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"emma katcher" Discussed on The Allergy Today Podcast

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"emma katcher" Discussed on The Allergy Today Podcast

"And welcome back to -ality today my name is Alice. Rose and I'm joined by Gordon and I'm Ruth Holroyd and today we're going to be talking about Our Week and we have very exciting special guest exciting for me. Lucie Nicholson who runs Lucy's on a plate in animal side and we chatted about in previous episode of the podcast and she really does have her kitchen under strict control. On the allergist rule. Catered for that. We'll give her a ring in the moment first small. Let's talk about some things that have happened in the news. Recently one. That was very sad. Was the eighteen year old boy who died from eating a burger. It's just so tragic a car. I mean. Every time one of these stories comes up. You just can't believe it's happening in a way and that is to be one after the other doesn't it exactly is is to still happening especially expandable yes. His name was Owen Carey and he went to buy a Burger Byron Burger the O two arena London and he told them about his dairy allergy. Now I must admit if I had a dairy allergy. I wouldn't think to ask when I was buying a burger. So so what happened Ruth. What happened with this story appears that the staff weren't really aware of this either but there was buttermilk on the actual chicken so it didn't look like it has the need milk in it but it was marinated in buttermilk? So own wasn't told that in staff didn't know that the problem with that restaurant is they were going with the verbal communication indication. So if you're looking at that Burger yeah you're right. Looks like it's got no dairy in it. It was cooked in dairy and that then makes it unsafe summer with dairy allergy. And what they're saying. Now the family Nia saying that is not good enough. The verbal communication of the restaurants or of noisy staff turnover is really high and also customers can often be young. So it's just they just have to change how this is done here. So he died fifty five minutes later there were so many arms of his girlfriend is just talk to his heartbreaking. Now did he have an EPI pen. Did he have antihistamine. No he didn't have his with him. Which is another thing which we talk about in other episodes with Dan who is a bit older than young men are quite risk? Because where do they carry their they. They are the ones that leave it behind often. She's one of my bugbears that you have to be carrying them all the time but it must be said. The blame needs breath to lie with with the restaurant. Does it staff training isn't it. And the communication. The the staff were asked the question and they couldn't I answer it so they must have been lacking in some kind of training now. I understand that in fact that they've upped their game. So there's a there's a quote here from Emma Katcher sister who said that Byron who really up their game and they do go above and beyond now as to what the current legislation says and they proactively ask if any body has allergies so they've learned but it took a death to do that. How many more times is this going to happen before something changes and what needs to change? Well I think from what I've learned is the people just need to start taking allergies more seriously it needs to be a higher priority list and cannot take a death breath to change this the Muslim. Yeah true I wonder if when people have reactions with reporters well in my case in most of my energy rations take the case with. Oh and he's left the premises. He's not there if he didn't have a serious reaction if he got better. Would you have gone back to that. Restaurant would just never gone back to Byron with have complained poll story there of what we do have less severe reactions. Still bad they still might put you in hospital. But you haven't died if I'd gone back to a place because I'd had had reaction. I don't think I would have got much engagement. Frankly you can imagine a scenario. Hello I came into your burger shop. Yesterday I felt very over. Twenty for hours cannot speak to the manager and the manager will just write it down somewhere. Yeah exactly nothing will change change. We have to keep reporting these things yes it might. I'd be a pain in the ASS for you to go back to that restaurant. Talk about it when you're actually you find now it's over and done within probably just want to get on with your week but you want to read card that yeah. The responsibility needs to be on on both sides customers. One of the things that I've started doing is reporting restaurants the Food Standards Agency. Especially if I think. There's some learning needs to happen. You report it and the Food Standards Agency will look into it. You don't have to do anything. What do they do when they've got complained? They speak to the local council and and then just as you would with a worry about food poisoning or unclean kitchens or something like that they will investigate and it's it comes under the same remastered environmental health of people. It's not easy to rates. Can you just quote long questionnaire. I've done a couple of times now. You know what they had an APP where you could just report something quickly and easily as this kind of stuff this development funding that hard. But you've got to go look for that and know that you can do it. It's probably any probably know exactly. Not many people probably now and it's probably enough of a barrier isn't it distinct comp. Copy Austin you've lived on if it's not a serious reaction or you haven't had to go to hospital you just move on. You never go back. Go back especially if you have been if you've had experiences in the past where you haven't been taken seriously and people have just gone. Oh sorry about that the point I suppose it's a whole load of ideas in my mind about how we could address this. I think the APP would be terrific. Thing reported APP if it was managed managed a proper way so that you knew that it was going to the environmental agency. They were tracking all these things and then there were some followup. I've had follow up every every time it's quite slick once you've done it you know they need people to know about it and to make it easier to you if you made it an APP. You'd do it while you're in the restaurant not twenty into a new download the full monty intimate exactly and it gives you. It gives the consumer the power back. Because it's like right in. This has happened to you. Higo his real easy way to do something about it without you. Having look. Would all be a cell phone and move honorable position after you ready. So that's appeal to our listeners. To the allergy today. podcast would an APP help you to report. What places to make the world a better place would that be enough to to give you the incentive to do get in touch with us? You know how to do so social media. The HASHTAG is allergy allergy today or you can email us at hello at allergy today dot co Dot. UK That's the one.

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