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"elliott pederson oscar penton" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

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"elliott pederson oscar penton" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

"Uh-huh Tom Welcome to rain number five all the fiber racing British many banks championship from let and canes. I'm limb Houghton and alongside me so far. This weekend has been Chris McCarthy. We're bringing you live action over the championship here from southern England and we've had lots of racing action today. We've had seven races so far today. We had some yesterday as well so heading onto track. We should be expecting the extreme two eight hundred there is a number two after the rest one yesterday was held and wake conditions but so far so good for today with had sunny spells throughout we'll go to say cars reached number two coming up just after that before we get and to raise three nine one of those races so Chris joining me once again Irish in so far being today I mean it's been fantastic has <hes> we had a law slap decider <hes> in one of the clauses Elliott and that was the Elsie for here late. Wasn't that <hes> we've had three falling down we we saw that in G._p.. Fifty Minute G._p.. Seventeenth whether lots of beatty strict Campbell coming from thirteen up to second which was fantastic and even the rookies I out really I think they set the standard for war was to follow an in the dry conditions today around a fairly far circuit in places I think has provided what most people would expect from this championship which is close racing a stream to hundreds coming out next they can be. I'm sure very entertaining side 'cause will win the second round races and then loss races of the weekend always provide drama because I is your last chance to get a good result from this round and an already that's extremely hundreds coming out so whilst they around on track back <hes> and getting round for the green flag. I'm going to go through the grid for you is Elliott Pinson who is starting on pole position on the number seventy six Joshua. What Lee is going to start in second place twice had three wins so far this season though straight wins taking him up two tenths in the championship what's for Harvey Clara Cheese on the inside abro number two Oscar Pinson alongside of podium apiece for those two then we have Taylor Lawrence in A. and fifth-place starting from six as j king will how with is going to be on them before with championship leader Richard Homes Williams then we have Felix hand and Brandon peril cameras is at the back of the field looks like we are pretty much ready go? The green flag is about to wave so here's Liam with the star so the raiders already looking towards the green late reps arising in a way they go look at Joshua Wally steaming and to the lead ahead of Elliott Pederson through the fast chicane so once again at Giorgio widely as taken the lead of the race as recent number two he won one yesterday and the wet conditions elephant's. It looks like something just fell off Elliott Pensions Bake. Don't you lease later or one hours. Keep an eye on Elliott Pederson Oscar Penton bell the survey second as this all elephants have an issue and yes brandon peril towards the back to get come through social looks his legs a hedge done towards the final corner not to to show what I was. Maybe about a cramp or maybe just checking his bits or maybe the thing we saw falling off was actually from has is sticking his Lego once again. Maybe lots of toss later or something from his reputable as he hates over the curbing pensions making their near say and save into to Shakane is he's done it noise Chris as fantastic opening couple of lops from the leaders yet very very close indeed fantastic star from just your world league and really was commanding going into that I corner very aggressive as he came across the front of Alien Pinson to <hes> cutoff any chances of Elliott Pinson holding on to his pole position but we <hes> just seem to lead go down to the final corner now and Joshua Wardley leading the way as they come down these stuff finished straight to complete another lap it is Elliott Pinson in second place Oscar Pinson as third and of course hoping to have a better run things today Oscar would like another podium..

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