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"emma dirna" Discussed on The Sean Hannity Show

"Billion dollars that is going to be spent by. I guess both sides but the democrats all this money flowing in from hollywood. Don't you don't the people at georgia love the people in hollywood telling them how they ought to be voting and an all out push biden plug gina. Go down there and campaign For the democrats running for the these two run off senate seats. And i'm telling you if georgian of georgia republicans and patriots don't get out and vote. It is your worst nightmare. If if if at the end of this process it's joe biden and biden trump president trump in exile. That might be their worst nightmare to. Because how often do you think they're gonna put biden out. How often can joe biden. Go out and talk to the american people. Want to venture a guess. He's going to hide as much as he hit the campaign. And the mob the media. They'll give him full cover before we get to. I got i just. This is such huge news when you think of all. We've been through january twenty first first case of corona virus identified in america. First case and here we are with now. A second vaccine that has been developed by our friends at madonna and all these companies deserve a lot of credit pfizer johnson and johnson. I can't even name astra zeneca. They're all alwin all lynn. What i do love about pharmaceutical companies. That like everybody else competitive. And they all wanted you know they. We broke down the sequence of this virus faster than has ever happened in history. And now they're in the finishing the final stage human trials and we got the announcement from faisal last monday. Perhaps a monday too late but putting that aside that it's ninety percent effective now moderna announced. Today they're vaccine. They're they're phase. Three trial data shows that they're corona virus vaccine is more than ninety four point five percent affective in preventing cova nineteen a result their. Ceo called a game changer. Now the analysis evaluated the ninety. Five confirmed covid nineteen infections among the trials. Thirty thousand participants. That's it emma dirna which develop its vaccine and in collaboration with the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases said ninety cases of covid nineteen were observed in the placebo group versus five cases observed in the group that received its to does vaccine now that resulted in an estimated ninety efficacy of ninety four point five percent so between madonna and pfizer the health and human services secretary as our said that there will be roughly forty million doses of vaccine available by the end of this year. Enough to inoculate about twenty million people since both vaccines required to shots. The goal to provide enough corona virus vaccine doses to any american that wants to be vaccinated against the disease. You know by by the second quarter of next year. Which means that you know this long nightmare you know. Hopefully as is coming to an end. Even even i'm not sure. Why fao she out there. Say social distancing mask will still be necessary after getting a vaccine wants. Somebody's been immunized once. The process is complete. We can take our mask off out. She said well. I recommend that is not the case. I recommend you have having added area protection. Why you know at some point. Do we get to live life again. And biden pushing his mask mandate i just want to stop for a second and just say you know to all the people that worked so hard on this. I mean you just gotta think of our medical researchers scientists you know people devote their entire life and their entire careers to two viruses and vaccines and keeping people alive and working so hard it just as a tribute to the the brilliant minds of so many in the medical community and they deserve our thanks. Our praise today for sure Let me let me get to a couple of things here. What guess we're up to seventy two plus million people voted for donald trump. Lot of these states as we all see point. Zero point zero three percent separation very close razor thin margins. Let me explain to those on the left that spent four years in that being the media mob and that being the democratic party de legitimizing donald trump's victory in two thousand sixteen and never accepting the results of the two thousand sixteen election is. This is the united states of america. Case you didn't know this. I know you know okay is this. Why are you so reluctant and resistant to to ensuring that the american people have faith and integrity and confidence in its result especially in light of a lot of different things. We know that have gone on. For example we now know that in pennsylvania just days before the election that they illegally extended the time the that when ballots came into a three additional days and we saw the court decision in pennsylvania the ruling for the president last week and not allowed to do that. That can't happen in this country but it did happen this year. That's not playing by the rules. The rule of law. That is not fair. you're asking. Why do people not trust the results. White people have questions. There's one reason right there. We know every swing state now because we have probably gone over this more detail on the most other people has laws that specifically allow partisan observers both sides to watch over the entire process and that means watch every single solitary vote being tabulated and being counted. And then you've heard these people on tv. That were there to do that job. That were told that they had to quote observe from a hundred feet. Away and other people filing affidavits. They were allowed to observe from twenty feet away. Or because of social distancing six feet away. I don't know about most of you. Six feet away. I don't think it can really see enough now. Knowing that we needed social distancing considerations they could've easily set up a system where somebody opens a ballot tabulated valette opening envelope. Whatever it happened to be and then goes over carefully places it six feet away and then the republican can go in and observe. The democrat can win an observant either. Challenge it or not challenge it. I would have been very easy to handle. That did not happen. And we hear more people saying it. Every day. we're going to get to this dominion program in a second here.

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