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How to Bond With Your Home When It Doesn't Come Instantly

A Beautiful Mess Podcast

01:03 min | 1 year ago

How to Bond With Your Home When It Doesn't Come Instantly

"You're listening to the beautiful. Must podcast episode is about how to bond with your home when it doesn't come instantly it can take months or even years to have that home feeling when you walk through the door. Keeleys here with me today. Filling in for emma howson summer off for maternity. Leave i ask you join me on this episode. Because she also had a slow bond in her home. It's normal to have feelings of doubts or feelings of letdown or even regret when you first move into a home it makes sense when you think about it because buying a home is one of life's biggest decisions change is hard and when you first move in. It's often the ugliest houses ever going to look. It might even smell weird. So it's all normal. Maybe you miss your old home wherever it is. Sometimes it just takes time to bond with your new home. If you're not expecting this reaction it can feel weird. It can even feel wrong. I know that. I struggled with feeling ungrateful at one point. So hopefully this episode will help anyone who's going through the awkward transition to feel normal and give you some practical tips for how to make your new house feel like a home as fast as possible

Emma Howson