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"elstein haight ashbury" Discussed on The Fighter And The Kid

"L. john all the record super famous people. So i can't remember. You told me this was someone told me. Did they like lsd. Yeah they ask elstein haight ashbury like oh in prison and he would go to those in so the feds or i would fads or da would have houses were they give like johns. As they called the g- get them in with girls. Now's the hills haight ashbury and tim cisco so they give all this lsd and then all the ship then you know in that. You're talk about like they would. They knew we're charles. Manson was at and they like the cops. Were going to go get him by keys on. Don't touch him. Yeah like he got away so many times like parole officer never fucked like they'd let him like travel when he shouldn't get super suspect so you think they set him up. No i think he's crazy. I think he's do. I just don't buy the narrative but he also like she like yeah. He told like maybe the narrative see told those people kill everybody but then it's like he's not a killer. You know what i'm saying like the real killers tex watson who's is muscle y- and tex watson. His he did an interview and those tapes has never been released adler because he didn't go into the narrative that helter skelter helter skelter from helter smeal. Yeah hell his song from the beatles. Helter skelter is a famous rollercoaster in england. So not like he will is sounds spot. Helter skelter because because we associate with charles manson. Yeah feels like bits. That's a roller coaster six flags. Yeah yeah it's just like yeah that right it's all right if you call it. Magic mountain or splash mountain. Yes it's weird dude you look into it. It's interesting but then and then like you know it's the ride is to die for and the reason wondering got caught. It's cause that Susan atkins she was. She got picked up for something else and she was in prison. She start bragging about the murders. Won the Her cellmates was like i got to tell someone about this and then when they killed sharon tate like it was just how bit killer dude so to you talk about it. I mean yeah. Let's get into social so let me look at me. So share share tate. Who is going to be pretty famous right. Pretty famous supercautious sharon tate and then The folder daughter who you know the the coffee the coffee top billing and senior and then there's like two other people in the house. One one was so two girls to guys sharon tate. Yes now that old house. She's be terry melcher house. He owns it but he rented out to them to polanski. Who was sharon. Tate's husband roman. Roman but terry melcher was the owner. Also terry melcher was the guy who could give charles manson's record contract so charles. Manson tex watson went to that house year before way before. We're having parties. He did go the parties and he was the guy who is the key to his success. Keith he going to be the beatles he's going to be like charles manson. He's is gonna be like jim. Morrison and soul fantasizing. Be like jim morrison. Oh so they thought so when they just were like fuck it. You're not gonna record deal nothing like that. That's when he was like fuck these people. These rich people are taking us. We're gonna kill the rich so he went to the house not knowing sharon tate or folger's in there. They just knew that somebody rich was in that. It wasn't like wasn't like. Oh well i went to the house previously to talk to terry melcher. And they're like terry melcher done live here. This is rome plants. He's house and like oh and then. Sharon tate walked out and he saw her damn. She's hot and then left. Didn't think anything of it. And then when he came up with the plan to kill everybody he sent them there in. The three girls sent them. They're just kill the rich people. Make it look real gory. So sharon tate was pregnant as faulk. They killed her. They stabbed the baby. They stabbed her a shit ton The do they stand like a gillian fucking times like to. How much is it. Time techs walk like tex watson's did almost all the killing gnarly shit dude as she just happened to be there. They're just they're kill the rich yet. Kill the rich and then then those mad at the record labels. Yeah because he thought it was like going through the record lose their way what he wanted to see thought roman polanski lived there.

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