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"emmett police" Discussed on Capt. Hunter's Podcast

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"emmett police" Discussed on Capt. Hunter's Podcast

"Off and so what. I want to make sure it gets out there. That the point of my article was not to you know traffic in a characterization of the police of negative nature i didn't write the article with with the intent or or the objective putting down the police. That was the feedback that i got from a lot of the four police officers. Reach out to me that they they thought that that was my at least. That's how you know. They perceived it went into their. There is in that way. But that i mean that is far from my sins. I said at the beginning. My intent was to look at the ramifications on the military of the gallaghers. A of the galaxies ks and the president's involvement in the gallagher case and only then. Did i talk about the culture of the police. As a point of reference it was just as a contrast point And i again have. I wanted to make this clear. I have full confidence in the trustworthiness police officers They are good people. Of course have principle of course Again a lot of my family rights you know by the da and my sister was with with the lapd for almost three decades. A lot of my friends as well. And they're all good people but rights. We all know that you and i both know here. Captain that the culture and sometimes trump values. I've seen that in the military. I've seen it. Where the pressure of the commander of your peers can make a good people do things it afterwards. They are shamed about can break you down when the culture is saying you know. Don't talk interesting. it's a talk but you've seen examples of what happened to people who do talk right. You know you ask you ask yourself. Do i wanna put you know. Do i wanna continue to put so food on table. Do i wanna continue to get to have a paycheck and to support in my wife and family and so when you're having to make a decision between what you think is the right thing paying the consequence for that and just having an ethical kind of compromise and not talking and then having things be able to do to continue as normal most people right but soon the latter will choose the path of least resistance. That's that's just human nature you're gonna do what's best for yourself Most of the time and again. This is why i was just i so impressed by the action of those seals who put themselves at risk and again you know. I'm sure that does happen all the time with in police departments that you have police who do with those seals did. It's just that you know that doesn't seem to make it out of the of the department into the news alive is pretty as we know. It's the negative stuff that gets you headlines but just. The seals had that courage to put themselves at risk and do what's rights at at at the risk of their own livelihood. I was touched by that on a personal level. I have such respect for that. And so i respect for you know people with courage type of courage who act truthfully and And and with integrity in the face of risk in the face of of danger of of that going the wrong way of your being punished in the wake of your of your actions. The still go forward. That's just what could be more impressive. Be more brave than that right. And so when that happened when i see people act that way it's just i'm just an audit. I like to think that there have been times in my life in. Which i've done that and like to think the most important thing that we can do captains look ourselves in the mirror at night. I'm not ashamed of what we've done. Not ashamed that we've acted dino in a way that is in violation of our values But we both know that sometimes we do active eligible values. And and it you know and it will haunt us and so anyway. That's that's kind of how i see it. Are you a police officer. Who's taken promotional exam. One or two times has not fared so well. Do you know someone who wants to become a police officer but is not sure about how to go about the process. Or maybe they've also taken the exam and that fared so well are you the head of an organization who's looking leadership training for yourself or for your employees l. Emmett police training and consultant services. Has those services as well as more. My services can be offered through line virtual training or one on ones. I even have online courses for those who are on the go. You can buy my police officer. Preparation course or you can purchase mine. Promotional exam course all online all of this is available and more at hunter police training dot.

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