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"enchila gatien" Discussed on The Takeaway

"This is the takeaway. I'm tansy Vega, and it shut down day twenty-seven. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are still going on paid across the United States and many are finding themselves unable to afford the basics. You're seeing it in your communities by. Anima x duty member of the coast guard Jennifer drain Oregon, Joe in Jersey City, New jersey, Harold from Washington. Depend the coast of the United States. Continues through February. Our government subsidies will not be available to respond to disasters pollution, events grandson. Who is in the coast guard needed money for groceries? His parents had to send him money risk their lives and lives of fishermen. Mariners recreational boaters gainfully employed federal workers having lineup food pantry. This is disgraced can departments work reader to cure guard, babysitter and more tar resumes. You start to look for ways to meet our point enchila- Gatien's. And finally, we can say that we take lectures from the public dispersed our own shipmates because there seems to be no end in sight. Fitting communities across the country. Neighbors are also banding together to provide everything from food to legal services for struggling federal workers. Pretty good. We took an oath to keep people safe and to do our job. And if we're not going to be there to do it with. Debbie Terry is the transportation security officer from Phoenix she's pregnant with twins has two young children and on Monday. She went to a mobile food Bank that popped up outside of the airport where she works. Well, it was around eleven in the morning on a winter's day in Phoenix, which is pretty sunny and warm actually got really hot Casey Kuna senior field correspondent with cage as easy in Phoenix. You know, everyone was kind of frantically rushing around trying to get all the food packed in within an hour. I think they were already more than halfway through and it was supposed to last for four hours. So clearly there was a need there. And it ended up I people were walking up to the tables to grab their food, but ended up becoming more of like a drive through. And then that drive through was like twenty cars deep. There are more than nine hundred TSA workers federal employees that work at Phoenix sky harbor airport here in the valley, so Saint Mary's food Bank, which is the largest food Bank in Phoenix was able to create a mobile food pantry kind of like a one time food pantry at a site really close to the airport. So TSA officers could come over during their shift after their shift or before their shift or even on an off day to pick up two bags of groceries and milk and eggs. Saint Mary's served three hundred TSA workers on that Monday and more are being served throughout the week. They said that they've seen an increase of two hundred people a day since the government shutdown at their regular food Bank locations. This was a like, I said a mobile food pantry. So they brought twenty five thousand pounds worth of food to this area near the airport that includes cereal tend chicken it included fruit bread. Peanut butter jelly kind of stuff that families would use to make lunches for their kids. And then they also had the perishables like milk and eggs in the refrigerated truck. People were nice and and made a lot of donations during that time. Jerry Brown spokesman for Saint Mary's toll Casey that the food Bank does have a stockpile of donations from the holidays, but that's stockpile can only lasts for so long this food normally lasts in the food Bank until March or April where using a lot of it now. So they've been asking for cash donations because food donations from an individual don't go as far as cash donations for food Bank that need was on full display on Monday outside of Phoenix sky harbor international airport. There were a lot of TSA workers who still had their uniforms on a somewhere just getting off their shifts. There was two friends who had met while they were on the job at TSA it Phoenix harbor and both of them had two children under six years old one of them was pregnant with twins due in less than two months. There was a young thirty six year old Federal Aviation Administration and junior who was looking for other jobs. Because he hasn't had a paycheck in three weeks and has four kids to support. So a lot of families and the age range from the thirties to sixties and seventies year old and many workers are also reluctant to open up about the pressures. They're facing a lot of the people. I talked to actually didn't really want to talk to media because I think it is it does feel a little bit like hurting your pride to go and take food. But basically they're saying that they're having to either dip into their savings to pay for things like the prenatal needs or just food on the table borrowing from family members borrowing on interest that they're going to have to re pay later. So yeah, I don't think anyone was necessarily preparing to not get paid for three weeks. So this is definitely stretching the budgets of most people. I talked to. Just kind of. And then when you got kids on top of it, the young kids, you it's just been like all of eighty really Gabriela Coleman is a TSA officer at Phoenix sky harbor airport and her family, you know, they still feel like they need to go into work. But they don't know if they're going to get back pay, for example. Well, they didn't know that they if they were not, and even if someone says they are they don't know if that's actually going to happen. Or are they going to get paid for the sick days that they had to call off during the shutdown? The longer the shutdown goes on the more people are worried, the more stresses themselves and their budgets. So I think that definitely was a stressful time for them. But Casey says the shutdown also seems to be bringing out the best in some people something that I found really interesting and kind of heartening at least was to TSA officers came right off their eight hour shifts to the food Bank to actually pack up food for their colleagues. They said. That they're like a family. So definitely feels like everyone's trying to together there was TSA high level management. They're handing out eggs to their workers. And actually the food pantries doing another one of these Mobil one time food pantries up near a hospital where other workers have been having to still go into work because they're considered essential federal staff. A

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