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Channel One-Nine #1

Over the Road

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Channel One-Nine #1

"Hey there and welcome to the Channel. One nine special. I'm todd dill's in case you're just joining us or wondering where Paul is and who I am. Here's the deal. I'm an editor at overdrive magazine. Meaning I spend most of my time writing about trucking four truckers. But for this podcast. I'll be hosting this series of mini episodes. Where we help. Answer your questions about trucking. If you're hearing this and you are a trigger then keep toned but bear with me. We'll be hitting some real basics. Start I channel one nine. We're going to talk about handling. Cb handles guess the only one I've ever really had was freak as infrequency because on the Radio Guy at our company I fix everybody's CB's you've well started out years ago Hall concrete on flat bed one of my buddies and said Hey Kanzi cowboy it stuck with me in the late. Nineteen fifties. The Federal Communications Commission started requiring licenses for anyone wanting to use a see. That's a citizens band radio. It was easy enough to get a license but CB's got so common that many truckers just didn't bother with it today the FCC truckers and others without licenses came up fictitious names for themselves shadow. I'm not going to get into the story about how I got that name. Even though the FCC stout requiring the senior license in the early Nineteen Eighties. Tradition of handles stuck around. They can be jokes because I used to weigh a hundred pound exercises in wish fulfillment. But I've gone by T. speed before but like slow and slower. Yes appropriated insults to if you Google the words Wild Australian bitch it comes back Dingo sort of. That's my handle Schreider. The heck are you might Crawford here. Might be the first trucker who told me that a CB handle meant to last is rarely something you give yourself given the handle beer cab. Because when he was sitting there drinking beer kept count of how many dad was he saved little tabs. Legit handle is a nickname that takes the reins and he looked like curly from a priest. Who just and he could sound. Act just like in fact Crawford gave me my own him like you're like a ghost. I'm somewhere all of a sudden you show up and would you be in everywhere and being able to write about everything. You need dose writer. That's W. R. I t. e. r. most writer chants. But how might Crawford became? The Mustang is a more interesting story. We're going on a ranch out in Colorado for one hundred dollars a week. He'd come off the road and the nineteen eighties to try his hand is a cowboy out in Colorado. Wow Mustang from out in Nevada or somewhere there you would come to know a wild horse. They name the force. Norman Norman. It was very friendly and he was very playful. He would come up behind you. And take you snows in Knox Cowboy hat off. He's like Mike took on the project breaking Norman to a writer and I can ride most anything. Well didn't always go. Well I climbed up in the saddle. Squeeze my legs together. Which was commanded to get into? You know go forward He didn't walk forward. It straight up. Did you ever try to get a saddle out from between your legs when you're eight foot in the air in coming down and there's no horse under you? I hit hard me the saddle still between my legs and I'm trying to breathe. Norman comes over and I swear to God. This is the truth is some other people. See It would verify norman. Come over then down. Looked at me like are you alright and lick my face like damn dogwood how everybody kept telling me. Mustang man and like any good handle the name stuck mustangs long career in trucking saw both the glory days and the long decline of the truckers. Today call it. The quote original Social Media Boards Heyday in the nineteen seventies when impromptu highway meet and greet for drivers. Cb coffee breaks some called. You got no guys at. You'd be driving down the road and see it coming on and Holler over a bear. Tab Is that you or hockey child is that you when friendships were forged over the airwaves. But we'd go along just BS in the Hallway. Always a social thing. Those things still happen but the steady rise. The cell phone did a number on. Cbs Culture among truckers on the vault. And everybody else cellphone. It became the downfall for a lot of things. One good thing makes it fairly simple to collect questions for podcast? If you've got a question about trucking dial seven six five four five four eight four four to ask the pros. He sure to state your name and location within a message. Gentlemen nine special is a feature of over the road for media. Tokyo and overdrive magazine is produced by Ian Costs and myself. Todd deals with support from Lacey. Roberts Palmar Hoffer and Jewish Shapiro. Thanks to the truckers whose voice you heard at the top. Steve Comedic Jason early wind and Walkabout Transport on her operator. Debbie Dingo visitor auto. Don't believe her go ahead and Google. Paul will be back with you next week all the way from Grand Island Nebraska until then ghostwriters over. Now do we'll catch you on the trail Emami Glass and the bears off your mail right radio.

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