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"endowment hat bridge" Discussed on WINS 1010

"Expanded traffic and transit for the afternoon ride home on this friday here's greg right hold westside highway being bad well is it enough just another wrench to throw in your plans on his side streets amsterdam avenue in the '70s rheinau shut down at all because aldi crash little westside highway it's open blood is really that much worse north and west side highway very tough from the 70s all the way to the george south and westside highway cross from the 90s all the way down to the intrepid the westside highway approaches to the town hall in winter they're still gonna cost about another thirty minutes getting to the holland from canal or varik sixty ten ninety minutes as i watch everybody get off of the manhattan bridge and get onto canal street just to work their way crosstown nobody is moving off of the lower level of the endowment hat bridge so just a whole lot of volume trying to get to the holland here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels for the rest of of at least inbound george no more than fifteen upper down but there's no good answer for you to the outbound george lincoln tunnel at about forty five am and thirty minutes out rfk as a a standstill getting to the bronx battle whitestone there is trouble frogs next to the bronx the best option you've got across the upper east river staten island expressway westbound crawl verizon over to the gospels bridge despite the rain a whole lot of company heading for the shore southbound parkway slowed from nutley down to the bridge again from has all the way down toward route eighteen and we're slow oh from before britain township right on down to tom river i'm greg rice or an extra board at four thirty one on ten ten wins thirty one years david lerner associates has been dedicated to building in preserving their clients assets learn more at david lerner dot com.

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