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333: Emma OBrien  Building a profitable photography business in a low income area

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333: Emma OBrien Building a profitable photography business in a low income area

"This is photo BS x episode number three hundred and thirty three and today we're talking with South African based pet photographer Emma O'Brien she moved to the country entry set up a business she's now averaging ten thousand dollars per month from ten to twelve sessions per month with the average freelance photographer in south South Africa is only earning one thousand dollars per month she shares exactly what she's doing to generate the bookings and build the kind of business she has in today's interview and that's coming up in just planning to have a successful wedding and portrait photography Business Join Injury is he interview did you successful photographers and business experts to fuss track your success welcome to the photo bees exposed podcast with your host Andrew Andrew Helmets it's Andrew how Michio from impact images and walk into this episode of the podcast can't bring you Emma's interview in just a minute before we get into the interview what I normally do is share a little bit about me and my week what's been happening but today it's something different because I had a a facebook private message from a friend of Mine sydney-based photography any pain and she brought up something that I wasn't really aware I jumped on a recall with her asked if I could record I'm GonNa Bring that interview walk phone conversation to you in just a second I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what any has to share and what she has a bean her about so let's get into that following the chat with Anne we'll take a quick look back at last week's episode we'll get into the interview review with Emma O'Brien and I've got some news regarding some fantastic specials for premium members fulling that interview with as well of course it's black Friday coming up at the end of the month so that's when all the specials happen I'm going to be kicking off the month with something extra special for premium members so if that's you stick around for the interview with Emma if you listen to the free version of the podcast you're specials will be coming out lighter in the month in regards to photo these X. and how you can get a premium membership at forty percent off all right he's any and Al phone conversation any pain from milk and honey photography on the line at the moment and and any if you unfamiliar with her is a sydney-based otographer she has business with her husband Matt they shoot weddings and portraits. She's been in business for I think it's over twenty years now I think certainly longer than me because she was an influence and the positive influence and might maybe mental mental but certainly someone to look up to one I started in the I I think any was the new South Wales President back then I'm guessing here but I'm pretty sure she's a multiple master photographer as well and every time she comes on the show as a surprise but the always says yes with a smile and I'll get beaten up afterwards but she sent me this text message this morning Pam Messenger and she says i Andrew Hyper Yeah well I just wanted to broach something that has been bothering macy's I started in the industry and I was wondering how we could encourage people to stop calling the office staff the girls on notice that you often deliberately asinine which is perfect even staff members is better thank you for sitting a positive example it comes up quite a bit and makes me cringe every time so I'd let you know and she goes on to say about a little nice things so any welcome back to the podcast first up thank so you get all that Intro Ron you've been shooting forever twenty years multiple muscle photographer yes yes that was that was very impressive yeah Disney ago I wouldn't dare I mean I I I first of all I guess on that topic is it only Nile photographers the doing this or is it female photographers to well actually I I he people doing it in lots of different industries not even the topography industry and it probably does come from from an ammunition and general generalization is ation I think that people use but yes this typically in the in the tug affi industry it it happens Ends as I think as being around the the twenty years and when Alice came into the industry twenty four it was a very mild dominated industry street was mine as the boys all and it was very unusual to be a female photographer I really need to St back then so I think I think that we've come a long way in twenty years but I fe- elect some of the language around the way that people talk about their they stop often and people that they work with United makes me cringe that that hasn't that language hasn't changed very much you cringe when you hear a female business owner saying as well as a mile or is it Monday the miles that you notice you know I cringed when females as well and I think that said that the the two things that stand out specifically about what we're talking about is when people are describing their business and they say or when knitting introduced I an ally they worked with their wife and and then when they go on to talk about the goals in the office gals at the front desk or the girls in production on that that specifically what we're talking about sorry I noticed that when you introduce me today he deny any let's husband Matsui's so you name it is really nice offended and having end the fact that he's my husband that's great that's reference Often people say the name and I just say that I worked with their wives which implies a certain type of way they were and to me it also believes the job all the wife's old sales you know it's like we all know that those people who are working in the team in business I I really quite probably the ones that are running the crux of the business and you know doing some really important wax so she should be labeling them we saw size titles I think just doesn't get some justice that I deserve so when I introduced you and I talked about Matt that your husband if I had to just said your husband works in the businesses well does that send the wrong message do you feel yeah I think if you had to set all you know anyways the husband or any husbands into business as well like it's it's not really it's not really keeping him facialists Pessene I think that my twelve overruled son often pulls me how many things may describing equal as ours you know racial differences and age differences in all these kind of things it's really important she festival the peasant best and so you you're giving them a bit of credits at the rather than keeping them label that let's conscious out maybe a different idea of who they are is this specific to certain nationalities what does it apply right across the board is that did you hear it from all different people I I think I have I don't really stayed in the context of nationalities citing this language is more about agenda Khanna's debase quality guy I mean I'm just I'm just sort of diving in a little bit some place just trying to get to the actual crux of the of the issue if there is an issue and I mean it sounds like they raise them and I saw me and the reason I ask you about nationalities I notice and I'm probably going to shut down for this but I noticed when people from the US Americans are talking about even their spouse or their their partner I tend to say he or she a lot more whereas I would always use someone's name so I don't know if that's if that's something that's built into the way we're brought up with a language within our countries have you noticed that with Americans as opposed Sousse Riley and yeah they might be different culture wise people talk about it but I think inmates specific example in where I got you know where I j Kriens is when people are talking about in the studio b clay for example so it might be like Oh yes sorry I g I g the shooting and the girls do the production CEOS sorry instead of saying the goals through the faction in the sales we could say we'll felicity is the sales manager in the managers the production assistance or the staff members even you know like just to to be to be pinpointing them down to the girls just gives it really initials who I ah the visual of anything that they could be doing anything that could young old or whatever you just not giving them any has -nology all credibility ready for almost like they're expendable when you liable in that way yeah I think it's respectful to she because your title of dump title or your name you know it's really not that much hotter than the girls and I just started seeing that it would bay said the other way round very often Michael you wouldn't kind of guy and he's husband and the boys in the office like you would you probably wouldn't do that it's it's more common to hear the girls because you know traditional roles in the past you might have a receptionist that more than would be female and that kind of thing being but I think that we need to really move away from that kind of language and that's why you titles have changed over the years as well where were jump titles that given more more credibility ability and more suspect and I think he can pull that through into the way that we think about out businesses and the people that worked for us than I think that's really important here well I agree with you but when when you made that last point on thinking we'll op- got nights as a land skype or he has garden maintenance business and he has three guys working for him and he often refers to them as the boys so I don't know if this is specific to two women are you being too sensitive well I know there's a tendency to say oh you know she's being she's being sensitive which she see these days and all that kind of thing but I I think that you know if it makes you cringe listening to any of you and the people in the you are referring to goals in offices the girls els and talking about them in that way and it's making you cringe then I think as as a problem and that I'm not saying I was sensitive because it's making me cringe that how all I would feel if I was them or have it they perceived in that conversation I think it's I K to be sensitive about that true true okay so how how do we fix that what do we do we is it just a point of making people aware aw this is why I said something to you because I felt L. uncomfortable about that I'll put it on the activities based Patriot thought dominate. I don't WanNa Puke Andrew don't WanNa embarrass anyone I don't WanNa be that that passing going on incident so that's why like sending the message because your insolence you know you're in that position where you can really change people's thoughts on that and and I hate doing that in the interview I he's saying what is the name you know he's on like on just wanted to thank you for genuinely doing that and to and to think about that because if you'll thinking thinking about that and you'll steering people who talking like that away from speaking about off-limits like that then that's how coach changes funniest either because I consciously after nine but I don't think it's the same reas- maybe days off to me I think if I was one of those staff members listening listening back these interview and it's likely that they're going to at some stage I would love to hear mine I mentioned be thanked and talked about for the role that I play in that business and that person success because that's usually usually why they're on the show in the first place so I think I I think I have a habit of putting myself in the shoes of the person that's that I'm interviewing or that I'm recording four or that might be listening to the show I put myself in their shoes and think how I feel I think that that might be the way to approach this and other listeners I think about it if I have stuff and they do talk about this stuff yeah that's a good way to think about it the first person came to my mind when you were talking about stuff off and having female staff on the other side remember Michael Cheremis to have a Nile assistant studio assistant and so do you think he would say the same something or if he did would you notice mattison Michaelides these nine that's interesting right so well he wouldn't only in the girls would he insight I guess then then forced to think about changing the way that you say it yeah I think that it's hard when when the people in the office are female maybe you know it's the same if you've got they now children as well I think the parents inside the go but I just think it's a bit of a derogatory turn the way that it's used in that context contacts and the wife as well you sound very ozzy doesn't it I know you may not look I'm on the same page arm on the same budget again if I if I place myself in the position of one of those stuff and is listening back to an interview or even my boss talking walking in Bat me and my role to someone else I wanted to reference me by my Nyman and what I do my title I I totally agree with you look I'm I'm looking forward order sharing this with with listeners and getting their feedback let's let's talk about it in saw vice grip all make sure that you'll tagged anything you can jump in there there and making your point in fighting for what you believe in which would you always do which is awesome you have you have a son and a daughter don't you breath for decoding the kids yeah I mean sometimes we over McCain yeah so is that different yeah well it's not gender specific specific decide the cage the same as the stall sorry but also it depends on the conversations well like if I'm talking about something that Donald something nice nice to see if he would use the names adjacent that you know that's that's different she took me about in people who work for you that a then it doing amazing sales and and making a business successful you know and that's quite different to talking about your children's side it's not every situation hey you're part of a mass group have you guys discussed that this topic in the group now if they lose his annual in Jacob Jacob Grayson be Ah Liking Alien Jacob and win during Haley and it's amazing like we have been meeting every single week in two years more than two years way have the EPA meese awake it's just incredible what has done yet we credit getting giving that is so good two years every way that's amazing that's fantastic I'll bet you're now hearing this before they spoken to you you they thinking Oh my God I got stopped what do I call them when I'm talking to and now they're all they're all some their yeah we have politics now just on a slightly different topic do you follow listen to Jordan Peterson Ni- have uh-huh have you heard of him on Youtube so he all of that way he talks a lot about gender equality inequality yeah be interesting to hear your thoughts on him when you have a chance to have ever listen to one or two of these videos cool any this has been great thanks for thanks for saying Yes to recording this another is your little unawares and appreciate you contacting may as well and sharing thoughts because it's some it's cool to get this stuff out there and and chat about it as and I really appreciate the eating manage well yeah I mean we could have attended saying let's talk about things and change the world one step edited Anne if I talked to you before have a fantastic Christmas say hi Matt Hype You have an amazing busy season which gets you right in the middle of now yeah yeah thank you have already that was Anne and me chatting I'd love to hear your thoughts on what any has to share you guilty referring to your staff as the girls if you have or have you noticed other guests on the podcast or other photographers maybe inside facebook groups that you're a member of referring to this stuff as the girls have you seen photographers referring to mile stop as the boys all is any making a big fuss about nothing and this isn't even on your writer it's not something that we have to worry about whatever your thoughts whatever your position on this is I'm candy he read about them I'm sure any is to leave a comment comment in the comments area of the show and you can find them this week at photo bs x dot com for slash three three three all if you're a premium member let's chat about inside the members facebook group feel free to tag any if you are a member and let's get the conversation rolling on this topic taint in last week's episode of the podcast I interviewed underwater photographer Brett Stanley and what I- Creative Mazda Asta this guy is I just love what he creates a love the fact that he has mermaids as clients socal but you know there was more to his business photography that interview than he's creativity and what he does for his clients business behind the photography and maybe maybe a little tough in saying that Brett was lazy with these business I actually I think it was him that use those words I use it in an email and also as the title philosophies interview the really he may described himself as lazy to me I I see that as a lifestyle choice and I'm sure Brett does house to I mean I'm sure here's a bit tongue in cheek when he called himself lazy I'm sure he's anything but lazy could he have a more successful well more profitable business yeah I think so and I think any any photography any photographer photography business coach listening to Brett would agree that yes he could be making eight Hun- more money from his business from his creativity eighteen from his vision and what he does but he chooses not to because he loves a lost all that he's created Iran he's photography pizzas anyway do you agree am I on track track is doing the right thing is there a right or wrong way to run a photography business if the person behind the business has lost all that they want candy he your thoughts on that one to leave comments in the comments area or let's chat about it inside the Nimbus group if you haven't heard that interview with Brit make sure you get back and listen and please have a look at his incredible work as well you're listening to the number one photography business podcast with Andrew Helmets which photo Biz dot com we are going to jump into this interview with Emma O'Brien in just a second if you are hearing this announcement it does mean main you are listening to the free version of the podcast and all that means is you're going to be missing out on a portion a large portion of the second half of the interview with Emma and in the second half that we dive deeper into the strategies and tactics behind her photography business a house she's attracting the kind of client she is is what she's doing to generate repeat business how she's doing her selling which he does in the clients homes in most cases because of the clients that she's servicing so basically we go into the nitty gritty of how she's been able to generate ten times more income than most South African based photography's so if if you would like to hear the full interview with 'em it today you can do that for as little as one dollar by heading over to the URL photo BS x dot com forward Ford slash try and for one dollar you can sign up get a thirty day trial membership you get full access to the interview with Emma you can access the full back catalogue you'll get an invite to the incredible members facebook group for photo B.'S EX-MEMBERS I'll help you get started in your very own Maasim on group and you will be on your way to to building a more successful photography business for yourself I'm going to help you do that by getting the best information the best tactics the best strategies that are working right now photo bs x dot com forward slash try it's time for Andrew Special guest today's guest is Emma O'Brien British born photographer leaving and working in South Africa her nation is dog photography and in challenging economy she's managed to to build a successful and profitable business averaging ten thousand dollars a month from tended to a shoes as a reference the average freelance photographer in South Africa owns one thousand dollars per month now Emma does a combination of commercial work and private client shoots and in addition to her portrait photography Business Emma is a Nikon Con South Africa School China she also mentors other photographers on a one on one basis and more structured workshops collaboration with Nick on and once I learned about the business she built in such a tough market on new she'd make a great kiss for us on rat to have a with us now emma welcome thank you very much great to be here it sounds is like leaving a busy and exciting in South Africa what's taking up most of your time in regards to business the Nikon stuff where portraits so it's mostly the portrait photography at the moment and oversee touched on the business mentoring which has been something I started in January so I've been gradually building that in as well and then I have a houseful of animals as well so life is usually for she chaotic before I hit record you telling me that you have six dogs a parrot yet the Vick's dogs a parrot why do you have six dogs why do I have six dogs well I do quite a lot of them work with animal Oh shelters so I think once you start getting into the world of animal rescue you end up taking stuff home yet set up gradually accumulated more and more dogs as time's gone on so my fiance has put a cap on it at six and I think companies threatened with albeit victims if I bring any more dogs home blame them for placing that limit there I would have done it before six yeah the last two that came in were a total where an accident so I volunteered to bottle feed three puppies that had been often and we got them at two days all and I said to him I promise promise I'm going to rehome them all and then as they got bigger and I got more attached to them I manage to be home one of them and we still have the other two and and they went from four hundred and fifty grams to nearly thirty kilograms now it's chaos all the time I'm guessing you don't do hun bye shoots with the other pets I do I go to stadium at home it's kind of sort of contains we've got a bit of a basement so it's contained eh so it's just a little bit of logistics management when I've got other people coming through with dogs seminar all kind of tucked away that we sort of just about managed to do it I I before we dive into the full visa side of things how did you end up in South Africa and as a photographer there so I moved have to Santa Cruz in two thousand nine with the boyfriend I was with at the time so he was also British and he got a job so a divorce and I had had a small Dole tests so it was kind of an opportunity for a fresh start so we moved out here and I just loved it here and that relationship ended in twenty twelve and I've stayed here so it was one of the very interesting kind of moving countries because obviously very different from the UK and I think it's just I like to hear this lots of open space the weather is obviously much better than the people here are amazing and really friendly and I just kind of evicted for me so I'm very happy here so will oh you photographer back in the UK or all start here in South Africa now I started my photography career in the UK in two thousand four and I actually started kids bikes brock and weddings I'd gone to college an to do a diploma in Photography and at the time of two thousand and foles longtime ago we were doing doctrine trim stuff back then one of the girls on my course was doing a bit of work for local photography studio and she said Oh you know this guy needs more people to gun shoot weddings readings for him sausage cool do that so I went out and shot to these very low value weddings just say to shot to weddings for him and then I so I think I can probably do this so I just set a business up and started just like that which is interesting I can imagine I can imagine doing the in the UK before you move to South Africa so five years in the UK was chasing weddings fall before I moved here okay so just before we get into the South African your business we're in south South Africa are you I'm in and Cherian which is halfway between Pretoria and Johannesburg and give me an idea in the listener idea of the demographic graphic of your clientele and the local area so it's quite a difficult one with South Africa because obviously cynic Konomi with an incredibly huge huge demographic of people who probably five dollars a day in this huge rich and poor divide here and then you've got the other extreme head hey with people who drive around in Ferraris so it's a very interesting sort of economy so I'm working with hit photography shoot weddings here so I got I guess it's sort of difficult to discover you gotTa middle-class demographic here I'm working with to most of your clients would be doctors lawyers that kind of clientele absolutely doctors lawyers architects those sort of people I guess the people that are only well here and can't can't afford to commission photography Roddick Hassle Okay so you moved from UK you've been shooting weddings you come to South Africa and it's a whole new country three yet did you start photography business immediately and had did you start it so I kind of I was quite lucky when I arrived said the boyfriend I came here with he he was a software programmer so we had a very well paid job here so I wasn't under any pressure to have to go out and do what and I will say at that time didn't have a permit to table made to go out and do work such I'm just kind of started making contact with people networking with people and I started doing quite a bit of charity works had time on my hands I'm quite philanthropic so it's always been a bit of an underlying theme of my photography is wanting to use my work to make a difference in the world so when I arrived after had that perfect opportunity so I started to get involved with my local SPCA animal shelter. I went and adopted a dog and I said to them at the time you know from a photographer perhaps help you so I volunteered to help them shoot a fundraising calendar and that's something we lead the first one came out in twenty twelve and we've got a twenty twenty one is being launched said that's the project that's raise an awful lot of money I'm just trying to think putting it into dollars that's probably raised about seventy five thousand dollars last how many years is that seven years so it's been a really cool project to be apart all up and then obviously through that I started to pick up hit photography few works at the pet photography was a title accidents when I arrived here I got managed to get a business permit to the the sort of gradually set the business up here now I just one thing to say is I decided not to shoot weddings when I arrived here because I actually got to the point where are really despised shooting them I know you should you should if weddings I've been through website really works really beautiful and I got to the point with its in the UK it was very difficult because obviously the weather's ferry hit and miss so you'd go to a wedding and a beautiful venue and then it would start to rain and then everybody looks at you like you're going to perform a miracle and actually discuss the point Russell you know what I actually really not enjoying the pressure Hicks was getting very frustrated because you've got a lovely venue with useful grounds and then you you can't go outside because it's raining and I'm thinking actually I'm not enjoying going out every weekend doing this type I decided to take on portrait photography when I got here so that was kind of the nation I decide to govern so that was kids and families will pits yes yes so I started off when I arrived herself doing kids and families so so maternity and newborn family shoots and then once I started doing the SPCA ended up berry accidentally photographing animals IOS and realizing I had a bit of a talent for it I went down the road with that nation so majority of my work now is clients who have dogs so you know a a lot of time it's just photos the dokes then I'll have people who come to me who having a baby and they've got dogs and they want to have the dogs included in the new able and shakes so it's just it's built very interestingly around this concept of the fact that the dogs can be included and then we build the rest of the family and around it it's not it's not like I said dogs really your specialty that's why people are coming to you today yes that's it I I want to dive into how you built the busy so you have in the intro are mentioned that you'll ruining Iran ten thousand dollars a month whereas most of the talk in South Africa earning one thousand why is this such such a huge difference. Why isn't that big chasm between you and these other photographers here we've touched on this very big kind of earning gap here an across the board in the country and I think this is a country that South Africa's sort of seems to really undervalue creatives an undervalue you? People who provide a service is the expectation that because you're just doing you're providing a service and not necessarily something tangible that it shouldn't and cost very much and I think a lot of people are schooled into this that they've got to be as cheap as possible otherwise everybody will book an I saw when arrived here I started off being very very cheap to build my business and my business model that I bought here was the same that I've been using I think it's similar with the with the states and probably very similar in Australia of this model of charging a shoot fee and then op selling clients with Princeton products so is that what you do you'll weap- yeah I think that's popular right around the world yeah it wasn't popular here and it still isn't it's quite interesting search nick the expectation here for the majority of people as they book shoot and they get all the digital files so you have to charge a hefty fee up front for for them to be happy is that right will yes but what photographers doing here is charging a very low rate and just giving all the files away that's been that's up that's the thing thing so I've come in with my overseas model and it's taken a while to sort of educate my clients about the fact that they're going to pay a fee and then they're going to get stuff us they're going to get their work prince hits I so you're still using the UK model you're helping your your client to see that's the way you work yes that's it so often it got easier for me time because I've been here for for ten years now so it's got easier time but when I first started it was very alien to people and I was guessing it at starting with is very low shoot fee then up selling something that was sort of sometimes Tanno twenty times what beer they shoot fee he was and actually I did that for a while and I got to the point where I was probably doing twenty-five shoots a month which is exhausting and it's very hit and miss when you charge a low shoot fee and rely on up selling people don't always upsell people sometimes I'd get lucky with it and sometimes I didn't so my income for Phoenix dot with was Toki fluctuated and actually I've got to the point of it was the end of Twenty fifteen got to the point where I was working twenty four seven CBS doing all of these shirts and the income was not where I wanted it to be aware it should have been the amount of work harvesting and actually got to the point where I saw you know what I've actually had enough of this it's now because it's not a sustainable business model and at that point actually started working with a business coach and we went through my pricing model and basically doubled the initial initial shoot theon was charging and took kind of a lot of the product of out of that because her rationale which is the same thing I would say to my clients is that you've got ought to have a base shoot fee for every shoot you do that if your client doesn't spend any extra you'll find and you've got enough money from that shoot Ralph the banking on spending more because I think also if you're charging quite achieved shoot see you've got clients who were like let's cool I only only have to spend X. amount so it can be quite difficult to up sell people who are not expecting to have to buy more so yeah it was quite an interesting I had to really kind of take my business model with that where was your business mental by receive South African all from the UK now she's a British soccer names Paulie Alexander says she was a photographer turns coach so it was actually quite interesting working with her I like the fact that she'd been down the Saint Paul's me in South Africa no so she's UK k. based she sort of works of a digital nomad now but I knew she'd had the model of kind of running a successful photography business in the UK so it was that she really helpful to work to get my business really kind of a lot more streamlined here when you first hide her and she started telling you that you have to w prices and you need to change the way you doing things we we coming in with the answer hang on this is South Africa's different hand a little bit of a sort of said to you know I don't know if I can do that because I don't know if people are going to pay that and obviously I knew I had some people who would spending five six hundred dollars On extras from shoot so I knew it was possible it was not I haven't done it totally just it was possible on a very hidden kind of cross your fingers and hope these people buy mole so the possibility was there so it wasn't a turtle kind of title uncharted territory it was just a fact of putting the shoot the officer was actually pretty high but was quite terrifying they when we first did it I sat for six weeks with no bookings I had lots of enquiries requires and I sent stuff outs and I'd have people say oh no it's far too expensive and I remember sitting thinking this woman has killed my business I love it you did but it was also I was at the point I actually don't want to go back to charging what was charging because I wasn't making enough money and it was just kind of the whole thing was miserable so in Chiba sanctum it. You know you just go to sit tight and work on your mind sets and get yourself into a place where you actually believe in the the worst of what you're charging and then I kid you not literally six weeks off to put these prices apricot three bouquets in one day wow that's strange range and what was the reason why

Emma O'Brien South Africa facebook South Wales South Africa Andrew Andrew Helmets President Al Michio Anne Matt twenty years ten thousand dollars two years one thousand dollars one dollar six weeks seventy five thousand dollars
334: Tommy Reynolds  How to utilise video to grow your stills photography business

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334: Tommy Reynolds How to utilise video to grow your stills photography business

"This is photo beeswax episode number three hundred and thirty four and today we're talking with a wedding and lost off talk with over forty thousand youtube subscribers. He's built his business both sides of it as steals photographer by shooting video and delivering behind the scenes. Foliage I'm talking about Tommy Reynolds from the UK and that it's US coming up in just a minute. Planning to have a successful wedding portrait photography business join injury. Is He interviews successful photographers and business experts. Fasttrack you'll success. Welcome to the photo. Toby's exposed podcast with your host Andrea Helmets. Sandra how may change from impact images and welcome to at this episode of the podcast. Count might bring you Tommy's interview in just a minute. The premium version of the podcast has some real surprises. I think you're gonNA enjoy we were Tommy has to share. They're also some bonus extra content that we actually recorded or I kept recording after we finished recording for the interview proper. Stay Day tuned for that. If you are premium member that'll be after the closing credits. So don't turn off Italy if you WANNA grab that before we get into the interview and the rest of the show are usually kick things off a little bit about my wake and what's been happening in this case. It's more about Linda. My wife and business partners wake because coming up to Christmas. We like to have a little bit of extra money which I'm guessing everyone does. You'll probably the sign so so we look for little things that we can do or introduce into the business to bring some more income into into the household. Basically I guess by the business US seeing that we've been photographing weddings for over twenty years now and we've just been through a big insurance job on the house. Lots of things being fixed up doing a bit of a clean net with one. Go back and offer the old Nag's and digital files from out early wedding clients back to them for sale so Linda. Linda grabbed the first box of files and started sending text messages to all declines. Seeing if I WANNA purchase the original files from us. It's not we said that we're GONNA be getting rid of them for good. We're going to no longer be holding onto these and this is a last chance to grab hold of them. We've had some really interesting acting replies which I thought I'd share some of them with you. Linda's Bain putting together a bit of a file of the responses. We've been sharing laugh and cry over some of the messages and here are a couple. I should just before I do jump into these. I should say the uptake has been pretty good. It's been well worth texting or messaging older clients so I think I think we're a random thousand dollars so far from the first box of files which isn't a huge number of files and we're getting messages coming in all day so we thought we'd just try this one box at a time and give people a chance to get back to us and make it easier for us to manage and save. It was going to be worth while even doing this but yeah so far. It's it's definitely been positive. There will be extra gifts under the Christmas tree because of this promotion. Let me have look at some of these messages. Can share. Say these with you. He's one message that went to Markel. He says hi Linda no thanks. She's left me and turned into a right cow. You can burn them. Thanks to that. That is an indication of how all the messages are but we did have a laugh. Linda replied Oh no. I'm sorry already here. That and Markle's had thanks. It's been five years now. You're busy still going well. And he goes on to ask a little bit of bad at the business and how I'm going Sing O.'s. Also talker from the day so markle's Markle's past that part of his life and things are looking out for him. Another one in the same vein from from Sandra. She says Hi Linda. Thanks for the text message. Unfortunately the marriage hasn't lasted as long as your files. So I'm happy for you to destroy the files. Wishing can you all the best Sandra another one in the same vein. Hi Linda. Thank you for the offer but we've been divorced for nearly four years now and so you can imagine it's not something we'd really want now. Good luck with the other capitals. Linda added Hainkel. Sorry to hear. See that hope you will. And the reply is it's rob but it's all good shows also the importance of keeping accurate Hewitt files for your past clients. Here's another one that takes a total different tact and really you drive time. That thing things can change in the blink of an eye Christine says hi Linda. Thanks feel takes alkaloid tomorrow as I think we bought something on DVD but have to check what compared to what you're providing now came to get them. If I don't have them already as Jerry Gary has sadly passed away last year and anything you have that are done would be treasured so please. Don't delete anything until I check hype Andrew and the family at doing well so yeah that was that was terribly sad to receive that message. Unbelievable really puts things into perspective. Doesn't it and then and we get the full gamut of what clients can really be like. I'm sure we've all in canton different personalities as we go through business career. Is this message from Graham. He said he didn't want to spend another four hundred dollars. And that's what we're offering the files for and if you send us some CD's can we just burn them for free. Linda send a nausea apply. Same at no. That won't be possible and went on to explain and why he's another one from Kerry. This is an interesting one. She called Linda to say that she hadn't got her framed. Print and reprints from her wedding fifteen years ago and can we just do a swap to get the USB for free. I love that one. Linda went back at a jets her and and they're paying for digital files. Which is co Kristen she she said a message the night before the cutoff date. And we did send a date to say we're going to be disposing or destroying getting rid of the digital files. I hadn't heard back and we haven't really settled on whether we're really going to be doing doing that or not. But we wanted to remove the liability from US having to hold onto these files for good so yeah Kristen replied. She sent masons the not right before the cutoff date. She asked if they could have the high reds falls at a discounted price. Linda suggested that they may halfway only because some of now favorite clients from fifteen years ago so that was not. This is title in Linda's hand Sheena. She's she's deciding what action to take way to give or take where to relax the rules a little bit or you know even give things away for free call here you like. I said earlier. We've had plenty of messages for couples that wants to purchase which is really nice. We had one client. Who sent a million? I was GONNA say a million questions. Obviously that's not literal but man. They wanted to know file sizes sizes dimensions. What kind of retouching had been done if any they wanted? They wanted to know everything about the falls before committing but they went ahead and purchase purchase. That was really nice. We had another message from a couple more for Mac whose wife passed away and Linda's sending the virus to him At night charge. She's happy to do that. Obviously and then you know we've had the the other side of things to super happy couples. They've sent us photos of their. They kids their family together. And I WANNA purchase. It's been a really lovely last week getting these messages both laughing and crying and also checking out the bank balance at the same time. It's it's it's a bit of a roller coaster but you know it's something that's worth exploring. It's probably tough to do these money. been any business for a little while and Joe supplying all the falls to oil clients. You don't have these options. But I'm sure there are other things available to you to generate income bring fans into your business which can be especially helpful or nice. You know when you're planning a holiday. Oh it's coming up to Christmas or whatever it may be. Maybe just need an injection of funds Arcadia. Okay posted on on how some of these go and if we get some more interesting comments replies messages allow certainly share them with you. Thanks in last week's episode interviewed Emma. O'Brien the dog photographer. Based in South Africa who converted. What changed our business model from weddings to dogs when she moved to South Africa from the UK and she is generating ten times would would most other photographers are making in South Australia? Sorry South Africa and she shared in that interview. Exactly how she's doing. She's really going after a particular the kind of client in her local area. She does in-person style sessions at the client's home she shares exactly how she's done and how he's built the business she has how she's attracting clients. She is all in that interview episode. Three hundred thirty three. Get back and have listened to Emma. O'Brien if you're looking for a soft gentle easy anyway to do in-person siles because that's exactly the approach. Emma tykes in her business photo Biz X DOT COM real realty real strategies and real ideas to build your photography business already. We're going to jump into this interview with Tommy Reynolds in just a second. If you are hearing this announcement does menu. I listened to the free version of the podcast which is absolutely fine. You will get a ton of grading from Tommy in the first half of this interview but I do want you to be aware that I'm pulling at a big chunk of the second half of the interview for premium members. Only and in that part of the interview told me dive deeper into the marketing side of things. Some of the things that he would definitely do different. If marketing to corporates the corporate companies entities to have them found his overseas photography projects. So we got deeper into all that stuff for premium premium members only also. There's also what I feel. Is that super valuable part of the interview that I was able to record once we'd finished recording for the nineties of you deep. I'm saving that for premium members after the closing credits so yeah lots of extra stuff for premium members today. In addition to all that they already have access to the Black Friday specials we can get a premium membership for half what they normally pint for monthly membership the facebook ads. 'cause photographers is basically weekly at half price. And so is the online siles course. IRS SHAPE as ever been since being released so you would have access to all those things with a premium membership in addition listen to Maine added to the members facebook groups. If you want to check all that out get early access to the Black Friday specialty. The full interview with Tommy Today get an invite to the members facebook group. You can do that that for as little as one dollar with a thirty day. Trial membership and you can access. That photo beeswax DOT COM for slash tri photocopies x dot com four slash tri. Ti Y business. It's time for Andrew Special guest. Today's guest is UK. Hey based professional travel and portrait photographer. Tommy Reynolds and since two thousand and thirteen. He's worked with clients including picks appro Olympus Psycho going to universal music Sony Music Benjamin the Metro and Panasonic and he's also photographed famous bands and artists. Such as Pixie Lott the VAMPS vamps. Ub Forty and others. He says the key to success is progression so whenever possible. He's planning his next personal project. And these projects allow him to test and try new techniques. Define Hsun before using them in commercial assignments from the outside looking in. Tommy appears to be designing his life around doing in what he loves and getting paid for something off feels so many of us are aiming to. I'm looking forward to learning more and I'm rat to having with us now. Tommy Welcome Andrew. Hey I'm good I'm good is that Ron I have you or are you structuring your life to do what you love you know what when you said that it just made me small saying much because I've never even of the. That's what I'm trying to do but that easy exactly what I'm trying to do and I just love the way that you just put. It simply met sentence because he just really he made me smile. And but yeah. That is exactly what I'm trying to do anything. That's what everyone should be because I think if you'll becoming a free lunch you're trying to channel and do something you love announced. I think that some people can kind of off the yet. But that's exactly what I'm trying to. I'm trying to design Do everything that I love him. Hopefully get paid to narrow some ways talk about it but yes exactly what. I'm trying to awesome. I'm going to dive deeper into exactly how you doing that. But maybe to start with you can give the listener and may a bit of an idea bat. You'll business so different income streams or is there any one income strain. How you getting paid for what you're doing to question we just on at the time recording this? We've just come out of some so. I do wedding photography season late. which is responsible for half of my annual income and then when I'm not shooting weddings because that is a whole different sides of the business in it could be a whole different compensation but my kind of other focus in half of my focus? Read the rest. The the air is full traits and working with brands in office. I'm on collaborations and doing personal work but trying to get paid to do it in trying trying to get brands in vote with that as well. So that is kind of way of the house of the income stream can come from his. What can with bands and brands? That's when I go to your website. I do see that you shoot weddings there but I get the impression that you're real desire to shoot bands and brands unless weddings Winning something you have to do and that you'll slowly fading out or my reading that wrong nut Genoa. I'm actually introducing more of it and the next year is not something something that I'm trying to fade out so I can totally appreciate the as genre. It pays very well. I'm not gonNA sugar coat. That waiting dating sophie does passing any vendor. WHO's into weddings? It's we know that as well and so I'd genuinely enjoy On still interacting with equal equal on photographing And sometimes that compared to working with a band who needs a pro shop but then maybe three months late said needs something else needs something fresh. It's not as sometimes as rewarding as duet with a wedding Kline. So they're all different. Somme different benefits in different uncreative fulfillment when it comes to she waiting so I do enjoy it just as much as portrayed side than I think you can be diverse on there that some people aspect of it. I believe he can be diverse as long as you Separates them respectfully because they are different clients. So when you say portrait Autry I mean to me to wedding photography portrait's to them and to me domestic launch. MOMS dads having family photos. Photos of the kids is that. What Portrait Tattoo you are you talking about poetry to band members and full brands now? Good questions When on offering wedding and Maitha portrayed right so I guess the closest due to a family she would be a wedding Duke family setups. It's more of a documentary. saw the anytime. I were kind of going to Canada. Poetry mode is when way during the Cup of portraits for just the two of them and that's amazing holiday and that's when I crack out the off camera flash equipment which I use on my new little trait wet with bands or went on what. Brian's so it's kind of bringing the poetry side of things when I'm working with bands am to the wedding side of things. I've really enjoyed that hog day in deadly images the from a wedding point of view. They'RE GONNA pay a lot for large format printing. And that's what I enjoy mice about the wedding daze trace where I could just take them away and can do similar hammer flesh. BITs get looted portrays Zaid bin getting with my travelling. Yeah I totally get that when you talk about portrait and commercial work you're not talking about moms dads families you talking about bands and brands and not yes. So I've ready now. Have a a job log off the street asking for a poetry. Because that's not really where my income streams coming from. My income stream is coming directly from a band or is coming from a brand so the brands online I need to shoot a trait and I might hire Melinda motherless paying me full that portrayed is the brand is painful autry. I'm just creating a story. Creatine said images to fulfill a on a brand though notes the muddles goats it not respect. It's the kind of the commercial side but it's shooting portrayed as well with the intention of the fitting brand not the motorway themselves that sense it does it. Does I just so go to clear. Idea and listening can follow along and know exactly around in regarding the page or the liberal your rats. Where are you income wise? Is it a six figure. Business is a five figure business. And I'm getting more and more money here as as kind of building the more moderate rotation and as I said waiting to become a Hoffa Dean Kamen the other half of my income is coming directly more from brands. Actually if filtering anything thing is at the moment a sexually what can bands. I'm actually. That's kind of slow. BEAT FILTERING OUT CARNIVAL GANIC. I'm not trying to push them out. It just seems to be the way that it's happening at the moment. So kinda summarize Hoffa. My income is coming from wedding's in half of my income is coming from. What can we brands so the band? Stuffy solidity Philippine out because brands seems to be more of a regular income. I'm going to different. Brands or brands comes me. Amway crane contracts based on that fraudulent Paying me a large sums for Jesus and Might Deliverables Easily fifteen to twenty images and behind the scenes video that usually go to tables in. That's half of my income is coming from I got you pushing up towards the VAT threshold in the UK. I estimate I will be next. Shia says not this not this shape hopefully next year I kinda. VAT threshold in the UK for other listeners. Is Eight thousand pounds it is yeah. Y- I said I D- thousand pounds. So that's one hundred sixty thousand ozzy roughly so I. So you've got a a solid business yeah yet. I'm so thankful in so blessed best and most of the wet van doing with brands in particular is by my impasse in work and it just makes me smile again. Just think the I have managed to today this and I didn't think it was even possible. Stop that I could convert pass. No I used to think that they were two separate things but now I realize that you can Murray you'll pass than what with you'll professional work. It is possible to do that because when I'm happy when I'm doing my personal what that makes. That's me happy I'm went on my business is thriving and not just think that everyone needs to shoot. Passing away may not to create have credited fulfillment because sometimes sometimes when you do which isn't the most creatively fulfilling? You know. Sometimes it can be a bit soul destroying your constantly during that annoys son. was doing that a law at the very beginning of my career but then I just decided I needed to change. The APP needed to try to impress the work and it slow the gain. Traction is ice was using them as marketing toes at on a win. I didn't think that it was going to eventually develop into collaboration with brands. But always using my behind the scenes videos of us to reach out to Branson said up to some Mrs. It's very creative. Is Very different to my usual. which time was just doing? A Lotta Cobra head shows Schultz but The transparency that transition into approaching brands with hustle. Luck Co so when you do a personal Friday when you shoot something for yourself. Is that with the. I am to go with the forty from that shoot to a particular brand yet. Great Question. No it's snow and I don't think that should be anyone's intention because if that is your intention your ultimate Thinking Monitor game which is destined to file if you'LL CREIGHTON CRAN project for the sole purpose of guiding brands in hoping to make money it will file because the intention is all wrong. Put it this way. If a brand doesn't want to jump jump on board with an idea that I've pitched them an idea. Let's just have been done it yet but maybe I have a great idea. The maybe a brand may be interested in this and it won't be one brand tick slow may approach multiple brands and this has happened in the past if no brand was jumping over the idea. I'M GONNA shoot sheet anyway because it was a personal project I throw of the I really want to shoot if I thought to myself l well with no wants to jump on board than on just laid it if that was mine mentality anyone's mentality. Then you should never do of that idea festivus because you would think monetary gain so from the very beginning. It should always be borne something. You love never. Monetary Gain Monetary Gain is oversee the bias. But if Don Johnson Boyd you should just shoot it anyway. Because I guarantee you'll get more fulfillment Alvin than any money that they could ever Aussie so so have you got an example then of a project which might be on a website that has led to a commercial venture commercial partnership. Yes so if we're going into more. The travel side of things the win to Ethiopia lost year and that was commercial project with Olympus and if we refer back to personal projects I would never have got that commission if I hadn't shot in India and Vietnam beforehand so Olympics approached me and they said we seem that your was thinking about guy in tweets Because the real story about my European trip was interesting. I had to kind of given people an idea online that I was thinking of going here. Here is my next personal project my next trip but then when I calculated the cost of realize actually I'm not going to vote this way more pricey than my usual traveled traits trek so I just kind of forgot about it and then Olympics approached me and Said told me we say that you're thinking about potentially doing another trip to Ethiopia. Is there any any chance we can have a chat and maybe we can collaborate in Waco essentially sponsor your trip which is amazing. I'd never that was ever going to be possible when I said how did did you find me. And they said we saw India what we saw your Vietnam what we love the pictures and the videos. Those are the deliverables we want. We want so you will already create him. We want the format so that was amazing. They didn't want me to change more home at night when I was doing so I didn't have to do anything different other than obviously you use the camera. Instead of my own camera but in terms of the scheduled I'd already put together in terms of the format dubose. I usually bring home anyway. They they didn't want to change anything all they want to give me was their camera instead. which was the at least the? Em One mark to all of the video guy was well was also sean an impetus said we use the T G tracker which attached to my back and we used another Biro camera which was so some kind of mortgage for video which leasing out be while camera as well so again it would not have come around if wasn't born of has no prejudice to begin with. You've got a preview. Web Fest. Note brand is going to coach you own. Yukon approach a brandon state do trevor trip for example. If you have nothing to show for for it you've got to have it in your Failure to prove your worth US national John. Lewis is gonNA coach you to that campaign if you've never photographs anything remotely remotely like at before. So that's why you've got a preview with that so if you go abandoning idea to do than just shoot. Don't wait for Clinton into eventually come to you. Because the light hits they were never come to you in that specific in. You have been your head Yourselves and then you can potentially use that to approach it your friends to maybe shoot something similar but this time maybe get paid for it. Yeah and I can say that you and your star. Photography would be a perfect match for a a camera manufacturer like a limp. Because you shooting these beautiful portrait's with these interesting characters with off camera flash kind of photo that inspire people to take photography and Gal and go traveling as well so I can see. You're a perfect fit. So when Olympus contacted you was Olympus UK or the Olympics us or worldwide Loyd. Who wasn't yesterday? It was Olympics. UK and the woman that approach mate unmet years ago when I used to work at Justice here in the UK which is a camera show and it. She was an Olympic wreck so she came in one Saturday to help sell all of the Olympic products. There is assistant end. So that's how I on new But then I fostered Gosh. It must be maybe five. He's lighter and then she approached me and Said told me I've been following your what the as it's clear from Olympics are you see a rapid justice and now. I'm kind of high up in Olympics now. I want to do this collaboration with you so I guess you could you say that maybe it was probably from that initial relationship that I had with a very briefly back in the day when selecting a camera slow but I'd always been fully in Net instagram handle. Well when the social media in Zoe's racks and with them so it could have been a combination of that but it was a huge hay which I've been told can be completely separate from In America and the rest of the world at kind of their own bosses I paid with that makes sense. Yeah Okay so take me through and on either listen. We'll be fascinated headed with this because this is the kind of thing that comes up at group as well for members so Olympics approaches you. They want to collaborate with you. WHO provides the contract who works at Communication Communication? Do you have to sell your soul. I mean you still that the images that you create. What is everything? Go to Olympics I have is all this worth. Yeah great question. Do you have an interesting. Give me a contract. Which is very very strange Olympics? Didn't give me a contract. It was kind of done. I guess on a gentleman's take everything was done by email and telephone Co. end the conditions. What the I would devote a series of fifteen to twenty image is? He's a behind the scenes video. I said I WANNA be able to use that video on my UNIM- channel by says that's absolutely fine. I said I wanNA use the images. He's on my in social media. They that's fine. I said I want to retain override. They said that's fine and I mean well without contract than I naturally retained Anyway that I said you can use them anyway. You see your in but I just keep the copyright can use all the content on my end social media and again they said that substitutes so those conditions I mean wouldn't say as absolutely and what about Pie. They offered to pay All of the expenses and some of my creativity wasn't a huge. But you know what I didn't care. This was my first page travel assignment so I was happy view on any money but we got about four thousand pounds to go into the trip and have some money at the end. PSOMAS says the end but yet usually travel traits rates are about a thousand fifteen hundred pounds when it was coming out. You know a much considerable amount from the travel company getting quite from authority console that Luckily Olympus Rabid said jump on board and help us out. I can't tell you worked at the tannery which I know you Sedalia so you worked at the hotels way to stay what you're GONNA be doing. Were you going with someone else with an assistant like it did. In India or shrank took an assistant. I think India yes. I took an assistant to India actually loved the A had a privileged and didn't want to go back to Linka where I was traveling on my own so I went to sti travel. Who and they were the ones that helped me put the scenery together S. trouble trouble company here Rather than your normal travel companies that organized. Just your flies in combination. They they will be nice. You'll excursions as well. They can help you. Put together a customized itinerary. So that's really great. I think Gee Adventures also another company Averis. I am not sure if they're known over there to G. Adventures are very similar to STI trouble where they can help. Put together. You'll itinerary as well and I always very our private because I don't want to disturb will be in the way of other people if we're kind of jumping on a bus to Friday in people jumped bus taking photos on finding in that's is it and when a Jumba from Boston goes to the next location whereas for me I'm GONNA spend a lot more time and take my time gets no the people in taking vote tracing because when you go privately than the guides junk really care have lungs because it's effectively my holiday if I can be as long as I want and it gives us room if you wanted not too and oh can we head over there. Look I know we gotta go to this late next Them said Noah yet Joe Joe in the group that would be the question show is show. The majority wouldn't WanNa do that. So it would be when I go. Traveling is always to guide and always Privately and with the company they have is the guy this on the ground but yeah I always taken a system with me as well to help hold the lion and just to help me with my gear is a real necessity Not have to focus on the line of a hair. I can concentrate on my mobile. I the hit Alex if he needs to middle. I'll just say because made the Nazi Is dragged move events tomorrow by a break in. Ah Some company on the trip is slow. Absolutely so Sti puts this itinerary together for you with all the things that you need an email that then into Olympus and I got now tummy we'll cover that. Yes that's exactly it yet. I worked together with us. Travel is nice because I go installed by Kinda near for me now by nine. What kind of tricks? I'm trying to get out. They know the Typical customer Excursions I want a for very specific reasons as inside a lot of people including yesterday someone said Oh. It looks like you have so much on your trip. I wish I could do that. Is it just like you go with the flow and say actually no is very very well structured and scheduled. We are doing something. Every single diet is very cleverly scheduled so that I'm setting myself up. Aw Enormous guaranteed to get myself. A good picture of anything can happen in between but I am going to set in cases where I am hoping I'm going to get in fights I'd never just go to a place in Ninjas web over the best national isn't it allies an sea traveled very good. Light as I say this is where I WANNA go. The swollen dude swollen a capture and then they go away and put together by some my budget by some woman I do I then get the back and I can tweak it adjusted estimate. I say I don't WanNa do that. Can we take out cannot do this instead they'll back give me a new Than we have identified the onto Olympus and say this is the plan. This is what I would like to do. Are you happy with it. And then they give me the pre ruined then. The money comes my way. Then we can actually do the trick. So antiquing Olympus. It's in the loop as you would expect every step of the way and yes spice the best the process so then I mean it's an amazing opportunity. It's it's a fantastic trip and knock you said it wouldn't have been possible without Olympus to how would you feel though if Let's say you're photos were now on the box of every chemical ceiling all Our on a billboard would you be thinking. I should've charged more when I gave them a rough cost of what it might be. They you were very quick to say yes. And also the more premium members of photo that'd be exposed based photography business strategies from every guest and with your production costs. Let's say you have a stylist. Did you have a makeup artist. You have a model and let's say all their costs together. Let's say they come to two thousand thousand pounds using round figures. Do you put something on on top of that for yourself or do you source them and charge them at their undying rights yet so on totally transparent. I'm not out to make any kind of money. I'm happy with my creative face so I will ask the individual vendors if Eli can say. How much do you charge in a cat? Like that and put that in production costs delivered action could change depending on who. I'm using that project so I know the vehicle has the same right. He chose me two hundred and fifty pounds announced day. That's his right. Motives may use a hit by pay around one hundred fifty two hundred pounds per modal verb. Maybe often sometimes. They're willing to stay full day among Nazi. But that's kind of the figura be paying full models and make this could be around the same sort of figure around one hundred sixty four hundred pounds again but yeah I don't. I don't have any more for myself from happy with myron creativity. Charlie get it. That's awesome let me just changed tack quickly because time is running out and you've been awesome. What's more valuable T- business youtube or instagram? If we're looking at numbers it would be easy to say actually without the numbers I think it would still be youtube. I came because I know that numbers on Gordon but I know that with. UGA BY KIM put out behind saints the best platforms out my huntings videos in its war has given me the most luck in numbers. Decide what gets me Emma work it would be usually which I've never thought possible but I guess people are just so invested in the creative process. Wade the enough April more interested in how shoot something versus issue because people love that create price unidentified just because maybe I feel very confident in front of the camera. I'm aware the film making process. Eddie old my behinds eager as well. Some might mobile a dozen edit anything he just shoots nights version. I edit everything myself just so that it feels like it's still come from my hand and I still have that kind of planet. It would familiar Eugene. Because it's just give me my slug fest instagram accounts. It looks like he's still put a bit of effort into your instagram as well. Yes I do try to. I appreciate it's important to do so. I kind of treat instagram's stories kind kind of like a Dave Logan. 'cause I know that is is like a blog in something that he's taking over more regularly than each of the icon put out every day but a competing comporting instagram posts or his story out. You know if if I could and if I had the contents Than that somehow could say something. That is very important unfolds. His twitter I don't bother with anymore. facebook the engagements not great so instagram youtube or my favorite phones for my business fantastic so with youtube for listener thinking about going down this track knowing what you know now. Would you do anything different. If you had to start over with Youtube I I probably would have just started La. I probably would've just done everything I would have been braced video even more. I would have thought to do into troubles much early on. Because is now it's a very saturated market of everyone doing controls enabling sharing that creates excess. But let's say this to the toll roads as as well. He might be a bit reluctant to because I think what's the point is hundreds of Torus of We'll see you in majoring another joyal and not just to say because no one will say like you can. No one is going to explain it the way you explain it people investing in digital. They're investing resting in you and the way you taste the way you do it. So that's what kind of encourages me to do. Maybe the has been done. Hundreds of times is is. That will no one's going to explain the way I do. So if people are investing in videos because they're investing year and that is why I think I get commission commission to do jobs because they're not investing in why should invest in in the way I shoot and the way I treat clients in the way I treat my crew and the way I veggies a behind the scenes video. I think that pitches Tele thousand words. Well what about video video can tell as much more. You can show so much more video than you canton on the video you include detection can include you can just deliver everything in the our flex much more with videos. If anyone anyone is thinking about getting into video than totally embrace it everyone needs to embrace video. And you don't have to be amazing video. I know the IVA at degree in filmmaking. It look at my trouble videos. They show type everything Because everything is attached to my backpack. I'm not changing my menu sent on that but it's Adding an engaging story story is Cain as the most important thing. If you won't make a video Success maybe because I know that for me I download the music in that was mice inside an entire idea. Just the music has inspired an entire. Did and when you have the music when you cut your pace coverage on the the music on hyperion. In teaching at a sock aches. But that such an easy thing to do to help keep pace going in your videos On the beats of the music you look at any videos on kind always on the bait and it just feels like it flows along side. It'd be discouraged about video of scared. What about it? You don't have to tell the camera. Put A GOPRO in the corner of the room if you want to just talk lots of is nothing at least in a time. This we can see the camera set up we can see your license and then cut to be. Images is nothing west the behind the scenes video on Youtube. They don't show any images at so it's he's like I'm watching the song in the middle of the movie and I just don't see the DNC the climax waiting to see what we can get Charlie if you just shared the Just this sharing the end of the movie. Will we WANNA see the build out. We WanNa see got you that and that's where you can do that with your behind. Saint video oath behind the scenes photos even if it concise that. You could do well. If you don't WANNA sheet video. I also just quickly. What do you mean by you have? You'll be mandatory of backpack. What does it sitting on a pole? Oh or multiple yes so either. Might trump will be the as I have monitored which is attached to my load flipside full hundred. which is a bag that is I would A multiple the well. I guess a love like bags can do this but this particular bag is the one on us and to the multiple in the trump. Hoeger the back which assists on your bag dead center and then I raised the poll up. So they it's at my head and that pointing at the back of my head and that's The perspective that you're seeing my trump has that's how able to film and photograph at the same time so you listen to the rule fifties. You'll hear me insight. Local time to my system is it pointed at the back of my head. But that's how I as I could which he'd filming and at the same time very cool. My I'm going to add links to everywhere you are online but for the listener that wants to jump straight over and check check you out right now. What's one url with the best place for them to go there to learn more about you and what you do early? If you go to my website you can see my portfolio and you can get linked to my sanctioning Sasser. It's just my website. Tommy Reynolds cutting all links to that instagram facebook. Of course youtube as well and anywhere else that and find you online so that'll all accompany company this audio just one last question before you go. Tell me if you got time to answer one last question standard if let's say you were to pack up leave the UK. Come come to Australia next week and to start over from scratch. What would you do to get your business up and running fast a really good question? What would I do eh well on establish wherever I am in the community say five minute community are with establishment? Mock that fuss and go out would rather than trying to scratch the surface of everywhere. I would build a relationship wherever based myself get known in the area and as I am the photographer in the area. That's how much thoughts about it in the in my village in Ken savage myself. This is what I do. This is made over local businesses new of made On made them aware I would go in give them a card made them a west in these totally benign. I will tend to headdresses in local coffee shops so that would be. I guess asked a similar thing that I would be doing if I was to pack up and go to Australia. Established myself in that community and then grow outwards and then start reaching out to friends out there. Fantastic Tony My. It's been a real pleasure. I've loved listening to stories. I loved the visa stuff that shared a love. How vulnerable and open? You've been with some of the questions I'm asking. You might say again just massive. Thanks for coming on and sharing everything that you have. Thanks so much for inviting me. Andrew really appreciate it hope. You enjoyed that entity Tomi as much as I did. Tommy if you're listening again might thank you so much for coming on and sharing everything. You did a love that you were so candid ended up the lessons. You've learned what you do differently. And my honestly I love your work to an how you been able to build your business. I thank you so much for coming on and sharing what you did for you. You the listener. Yeah I truly do hope it as much as I did from Tommy I will be adding Tommy into the members facebook group so if you are premium member and you have a question and for him feel free tagging inside the group once he's been out of there and of course if you listen to the free version of the podcast there is a comments area. Yeah at the bottom of this show notes. We can come back and ask Tommy any questions you might have. Maybe there's something I missed that you wish I have asked that I didn't maybe you just want to say thanks for coming on and sharing. What oh you did? But you'll find the commentary at the bottom of the shiners and this week. They are at photo basics dot com for slash three three four now in China. I know it's got links to anything and everything that Tommy mentioned including examples of some of these beautiful work links to his youtube channel. Of course is all there in the show nights shot outside. I'm happy to say I have one of the best reviews share with you. Think of all time from camera family photographer. Katie Phillips. WHO's obviously based in Australia? She said in her five star I tunes chains review. Hi Andrew I just wanted to say. Thank you very much for the incredible photo bs x podcast and the amazing photo community you've created. It truly has Spain. life-changing of met some of the most incredible people for the facebook group and the generosity of knowledge and support that is astounding and has this Katie says has had the most mind-blowing wake this way with three five thousand dollar plus siles and it really has been down into photo physics. The tips and strategies have learnt from the amazing guest. You have on the podcast support for the members group and the mentoring. I've had with Sharon Hammond who I heard on the podcast connected with through the group with that you and the photos X.. PODCAST none of it would have been possible to thank. You truly thank you. It's been life life changing and profoundly transformative not only professionally but also on a personal level. I have a profitable sustainable impairing business and I can't thank you enough. Hope you have a wonderful weekend piece. Katie Katie that is hot warming amazing. Incredible to rate. I'm so so happy happy for you. I love the success that you're experiencing three five thousand dollars siles in a way. That is fantastic. That is so good. I'm so happy for you and really really nasty connected with rain. Who is one of the most beautiful people business coaches photographers that you'll ever meet which I'm sure you already us? Oh yeah fantastic. I've added a link to your lovely website from the show notes. So hopefully that will help you do and for you the listener. If you want to be like Haiti who doesn't want to be like Katie with those kinds of Styles Cape working when your business put into action the things that you hear on the podcast connect with a photography. If he business coach locked Sharon will Bernie Amok Rosetto or Joel Don Lucy Dumiso anyone just make those connections even inside the members facebook group and stay motivated and grow your business and if you go on to do that because the photos X.. Leave leaving honest writing writing in a review in our jeans for me so I can link back to your website. I can share it with other listeners. On the PODCAST. And when I do linked to you to your website I'm happy to use the anchor. Text the keyword phrase. You'll look into rainfall from the show notes. which will help your seo so anytime you're looking for back links if you're doing anything anything for your Seo and you hear you've got to get back links simply labor review for the photocopies X.? podcasts with the photography experiment podcast whether it's in our change or stitcher even on the photo B.'s. FACEBOOK paid it doesn't matter if you leave a review let me know about it and I can link back to your website using the Yankee. Tech's that you want me to to help with you. Just a little for me to say thanks for taking the time to leave that reading review the do all right. Let's get going with the show. You're listening to the number. One photography business podcast with Andrew Helmets votto BIZ ACHES DOT COM. Just mentioned they in the shed at two Katie that you can also leave a review photography experiment podcast now. If you unaware aware of what that is that is another podcast. It's a separate feed. It's different stoller. podcast dive deep into different things. We're not we're not focus solely on business. But recently I did. There was a podcast episode released just last week on the photography experiment fade. It was with Scott. Got An eric from immensely. And the reason off them onto the show was because over immediately they have released a brand new service for photographers who want to we sell directly so that images imprint directly from they wordpress website. So that means you don't have to have something like peaky said pick. Tom was shoot proof. It can all be done in your own. wordpress website always excited to hear about that. Because I love doing everything from one platform if I can possibly do it so I got the guys on the show to talk about. How will this works? Help US photographer if you want to tune in and listen to that head over to photo. B.'S DOT COM forward slash T. P. X.. Twenty not six or you can subscribe to the photography experiment. podcast in our chains as well it's a totally separate fade. There's no member Ernie content anyone. Anyone who subscribed gets access to all the contents of the full interview. There's nothing held back there. Occasionally I do have sponsors for those episodes but in this case has no ads. It's one hundred percent essent focused on doing e commerce from your own wordpress site and we do talk a little bit more about business and turn K website solutions in a few other things. But it's all in that episode of the Photography Experiment Podcast. Okay just before we close today's episode. Make sure if you are a premium member you you have received an email from me if you're paying twenty dollars per month for your premium membership because of sent you instructions on how you can save fifty percent on that premium membership signing up for twelve month membership. Also refund your November two thousand nine hundred payment if you've already made one for the towns inside that email and if your premium member already on that deal make sure you check out the post inside the members facebook group about the facebook ads course which is special especially for you this month and the online sales course. There's also a separate thread in there on other black Friday specials at coming up or that have already started. It's all the in the members facebook group and I'm sure I'll be well I'm planning to send you an email about those things as well so look out for that and once you he the closing credits. Today's episode decide if you stick around for touch long got you'll hear a little bit more. It's going to call it an outtake from Tommy. It's not really an appetite. We just went and chatted longer once we we stopped recording for the show and he shared some things. I think you'll find very interesting already. That is it from me for this episode looking forward to hearing your comments and feedback back whether it's inside the members Viceroy Group in the comments area. Do you want to shoot me an email. You can do that to Andrew at photo these X.. Dot Com other than that have a fantastic seaquake. And if you've enjoyed this episode x dot com join the conversation and comment and share your thoughts on the interview with Andrew in today's special guest. Something that was interesting. I'm going to be brutally honest after the trip. They invited me to become an ambassador within the antastic audibles but I actually tended downs. Now I don't want to commit myself fully to the brand because what. They were austen former ten. was they once meet a Goto trade shows continent Olympus Teasha. Help sell their products in that sort of thing. It just felt like become a bit of an employee and really interested in that end as well if you become an ambassador of a Cameron's than any time you're gonNA talk about. How amazing the is on Youtube? No one is going to believe me because they just didn't well. That's GonNa take your word for an. I've just finished the commission in with Panasonic and they just asked me the same question again. Hyping it was going to be a one off contract with the conversation stop why Columbus and Panasonic of that video will be going few days just went back on the first draft of the behind the scenes. They said what would it take to convert you Foley to penicillin and I'm GONNA politely decline them as well. Just because I don't WanNa be committed. I mean in terms of making money. If you WANNA make money Then is a good way to make money because they would have paid me a monthly some but at the same time I would have felt like as you said on might have been selling my soul own. They're not going to be less to brand Yanni. Brian Diane Investigatory sneezy bed. The I was using them for years before they even approach me anyway style. I only approach brands. That I genuinely want to. What wave or like their products? I would never just randomly going up brand of Navy's before have no interest before thinking on what makes them money than a personal project wound. Come from that because I don't believe in products for sure. This is the kind of stuff that you'll each of us certainly would love up to here. This is the kind of stuff you don't normally from from brand ambassadors asking tonight. Thanks Sandra hopefully. The audience likes Brie. Shake is absolutely.

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338: Joey Wright  How to build a successful swimwear and lifestyle photography business

PhotoBiz Xposed

1:05:37 hr | 1 year ago

338: Joey Wright How to build a successful swimwear and lifestyle photography business

"This is photo BS x episode number three hundred and thirty eight and today. We have swimwear and lifestyle photographer. Joey right on the show he was featured six six years ago on the podcast and at that time it was as though he was on the cusp of breaking through but he was scrambling to make a success of his business. You're talking about moving to Florida. He was handing out business cards to get bookings account white to learn how things have changed. How businesses developed if he's actually profitable and how he's been able to continue doing what he loves to do that interviews coming up in just a minute planning into a successful wedding and portrait photography business join injury? Is He. Entities successful photographers in business. Experts to track your success S.. Welcome to the photo exposed podcast with your host Andrea Helmet. Sandra Helmi Cheer from Impact Images and welcome to episode of the podcast on coming to you from Bali seminar in Bali for this episode on here with Linda on Tendai a holiday with that trying to roddy. And I've got to say it's been fantastic. Read books already. I'm studying my third book. Now which is a good indication of how relaxing these holidays. Bain pools everywhere in the resort. We tend to move from one to the other depending on the time of day and Aram which meal. We're about to have or have just finished. It really. Is that kind of holiday. The weather is fantastic. The water temperature is amazing. The rooms are air conditioned the food is incredible and and shape and as much as I was wary about coming to Bali on heard so many stories about the place I've got to say it's it's great for a relaxing holiday talking talking about relaxation. One of his favorite things to do is go and get massages Acosta around ten Australian for a full body one our message. It's just blows me away. I'd be joining her for some of those but I might have to put a cap on that now after an interesting experience if today we both turned up for a mess. Generally what I've experienced in the past is we will be laying side-by-side with no Kurt and in between us but this particular Akilah masseuse was very cain to take me as her Kline. Linda had a separate masseuse and my masseuse was very quick to close the curtain between Linda and I say she had very masculine features. I don't know if transvestite or transgender is the right term but she definitely definitely had very masculine qualities. I would suggest that she started life. As a male which didn't bother me at all message is a message. I'm happy either way but this particular souss had other things in mind there. There was in serious clenching enhanced like ink on wondering what the Hell is going on on the other side of the curtain and it was really bizarre for me. I mean do I get up and walk away I I just say stop that. I mean she was persistent. Grabbed her hand. Move Optima shoulders. Can you focus is on my shoulders. Linda throws hysterical if it was because of the mile qualities of my massage ars therapist or just the story in general but yeah it was interesting to say the very least and uncomfortable but funny at the same time. That's an interesting place. I don't know if you've ever experienced anything like that. I'm talking to your mile listener. Maybe baby's happened to you too. If you're a female enough you happy to talk about it. Let's talk about it. Let's get into today's episode just before we get into the interview and the normal star of this show. What else thinking about in regards to Christmas and new years episodes were something something a little different to the usual looking for your feedback on this too? Because I don't like to release what bull on business interviews slash episodes of that time view. It's time to take it easy in the past put together a best of shows and things like that. What else thinking for this year and you can let me know if you feel? This is a good idea is recording according alive zoom session with you and we can call it a Christmas drinks episode. It's just going to be a matter of finding a suitable time and I'm looking forward to hearing stories from you about things that you wish that you had done differently when you started your business for the first part of the show and the second half will focus on things that are actually working in your business right now. There could be things from the podcast. That could be things you've learnt from other courses. Seminars workshops photographers other. PODCAST doesn't not but I'm looking in for an interactive episode with you the listener and we can maybe separate that into two separate episodes one for Christmas one for new years. Let me know if you feel. That's a good idea India. If you'd like to contribute get involved in that old listen to an episode recorded with other listeners of the podcast labor comment at the bottom of today's show notes which you'll find it photocopies dot com slash. Three three eight. Or if you're a premium member we can talk about inside the members facebook or let me know if you feel they would make good episodes and listen to that. Christmas knee break now. Last week's episode featured business and lifestyle coach and photographer Brittany Schroeder. She's actually not shooting anymore. She's focusing on business and life coaching and and it was a bit of a polarizing type episodes because I've heard feedback from you from listeners. Some of who absolutely loved everything Britney had to share. They felt like they were given a pick me up while listening to her. What Brittany shared really jailed with some of you on the other hand? I'll felt like it was not having the same effect on some from listeners. To clouds in the sky taught thinking to airy-fairy if you like and those listeners those types of listen prefer to have more hands on concrete hat to instructions in regard to the marketing and their business and their advertising so yet really two schools of thought put two types of feedback coming from that interview with Britney. I love to hear your thoughts. If you haven't had a chance to listen get back. Check it out if you struggle with mindset and I think you will absolutely absolutely love. What Brittany had this year? And if you're looking for more concrete hats info that nine be the best episode for you either way love to hear your thoughts. The photo is exposed interviews with photographers to help you build a better photography business. We're going to jump into this interview with Joey right in just a second before we get into that interview. If you're hearing this announcement it does mean you are listening to the free version of the PODCAST podcast. And all that means is you won't be hearing the full interview today with Joey. 'cause I save a big portion of the second half premium members only. So if you'll love having what you hear from Joey in the first half of this interview and you would like to him more. It's easy to access the full interview with a trial membership. It's a one dollar trial. It gives gives you thirty days access to the full interview with Joey plus access to the full back catalogue. I'll send you an invite to join one of the most amazing facebook groups on facebook the premium members facebook group. Plus hope you get started you know very Mazda Rx which listeners have told me has been a huge benefit in pushing pushing the business forward all that for that one dollar trial head of photocopies x dot com slash try. You can sign up for that one dollar for thirty days get access access to everything I mentioned if you love what you're hearing if you're seeing return for your investment you're very small investment. Stay on with membership like so many other photographers have don and grow your business as fast as they are by never ever been stuck for what to do next with your business to move it. Forward Photo B.'s. Dot Com forward slash. Try for that one trauma the ship great. It's time for Andrew Special guest today's guest featured featured in episode fifty two of the podcast. He's a Florida based photographer specializing in swimsuit and lifestyle photography and when I introduced him in the show annoyed last time. I said I'll be the first to admit living the dream get thrown around too much. But how else can you describe the life of a photographer who goes to work in board shorts. A T shirt and thongs. He works on the sunny beaches of Florida. And he's subjects are gorgeous swimwear models back in episode fifty two he was handing out business cards to get bookings and taking any job he could. He's drained back then was to get published in sports illustrated and make a go of his photography business. I can't wait to learn what's changed and how I'm talking about the talented Joey right and I'm rat to having with us now. Joey welcome back to the podcast injured. Thank you for having me back. It's a pleasure. Well first of all how have things changed photographic not so much the business photographic have you developed. Have you changed aims. You're doing well first of all. I haven't changed the formula so to speak. I just keep tweaking anything anything. That seems like a problem or a headache or anything. That sucks a little bit of the joy out of I quickly tried tried to you know tend to fix and then move forward so I would say really since we last spoke which are just before we kind of started we were kind of trying to guess. That's how long it's been. It's been like you said something like two hundred and fifty episodes so that's one episode a week. It's been a while so a few years and I can tell you so that a few years ago I remember saying man okay. Things are going really good and at most worried that it can't get any better which me. Who am I going downhill here? You know. It seemed like it was going to get hard to top our like. It's like you know all good things must come to an end. I will tell you you that things have gotten better in the last few years and we can kind of get into why more specifically and I can tell you some of the bigger changes is. I've made that have released sort of helped me continue really enjoying what I'm doing which some people might think. Well how could you not so. I'm trying to think of where to start exactly as far as Tiger Fay's style will tell me about your actual photonic okay. So yeah in regards to my photography and this is going to be good good news to anybody who who bought Af Stop Receipts Oriel. I haven't really changed my approach. I'd say I'm always refining things. I'm always making little minor tweaks but I know point that I ever say okay. Saint working anymore restructure. You know height of regroup group in some way that how does it happen at all so I would say I mean shoot. I've even thinking probably a Lotta pictures on my website. Currently are still within the you know. They're probably half of them are from two three years ago. You know I mean there's definitely some from the last year whatever it back. I don't know if I even updated the image on on my side in a year so I would only do that. You know or field as it needs to jump on and do that if something drastic has changed no if I did change my style I really don't think I haven't I think you know it's kind of an important thing is to stay consistent if you showed up to. I Dunno name your favorite restaurant tomorrow. In your favorite meal tasted completely different. Most people would be upset and that would throw them off and they would probably not continue to. You know the patron of that a restaurant. If they felt that they can come back and get that same meal every time consistently and I think that's important as artist to even though of course it's is important to experimented in have some fun with it and take some new angles. At times. I think at the end of the day. Will you still remember that. You're running a business this you need to uphold some level of consistency. So maybe maybe you know Sure sprinkling some new stuff as photographer talker on your instagram or something. You know because you get instant feedback. which is Great? It's a great thing about social media is that you really can get you know. A little sense of white. People are liking liking this new thing. I'm doing cool. Let me do a little more introduce it here and there and just see how it goes. So I haven't made any sharp turns but I definitely have made aide little tweaks that have just again. None of them have been so much style based they've been more of running a business type of changes so I would say those are the changes that have come into play in the last couple of years ago. You mentioned that you know validation for instant feedback from something like instagram. And who you taking that feedback from because I imagine you have as many models as you guys following you instagram. Who Listening to and other photographers to well? I think it's important as an artist or creative or whatever. It's important to take that feedback from people. You respect in. I don't just because some dude on the other side of the globe goes that's hot on a picture. That doesn't do anything that doesn't you know award me any points writer. I don't consider that Oh I'm doing the right thing you know. No I don't care about that kind of feedback but when I have you know photographer buddy of mine just called. Call me about Louis. CK Hey man you're killing it right now you know or something like that and that happens sometimes you know that's great because I know I have a good circle of photographer friends who I really respect them as people and photographers and it goes both ways and I think we all know that none of us will just low smoke up each other's ass right. Somebody told me a long time ago that you should always have three types of people in your life as I mean you can relate this to a career or or just personal growth or whatever it is but having a mentor. Somebody who's already been there where you're trying go okay. So you don't have to learn everything the hard way you can sort of you know. Go to that person to avoid some costly mistakes right right from their experience. Then it's good to have people that are right there alongside you. You know that are kind of going through the same struggles as you are in the same growth phase your because then you don't feel alone you know and then it's good to have somebody that you mentor somebody that you can sort of take on your wing because as you are you know sort of hang it forward to them and you're also you're gonNA go back over your fundamentals that sometimes you forget about and you're gonNA sharpen your skills in that process so I would say I definitely have all three of those types of people around and a lot of say the mentoring through my workshops or through doing might live retouching on twitch and so I'm always kinda trying to help and teach and help the guys that were starting out ten eleven twelve years ago and then I've got my buddies at our like I look at as complete equals like. Hey we've been doing the same amount of time you know you're doing great. I'm happy for you. I know you're happy for me. And then I've got some of the guys. That are like veterans that I can confide in if needed and I think that's been really helpful to keep all those types of people around in this whole process us. Yeah I just WANNA hold tangent there but going back to refresh me on question I had to that would now we started at well. You know if you just respond to likes or comments on instagram. You'll getting them from such a wide variety of an all the feedback. Yeah so so. That's it you have to just like. It would just be as easy for me to tell you. Listen don't listen to the trolls for the you know anybody that's hitting on your stuff online. Yeah I mean obviously that's a part of it when you kind of opened the floodgates to your you open the floodgates of like the entire world to your work. You'RE GONNA I have some you know some people that are just trying to ruffle feathers or they really have no. They don't care they just sort of cross pass with you. May maybe right song and whatever or it is weird per from around the globe rights just as you know I would tell anybody. I'll listen to that crap. I would also say we'll also don't listen to the people that are just like Joe Smell of says. Oh that's hot right like you. Don't be be picky now if some amazing photography aww if somebody puts some type of constructive feedback on something I did and I say okay. Well who is this person in turns out that there are really experienced photographer. They've got killer Taylor work then. Maybe it's worth really paying attention to what they said in kind of digging into deeper right so I just think when it comes to getting adding feedback. You should be just as picky as you are with your photography as you are when it comes to listen to you about your photography and I'll tell you how I did my last I came up with a pretty good method for getting feedback at one point. When I decided to completely Redo my website and just wipe out out my portfolio and put all Newark Align? This was maybe like five or six years ago but what I ended up doing was I reached out to three. I think it was three people three the people that I know. They will be completely honest with me. You know they know when I say. Can you give me real feedback. I'm not asking for a hug. You know some people just want to hear Nice things right and I was like no. I need real feedback cure. Because I'm about to read my site and then I'm also going to submit it to a big client. I want wants to reach out to somebody so this is important. I don't need any bullshit so I reached out to two photographers. That are good friends of mine known forever ever. They're both really talented. Both very picky okay. They're just super particular when it comes to their images and I knew they would be critical with you know judging mind if I ask them to ENDED UP MODEL friend of mine. WHO also came from graphic design background? So she sort of has an aesthetic taste and she's also super picky. I always remembered working with either man going through images whether she would just find the littlest thing and be like no no so. I went to three people that over the years. I realized they are Super Picky when it comes to photos game in anything aesthetic and they see reach out to each of them individually and I said hey so here are the thirty or forty images images that I think are my strongest but I only WanNa put like twenty of them on my site. Okay so all I want you to do is go through in just so actually. I sent them each a photoshop file and I said you know look like a contact sheet so basically had all the images on one file and then there was a layer on top and I said on that blank for shop layer. Do me a favor and just use like a red brush tool and just put an extra anything that you think now. This doesn't even belong along with the rest of this. This is not in the same class or category. It's not your best work. Put a one line like one cross through anything. That's Kinda like on the fence and circle anything that must stay that is like this is your portfolio. Okay so then what I did is I got all three of them back and and I took those layers and I stack them on top of each other and then you would see like one image had two XS on it and then a line grits. That's like a no that one's gone but then you'd have one where it's like like two circles in a line so that was overall very positive feedback so I came up with a nice little system to get really good feedback. I felt super Actually never felt so confident about receiving feedback on my photos because I could just see it visually in front of me you know that. Wow okay cool because sometimes you've got this little attachment to an image because you were there. Maybe you just had a fun shoot and loves working with that person just whatever whatever that that image just brings back a bunch of memories hugh but to the client or the complete stranger. WHO's looking at it for the first time? And it's going to be a the first impression thing that might cost you the job or not then. That image has no. They've got no skin in that game. You know they don't care what the experience was there just looking at it as an image. And that's what you really want your feedback to be based on somebody who is not biased. They don't have any connection to the experience of that that image they just look at it and say man that is wow holy shit. That is amazing image. That is a showstopper right. So that was sort of the feedback that I looked for. And that's what I got. I love and I think hopefully that'll be a little white because I imagine some people just are there by themselves okay. It's time to pick my best work. That's really again. It's a hard thing to do because you have sometimes in emotional attachments images is like we become image hoarders at times you know. We do totally same reason. Photographers won't delete all sets of images. Because they just have some. I don't know if I'm going to need this someday or something. I don't know you know and I'm Kinda Kinda got past you know. I think it's the same when you're showing a client images after shoot. It's I mean so. Many photographers showed double ups of almost then images because they just they can't the critical enough they can't realize that the clients that he's going to be very very similar. Might Let me change tact here when I interviewed you last time. You know you would just sort of starting to starting starting to make a governor. You just moved to Florida just looked I think it was about five years ago and you really want to go full time with this. You hang up business cards to get bookings what's it like now. Yeah I mean obviously you've gone from strength on your pricing page that you charging around a thousand dollars for a session. How many sessions are you doing? I'm has business okay. Well so this is business good. Because I'm not doing a lot of sessions anymore. So what you're referring to on my website in anybody that's interested it's on Joey. VOTTO DOT DOT COM. I put my test shoot rates online. Okay because it's just a package that sounds foreign to anyone. A test shoot is just basically a portfolio. Shoot for a model right. There is no grand. You're not you know it's not about a product or anything. The model pays you or you know. Maybe the agency pays you for the model but ultimately gets is taken off the models paycheck so when a model hairs to shoot or their portfolio. That's tissue right. That's kind of my filler work. The goal is to not do I. I don't WANNA be a test photographer right. There's some guys that that is their. That's their thing you know. They're testing nonstop. They might be doing two to three tests today for several days as a week and then editing photos could money. Well okay. Let's put it this way. Yes but I will say this. They're not charging. Okay the guys that are doing it at that rate. They're not doing it from people that are reaching out to them directly at your website if you're doing that much testing that means you're in with your and local agencies so you're agencies are sending you tests now if the agency's semi tests they won't do it for a thousand dollars. There's no way because they've got somebody doing it or five five hundred so I actually have to come down in my rate if I'M GONNA go. I'm going to attest ruin agency which is one of the reasons that I hardly do. Because I have actually a standby standby list right now of people that want to hire me book me for tests that reached out directly which means they've already seen the rates on site which means they are more than happy to pay my full-price as advertised on my website. Now if the agency reaches out hey joey are you testing right now in. Are you in town or are you testing Yeah I have a little time next week. Okay cool I know already. I'm going to have like the most. I'm going to be able to charge US probably seventh if you're so one hundred of that's going to go to hair makeup right so it's really not that much so if you were doing I mean think about it this way if you did two tests through an agency week you're making a little over a thousand a week and there's you know fifty fifty two weeks or so so not enough to be a pretty heavy schedule. I mean shoot. Let's say you were doing three testily. That means three afternoons. But then you gotta consider or for as much time as I'm out shooting I'M GONNA be in front of a computer. So that means Saito probably in a test shoot. It's probably a six hour commitment on the day of Right so between kind of getting my gear ready driving from ardell down to Miami you know picking the model out to location given a little smeal like giving him little speech on you know how I pose them shooting them for two three hours driving home dumping the images than going into creating proof extending up a gallery sending it to them Dune back and forth on he does now. We didn't talk about setting up so obviously there was an exchange just in the setup process right so one test shoot shoot might actually amount to shit eight eight nine hours of actual working right so and it's kind of scattered. It's not like you just do it at one day. It's like you're juggling so matt if you were just testing all time you're kind of. Oh Hey can we push our test back today. Because I just got booked for thing L. K.. And it just becomes crazy thing that's never been my goal is to just test my way to financial freedom So what are you doing now. So the strategy for me has always been not to want to make more money will at least for me. The the plan wasn't to just work more hours right. You know doing whatever I was doing if I was doing a lot of testing a few years ago. which definitely doing more than than I am? Now I wasn't saying oh I got to do more testing because I won't be up here. It was like no I just need better clients Right so that's been. That's always been the goal so now the great thing thing is I mean especially in this last year I gotta deal with a CBD Cannabis Company where they pay me. You know a few grand every month to post on my instagram. I landed a couple of big clients to see her. That have been actually consistently booking me. You know so that I've maybe gotten a shoot every. Let's say for me you know. I'm not join these giant production shoots right my shoots definitely not claiming to be. You know the guy that's out shooting giant campaign with a massive team. I'm in medium format. I don't do that. I don't care about that. That's not my saying. I like to do pretty efficient shoots and then move all my life to the next one but like I've been shooting for the hard rock cafe international brand this year's one of the clients. I landed so I've been doing their apparel. which is great that stuff issue in studio radio? Sometimes it's out on location. It's all put together through an AD agency so I don't even plan to shoot. I just show up and I you know have a can hire a small team in in have helped so it's not a really stressful shoot. Pay really well. They're always happy with everything. I send the images out for retouching while not sitting around for a week retouching images afterwards and then I move on right and those say three days of doing one of those shoots for a client like that is like the equivalent of doing and ten test shoots now remember each test shoot is like basically a full day because yes. It's a half day of shooting but it's also a half day of editing. So I'm I'm doing ten days of work in two or three days basically end in those two or three days. I have a team helping me test shoot. I can't afford to hire an assistant and you know. Turn it into a thing where you know. It's kind of cozy because it's not enough there in the first place right. I can't hire a retouched protest shoots it just starts to make it not work that in the end and were won't make anything right so the test shoots are all on me. These other jobs higher team have helped and then send out the images for retouching and then and I could be doing the next shoot you know. So that's actually the beauty of what Kinda happened over. The years is that I've gotten some really nice consistent assistant clients and that's the scary part about freelance work. In general is that you kind of always unemployed until your next gig right but some of these clients. They've gotTA shoot shoot they keep coming out with a new line in a really like working with you like the hard rock. It's been great. They basically reach out to me. Hey are you free next month. These days Yeah yeah of course okay cool. Can you hold those for now. You know some changes. Sure thing an-and as we get a little closer you know we can act and say hey are we going in on this shoot happening all we gotta push back a week. Okay cool you know we have this nice communication. They know I'm flexible. And it works out great and I've got a few of those clients alliance. That sort of it might not be the most exciting work you know. It's not the shiny object that you show off right. It's not the bait that gets you. The job gets people's attention of they still swimsuit model. Shoot that you're doing for these company. These in fact this one is not this particular the job is not so. There's a couple of jobs that it's actually funny because somebody might say well why would they have hired you in the first place. If all they see swimwear well because the AD agency who hires me for that the reason they know me is because I've been working with them on another job for the past nine years which is a a Swimsuit calendar shoot. I've been doing every year for the hard rock for the Casino so I've been doing the casino. This ad agency produces that shoot. They're the ones that sort of planet put together in in essentially hire me to shoot it right so in this particular case you know hard rock cafe ran which is like if you go into hard rock cafe restaurant in London and you see the tweet t shirts and says hard rock cafe the logo and then London underneath. It's all those shirts. It's all the apparel that you see. You can buy while you're in the Rafi graphic while you're in the restaurant right so actually if you go into any of those stores now and you see the photos all over the place. Those are all the ones I've shot so the agency that has been introducing NAT shoot Well that the hard rock cafe is which is separate as a brand from hard rock casino right but this AD agency. He is still the same middleman for both of those brands so when the cafe decided hey we want to try out new photographer. Maybe they retire wasn't available. Whatever happened the agency goes? Hey well why. Don't we use our guide. Joey he does this other job for us We think you'll be happy with his work. They hire you know like okay cool we trust you. They didn't need to go and say well doesn't the only one where they just trusted the agency I. Luckily I have never been. You know. Only focused on all. I can do a shoot out on location with with natural lighting. I mean I spent probably half my first few years of doing photography. I probably did half studio work right so I've got everything I knew back to a couple of weeks ago. It worked out perfect. My camera was broken because it got hit by a wave. This is the first time I ever killed a camera out in the ocean. And I got a call from from a buddy buddy that said hey my friends gonNA be down in Florida and you need digital tech. Do you know anybody and I go. When is it is like I said what's the rate is like a thousand in bucks to basically to sit in lots of the cameras broken right my camera? I'm waiting for the insurance to cut the check. So I actually the I'm kind of chill next week. I'll do it and I have all the gear. I we're literally have everything. I need to do detect work so I took the job job. You know it was great. That was easier than a test. Shoot because I didn't have that ending afterwards. I just had to show up with a laptop in a little stand the setup in some extra battery. Are- stuff tethering equipment and I was. You had to go so I still will take the hard rock says. Hey we WANNA hire you for a few days and we're GONNA pay well. I'M NOT GONNA turn it down because it's not storm right because Oh this is not my thing you know. It's not torture so I actually. I enjoyed it. It's great. It's like a catered shooter food and you know you show up and everything's Nice it's indoors it's nice to get in some AC once in a while when I'm shooting so yeah. Yeah I've got a nice You know steady flow of clientele. What the moment who are happy you know and I treat them like I never want them to go away? It does that mean. You're a commercial photographer now. Mosa or as much as a swimwear photographer well swim still can fall commercial photography to me me just means you're shooting for commercial brands right. You could be a commercial headshot photographer right. You might be shooting thirty headshots for this company right but your clients science or not. You know Karen Bob who want an h. mid-session you know and then you're not shooting basically stuff that people are putting on their facebook. You know so if you're doing tissue for model would you call that commercial. Photography was that domestic. No that's why I say is like my test shoots right now or the fill in for when I don't have a commercial assignment I guy so like I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm heading south. La for a week. Because I've got a commercial assignment out there for three days so well you know I'm on the wall and there. I'm actually kind of extending my trip. Which is another thing that I do now? Every time I have to travel. You know it's like look I've Vardi got flight paid for. Why don't I take a little time in this place to enjoy instead of flying shoot fly out right like I was kicking myself? After I went out to the Maldives to shoot a campaign for a swimmer Iran earlier in the year and it took me thirty hours of travel to get there right. It was like fly from Fort Lauderdale to Dubai to Greece to the Maldives. And then once you get to that airport you take a boat to the island so it Really Hillary was was like thirty hours doorstep doorstep right and then it was shoot from sunrise sunset for three days in leave the next day and then I was like wow I just went to the Maldives and now I actually did on the last day. We finished a little early. So the Holkar Client and couple models on the videographer. We all went scuba diving so that was cool. We got a little taste of vacation on that trip but I was like. Why didn't I just stay for a couple of days? You know. I spent all that time flying out there absolutely it was paid for. Why didn't I just spend two hundred hundred bucks on a hotel exactly? Soak it in. You know so now. Lesson learned I'm doing that on every travel gig. I do now and also there's some travel gates. I won't take considering that the the travel is is brutal. You know there's times where it's like you know what I can be. More productive talked about home. You know. It's like it took me almost. It felt like two days to get there to shoot for three days like was it really worth it in the end. I don't know but I'm I'm being a little more picky about the jobs that I take nowadays. which is a nice thing? I mean I'm not going to be sitting here starving and saying well. I'm not doing that. You know but I'm fortunate to be in a position right now where there is enough work that I can to an extent even pick and choose a little bit you know and that's the beautiful thing absolutely so I'm curious then if you know you are doing more of these different concerts outside the genre of swimsuit photography. Why don't we see any more of that on your instagram fate? On your website. I would never know that you were photographed. T shirts for hydrog. Well I'll tell you what because nobody nobody cares about it when you put it out there. Okay instagram is like our business card. Now right head is our. That is our first impression to the world as photographers love or hate it. That is what it is. You know. Adapt or die right so every photographer. I mean I hate to generalized right. But let's just say most photographers. I'm sure there's some photographers scrammed. They're completely successful. They found ways to navigate around. Did they do amazing. Yeah well and make more money than I do or happy. Whatever great but most people it would be foolish to? Not You know care about that right right and not treat it like a valuable tool as a photographer is a valuable marketing tool right. Because it doesn't cost anything you know. Put you on a platform where most people have an account and can possibly see your work right. So I think you know it's it's just like the same thing like my portfolio. My website site. I wanted to basically make you go. Wow right get their attention. You know grabbing somebody's attention. It's hard nowadays so if I put a photo of somebody in a hard rock t shirt logo on a white backdrop. No one's going to give two shits about it right like they won't even see it and think. Oh that must be Joey and in fact you know how many times people say Joe you know every time on the scroll through my instagram. I know right away before. Look at the name that that's your photo which is cool. I love hearing that. That's actually a great compliment. And it means that I am. I am being consistent right now. Files sudden drop. OPTUS this photo of somebody on a white backdrop again. No one's GONNA stop to look at it. Okay it's not a wow image. It's it's not gonna get any attention but I think people get that if I can in frankly like I don't WanNa be e COM photographer. Let's use e commerce is one of these sort of odd jobs now. Most of the ECOMMERCE I do is for swimwear brands. So usually what happens is a swimmer brand. Might hire me to do a little campaign. Shoot for their look but they also need the e com images for their website. which are just going to be those very plain model on backdrop shot? What's studio right? Just where we might shoot one hundred fifty two hundred looks in a day and it just front back side front back side or front back or whatever it is right and you know yeah. That's a nice little paycheck. It's an easy job but I also know the difference between what things should land in my portfolio or on my instagram which is as an extension of my portfolio sort of look at instagram is like it's your everyday portfolio. Okay now you know. I think there's you gotta find a balance if you just try to feed your instagram page. So much that you're you're putting out sub par work because you really in actuality rowdy. It's maybe too difficult for you to post something every day so to come up with three hundred sixty five really good images each year. That's it's tough so for me like I try to post three or four times a week and that's still what I think. Probably there saga. That are like fuck like I can't keep up with with that. You know but I don't know many people that are say posting every day and I mean like kick ass work every day for sure. That's that's tough to keep up with so and then again you also want to kind of be on these you know feed into the social media platform enough to stay relevant. Keep your followers growing. Because let's face it. You know that number those numbers Kinda matter. It's like a little a little sort of unspoken popularity contests happening today on social media and matters in. I'll tell you what this is the first year where I actually got hired because of it so I can actually say wow okay that he'd also like putting the time and effort to really curate a nice instagram feed and engage with people. I write back to everybody that that messages me. I you know 'cause I might get ten to twenty messages on an average day you know and then if I'm active if I'm posting in my story is I'll probably get thirty forty forty. I could get thirty or forty messages a day. If I'm doing a lot of stuff right so let's say one day I'm like shooting and I'm taking pictures of it shown behind the scenes so people are you know responding responding to my instagram story. You know at least give them a little. Something acknowledged that they wrote to me. You know I am not just ignoring anyone. So I think that's another part was social media. That's a huge investment. Like what you've just described that you do. You are amazing and instagram. I see your photos popping up a few times a week. See you replying a CEO. Active there to I think the one job from all that work. I can't believe that no-one job. No No let me rephrase I have one client right now that pays to be on my page. Basically right so for me to post with their brand and tag them once a week on my page. That's pretty awesome. Is this ignite. This is the ignite just for the listener. Who can't see this? What is ignored because to me? This is a risky move. Because you know you told me how valuable you'll follow. His are a how you need a cure at your feed because this is your business. Carbon he advertising on your fade right. Okay what is ignoring so ignite is a CBD in cannabis branch. Okay but as far as what they are having the you you know. There's a lot of companies out there doing these influence or campaigns. They were they are paying people. Now they are paying influencers based on the number followers. Right so you you know somebody with less than one hundred thousand dollars. That was in fifteen hundred a month. Somebody with my anal amount of followers. They've got three hundred thousand but say to a half million might get a few thousand a month. Somebody with a million Mike at six thousand people are making good money. I know models are doing six grand a month to post once a week for one brand over here three grand for this brand over here. Another three against this brand over here. One is like watched one could be a fashion line. One could be ignite. You're in good ten eleven twelve grand a month instagram posts. Not Bad pretty pretty fucking awesome. Yep Shoulder you had to wind up so whether you're getting did you say two thousand a month you're getting for your ADDS three three grandma. Okay okay sounds good money and it's easy money really because you posted a sign photo pretty much in your I be like yeah. It's easy but the reality is they. Were hiring me to do a photo shoot for them every month right so so let's say I'm GonNa Post one time a week for them writing and in one post I might. Actually you know post three images okay. And then put their a little image on the kind of post most women on a carousel well and then I might put an actual image of their product on the last image or something like that. But let's say I did a few images so maybe each month that's like two shoots. Well what do you think I charging sergeant. They hired me to do two shoots and said and we need you to post on your page. 'cause I would take that into consideration too so it's not actually that crazy right because I might say well. Okay let's do fifteen hundred shoot. I'll shoot for you know whatever so. Okay that's not insane so I'm not saying I don't I think it's actually works out usually and also it took me. When did instagram come out? And I think I want to say my first images are in two thousand nerves eleven forget when but shit. Let's say it's taken me seven years of paying a lot of attention to it to get to a point where somebody woody. Now you know can get a lot of eyeballs by having post products. So it's kind of like the what's that little. There's a Little Picasso Story Story. Really he goes. Oh can you draw something for me and he draws on a Napkin. Enhance it to me. Like that's five hundred thousand dollars like for a drawing on a NAPKIN. No that's for a lifetime of of practice in becoming an to draw that in thirty seconds right so that's kind of like the same thing here. It's not that you're paying me for the Ten seconds it takes me to host something on my page. No you're paying me for the shoots that I have to do that. Now if I was half assing shoots and taking them on my cell phone. It probably wouldn't last very long hang on. Joey misinterpreted my question. Because I think I think you should be getting paid more because because it's new it's new and nobody's paying photographers yet. This is kind of a new era. So I'm actually really grateful for them because they're paying the models. The models have been getting paid for two to two three years now okay. Photographers have not been considered influencers. So to speak okay so really. This is sort of the beginning of things because now I'm using other brands. They're watching brands like night. And they're coming into a competing market saying. Hey we need to be doing this. Does it hurt you to add their photo. Go to your fade every time you add one hurt you. It doesn't don't believe because you know. So here's the part I was GONNA mention I've gotten other offer before. Okay so let's say Rockstar reached out to me and I said hey we'd like to hire you to promote on your page with our first of all I'm not gonna if I reach shots me and said you have to post once a week a close up picture of our CBD oil a little vial. or I wouldn't do it. You know what I mean like now. Now you're GonNa make my page look like a commercial ad space right. But since they said we have swimwear with our logo on it which is not tacky. It's actually the swimsuit cute. It fits in consistently with what I already do. It was like a perfect fit. You know so now with Rockstar. When they reached out to me I looked at? There's because you know they. I think they were sort of taking notes from midnight. Right and jumping on the bandwagon and I looked at what they were doing so yeah they made some bikinis but it has their tacky logo like all over it and it's yellow and it's like the you know and it's just like an eyesore and I'm Mike. I'm not doing enough. Put that on my page. So a hundred percent. I'm being careful about that. I definitely treat this whole instagram page. That has take years to build up as something of value because it is again the first impression for people that wanted to hire me so if they come on their turned off because it just looks like well if I follow you. I'm just going to be seeing some goofy ad every week. You know I don't WanNa see that Shit but on the other hand if somebody's been following me for five years because they liked my work that I shoot up swimwear models and now all of a sudden once a week I post a picture of a swimmer model. She just happens to have a little logo. That's hardly noticed on on the Keady with no words no texts right in fact some people don't even recognize they might not even register it okay and I'm not half assing news photos either. I'm treating it just like I would if somebody hired me to do it's shoot for you know shoots ever so I'm not. There's no compromise there minus little logo. That's how you know if that and you know what I was thinking about this too. I've only had one or two people actually make some kind of comment in regard to that right. I've actually had some one of my. Most likely photos was one of the first ignite voters like out of nowhere. Got Twenty Thousand Twenty. Five thousand likes that right. It was like Holy Shit. I was like crazy and that was actually. I'm happy to happen right away because I was a little bit later. I wonder if this is going to look a little too commercially. The ad the looking and no. It hasn't heard anything. But again I'm sure if I was posting pictures with Rockstar logos splattered all over the. Hey it would definitely take a hit aesthetically to my page in. Which is what I think people come to say? They WanNa see nice photo. They follow my work because they let's say it's guys like the models or otographer is at appreciate the work the photography and the models or its models who want to work with me or have worked with me and just you know just people that I know and they support me right. Frankly I look at it this way. If somebody says like somebody said to me something you wrote something and honestly again. I don't pay that much attention. Because what does this person. I don't even know I really don't care what they have to say right. Like we've never had a conversation but somebody commented something like you know. Oh you're one of the many artists who sold out for one of these brands. Like this is my job any if you're actually a friend of mine who knew anything about so you'd actually say. Hey Congratulations Joey. I saw that you got that ignite that you're doing suffered night and I know that in and I see that they're big company and they're doing well and it got big names. You know attached to them in this nat- so congrats on on that right. That's the way I feel about it. Is that really if anything. It's a little sign of success you know. It's a little sign of doing something right because you know I'm not just doing it for cloud or something you know it's not like I'm posting brands. It just to look like I'm part of them. You know so which some people do. Actually some people are shooting posting things like Nike. And this and that and it's like Nike really didn't hire you to shoot cool. That's sometimes should be doing specs shoots like that to just sorta like you know. Fake it till you make it kind of thing but if you can get a brand to pay you and it doesn't doesn't in it fits in so again if somebody else I've got a couple people reach out to me. One was like a health food product or something. I'm like no I'm like this is not. This is off brand for me. This is not what people come to see. What you want me to post is not you know? My audience won't appreciate it. Yeah so of course I think you Kinda gotta be careful in picky and choosy about that stuff. It's definitely important but it is a thing to think about now and I'd say states. Any photographer. Photographer came in. It's awesome. I'm trying to reach out to ignite to You know so. I've never met another otographer. Who was like Oh? I can't believe you're doing that no I I meet but I hear from tigers quite often anyway you know who should I talk to. I'm kind of how do you shoot for night. They asked me interested. They see that there is this market. You know it's it's hard for photographers to monetize these things you know and now back to something you mentioned earlier. Is this the only time time. I've made money from all the work but instagram. Hell no no instagram. Still the first place where people go like if I shoot some girl. That's I've got a million dollars right and I just like kill it with her and make some great images I know as soon as she starts posting them on her page. I'M GONNA get a little wave. Save of inquiries right. It happens every time. Petitions commercial shoes. Yeah yeah these little waves of eyeballs on my work are more likely likely to come from shooting some type of influence or somebody that has a massive following. I two that they pretend shoots or they for oh yeah. No both both absolutely both premium members photo bees exposed based photography business strategies from every I. Well I'm going to chase you up. And then and that will fund it. Hey going in the meantime. Where's the best place to listen to find out what's going on so your work? Follow along with you know what the best place is either hop over to my website. JOYRIDE PHOTO DOT com. Everything you can find me at Joey votto so instagram Graham. Joey votto anything on Youtube is short photo website s joyride photo. And if you go on if you're interested in any workshops events we do like a photo Tomita we've got one coming up in Lauderdale on my kind of I team up with this local studio. We just do a beat up free like you know we just network and every has knicks friends. It's funny like just two nights ago. I was out and I ran into a photographer. That was I'd met at the Lasts meet up and we had a chat. It's just cool it's just good networking in and builds camaraderie. So that's coming up on November Seventeenth Sixteenth in Fort Lauderdale. If anyone's interested any of my workshops might twitch which you can watch from anywhere in the world so this is not just you know a message out to the people base south Florida. I have a little telegram. I'm channel that you could subscribe to but basically a one way communication stream where I say. Hey guys I'm going on twitch tonight at this time eastern time join me it's free. Here's the league right so I'll just make little announcements of here's twitch or I've got. My workshop is now officially on sale. Or whatever or this is coming up that I think you got any photographer the target might be interested in I. Don't spam it. It's just really anything that you know. I mean I probably only message something on there every two weeks or if I'm consistently doing twitched just once a week at the most by anyways might telegram. You could find my website or through my INSTAGRAM on instagram. Honestly has all the links you click on the link in my instagram by. Enjoy right photo. And there's a thing that says like tribe or whatever there's just click around my instagram. You'll see all kinds of little things that I offer my. What all those other links? Just anything and everything you mentioned and amazing. Think listen will be interested in. I'll add links and the show. It's like yes or no answer to finish to get published in sports illustrated which is okay. I look I'm going to be honest. Not really it's not really a thing that I'm like I feel like I need to do to you. Know have have felt a sense of certain accomplishment or treatment because what I have done is I've met the sports illustrated but I know the editor I know it's like they. I know I exist and the day one of their photographers. You know breaks his leg. You know two weeks for the shoot the maybe call me right but I also understand that it's just like I've been shooting for the hard rock calendar for nine years. They love working with me. I think still. Hopefully I love working with them. They're not gonNA hire someone else until I say say hey I I moved to China right so I can't do it or I died so that I realized that that it's not something to take personal in order to stay. Well if they know about me and they haven't called me. That means that I must not be doing the work. I mean fact that sometimes. That's how come you haven't done. Sports illustrated your work. Looks better than stuff I just saw in the latest issue which you know again like not that I think that or whatever care. It's just that this is not the industry to to take things personally right. I'm happy with what I've got. You know I'm very happy with. I've got an anything that comes. My way is like a little extra icing on the cake and if that happens happens in that pans out someday amazing if not. I'm not going to be on my deathbed. You know upset talking about sports illustrated but no so I haven't been published in sort surgery. They're using the same Batali Using for a while so actually kind of watch and see I was like Oh okay. They actually did hire A. They didn't hire new chick last year from Australia. She's an amazing tiger. I think it's Josie Clo Clo Saga anyways. But it's very rare that they bring on New People so they kind of have been using their go to team for quite a while. Whether it's hair makeup tigers I mean some of the models have been in there forever family right so the family thing is who you know. And and here's one other thing I'll be like I'm not an ASS kisser. In you know I don't try to weasel my way into the circles in Hobnob and all that Shit I just don't care you know L. Like I don't I don't care too if I meet the right person one day and it works out. CID Deputy Great Amazing but I'm not a chaser so anyway that's my answer. tiredly get I get it and it might need sports illustrated you sound like a massive success. You've got the loss though you want. You've got the work you want and these other dream now. That's eighteen stuff joey. An absolute legend might thank you so much for the time I can't wait to reconnect. Can't wait to share. They seem to be with us. I thank you I appreciate it. Thank you for your time and thanks for thinking of having me back on here always fun and it's always cool to Kinda share because we are in a little bit of a Niche Asia market. And you don't really get to hear from photographers. You don't bump into him on the street all the time and it's not so. I love that you do this. And especially because you do you focus on the business stuff. which is the big like mystery for most photographers guide? There's enough fucking tutorials on the inverse the square law or something like okay we get it but this stuff needs to be shared and it's stuff that people shy away from talking about so thank you for doing that. I hope you enjoyed that integrate with Joey right as much as I did. Joey if you're listening again thank you so much for coming on sharing everything you did. It's been great to follow your success. He how things are going today. And what you're doing within your business to maintain the lifestyle that you're looking to leave absolute inspiration expiration so thank you again so much for sharing what you did for you. The listen. I would love to hear your feedback on. Today's episode was anything that Joey shared. That you thought yes. I can absolutely relate to that I can apply that to my business news that in my business if there is let me know in the comments area at the bottom of the show notes and he can find in this week. At photocopies Abe's x dot com for slash three. Three eight now no show notes. I've got links to anything and everything that Joey mentioned of got examples if he's incredibly beautiful work links to his social media profiles. Can't it's all there in the Shaina it's at photos x dot com slash three three eight. And if you are a premium member. Let's take the compensation over to facebook group all get. Joey added into the group as well. So you'll have access to him there in case you have any questions for him shoutout to be shut us for today's episode and the goes to Atlanta maternity and pregnancy see photographers Jewett Harrison. Who says the podcast helps put him into the business slash thinking frame of mind in the last week he drove to Dallas Texas to be these family for Thanksgiving? It's a twelve hour drive from Atlanta to Dallas and he says that he usually enjoys listening to music on the drive but this time he got caught up on past awesome episodes and he says man what a great way to pass the time. The only problem is trying to take notes while a drive. He went on to say he got so much. Great Info from the likes of Lucy. Dumez Bernie griff Serena Hammond Bethel knife and Emma O'Brien and all done. He had to listen to several segments multiple taunts which is fantastic. You guys undecipherable lovely things. So I just WanNa say Stewart a massive. Thanks for taking the time to leave your view on the photo B.'s facebook page too messy for me and I love how much you're enjoying the episodes. I thank you so much. The second big share that goes to Damian from the United States of America. I'm not exactly sure who daming is is. I've got a feeling it's Damian Moa but whoever it is that lift me this review please get in touch so I can add a link to your website. You are from the photo basics website to help you with your Seo and also don't forget to let me know the keyword phrase what a keyword phrase you're looking to rank for Sirkin use that for for the anchor text when a link to your website to help Seo that a little bit more so Damian from the United States again. Thank you so much relieving your review Institure Damian said if you're serious or he says if you're serious about Yo photography business and what a podcast that talks about headed grow business generate leads and win back time. This podcast is for you. The list of interviews are extensive match with expert advice great earlier quality and a superb facebook group support network. This really is the Bible of insight for all genres a photographer. Damian bye awesome thank you so much. Please let me know exactly who you. You're going to add that link to your website to help your Seo. I want to say a proper. Thanks I really appreciate you taking the time to leave that review in stitcher and of course if you and listening and you have it left a review or you're looking to get linked to your website a strong link from his website using the keyword phrase that you're looking to rank full will simply labor reviews somewhere online let me know about it getting touched include the URL. You'd like me linked to the keyword phrase you're looking to rank for L. Happily at a link in the show for that episode. I'll give you the shadow and review could be on the photo basics. facebook page could be stitcher radio. It could be apple itunes. It could be wherever you listen to your podcast APP used. It's his place to leave a review. And you do that for the photo these X.. podcast let me know so I can say approach thanks. You're listening to the number one photography business podcast with Andrew Helmets Votto Biz x dot com just before we close today's episode. You probably familiar with the name. Alex Vega from four Grand Web. If you've been listening to me or this podcast for any length of time. It is no secret that I am I massive fan of Alex. He is my Go-to Guy. Ah Anything website related actually have a monthly maintenance package with Alex. He helps look after photo. The website and also impact images website. And and he has recently released. A bent has dick article or post blog. Post if you like it's more it's more than a blog post this is. This will become your Bible if struggling to speed up your website looking to optimize the images on your website to make your website faster. He's been working on this article. Go for over four months. It's very long at over seven thousand words but it's very very informative. It's eighty two rate is backed up by a ton hundred research and examples and linked to it in the shiners. If you're struggling with the speed of your website loading you will be getting penalized by Google. But worse people people who go to your website if they're inclined to and I will bounce back off it if it doesn't load quickly so you really want to have your to really want to have your website loading fast and I wanNA easiest or best wise to do is make sure your images optimized effectively. These article will show you how to in addition to the article. If you're happy to learn that way that is the best article but Alex also has created a video guide where he actually walks you through this process as well. This is a page you to`real sixty next to US dollars. But like I said it's an option you do not need to pay to get access to the article and if you learned by rating everything there and laid out for you in that blog. Post if you prefer to learn by watching videos via video tutorials than the paid options for you as well at least the both in today's show notes US check them out. And if you don't already subscribe to Alex's newsletter then you absolutely should because he shares some amazing tips regularly via that newsletter and you can find aww foreground web dot COM. There's nothing in this for me on a fan of what Alex Shave because it's nonsense. It's all good stuff. He's not always trying to sell all stuff to to me or to you and if you need something for your website fixed or redone off sorted he doesn't. He's amazing. That is enough for me. That's enough of that Alex. I've gotta get back Linda by the pool. Come back to the room. The air conditioned room. I've turned the air conditioning off to record this to keep the sound quality better than what are going to be with the air conditioning on a tried to record Dan by the pool but it was just too noisy so now that I've recorded what I needed to. I'M GONNA head back and do the editing and uploading from Dan by the pool next to Linda. I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback. Your thoughts on today's is episode. Joey you funny stories about massages choice is gonNa be a few and also your feedback on my idea for Christmas episode with you. The listener getting involved. That is familiar this week. I'll be back in Australia for next week until then have a fantastic awake if you've enjoyed this episode x dot com. Join the conversation position. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the interview with Andrew and today's special guest.

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