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"elliott pinson mikey" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

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01:52 min | 1 year ago

"elliott pinson mikey" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

"Inside that we saw Lawrence Goto and <hes> Pinson sorry and why he's been able to hold onto that place so hearns Williams just really struggling has to get pastas giving us a good balance of watch though isn't as similar to what we were saying between all to lead is before we cut away from then as Williams having to briefly sits up in the bike there is a <hes> came out of the half head go into the right hand and now we haven't checked him with our lead is war for awhile now but <hes> do you believe they are in the same order. We left them in as we look a little bit further back down the field now this may be peril that we all seeing who is running just a little bit further down the order how to fit over into the race yesterday where he <hes> full she come off. The bike seemed to make a little bit of <hes> to see the funny side. Does he go because he was completely. Okay as a painting that set claridge we we just saw going post and it looks like we're going to be going on to the loss of the race. Now Yeah Havi clydes just open back. He's back and forth because it doesn't have the power that extreme to hundreds of I know Lisa Joshua Wetland baked number seventy so Joshua Russia won't lay coming across the lane ticks the race when Russia well it takes his second risks when all the season on Elliott Pinson number seventy six there so number seventy six of Elliott Penson packing up a agree result after struggling and yesterday's rings the homes Williams and third and he will be well. It'd be a Welby foams Williams and we've got Lawrence and four ahead of brand pair Harvey Claridge on bank one forty so as we watch Elliott Pinson Mikey's we round.

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