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Full Show (Zeke vs. Gurley, Kyler Murray's decision, Baker Mayfield, Giannis for MVP?)

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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Full Show (Zeke vs. Gurley, Kyler Murray's decision, Baker Mayfield, Giannis for MVP?)

"Hi, this is skip Bayless. And thank you for listening to the undisputed podcast. I just posted a personal story on my Facebook page. If you wanna know what I'm really all about what makes me tick. What made me me you should read what I wrote about my upbringing. You should read about how I succeeded in spite of a mean-spirited drunk of a father, and a mother who was to interested in herself to ever be much interested in me, you should read about my, athletic achievements. And my chokes you'll find my story on my Facebook page, and now let's get the show started. Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host, Jenny Taft. This podcast is the full show. From today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate. So skip Shannon. Let's get to it. Welcome to undisputed. We are live from Los Angeles. I'm Jenny Taft here with skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe. Good morning. You two. How are you? I've been wondering whatever happened to that. What's guy's name? Lebron guy. I happen to him. I don't know. He dropped out of c-. He's busy. I'll just wondered because the last time. I saw some of the Romy tweeted back in no time dodged a bullet. And now, I don't know what happens just taking time off for what a lot of things. Get lost in translation. So you took that is going to be back tomorrow. Why did no I don't he's iron ironman? No. But I know I talked to it did you and that he didn't tear it off the bone. So you'd be back in about three weeks three weeks. That's a long time about three weeks. Somebody who's immortal right? It'll be three weeks to this. Ratto ties years sixteen starting to get a little old. He might not are you? He might not come. When you want to ride on time. Don't. Right on time right on the Dallas Cowboys have a rise. It is time to this show because we have a packed one today. It's Kim Schuyler Murray about to make a big mistake. We're going to talk about his future. And then since the prime, you know, he's he's missing right now, Shannon, you can't wear jersey. So did you call last night and bile by Kyle Kuzma jersey, be have one rental? Okay. We're going to start with the NFL playoffs. The Cowboys next test will be on the road Saturday against the Rams right here in LA on FOX. A lot of the focus will be on two of the best running backs in the game Todd Gurley and Zeki Elliott Zeke led the league in rushing and finished with over two thousand total yards on the other side Gurley was able to practice yesterday for the first time in two weeks with a knee injury. He had twenty one total touchdowns this season to lead the league, so Shannon. Who would you rather have Zeke girlie girlie, but I will give credit for close the gap being able to catch the ball. He's hands has greatly improved since he got into the league. And I don't know if they were always good. What what for whatever reason they want on this? Whatever reason he was only catching twenty balls. That's how many they throw. So what? So what? So why is that? I don't know what. You're talk wrecked. You. I don't know. How finance have improved. They were great Kamata colic. How about you correctly? What is your turn? Thank you so much. I really appreciate understanding if I don't hear so much hell adult care. A rub me today. Doug early Todd Gurley. They touchdown machine. And we haven't seen a guy that can score the football since ladainian Thomas Emmett Smith had that ability skip 'em. It wasn't the biggest back when they got the ball close to the goal. Every getting the ball ends on his career. Whether he had to run a corner or safety, whether he had to slide past the defensive tackle or Caitlyn. He would go over the top. But in with getting the ball in the end zone. And this is what tiger does he has the ability. No matter about hookah crooks. He's going to get get it closer. He's getting the ball Enzo last season. Todd Gurley has forty touchdowns Ezekiel Elliott has eighteen can interest you in that twenty two more. If you're playing fans. Home. What do you mean you play fantasy fantasy hall of fame? Or are we doing pro football? If you don't mind my asking last year one guy team is in the play off the other guy team with the home. Look at the other guy was literally chunky was suspended. You literally at home. Am I right? Ginny was Montemar. Easier to be now wants to get in there. Shannon. Please finish your thought. The last two the talker. Has one hundred thirty nine more rush yards. Seventeen touchdowns. Even though even though even though, you know, your English major even though that means Zeke has more Carey's. Can you believe that now? How can a man have more rush yards seventeen or touchdown on your carry on the guy that's better than he is Bayless? You know scale how you know? What I'm I haven't spoken that. No, you would you. You all they've cowboy look the gaff the reason why and for the longest type of the late at least have been in the league, I've always had on bail. I've always had talked early in front of the for the simple fact, I thought they were better don't think I know there were better receivers. Right. The whatever reason Zeke improved his hands or they have the ability. They trust him more in the passing game. Or whatever the reason may be they've thrones the passes in Zeke is called those balls and occasionally he'd makes big plays out of those. Okay. But. Since he's been in the league Todd Gurley came in. So he's show something in college that when he got to the league his offensive coordinators had no problem integrating him into the passing game. For whatever reason. Dallas didn't feel that comfortable with Zeke in ingratiating him in the passing. They just hadn't seen the light yet. But go ahead. Well, whoa. You take a guy with the boy pick in the draft. You'd better not like you better. Not. So why they take him? But it's why don't you talk. It are you let me tell you will let me finish. I just want to be able to come people got you got me talking in broken sentences, and you only let me finish. I didn't want one time. To be able to finish it without you in a run that is so ruler your complimentary. It's okay complimentary star. Okay. Well, let let me have my moment. Let me have a kit. Okay. Yes. Okay. Thank you. I'm taking Todd Gurley. Because I believe he's a little bigger. He catches the ball a little better. And he puts the ball into the end zone. A lot more not a little more a lot more than at the end of the day. This is how you win gains. Not by style points about you have the star on your helmet. Do you get the ball into the end zone in over the last two years? No one. He's a clear of everybody. Avakum are has thirty two told her touchdown. Yeah. He's eight clear everyone of the last two years with getting the ball into the endzone room scrimmage in. So with that. I'm taking Todd Gurley Zeke Elliott. Okay. So I will give you this. This is a close call. This is a battle. This is an all time. Great barbershop. Debate. And I will say this up front if we gonna do off the field because we've had Todd Gurley here on the show. He is exemplary. Yeah, he is a model. Young man off the field. I really like him. I like being around him. I like being in his force field and Zeke has had some issues off the field. Maybe a whole lot of issues off the field. So I'm going to give you that. And I don't want any of this to reflect negatively on Todd off the field or as a guy. I didn't even bring that. Strict. Thank you. Thank you for that. In the end. I'm still going to give easy Cheol Elliott the edge. And the biggest stat of all that. I get a throw at you is just over the three years that they've both been in the league if I just do yards per game head to head yards per game. Over the last three years Ezekiel is averaging one hundred and one yards per game. Todd is seventy seven one. Oh, one rush. Rush arts. I'm just doing Russia. We're talking about running back and told me a lot of kids to buy. I'm gonna. Get to that. And just a second to me the most overrated stat in the history of sports in. It's a fantasy football stat is running back touchdowns. Because so many of them come off throw a long pass play. And they dragged down the receiver at one and a half yard line and Todd Gurley. Rams it in for touchdown Emmett Smith was the master of that he was the king of the one and two yard touchdown runs. I never really saw him run over anybody. But he was just so hard to get a hand on so slippery their offense along with so dominating that would just turn around and hand, it emit left or emit. Right. And he would just score from two yards, and he would take the football over and they'd put it in the bag. So we could keep got every ordinance if we did hear every football. Okay. To me. I get really excited about that stat because it's just the easiest play to make in football. And by the way, my running back Ezekiel Elliott has a touchdown machine at quarterback. You can run in with his legs because Dak Prescott is averaged six rushing touchdowns a year for each of his three years. So that's eighteen rush touchdowns right there that went to the quarterback. Okay. That fair. Okay. Okay. All right. Why we care about running? He the quarterback heath go to ball. Okay. Well, okay. So the running back is he supposed to catch the ball or run the ball in the first order of business is to run the football. But my guy once they saw the light because I can pan in the table over here to tell in Scotland where I tell you before this year started you laughed at me when I said, Zeke doesn't have good hands. I use this phrase. This is in our pre before the year started. I said he has great hands. He caught seventy seven balls this year to fifty nine for Todd Gurley. So all the sudden he emerged as a pass catcher because they finally decided, gee, our offense of lines a little dinged. We lost our Pro Bowl center and our left tackles been he's he's hurt every other game Tyran Smith and Zach Martens got a knee, and they're just not as dominant in the offensive line. So would they start doing they just flipped the ball over the middle five yards to him and let him turn and see if you can make live more in deck? Although yards per attempt. Dak Prescott is much higher than a lot of guys that you like, and then the wisdom well and decade, it's not dinking enact. And he throws it down the full field. A lot more than you give him credit for now. I'm going to put this in perspective for you. I'm gonna tell you what. My I test is telling me why I still take Zeke slightly over Todd Gurley. But for different reasons than I used to think Zeke is not the same back that he was as a rookie. He doesn't have the same burst. He doesn't have. He's not the home run threat that he was as a rookie. There's no saquon in him anymore. He can't make you miss the open field the way he did as a rookie. He doesn't have that four four breakaway homerun speed what he is is he is a sledge hammer. He pounds the ball between the tackles as as fiercely as ferociously as all heartedly as willfully as any back. I've ever seen. I've never seen better body lean than this kid has. And he's still just a kid. But look at the touches over the last three years. He's number one in football. Look at the touches he's touched again, catching it running. It one thousand three touches it's just so much physicality because he's as physical a runner as I've ever seen since Earl Campbell seriously. Well, he's not that's not a good thing. I'm just saying this isn't going to last that long. But right now on the of predispose him these two, okay? But zeke's even beyond Adrian in physicality because what he does best is turn annot yard gain into a two and a half yard. Yeah. We'll give you that. He does make people. They got him dead right in the back. Yeah. And somehow he finds a way to at least get back to the land heath fights, he scratches he clause he squirms. And even if he gets a step on you, even if he gets it into the secondary. He's usually more liable to bust your head than make. Miss seriously. My right. How many helmets helmets of we've seen from Zeke issue? He got called once for it. Right. But it just seems like he's more likely just to run your, you know, what? Oh, that's fun. If it's funny that you say that because you talk about a guy that can make someone missing a combined space, but he can't make people missing open field. That's odd to me. Okay. But even making people miss than the confined, he's mostly just making them not be able to tack. He's just alligood binding, right? He's making the first there's no bigger will in the National Football League. Then Twenty-one has. I'm just talking about will just heart guts, whatever you wanna call. That thing. It was showing when you were speaking with doing the board. So would you saw how you may find car got him dead to Ryan did hear Danda, right? Yeah. That's a confined space that we're talking about things able to make him on the Enzo. It was all time great at that. But it's because they couldn't even get a hand on it. He as north Turner used to tell me when I was writing my cowboy book he'd never seen quickness in a confined space like Emmett. But Emmett it was five. Nine and had elephant offensive linemen. And he couldn't find him until he slipped through the line of scrimmage, and he was in the second Eric then trust me, he could make you miss an image Smith with the football underarm arm. I never saw him. Get caught even though he timed four six in the forty at the combine, which is why he filled it. What twenty-first first round? Yes. Okay. Zeke timed four four. But he looks more four six ish to me because on the play that offended you so much when the the corner didn't close on the left flank forthright McKay didn't know force Zeke looks up and nobody's home. He's just clean, and he doesn't have to run through any contract. And all of a sudden he's off to the racist. What happened? They just run him down. Because it doesn't look for for to me in college. He's gone on that play just me. Yes. He's taken so much punishment, and he's doled out so much punishment that he's a different beast now. But I still love my base, man. And what he does best is he's. A workhorse back who just keep giving him the football. He will wear you down. And ultimately where you out on defense. After awhile you just don't want any of that anymore because it's hard. He is bringing it to you at all thing. Those get you know, Zeke has put the ball on the ground six times this year. Okay. He's only lost only lost one. And that's why I can't they fade from my memory because I don't think of him as a thumb, bluer. He's not losing fumble. Fumble Lur hitting the ball on the ground because you open yourself up. Now, you get skip a lot of times. I mean there been situation where he's fumbled the ball in the gathered right there in the ball and take a funny about in the next thing, you know, one of his linemates coming out of the power with it. But you don't wanna tempt fate like that. Okay. Girly put the ball on the ground one time. Okay. And and it's because the style is so different because Zeke is fighting for every last inch. And when you do that you were susceptible to somebody throwing a fist and knocking the ball. Well, what do you not fighting for them? Touchdown. Qatar T G four hundred got down on luck. Phony than two years. What am I supposed to do with that? Okay. Well, let me ask you what you're gonna do with all these numbers because here we go. Let's just compare them three years versus three years. Okay. I told you yards. Let's just do yards per rush. Every time you run the football Zeke averages four point six six yards per rush over three year period. That's pretty short Neri and Todd is that's fourteenth in the NFL because some of the little back. So we're going to go but Todd is four point two three. That's a significant drop because that's forty second over the last three then let's look at Russia's ten plus yards or more. But this is for three years. Okay. Zeke has one hundred ten to Todd's Ninety-one. That's first versus third over that period. Time how about twenty plus yard Russia's over the last three years Zeke has thirty two Todd's Twenty-one that's first versus third over the last three years. So I'm just showing you my guys a little better a little better, and then total touches total touch. Because you're got catches it. A lot Zeke over the last three years a thousand three to Todd's nine seventy nine not that. It's very very close. That's first and second the last three years, and then yards from scrimmage, my guys. Just a little better fifty to forty seven fifty one thirty six because he's had some more touches. But it's it's close, but I'm going to give the edge to my guy because he can continue to do more. And then what he showed you this year was Seventy-seven catches because I always thought of Todd is one to two one with Levy on as the best running back catcher. Right. And all the sudden, I think Zeke showed you this year. He's the best coming out of the back heat. He caught eighty one percent of his targets this year. And how many times did that just have to almost like trying to throw it away while chicken it down to? Eighty one percent of his success extraordinaire, oh, give her the thing. When you fact in the last three years, see what you did that's weighed heavily because in two thousand sixteen the Dallas Cowboys had one of the most dominant offensive live and all of football. It would probably only second to that old nineties Cowboys on of land. They had three they had three offensive line with that will not only top land when they were top twenty five players. Okay. Graded by pro football, focus. Okay. Am I correct? You're crouch alas two years. The boy wonder has been running the offense that Todd Gurley benefits from am. I right. Yes. Okay. So is that not a Dan age with Sean McVeigh for Todd Gurley? But yes, the advantages finding ways to get Todd the ball. And so throwing him to flip skip. There's no schematic scheme that okay? What you do when it comes to running running about you offense lineman. Putting a hand in dirt and says today, we will move this man against his wheel. Yeah. And. Guess what? Dallas does Scotland a hand is often the most uncreative play caller in the history of playcallers. There's it's so predictable. It's so not going to fool the defense because they just lineup watch. What the first game will be on. I play will be on Saturday night. They'll just wind up and they'll just hand Zeke. They might he might be under center and just turn around and handed to twenty one right up the middle. Here we come high. Exotic do you want to be in the running game the run game about television a hand? That's all I got full you. Sometimes I like it out of the shotgun. When he lets Zeke get a head start to off left tackle a right tackle like that play that broke the other day. It's just a little more clever. Will you pull somebody and get a little momentum going left or right, but mostly they just say here, we come. And we have seen Zeke get stopped on some third and fourth in short where it's just really close, but they're just hoping his willpower and his physicality will get them the first down. Right. But all this give all willing. Good Z. Might be a little I have a little high yards for average you'll maybe few more rut yard. But at the end of the day. What am I doing all this running for? I'm trying to get the ball in the end zone. And if I can get the ball in the end zone that greatly increases my team chance of winning. Okay. I could make a case if you had put Zeke in the same circumstances that Todd Gurley got to try for the end zone. Zeke would have more rushing touch. What hold on is not talk girlies fault that your quarterback? Can't throw the ball down the field far enough and get the ball into one. You get out in one yard line. That's not tiger baseball, really. You know, what I'm apt to bite my tongue? This topic in a little bit here on but Dak Prescott is the most unfairly criticized back in the history in the history. All he does is great. Great great. And all you do is pick pick pick him apart. That's what John ever see thing. Like this job. Oh, is it all for harsh? Critique but fair is it to hate don't be fair. Yeah. Todd gurley. Volume on Instagram at g four hundred you know, what I love. I love first downs. I love him almost as much as touchdowns in. So over the last three years Ezekiel Elliott has carried the ball for two hundred and twenty first downs to Todd girlies one eighty six that's money in the Bank. I give what you. I give what you learning. Jimmy. I'll know if you noticed. But when you get the ball, you don't get credit for for now. You know, he gets down. Guess what? He's not getting. That means he's not getting the ball in the end zone at the end of the day. You can have one hundred down or you can have fifty points with one you won't. I'll give you the fluky fantasy lewke fantasy. That's all it is you scored from the one yard line. Oh, you want your fantasy league way to go? Todd. Remember way to go. I know if none of my business, I know a team that lost the Super Bowl because they will unafraid to run the ball into the end zone. No. You won't tell me that would that fluky mantis. See you told me Russell Wilson's a better Rosca. Why wouldn't you want the ball in his hands because I got beat? Seasonable. Like if you've got one hundred you'll turn around and you headed to really turn around hand into it. You know, what how many limits reports? You cover the Cowboys in the heyday how many? How many fade the Troy Aikman to Michael Irvin? One yard Fe. I don't know. Exactly. Because when you got Emmett Utah around you handed to him. Okay. You got TD four hundred turnaround ahead to help you get the guy that you say he bare running back. Why will you turn around hand? How many touchdowns did Troy Aikman run for in his career? I don't know probably some. But not that many because I got annoyed four number four is ruined to me. What did twenty one call four after the game to Erin Andrews? He's a grown ass, man. That's number four joy valve need to run. Yeah. I can run that. He threw the ball. It was like he's running on their hand Michael Irvin. Same thing for twenty Walker run hand to him for twenty. I'm back to my test. This is what I want Twenty-one on my side. Oh, you're going to have to sit and watch Twenty-one on Saturday night. Live on thoughts at eight eastern time, buddy. And you're going to see with your eyes. And then your head is going to keep telling you, that's the guy. I want on my team, though, if I can use the analogy, and I don't like, Warren allergies, but the guy. Want to go to NFL war with is twenty one the guy I one in my foxhole on Saturday night is twenty one because. The up on my guy on my my behind Guy Fawkes by my pride is in lay off the rails. Thirty. Yeah. Go. I know when when it's come to push to shove in the fourth quarter, you want Twenty-one it. Nope. You do not you want twenty one. You know, it again, I know it because Twenty-one a warrior. Yep. Yep. Tove Tove, I got a warrior at quarterback and running back, and that's all I need. And when your guys Zeke, it's at least twenty carries in the game Cowboys or seventy one. Well, we know he's going to get. So so would Z gets how many twenty twenty cares what seventy one. So what's their record deck role for three hundred? Back to you. Jack. Bordering on. Hey across the table. And my team is fueled by your hey Aragona. You keep talking keep talking on this. We need this. Arundhati your that? Yeah. Dominic is here. He goes over. What what was the Rams rushing defense this year out? What was it? What what was it? Why would you need to run the ball of you've got Dag? Why would I ever want to run the ball? If I got that guy a quarterback because he's going to run the ball to you going to do be six. Speaking. Cooper is that what we do Oku can run the athleticism. We see it. We're going to break down this a bit more later. But I is Kyle Murray about to ditch baseball football. This story has new developments. Hey, guys, Johnny tapped here with a quick word from ZipRecruiter. You know, what smart figuring out who you need to hire? To take your business to the next level in two thousand nineteen. You know, what else is smart starting the new year off strong by going to ZipRecruiter dot com slash undisputed to hire the right people. Unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter finds qualified candidates for you. It's powerful matching technology scans thousands of resumes to identify people with the right skills education and experience an actively invites them to apply to your job. So you get qualified candidates fast. That's why ZipRecruiter is rated number one by employers in the US this rating comes from hiring sites on trust pilot with over one thousand reviews and right now undisputed listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com slash undisputed. If you love. This show show your support to it. And ZipRecruiter by going to ZipRecruiter dot com slash U. N D I S P UT. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash undisputed. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Now back to the show. It seemed like Cuyler Murray was a lock to play baseball over football. But not so fast. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the Oakland A's expect Murray to declare on Sunday for the upcoming NFL draft source told the paper that the Heisman Trophy winner is leaning toward playing football. He was the ninth overall pick by the as in last year's baseball draft and was given a four point six million dollar signing bonus. But the money he'd have to return it if he chooses the NFL, so Shannon would football be the right move for him. I believe he would because that's where heart seems to lie. Return some of it because I spent a lot of it. Skip it seems to be in his heart. That football is what he wants to do because God bores who was his agent kept saying that he's going to be in spring training. He said that. I said it yesterday or last night, but we caliber has an opportunity to cosign. Everything's got more to saying he says, it's nice to have options yada, yada, yada. But he never said. Yep. That's where I'm going to be. I'm going to be in spring training. I signed the contract. I gave them my word. This is what I'm gonna do. So it seems like he's torn skipping harp. Or keying that's jumped on the scene won a Heisman Trophy. Then all of a sudden has to ride a bus for a year and a half two years as opposed to go into a quarterback in the NFL. How many home runs you hit? You never go see the received depraved like you do at playing quarterback, especially if you're a good one. Now, you'll be Blake Bortles. They're going to boot up crap budget. But have you Tom Brady era? Roger drew reef. They gonna love you. They're gonna applaud him. If just hard for me to see that. He's he's not going to do. And plus the fact is let's just say for the sake of argument, he's not the first pick in the draft skip. But he's somewhere even if he goes into top twenty the twentieth. Pick got nine million guaranteed. That's more than the four point six that he got now baseball my often, the the longer security, but you know, you're going to be eight years before you able to get to, you know, pass arbitration and can get to the big bucks and Callum says I wanted to do this right now. And I think the way we've seen the young college coaches coming into the NFL the way they're starting to play NFL football is basketball on grass spread everything is throw it around. This can't believes he can play in his heart that he's either believe he loves football. More than he loves baseball. And the mistake did the as may is that. Yeah, you can play because that's what happens. Get open yourself up. You could have said no shot at now. You didn't mean he won the Heisman? And so now he wants to see what he can do and then fail, and that's what I believe you'll do. So can you Taft? I believe we've done this topic over the last month two or three times. And I believe Shannon Sharpe. Each time. We did the topic said baseball baseball, you're crazy. If you don't play baseball, right? And I kept saying no, he loves football football is just more fun to play than baseball, which is just relentlessly long over the summer one hundred sixty two games. It's just so much. Can you make long-term much more money? Yeah. Not again, if you became a top tier quarterback, maybe not a whole lot more. But let's you being a lot more probably a lot more in this case. I'm going to remind you that Lamar Jackson was the last pick in the first round. He got eight point two million cracked. Eight point two and so four point six six to sign. So I don't know you can start. It's a pay me. Now, pay me later, but the NFL will pay you now, and what is going to close. This case is there is a brand new coach in Arizona named cliff Kingsbury a lot they just took the quarterback in the first round. He's tradable. And I'm not a fan. I said it before the draft. I said I don't believe in him. And this is just a gut feeling on my part. I didn't hear this straight from cliff Kingsbury. But I believe when cliff puts the tape in and the tape in UCLA, I think he won't love Josh Rosen. I think they won't be a good fit together. One grew up in Beverly Hills. Josh Rosen cliffs from new braunfels Texas coached in Lubbock, Texas. I just don't know that it's going to be a great click, but cliff recruited Cuyler, not that he had any chance of getting him. But he scouted in sawn. It's it's legendary what he did in high school. It never lost a game in high school and Johnny Manziel was a legend in high school. And obviously cliff was his coordinator an MS he won the Heisman Trophy. But cliff was on record before they played Oklahoma, Texas Tech versus Oklahoma as saying, hey, I don't know what everybody's missing here. But I would take him with the first overall pick. Well, how much say is he going to have in that draft room is very little? I don't know. I don't know. Because listen if you give cliff Kingsbury collar Murray, some magic is going to start happening. And I know he's only five nine probably if that five nine. You had to take nine June. Is you had to take off? He'll do an interview. Well, five Ginny was also there on the scene to watch. What was unfolding collar Murray? Played the greatest college football season that's ever been played. It was forty two touchdowns to seven interceptions. The QBR was ninety four which is by far the best in the history of that stat for the whole year. And he scored twelve rushing touchdowns. You love rushing touchdowns Todd Gurley. Scorn them what little five nine guys scorn him. Because what's the likelihood of a double digit touchdowns rushing NFL? I don't know. I don't know sometimes things get revolution. I how many times molds get shattered. How long does running quarterbacks lay? I don't know. He is a scat back runner. There's no physicality to him at all. He doesn't run over or through people. There's no Tibo going on here. He has the quickest feet. I told you I have ever seen on a football field. And that includes Barry Sanders. I'm not saying he's shiftier them, Barry. But as far as just foot quickness just. It's almost cartoonish to see how fast is. Yeah. So that will translate into being able to buy time or throwing lanes you can create your lane better. When you have that quick feet and his arm is I'm going to give it this. It's at least above average because he can't flat out wing it for five nine if amazing how NFL works because they call Barry Sanders. They caught my mic. They caught Reynolds. They call. You know, you're vigilant you're gonna kick. All right. But could he be a better quarterback than Josh Rosen? I say, yes, I believe you can win more games with Cuyler than you will be able to win with Joshua. That's just me. So is it possible that Aaron Jonas's we got the number one pick? Here's this kid. He wants to play football. Let's go for it. And let's let's just listen to auction off Josh Rosen. If you don't mind me asking, why would someone take Josh Rosen when they can be allowed to select column urge themselves now, why would I take Josh Rosen up your hand when I got him out between to get Attala Murray. Okay. Well what? What what could you get for? Josh. No, no, no. Okay. The first pick. They got your. Hey, so what's what if somebody will give you a second round pick for Josh Rosen without do. No, no, no. Always hold on to it. You're going to stick with mediocrity. Really? I'm not stick out mediocrity. I'm going to shoot the moon on this. I'm just gonna go for it. I'm saying is why would I trade anything for Josh Rosen? If you don't believe in any good. Why would I take him off your hand? What if you just say, it's not our Cup of tea. We want the five nine kid. We just cliff loves the five nine kid. We're going to go with my I like coffee in the morning. I not what your Cup of Gatorade. Well, whatever you watch your Cup, a hinny not that any that, you know. Sean. Here's the thing though. Skip right. But for me, I want to figure it out us leg if you won't calendar USA legged him, and then y'all figured out. And then maybe I'll give you a seventh round pick a seven for a guy. Who would he go in the draft? I forget stop fifteen whatever he's top of the draft. You don't want to tell you selected a quarterback with the first overall pick the following year. I how could he be I read a lot of stuff from a lot of people who really like Josh Rosen. I just didn't. I didn't get a lot of people liked him a lot, and I will bet you there's such a dearth of quarterbacks league. Everybody's looking for a quarterback. Somebody would take him off your hands. Just wondering I just wanna make sure I to know if if cliff kings Breyer only wins three or four game if you're going to get five next year. What I wanna know says all I wanna know if you're if I don't know I told you I can't explain that one. Yeah. But whatever Clift. What he does best is what Kyle Murray does best surprise you. I'm surprised skip medicine bring up this. The first time Nick Sabin has given up a guy that threw for three hundred yards ROY full. Hey, I didn't need to because you just did it for me. Thank you very much. But I didn't even get to that. It's easy to throw for three hundred one fall behind by twenty eight. So he had he had a response that he had put that Steve typed up for him. Right. Steve's respond. So you had to bring it up. So that you the respond to go. I didn't even bring it on the season spoke for itself of what you wanted to do you want him to beat Alabama. Because then you could say that's as close to an NFL defense that he was gonna face and you see how he passed away applying colours Jeddah. I say before the game. Oklahoma does not belong in the game. They did not earn the right to be in that spot. They did not to be there Georgia. No. Yeah. Did you see Georgia Ohio State, a hollow? I'll they said Ohio State new lost by one hundred and ten points to Purdue who who got did you see what happened to produce in the bowl? Let's get back to this. This is all that matters. Right now is collar Murray's decision because he is about to be the first player in the history of sports to get drafted first round and first round. Bye baseball and football. Nobody. That's even your guy. John Elway was the second round baseball big. So first round a second round. Kenny stabler was I think two and two and we can keep on going. Yeah. Yeah. Tony Gwynn with the basketball player. Cuyler did also say before the orange ball. I'm thinking about trying to do both that will not work. Not not do it at that position. If you were Dion Sanders or Bo Jackson, you could do it as a running back or cornerback. 'cause you know, an I know Dionne who was to meet by far the greatest corner ever. He could roll out of bed and say, I'm ready to play cornerback. Yeah. Because the game plan is simply whoever comes over to your side. That's your guy got him by yourself. And you got that whole side of the field by yourself. And there's no real studying that you have to know because Deanna so gifted he says, I'll shut that guy down. And he would right. Okay. So Keiler is playing quarterback which is a boat. You're right. You can do that. But but this takes too much study. It's too much prep time. What if you wanted to be good at quarterback surround you want to be a boo John quarterback? Oh, yeah. You could try the okay? All right. That's that's fair. But again, his agent is still saying he's going to report on February fifteenth to the Oakland A's training camp. If you straight or mine there Billy bean is already on record saying I will bring him to the big league camp not to the minor league camp, and he will stay with us and till opening day. And then he will start at high. Well, yeah. Okay. Hi is Stockton, California. I've been to Stockton several times. And it's a nice town, but it's not a garden spot. So do you wanna ride the bus all up through Oregon and Washington and wherever they have to go, Idaho and all about journey. I wouldn't savannah state. We done with everywhere. Okay. I mean, I was down and we had to push to the gas station and get some k now would you want to do that? Would you know? I didn't think so I. Thank you as talented as he is. I do not see a scenario where he wants to be a good quarterback and try and play baseball. And then the other sad part of this is he really commits to the NFL. And let's say he goes, and it would take three or four years to figure out. You're a boss you flame completely outright. And then he could say I'm gonna go try baseball. I don't know then it's hard to get net. We saw Tibo it's taken him awhile to try to get into flow. But he wasn't nearly as good as Keiler is now collar he didn't put up huge numbers at Oklahoma last year. But when Billy bean says your future star, you probably a future snow. He doesn't miss them. He does not a lot of what we love about. Faker Mayfield is what Keiler has it looks different. It's a different kind of swagger. I around him. And I just think it'd be it'd be tough if he doesn't play football. This just the beginning for the guy to the Yankees just you blow traded down there. Browns decided to stay in house for their new man in charge hiring. Freddie kitchens kitchens was the interim offensive coordinator for the final eight games of the season. After starting the season as the running backs coach Baker Mayfield and the Browns improved after kitchens promotion winning five of their last eight and Baker through nineteen touchdown passes in that span. So Shannon is this a good move. I believe it is. I'm a little surprised I thought they would leave him on the offensive coordinator may behind someone else. But skipped when you look at it and sometimes people get carried away with the offense coordinator. Well, he get such a great job. Yeah. But see when you head coach you coach the scene, you don't just coach Baker Mayfield. You just don't coach office and call play for the give you said scheduled travel scheduled meeting time you have to do all of that. Now, you Freddie, kitchens might have talked kitchens might have talked what once a week. Now, you're going to be asked to talk. Endlessly. I'm not even sure he talked one. Okay. I'm not surprised that he got the job those skill because if you look at the way the office for breath, you look at the way breaker, maybe a progressed under his tutelage. And you like, okay. Wow. I always felt and I think I've said this that he had a better chance of getting the job. The Greg Williams is almost like he got more credit for the team success than Greg waves, although grad what the head coach at is true. Because the because the defense played will the entire season with exception of a few games. Yeah. It was the offense that was stagnant. Now, all of a sudden when he got into started calling the place they took off he got credit for that. Because Greg Williams didn't call plays with the Vince and on the offense decided with mall, so skip with that being said, everything is about the court deemed quarterbacks now, this is why you see the influence of college quarterback, the college coaches. Yeah. Is that less find someone? That's couple years old. You know, not as fifty or sixty that can relate that resonate with the young men and can call the game. Let what they're used to having in college. You see a lot of teams opened up get very few teams play up on the center. Now, everybody's in the shotgun. Everybody's been offset with the battery so decide not in the eye. So this is where we're going and Baker seem to love it. And so at the end of the day skip the quarterback is calling his shot. Because I remember the time. There was a time aide general manager the owner how to coat it had no input from the quarterbacking. Now, it seems to be if you of a cash a quarterback. Hey, you gotta pick up the phone and call air, Raj. You got to pick up the phone in Colorado or or Tom Brady if that was the case. Baker's happy. You wanna make sure he's happy because at the end of the date when that guy plays good. You're team plays. Well, yeah. So Freddie kitchen seems to be like a very good choice. But I was a little surprised considering he came from running back coat off his coordinated tonight. He's a head coach. But you never know. Everybody was the first time coach at one point in time travel. So I was shot by this really. And I was very disappointed by this. This is a big mistake. And I feel sorry for Baker Mayfield. Because this will not reflect well on his ability to grow another year next year because you just took the guy he clicked with the guy who became his big brother figure just the way north Turner was once for Troy Aikman really brought them out of the doldrums and lifting up to Super Bowls, and you took that guy. Freddie kitchens who's never been a head coach in his life. It's forty four years of age, and you took him, and you said you be the CEO. Now, you run the whole show, and you just detailed that. That's a lot of responsibility. Absolutely. If you don't have right now, you can't go sit in every quarterback meeting. You can try to there'll be too much going on. It'll be too many. Issues that you have to address player personnel problems guys. Everybody's going to have some issue off the field or something that you have to address you're going to have to talk to the owner. You're going to have to talk to the general manager going to have to talk to the media on a daily basis alii, and it will wear you out. It's hard, and he's not accustomed to it, and it will take him away from what he did. So well with Baker, and I am Greg Williams fan. And I always have I know he was right in the middle of bountygate, but they beat Brett farve, and they beat the hell out of him. But they went on. And they won that Super Bowl in everywhere. Greg is been the defense has played with edge. Because we saw we got to see him on hard knocks. He has profane, motivational charisma. He just uses charisma because it's real it's genuine. It's not an act when he gets after the defense when he fires up and calls out his defence to me. It comes across as a thousand percent. Authentic. They respond to it. Pro football players will be their physicality will be maximized under Greg Williams. Well, what was not to like about how they play down the stretch over those eight games that he was the head coach. And Freddie was the cord will was not going to be named the head coach. Thank you head to get him out of there because of his personality is so dominant dominant slow I think it's a threat to the owner to the GM and speaking of Billy Beane, one of his proteges, Paul Deepa Desta still net front office. And every time I read something about behind the scenes, they say his is a powerful voice in the front office still. So you have to be able to handle all those guys, and they have to be comfortable with with your personality and Greg rubs everyone the wrong way. Right. So it's threatening. It's like, he's not approachable. They can't Jimmy has them can't Seidel up to Greg Williams to say, you know, I was thinking about maybe blitz a little more, the sun, whatever he's not willing to respond. Well. That and Freddie's just happy to be here like the heavens just opened up, and I'm just became the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. No, no for you to work for Greg. You got to be a strong head coach. You got to be a Sean Payton. Yeah. No. He was the D coordinator, I fish you. Gotta be really right in his first year the head coach. Now, if not going to be like that. But if you kept it the way it was with Greg as the over he's the head coach and the defensive coordinator. So you wanna Greg be the head? It worked man every game down the stretch eight games together. I just liked what I saw from the defense and the offense obviously Baker lit up under Freddie, kitchen, right likes it. Well, I fear for Baker that he's just not going to get enough ready next year that he'll have to fall back to whoever the quarterback coach is going to be. And we still don't know who the coordinator's going to be. But that's a big issue because I'll bet you the defense won't be quite as good next year as it was this it scared people like when when they played Baltimore Pittsburgh. They're like, oh, we gotta bring it today. Because these guys are going to show up on defense assure you that, Freddie kitchens. He assured Jimmy has lemon and and John Dorsey that he would continue to call plays. Okay. Somebody might have that title. Okay. Just a tight wi- there though. See all right. I'm not gonna call the play. Okay. I got that. But now, it's double hard because all of a sudden you have game management under your purview during the game. Like you have to think about not in the next play. Like, we're going to go forward. Or are we going to punt? Are we going to what are we going to do like their thousand little decisions that get made? Like if a Cornerbacks getting roasted are we going to yank him in favor? Well, that's your call. You gotta sign off on that. And you got that's the thing because normally skip have enough into coordinate. I can assure you judge McDaniel is not watching what's going on with the defense when he see coach Bela chicks job and the D coordinator, Brian floors, or whatever his he's not watching the as not well, Freddie, now not only does he have to help. Abakar that would you see what they did over here. And you go sit with him. Yeah. He has to now. Also, look and see what's going on with the defense that like, okay? What's going on at their coach? Yeah. So that's going to know for like in college. Mike Gundy at Oklahoma state, always gets criticized because he'll lead the sideline and go sit with the quarterback while the defense is on the field, right and up in the press box. They're saying you're not watching the head coach. Well, can you can't get away with that? NFL? The really good head coaches. They delegate and you have to trust because your expertise PU normally is that Coco Chanel check into that sometime sometime when the office is on the field. He's over there making John defense some tips getting right? It's not a normal thing. Now what you have to trust. You have to be able to hire people and put them in position that you trust their judgment and Wang got going on and just for perspective. Just for the record as terrific as Freddie was as a fit with Baker. Do you realize those eight games the last eight games? The that's the first time FREDDY as ever call plays on any level for a whole game because he's never been guy. Right. He's he's always been the assistant assist. You know? He's never been the coordinator. So he did it for eight gains Baker lit up for him. And now he's the head coach John Harbaugh. Got a job at the special teams. Coach have never called off or deepens. Go to Philly. John's the classic overseer. He kind of like Jimmy Johnson west where you're just you're just above it. All right. Even Jimmy is defense. He's a management. Yes. The CEO. Yes. The overseas of all that's happening. Baltimore Baltimore who would have made a mistake and let him go. I think he would have had his choice of. Okay. So he's great with you. He's great. And the Browns took so many steps for this year. They did that you hope that kitchens. Just further their fired wildly skill. Oh. They find the wall. We're going to be as exciting anymore. I just we need an hard knocks version of just his life who do hard enough mic year scale will maybe while it can do just reeling reality show will just column erred that's hard enough zone. How can you speak that into existence? You really what I do? That's what I would do. I if I a cowboy I take hey coup Calum Murray Sadak caliber. How did he box over the bar? Let's let them get through the weekend. I one guy that did not get the coaching job. Mike merchandising wonder why now shin? Why wouldn't you talk? About was gust now. You know? Well, it appeared that Mike McCarthy was going to be a hot name in the coaching carousel after he was fired by the Packers. But that was not the case McCarthy said he'll sit out this season and be quote locked and loaded for twenty twenty he interviewed with the jets, but they chose to go with Adam gates guard the coach Darren Rogers for thirteen seasons and they want a Super Bowl together. But Rogers called on his play calling earlier this season. And there seemed to be major tension between the two so Shannon. Why didn't McCarthy get a job? Movies. He's he goes sitting this up. You know, Don, and it fails not you out. He was not in demand. Because I think one of the things that team looked at him and said you have transcendent quarterback, you have a generational talent. Not just aren't telling you have a generation of quarterback one. You'll have one parent eras that good. So we expect you to do more with him. And he didn't you look at his record with Aaron Rodgers became a full time starter he's six eleven to one coach Belichick without Tom Brady. This started is thirteen in six I believe this skip. If Mike Tomlin had lost his job. Do you think he'd had to wait to twenty twenty to get another one who now, Emily? So this tells me that people do not view Mike McCarthy like you do in. This was viewing. Because you thought it was all my guys trae and send it air Raja's. But no it lacked coaching. Really? Yeah. So he didn't coach him up enough. He. He's the greatest throw the football ever. Right. He's what you know. What? What he's in is what thirteen season, and he didn't get coached up enough. I'm absolutely right. He's the greatest ever. He's transcended talent. Yeah. In general manager, and the owner of the asking why are you new in the woods McCarthy? Really did Mike run the draft and pick the place I'm not reading and he picked the player. Did he picked the players? They're asking why was it? Because that office was Aaron Rodgers being great. It wasn't like you stay me. It wasn't that. It wasn't team. It was Aaron Rodgers having to be great on a routine basis or else. It looked terrible really interesting. Although Mike McCarthy for years, maybe six or eight straight years trust me. He was regarded as the best play caller in pro foot- one of well, he was up there, man. He was one to two one. But Sean Payton got a lot of rep yet. But hey, this guy was seen as the. Guru of the Green Bay offense. So you know, what happened to Mike McCarthy, whatever there are too. Many Shannon sharps out in front offices. If they're all seeing the same things you're not seeing because Aaron Rodgers was of I'm sorry, Mike McCarthy was a victim of Aaron Rodgers Raj line. Aaron Rodgers has declined badly over the last two years, given his standards given the fact you have said his bar at the highest you can set it. You say he's the greatest store the football ever transcendent figure at quarterback. And I look at these last two years, and by those standards, they've been terrible seriously terrible by truly by any standards, and they've been not very good. So I said Aaron Rodgers bar way up here right here. So you say Tom Brady is better. So his bar should be way up here. So about Tom Brady standards. If Tom Brady had put up the numbers that Aaron Rodgers is put up the last two years, especially just this latte. I would have called for his retirement much. Oh. Me would have said he is washed up over the hill. Gotta get him out of there. Get him back into his couch. Couches, you know, Tom Aaron Rodgers threw for more yards and Tom Brady. Did you guys have he was twenty five in two versus twenty nine and eleven so he had to get my turn. I thought it was my turn. I thought you handed the ball to me. Oh, I take it back run run with back to this guy. So Aaron Rodgers did have twenty five touchdowns to only tune or. So he did a great job of not throwing it to the other team. Right. But his twenty-five touchdowns ranked only thirteenth in the NFL. That's not very good. And they contributed to a record of six nine in one. That is terrible by Green Bay Packers standard, right? Yes. So let's look at what else happened because Aaron Rodgers was remarkably shockingly deficient in so many other passing categories in passing yards per game. He ranked fourteenth in the NFL is that the transcendent thrower the football. We come to know one kinda love not not to me how about yards per attempt. You wanna talk about Dak and dunk. Aaron Rodgers this past year ranked twentieth in yards for attempt twenty plus yard completions. Aaron ranked seventeenth in the NFL. Is that I know I know. I don't we're not talking. We're talking about Aaron Rodgers Aaron bleep and Rogers who is the greatest throw the football ever twentieth in yards per month. Not all next year. Completion percentage this year for him. Rodgers ranked twenty eighth in the NFL. There are only thirty two teams but twenty eighth and under pressure says pro football, focus when you're in the pocket under any kind of heat. He ranked twenty ninth in completion percentage. It's just that's abysmally bad for Aaron Rodgers red zone touchdown passes where you cash it in Aaron Rodgers ranked sixteenth in Nashville by that's why they went six nine to one. And I've harped on this all year because it's just shockingly awful Aaron Rodgers shattered his own record for throwaways where you just say. I don't like what I see. I throw it in the ground over there. Wait a second. Jared Goff was second in throwaways with forty. So Aaron had almost twenty more throwaways than the second place throwaway artists, but I'll see you on Twitter sting. I see you on Twitter to fan Dag just throw the ball away. Yeah. Been very thank you asking. Do you era of four? How do you know what I? Do on. Oh, my analytic team analytics and your burner account follow bird, right and got o'byrne shea sharp eighty Fatima how bone. Right. I do you got. Did you tweet that? Yes, or no. Yeah. I've tweeted about one hundred okay to Dak never throws it away. And every once in a while you need to when you have no other resort. It's clear. The play is over that will air does it. He just says that's fifty fifty over there picked this could be picked throwing style. That's how high is IQ is. But it's not working because he keeps protecting that interception number. He's great at that. But that's not how you win football games. What did Tom Brady say at midseason? I need to start being a little more aggressive and take some more chance. It worked out that he should have the number one seed. That's what it worked out though issue. Yeah. That was before he went to Miami and threw for three fifty eight in a place. He'd lost four over the last five. That's what happened three touchdowns and Bill Belichick screwed that one. What about the what am I gave ten point isn't about Tom Brady whose operate on a much higher level than Aaron Rodgers is right now because he just. Keeps winning football games in spite of the lack of supporting cast. But Aaron Rodgers doesn't have no fill like LeBron doesn't have enough help. He is the LeBron the NFL what they've done to him. And a lot of this is not his fault. The previous general manager. Did a terrible job. The defense was grandad. Ted Thompson was there from five all the way an easy job. Okay. Well, he did win a Super Bowl. He got him air. Rodgers want us to. Okay. Okay. So they wanna know why would Aaron Rodgers have you not been back? Yeah. So I feel sorry for Mike McCarthy because he got damaged by Aaron Rodgers declined to the point that other fronts job was so low Aaron they're saying in plus Mike has little to no charisma. So he's not going to come in and knock you out of your chair with an interview. He just knows how to coach football. That's what he knows how to do. He knows how to call plays. He's a solid winning football. Coach his record over time was really good. You could say well he had Aaron Rogers that Aaron Rodgers had. Him. We'll see we'll see Rogers next year. I'll see about forty eight hundred about a forty two. Really don't you see that? No. I don't Oga we're pushing bouquet. I'll put on forty touchdowns right now. I'll take two cases thirty five now. Awardee here to do. Thanks to cases on forty. You said, and I can't took because know what's going to happen. No. They're going to be good. And then they go ahead, and they're gonna take him out. So now, you're talking yourself out of your own bed. Thirty five I said, I'd take time said forty you went to the big bible already five. What is this? It's the new sharp sharp proposes a bet. And then if I take it he says, I must be trouble. Oh, you're in the last couple of years there not been a forty yard touchdown pass Maho. But he's I say, I'm going thirty five thirty five forty. I'll take forty right now. I do thirty five right now by four case. Lebron eighty percent free throws done. Thank you. Learning five I'll tell you. What are you gonna do? He'd been thirty five twelve and skewered and six pitch. Now, thirty five I said to cases on forty going once twice three times you lost. Again. You had your chance they might Abe. So if they get a B O that did we got it? Yeah. There we got two seasons with forty ten. Okay. And it was three he's in his prime. Come on. He's only like twenty nine right? They tell me a little more one hundred straight interception. Have have a high touchdown interception ratio to you know, who? Yeah. Well, my McCarthy is going to be a coach in this league again, and he will be successful. Again. Just watch he'll be it'd be as successful would air. I don't think Roger's can point the finger next year because he definitely nothing. Nothing new thing this season, poor Matla Fluor. If you're sorry for him. Was it real he's classic scapegoat. There's an opportunity to go a transcendent. No. He doesn't get an opportunity coach to goat. He is. Now, the assistant head coach Aaron rod. Yes, it will. Well, seriously. I'm not sure how do you know, how many coaches go their entire career coach ten fifteen twenty years. Never coach Aaron Rodgers. Well, who wants to coach those numbers this year? You better go guy. One guy that's four and a half to a touchdown interception. You medical guy like that? Who went six nine and one interesting. Well, good luck. I'm glad you. So you have to win every yet. So you're not gonna tell you know, what happened Tom Brady has made it unfair for a lot of people because everybody thinks that's normal. That's not normal. Thank you. He's gonna. Yeah. I was gonna say thank you, not know. That is correct. He has shattered the mold at forty the patriots have shouted the mo- code metal take unbelievable job. The only man the day. He retires going straight to can gonna wait five years. Quarterback. They gotta put a separate wing up for Tom Brady. He should have his whole wing by him. So belching. Let's wait a little longer to talk about those two unless about LeBron back anytime soon because Shannon question, what am I it's not? I don't aim with you you'd be lost. When Christopher sorry next. The Lakers played without LeBron for the eighth straight game last night. But at least they had Kyle Kuzma scored a career high forty one points, including five threes in the Lakers win against the pistons Kuzina. Also did it in three quarters since he sat out in the fourth LA is now three and five without LeBron and the king will not travel with the team to Utah for their game against the jazz tomorrow, but back to Kusa here he is after the game jump shot. Jump shot struggling with it all year and not just tied to stay consistent in my work ethic and be in a gym keeps shooting in. I know it's going to come. We got a lot of playmakers. We've got a lot of guys that play basketball team in. Thank you. Thank you. Join my NBA analyst Christopher sardine could have you with us. So is the glass half full or half empty with the Lakers right now. And we're saying without LeBron obviously. Yes, I'm half full on it is hard to adjust to plane without LeBron James. We saw Cleveland a team they gonna four straight finals a team that, hey, perennial all-stars, and Kyrie Irving and Kevin love go four and twenty three without LeBron because he becomes a crutch. He he does so much. You used to him. Do it so much that you don't you? Come to your crutch, let the fact that this young team without not only LeBron. But also raising our Rondo has gone three and five that's nothing to shout about. But they won their last two. I like what I see from this team. And it tells me one that they have high basketball, I q because they've adjusted pretty quickly to play without LeBron. Yeah. To that. They have the. The utmost confidence, especially Kouzmin, and I love that that his confidence. I mean, the bounceback from a four twenty shooting game thirteen points to have your career high in three quarters like, and he was going to give Blake Griffin guy that he probably watched certainly watched growing up, you know, thinking, wow, that's one of the best power forwards in the world. So that and then the third thing it tells me, look, Luke Walton is a good coach. I'm not saying these Red Auerbach or anything, but he's a good coach. I don't think his job status should be in jeopardy. You know, now, we'll see how it goes in the playoffs and everything, but I think Luke is a good coach. I think he's running good stuff without LeBron and win LeBron's there. He adjusts. So I feel like it's half. I think their biggest problem without LeBron is here with Lonzo and Ingram stain aggressive. And that's a mental thing. I think Lonzo forty one percent free throw shooting is a mental thing too. But those two. Every night. They need to be aggressive. You know, Kouzmin will even last night Ingram was aggressive early. They were kind of playing through him, you know, eat in the only had with ten points or whatever. But I liked the fact that he was aggressive and Kouzmin was getting it done coups MMA the great thing about him is he even though he put up twenty four shots. He doesn't dominate the basketball. And he's a perfect second guy. Even the basketball you pay to shoot it. But. To it. Well, that's all right, though. Because he's a good score. He is a legit score. Like, I think he's a perfect. I'm not saying he's a great second star. But he's a perfect number two for LeBron because he he can catch shoot. He doesn't need to dominate the ball. And I think it will improve from three point land to so look, I if they I'm I'm fine. If they stay in the eighth spot without LeBron. And you know, because it's so bunched up, you know, what he living gonna get. No, I understand that. I'm not even saying you're a playoff team without him. But I'm saying if they can hold on the ace with him without him when he comes back, you're gonna get an uptick, we know that. So he can get them back. I think he's still could get him back up to four if they're in eighth will he better because did you see what New Orleans did last night with mirror teach back. They scored one hundred and forty I know it was on Cleveland. It's hard to score. Mirror. Tich makes them go. And Peyton I'm telling you people are sleeping. They're going to make a run up the ladder. Yeah. Utah is starting to make a run in her T wolves are going to make a run up the ladder and just watch just west is. Hey, so you better LeBron when you're leaving. When you're leaving K one reason that a west with the wind. We'll see about that. I won't I won't Chris everybody's mind. Because I don't know what he ain't nobody. No, just yo that's growing pool. Nowhere weaves you out. That's not was out in man. Well, suite at the next day dodged a bullet back in no time. He didn't tear it off the phone that would he me? Okay. Thank you weeks in. That's that's standard. But usually usually I handed this is not standard. We're talking about. He's never been hurt when he's in his sixteenth year. And this is the new reality that true shin. Sixty teams the reality. Are you tail if somebody to tell you this year? Are we talking about more about is better? Thank you. I will crew sorry to stop. Because when you mentioned that the pelicans one forty he said, it was Cleveland, if you don't mind me asking a Chris who like meat last night, Detroit, which is not clean. Okay. Is there a Blake Griffin onto own fleeing? Whoa. Whoa. You make any Andre Drummond. Which one is that I want to know which which who's gonna make out the Cavs or the pistons. Oh neither. Okay. Winstons got shot. He got shot. Yeah. Saying they world beaters. I'm just saying they all w is a WNBA in crews. All I looked even though he fourth win on Sunday. Chris who did they beat the Mavericks are the Mavericks making the playoff now? But the Mavericks on pretty up and once again, Luca Danni Roche last night. He's the dude is definitely squawking. Okay. Let me ask you a question. The Knicks go make what are you saying here? Are you saying garbage with Alouette? The indie p with you one that. But you don't say garbage Brown gets you. You're pulling what about do about? What is your point? My point is, you know this. Let's not get carried away with what you saw last night because the same team that beat the pistons the same team to beat the Mavericks the team that lost to the Knicks after they lost eight game the same team that lost the Sacramento the same team that held on the beat golden total. Hey, what you know? What did they do hell who gave them to hold on? What what three two and a half quarters would after that. They held. Before the broad got. There did this how how many times had they beaten Golden State and Golden State before the Broncos get boring. Played them tied. Everytime. They do fight him laugh. Told me Christmas told me a dog is a DOE about no time with someone who got in NBA win. That's tight. About them. Do you'll take it away. Jason Witten suit is tight that is really really tight. I do Tai ios. I'll be Jason. I can put my hands. When I came put my hand my pocket my council, but he didn't. So this is supporting cast is better than LeBron had last yet. We just is. And you didn't agree with that? Nope. Are you coming around coming around that you come around coups was thanks dad. No coups allows you know. Correct kouzmanis. Last is definitely it's not half full. It's three quarter. I'm not going overboard what call coups Madrid last night was extraordinary because com coups is in a horrendous shooting slump from three point land. And last night. I'm watching the game. He missed his first four threes. What would most human beings if we do if they missed their first four in the first quarter? He missed four threes in a row. What would most people do they'd go right in the tank and say, I'm not even gonna try it anymore till I can have own old golden be Kaku Sma has no conscience. He has no memory. He has the greenest light in the NBA I- Negra hard, well or a Russ, you know, one of those. But but the point is he doesn't have any idea. What just happened? He's gonna shoot it again. Yes. If it comes to him he's going to shoot it again. So we get all the way to the third quarter, and he makes seven of ten shots third quarter including four or five threes because his shot looked off to me when he missed the first four it's like he's looking at his hand like it just looks wrong. Like, he's like. Sort of pulling the strings, Jack. And all of a sudden he found the magic flow, and it starts to fall and he made so many four threes in the third quarter. He didn't play a minute of the fourth quarter and scored forty one points. That's hard to do. There are not many who can do that in this league, not many humans can do though that is second star quality that you saw on. Right. Okay. So the other shocking stat last night on this team was if I told you that only two Lakers would score in the fourth quarter albeit against Detroit, but it's still an NBA game only to Lakers would score points in the fourth quarter. But they would win the fourth quarter twenty four to twenty three who would be your likely candidates Kuzina, B I, Josh hark, SEP what right guess who scored for the Lakers only two guys in the fourth quarter. Michael Beasley scored fifteen in the fourth quarter. That's also hard to do that's fifteen and one quarter. He get buckets the rest of the game on. But I'm just saying he's he's a nice addition esteem trust me down the stretch if they do make a run up to the four spot. He's going to start having more and more to do with this because he has a gift, man. He can just flat out on the floor is rare, and you guys do bites had nine plu. So those are the only two guys scored because no starter played in the fourth and it's twenty four to twenty three Lakers over pistons and the fourth well that shows you the depth and the firepower you got on your bench this team magic Pelinka that they put together a pretty nice rise. And the thing I like I like their three headed monster at center with mcgee's zoo botching entice, and they all give you different looks obviously Chandler's veteran. I like that kouzmine Winnie was off initially. He drove he started driving to the vast guests, which is something or does it do a ton of. So he went to the whole and. And obviously got hot friends. How coups my had a grand total last night, I zero assists. Okay. Let's who he is. Okay. And Lonzo he sort of got back to doing Lonzo stuff. He had eleven assists. And he had that one signature play where he went down and blocked shop behind got the basketball, drove it up, and he dimed it between two pistons on the bounce boom. I think we're going to see it right here blocked it from behind takes off. This is the Dan this is vintage now that's a sweet that's LeBron ask Ron would throw touch pass to touch the donate to MaGee with him. Is is that. Yes, he the problem that what he's struggled with is running off in the half courts. The I agree. We see when I get up and down. Oh, make passes anybody. Well, he didn't even try just dribbles it up and says, I'm. Yeah. To initiate any Bethlehem. He's gonna have to get better. Yeah. Skew what are we gonna do about free? Throws. You can't I told you can't play. If that's all say this to your point about Luke Walton. There are two people who would really disagree with your assessment of Luke. And that would be Lonzo ball and his father. They would not agree with that. Because I don't think they love Luke. I just don't I won't law. Go to work on the jump shot to see Lonzo dribble. The ball and pull up over somebody. I've seen it happen. If I have never seen. Oh, see him step back. But I'm talking about dribble the ball and then pool right up over the top of somebody his three point stroke looks pretty good. Now, he might he might be a Ricky Rubio he could shoot it better. It makes you better than eventually. But I don't know if he's ever going to be a star. Well, he might be a good Wrigley Rubio's. Okay. If you're six seven, and you can average Tennessee's and ten rebounds a game. He ain't average attendance. You will not you will know is one of these next to the baby. Baby. It's okay. And this. Okay. I just didn't see transcendent, right? I'm writing elsewhere. See what happens? If collided and come this summer, and that will be the best Nereo come you keep Kouzmin on these guys? But if you don't come lines we'll be in that package that gets shipped to New Orleans that they wanted you'll have another guy who takes off three weeks three weeks. You hate. I'm not home. Why do I do? Oh, sorry. Later in the cracks, all right? We'll see you in a bit. But I will the eagles stick with falls or. We'll discuss. Oh, mercy eagles face the saints Sunday. But a lot of attention is on the future of Nick foles. The reigning Super Bowl MVP has won four straight playoff games. But he can become a free agent at the end of the season unless the eagles give him twenty million dollars Bleacher report says it will be a free for all for foles in the off season. And an anonymous exact said to expect a quote, Reggie White like pursuit white was a highly coveted for age and when he signed with the Packers back in nineteen ninety three's Shannon. What should the eagles do of eagles? Should I believe they will do is let him go with Nick foles is not Ridgway? Let's give you cover. Reggie white. I was in the league with plate other was he would play with really good. You got Reggie was the pre eminent defense a player in all of football before going to Green Bay. He had gone to seven straight first team you seven times first team. All pro he was defensive player of the year. He also was defensive. Player to your at the age of thirty eight. Okay. That does thinking skip look Nick foles has had an unbelievable run in the playoffs. But there's a reason why they rush Carson Wentz back in September. Nick foles did not look good. And if I'm gonna team, and I know some team is going to sign Nick Boles skip. But I would be leery. I would be very very cautious of a quarterback that's been in the league this amount of time and his only had success in one place because he did go other places, and he did not enjoy the level of success that he's enjoyed for especially because even when we say success skip. He had a great year. You mentioned that he was twenty seven and two under Kip Kelly, but we bypass that. Because of what he did in the NFC championship game the Super Bowl, and they what he did against Chicago. So basically if like three or four playoff wins. That's that shape. How we perceive Nick foles, but I would be very very cautious a guy that's only had success in one place. Only had success for one guy calling played for him. I would be leery of that. Now three. Agency is really not about being good free agency is about being free because a lot of times the best players aren't free because the their teams of sewn them up. So do I believe Nick, there's not a whole lot of? Other options out there, even have Blake Bortles. You'll probably have blocked Brock Osweiler. Teddy bridgewater. You're gonna have Josh rose stopping. You could have some guys out there that you like. But people are trying to pretend like eve, Pat, Holmes. Nick foles Fisher ninety six sections can interest. You know, probably not. So I want you to stop trying to try. I know what you're trying to do skill. You're trying to Trump it. This you cut. Your Carson Winston hater. You are a Vela hater, I'm a non believer. The now, you know on that. Would you want to call it do term? Okay. You are the biggest non believer in walkie too. But I'm here to tell you he ain't going to work 'cause they moved heaven and earth giddy, and they're gonna move heaven and earth to keep it in that earth is going to be Nick foles rounded up out of that. Really? Yeah. Interesting. So I'm here to tell you once again off these quotes that we heard anonymously yesterday. Your eagles are in big trouble. This is classic stuck between rock and hard place. This is classic damned if you do or do not because either way they go they're going to be in some trouble. And this is the classic time in professional sports when you need to step away from something and let go of what you initially thought about a player and say, what am I is telling me, what is the. Truth of what's happening here because the truth is if you stand away and look at not just two or three playoff games, if you look at Nick foles, five playoff games. They're extraordinary. It's showing you again. And again, he can play the position for the Philadelphia Eagles better than Carson wins can play the position of like go into the hall of fame. If we just look at it and legs. But Joe flacco had great defense behind him. Like great defense. They had a legacy and a history led by Terrell suggs of playing high level playoff defense. And he wrote the coattails of that defense. He made some big throws. I give you that. But this is extrordinary what he's doing under difficult circumstances at the highest levels because I'm going to remind you again back in two thousand thirteen off twenty seven touchdowns to to interceptions. He played drew Brees straight up and almost outplayed him because he had a game winning drive with four minutes left. He Zakar with what? Looked like it was going to be the winning touchdown pass in that playoff game. And drew Brees said no gimme the ball back and ate the rest of the clock and set up a walk off field girl by Shayne Graham. And that was that and they're marching onto to greatness. So the point is Nick foles what have you seen? What what am I supposed to do with this? When he beats the defending NFC champs last year in the playoffs. Then he torches the number one defense in pro football, Minnesota's and then he torches Bill Bill checks defense to the tune of forty one once on the head. Okay. What am I supposed to do with that? What is that let that sink in? Because after a while you have to let it go into your psyche and say, wait a second. This guy's just a little better than car swings. What you do that? You didn't you go back to one year? He had that year was twenty seven and two. What happened a year after that? And then you have to that. Okay. Showing you what he's done at the highest levels when the stakes are highest in by the way, the first two games this regular season. They had a slugfest defense about with Atlanta open the season in Nick foles made the throws that won that game. He stats. We're no good. But then he goes to Tampa put up big numbers, and they got Fitzpatrick because their defense wasn't very good at not. Salt. So now, so what about that was it? He just two games that same argument and says do wasn't very good for walk them. Well, why why is it that these anonymous exempts are talking about a free for all? And he didn't say the other exact didn't say it's Reggie White. He said it's Reggie White like, meaning it's just going to be a feeding frenzy for Nick foles because he's six feet six inches tall. And he does it with low charisma, low body language. He doesn't act the part. He he doesn't have Carson winces velocity or arm or physicality. He just plays better than Carson Wentz. And Furthermore, you gotta face up to the facts. Carson Wentz keeps getting hurt. Not little harder big hurt tangible look kitten getting hurt but either generational talent. And you don't give up owning. But he just had shoulder Carson's had knees and shoulders and backs, and I'll tell you what you throw what Janine you put me brakes. You'll be just fine. Okay. I don't know. He didn't look just fine this year. No my Dallas Cowboys which you believe Dak Prescott who can't throw be Carson Wentz twice this year. I don't know how that one that last year we walk into a Bush this Sunday night. Yeah. When Dak went in that battle with two arms tied behind his back. Oh, why would you do that? Well, I would you even say that there's no Zeke. There's no ties Smith. There's no Sean Lee if you'd if there's no desert Bryant who was a shell of himself. But you don't let you that other quarterbacks that Excu. He don't see her those excuse why we don't do it his climbing. Philly was about to go on a Super Bowl role about to do already own. Okay. Well, they were dabbing. So how many snaps has Carson Wentz taken none? So you're going to bat on that. You bet the ranch on that really. Okay. You're gonna let Nick foles go to the highest bidder. Remember they could franchise him. They could keep him option. The already thirteen million. They the worth worth cap position. So franchise him. It's gonna cost you like close to thirty million dollars that really then we'll be back somebody going to trade for a franchise tagged thirty million dollar quarterback and give you draft picks on top. No, it's so we will likely we prove shit everything you've done you. Great. You an upstanding young. You always always. Waller to him as I got. Yeah. Boy, you'd better hope you better be rooting like mad from New Orleans. These guys get outta haven't. You have to have the either role. That's why when you're getting a relationship, and you know, they're going to be pretty women coming left and writing. But you know, I got you babe out show. Show that what they tell it. Walk to them. We told you we gave up heaven and earth. I relocated. Come with you. I ain't going nowhere any now. What is that? What you say while they're to relocate they relocated gave up everything first round here. First round of this. Not at booth up with Carson, so get stopping south. They don't have a wandering I know. Hey, ship ready, but they come and go. She gets the win. How pretty? When the stakes are highest who do you like a quarterback for the eagles? I'll take Nick foles every time every time. He just makes it rose. You know, what it makes the region if you'd had Jerry Jones, you do if trained forward that good it'd big time homeless. He Trump more Dak Prescott mic bowl. He just went to Chicago and beat the one all take Nick foles. He's really good. I can't I can't argue against what he just did that hasn't had. Wait, doc Mace to have the opportunity to knowing how. Oh, yeah. It's Green Bay. Oh, well, he put up three hundred yards passing in three touch eight put down do. Okay. He took me Nick foles it and take you knew he he's not taking any else. No, not taken it. While the to get falls is played the highest level of quarter. He just wait a second last year. He played the two greatest bag Dak play as we've ever seen you. But I'm not arguing what do you do with that? You just discard it go on because. Really gave twelve million dollars. It'd be a bad this year. Wow. I was interesting. You guys aren't talking about Dak because that is our next topic. We'll Dak Prescott winning quarterback one day Dangelo hall. He's going to help us answer that question. Def prescott. And the Cowboys will be on the road against the Rams in just two days. Dak is coming off his first playoff win after reading the Seahawks in that game. He had a touchdown run a touchdown pass. And ran for a key first down late in the game. Cowboys legend toy Aikman gave Dak high praise. This week saying it's his first postseason win of many or joined by f s one NFL analyst de ngelo hall morning mourning so Dangelo when you look at deck, maybe we're going to predict the future a little bit. But then you see him winning a Super Bowl. Okay. And skip calls me data's Haider. I'm not a Dallas. Hey, you got it in your blood? You can't help. I can't though because if that continues like I say to to learn his quarterback positioning grow into it in and uses what God bless them with his legs as well. You know, you see a guy like Cam Newton who's probably not the most accurate passer. But because he can make make those plays with his feet. I think you had a point where that school were eighteen rushing touchdown so far since he's been here for three years. And so like that's added value to the position at a lot of guys don't bring to the table. You see Russel Wilson do like that was I mean I'd act but cameras able to play in a Super Bowl, obviously that that that Denver defense was a little bit too much form. But I mean, I can totally see Dak in this roster. This Dallas cowboy Rosser is is a really good. Good good. Good team. You know, they have weapons they're missing probably the one piece that I think they need to go out and get in his draft. Should be tight end tight end. It can be a safety valve a guy that that's not a project gathers who they winning guy. He he he was a project. I, you know, I didn't think he was quite ready to step into the role of Jason. He goes out there on on obsessing. And so I don't know me this one Grady was in the game grid. Good young young defense. You know? And I think that can ultimately lead this Dallas Cowboys team to a Super Bowl. But I don't see that happening this year. And I don't see it happening. Probably in the next year or two years down the road. I can see that. Absolutely. What a Super Bowl, maybe someday. When he's in a rocking chair into. Liability about let me get my telescope way about three out down the road on. No it wasn't. You know, you see a hater. Will you are? I mean, it's okay. Okay. Lou. It could happen could pigs could fly some noble. I don't know what could happen. But he will be the reason. Why did I believe they all you did be beat the defense law? He doesn't get in the way if it's seven years from now, I don't think zeke's can allow. Let me tell you. What? What? The thing is can he carried I think Troy thing winning a Super Bowl yet. There have been a lot of quarterbacks this one Super Bowl. But were they the reason why they run he has fifty. He's played fifty games. A three years sixteen regular season two plans. He has six three hundred yard passing games now about now, you I wouldn't have many rush Honey are rich games. Now Jenny said when he gets twenty cares like seventy one. When doc does for three hundred plus and regular season games. They're five. And so it's six one the other. Yes, that's happened. So I mean what what is what is fixing to fifty ratio the greater Chaillu? They play unbelievable deep if they have a young talented physical fast d that's not going anywhere anytime soon. Now Ezekiel Elliott if they can keep him on the straight narrow, and it seems to be that. Okay. He's learned his lesson. I'm not gonna let myself in harm's way anymore. I don't think Jerry Jones and Steven Jones risk in easier. But looks to be he's on his great. Now. I'm gonna say, you know, what's Kilbane is. I'm I'll be like d hall and say like seven eight years from now, I ain't say seven eight I say, I get three I say fourteen years. Yeah. Twenty twenty twenty two twenty three. Maybe he's in his thirties. See I'm lucky into that right now. Twenty twenty four. Twenty five wasn't organized. We're year. I'll check check on this house. Right. Okay. Well, tonight's get we need twenty nine. That's good. See this thing notion. You you're going to stats and KOMO you shouldn't be a stay guide day debt can win football games. So yeah, he might not ever be throwing for three hundred and fifty yards a game. But I know like I said I played against his kid if he can continue to develop as a quarterback throwing the ball using his legs having Zeke have you can have one. And then having that young talented defense like you said this roster has built to when they they can win the championship for us. So this topic annoys me it frustrates me. And ultimately it angers me because Dak Prescott has become the most unfairly picked apart criticized quarterback in the history of the NFL given how much he's accomplished in just three years in the league. And I'm not taking a shot at the show before this. This just was part and parcel and everything I despise. Is there doing the topic about Dak on first things first is leading into our show? And I see the topic. I just glanced at the monitoring and see the topic bar that says has Dak proven. He's the right guy to lead the Cowboys going forward as if there's question about like like, maybe maybe not what what deck has he? Yeah. He proved it as a rookie. He's the right guy. Let me just start with this. So for the first three years Dak has been in the league, no quarterback in the history of this leak is at a higher completion percentage than back has over his first three years. Sixty one point one percent. Nobody name all of them all the greatest quarterbacks ever in their first three years. They didn't complete a high as high percentage of passes. Dak did no quarterback over the last three years in the current NFL has had more game winning drives in the fourth quarter and overtime over the last three years. Then Dak Prescott has had yet. He can't throw. He's in accurate. He's Eliah Bill. He has a low ceiling. How do you justify those two numbers? I just gave you with with. What would all the criticism is? It doesn't go to hers is how that how it happened. Okay. So in those fourth quarter comebacks is he handed the ball off like you have to watch. Because of how the games being played like it's passes that debt misses that. Okay. Okay. School going back to that rookie year that you remember get about twice active you seize upon one throw. He throws one ball in the dirt. And you say see because your belt dug in and your line that he really is a liability on that. That's just throw. Okay. So you brought it up yesterday. You played against him twice. He had the greatest rookie year in a quarterback is every light. And I'll give you he had a really great offense of line. And he had a rookie running back behind him who is really gifted. And he had some similar of what was left of desk, Brian at that point. We had somebody. It's some Jason win Bill. You couldn't run after catch. You said you could outrun him. Right. Okay. Well, okay. We'll just for the record. So. I jumped in yesterday as soon as you brought that up said he beats you twice. And I couldn't remember exactly how he beaches. So I looked it up. So your place it's game number two of the year. This is they just lost to the giants at home. So Dax plane is second NFL football game. He's thrown into the fire and place a Tony Romo as the starter for America's team against the arch-rival Redskins at your place and Kirk cousins did what he did. So often he threw it to berry show Jones on you could have been had thirty to twenty. That's a touchdown pass. But no you gave the ball back to the rookie fourth round pick from Mississippi State. And he takes it first and ten at his twenty and on first down he hands it on a little sweep to Zeke. And maybe you came up with rifle force somebody threw in for a four yard loss. So all of a sudden, it's second and fourteen. This is a rookie quarterback. And what does he do? He took. He goes twenty one yards to Brian. I down monitor if you remember the play, I don't I don't and I don't mean to cut you off. But Texas, do you think he's he played better? As a rookie and he's playing then he's played in parts of the season this year or even last year. Now, I really just see growth. I don't grow that. I would've in that. Same drive. This is the winning. This is another game winning drive. It finally gets down to third and eleven at your twenty four and he it's Cole Beasley for twelve yards. Well, that's that's big time. You know that that means that kid can play and they go in and scores. Alfred Morrison places eat because evenings fumbling that day. So they won the game. And then on Thanksgiving Day Kirk cousins did what he always does he throws for four forty nine. But guess what Dak only through for one ninety five but his QBR was way better than Kirk cousins. He had a ninety seven on scale zero tonsured because all four times in the red zone. He cashed touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown touchdown. And they beat you twenty six to twenty four on the biggest stage on thanksgiving in sports. Right. So then we look at Aaron Rodgers. He's played Aaron Rodgers head to head three times. Dak is nine touchdowns two three intercept. Actions against Aaron Aaron is six touchdowns to to interceptions close. I'll give the edge to the kid on that one QBR eighty average eighty for Dak in those three games sixty two average for Aaron Rodgers. Well, that means he outplayed him all three times. But you won't give him any credit. Okay. He lost the games. But but again, he can't do more than he can do against erogenous the stat scream. He outplayed him. All we don't do that. Okay. Jared Goff came to Jerry world last year. He's the hot young back beat the breaks in the second half. But that was really good in that game hurt his QB always Eighty-one for the whole game. Jared goff's was forty six. Well, we game eighty one to forty six outplayed Jerry twenty four lead at one point. And the reason why he has more who quarter and overturn. Why do you individuation? Okay. How can a quarterback who can't throw who's inaccurate? How can you throw for four fifty five against the defending Super Bowl champ eagles that's two forty three in the fourth quarter and overtime. That's hard to donate three. If if you're inaccurate. You can't do what about the who won the game. Oh about who won it in overtime with the game winning guts. We like. We like we like those eighteen rush touchdowns. The body of work is spectacularly better than what you guys are saying. Well, maybe he could figure this out three or four years. He's already figured it out. They thought it wasn't able when. When we will see Saturday if these figures did Jackie Bob that and he's gonna have. Okay. You throw the ball to win this football. And I give them a chance. I think. I don't I don't late mortal will be Tom Brady Albouy attacks age earlier since he's twenty five he was born in ninety three. So he was two when they won that Super Bowl. Ancient his could he take them a step closer ancient history? He never know that happen would somebody even come to work. I don't know I found somebody just say, I'm tired. I don't know. We gotta do we gotta do on it and swimming and come to work. It wouldn't be quite usually when they see how you ran you. Well, why don't you got town everybody that you want them abroad? Why are you gotta tell everybody. All you do come here. I got twenty seven cases do I do. Got up to fill air swimming pool of once you got to cash them out say soft you've got to cash he'd be twenty seven. Consolidate his loans. It's hard up. Come back later in the show what we saw from the Greek freak. Did he take VP lead last night? We'll discuss what he did. So back to the NBA. It was a battle of MVP candidates last night between James harden, and the Greek freak he honest twenty seven points in a season high twenty one rebounds for the bucks Hardin scored forty two points, but he also missed nine shots in the fourth quarter. And and it nine turnovers the bucks got the win one sixteen one oh nine we're joined once again by Chris Bussard, Chris who impressed you more or less night. Janas star hard hard and was strong. I mean, you you mentioned the numbers which are out of this world and then in the fourth quarter in a two minute stretch. He scored twelve straight points for the rockets to cut a thirteen point Lee down to three, but I'm more impressed with yon this because from that point on the last two and a half minutes hard and was oh for four from three had a turnover and yon is score five points hit three or four free throws and had the tip dunk off. Offense. Rebound Deng to seal the game he shot eleven for fourteen from the free throw line, which is obviously good. But he's only a seventy percent free throw shooter. So I like that from him and watching these two guys, obviously, they're they're probably right now because of injuries to other guys LeBron Kawais not playing back to back. Steph was her they're probably the two front runners for MVP. I like Jaanus more in the play offs. Just looking at the way they play because his he scores so much easier. You know, like he's in the post. He's getting stuff inside. And harden shoot knows trees can take away your legs. And maybe that's I don't know his nerves or if it's fatigue, but we've seen him struggle late in the playoff rounds in big games. And I think that could be because you're shooting so many threes that you can wear out, and it is so difficult every time down he has to create for himself and everybody else like his handle is sweet. But to do that every time like the shakeup a great defender who's right in front of me. And that's that can wear you down, mentally and physically so going forward. I would like I think I trust Jaanus a little more in the playoff in. And I was more impressed by him last night. I was more impressed by you on this also thought he was unbelievable twenty seven points, twenty one rebounds, five assists. He only needed sixteen sixteen field goal attempts. And he was fifty percent from the floor. And as you mentioned, Lebanon, fourteen may look James harness spectacular skip that step back three, and he can Pat Iraq, and he can get to the free throw line. But he's shooting thirty plus shots. I mean, the guy all about God he went off. He had thirty thirty. Yeah. But up the other night, he shot thirty five is a couple of nights ago you shot thirty eight. Well, if you don't get forty points on thirty nine John's you terrible. Well, and here's the analytics guys will tell you. This is true shooting percentage, though is actually not bad because he was ten for eleven for the free throw line. So you got to the line and six of sixteen from three is thirty seven percent, which is actually better than fifty percent from two. I mean, that's that's how the analytics work. So guys look at that. And say, hey, you know, he was a fishing. I tell you what I got shut it up a lot of shots you met you at twelve street within what happened over four. Yeah. Look James harden is he's always going to be because he had he has the green light in the NBA. So they'd be ever I'll Noviny degree because he came down like three straight down. Just do whatever he's always because his lighted so green and because he can get to the free throw line. He's a big free throw shooter. He's always going to be somewhere around high twentieth. Even to the thirty scoring and because he has to create for everybody, especially since all they're going to have a higher. This total. So he he's always going to look good in the MVP discussion. But when you really sit back, and you look at you like bra, can you pass a few times, would I thought you honest. I played him last night twenty seven twenty one. I don't get caught up in unison. See sometimes get we get man Janas had twenty one rebounds. He's a small forward. He thinks Levin. Charles Barkley had fourteen rebound average, fourteen rebounds at six board. Did is Robin every seventeen and six eight. So you can't get caught up in the position that he plays because these guys now are planned position. And they have like a lodger one. He's everything. I mean, he's not like you wouldn't call him to guard because he can't really shoes jump, right? Money's plan point half the time. He's playing centre half the time. He's in the three four years. So they made the point on the Lakers local telecasts last night that actually Brandon Ingram is longer than Yana says he has a longer wings fan by an inch. Then. Them is really long man, they use it as affective one. I think you need to eat a little bit more. Okay. All you can eat lifts thin on TV you look on TV. You know? This hard to do you? Also, look sinewy to me like he's got good musculature for his lane. Does he does? So I gotta give you props. I because you said, I don't know month six weeks ago on this show, beware of no walkie. You thought they were going to be a factor in a force in the east, and they're better than I thought they were going to be because they're twenty nine and eleven now in the player who impressed me the most on the court last night was Malcolm Brogdon because he just he'd raise the things on both ends of the floor because he's garden James most of the time James, this was a classic James harden night, if we. If we're gonna do freak versus harden in the end, my takeaway, I was more impressed with James even though that happened at the end of the game. But he had an off night in scored forty two points. He had a hell of a good defender right up in his grill the whole game in brought not the whole game, but many possession, and it got SO all that. So. Let's go back and forth, but Bledsoe's not tall enough to bother the three brogden is. And it's funny because our Austin rivers has now become his running mate because remember James is having to do this with no CV three and no Eric, Gordon. So he's he's going solo in Austin store to the stand in right now in Austin gets the ball in the wing. He just says belt nominee, you do it. Do it. I'm going to give it back to you in like getting gassed, you do it. You know, they won't even bring the ball up. Then get the rebound here dreams. Take y'all bring them on them. Because you know, I it's unbelievable. And speaking unbelievable James harden is unbelievable from the free throw line. That is not that easy to do. He's now eighty five percent from the year. He's eighty five percent career. He was ten of eleven last night. He just he gets the calls, but he takes full advantage of it. He just does and he had eleven rebounds. That's not that easy to do. Okay. We got a lot. And he did have he always has eight nine. It's just going to happen. Because that's who he is. That's how he plays, but he lives and he dies from the three point line in the end when you break it all down. That's who he is. He is a step back three point shooter. That's how he's going to shoot you out of the building or shoot you back into the game. So he's got brogden all up in. And he tries four highly contested threes down in the last two minutes. And he missed all forum, and they weren't really close. But they were highly contested you can do that to him. And again, whatever that clutch, gene is I'm not sure he has it at the highest level. So to your point I still haven't seen enough Greek freak in the playoffs to say. Oh, I really trust him. I'm not sure I trust either one of them, but I've never really trusted James. He has too many flameout game. Do you think is nerves in the play offs or is it fatigue? It only happens. It seems like it only happens in game six or seven. Thank you. Offending him. A little bit off the the game six flame out against the Spurs. But then then Gundy concluded he just had a bad game. You you can't say he he wasn't shooting though. That was the thing is one thing. If you go four for twenty like Kouzmin. Yeah, he didn't shoot it as many shots. Specially in the first half. It just it looked like nerves to me. But one thing hard, and does is he shows you this these young kids out here wanting to play he reminds you. This is a game of skill like, he's not incredibly athletic, obviously, he's got no truth. But think about Magic Johnson he wasn't like the most athletic. I Larry Bird wasn't the most. News the game right is a game of skill post. Jordan. Everybody began thinking this all athleticism because Microsoft blow to re write, but it skills Steph curry shows that so if you work like that harden is is incredible. Nobody compatible and get the shot up. Like he can. I mean is everything is twenty at. No defenders know what he's you know, his moves. You study is filled with sometimes he's stepping back to the science. Sometimes he's stepping straight back. If they'll hold on. Now, y'all ready forgot every night leading us. No, I ain't call it. No name his quickness is subtle. And yes effort, it doesn't even look like he's trying to be quick. But he's out quick everywhere. But you know, what skill? He's left handed her all the top players are normally right hand, so player does left handed. So you like, oh, you know, you're not going to be. Oh that was just secret. Ninja today. Let's in continuous streak to at least thirty points and fourteen th straight game. Feedback in three. She doesn't. Going. Kobe more Hobie toe three D Kobe. Do it bef-. No, just the is the last record McGrady Grady. Well, it's the left days. We'll leave it. Thanks for joining us. Good to have you. We'll Tom Brady. Get another playoff win on Sunday. End low home loans gonna make. The patriots are a four point favorite at home against the chargers on Sunday. The chargers have two big factors going against them Tom Brady. Well, he's seven oh all time against Phil burgers and the patriots have won their last eight playoff games at Foxboro. We're joined once again by the Angelo hall Dangelo. You look at those numbers in it'd be hard to go against the patriots. But we got who wins Sunday the patriots. And the only reason I had the pages. This is probably over the last ten twelve years, the first time that people actually think that doing could lose, and I'm one of those people I think that they have a legitimate change to lose his football game. And the only reason that I'm picking New England is because they're at home, and ultimately, I'm going to. Veer on the side of consistency in and overall body of work, and I just have to feel like Bill to check is gonna put his all into this game plan. I think Tom likewise is doing the same thing. I think they'll get. Every ounce of fight out of their team because this team's vulnerable for the first time they're vulnerable. And I think LA chargers know that like I said New England knows that. And this is a this is a this is a real precarious situation for New England because they haven't been in this in this role looking as as as normal up as as any other team. And so I'm a little scare for New England. I think they'll they'll win the game. But I totally see Philip rivers coming here and winning the football game. Yeah. Rivers. We're going to be the key. He's eleven touchdowns nine hundred tank playoff games. That's not good enough. He's he's Vero touchdowns three interceptions in two career playoff games. Tom brady. That's not nearly good enough. He's going to have to play better. Now. Skip look. The chargers have an unbelievable pass rush. Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa can get to the quarterback. And can the way you neutralize that? You'd run them draw your screaming, you guys up to feel and when you have James white who the second most targeted back behind Christian, McCaffrey. Obviously he's going to be key Tom Brady would they'll get the ball out of his hanging wing slowdown pants rushing. And then they'll start trying to hit you with passes down the field. But in order for this Hilo. This game comes down to Philip rivers. You're going to have to somehow find a way to get your team to twenty eight points because that's what the patriots normally do at home the appeals man for somewhere between twenty four and twenty eight. I believe Phillipi you've got to get to twenty eight you have an excellent chance of winning the game. But you can't turn the ball over because they punish you in that building when you turn the ball over. So I expect to play better than what he has in the past especially and all the playoffs with. I mean, he had won a whole lot. Lastly, I've win I think they went to Cincinnati and won that ballgame us get, but he's going to have to play much better. No touchdowns three interceptions then to career gains that explains why. He's seven it gives you you can't have those numbers and beat that guy you need to be the other way. So I expected we go pick this game tomorrow will, but I can assure you who I'm picking. Well, you pick the chargers before the year started to win the AFC. So I assume that's where you're going to go unless you sleep on it and talk yourself out of it. I'll tell I fear that Forty-one-year-old quarterback up in Foxborough. Go out all is the goat. And there's only one reason one good reason to pick New England in it's the forty one year old quarterback to me. That's it period to guess what? What Philip rivers and company are eight and one on the road this year counting last Sunday. Baltimore by eight and one will that negates some Foxborough, right? Eight and one borough. Okay, off it's still you gotta have a lot of confidence going in there. So I ask you. Yes. Tom Brady have a keen and Allen. He does not he had Josh Gordon for eleven games. Now, I didn't have Gordon anymore. Does Tom Brady even? Have a Mike way. Mike Williams stud. Stud. No, Tom Brady's. Now. Throwing it to Chris ogan seven eleven not always open anymore. Right. I don't know about that. He did him in target. The last game. Tom Brady doesn't even have an Antonio gates because there's more left in gates than there is in Dhahran. We'll say, I don't know. But wait a sec more or less than gates. But hunter Henry just got. The ACL. So I don't know how what does going bring up. He keeps talking about grown. That's Tom Brady's fault. Because we went up there when grunk then he's going to retire who also went upstairs to Mr. cramped office and say, no, I want you to breach loyal to our. No, I don't wanna hear. I hear the old and Franken's down just could've prevented. I am spitting facts back at you. He's just a shell of himself. But he knew think that also rating warning whatever this is what she's got to work with now Sony. Michelle has been pretty good. But Melvin Gordon made the Pro Bowl, and I know he's been a little dinged. He's had a need both his knees been a little off. But but still he's Melvin Gordon. He's really good. He caught fifty balls this year. That's that's pretty great and Mike pouncey made the Pro Bowl as the center for the chargers offense. And Tom Brady's just got a bunch of guys up there blocking form against Bosa Ingram. They're going to come. Here is really hard for running back skilled player through make the Pro Bowl for the patriot. Because the Anna changeable one game start three games in a knick four game. You come out to Mitch. So it's really hard. Yeah. I get it. And when you look at and when you look at the balance of mine, I mean, what do they really do? Well, it's not like they got a thousand yard Russia knows not like Brady had had a good. Yeah. Not a Brady type year, but he didn't have a Mahomes type year. He didn't have one of those times. He didn't have two thousand seven right? So when you look at it, it's like, so how are we gonna take an offensive line? But we can't take a running back in another revive receivers had those and even when you win skip when you play wide receiver with the way, these guys are putting up numbers. Now, if you don't get to hundred and fifteen catches twelve thirteen hundred yards where you know w detests down. You're not make it a Probo doodoo wasn't alternate with a hundred and fifteen catching. Okay. So what good reason is there to pick New England on paper vouchers? There's gotta say. The guy who screwed up the Miami mirror. I don't know. He didn't have a very good year. Homeboy go take. I mean, but on paper if you look at his charges football team, seven eight pro bowlers, mowing paper, they are better football personnel. Seriously across the door is not even out of the night. Holy fill debtor union. In Ken Ken the goat. We'll his team. It's will pass the charge debt to me and having been out there against both of these guys. I gotta go with Tom. And that's the only reason I can Tom is. And like I said he hasn't looked like himself this season. But I mean, it just no matter what you throw at Tom his his ability to just adjust and change the play or get his team in the right situation or hit him in the mouth. He get up. All right next played drops a dime in there. You like we got them rattled got them rattled. Whereas, obviously if you see Phyllis playoff numbers. I mean, Philip at times has been kinda like Tom Brady esque by wash that the playoff numbers Phillips a different guy in the playoffs in is in recognizing. I thought he played very well. At Baltimore gets a very good defense. But on mental toughness. I'm still going to take the forty one year old over what I've seen river because he'd been there done that mental toughness in and everything. Wishing he's been up. He's been down. And so he knows what it's like to play. Everybody can't play good in bad situations. And he that there's not a single wishing that Tom Brady cannot thrive. You say f Tom Brady is forty one years, y'all. Question. This sunday. We'll see the Angela good to have you very shaded. Always will Bruce Arians. Fix miss. Winston Issur going to try and we'll discuss. Time for our final topic of the day. Another new coach Bruce Arians was named head coach of the bucks on Tuesday. And yesterday, he said his focus is on. Jameis Winston Winston has been up and down in the first four seasons of his career but area and said, quote, the whole thing is going to be built around him. I think he can win it, all Shannon. How much Canarian help him or blue view? But he'll love me Bill to the round and Dirk Bill to running. The office was always built around James give all they did was throw the ball because they lack the running game skill blue Bruce areas work with quarterback Peyton Manning. Andrew luck Ben Rothlisberger causing Palmer is documented. Yeah. We he knows how to work with more nice. Now, they're different. He doesn't ask any quarterback to be anything. They're not. I think Jane was Winston is equally as talented as been Rothlisberger. Because I agree. He's nothing like paid. He's nothing like going. I believe he can play like that area's got the best out of big bend. Knob. Believe he'll get the best out of James the question that I. Hafer, James, it's not what cut down. I'm gonna turn overs is his mind clear in free on. Oh, I got the only thing that kills the Reuss can't help with that. Where on the field? He brings stature and credibility, or in a strong voice. He will not tell James what he wants to hear what he needs to hear. Rick and Jameson biggest problem is over his four years in the league. He's on fifty eight picks that won't cut it because that's the second. Most in all of football to Blake Bortles. He brought that problem with from college. He did. So that has to get fixed. And I think he'll listen to Bruce because Bruce, and he could be a really great match. They could really go. Bruce comes with credit? He does I worked, bro. How did what? So what do you say? I want with Peyton what we're look worked with being Carson all these guys that went Pro Bowl painted won MVP bra. And he said all the right things about James. He said I like his leadership is competitiveness, and he's got a big arm that he can work with well, hopefully, James figures, it out guess his life straight off the field. Yeah. Cut down to turn away. Now. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny Taft. Join us again at the same time tomorrow morning, nine thirty eastern. See you then. Of one. Of money.

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