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"emily emily fang" Discussed on NPR's World Story of the Day

NPR's World Story of the Day

03:52 min | 6 months ago

"emily emily fang" Discussed on NPR's World Story of the Day

"Academic Freedom on Chinese university campuses has always been precarious. The early two thousands saw a liberalisation but academics say ideological controls as a returning under Chinese leader Xi Jinping NPR's Emily Fang survey dozens of universities across China to understand how these restraints are hitting students and scholars. It wasn't the fact that one of the best universities in China had changed. Its charter last month to emphasize loyalty to China's ruling communist party that raised eyebrows Shanghai's in his Fudan. University also deleted principles like freedom of thought and did so publicly as if expecting praise not everyone was happy. Fear your students staged a rare In risky protests in the school cafeteria but he was like this. One show students singing futons anthem last month while school officials yell at them to stop a student who participated told NPR they'd hit planning for the protests by saying they're preparing a marriage proposal. Fudan is not the only university ready to rewrite at school charter to emphasize unswerving loyalty to the Party in. NPR analysis found since two thousand eighteen. At least two other universities made similar revisions downgrading in grading or outright removing language protecting academic freedom while inserting a new clause universities Communist. Party Committee is the core leadership of the school. At least one hundred engine. Nine universities didn't even have charter until two thousand thirteen. The Year Xi Jinping became China's president since then they've adopted charters for the first time promising to implement implement. The Party's principles economics professor Yang Xiaojun once taught at Queen University in southern China. He went awards for his teaching and volunteering. But in August August two thousand eighteen public security officials called him in war. Pooling said God can no longer use case studies drawn from reality in your lecture also must stop stop publishing political essays online. They told me. Shut your stinking mouth young shocked and angered what we told them as a university professor. It is my right book. Which University administrators were powerless. Before security officials young was fired later that year for spreading quote politically cleaned mistaken. Speech and being unrepentant should the oppong. A scholar of Chinese culture says the problem in China today isn't that academics are being reported for ideological infractions infractions. It's at the higher ups who wants could ignore such complaints now feel pressured to act or themselves behind it. All reporting isn't the problem. The problem is that the political winds shifted at the top and that shift has been orchestrated by the political leaders themselves. He'd know shoot was fired. Erred in two thousand seventeen for criticizing Chinese leaders like multiple and even Emperor Wu who lived more than two thousand years ago. Sure is now a visiting academic fellow in Tokyo. Your Sean Don a former economics professor at Chaman. University shares shirts stubborn streak. I'm the kind of person who speaks the truth. Like many academics. NPR interviewed for the story. Joe was fired after a network of students spies run by the Communist. Youth League reported him for criticizing President. She's political slogans. Logan's university professors across China told NPR up to two such student. Monitors are now secretly positioned in each class public notices on university websites. Detailed detailed responsibilities for such spies to quote report student and teacher opinions on school policies. On current events. You'll the former economics professor said. He had to be very careful about everything. He said a hundred cutter down. You had to pay attention to people's expressions one person might hear me and agree but another person might hear me and report me in the end. You'll decided these conditions made it impossible to give lectures professors in China. He said May as well just read straight from the textbook emily. Emily Fang N._p._R. News Beijing..

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"emily emily fang" Discussed on Up First

Up First

03:23 min | 8 months ago

"emily emily fang" Discussed on Up First

"All right. In Hong Kong Elections Pro Democracy voters turned out in record numbers to deliver a message to China. Yeah Pro Democracy candidates defeated longtime occupants of local local council seats throughout Hong Kong. This was seen as a symbolic referendum for the anti-government movement. We should say the Anti Central Government Movement now in a statement today. Hong Kong's leader who is backed by Beijing by the National Government in China said the government will respect the results of the election. Carrie Lam said the Hong Kong government will quote listen to the opinions of members of the public humbly and seriously reflect all right. We've got NPR's Emily Emily Fang on the line from Hong Kong. Emily you are out in the world. Tell me where you are. First of all. We're right outside Polytechnic University. Where about about sixty? Some newly elected pro Democratic district councillors are trying to go. She access to this campus since Sunday. Dozens of protesters have barricaded themselves inside and refuse to come out and district councillor. Say Their First Acting Office is to negotiate their way in and bring these people out So just talk about the results votes here. I mean this is this is a huge surprise is not wasn't a huge surprise but definitely exceeded expectations of pro Democrats. Now have eighty six percent of district council seats if you look at the map of Hong Kong right now. It is all pro-democratic set for the very fringes of Hong Kong voter turnout with a highest ever has been in any election in Hong History at seventy one percent and so now everyone's looking to twenty twenty two which is when committee chooses. The city's next leader district councillors. Don't make policy. But they do have one important unsponsored -bility they make up just one tenth of that committee that chooses the leader but there's a lot of excitement overhanging. That excitement is that a handful of protestors are still trapped on his campus. And I'm standing right outside of and so today District Councillors side. I went to a lunchtime protest and I spoke to a twenty six zero financial analysts Jackson. Awesome Chang who said he elections him were a bittersweet victory. I was happy owned by the time of what we have paid for for for such. We're paying a lot of such without so we deserve. That's so that's that's that shouldn't be an expense visit surprise. He's saying that they've I paid a lot for such results That they paid in terms of the lives of these protesters were trapped inside this campus. Now and that's why hundreds are here trying to rescue them. So what what. What is the official reaction from Beijing from China's central government? If anything at this point while there's been no official state response but state media has not been pleased. They've accused choose the quote West for meddling in the election for the results. Harry lamb notably Hong Kong's chief. Executive has not come out and made a live statement. She released a statement saying that she would reflect on the election results But what the elections show was the collective power of the Hong Kong people is is quite unified and this is my Hong Kong and Beijing are an impasse. As for Hong Kong. They think democracy works yesterday. Elections were incredibly orderly. They were no protests but the results were surprising they were open ended and stunning and Beijing. Just can't at tolerate that kind of political uncertainty. NPR's Emily Fang in Hong Kong. Emily thanks for your reporting. We appreciate it. Thank you.

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