot. I wanna see it's hot in Agra K is high. He doesn't have any money. All your telling me, he can afford a vest and shirt get here Gada here. And it's not even just as it's a long sleeves shirt. There will be like this. Riley very unsexy allowed and just focus on his face. That's weird that the cartoon is sexier a lot of and his sexier. Jasmine still wearing amid Drif I haven't seen. Oh because only thing they showed her was dressed up in her street rat, clothing street rats. They call them. That's what they visit clothing, and she's all covered. So. Let's you covered a Latin Dame interesting sex sells. I'm just gonna say gotta watch the cartoon. Yeah. I'm sticking to my cartoon. I own a lighter. No, I. I am excited that like I said people are up in arms because they're like. Ooh. Whitewashing but the ever landed the habit the actors are both of the connection to Middle East. The guy's playing a lot. And I think he's from Egypt. Yeah. He's from Egypt. She jasmine is proud Mia. But she's half. Also playing Kimberly in the Power Rangers movie. Oh, saying so she's been around reboost. She was on the she's she is on that reboot train. Like what else you need rebooting kind pride? Care bears..

Tom Cruise Aladdin Ken Jasmine James Egypt Jeannie Smith Entertainment Weekly Middle East Kimberly Finland Pacers Hollywood Indy Agra K Riley Power Rangers ten minutes fifty yard
Assassin's Creed Odyssey Director Apologizes for Controversial DLC

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Director Apologizes for Controversial DLC

"Of the first blade shadow. Heritage. We want to extend an apology to players disappointed by a relationship your character. Partake CIN odyssey creative director Jonathan demont. Sedna post on the games forum. The intention of the story was to explain how your characters bloodline has a lasting impact on the assassins. But looking through your responses, it's clear that we missed that Mark. He went on to say the players will not have to continue the romantic relationship. And the next installment of the game steel see saying the developers wanted players to have the option of deciding their character choice to procreate was utilitarian decision rather than romantic one. The plot development curse at the end of second chapter of a three part paid expansion and constitutes a spoiler for those who haven't played the game. Spoiler redacted. This seems to contradict the repeated push by Odyssey's creators, advanced games October release to portray the game as an adventure. So malleable that players could choose their own romantic partners, male or female, and the quote this big in new life in the past state demont. Had told Entertainment Weekly since the stories choice driven. We never force players into romantic situations. They might not be comfortable with and the statement yesterday Ubisoft referred to the relationship twist as part of a set story and that hype the Knicks chapter the Elsie without spoiling, it you'll gauge an important relationship as part of a set story the motivation behind this relationship is yours to explore in a game and will be reflected in her character story arc. There's one episode left and legacy of the first played which will tie your character's actions together today. Demont skip past any spoiler worries and prototype offer to clear explanation of what the team was aware. The team was going. I believe it's matinee again, more spoilers. Redacted continuous demont's. Quote. Our goal is to let players choose between.

Jonathan Demont Mark Odyssey Knicks Entertainment Weekly Director
"entertainment  weekly" Discussed on #GoodMuslimBadMuslim


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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on #GoodMuslimBadMuslim

"Let's fought the way so yesterday on December nineteenth. We finally saw with the live action Aladdin is going to look like Entertainment Weekly had a cover photo, featuring jasmine, and Aladdin and the genie, and it was a little problematic and kinda messy. Why why are you say? Wow. Okay. So Jasmine's outfit is she's wearing a core set all of a sudden like apparently like corsets are thing of the desert Aladdin who is actually like this really hot guy with nice Brown, skin, tight, curly hair. They strayed into his hair in his skin. Look. A lot later than in some of the Brown photos. I've seen of him. And then we'll Smith plays the genie and has a lot of this weird get up going onto an can we just talk about how hot Jaffar is like the guy that got cast as Jaffar is really attractive. So also like why wouldn't jasmine wanna stick around with Farkas? They obviously cast the hotter guy as far it's a mess. It is a complete mess, and we expected this. But jeez, damn what did you think of the cover? You saw it. I mean, we kind of knew this, right? We kind of knew a lot of this is going to happen going in right? Like it's been a challenge like reading articles leading up to the representations that they went through. I've been waiting the thing that really sat with me that is the quote that I am fought twang twang this quote, this from director guy Ritchie he says about will Smith's role as the genie. The great thing about the role of the genie is that it's essentially a hyperbole for who that individual actor is. So what's a wonderful platform and tapestry for an actor to fill his boots on. Let's as bullshit. I mean, that's a longest way of saying that someone can play to their stereotype. Yeah. And it's also the excuse that entertainment industry, always gives to casting white people as Brown people. Like, that's the same thing. We heard about everything, you know, like, it's it's so problematic. Like, wait a. Undercut the actor work that Will Smith did for the role, let alone right by saying that like he's just playing an exaggerated version of an self. This is just like all kinds of inappropriate all kinds of wrong. I'm not even gonna talk about the preposition at the end because I don't do grammar humor. I think it's obnoxious. But whatever I Ritchie whatever guy Ritchie. Also, like whenever Aladdin like, I think this movie is going to be a big hot mess. I'm only going to be watching it because I want to support Brown people. But I just I'm just really upset with the casting. Well, I'm like half upset with the casting because I knew what was going to happen with the casting ahead of time. Right. But even with the casting that they did they didn't have to make it. So over the top orientalist, and it feels from all the images coming in that this is like super over the top just so funny like that you pointed out now, I can't stop seeing it. The medieval corset that she's. What kind of desert person wears the course it have you been in the desert? It's so hot. There's no way need ripping on your skin like that sounds like a new slur. You course, it weathering desert person person. Zara, do you have an awkward ask us time for the awkward ask a Muslim? Yeah. And it's Christmas. There's always awkward asks at Christmas time. Oh god. I got the perfect awkward ask for me. You know what? I mean. Like only I would be like super annoyed by this. Maybe not maybe not I have a new workout instructor. And she like very well. Meaning we brought up the topic of the holidays, and she was talking about like how she has all these different conversations around like what's appropriate to say is appropriate. Say happy holidays is.

Will Smith Jasmine Aladdin Brown guy Ritchie Jaffar Farkas Entertainment Weekly instructor Zara director
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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on GSMC Social Media News Podcast

"Aladdin is going to be a major source of anxiety for me twenty nineteen. Yeah. Yeah. I do want to say if you do go look up the picture on Entertainment Weekly. It looks like those like blue magic kind of coming out of his fingertips. Oh is this. Yeah. Yeah. You see that? Like right here. Yeah. Yeah. If you closely you can't see it. I agree. Maybe his like magic in genie powers will be blue still owe. Because him and his Dutch just what I'm getting from the picture. I'm like, maybe his magic is blue. I don't know. I'm sure blue will be a big color for him. And I'm sure they'll have other CGI, but probably going to have a CGI monkey. Oh like that. Boo. Yeah. Oh for sure. But no his hairs weird. More tweets. What would? Said. That's going to be a no for me. I. Reference. Yeah. I'm assuming they're talking about the look because I don't know. I would say other people I have seen another Twitter comment. Those kind of like what you said. Are you on is that they're hoping when you see Will Smith moving it will look better. Yeah. Which I agree. I think that could happen. Some people were I feel like most everyone was just confused about the right? Some were more negative than others. Some thought like what's hopeful and others were like, this is really bad. Right. But then it's like when you if you've seen the cartoon Disney movie Aladdin, it's like, how do you replicate that in real life like without making it all CGI? You know what I mean? It's like, it's really hard. I can only imagine. I really hope that it pulls it like works for the film. Yeah. I agree because the genie's always like shape shifting. Yeah. Exactly. Like how I don't know how they're going to do that. But also, he's a real person. So if you see like Aladdin walking down the street with Will Smith like I'm supposed to no one else. Can see him when he's just a person they were. I mean, there were instances in the cartoon were. The genie was like a lead in size, and he was just like regular size. True. So I don't know. I don't know. I'm interested to see how they do that all the magic to me too. I'm kind of excited. I also love the music of Latin. And I also know that Disney had some controversy when they were picking the actors to play jasmine and Aladdin kind of like how they had controversy. I think it might have been around MU LAN. For that. But I feel like people are always kind of just I mean, rightfully so. Yes. A species of the book of right, or is that they cast, you know, and it is a story where the actors are ethnic. They are not exactly a lot of people are usually always kind of like how is Disney going to. Are. They going to get right? Exactly isn't going to honor the story. Exactly. I remember that too especially with casting of Aladdin. They're bitter not not to sound like super races. But I remember people going off saying if they cast a white dude, this is going to be ridiculous. And I think he's hit ridiculous Agra bar. Whatever. I that's not. I don't feel like any white people live there if it was real place based off the cartoon, you can tell that the character. Occasion. Exactly, exactly. So I don't know Disney. I'm glad that they didn't try and do that. I'm sure like even if you look at the Entertainment Weekly photos. I mean, I don't know. We'll see I'm excited. We'll see I'm excited. I hope they stick to the songs though, too. Don't add a little like extra like song in there or anything. I liked the originals down trek of lead and they're refund songs, especially the genie song when he first comes out in the cave. Yup. I just hope it's I hope it's better than what it looks like it's going to be. Yeah. I have to go in feeling agrees with us though. Everyone's I think in that low expectation that way, you don't get disappointed. Okay. Before we go on break. I just want to.

Aladdin Will Smith Disney Entertainment Weekly Twitter
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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on Sports? with Katie Nolan

"Simply dot com. That's that's. The the advocate. Maybe we'll just do this. Okay. That was it. We're done. This is this is our job in. This is our ocupation you it's one of our jobs every time I do one where I have to say my boyfriend's like a skip to the rates. You just not appreciated to get out ahead of it. When we did the Sika musical theatre. Hey when you listen to the podcast this week. Maybe we just keep those Gada read I'll talk to him. And he was like why say something mean about me? And I was like, no, I it's musical theatre voice. And he goes say, no more. Skipped right through it. That's fine. You know, Ken love everything or anything about me. All right. So for the second half of the game. Nope. Second half of the podcast. I saw a meme Amini on the internet. Oh, a mimic amend. A may. Oh, the whip in the may may that's what kids are talking about. So anyway, I saw this on the internet and. No Jay, do you not get this a bit? Didn't get it till just now. Oh, boy saw me on the internet that I was like, oh, that's that'd be an interesting podcast discussion. That happens to me. A lot problem is most times, it's not related the sports. So then what we've gotta do shove it into the second half of the podcast. Now, I don't think is going to be a long enough discussion to be the second half of a podcast. So we found other maze like it. And that we would do the one gotta go where like you see it on Instagram, and it's posted there's four pictures, and you gotta pick one that you don't want. Then we saw a couple other stories that also are headlines that have game related. We're going to do a lot of fun stuff game gameless, shall we start with the ones gotta goes. Or should those be the end? I think we should start with the Entertainment Weekly thing. Jay, jay. Okay. Jay. You have the answers. Right. Hell, yeah. The top five. Okay. Good. You seem excited atop how many j it's the top five. Oh, yeah. This is you're saying not not six. Okay. We can't normal number that people use. Yeah. Would you say everyone uses it j I would go with everyone. You would go with him. That's what he said. That's what he said. He can't take it back take backs. Go ahead. Jay sin, a mad at my com. Jason it's not name out. My name Jason famously nominee. So the question is good in an Entertainment Weekly survey revealed, the most an entertainment. Actually, I don't know. How you do? It. Don't Don't she? she? Oh my God. Entertainment Weekly survey revealed the most the balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade Ken, Katya nationally, named the top five I'm gonna go. No balloons, the floats. They change them every year. So Jake, let me just ask you one follow up question are the top five like current. Or are they the ones that have always been there? Because like sometimes they'll have like Peter Griffin. And it's like he's not there. He wasn't there. When it started, obviously, they are pretty classic. Okay. I also stopped watching this thing years ago. I swim you watch doing it. As a team you asshole. She's wrote something down and then covered her paper cheating. We were doing it. As a team. You're wasn't looking. And I don't have my glasses on. I can't read anything that says. All right. Have you watched? It recently my question. No me neither thought because you had a baby. Maybe you would've watched it. No. They don't you're supposed to put your kids in front of TV. Oh, so you don't ever do that. Well, no, obviously, exceptional mom. My kids first word was go. And now if you say it in front of them, it's like saying out in front of a dog just like goes to the TV. And it's like CoCo. Okay. All right. So what was your would you? I wrote down the only two I can think of which is Snoopy. Oh, yeah. People love snoop. Don't they have like a a big Turkey is does Turkey count accounts. Is that on the guess? Yeah. It's not one of the okay? What about Snoopy? Snoopy is not in the top. Okay. But that's the way he said that means something from Charlie Brown is the yellow tweet Tweety the..

Jay sin Entertainment Weekly Peter Griffin Ken Katya Jason Charlie Brown Macy Jake
"entertainment  weekly" Discussed on A Cast of Kings - A Game of Thrones Podcast

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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on A Cast of Kings - A Game of Thrones Podcast

"But like you. But like that that humanities. I'm honestly. So anyway, so so in the Entertainment Weekly article Benny off says. You know, it actually doesn't he's like it doesn't actually doesn't sound that interesting to me to have the biggest battle. That's kinda boring. You know? You know? You're saying, yeah. Off said. That doesn't sound that interesting to me that sounds kind of boring and like his point being like a like having the biggest is is like is not the point like they want it to be emotionally resonant. You know what I mean? So I think I think just promising like big is no longer like the the most interesting thing that they want to do. I can understand why that was like, you know, almost like, wow. Look what we have the budget to do what we can do this is so cool. And now maybe in their final season having climbed all this peaks having gotten all these awards knowing that this is the end, you know, maybe they can say, okay. It's a big battles are cool. We like big battles. But that's not like what we don't want to go out on just like CGI spectacle alone. You know, he's betting off says having the largest battle doesn't sound very exciting. It actually sounds pretty boring part of our challenge and really Miguel. John she's talking about Miguel posh, Nick. Did this big battle episode in the upcoming season and has directed other by episodes, like hard home, my favorite battle, the bastards other people's favorites. He says part of our challenge really Miguel's challenge is how to keep that compelling. You've been building towards this very beginning. And then he says something that you might consider a speller. So I won't say for sure and you can't do that in a twelve minutes sequence. So you know, how how do you? How do you keep this dynamic? How do you keep this emotionally gripping? So my hope and I said this elsewhere. But like, you know, we can all rank our favorite bottles on game of thrones on unmined will probably look. Given the angry tweets I've received over the years. My might look different from other people's, but one that I always come back to hard home is great, you know, spoils up Sposa where episode last year was so great but blackwater like the first season season two's of her season you, and I discussed blackwater, which is barely any battle and mostly human. You know, emotions. That's that's the one that sticks with me all these years later. So I'm hoping that they sort of aimed for something like. Yeah. You know, as the words were leaving my mouth about why? Why why you know, it's like? They'll join was going to disagree with me about this. And I think I think. You're completely right. Which is to say that. The show is already given us spectacle in a really great way. And ultimately, what the show has also demonstrated is that that spectacle is not satisfying unless there is emotional resonance, and, you know, emotional catharsis and really interesting character developments relationships to back that up. And so I guess the idea that they're spending a ton of money is the memorial think about it. You're right. Like, it's not that interesting. What is interesting to me is just the fact that they are like playing with the format like that. There are that they are making the episodes longer because to me, I guess it's probably now I'm reading into like you're reading into the hashtag. But like to me it implies that they are like almost like willing to take more chances with the form and therefore the storytelling. I hope. So I think that'd be really fun. You know, one of their I know that their run times like were were kind of. Colin last year. But the first time that I remember them really doing something. Great with an expanded run time was the season finale two seasons ago. D- win the sept- blows up. Do you? I'm talking about. And that one that episode starts with that really long almost or is like pretty much silent sequence right are mostly silent on human dialog free. I would not size. All right. Yes. Sorry, sorry. Yes. I meant I like free with the great room Giradi like track my favorite or major body track playing her Neath. And that that to me is the closest the show has come to doing what you're saying..

Miguel posh us Entertainment Weekly Benny off Nick John Colin twelve minutes
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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on For the Love with Jen Hatmaker Podcast

"Let me ask you this. As I am fellow pop culture. How do you guys the the internet? I mean, this is a obviously a broad question. But has changed the way that we consume media and talk about pop culture, this is different very different than we would have handled this twenty or so, yeah, you know, I think the biggest thing is like it gave rise to the industry of analysis and criticism because I I remember being I'm real watching lost. And then going online and finding their there was these recaps written by the sky at Entertainment Weekly called his name was Dr Jensen, and they were like eight pages of just deep diving into the Easter eggs on loss. And all this crazy stuff Emmer thing like you can do this like this is nuts. But like it. I think it made everyone. I mean, honestly, I think it was the first opportunity for people to kind of speak truth to creative power, and like we can evaluate your stuff, and we're all here talking. And if we talk loud enough like you'll feel like you have to. Change stuff. But I think the biggest thing is it gave rise to like self awareness in meta humor humor in snark. And like that 'cause we think we did enough so several years ago in our theory was like awareness killed the the romantic comedy. Because like no one watching remain comedy is like this is real life. And at a certain point like the the awareness level get so much that you can't like feasibly create a romantic comedy without putting a spin on it because it's just not like, it's just not sustainable like as a narrative, you know. Well, in for me, I think with the internet did. And this was true for me. It created a spice, maybe nobody in my group of friends watches the TV show firefly and loves it like I do. But there are people on the internet who do or supernatural or doctor who and you can go find your nerd people. And so suddenly if you didn't have a family that loved all of you know, TV that you love or if you didn't have a dorm room if you are now living on your own. A new city or it was like, oh, it's okay. Like there are people on this hashtag who love this like who loved the Royal family. Like, I do and I can find them, and we can be friends, and I think that's such a gift really when we we're enjoying something that is hanging. Our mind off of really hard things in the world. It's nice when you can go you understand what I'm talking about. It's such a nice thing. I mean, that's one of the key ways. I feel like I bond. My online community is our shows are maybes and our books, and we could just ad nauseam. How long we.

Dr Jensen Emmer Entertainment Weekly
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"entertainment weekly" Discussed on Pop Culture Tonight

"Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and countless others tonight. She joins us to discuss her new book, according to a source, they juicy big-hearted novel about a young woman who loses herself in a fast paced glamorous world, where finding your authentic self is an easy Abby. Welcome to the program. Thanks so much for being here with some pop culture tonight for having me absolutely an abbey, you have been an entertainment reporter for a very long time and your book, I think perfectly captures a perspective that we really haven't seen before the not. So glamorous ways of getting the scoop on Hollywood's A-List stars. And I was wondering what inspired you to write the book in how much of it is truth, and how much of it was fiction. Well, it is all fiction. It is a story that I made up, you know, at the novel. It's not a memoir tell all or an autobiography by any means, I was inspired to write the novel. Because when I would help people that I really am for celebrity magazine. And I did read carpet interviews and went to parties and met celebrities. They were always really intriguing then I'd always been writing my entire life. I was actually acting as well. And I always thought well, I should write my own material because that's really how you kind of showcase your ability. So I was writing different television pilots. And I I thought maybe this would you show when I sat down and started writing it really took the form of a novel. And that seemed to be the best way to explore this world and these characters that I was creating so that's kind of. How it ended up starting at one point in the book? And I love this you, right? Even people who don't really care about celebrities have one person who gets them starstruck. Which star would get you starstruck, Abby. I feel like I have three two. I have personally been starstruck by person in the last one yet to be the first one for me is Britney Spears. I'm from Louisiana. I will forever. Love her. The second would be Mick Jagger who I've had the chance to me and the third way of not not yet is somewhat Keith Richard on. But I grew up with people that I have these fond memories of of their music and different events surrounding their music, or I got to meet Dick Van Dyke, which is he such a cultural icon that was more exciting than meeting, quote, unquote, any Ayla celebrity right now, it's the people I feel like near childhood have something that resonated with you that really getting starstruck. Somebody needs on a magazine cover. I totally agree. I've had similar experiences. Just recently actually interviewed Burt ward from the original Batman series. And I have to tell you I grew up watching it. I still watch the show and so to actually speak with him was a little bit out of body experience to some degree. And I noticed that you don't come right out in mention any celebrities by name abbey in the book. But you do allude to the type of star that they are. Why did you? Choose to go that route instead of using real celebrities. Right. Well, again, it is fiction. So these incident didn't happen. So I didn't wanna be putting anybody in the position of saying. Oh, well, this is a novel. But then she using real liberties. So I'm confused too. That was one thing the second was I loved the idea of using an archetype they're blind item, like former A-List hot mess actress. Or I think one of them in aging older, our aging multi winning off or manslaughter, and I could be thinking of one person in one archetype and someone who's reading could be thinking of a completely different person who thought it would to really find a way for the reader to use their imagination and insert themselves into the story and kind of gets to participate a little bit in a story because these are archetypes that have been around forever. And there's always going to be another former lift hotness. Actress. Unfortunately from every decade. So that way the story can really live..

Abby Britney Spears reporter Burt ward Entertainment Weekly Dick Van Dyke celebrity magazine Hollywood Mick Jagger Keith Richard Louisiana Batman Ayla
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"And I thought it was really interesting like how he talked about it. Where you know, he made a movie with with guns like ain't them bodies saints. I think had some had some guns in it. Right. And some people have some shootouts and stuff, and he basically like I read this interview in Entertainment Weekly with him. Katie hasty did this interview with him where he talked about how he didn't like you. You know, he he didn't like the fact that gun was in the title of the movie, but it's the same title as the New Yorker article right that this movie is based on so kind of made sense to keep it that way. But he was talking about how like it really started upset him to have like shootouts where people die, and and he started thinking about here here. I'm going to read the quote from the article here anthem body. Saints was a big part that's part of the culture of the western of western civilization. But I don't like that part of our culture when I wrote the very first version of ain't them bodies saints. It was more of an action movie and had a lot of gun violence in it. And I just did not feel comfortable writing that the movie became what it became because I did not like writing violence as writing all these action scenes that were disposable and bad guys getting shot left and right. And I would think to myself. Well, who were those guys what brought them to this point where they die now. And how awful that they are getting killed with anyone recognizing who they are end quote. And I I thought I thought that quote was so interesting like we see lots of movies where people are gunned down left and right. You know by the dozens or hundreds if you're watching like, you know, the night comes. For us in apostle like I've been watching the last few weeks. And it's like what brought these people to the moment that this is where they die. You know, like what is the arc of their life that they die here. And then like something kind of upsetting about the fact that we just don't recognize like, these people are named isn't there? A a moment in one of the Austin power movies where he kills a henchman. And then you see like quick flashes of that entrance entire life. I think that's right. Yeah. Yeah. And so anyway, this feels like a guy when I'm reading this feels like a guy who made a movie called the old man and the gun and during the course of making that film realize he didn't want to have anything to do with gun culture. And so what's interesting is you only see the gun two times in the entire film. It's like in the opening scene and later on the film, and then like every other time. You only are hinted at the gun, and that was his way of not showing the like he didn't want to show the gun, even though the gun is what the guys using to threaten people and get them to give him money. And I thought at one point the movie was going different way. When the Bank manager said, hey, did you see the gun? And he's like, oh, I don't I don't know. But he told me, and I'm like was he just like was the movie going to say he's faking. But no, you saw the gun in the opening scene. So it also sissies basic discovers it in the glove compartment. That's right. That's right. Just decides not to make an issue. Yeah. So I just thought it was it felt kind of a weird like mixed tone where the movies about a dude threatening Bank people with gun with a gun. But then the movie never shows the gun because it doesn't want to be involved with perpetuating the glorification of gun violence. So there's just weird. It was weird to me. But I I actually as a symbol, you know, it's it's potential violence. But yeah, yeah. I just don't show it onscreen. But I I would rather that than like full-blown glorification of the gun. You know, so, but it just it just struck me as odd that in a movie called the old man with a gun, you only see the gun twice and not like, it's really really leans into the old, man. Half of the title. The old man is really doing the heavy lifting of title. Let's talk about the ending..

Saints Katie hasty Entertainment Weekly Austin
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"And Tom people loved that you read the book, Frankenstein, they liked a little less that I watched the movie Frankenstein. I don't think they really care that much very impressed with you just watching an old movie. All you did was read an old book. But you what you talk to louder than me. I think was thing what you're laugh. What you're? Not fully recognising. Tim is the percentage of our audience that are teenagers in high school that had a book review due the next day. Book report, you don't know alive. A lot of them are going to like arts college. They wanna like write for a magazine one day. So they have to colleges. Review will books. Get a job. For this week's Entertainment Weekly with a review of the book Frankenstein. Anyway, it's a timeless tale, you can you can you can review it at any time in it's relevant as you proved. We're doing another one in even go to arts college. But Tom, this is not you taking a victory lap. Like, hey, hey, that was a good idea. Let's do park too. Yeah. Decided this was all part of your master plan. Like, I said how the lean month people think that it was just slapdash thing we plan to this. We've been playing this in September month even. Yeah. Louis a bad name for. A history of September episode which really had nothing to do with each other. I mean, they all were released in September. That's. But yes, so yeah. When we decide all this. What for November? You know? We should do. We should do. Four or five. Depending on how many Sunday Mondays. And they seemingly have nothing in common. Guess what the listener has to figure out what the common thread is that seems so hard. Yeah. But like it'll be it'll be a fun puzzle for everybody to work on either. OB something very obvious or like the puzzle. Make sense. It'll make sense, Tom..

Tom Frankenstein Entertainment Weekly Tim Louis one day
Tim Allen on 'Last Man Standing' — and President Trump

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Tim Allen on 'Last Man Standing' — and President Trump

"Let's talk about Tim Allen, the comedian the TV star. Of course, his show was dumped on maybe you could go back to the dumping of a show on ABC and his most recent defense gasp of Donald Trump. So take us back to the beginning here. Oh, sure. No, no, Tim Allen had a top top particularly in a Friday night time slot for ABC. Disney sitcom on television. Ami EMMY award nomination and. You know, it's so difficult to get a a hit television show and yet inexplicably in the sixth season. ABC dropped the show it shocked the whole cash, and there was no business explanation that made any sense whatsoever. Spokespeople for ABC. Disney said it the cost had risen too high. Which? All right. Fox entertainment jumped in which smartly and picked up the show, and it will debut. This fall dodge Tim Allen has been a little bit more open to interviews because he's promoting the show. And I think the show is going to be perhaps even a bigger hit. You get a call. It will it will it maintain the same name as is still going to be last man standing. You know, I don't have confirmation of that. But I would think they'd be able to work that out that would be important. Yes. So I expect it will be. But it might be Tim Allen's last man standing, okay. So Tim Allen does this. Interview with Entertainment Weekly. And in the interview, he said. Notice because the economy is better. And he said, I like Trump we need a guy like that. It'd be able to get things done. Well, that sounds like a Maga Trump's supporters. So now, Tim Allen was already kind of in that barks. But but the fact that he is out there saying this now. Shows a lot of actually a lot of courage in the light of the atmosphere that is in the entertainment business because there is backlash against him for saying things like that. Because they Trud President Trump is irrational and crazy and a kind of a

Tim Allen Roseanne Barr Donald Trump Trud President Trump ABC Chairman And Ceo Disney JIM Emmy Award Fox Entertainment Entertainment Weekly Brian Dodge Ohio Dr Oz Joy Behar Ronan Farrow Joe Scarborough Hollywood
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"So I thought I'd bring you on since you've been kind of covering the superhero beedon. You've been writing all these articles slash on that com boat. What we're learning from all this from these, these reports from Entertainment Weekly, to give us kind of cliffnote version of what we need to know. So what, what have we learned? What do we need to know? Well, the first thing we found out is that. That Larson looks like a total ban ass marvel superhero outfit. She just looks awesome. The suit looks great. And this is the first time we're actually seeing the signature red blue and yellow suit that kept him marvel wears mccormick's because there were some set photos that Lebed that showed her in a black and green suit. And a lot of people were wondering why she was wearing that suit. If it was going to be color correction, post production. And one thing we learned from the first batch of photos that turn up line is that the black and green suit is actually what she wears when she's part of this intergalactic team of what are basically space cops called star force. So they all wear the same green, black green and black suit has the star symbol on it. And when we joined this movie, we're not getting the traditional superhero origin story. Carol danvers who has an air force pilot has already left behind her life on earth for a career in star force. So she's already has has her superpowers. She's been in space for a while and she'd been working with star force which led. By Jude law. He's the commander of this ordination. And what's interesting about star force to is that one of the team members is none other than corvette the pursuer or sorry, core f the pursuer at. And that's the villain that was played by German Hyun Soo in guardians of the galaxy who caught store Lord, trying to get the orb that contained one of the Infinity stones at the beginning of the movie. And we in one of the photos, we actually see this team confronting Ronan the accuser Lee pace, who is the primary villain from guardians of the galaxy. And in this he's still a high ranking member of society and hasn't been cast out yet. But surely this movie will be when his extremist views come to light n will shake up some things for the creation likely the rest of the galaxy surrounding him. The crease grow war is like something of a legend in the marvel universe in it's coming to the big screen here we we see our first view of the scrolls themselves, right? Yeah, we the first. Scroll down with cool, too, is we also find out what that Ben Mendelsohn is there alien leader named Talos and he while we do see what the schools look like in full makeup with their green skin and pointy ears, Mendelssohn won't be hidden under alien makeup entire movie because he will be shape shifting as the scrolls do into a human character that is infiltrating field. Interesting. Yeah, so that's pretty cool. And then one of the other photos we see is a digitally de aged Samuel l. Jackson as Nick fury. And at this point in the nineteen ninety s when captain marvel takes place, he is not really in a position of power. He's not the Nick fury. We know not only does he have both of his eyes, but his position is described as merely being just a desk jockey at shield. So he doesn't. He's not really in a position to be trying to seek out superheroes or anything like that. He's, you know, he's got a low level job at this organization. People still check out this photo. This photo. I know marvel has gotten really good at this digital aging, but this league looks like it could be a photo of Samuel Jackson from nineteen nineties movie it. No, it seriously looks like like, honestly, I think the best comparison is it looks like Samuel Jackson in the negotiator like that's how good the aging looks and it like it just looks amazing for sure. And then finally, the last two of interest is we get a. Shot of Sean Lynch, playing a character named Maria Rambo..

Nick fury Samuel Jackson captain marvel mccormick Larson Entertainment Weekly commander Samuel l Hyun Soo Ben Mendelsohn Carol danvers Sean Lynch Mendelssohn Maria Rambo Lee pace Ronan Talos Lebed
No internet-breaking trailer, but we do have the first look at Brie Larson's 'Captain Marvel'

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No internet-breaking trailer, but we do have the first look at Brie Larson's 'Captain Marvel'

"Larson's captain marvel has been revealed. Yes. We're still six months out from captain marvel, but there's no skirt. No, she doesn't need a skirt. And I guess they changed the coloring on the outfit issues in the cover of Entertainment Weekly that change the color of the outfit. So it looks a little bit more along the the same palette that they used for captain America. See the the the heading there. The future is female.

Ray Lopez Santa Monica Mountains Captain Marvel Gary Channel JFK Phantom Monica Mountains Nick Busies Captain America Entertainment Weekly Japanese Government Japan Julie Slater Sapporo KFI Kerry Aston Company New York City Dubai Larson
How is Google Podcasts doing: and what could it do better?


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How is Google Podcasts doing: and what could it do better?

"In the latest poll news, how is Google podcasts doing and how could it do better? The editor of pod news. James Cridland that's me writes an opinion piece with a few ideas for Mountain View. The story also includes data from Lipson art nineteen, only studio and whoosh. Ker panoply have posted data on where the US people listen to podcasts, cities do better than rural areas. But this one US state besides DC, that is for podcast lovers. Movie review website rotten tomatoes is adding podcasts is a new source of reviews. Reports, Entertainment, Weekly had results. Media is celebrating twenty years in the audio advertising industry. They blog lessons learnt. Congratulations to them. The Washington Post has hired Matt who leaker Sika from NPR news and morning edition as executive producer of the papers, new daily podcast, which launches later this year or phonic has added resume, -able file uploads to it. Audio polishing service, reducing one pain point for produces Melbourne paper. The age posts a piece about the world of podcasting, and they're far as into the medium. What help podcast this summer in the UK will audio boom reckons. It's television shows pause platform speaker is to support the Latin podcast awards as sponsor. And Nick Kwa says that welcome to night Vale, used dynamic at insertion to deliver three different endings to listeners according to his hot pod news, netter

United States James Cridland Google Nick Kwa Lipson Editor Night Vale Mountain View DC Washington Post UK Melbourne NPR Executive Producer Matt Twenty Years
Steven Tyler Demands Trump Stop Playing Aerosmith Songs at Rallies

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Steven Tyler Demands Trump Stop Playing Aerosmith Songs at Rallies

"Chain steven tyler is again demanding that donald trump not play aerosmith songs at his rallies back in two thousand fifteen us even as a cease and desist letter sent To Trump after dream on was used during his, presidential, campaign well the latest, c. d. comes after living. On the edge. Was used at a rally, last night in West, Virginia I just don't think. Cease and desist her very effective especially on a political stage like that because you know what he's just gonna keep playing them then he's gonna get in trouble Stop or, I'll say stop again stop you You. Know we'll, see watch, you watch. What happens this story.

Robert Downey Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck Parsons Donald Trump JIM CBS Hollywood JEN Chris Hemsworth Malibu Clinic Virginia George Clooney Entertainment Weekly Benz Steven Tyler West Principal Forbes George Aerosmith
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"Akg afterwards that is so crazy added like it's so funny to me because once i hadn't done yoga when i first saw that and i like after doing it i was like that would be insane if somebody who's in a young class just hanging out talking talking at all i also had a question yes you guys do 'cause i haven't i haven't researched it but was that was the exercise sequence how is that informed they do they make it up or is that something that they i guess they did examine less research to find out how women were no i'm so glad i saw a i had a feeling so in an interview entertainment weekly wing poses michelle notes to interview entertainment weekly donna zukauskas ovum nonpro mispronouncing that she's a costume designer of the show so she had or work cut out for and there were flats to work out alley ali like little ballet yes i so least comfortable xu i always got a blister now physique do this oh yeah like mazy yo she said in their view most women in these didn't exercise in the way we do now they either took ballet classes are two classes especial studios thous sequence with all those women in those low shorts in sweaters i found little real research on the helena rubinstein exercise saw and it was sort of amusing because you think of moving a very stretching clothing these women were little these little short sometimes even kept their shoes on and then they have lost sweaters these very fitted low outfits for actually pretty strenuous exercises i'd also found a picture of this exercise they did holding a bottle between their feet and amy put that into the secrets so that did come from like research i guess of a maybe specifically the helena rubinstein get off but yeah it was informed by by that i was watching it going i bet this is a real thing the apple dead for like maybe even it was only like a few year because he was tired to not be doing away yeah yeah it had a little bit of a tracy anderson vibe as well.

Akg donna zukauskas amy apple michelle helena rubinstein tracy anderson