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"elvis redshirts" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

01:54 min | 1 year ago

"elvis redshirts" Discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

"Your friends? We said hi dam the bat cave. Elvis redshirts on the way since you're the first caller of the day. Let's go Go around around the the room. room. Danielle what's on your mind today. So I did it last night. I went outside in the freezing cold, I had boiled water. And I said I'm going to see if this really works. If it turns to snow. I really it. Turns us snow what I put on my Instagram, and people couldn't believe that it really really worked. Yeah. And it really does work. It's the coolest thing. And I tried it again later on because I wanted to make sure it was wasn't just a fluke. Isn't it also? So grant the. It's amazing. How does know poof? It was so much to do there. There you are with a Cup of hot water sheet. All right. You're standing there. Nice fingernails and she's about to throw it in the air. Daniel throws water near in. So yeah, it can be done. People in Florida were a little jealous last night because they were like we can't do that here. Mike. You're jealous jealous right now. No, no for who. Walk into work today. It's three degrees. The wind chills in the negative twenties. Thanks. I know. But as I say that, you know, there are people in the mid west going, and it's nothing we're like wind chill of negative one hundred and forty five. Okay. I'm sorry at this point. It's yeah. Cold misery comparison, what's going on Gandhi. So Scotty be turned me onto something. Pretty cool. He and I are always arguing about disposable containers. Because he just throws Tupperware does Elvis what? Yep. That's why they're called disposable. No what? Okay. That's fine. The recyclable recyclable, maybe. But he showed me a delivery service where everything that they bring you as disposable or reusable. So you can leave all of the stuff outside they'll come pick it back up wash it, and it's very green. And I love it. And I love him for that. It's called loop your career. I try I could be better Gandhi..

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