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"emily frazier emily" Discussed on Pool Podcasts

"I had a very long conversation with Emily Frazier from matchroom multi sport. We talked about a number of things. It's a long interview, but I think it's worth the time it's almost an hour i. think it's worth the time to spend to listen to everything emily has to say she has a vision for this game. and. If we can get halfway to that vision, I think we're going to be doing an outstanding job. So with that being said. Without any further ado I give you emily frazier. Very proud now to be joined by the managing director of Matcher. multi-sports Emily Frazier Emily how things on on your side of the world? On my side of the pond. Well, it's. Crazy gonNA live but. Thank you for having me. Great to speak to my just a I'm actually at MK Arena full the build of our Championship League Snooker Event So we've got that start in on south Sunday. Sioe yet oh systems guy really for us wit select. We're we're back into the mix of it and doing exactly what we love to do which is back to back events. For the for the World Snooker Championship there were fans allowed in the first day and then they weren't allowed in until the last day. Is that right? Yes unfortunately I was I was there on that day and it was. It was such a horrible for everyone involved really so much planning and organization at gone into. Allowing spectators into the venue. All of the United Rules and regulations have been approved by And then all of a sudden. A spike in cases and a decision obviously be made by the government. To cancel any test pilot events for spectators attending live sporting events, and obviously that coded the wall. SNOOT. Championship. which was Distraught really united. We had one day fans and then all of a sudden. It went to behind closed doors and then manage to have the final The final two days are been spectators so it just goes to show the no matter what you do matter what you plan. Evil ways got to have something in you back in the back of the mind you know just saying. It's not quite a hundred percent until you. So of there and you just got to make sure that you've got every contingency in place really and just it's just still such on nine and onset and times right now all we have to do is try to stay upbeat and positive, and and just hoping aim in the right direction..

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